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  1. Um, I'm on my iPad so that kinda got mucked up, will edit in the morning if needed.
  2. center]Name: Korhen. Gender:male Race:male Age:32 Weapon of choice?:Hand axe,duel if I can get them Are you of Northern descent?: Character Skills(Other than combat):I can smith and drink, aye'm also very loyal and will defend my brothers untill death do us apart, and will even then if I have any say in it Why do you wish to join us?:I wish to fight for the north and meet some new clan-brothers to fight alongside I, Korhen swear on my families honor that should I be accepted I shall pledge my allegiance to Clan Audrek and their allies until death's grasp takes me unto the aether. And I offer this drop of blood in good faith. *the drop of blood is absent, instead the bird arrives with a package attached carrying a vial of blood and a note* "I shall shed more than a drop of my own blood in fighting for you, and no doubt you and the bretherin will shed more than a drop to save me if the time calls for it, so I shall not add only a drop, but a vials worth" (( OOC - MC Name:minitoot2 Skype Name:you have it Time Zone:England )) [/quote
  3. What is your name?: Ivan Faelcyn What is your age?: 27 What is your race?: Northner/human What is your favorite color?: Black. (( im refraining from doing this Monty Python style )) ((OOC INFO)) Username: minitoot2 Skype (if you have one): Technomack knows it Will you be an active member?: aye. I can get on for a few hours everyday
  4. (OOC Details) Minecraft Name: minitoot2 Age: 16. (or am I???) (IC Details) Name: Ivan Faelcyn (the one and only) Age: 27 Living Area: Claxdon base, fortified island. Money Situation - Poor, Middleclass, Wealthy: Edgy. (Middleclass-Wealthy, depends on what you call what) Reason For Joining: 1. Vi asked him, 2. he recently left this other group and needs a home oh and also rebelling/killing/causing trouble/genraly being Edgy is Ivans game.
  5. ((Hi, Rina claxdon here Can you add me to the ranks list please?))
  6. this sounds like a great idea and I would love to help! as you did put If so, do you require actors and/or builders?: I would need some builders, and actors are optional. :3
  7. *quickly scans the note* "Aye, ye be accepted a bird will be on its way to you to tell ye the directions to our current position"
  8. *looks over the application posted* "Aye ye be accepted, see Jakeir for a uniform. We be makin' eh smithy soon an hope ye will be able to fill that position"
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