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  1. me and @Tommy Shmurda are the swolest people on lotc
  2. this is nice can haria have a showcase vid now, we've been waiting since aethera
  3. ALLAH BLESS THE EASTERNERS! The great wall of Haria will be built soon, the druids will never invade us now!

  4. a 3 year difference is nothing, ive seen and known freshmen dating seniors which is 4 year difference, or 5 years
  5. can i be a gm but not have to do anything?
  6. Ashruf Kaneen would attempt to talk the council and Sultan to keep the druids out of Haria. "We need to build a wall, my Sultan."
  7. Faiz Kharadeens smiles a suns warm smile to Saalih "You have served our nation greatly as Amir, rafiqi. Thank you."
  8. Faiz Kharadeen supports Ying Zheng's attempts of communications!
  9. boom. good luck trying to retain a populace when your entire city is left in literal ruins because you won't fix player homes that are continually damaged. get ready for the mass pm's on skype for "hey, my house was half destroyed, i need you to fix it"
  10. can you build something nice, lets say a city. can you build that for me, and have it not be a city that took a day to build but 3 months worth of time? and then after you finished your ideal perfect city, can you let me go in that city and start making holes and have buildings collapse on themselves once a day? and then after they break, can you go ahead and repair it all for me so i can do it again the next day? but fix all the broken structure in survival and not LC?
  11. lets **** to this song
  12. none of these dingle berries understand how time consuming and hard it is to run a nation as it is, even for those who are not NL's and are apart of a council or a vassal i'm personally fine with small destruction sh1t done by ET events, but to allow players to go around and commit arson again will literally bring us back to the days of anthos where morons who want to be p-powerful will go around aimlessly destroying buildings in a city for no other reason but to brag about it later in rp via to their friends or a rp post. i would know this to be true because i distinctly remember myself burning down the abresi town hall probably twice a week until the builder stopped patching it up and just left it fucked up because of how annoying it was to continually fix it over and over again. thats when i realized why random arson is bad and made me feel bad kid. no one wants to deal with this kind of bull sh1t m8. you wanna break sh1t in rp? then roleplay it out, put signs around the area that was effected. boom there's your silly immersion . and don't give me that bs that you're a neanderthal if you believe that no one cares how good a build is lol. thats literally one of the main discussed topics when it comes to entering a city, is "does it look nice". the amount of appraisals and sh1t talking that goes down when it comes to critiquing a city is constant. take J-burg for example. a lot of people loved it, and a lot of people disliked its build style. It was mixed, but it was still beautiful. if you want, all us builders can just give the community a big middle finger and you can go back to building houses and kingdoms like this.
  13. this is probably the only time ill ever agree with this man One of my biggest peeves as a builder(as well as a peeve to a many handful of other amazing builders) is random arson and griefing. most of the time, arson and vandalism that is committed in the city (or build) is sloppily done and would usually look like utter garbage by either the player who did it or the GM having to oversee it and doing the damage themselves. Not to mention theres a GREAT handful of players who will go into a city/build at midnight whilst server pop is at its lowest, and will purposely arson sh1t because no one is around or online to stop them. i don't want to wake up and see the harian mosque, which took me about 3 weeks to get done , be half missing because someone decided that it'd be cool to 'bring it down'. do you know how time consuming it is to repair all that by hand? its a hassle this idea is dumb, leave regions the way they currently are in regards to arson. not trying to watch every city permanently keep their gates shut because they're afraid of the rag tag arson group going around and ruining everything because of 'teh luls'. -2
  14. one day, this server will fight tru 1v1 wars, and on that day the server will get guud again

    1. Fimlin


      I tried Faiz I tried

    2. Hiebe


      back in like asulon, orc dwarf war. it was ruined during the coming of mog

  15. [!] News spread across the lands, reaching the ears of many as fliers are hung about the city of Al-Khaleed! The Sultanate of Haria seeks skilled workers! Those who find themselves possessing many skills and are of farfolk descent, regardless of culture, are the first to be offered these jobs above all other applicants. The nation seeks a head surgeon to take over the Hospital of Al-Khaleed. Their job would include helping those with illnesses and injuries and work to aid the Mubarizun when needed. They are also free to conduct research for the betterment of mankind and can hire anyone else to work under them. The hospital will be under their direct control, and can either live within the hospital or can be given a home within the city itself. We also seek tradesmen! The farfolk people, whether easterner or qalasheen, are known for trading exotic goods and luxuries. The city has many available shop stalls and shop homes. You will be in charge of handling your own wares when buying and selling, and may be sent on trade routes to deliver goods on behalf of the government. A split of profits will be given to tradesmen who aid the government in selling their wares. We also seek farmers to take care of the great fields of Al-Khaleed! Farm houses are readily available for farmers. Haria also seeks a Librarian to tend to the grand library of Haria. You will be in charge of protecting and handling over a thousand books and ensuring the growth and organization of the library. And lastly, we seek those who have interest in military and government work. If you seek a government job, speak to Yusuf al-nabeel, Sultani Emir Fakhri Kharadeen, or Ashruf Kaneen.(Government jobs are opened to farfolk ONLY) If you seek to join the military, speak to Saalih al-Qalashi or any roaming military personnel. All homes and positions are free to take by Farfolk. Capital living restricted to Farfolk and converts only. There are also no taxes either. Peace be unto you.