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Imam Faiz Kharadeen

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    Faiz Kharadeen, Ashruf Kaneen, Faragram Irongrinder

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  1. "Powerful.." Weeps a joyous evil Faragram irongrinder
  2. "Everyone one of ye' is shoit, expec' me tu be at ye' houses stealin' ye' children!" says a wild Faragram
  3. who broke lotc this time

  4. arab nation
  5. i love food +1
  6. brown >>>>>>>>>> clown stay mad
  7. only good clown is dead clown
  8. Faragram the Fresh signs the paper document with his finest acorn pen
  9. death 2 kowaman, may teegah soon rise as the one true dev

  10. the infidel known as kowa-jew has declared open war against the farfolk people, against us good brown, black, and yellow folk. he dares to bring insult to our great name, so for that i declare jihad against the oppressive dev. your uselessness upon this server is noted, kowajew. know i know no mercy, only true chaos and extremism the onslaught begins is this the man/woman/thing we want as lead dev??? he looks like a REAL CLOWN IN THIS ONE still needs to get my ******* books too useless **** my vote is in favor for TEEGAH to ascend to godhood, to lead the dev's into a golden age THE DEV GOD TEEGAH WILL RISE TO RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY HIS DOWN WITH KOWAMAN, MAY HIS SOUL FOREVER BURN IN THE ETERNAL HELL FIRES
  11. uhhh, yes???? +2
  12. "Righteous and true!" shouts a pious Nasser Kaneen, a follower of al'iiman Rashidun!
  13. Faragram gets onto his pony Fluffles and rides his way to serve the great Revlis once more! A purpose in his life again!
  14. spoiler alert

    1. Pinochet


      news flash wolfkite1 got admin ur gone