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Imam Faiz Kharadeen

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  1. am i allowed to post pictures of myself shirtless in here
  2. u guys honestly make me blush so hard, and im too brown to physically blush to begin with
  3. hey help us settle stuff, its become a war don't forget to blus 1 http://www.strawpoll.me/12382479
  4. tbh, i don't agree with the withholding of evidence. if you're accused of something, you should be at least given the right to see the evidence against you
  5. thanks
  6. going to retell the story of the POWERFUL harian revolt via comic, stay tuned for episode 2 Edit: to the ppl who don't understand... mr man was with his rp brother in haria. the brother gets killed by a bandit. man gets angry and formed a revolt against the harian government becuz its the governments fault his brother died of a bandit attack. smh smh smh smh smh
  7. "Subhanallah." preaches an old Faiz Kharadeen
  8. can i play a kid
  9. may god bless your beautiful soul i will love you for eternity if my server is properly stable after this, it booted up and now its time to wait and see if it'll die again. THANK YOU
  10. yeah I agreed to it. Like, the server would start up and everything just fine. Would get all the plugins and everything in and start building. Then about 6 hours later it'd crash and won't reboot, and prompts me with that continuous line error
  11. Faragram Irongrinder flips a coin to decide which side to support. It lands on heads.
  12. im about to lose my sh1t over my sh1tty little build server. wallah bro like idk whats wrong with it, but it keeps breaking itself. ive had to reboot the entirety several times and keep going back and forth with reinstalling the back ups and plugins. this is my current error i'm receiving, if someone could troubleshoot the problem i will... IDK i'll give you my pokemon cards, ANYTHING LIKE PLEASE BROOOOOOOOO
  13. Ashruf Kaneen ensures to properly disinfect his sabre of the cowards blood. Treason blood is highly contaminated afterall, all sorts of diseases could arise!
  14. ((ayyyy you finally started with an RP plot with this rebellion! +1 for you for finally taking it out of skype and other ooc means!)) Faiz Kharadeen hears word of the evil doer attempting to disconnect the nation with his petty means of communication!