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  1. A certain ivory haired Paladin that has been wandering the Wilds finds such a request and gives a read over. Her brow would then arch before folding up the parchment to place within the satchel at her side. "I think it's a male thing at this point." She comments casually as she proceeds further within the strangely overgrowing thicket. A random sprite then suddenly flutters past her face, merely inches away from striking as a mischievous giggle echos across the area soon afterwards. "Xan dammit all. What the heck is going on now.." she grumbles.
  2. So when five years is up, can they just drink this again and repeat? Cause I only see a redline for 'during' the five years. Not after.
  3. IGN: Delmodan Discord: you know it Skin: Heritage Bid: 150
  4. Discord: Vailoen#2666 IGN: Delmodan Skin Name: Mythos Bid Amount: 230
  5. Aha. I remember these from a long while ago. You should credit the original creator though.
  6. I feel like this is punishing those that have to take a hiatus or are gone for several days and can't maintain thier voting. Not to mention those with schooling and irl jobs to focus on. More chore than enjoyment.
  7. As if my sickness wasn't already making me suffer enough. Now I'm blind.
  8. If our Druids never met, what do you think Haraven would have turned into or become?
  9. I definitely like this rewrite. There is one major thing I really want to see however and that's a section defining what types of corruption effect Azdrazi, how does it effect them, are there physical/mental changes, what happens if it's not removed, how is it removed, etc etc etc. Corruption is always mentioned in each rewrite but never truly defined and it's confusing beyond measure on what actually is considered corruption. Another question, how does thanium effect Azdrazi? Other than that, I can't think of anything as it's way early in the morning.
  10. I was worried it would mimic paladins and thier abilities when I first saw this, however it really doesn't and fills in something nice for another holy magic. Well done
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