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    Vailoen Tresery, The Owl Druid, Asarielle
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  10. *squints at the word Itharel* I'm killing you off just for that.
  11. The Keeper stands upon the balcony of the Tower of the Watchers. Her golden irises stare down blankly towards the rest of the Isle as news had reached her of what occurred. Her expression kept blank yet a small, golden teardrop would form then gently run down her cheek.
  12. The Hierophant stares upon the message, frowning deeply. "Your circle long since hidden away yet now appears to speak as if you control all others. Your warnings are met equally with one from those that will not stand by while the Aspects gifts are abused because some merely seek to break away and teach like all others before them. Even your supposed Shadow Circle that hides in the dark has broken away to teach your own ways yet you threaten because another does the same? Stop this madness or begin with the unattunement of yourselves. Your arrogance and hypocrisy is sickening."
  13. Accepted.