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  1. I do get where you are coming from here. It is rather annoying that you have a building that looks rather nice, but someone comes along and keeps breaking it just to get inside and loot around. And it does happen alot even if you replace it until you finally get fed up and add iron bars or completely block off access to said windows. Which in the end, looks bad or like a prison most of the time. Though I mean, it’s really a common sense thing for a thief to do to get access into a home or building as often with anyone, you find the easiest way to get somewhere. I guess a suggestion could be that a person can’t break more than x amount of windows during encounter or w/e. But it’s a double edge sword there on being to restricting. I rather go with Jaeden’s way really. If someone is doing it just to mess with people, punish them. If someone is doing it for legit rp reasons and doing their thieving things, thats just how it is.
  2. Delmodan

    Persona Database Cleanse

    In regards to this thread involving several races removed from Core Lore and deemed a culture, this has been brought to the attention of the team and we will be looking into this. The discussion that is being referred to happened early last year with many of the Core Lore races and what not brought into question. While this was discussed, the decision however on removing races and making them cultures was not finalized at all or even spoken about in months. Which when the push for things to be done before 7.0 was launched, normal steps that should’ve been taken were not and thus we apologize for this. We completely understand your concerns on this matter and what it is in regards to the playerbases here and will be looking to clarify/clear up this issue.
  3. Delmodan

    The Atraedean Response

    The Druidess would read over the parchment that was publicly displayed, exhaling deeply at the responses going on between both parties. Though as she looked upon the first demand Aegrothond required, a flash of emerald hue would cast within her eyes before fading away quickly afterwards. It was then the mali’aheral would give a slight shake of her head and after finishing reading the rest of it, would move to depart back towards the Sage Way Sanctuary. “Much wind pours from your mouth.” Her voice would utter quietly as she gracefully moved down the path.
  4. Delmodan


    The back of the Mother Grove was rather quiet during this time with the chill of the south lingering upon the wind that gently blew across the canopy of the tree where young Druidess was. Yet even while she wept silently in despair and sorrow, she would come to find that eventually she wasn’t alone. The branch that held her quite easily creaked only just, most likely drawing her attention towards the large feline now staring at her with its golden gaze. Two elongated ears perked up towards her direction and alert while its soft, grey fur holding what appears to be an emerald shimmer across its surface every now and then. Yet it wasn’t clear given the light of the sun reflecting on it. The lynx was silent even if she tried communing with it. Silence...quiet....something both her and the animal seem to relate and understand. It was with this realization most likely that the animal would then lower down to rest on the branch next to Druidess. It adjusted rather casually with one back leg a little stretched off edge while its eyes seemed to peer out towards the view that was laid before them. If she attempted to touch the lynx’s head or fur in a manner to stroke it, the feline would allow her to do so and very faintly emit a purr in a rather content way. The lynx of course would remain until she found the need to eventually get down. Though upon her landing on the soft grass below and looking up to see where the lynx was, the feline would have vanished from sight.....
  5. Delmodan

    The Real Problem with the Community

    @Dragonslayerelf The Druid chat is and has been an official lotc platform. As for your ‘research’. The only thing you did was place a false info doc containing information that was hitting on elves and calling elf bias with staff and saying orcs got hit far worse. All of which, of course, people responded too. Because it is rather insulting. This view is utterly terrible. You group people that you don’t even know or interact with just because they happen to have a character of a certain race. Then they get a staff position and suddenly ‘oh look, another -insert race- was accepted as staff, clearly bias’. That is a massive problem and terrible way that you have done this. Players, especially on staff, are people, not their chars. They got on there because of them individually, not because ‘ oh its an orc player. Oh its a dwarf player’. Their attitudes, their actions, their words are what managers and leaders look at when deciding to add someone. If someone isn’t accepted, that’s on that person’s own doing. Not because of they are a certain race. It is utterly sad that you can’t accept that and do such a thing just to stir more of a rise out of people OOCly. Yes what happened to the orcs was terrible. Yes something should be amended, and it was told it would be worked. YOU were told multiple times that it was going to be talked about. But you didn’t listen nor cared. This thread only shows a stirring lie of OOC hate you yourself caused instead of actually going to those communities and simply talking with them. That’s all im going to say here.
  6. Delmodan

    Druidic Moot Guidelines

    “Mm..” The Druidess would murmur quietly to herself as she read the tome some before gracefully moving to depart towards the Sage Way Sanctuary.
  7. Delmodan

    [✓] Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.
  8. While moving along her travels and stopping to eat at the inn residing at the Cloud Temple, the ivory haired paladin would pause in her steps with the parchment catching her golden gaze. “Hmm?” She would remark more to herself, reading over the contents before giving a smirk. “That’s not to bad. I’m glad to see some willingness to teach the basic healing arts for my recruits. Might take that offer sometime.” Vailoen states, taking several enrollment forms before departing on her way home.
  9. Delmodan

    Should Izkuthii be shelved?

    I find it personally very unique and different than the normal of a deity magic. Instead of ‘purge these things’ or ‘evil, bad evil’, this is a pretty good nuetral kind of deity magic that relies of a unique set of roleplay to work effectively. But hey, to each their own. Though I suggest making a thread about Flam himself if that is who you are upset at instead of targeting a community that didn’t do anything wrong.
  10. Delmodan

    Should Izkuthii be shelved?

    Well like the other creatures, his own was voted upon too. It isn’t his own sole decision on the matter and he stated himself he would shelf it if there was the votes to deem it so. The creature passed, but had issues which were given to him to fix. He did. Hence why its there.
  11. IGN: Delmodan Your name: The Owl Druid Your place of residence: The Sage Sanctuary Chosen Mani for Statue: Laetranis, Prince of Coyotes
  12. Delmodan

    [✗] [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    This Lore has been denied. The reasoning will be edited into this comment shortly. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.
  13. Delmodan

    [✗] Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    This Lore has been denied. The reasoning will be edited into this comment shortly. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.
  14. Delmodan

    [✗] [Amendment] Patching Soul Trees

    This Lore has been denied. The reasoning will be edited into this comment shortly. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.
  15. Delmodan

    LT Quick Announcement Pt. 5

    LT Response to Shelving There is a number of issues, concerns, questions, and misformation going around regarding the most recent announcement involving the hard shelving of several creatures. Here I would like to address some clarity into the situations and as well, correct mistakes that seem to have been overlooked. Informing: The issue regarding lore holders and the community of that creature group in what they needed to change not told is incorrect. When the creature project first came about, a number of creatures were placed with a rewrite needed and given the issues regarding said creature. This wasn’t anything hidden, was told numerous times, and any rewrites that were made and denied was an indication that it didn’t address any issues that were listed. This going on for a long while now for quite a few creatures to where it was clear that it wasn’t really doing anything to solve the overlying issue. Creatures Shelved: This is an apology on our part for the lack of list on what creatures are and aren’t going to be shelved. These creatures would be as follows: Homunculi(immediate), satyrs, spriggans, sprites, paleknights, dreadknights, and cervitaurs. Creature Reverting: Those of paleknights, and dreadknights will have their characters reverted back to their original descendant form when the map transition happens. However, a compromise is made here given past shelving and the information held regarding dark users and their locations. This being to fully revert back to their descendant form with their memories from the time while they were that creature lost. If not wishing for that choice, they can option to pk the character. This should help with issues that has happened last several times when shelving of creatures happened. Spriggans, satyrs, sprites, and cervitaurs will follow the lore of their creatures and either return to the tree(spriggans) where they were born from, or return to the Fae Realm and reside there unplayed when the map transition occurs. This being similar to the player shelving of Ents to which the characters are still ‘around’ yet used in events. This also falls with OOC permission required from that player for any of these characters being used for events. Homunculi, as stated on the other thread, will have a choice of either PKing the character or reverting back to how they were prior. Rewrites: There was an issue mentioned regarding the posting of rewrites that have been made yet untouched/reviewed for months. This has been looked into and upon discovery, it seems a section on the lore forums wasn’t being reviewed correctly and not added to loremags. This is a complete mistake on the team’s part and will get this amended immediately. We apologize for this oversight and lack of response regarding this section/lore submissions posted there. As far as continuing to want to submit and do rewrites for the various creatures, there is still the timeframe of over a month or so regarding the map transition to have created and posted for review. Even after that timeframe, any can submit lore to attempt to fix the issues regarding these creatures.