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  1. The mali’aheral druidess would peer upon the parchment intrigued at seeing an announcement from her old kin. The contents however causes a faint frown to form upon her lips before exhaling a soft breath. “Jealously and arrogance clouding this one’s thoughts. It appears impurity has seeped into their minds once again, tainted by petty emotions just like how lessers so easily display. How utterly disgraceful.” She would simply speak. The druidess giving a slight shake of her head while the frown would fade away to reveal a calm, serene like appearance upon her facial features. With the parchment now rolled up to place into her white leather bag, she would move with grace to silently walk further into the forest.
  2. Delmodan

    LotC 16 Personalities Test

  3. Delmodan

    almost 4 year AMA

    What do you think of me? If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would it be? Are you capable of playing an evil char to where I can’t see you as an adorable little halfling?
  4. Delmodan

    Tranquility Destroyed

    ‘Tap...’ The young druidess’s hand would get brushed against with her fingers coming into contact with very soft fur. A faint purring echoing within the melodies she had fallen lost into that depicted a certain lingering feeling in the air as she aimlessly wandered along. It was rather unclear how long the large grey lynx had followed her, only that it’s golden eyes seem to peer up towards her face as if studying the druidess’s facial features every now and then. Even with communion, it gave no response or seem to care too. Having only the silence she knew so well spoken between them, signalling perhaps it was the same animal from long ago. An occasional fluff of its fur before a release of breath gave the large feline a casual appearance as it seem to walk by her side for quite a long time.
  5. Delmodan

    [Complete] [Magic Blacklist] Tahmas

    Early Appeal Accepted however all TAs are revoked. Can re-apply. Moved to completed blacklists.
  6. Delmodan

    [Complete] [Magic Blacklist] Assassinofawsome

    Early Appeal Accepted. Moved to completed blacklists.
  7. Delmodan

    [✗] [Magic Lore] -- Weirhency

    I’ll go ahead and answer these points since it seems you are either seeking this out or assume it was never thought about. 1. Yes and No. Within the canon lore as nature started to be created, it was primal, chaotic, destructive and to a point of unable to really grow or be viable to live on. The Aspects saw this and came down, each giving something to aid nature in finally balancing itself to where it can thrive and grow to what we see canonically today. As for the ‘ideal’ that more falls with each group or individual druid of how they see the balance of nature and wish to protect it. Though the magic itself does allow them to hear nature and go by how to aid if its disturbed. It is in the end with how a druid takes that, falling on an IC point of view. 2. Actually this was questioned and while it is ‘allowed’, your lore also states that if a dark shaman captures a lesser nature spirit, druids can feel the strain of the natural bodies being tormented which in short, being unnatural. 3. shamanism and their abilities to do those things you listed have been questioned numerous times, however it is allowed because the spirit Freygoth and some of the other nature spirits are embodiment of nature itself taking on a physical form. This however doesn’t mean by what they are doing (which in alot of cases is force changing things from its natural state to something else under w/e the shaman wants) is by any means considered natural and is responded to accordingly. Now of course, this can be debated and usually falls by individual cases of what is going on as spirits are rather fickle and tend to do what they please. 4. I don’t see how this is relevant, but alright. Alchemy takes herbs from the natural world and uses its properties to combine with others to form something new. This can go to the extreme as we have seen and create new forms of ‘life’ which then are questioned and some even seen as massively horrid works of nature. Chimeras a good example. But still, that’s its own thing there. 5. I don’t see how this is relevant either, but i’ll enlighten this matter. Yes, all of nature is dependent upon lifeforce, as with all living things of this world. While druids could manipulate this lifeforce with a bit of nature spice, necromancers were the masters of all lifeforce and thus was able to give and take it. This doesn’t mean it was exactly ‘good’ by any means, more just able to effect a living thing. 6. Ah, Way of the Oaks. A very interesting ideology that I do definitely see within this lore submission. But that is what it is, a viewpoint and a very neat one that I actually did enjoy reading, but in the end, this doesn’t really have anything to do with what people are trying to state with this lore submission. I don’t deny the existent of the Old Lords though, but again you linked an IC viewpoint. While dark shamanism, shamanism, and alchemy have their own forms of messing with the natural world, it is still unique in their own way of doing things. Hope that answers all your bullet points and if you have anymore questions, feel free to pm me or poke me on discord. As for what people are trying to state with this lore, It isn’t really so much that ‘Oh its dark druidism again, lame’. That is an assumption that is immediately stated without looking at the overall issue with this lore. There’s nothing wrong with someone trying to make a Dark Druidism or a druidism that doesn’t have a deity. HOWEVER, with any magic, you need to have a uniqueness to it. What others are trying to state here is that this is a lore submission of a magic that is almost mimicking another and barely any differences other than ‘it lacks a deity’. Which unfortunately isn’t going to cut it when its up for review. Other issues are state with its race lock to specific races. That immediately will be a deny as we, the Story Lore Team Sect, have stated in our lore submission guidelines when one makes new lore. Then we have the list of abilities. Abilities that for the most part, can be done with druidism as current or is a twist to what abilities they have. Which doesn’t exactly give a defined uniqueness to this lore. If you want this to take off or be accepted, it needs to show how it stands out from the rest. Not only have minor differences or slight twists in abilities just so it fits a ‘viewpoint’ some have regarding nature and the realm.
  8. Delmodan

    [Shelved][✓] Null Ember Manipulation (Ascended Disconnection)

    Lore has been shelved and moved to the appropriate subforum. If you have questions about why this specific lore has been shelved, please contact me via forum PM or over discord at Flamboyant#8856
  9. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.
  10. Delmodan

    The First Alderynic Assembly

    The Druidess reads the parchment and begins to plan on her visit to see her fellow Brothers and Sisters.
  11. Delmodan

    Flight of the Raven

    The Druidess watches from afar, giving a soft, sincere smile towards the Raven Druid before disappearing among the leaves within the treetops.
  12. I do get where you are coming from here. It is rather annoying that you have a building that looks rather nice, but someone comes along and keeps breaking it just to get inside and loot around. And it does happen alot even if you replace it until you finally get fed up and add iron bars or completely block off access to said windows. Which in the end, looks bad or like a prison most of the time. Though I mean, it’s really a common sense thing for a thief to do to get access into a home or building as often with anyone, you find the easiest way to get somewhere. I guess a suggestion could be that a person can’t break more than x amount of windows during encounter or w/e. But it’s a double edge sword there on being to restricting. I rather go with Jaeden’s way really. If someone is doing it just to mess with people, punish them. If someone is doing it for legit rp reasons and doing their thieving things, thats just how it is.
  13. Delmodan

    Persona Database Cleanse

    In regards to this thread involving several races removed from Core Lore and deemed a culture, this has been brought to the attention of the team and we will be looking into this. The discussion that is being referred to happened early last year with many of the Core Lore races and what not brought into question. While this was discussed, the decision however on removing races and making them cultures was not finalized at all or even spoken about in months. Which when the push for things to be done before 7.0 was launched, normal steps that should’ve been taken were not and thus we apologize for this. We completely understand your concerns on this matter and what it is in regards to the playerbases here and will be looking to clarify/clear up this issue.
  14. Delmodan

    Druidic Moot Guidelines

    “Mm..” The Druidess would murmur quietly to herself as she read the tome some before gracefully moving to depart towards the Sage Way Sanctuary.