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  1. Delmodan

    Soul Trees Remastered! Free DLC!

    Refer to the Fae Realm, Origins of Druidism, Fae Rings, and Druidic Transcendence lore as well as the druidism guide for references about the lunar cycle relation to the natural world and druidism.
  2. Delmodan


    Honestly to me after reading the topic, It just really sounds like an IRP problem. If characters have a problem with said nation not involving themselves in the politics of the world, solve it rply? They gained their nation status legitly, they were involved for a time with the politics of the world, then they decided to not get involved anymore and be off alone. Which has a great disadvantage in terms of diplomacy or any aid, but again, that was their decision. As far as alts are concerned, every player has the right to play other chars and join any faction they want with said characters. If they made an alt just to ooc raid and stuff with no rp backing or anything, report it to a GM?
  3. Delmodan

    The Stag is called to heed.

    “One that is dead proclaiming such a disgraceful thing. Especially one that has done nothing with the Seed he is trying to claim as his own. I pray for Caribou and Koi for never hearing of this within the Eternal Forest.” The Elder Druid would speak, giving a slight frown upon hearing the news.
  4. Delmodan

    Cease and Desist

    “To see all that is transpiring. To do such dishonor and disgrace within the Ancient Seeds of elven ancestors and from one that denounced his own Seed as well as turned his back on it for several centuries. The dead should indeed, remain dead.” The Elder Druid would speak, giving a shake of her head at what all has been occurring. The serenity of her facial features remaining yet it was clear the Owl Druid agreed with those of Leatherback and Hawk of how disgraceful this proclaimed act has been.
  5. Delmodan

    A Crow Flies Once More

    Ilu Lark and I wish you well. You better do some studying and pass your classes. *shakes fist
  6. Delmodan

    Ascended Rewrite: The Tears of Aeriel

    This lore is pending, you will be contacted regarding the issues raised by the lore team so you may fix it. You have 2 weeks to make the changes, beginning from when you are contacted. Once you have edited your piece, send me a forum PM and your piece will be reviewed to ensure the changes have been made.
  7. Delmodan

    [Rewrite] The Clerics of Tahariae

    This lore is pending, you will be contacted regarding the issues raised by the lore team so you may fix it. You have 2 weeks to make the changes, beginning from when you are contacted. Once you have edited your piece, send me a forum PM and your piece will be reviewed to ensure the changes have been made.
  8. Delmodan

    [✓] [Paladin Rewrite] Champions of Xan

    This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.
  9. Delmodan

    Tome of Belief

    Tome of Belief Copies of a tome would be seen newly placed within the Libraries of the Dominion and the Mother Grove. The covering marked with a symbol of a sage herb with blooming white flowers along its stem. Signaling that of the Way of the Sage. “Belief is more than just a simple prayer or performing a duty. It is apart of ourselves and how we relate to this world.” ~Teachings of the Owl Druid, 12th of the Grand Harvest, 1686 What We are in the End It is funny when you see it with the vastness of everything. This realm, this world. It is unending in wanting to see truth, feel the emotions like love and happiness, and also push through the hardships that fall upon your own life. You want to find something, anything to relate and feel like you belong for it is apart of yourself as much as a wolf pup wanting to be with its pack. It is why religion is seen within most racial cultures as it gives purpose, meaning, and relation. A relation to yourself and something to grasp onto, thus in turn spreading it from one person to another until you see it far and wide as being apart of something. For elven kind, you see within our culture a belief over and over again. Aspectism. The word that holds behind it duties, traditions, and most of all, belief. A connection that falls to the wilds of nature, depicting of the Mother Cerridwen and the Father Cernunnos. We hear the stories of old, we perform the traditions of our ancestors, and we paint ourselves to show our love and devotion to what we believe. Yet still to many, it is merely something to follow instead of fully relating and spreading the belief so it can continue to bloom and take root. But the question that comes up time and again is why? Why do we feel this way? A mere example, yes, but with any belief that question will come up time and time again. You stand there within a crowd watching sermons being performed, blessings given out, and yet… it feels as if you are alone or cannot fully relate to what you follow with others that are around you. It is a regrettable thing and most of the time, you feel shameful about it. About not fully understanding of what you believe or expressing such in your own way. The hidden truth of wanting and knowing you want to belong yet cannot find a way to do it, leading to motivation ceasing and eventually stagnation. The Pulse that is Within Us All When you feel this tugging at your very soul, the shame of admitting to yourself of ‘Why?’ regarding a religion you follow. ‘Why do we do this?’ ‘How does this relate to me?’ ‘What do these stories truly accomplish?’ Answers you want to seek yet in the end, not truly understanding. For belief is not something to physically hold and piece together like a puzzle. Words when explaining cannot ever fully describe for it is found deep within yourself of wanting to belong to something and relate to others of this realm. This Pulse we cannot simply cast away, or just null it to the point of being unable to express even the most basic of emotions when performing our duties. Instead, admitting to not understanding is the first step to aiding the problem you see within your life. When we accept this and know what we feel within ourselves of the belief we cannot understand or express, that is when we seek out guidance to those that do. These guides can come in many forms as well as titles that holds to what they know of religion. But a guide is not everything nor are they an all-knowing power that can suddenly snap their fingers and you finally can relate to what you want to believe. Instead, they are those that speak to you, explain to you, and eventually aid in finding that relation to yourself with the belief you want to follow.. Yet with everything though, it starts as a small seed. Over time, it begins to grow and take root until eventually sprouting forth into a beautiful flower. We are much the same as the small seed that pulses within ourselves. The belief that we find and relate to sprouts slowly at first then continues to blossom and grow. The traditions we hear start to finally come into place, the blessings given we feel deep within our hearts, and the prayers we speak come fully from within that spread to those that hear. And in turn, felt within themselves as well. Of Finally Belonging The feeling of such a thing is undescribable at first. You finally know it’s there and has been all along and with that, fills you with joy and pride. Pride and care in what you do and showing that to the world to those that wish to hear it aids others in finding a belief themselves. Yet we must remember in the end that we are not all the same, not by any means. We all have our own thoughts and ways to express the belief that we share. That special relation that ties and holds us to it. We see this, for example, in Aspectism. The Ichor Way, the Emerald Way, and even my own creation of the Sage Way. Each of these from people that have connected to the belief of Aspectism and thus have expressed themselves to spread this knowledge to others so they can find a relation themselves. Are those the only ones however? They are not and they shouldn’t be. For each of us has a view of the Mother and Father. Of Nature and the Wilds as a whole. With the different Ways however, they give insight to seeing the belief of Aspectism in a multitude of ways. Much like how we connect with our culture and traditions with the family Seeds that have grown over the centuries of our history. To each their own they have expressed themselves in their own way and having that feeling of belonging to something, where able to spread it. It is perhaps strange in the end to think of such yet when you stand there alone and watch the others interact and show their devotion and love for their beliefs and religion, you can see this time and time again. But what is to say we cannot create something for ourselves? We individually might like bits and pieces of each Way or traditions of the belief then with these pieces of relating too, we plant our own seed to bloom and grow. However with that peace of knowing and belonging to something greater and expressing it within our own way, we must not allow fear to hold us back either. Of overthinking what others may think of us when we give our prayers and blessings or the fear of performing a ceremony can consume and eventually halt us from doing what we should. This is something that is regrettably hard for many to overcome yet at the same time, a test in the end to truly reveal how much you believe. A thing we must remember when such emotions or thoughts arise, as we move to stand and begin to express our beliefs of the religion we hold dear. ‘I am here and finally understand. Thus I give to you my words so you may in turn, find a relation to the belief so you can belong.’
  10. Delmodan

    [✗] [Deity] Zarelek, the Empty Lord

    @TheDragonsRoost Hello, Delmo here. One of the LT managers. I’m posting to inform you that you need to place the complete lore on the thread itself as that is what the team goes by when we review the lore. Google docs are fine to place as well, but isn’t something we consider canon.
  11. Delmodan

    7.0 Annoucement!

    I can see this really effecting freebuild nations/settlements as being recognized or not by others being a requirement to even be see. This can be highly subjective, oocly easily abused to block and/or promote personal biase of such, and just in the end, a fighting war of who is and isn't a nation. I would really reconsider a better way of handling that so its fair on all grounds.
  12. Delmodan

    [✗] Morghuul - Ghoul Revision

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    [✗] [Lore submission] [Creature] Chimera

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    [✗] [✓] [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

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  15. This Lore has been denied. The reasoning will be edited into this comment shortly. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.