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  1. [Druidism] [MA] Guyden Aureon

  2. [Druidism] [MA] Guyden Aureon

    Teacher now has an accepted blight healing TA. moving to accepted.
  3. [Blight HEaling][TA]Artimec

  4. [SA][Deity] Kairn's Druidism

  5. [SA][Deity] Kairn's Druidism

    Discussed and being moved to accepted given the application has fully dropped dark shamanism in order to advance and learn druidism.
  6. [MArt] Astraeaus, The Spear of Order

    The weapon has already been planned on to be MCly nerfed of its enchants regardless of this MArt.
  7. [Blight HEaling][TA]Artimec

    Your TA is being reviewed. Please contact me on the forums, skype, or discord for an interview.
  8. Use the correct format. 'Summarise the Lore of this magic(s):' This part is missing
  9. [Kloning] [SA] Ser Lion

    Remove the rp here and use this format correctly.
  10. [Druidism] [MA] Guyden Aureon

    Leo, you never did your blight healing TA
  11. [CA] [Bryophite] TheGlassPrincess

  12. [CA] [Bryophite] TheGlassPrincess

    Has been reactivated and moved to the active section.