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  1. Delmodan

    Winter Solstice Ritual

    "Ah, another festival. It is good to see it going again." The Archdruid would softly speak upon hearing the news.
  2. Delmodan

    A_Keefys Forum Moderator Application

    As a FM, this person has added countless times, performed his duties and handled situations more than most, and as well, took on loads of others when it was needed. It is honestly confusing to me on why he was even removed. I'm wondering upon if anyone else was. Its just a beyond weird thing to do with someone so active on that team.
  3. Delmodan

    Tome of Inner Balance

    Tome of Inner Balance Copies of a tome would be seen newly placed within the Libraries of the Dominion, Mother Grove, and that of the circle of Maelstrom. The covering marked with a symbol of a the sage herb with blooming white flowers along its stem. Signaling that of the Way of the Sage. “We are what we are and change with the ever flowing time. Let not the burdens of our lives shackle us for accepting our true selves in the end is what will set us free.” ~Teachings of the Owl Druid, 5th of Sun’s Smile, 1672. The Truth of Things What are we but mere mortals that seek to know and understand? A hidden truth that that's within of what we wish to know all things and find meaning in our lives or justifications of our actions to make a determination of right and wrong. We feel pain and suffering, anger and hatred, disdain and sorrow. Over lost, over deeds unjust, but most importantly, over what could of been. It is an undeniable truth in the end. Wanting control of our fate and design. To take control and be what we want to be, do what we want to do, and keep what we already have. Being denied of this, of the unknown and sudden severing of what was, brings forth anger, hatred, sorrow, disdain, and loathing. Perhaps this is part of our curse. A cruel joke of the Betrayer when he marked each races with the curses. Or perhaps this is what it has always been. A part of ourselves to invoke change for us and this realm so that stagnation doesn’t seep into the fragments of our reality and remain as is. Whatever the reason, the fact remains that it is still there. We want control and meaning in our lives. To fall into balance once again from the cause and effect that happened so we may in turn flow with the change that is life. Seeing One's True Self We cannot escape our experiences. The tragedies in our life are hard lessons that can twist and consume us all. We lost control of our fate then display wants and needs to change it. Seeking in turn to take it back and rewrite the course so what ‘could have’ becomes reality. It is natural to want this, the devouring need to push away or forcefully take back what we once had. To keep love, happiness, and to cherish it for all time. We cannot deny that things happen however. We cannot be naive and just brush it off as if it could never happen to us. It is there. It is raw. It is pulsing with change. A reality that is striking against our own comfort and taking what is ours for its own purpose. That is why the first step with anything is to understand this most basic concept. For we are not perfect beings to never have things gradually change overtime. To just cast off what occurred as if it was nothing. No, never look at feeling all that you feel as something wrong or to run away from. Remember that it is natural to feel the way you do and find time to express these emotions over what happened. Acceptance of Change The core of these emotions and situations that arise to keep ourselves holding onto it to where you never let go is stemmed from the base foundation of our former selves. How naive and unknowing we were and the disdain we have that we could've done it better. ‘What could’ve been.’ ‘What should’ve been.’ The ‘what ifs’ are what plague our minds and burden our hearts. We look back on the tragedy that forced change on our lives and look at our former selves with raw emotion. We see exactly what we did wrong and having that wanted desire to force the same change that fate forced on us. With this realization, the second step of finding inner balance again is understand the simple fact that you cannot change history. You think upon what all happened and look at the many possibilities of what you could’ve and should’ve done better. Yet in the end, you have to come to terms with the fact that you didn’t and realize what’s done is done. This is something that no one else can make you do. It’s not something to just turn off and on upon a wim or just toss aside to deal with later. When we linger on these thoughts and bottle them up, it remains and builds. Each time more tragedies, more loses, more situations that anger and cause us to hate keeps stacking on our mind, heart, and soul until eventually it unwinds and we are thrown into an endless pit of resentment and despair. We, instead, have to come to terms that we cannot change what happened. We have to understand that not everything that happens is always our fault. In the end of this, in order to change and fix the imbalance within ourselves, we have to accept that things happen. And that change is apart of life. Unshackling and Freedom When we finally find the realization and acceptance that things happen, common questions arise to try and resolve this to find our inner balance again. ‘What do I do about it?’ ‘How can I change what I am now?’ “How do I simply let go?’ The answers to these are simply to state, yet are hard to do. It’s easy for someone to state what to do yet most don’t understand how hard it is to actually do it. To some, it may even seem like an impossibility. To feel as if you are too far gone to even change and find inner balance at all. In order to do this final step in the end however, you yourself must want to change. No one can just force you to become better again. No one can make you accept that things happen and to just let go of all the raw emotions that you felt. This is something that you have to do on your own. Others that you seek for guidance simply do just that, guide. We can help you realize where everything stems from, what is the cause of your imbalance, and/or help you come to terms with things. Yet in the end, you are the one that needs to want this. For only you can gain the control that is within yourself again. Instead of looking at your former self and hate or run away from it, look at yourself with understanding. Yes you were either naive or did something that perhaps could’ve been easily avoidable, but at the same time, aspects of what you were are something to keep and remain. We cannot simply completely toss our former selves away. That is riding the very foundation of what we are and loathing on the lingering fact that was what we were. Instead, look at your former self, understand what had happened, take aspects of it, and build from that experience. Cherish and value the lessons you have gained from this life. Learn from the knowledge that has been given. Realize that you are who you are no matter what has been done or lost. When you do this. When you let things flow, accept what has happened, and come to terms with your former and present self to coexist in harmony. You will finally shed the burdens that cause the imbalance within your life and be set free.
  4. Delmodan

    Returned To The Soil

    ((thank you <3. I was tired when i wrote that))
  5. Delmodan

    Returned To The Soil

    The patted sounds of the sabatons could be heard on the stone pathway that leads to her home. The ivory haired paladin dragging along her latest kill from the woods far from the gates of the Sutica city. Pausing at the gate, a shiver seemingly runs down her spine. The presence of death lingered in the air with her golden irises turning towards the direction of the home just across the street from her own. Dropping her things, she began to walk forth and inspect the scene, holding emotionless facial features from the broken door and disarray that is her nephew's home. A flash of pure and utter anger flashed within her eyes with the sound of her armored digits scraping from it coiling tightly into a fist. With not a word spoken, the Vindicator would finish investigating the crime area before turning upon her peels to leave. Her helm now moving to be placed on her head...
  6. The Owl Druid leans over the @WuHanXianShi14 Hawk Druid's shoulder to peer at the invitation, arching a brow at the picture as well while her thoughts wondered the same thing. "Lllir, is there something you aren't telling me?" she muses.
  7. Delmodan

    Sprite Rewrite

    It will need to be posted on the Forums. It cannot be just a doc link.
  8. Delmodan

    Way of the Sage

    Way of the Sage Where there is life, there is death. Where there is darkness, there is light. One cannot be without the other. One cannot rule and take control, for balance of all things is what we must have in the end. For we are the Sages of the Wilds. Teachings of the Owl Druid, 13th of the Amber Cold, 1670. The beginning of the world as we know it was no doubt vast, beautiful, yet deadly. Creatures of all sorts roaming the lands while the flora took hold and brought forth life in its brilliance. Though with every harmony, there is chaos. Within rage, there is calm. This follows with all things in life, be it from the smallest of seeds to the mightiest of beasts. The neverending flow of what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’, ‘chaotic’ and ‘harmony’, is what has shaped this realm to what it is today. The wilds show a prime example of this. Life, for example, is the beginning of all things. From a seed, a vast forest can grow and strive. Thus we cherish this gift that the Mother has given us. With life, our crops flourish, game is abundant, and shelter is obtained. We use the trees for its strength, the herbs for remedies, and the water to survive. It is something to praise as well as respect. A simple yet beautiful blessing placed on our realm that most seem to take for granted. Yet where there is Life, Death is not far behind. A hidden truth within such a place of vibrance. It is a necessity as well as an understanding that is the other half to make the natural balance whole. The ending of life is eternal and quiet. A certain peace that is found when life comes to an end, be it from an predator killing its prey, a descendant nearing their life’s end, or an unexpected tragedy that befalls someone. With this, it is easy to fall to disdain or hatred for such as thing. The concept of loss unbearable to many yet it is something to come to terms with and understand. To show our grief, sorrow, mourning, offering, and acceptance in the end. For with Death, spirits of the departed move on to a better place while the bodies nurture the soil and in turn, aid in springing forth Life once more. To this end, a common question arises. What is ‘good’ and ‘evil’? The answer to this will always be different. Because each descendant is different in mind, heart, and soul. Nature doesn’t really see this concept. Something that tries to harm it, the Wilds see as simply a danger and reacts violently back at it in order to survive. The Aspects themselves hold this concept to some degree, but only because they are the Watchers and Guardians. It is in their nature to determine what is ‘good’ and ‘evil’ to that of nature and disapprove or accept so it can be protected. Thus in turn, it cascades down to the servants and because each descendant is different, the answer is subjective. If one sees killing another as justified, others would see it as murder and horrid. It is something we all need to step back and observe to give the best course of action. Because one side cannot override another. Both must be heard and show their concepts of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. ‘Good’ and ‘Evil’. So that in the end, we can understand one another and find balance. What we do know within nature that needs to be followed is Chaos and Harmony. These two concepts nature has completely mastered if one is to look close enough. Chaos is seen deep within each flora and fauna. A primal surge of rage and fury that at a moment’s notice, can be unleash. This is seen when ones provoke the Wilds, causing harm and/or corruption that in turn gets a violent response. It’s something to realize in Nature instead of ignoring or disapproving of it. A wolf for example is calm when around its pack yet suddenly turns vicious and hostile when something poses as a danger. A defensive yet effective trait. Harmony however is always there before and after Chaos emerges. This is what Nature always naturally falls back to. Its base state of being where everything is in its perfect serenity until something causes a disturbance. One could find such a state within a Grove or a undisturbed natural location. It has its beauty, its danger, yet as well, everything flows perfectly with each other. A ripple upon the surface of water can cause a shift where a fish would investigate for food or perhaps a leaf gently floated down to rest on the pool. Then once the ripples cease, the fish hides once again and all is quiet on the surface. There is one thing to remember with both Chaos and Harmony. One cannot be without the other. Chaos is created from Harmony as well as the other way around. It is needed to enforce change in an area and cause it to continue to flow. This is why stagnation is frowned upon. One can observe and simply watch, yes, but in doing so, nothing really changes. Especially when they are needed to act. All these viewpoints just listed are what founded of the Way of the Sage. We stand as a middle ground for all to seek wisdom, guidance, and/or aid. Understanding of every side is needed to be able to perform our duties yet at the same time, not lose ourselves to one side or the other. A concept that is, to many, very hard to do. Especially when we face our greatest fears, rage, and sorrow. The Way of the Sage provides an outlet for this as well as gaining knowledge of acceptance and understanding. We are the Sages, Those that neither fall passively or completely savage; We hold the path of both, For true control is what gives us strength. The Way of the Sage is a path of understanding and acceptance. We usher those lost in one way or the other to find their inner balance and become whole once again. With nature, we are the vessel that allows its flow to go through us so that we may in turn, protect and serve it. Our views fall with learning other viewpoints, performing rituals to mend one’s self, and to be the mediators that are sought for wisdom and guidance. To see one troubled is something we strive to amend. To see arguments or conflicts, we seek out to compromise and end. To see one clouded and blinded, we give insight and clarity so that they can better make decisions or realize a mistake has occurred. These are some examples to what we do as well stepping into the act of mending one’s mind, heart, and soul. This being done through various rituals we perform so that inner balance is achieved once again. Creeds of the Sage The Beauty of Life Elleyun’Taynan The Mother has given us her grace, Thus we aim to preserve the life that is given onto the realm; For we hold its ever changing flow, So that the Cycle of Life can continue. Life is something both sacred and old. You see the forests of ancient times thrive and grow for centuries yet at the same time tiny sproutlings emerging from the earth to continue its legacy upon the realm. We, the Sages, cherish this side of the balance for it is seen as a gift of Cerridwen herself. A life for every seed, the starting point of all nature for with no life to begin, it in turn cannot end. Thus to us, it is important to keep this side of the balance whole and striving. For if death ever starts to consume too much life, the lands will be left in barren waste and despair. The Acceptance of Death Elormaeluer’Kinan Death is a necessity to all things, For life itself has its countering end; Though We Sages do not see this as an evil, For acceptance of this is part of the balance. Death is a concept most do not wish to think of or see. Most find it evil and shun all those that try to end life’s beauty while mourning the loss that occurred. Yet death in and of itself is something not to fear. Not to cast aside or be angered of. No, to us Sages we see it as acceptance and understanding. A necessary event that must remain for without death, life would forever grow and consume the realm completely. This is part of the balance, thus we strive to do when needed to keep the neutrality upon the realm. Feelings however tend to take hold while doing this. It is not something to be ashamed of, yet for those that follow the Way of the Sage, we guide those, as much as ourselves, through this mourning and lost so that the ease of passing is at peace. The Flow of Balance Elnarnsaen’Meracahe Flowing through all, there is Balance; There is no peace without a passion to create; There is no passion without peace to guide, Knowledge stagnates without the strength to act, Power blinds without the serenity to see. There is freedom in life, There is purpose in death, Nature is all things and we are Nature. The ever shifting scale of balance is something we Sages take true notice of. We wander where we are needed, unleash our wrath when it is necessary, soothe to calm in a complete serenity, and act for both life and death when deemed so. It is not our way to remain with one side or the other. We stand in the middle of neutrality to understand both sides and move with clarity to solve what is before us. Chaos we can invoke then wash it over with harmony. We commit the act of killing for death, yet hold to ourselves understanding, mourning, and offering of prayers to ease the passing. This gives our power, to show observation, understanding, and control. For one, to us, that gives into rage each time shows there is a flaw of blindness that could consume and destroy. For one, to us, that only watches and acts for life, there is a flaw of being naive and disregarding a key part of the Cycle of Life as well as showing the inability to act when it is necessary. Thus we remain in the middle and remain true with all parts of ourselves. The Guidance of Fury Elanniler’Llytan Where there is passion, there is rage. Let it flow with hatred and purpose, Yet be its guiding hand; Hold true to this part of yourself, For Nature does not hold back when provoked. Rage is a part of nature, all the way down to its primal form. This is shown and seen with those that follow the Ichor Way. A powerful and emotional bond that roots itself deep within, takes hold, then is unleashed with a guiding hand. To us Sages we find this is needed. A defense the Wilds have shaped and used ever since its creation and shown when it’s in danger. It is a way we let ourselves step into to do what is necessary to uphold the balance yet at the same time, cannot be consumed with it. For doing such allows us the possibility to be blind to things and our actions could cost us dearly. The Soothing of Harmony Elowaleh’Hileia Where there is chaos, there is harmony. Where rage takes hold, serenity seeps soon afterwards, It pulls into balance again and soothes the storm, Thus we Sages in turn, flow with the ever-shifting tides of nature. Harmony is the natural state of all things. Even when nature is in its chaotic state, it eventually returns to its serenity. It is a truth of ourselves as well as the Wilds. A base foundation that is filled with waves of emotions that cast over actions then return to its natural state. The Sage’s duty is to uphold this. To aid in bringing those back to their inner balance as well as soothing nature once again. We listen, aid, and teach the lessons of Harmonic Return and in doing so, we keep to our duties of balance and neutrality. Tenants of the Sage Way 1. Strive for the Balance in oneself. There is no absolute within nature and to become closer to it, we must eschew both passivity and overzealousness. We are always growing and changing, stagnation is to cease growing, total savagery is to lose ourselves and meet our end. 2. Allow yourself to flow, as both a raging storm and a gentle spring. Balance is a forever shifting system of forces, waxing and waning. When passion stirs you must allow it to flow through you and inspire you to action. When peace wells you must seek out wisdom and share it with others. One will always give way to the other, do not fear this. 3. Be a teacher to others in all things as well as a student forever learning. Others look to us for guidance and wisdom, so we must always act with conviction and purpose. We must be prepared to offer our knowledge, but also to be open to further learning. 4. Encourage others to find the Balance within themselves. Enlightenment does not belong to any one person, and to covet knowledge and personal growth without affording it to others is to forsake true enlightenment. 5. Always seek out the truth. Lies and fallacies breed ignorance, so we must attempt to uncover the truth of things. We must distinguish for ourselves however, when the time is right to reveal the truth. 6. Do not concern yourself with those who shun enlightenment. To choose to revel in ignorance is to stifle oneself and one's growth, those who do this will attempt to deceive and undermine your own wisdom. Pity them, but do not suffer them. 7. Where life goes so too should you. Go where you are needed, spreading wisdom and Balance wherever you walk. When you have taught all that you can, be prepared to move on. Do not lament the parting of ways, for you leave behind your teachings. One day you may come to learn from an old student. 8. We must gather and learn all we can to properly perform our duties. The duty of the Sage requires knowledge of all ways and creeds so that we can understand and aid those that need it. Rituals, offerings, and prayers are a part of this, required to be learned and given when a situation arises. Tattoo/Marking Mark of the Sage The Mark of the Sage shows one that has completed the trials and is fully devoted to walking this path. The tattoo is the flora sage with blooming white flowers along its stem, as seen in the picture above. Where it is placed is limited as it holds symbolic meaning. The only acceptable places are anywhere along the shoulders, the arms, or hands. Each one represents something with the Way of the Sage. The shoulders symbolize holding the burdens of others and easing them to help mend, the arms represent offering a limb to grab onto and lift up to aid in their pain and suffering, and the hands represent one able to grasp ahold and be guided. For a Sage, any spot acceptable is fine to place the mark as it holds the symbol for all these together. Sage Prophet The Sage Prophet is the leader of Way of the Sage. The Prophet aids in spreading the teachings to all those that wish to learn it as well as giving the title of Sage Herald to those that have proven themselves devote followers wishing to spread the Way. Current Sage Prophet: The Owl Druid Sage Heralds Sage Heralds are those that help in teaching/spreading the Ways of the Sage. Seekers can go to any Sage Herald or Prophet to begin learning/devoting to the Way. Once a Seeker has passed their trials, the marking can be given by a Herald. Current Sage Heralds: Autumn Druid Nivndil River Druid Calius
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    Chronomancy - Manipulating Time

    @Paleo I would provide some emote examples. It would help show the emote requirements and how this magic is properly RP'd.
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    [MA][Druid] SneakyTurtles_

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    [MA][Druid] SneakyTurtles_

    This is your third student, thus maxed out. @WuHanXianShi14
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