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  1. The wayward paladin stood at the edge of the railing that overlooked the majority of the paladin home known as Northgate. A note clutched within her gauntlet while her golden irises stared off towards the lowering sunset. Another she knew was now gone yet even though Elvira was never truly one of them, for some reason the former Keeper felt a deep lost as if an eternal ember had gone out somewhere. “May we meet again old friend..” she would murmur quietly, allowing several tears to gently stream down her cheeks as the last remaining sunlight would fade into the twilight of the night. It was then as the rise of the moon would cascade over the hillside, Vailoen would step back and venture back down towards the banquet hall to find the nearest source of alcohol, as she always did, to then open and wash down her usual thoughts with.
  2. RP Name:: Vailoen Tresery MC Username: Delmodan Discord: Vailoen#2666 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: paladins Why Do You Wish To Come?: My char was there and seen/been involved of the old events. What Skills Can You Bring?: Paladin things, smithing, diplomacy, knowledge, and so on. RP Name:: The Owl Druid MC Username: Delmodan Discord: Vailoen#2666 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Druids Why Do You Wish To Come?: For my druid, where it all began and where she was attuned. What Skills Can You Bring?: knowledge, druidism stuff, staff wacking abilities.
  3. Hope everyone had a good weekend! @Porkgasm I do see where you are coming from, however there are some things that are something people do need to keep in mind. While you are completely right on it is the players writing it and we should help them more, when lore is posted on the server is becomes the server’s property due to the terms of use. The team is there to moderate what is accepted or not so it can be introduced into the server’s lore and implemented upon. Which is why it does fall to a harder position for us given we do have to say No or deny certain pieces over the reasons that are there. This does, in turn, can upset people. From this response though, we can try and be more communicative and helpful in those regards. Especially when lore submission verdicts. @ScubaSteveee Those are very good questions and valid concerns pointed out. I will try and answer them all. The change I offer first starts with what you see here in this thread. Concerns, issues, thoughts, suggestions, and so on. Hearing where everyone stands and sees in regards to the team and what people want changed or at least better done. I’ve been watching this thread and the stuff from there I will be taking note and getting things done for the future. Obviously, yes it is just words right now but hopefully soon the actions will be seen more and more. New minds are actually already in the process of, especially in regards to getting apps and loremags done in a more timely manner. As far as the future goes regarding lore. The announcements have been made regarding the Lore Games and its going towards its final touches. Communication definitely being key of course and we are getting this handled. Your last question is interesting to me. Mostly definitely and beyond, yes we know the term. While we do seem like we don’t do compromises on the outside, we actually do it far more than what is thought of. But that does in and of itself shows a point to make and fix. To be more transparent in that regard on compromises so it doesn’t look like we just don’t care and toss things off to the wind. @L0rdLawyer Some of your points are valid and we do need to be better at communicating and cutting down on time frames that things are being done to where it doesn’t seem like lacking off. The example you provided with the frost witches I do agree with on how poorly it was handled and no, there's not an excuse for alot of that time in regards to waiting or seeing what was going on with it. @BrandNewKitten No, I am glad on you bringing your thoughts and concerns here as this was the purpose of this thread. There were projects that were stated awhile but eventually did get put on the back burner as other things arise. How that was handled though was quite poor and pulling the community along with such but it never happening is quite massively frustrating. That is something that needs to stop. I will say however that we also like to warn the community for upcoming things like that just so it doesn’t get popped up out of the blue one day without any warning. The area regarding lore, it isn’t as cut and dry as that. When there are clear problems with a piece, we have to look at the situations and go from there on what to do. As I said before in an earlier post, while it seems like we remove things without much thought, in reality discussions happen for weeks to months. As far as what each member does, goes by daily routine, projects, and so on. We are also in the process of getting some more people so to tackle the slow process problems seen in different areas. @Quavinir_Twiceborn As I stated in an earlier post, that is something im going to be pushing for when we have to make the unfortunate decision to hard shelf creatures/magic. A story or RP post to at least give some proper means on why it is suddenly gone so it doesn’t just leave people in the dark on what to do. I will say however in regards to your suggestion with rewrites and nerfs instead of shelving outright, those affected were given that option of such. There is a multitude of things that happened depending on what situation you refer too and while some of it should be something to work on, others unfortunately we had to finally act upon and remove. Your last statement though confuses me as if that is going on, I would most definitely like to see examples of such and look into it. @B3ast_mod no food for you! :3
  4. This Lore has been accepted. Moved to Implemented Lore, it will be sorted to it's appropriate category soon.
  5. This Lore has been denied. The Techlock vote did not pass. Topic moved to Denied Lore forum.
  6. Alright, I am up and about again. Hope everyone is having a good Saturday so far. @aiden0023 As current it went into Pending and some changes need to be made first. I’ll be getting in touch with Dardonas today and answer all his questions so he can proceed with this. @_Jandy_I’m not going to lie here. Yeah it flat is. Slow response times on submissions is something several have stated and it is something to definitely address. @Zacho The sub-forums should be up to date last I checked. I can give another look to see if I missed anything. We are currently in the process of dealing with the TA issue and looking to get more active people on them so they aren’t sitting as long. The pending situation is also something to address and the reason it does extend is because its more on the LT end than the lore creator’s end. As current, we do have a limit of 2 weeks to get edits done and what not. Though Pending things in and of itself has fallen through the cracks on several things and yes, we do need to work on it not happening in the future. @Abyssus I’m not going to give you hate for vending this. I get how frustrated you are and I am sorry about how you feel with it. Overall, trying to touch or really do anything in regards to lore on this server is a big and hard step to do period. It was a mess before and no matter how you tackle the problem, you will hit on someone being upset in the end. Whether by shelving, changing something, trying to organize better, etc. Now while I cannot change the past, I can try to better aid in this in the future where you feel like you did once before. @TheAlphaMoist @Boruto I do get where both of you are coming from with this. While yes, some of my members wish to speak from a player point of view or make comments in regards to some submissions, that is however not as easy to do as also someone in a staff position. Especially when you are a Story Team Member going to review the lore. I will look into the comments being better in the future, but on the other side of that coin, giving criticism (whether blunt or not) shouldn’t be frown upon or looked at poorly as if it will immediately get denied. It is made to help. As well, one person doesn’t solely decide on if a piece passes or not. It is voted upon by the Lore Sect Team as a whole. @Harold I understand how you feel, yet this comes from me with no hidden motive to insult or show someone else in a poor light. This is me as a ST Manager stepping in and reaching out to the community to see and hear the concerns, thoughts, and issues they have with what has been going on for awhile now. While we manage and handle the lore on the server, we as a team however cannot distance ourselves away from those that made the lore and the enjoyment of it possible. @LeoRabbit99 Soft-shelving is an issue in and of itself. I do get what you mean and how you feel. However, with previous things in the past regarding soft-shelving, it was made while issues regarding whatever it was was well fixed. And some things either haven’t or been stuck in a terrible limbo of just dying off because they can’t continue to build their community. Which is something I in the end, do not like seeing. Necromancy was something far more than just out right shelving it. There was months of time given for things to be fixed, communicating, internal conflicts and so on. It was upsetting for everyone. If this helps, Dardonas did just have a lore passed where it explains what happened roleplay wise. And I think it would be something to definitely pursue further in the future of getting lore posts made of what RPly happens when things get shelved. @Gloonkey No I understand completely. It is frustrating and some of the stuff has been out of our hands, whether it be pex issues, builds not getting done, etc. As current, we are trying to get builds finished and things moving along for the main storyline to get going. @Malgonious I do apologize that you were not considered back on the team. However, when decisions are made in regards to choosing who is placed on a team, there are requirements and expectations involved. This happens with every new Leader that is placed and it is their responsibility to carefully consider their choices. The merger happened because of the disarray going on in ET at the time. That was a fact within the past and it was frustrating with communication and trying to sort things out. When poor attitude or issues are brought to the attention with said Leader or the Administration in general , then unfortunately the decisions are made to cut said people from returning. I do hope it can get where you could be considered again. Until then, I wish you the best on improving.
  7. @CaesarTheFirst But on a more serious note, the builders are being worked on by the other team and hopefully will be seeing this cleared up and builds being made soon again.
  8. @Apostate That is very good ideas and something I will definitely think about. I would like to note that if we see people having such threads open during Interviews, we do enact warnings/punishments for it. Mainly given as one should know what they are teaching without having a handbook every step of the way. The ‘live’ section I had to actually recently halt for now as I found that with my interviewers that that was taking more time to even work out with doing TAs which added onto the process of taking longer. While I did find it interesting the few times I did it, I definitely saw that it hindered the process further. @Jenny_Bobbs I will try to answer all your questions as best I can. The critieria for formatting with lore proposals I thought was detailed out with what we want to see. Though if it helps, we could add some examples and also state a list of things that would say fall under each category. The answer to the creature with alot of magical prowess would be the playable creature format as it is abilities under said creature that they obtain when turned(or created, w/e it is). For loremags, If the verdicts are found to vague, I will definitely make sure its more detailed next time in regards to handing them out. Communication when people ask or enquire further should be worked on better with a denied piece and we managers will try better to communicate in that regard. The necromancy example is something that was more blocked with permissions on our end on finding out what happened. Something I plan on getting fixed soon as its annoying as hell really when I need to see the verdicts. I do apologize with this as I do remember you asking and I should’ve gotten it taken care of. Applications should never take so long to get reviewed. Period. I was on a sudden hiatus for almost 3 weeks and I was not pleased with seeing things sit when they most definitely should’ve easily been taken care of. It is flat unacceptable. I will be monitoring this far more closely in the future and will be looking for newer members to help with this area to keep it maintained and looked at more. As I stated prior, Interviews for TAs is massively something I’m trying to work on. If you have any suggestions regarding it like the others, that would help out greatly.
  9. @Apostate Very good question. TAs are a very time consuming process with the longer magics taking up to either hours with an interview or several days given the timeframe between Interviewer and the person getting the TA. We wanted to move TAs towards being more looked into and see on the person having knowledge of the lore in question given the many issues that surround those that get TAs and seem to still not properly teach it. The system you are referring too is actually my idea. It’s being tested on to see how it does and I know it needs far more refining. If you have other suggestions on how to go about reducing times on interviews while making sure things are covered, that would help greatly.
  10. @Gallic I recall the lore you speak of. I did promise it would be in a loremag and failed in that regard. That section where it was should’ve been looked at more frequently than it did, but it didn’t until i noticed it for quite some time later. Since then, we did remove those sections so it wouldn’t happen again. The lore piece and some others however I am not sure what happened in all honesty. Several times throughout the course between when you posted and now there was a few times the forums glitched and lore pieces disappeared. I had to get mods to find several, others were flat lost. I can try and get a mod to help me see if we can find it, however I do not know how much hope there is with that. @Quintessential The hard shelving of creatures is rather hard for both Team and Community. I do flat agree it should’ve been handled far better and a better way of dealing with those that lost said chars. It is a double edge sword with deciding on what to do. As we had in the past of those that returned to normal suddenly start giving away secrets or ruining groups just to get back at what they lost/turned back into. Some creatures were inactive, others unbalanced, then some that were forgotten. I would like to see some suggestions you might have in regards to when these situations arise as while shelving could happen and chances given, the creature could still fall into getting shelved and it be good to see what/how we could better the transition of such cases than what we been seeing. @SuperDuckyGamer From the outside, I do admit it really does appear like it comes up on a wim. It’s something that we need to better communicate on in regards to what creatures are looked at and why. Most creatures that were hard shelved were spoken up quite a bit and discussed. From reports of abilities overpowered to easily powergamed situations. Even more with how it relates to other creatures already there and with how it goes with the server. These do and have been spoken of for weeks to months at a time before a hard shelving does come about. While I know this doesn’t help with shelving in general, I do hope it shows that we do take some time and care into what we look to remove and that we should definitely work on relaying that better so it doesn’t seem like we just drop the ball randomly on things. @mra8ur93ss Events are something definitely spoken of alot in regards to where and why there hasn’t been many. The team merging, lost of members, changing/promoting of managers has been a long process, but now we are definitely pushing on ahead to where events will be seen more often. With lack of builders, it has hurt some, but Xarkly is working hard to get his areas done while Joel is commanding the team to get smaller events and new bounty areas up and going. Theres several bigger events going on right now with Mystery and others doing things.
  11. Those Who Are Watching and Those Who Hear... It has been a while since such a post has been made regarding how people feel with the changes going on. Frustration, people being ignored, anger, and loss building into those that want to keep what they have built on this server and enjoy their creations. When we take on a staff position, it is something of a volunteer job that can take up a lot of time so things do not fall apart. While we are here, we take on the responsibility to give care and enjoyment for the community. Whether it be organizing forums, looking over lore, or being there ingame to help out. This is something that no matter what you are or what you do as a team, you still have to have that connection to the players so that they in turn enjoy themselves and what the server has to offer. This is something that has degraded over time. For the Lore Sect, we have done much over a year to try and fix the issues regarding lore and the mess that it was. It has been hard on everyone from creatures to magics that were there from the beginning of this server’s existence. Yet, while we did such, slowly it has lowered into frustration, rage, and sadness to see what has been done thus far. Whether by attitude, ignoring, or flat removing things, it has hurt the community while we the team have pulled away further and further from even hearing concerns and/or thoughts of the community we should care about. Some things we tried to do correctly and while there were internal conflicts going on within some communities, some of us as a team were not there as well to help with this. And for this, I apologize for my part and for my team’s part. Like all human beings, we are flawed. The team is flawed in areas and while we do watch those that have been affected, we still try to carry on for the betterment of the server. We hear the voices of those upset. Some are beyond justified on how they feel and I wish I could say something where they feel better, but at times I cannot. The flaws of the past and present we do see. The slowness of loremags, the apps sitting at times for months, or even trying to get reqs done in a timely manner. While we have made announcements of what we are doing at times, some of the stuff still doesn’t have an excuse. For us, we cannot change the past, however we can try and move forward with what we need to do in order to listen to the community more instead of distancing ourselves further and further away. It is why I made this thread for I as a Story Manager want to hear your concerns, your thoughts, your voices, and your suggestions on what you think could help with things. In this thread I want constructive criticism and what to help close that gap that has been made over the months.
  12. Thank you for submitting your piece! It is now under review, you should have a verdict in about 1 ½ weeks to 2 weeks.
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