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  1. Delmodan

    Mental magic

    I think it's an interesting magic, but needs to be rewritten and/or smoothed out more than its current state.
  2. Delmodan

    Enough is Enough.

    My two cents upon this is really in agreement more on Leo's end, however it's more on a general thing on what's been going on. The GM team has had their ups and downs. They have done amazing jobs as well as made alot of mistakes. They are human. They aren't perfect. What needs to happen here is the fact that players are trying to speak and wish their concerns seen/heard by the teams. Matty I consider a good friend. Sure, he's made bad remarks before when he's been pissed. I can name half the server doing that. I certainly don't condone some of the stuff he's done before and like all friends, punishment happens. However to me here I find this situation a bit over much. It honestly bothers me to see multiple groups harassing, insulting, and fighting over a game. We have players legitly going after and flat out targetting others yet nothing has really be done or mere warnings are given. There's short bans given yet someone else that did a similar thing and has the same history of breaking rules gets far worse. It's very strange in the end on the punishments being so subjective and just continues to create uncertainty, ill-thoughts, and rumors of biase. I hope this thread does some good and hopefully issues will be resolved better in the future.
  3. Delmodan


    ~*~Under Review~*~ Your TA is currently being reviewed! Please contact me either by forums, discord, or skype for an interview.
  4. Delmodan

    [Dryad] [CA] RockerKidd's App

    @rockerkidd I will be taking over this app. You need to write a general description of this creature as well as its abilities, weaknesses, do's and don'ts, etc. you have until the 22nd to edit or this app will be unfortunately denied.
  5. Delmodan

    [CA] emma's dryad application lmao

    you have until the 22nd or this app will be unfortunately denied.
  6. Delmodan

    Druidism [MA] Awaiti Aureon

  7. Delmodan

    [Golemancy][MA] beep boop

  8. Delmodan

    [Seer of Vaasek][MA]Paleo

  9. Delmodan

    [Druid] [TA] Nivndil

  10. Delmodan

    [Diety - Druidism - Commune & Control][MA]MamaBearJade

  11. Delmodan

    [Diety - Druidism - Commune & Control][MA]MamaBearJade

    im proud of you ;p
  12. Delmodan

    [TA] Herbology

  13. Delmodan

    [TA] Herbology

    ~*~Under Review~*~ Your TA is currently being reviewed! Please contact me either by forums, discord, or skype for an interview.