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  1. [CA][Hou-Zi] Ul'dramen

  2. The Art Warehouse - cllosed

    IGN: Character Name: The Owl Druid Character Race: High Elf What kind of Art wanted: Upper body/flat shading Details regarding the character: (Poses, Expression, weapons etc) A calm, serene like expression upon her facial features. Reference Picture: (Pictures showing how their face looks like is greatly appreciated: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GibjWPZufnJwbhSRdcm6PMTX-uY90-m9xJY3OikLiqA/edit?usp=sharing Discord ID: (I prefer talking through discord) Vailoen#2666
  3. The loss of rescue raids

    From what I personally see with this situation is to just take that vague rule and define it alittle better. It really doesn't need much and it would really solve alot of issues. As it stood, it was silly beyond measure with it just making it to where anyone no matter what could just go and 'rescue raid' a person. They didn't even have to be allied or with that kidnapped person's faction. It just opened alot of abuse there. Which well, lead to a bad situation unfortunately.
  4. [TA][Druid] ThatOneRey

  5. [TA][Druid] ThatOneRey

    This person has not have the required amount of time passed before a TA is able to be created. Moving to denied.
  6. [Hou-Zi][CA][Kukiii]

  7. [CA][Hou-Zi][Afoc17]

  8. [MA] RalphGiezer

  9. [CA][Hou-Zi][Afoc17]

  10. [CA] [Hou-Zi] [xboxershortz]

  11. Artifact approved.
  12. You are taking his words and taking quite a mile with it. The aspects guard over the natural balance and nature itself. There isn't a 'well Wyvern had the winter season control then Cernunnos steps in once he's out of the way'. There's not even a comparison there. They don't even control ice and snow. Nature's seasons are apart of just that, nature. There's no ruling over such. This Aengul was known for his powers over the ice and snow. A way to fix it is to just not mention it at all given nothing is even compared here. It just seems very randomly placed in.
  13. *squints* Just going to correct this right away. No. That's not how that even works.