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  1. Huh.

    1. VonAulus


      Hi Cird (Kurd), hope you are doing well. Good to see you around. 

    2. Hanrahan


      Howdy!! 🙂 (Hanrahan)

  2. Goodbye and farewell.

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    2. gone_to_the_store


      remind me, why are you banned, tavbean? 

    3. monkeypoacher


      "remind me why ur banned?" -guy with racist /pol/ exploitable for a forum avatar who roleplays "roman salutes" in minecraft


      mad cringe

      Edited by simp
    4. Freischarler
  3. Eh..? Bascinets looking bad? <-< What about these, 'flat visored' bascinets? Personally, I own a 'Pig-Nosed'/'Houndskull' visored bascinet. They're quite darn useful and do actually look fetching, if they're well-made. Arrows pretty much glance aside and spear-tips glide off. Need to remove the visor for melee, though, as vision does get quite limited. It's why you often see small hinges or locks, they make the removal of the visor easier.
  4. Just made a batch of chicken-chimichangas. They good. So good.

    1. KarmaDelta


      Very nice, looks just like an albino banana.

    2. Ford


      shut up delta it looks versacchi

    3. Cirdanoth


      It's not quite to scale, for an albino banana.

  5. Send help, plox? Q-Q

  6. Somehow I got put in WS mode and can't even fly/contact people serverside. TTwTT

  7. There's no way to abuse 'mess' into making a building look good. Either you have eye for detail and use the right amount, in the right places (which takes a bunch more skill, experience and knowledge than a clean build) or you use too much mess and it either looks comical, fantastical or horrible. Clean builds are.. Simplified. You lack knowledge or practice and thus don't end up going all out on your build. Or you use a texturepack to pick up your slack. I find both practices to not be in line with a builder's code. Similarly, it's easy to add oversized detail onto an oversized structure.
  8. What's Carrion ever done to you..?

    1. bungo


      stolen the throne from the defenders of oRan !

    2. Nug


      nothing really

  9. Cirdanoth


    This only explains unburnable wood in 'Elven' and 'Tree-grown' scenario's. Wooden beams in human structures have no claim on this, unless said beams are specifically shaped as trees, which are 'alive', with leaves etc.. It would also require an Elf with knowledge of said resins to shape those tree-beams, I believe.
  10. All my yes, and chin-hair. :3
  11. Someone decided to 'edit' trees into Rosemoor swamp. They float on top of grass. I'll be chopping them down.

    1. nordicg_d


      Or, even better idea. Fill the empty gap with a log, matching the tree type.

  12. Updated some of the guide, need to do some unrelated work. Will add end of this episode soon, and get to work on the next. TTwTT

  13. Mud (and bushes) (A collection of all the different blocks which can be applicable for 'mud') In today’s World, mud is likely not as common as it was in the middle ages, back when roads were simply flatter trails of soil, with the uncommon rock or patches of gravel sticking out. Yet, if we were to look around closely, even now, mud is quite plentiful. On the bottom of ponds, shallow moats, the common puddle after some rainfall, around wells, streams, rivers, marshes and oceans, and many more places… Mud is extremely common. Wet soil. There are several blocks which can be used toge
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