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  1. Cjmate8

    The Stag is called to heed.

    Leithlan Caerme’onn stands with Gramps.
  2. Cjmate8

    Does anyone have the Axios map for download?

    ty I wanted Than specifically, so this works.
  3. Cjmate8

    Hiring Tavern-Keepers

    The following note is pinned to the Dominion bulletin board.
  4. There's a build I made on that map that I want to copy.
  5. Cjmate8

    With love, from Knox.

    Thanks for the memories.
  6. Cjmate8

    Siwtching VIPs

    Hello, I have a question on VIPs. I have Gold VIP on an account, Cjmate8, which I no longer use as I cannot change skins on that account anymore. I now play an account called Cjmate. Can I trade my Gold VIP status from Cjmate8 to Cjmate, and if so, how do I go about it?
  7. Cjmate8

    [Your View] Event Team

    As an ET, I feel like there is a lack of community as a whole within the ET. I would like to see more collaborative works, and would like to be apart of them too.
  8. I'm offended that you're even asking. We've been stating what hasn't been working for years, gm/admin staff just doesn't care or doesn't listen. People hate nexus, and people think that the maps are too big/too spread out. There's some fringe **** like too much lore, and the addition of new races like monkey people, but the core problems are nexus and the amount of settlements allowed to exist.
  9. Cjmate8

    [Denied] TeaRex's ET ACTOR Application

    Tearex is quite diligent. Be happy to work with.
  10. Owyn Rothgard-Silverblade Lad of Mordskov General Information Full Name: Owyn Charles Rothgard-Silverblade Pronunciation: O-Win, Chawruls, Rothgaard-Silvurblaid Titles: Noble Child, brother of the Lord of Mordskov ------------ Birth Date: 1611, 16th of The Deep Cold Age: 5 Gender: Male Race: Human Health: Owyn was born a sickly babe, and for years he has spent his time in isolation being treated in the mountains of Mordskov. He is pale, and smaller than his age suggests. Diary:
  11. The following is posted on bulletin boards throughout Orenian settlements.
  12. Cjmate8

    Fire Charge Crashing

    Whenever firecharge/alchemist fire is used I crash. I get the unmodified minecraft client support page. Does anyone know how I can fix this? It happens everytime it is used.
  13. Cjmate8

    World Edit

    I am looking to world edit some event dungeons from my singleplayer to lotc. Thus far, I have been using schematica. I was wondering if there was a way to use world edit to copy and paste builds over instantly rather than using schematica to auto place blocks one at a time. Edit: I know how to copy/paste using world edit, just not between servers/worlds.
  14. Cjmate8

    Map of Anthos

    Does anyone have a map of Anthos?