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  1. Thanks all. I went with Harald. Can a moderator lock this thread?
  2. I never implied guns would be added, I just said it wouldn't surprise me. I'm using it as an exaggeration to refer to the fact that there's already so much bloat in the game that this one instance doesn't matter. I also know the reason why it is being removed, I just don't agree with it. The only valid reason I see to remove magic that has already been approved is to prevent lore bloat, but I think that's a non-issue seeing as Young Ping exists. The chi magic lore could easily be woven into that lore. My opinion on the matter is that, unless there's going to be a culling of all the fringe magic and races, just let it be.
  3. 10 years ago, I would've been all for this, but the modern game today is so diverse and off the wall already that I don't see why this is being removed. Look at Oren over the past 10 years: they literally went from the Dark Ages to Victorian Europe. I wouldn't be surprised if guns were added to the game at this point, so I don't see why people can't do kung fu chi magic, especially with there being an in-game Asian-based community now.
  4. I'm looking for a family to join and play as a son, preferably in Oren or in a Human family. I'm OK with playing a particular backstory or personality type, or use a particular skin.
  5. I think a fun way of sending messages would be to write and send books to people. It'd be cool to have a mailbox system in the game, but idk how hard that would be to implement.
  6. I am looking for someone who would be willing to sponsor me to create events for their community: dungeons, tournaments, hunting, monster hunting, fishing trips, etc. I used to be a member of the event team, and I created a number of events in Anthos, Athera and Axios for the event team. I'd really like to continue making events for the community to enjoy. I'm no longer a member of the event team, as I went on hiatus; and too, from what I've gathered, the event team is vastly different than it was in the past, and I don't think they want someone like me currently. If you took me on, the only requirement I would need is permission to build in specific areas that you allow for me. I will do specific events that you, or your community, want as well. I will gather all the rewards and resources necessary to build and make the event happen. Here's some of my work:
  7. I do not want to do Vortex. I don't understand it, and I just want to play Mineman without having to read a guide.
  8. After reading everything, there are issues with player-driven conflict from both sides: Defenders are overly concerned, out of character, over conflict, particularly threatening conflict that may result in death, injury or loss of items. Attackers do not generate meaningful roleplay and instead hinder the roleplay of the inhabitants. These are both concerns, and it is disingenuous to discount either. Any relevant argument about fixing this problem should tackle both issues. The ultimate goal of any roleplay should be to generate a good experience. Roleplay can have bad ends, but the experience can still be good. Issue One: To an extent, issue one can’t be solved in totality: some people will always be like that. However, I think it can be diminished and people can be better sports if the roleplay is meaningful or interesting. We should also consider why people roleplay. This differs from person to person. The guy who logs in for military affairs may only log in for that, and he may be want to do bandit roleplay for the purpose of armed conflict. That’s his thing. Someone else may want to do towny roleplay. There’s a wide range of people on the server with differing opinions on what good roleplay is. It think a step in the right direction would be organized, non-discriminatory banditry. One “bandit” group I know of in roleplay are the Ironguts. I wouldn’t really describe them as bandits in roleplay, but they kind of feel the same ooc role in that they run around looking for trouble. Ironguts Dwarves do conflict well because you know who they are. They’re not one-day alts, they’re real characters whose group have been around for years. It sucks as a defender to lose to one-day alts when you’re playing a character you’re trying to develop. It just feels bad, but it doesn’t feel as bad when you know the person attacking you has been around for a while and that it is a real character. Issue Two: Players should always strive to make fun for both parties. The goal of banditry should never be to oocly attack or harass players, and it shouldn’t be to destroy people’s fun. If only one party is enjoying the roleplay, it isn’t worth doing. A lot of bandit roleplay feels lazy: it’s boring and overdone. One of the better “bandity” roleplayers I knew was Zarsies. He had like a necromancer who ran around kidnapping people along the road and experimenting on them in a laboratory. That’s cool. That’s different. I've seen people bandit and raid communities until they killed the community. This isn’t Crusader Kings. Arkantos ran a town back in the day that got raided to death. No amount of roleplay decisions fixes that. It’s OOCly fueled tension. Bandits get creative and attack at odd hours when no one is online, or they bait people to engage the conflict so they’re not technically attacking. It happens all of the time: it feels OOCly motivated, it feels like an OOC attack on the player, and it leads to a ban report (justified or not).
  9. A lot of the good conflict you’re pointing out is national conflict. The Hanseti Civil War was awesome. The PvP Flay goon squads that ran around doing “minas or die” roleplay was not. Also, people who get attacked don’t do all of these “rp opportunities” you point out. They just ping Discord and get the boys online. This may be an unpopular opinion, but here’s my two cents: raid cooldowns should be removed completely, increase the cap on how many people can attack, and all bandit roleplay should be organized oocly beforehand with the owner of the tile. It doesn’t have to be concise, just a simple, “Hey, we’re going to attack sometime on Saturday, and there’s going to be about 10 people” will suffice. If a tile owner knows there’s a lot of people attacking, he can ask them to attack next week so it isn’t overwhelming. I find server rules tedious. Players can solve a lot of these issues themselves; if they can’t, just have a GM step in to moderate and strike a balance. There’s the potential for meta-gaming, but people already meta-game with Discord. At least this way, they can roleplay sending out patrols and do military stuff the day they know there’s going the be conflict.
  10. There's a lot to unpack here, so here we go: Responding to, “I had a 60 man rally in a week... which is more than most nations. This proves quite a few people love conflict,” This is a hasty generalization: conflict and rally attendance are non-sequitur. There are a lot of reasons people show up for rallies; for example, I show up primarily as a show of force so my community doesn’t look bad due to poor attendance. I don’t care for PvP, necessarily, on any given rally. PvP isn’t a good reflection of roleplay. I feel that your argument is one-sided. You don’t address the desires of defenders or their potential desire for conflict. Most of your argument seems focused on how much of a drag the rule is on bandits and other would-be criminals, but you don’t really talk about why conflict is essential to the defending party other than your statement that you will prove it to be good. This is something that can be done, but you choose not to do so; for example, you could have brought up that conflict drives the narrative of character’s stories and prevents stagnation. Instead, you focus on the negatives of the rules. There’s a bit of showboating on your end about how great you are at rallying, and how you’d do so well; however, this doesn’t really create a strong ethical appeal. There were 78 grammatical mistakes that I counted in a second reading of your argument. It is difficult for me to believe that you are a great bandit role-player when this post seems like a rant; if this was indicative of your roleplay, I would not want to participate in it willingly. You never show how conflict is constructive for the server. Nothing in the post really tells me that player-driven conflict is good, and you take it as a given. In my experience, road-bandit roleplay, which is what I feel like you’re hinting at because you focus on the tile rule, has never been good. I can’t recount a single time it was enjoyable, and it always leads to a plethora of ban reports. Maybe you’re an outstanding lad, but there’s plenty of “minas or die” roleplay. Those were my issues with the post. My personal opinion is the rule is fine as is and it seems to address a loophole that bandit role-players can use to exploit cooldowns. Your rant was mostly on that rule, and it didn’t address the core issue of “conflict being essential,” which is sad because I agree with that statement, just not road-bandit roleplay. I believe a push towards constructive roleplay, even bandit role-play, is good for the server. I don’t see why a bandit group should be allowed to attack settlements, even the entire tile, so often. It creates stress as people feel a need to respond, and it becomes quite tedious that people attack, usually the same people, every time the cooldown goes off. If I came off as hostile, know this: I was once a bandit, and I approve of the idea of player villains. However, the current take on banditry is petty and inconsequential. I’ve seen too many generic meme bandits and one-day alts who put little effort into their characters and impose consequences on players who put in a ton of effort into their characters. I would like to see improvements to player villainy and more communication oocly to make these experiences enjoyable, threatening and less obstructive for the defender. I don’t feel like you really create a counter-argument, and many settlements have to deal with constant bandit attacks from players while dealing with server events and nation roleplay. It is overwhelming. There is an argument to be hard on this topic, but I don’t feel like you addressed it properly.
  11. A Dream of Dragons, Part One Event Time: This Thursday at 5PM EST/ 9PM GMT Location: The Citadel of Aegrothond Type: PvE and Puzzle-Based Dungeon Svendel and Saran made their way through the crypts of Aegrothond, carrying a day’s worth of food and water between the two, as well as a cart of construction supplies for stonework. There had been some concern over the stability of some of the wards within the crypts, and the two were sent out to mend and patch any structural damage. “Do you think we’ll earn any favor with the Sea Prince for this?” Svendel asked, tilting his head to the side as they pushed down the stairwell. The other Elf scoffed, shaking his head, “Not for something like this.” Svendel frowned as they turned a corner, carefully shaking away cobwebs that grazes against his fine hair, “This is an atrocious job; these crypts should be cleaned thoroughly.” Saran sighed as they stopped, nearing the end of the corridor, and the basement of the crypts, “It’s a place for the dead. Not much here except for people to reflect on their loved ones. Besides, it would take too long.” The pair began to unload their supplies, carefully placing them beside a nearby wall as Saran made way to inspect the walls for any damage. Long, crooked cracks darted the stonework, and he began to apply a mortar to the damage. As he did so, Svendel continued down the crypt to inspect a particular light he saw. He squinted, peering into the darkness. “Saran, is there anything behind any of these walls? Like more crypts.” He peeked through a whole, unable to see. The other Elf waved him off, “No, this is it.” “There’s something behind here,” He muttered as the other Elf continued his work. He began to peel away the layers of rocks, carefully setting the bricks down so as not to damage the structure. After a moment, a deafening echo filled the crypt, and Saran darted up. He peered down the crypt where his companion should have been, seeing a large hole in the wall and a depth of darkness, and his companion no where to be seen. He dropped his equipment immediately, darting up the stairwell and back to the overlord to inform the Guard. OOC Information: This event will take place sometime after the event is leaked in roleplay and the locals decide on an appropriate action. Roleplay-wise, any Guard in Aegrothond will know the above details and can inform people as they choose. This is a dungeon, and the first part of it is visible through the crypts at this moment.
  12. New form submission from Story Team Application Minecraft Name: CjmateDiscord ID: Cjmate (Eastern -5)#0630Timezone: EasternWhat skills can you apply in your role as a Story Team member?: I am an excellent builder and a former event team member. I had to take my leave as I was working on my master’s degree, and the workload was intensive. I worked in projects for the Anthos Antagonist builds in the North, as well as the Antagonist in Vailor. I’ve built eight large scale dungeons for the Event Team between 2014 and 2017, and I’ve collaborated and assisted with the old story team to meet all of their building needs. My biggest goal in building to create dynamic spaces that enhance roleplay. Complex environments allow players to interact and create conflict from the builds themselves, which creates a tone and mood for events that you would not get otherwise. Although acting is pivotal in events, a build can drive a player’s acting by creating an appropriate setting. Some of my builds are still being used today, even though I am not a member of the story team, in Arcas I took this picture on Dynamap: This was a floating island castle that i built for Leowarrior back in 2017 for an event during the summer of 2017, but it was never used; however, I am happy to say someone found a use for it during this map. Here’s another that was also used: My builds are still being used to build stories, and I’ve been inactive for three years to work on college. I have a lot of free-time these days as I work as a school teacher, and I can commit fully to the team and continue to bring the server great events and stories with my dungeons and builds. How can we as the Story Team contribute toward the server's story?: The story team contributes to the sever’s story by driving conflict. By creating conflict, or the threat of conflict, roleplay is created. For example, the current story time is spreading a plague and has flying monsters that are threatening people. Players respond to that even when the event is not taking place by preparing equipment, practicing combat, designing plans, and talking to one another about that conflict and how to resolve it. Ultimately, agency is left to the player, but the story team puts players in the position to get to make choices. Conflict drives stories; you can’t have a story without it. Players find conflict on their own, but when they don’t, that’s why we’re there. Link insightful feedback that speaks personally to you.: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190149-arcas-shrugged-charter-reform-and-the-road-to-500/Attach any relevant media or links you want to share. (Portfolio):
  13. Is there a way to store a few items before the next map transfer? I remember that used to be a thing. 


    1. Unwillingly


      last map we had the ability to pick a few items to bring over, dunno what they’re planning to do this map tho. could still be able to bring items, or can’t bring any, dunno

  14. My darling boy became an administrator.
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