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  1. Cjmate8

    Does anyone have the Axios map for download?

    ty I wanted Than specifically, so this works.
  2. There's a build I made on that map that I want to copy.
  3. Cjmate8

    With love, from Knox.

    Thanks for the memories.
  4. Cjmate8

    Siwtching VIPs

    Hello, I have a question on VIPs. I have Gold VIP on an account, Cjmate8, which I no longer use as I cannot change skins on that account anymore. I now play an account called Cjmate. Can I trade my Gold VIP status from Cjmate8 to Cjmate, and if so, how do I go about it?
  5. idk how to pick this game back up after so long.


    1. Ford


      Make a new char. 

    2. Arashiha


      ^that, and just jump right into it. ((Whispers, and be a little forceful with introductions, otherwise, you'll be ignored more often than not.))

  6. I miss building. 

  7. Hard to enjoy lotc. None of my peeples play anymore.

  8. Doing a non-pve event on Sunday if 

    anyone is into that. 



  9. Anyone know if the game Foxhole is any good? 

    1. Archipelego


      it looks amazing and its on my wishlist

    2. TankM1A2


      Yes! I played the game with my good friends @sdm @WoodenApples @mra8ur93ss @Youngie5500 and we had an absolute blast. Massive scale warfare with everything from base building, construction, logistics, frontlines, and engaging PVP. If you want to grind and keep the front line supplied, or if you want to construct the defenses to hold said frontline, or if you want to be making the decisive push, the option is yours. Personally, I think its great.

    3. mra8ur93ss


      OMG so WApples and I were trucked within minutes of the map resetting to an island in the middle of the map then just before sdm arrived we took down a truck and its two occupants but WApples bit the dust. I vacuumed up the basic materials (bmats) they dropped and threw down a field crate so I wasn't encumbered by our loot. Then something similar happened with sdm and I taking down another truck headed for this central island.


      Suffice to say, half an hour in chat and the player number has gone up from 30 to the 100 player cap and some random nobody thanks whoever secured the island in chat, the island which is by now cut off from our home base in the North by a filthy Colonist encirclement. Shirt supplies (respawns) in the town hall are running low but we've repaired a refinery and weapons factory on the island to elongate our occupation.


      We thought we had it covered. The two vehicle bridges we had on lock-down with our tunnel network supported foxholes and pillboxes with lighter defences covering the two destroyed (but repairable) wooden foot bridges. However, in our sweep of the island, we missed the two fords (shallow sections of river) leading onto the island. One lead to allied territory and our shirt situation was quickly relieved, but to our dismay, an insidious Colonist base had infested the western side of our island. It took repeated HE grenade martyrs to get through the first pillbox, but their front was covered by two supplied level two foxholes, both of which would annihilate any attempts to push up. We each took out 4 HE nades and charged in from the North. Twelve reached their target, to no effect, with no survivors.


      I can only assume that battle is still continuing as I had to head off to bed, having realised it was the early hours of the morning by this point, but it was great. Play with friends, learn the basics before you play. The game has no in-built tutorial so YouTube is your best bet.

  10. Cjmate8

    [Your View] Event Team

    As an ET, I feel like there is a lack of community as a whole within the ET. I would like to see more collaborative works, and would like to be apart of them too.
  11. I'm offended that you're even asking. We've been stating what hasn't been working for years, gm/admin staff just doesn't care or doesn't listen. People hate nexus, and people think that the maps are too big/too spread out. There's some fringe **** like too much lore, and the addition of new races like monkey people, but the core problems are nexus and the amount of settlements allowed to exist.
  12. I'm building messy medieval high elf.

    It's like a juxtaposition. 

  13. Cjmate8

    [Denied] TeaRex's ET ACTOR Application

    Tearex is quite diligent. Be happy to work with.