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  1. New mcname! IceTheJazz :) if you are confused it's me. 

    1. Nekkore


      Does the ice fit with your heart? Ooooohhhhhhhh


      (please don't kill me... I was only joking... No bans please... ily really ;-;)

  2. Hiya all!~ I'm back o3o got a new laptop thanks to my brother(Zer0) :) What have I missed ? Where is all the rp at for an High elf ?

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    2. IcyJazzy



    3. Nekkore


      When characters unite. It will be awkward.

    4. Jake the Dog

      Jake the Dog


  3. Namyriitha looks to the charter, after hearing many things about Sutica, she smiles to it signing her name.
  4. Thank you so much Numyira ! for the picture! Its sooo pretty!

  5. So with this new docks, it seems the technology has gotten better? 

  6. Where is the rp? -pouts-

    1. Jake!


      There is some in the Caliphate atm!

    2. IcyJazzy
  7. Hi all! :)

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    2. kingnothing


      hyelo icecreamgirl

    3. IcyJazzy


      I am ready to have some fun~ :3

    4. kingnothing


      thats too lewd you're like twelve stopit

  8. Namyriitha looks to the poster, blinking a few times. Sending a note back to meet the Bored Mage.
  9. Hi everyone! How is everyone doing?

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    2. mitto


      [loud shrieking]

    3. Jake the Dog
    4. Harrison


      im bad because people can't except my anime and my culture........... :(((((((((((

  10. It's been awhile since I logged on.. how is LOTC these days? I come from the land of finals~ How is everyone?

    1. Kiraa


      Grand, not much changed.

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    2. IcyJazzy


      I'm sorry girls can't be on the interwebs.. ;-;

    3. Aeldrin


      correct therefore u cant b a gril

    4. IcyJazzy


      Oh no.. that means everyone on the interwebs are sweaty,desperate, men that have no lives? Darn.. I have a sad life. :'(

  11. Character Name Neopolitana Nicknames: Neo Age: 23 Gender: Female Race: Elf Status: Alive Description Height: 4’9 Weight: 109 Body Type: Curvy Eyes: Brown, Pale-pink Hair: Pink, Brown and White Skin: Pale White Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Alive Personality: Shy,Timid, Mute Inventory: Umbrella Life Style Alignment*: Neutral Good Deity*: Tahariae , Creator Religion:None Alliance/Nation/Home Job/Class: Title(s): Cleric Profession(s): Cooking,Cleaning,Healing,farming Special Skill(s): Flaw(s): Very scared of loud noises such as roars,yelling and screaming. Magic Current Status: Clerical Rank: Cleric (Tier 3) Current Spell(s): Healing,Air Filtering, Purifying Poisons Weaponry Fighting Style: None Trained Weapon: Favored Weapon: Umbrella, Clerical Staff Archery: None Biography Parents: Unkown Siblings: Unknown Children: None Extended Family: Renn Stirling (Adopted Mother) Aphoros Mira Stirling (Adopted Sister) Katari Stirling (Adopted Dad) Pet(s): History [WIP] Artwork
  12. All these squares make a circle.~

    1. Joe_Blackman


      all these squares make a circle...

  13. Oh my my.. is this normal ;-; ? I was out for class all day and i log on to this http://gyazo.com/971713bc558a2619198fbf4f659392fe

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    2. IcyJazzy


      If it doesn't involve ice cream.. no.?

    3. susitsu


      I'm more concerned about why the hell you had that many notifications and what they were about...

    4. IcyJazzy


      I think some closed thread now, from what my brother told me.

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