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  1. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Bruma AP: 16 3AP invested into economy the Altmer merchant is hired to lead the paper company and is given a start up budget of (3AP). She is tasked with making the industry boom within its first year, or see her role given to the other merchant. 500 heavy cav are recruited to join the third legion (6AP) 1000 heavy infantry are recruited to join the first legion (4AP) Agnippr and his men are to support the Reclaimers that are securing the area around Kragenmoor (Skype I guess idk) the third legion is to move westwards The lord of Leyawiin is asked if the Bruma Trading Company could establish a permanent vendor in Leyawiin, in order to export their goods of leathers, furs and paper further across Tamriel.
  2. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Union of Bruma-Falkreath Base AP: 16 (+1 2 turns) 17 (+8 this turn, -1 upkeep) 24 Where from?: 6 base, 3 trade (1 bonus), 1 for 4 provinces, 4 from union, 1 from economic investment Population: 104,550 (10,500 per turn) Military: First Legion, encamped outside Morrowind 3000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry 10 Mages (10 Restoration) Second Legion, encamped outside Morrowind 4000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry Auxiliary (Patrols, Garrison duty, Guard duty) 1000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry 1000 Light Infantry 575 Skirmishers (+25 per turn) 100 Light Infantry (Castinus' guards) Total: 14,685 The Bruma Trading Company proved to be a great success, bringing in lots of profit for the state as many merchants scramble to sign up for it. A bi-monthly meeting with the most influential traders in the company is set up, in order to allow the members to voice their ideas and opinions for the company moving forward. But first of all, the paper industry had a fair ways to go yet, and a head of the industry still had to be chosen. Both Vialfre Vanette and Corrirnil Larethael receive guarded audiences with the Countess, where they're interviewed and each declare their past successes in trading in order to see who is best qualified. A decision will be made by the end of the year. Looking ahead at the importance of more products, and how the hold imports most of its metals, 12 Alteration mages are conscripted from the college of Nifelheim. Soon enough, Bruma will have its first ore mine. 12 restoration mages are also hired from the same college, in order to be trained in formation to heal and embolden fighting troops. (8AP, Nifelheim gets 4AP) Meanwhile, news of the battle near Riften begins to filter back through the Pale Pass, as do the Kvatch wounded and deceased heading back home. The soldiers are given provisions, blessings and food and drink by the citizens of the town. Seeing this, Lycinia orders the raising of more troops to support the first and second legions, with the establishment of a third. 500 heavy cavalry (6AP), 1000 Heavy Infantry (6AP) and 2000 Light Infantry (4AP) are recruited and combined with the auxiliary to create the third legion. They are to be trained extensively throughout the year, before setting out eastwards to reinforce the men on campaign. Zenone Felance is given command of the legion, and his ideas of lances and heavier armor are considered. Soon, the light cavalry in this legion begin clothing their horse with leather armor, and carry a sword, board shield and a longer, heavier spear (if required to scout or perform reconnaissance, they'd carry only the sword, and take off the horse's armor). The heavy cavalry are equipped with iron or chainmail horse armor, a sword and lance. Third Legion (after training is completed): 2000 Heavy Infantry 2000 Light Infantry 575 Skirmishers 500 Light Cavalry 500 Heavy Cavalry 12 Mages (Restoration) Meanwhile, with the Reclaimers finally showing up at the border to Morrowind, Agnippr proposes a counter argument to Vidinia's plans. Rather than Bruma and some of the Reclaimer legions heading straight for Kragenmoor, they should first head north to intercept any Dunmer reinforcements heading for the pass to Riften. This would minimize the bloodshed in Riften and ensure the Dunmer siege fails, whilst also clearing the way for the Kvatch and Rift troops to move forth into Morrowind. This means more friendly troops in enemy territory, plus it stops those troops from potentially attacking the siege camp at Kragenmoor. After the battle, the men would move south and besiege the city and continue with Vidinia's plan. (Skype) The light infantry continue scouting near the Riften pass and further out, attempting to find any reinforcements and size up their forces.
  3. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Union of Bruma-Falkreath Base AP: 15 (+1 3 turns) 16 Where from?: 6 base, 3 trade (1 bonus), 1 for 4 provinces, 4 from union Population: 94,050 (10,500 per turn) Military: First Legion, encamped outside Chim lands 3000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry 10 Mages (10 Restoration) Second Legion, encamped outside Chim lands 4000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry Auxiliary (Patrols, Garrison duty, Guard duty) 550 Skirmishers (+25 per turn) 100 Light Infantry (Castinus' guards) The war was nearing, and the soldiers had left. But things still needed to be done at home. Firstly, with the tanning industry booming and the paper industry waiting to be established, Lycinia counsels with Castinus before deciding to nationalize the trade, formally adopting the Bruma Trading Company as a direct underling of the government. With this, independent merchants can apply for registration with the company, trading under its name, and in return receive caravan guards and protection. It also means that the cloth and leather goods - some of the finest in Tamriel, even being sold to the Summerset Isles - will only be traded under Bruma's name, cutting out any lost profits from reselling or knock-off goods. A total of 1000 light infantry are recruited to act as guards for the company, with it being a career in which they can travel and see the world without the looming danger of the military. (2AP) 2AP is invested into the economy of the city, raising the total to 13AP. The paper industry is invested into, with scrolls and blank books for the scholars of Tamriel the target customers. The paper should be of the finest quality, and be exported via the Bruma Trading Company. Another successful merchant is looked for to spearhead this industry, just as Castinus did with the tanning, as healthy competition for the Master of Coin. (2AP) The new settlement at Cloud Ruler Temple is in a highly defensible location, and with the foundations already in place and framework to build off, it doesn't take long before it is established. Lumber from Falkreath and stone from Castinus' coal mines is sent to aid in the restoration and expansion of the holding. The Jerall Mountains now have 3 thriving towns and a large city dwelling in them, and day by day become a safer and more profitable region. The envoy from Chorrol is received, and the request is accepted. 1000 more light infantrymen (2AP) are recruited, trained, then sent to the southern regions of Bruma's holdings to protect trade coming to and from Chorrol. The envoy is sent back with gifts and well wishes from the Countess, hoping to strengthen relations between the two citystates. With the reconstruction of the Pale Pass and Cloud Ruler Temple, the two main passes between Cyrodiil and Skyrim are under Bruma's control. Though no taxes or such are in place, its a reassurance that the northern border - and Bruma's connection to Falkreath - are secure. 1000 heavy infantry (6AP) and 500 light cavalry (2AP) are recruited and begin extensive training, similar to how the first two legions trained. They are to be watched for considerably successful individuals - both in the infantry and cavalry regiments - to see who has leadership ability. The Lord of Chim is thanked for his response, and in reply Countess Lycinia believe his actions are honorable, even if she does not agree with them. Nevertheless, the legions move to the border of Morrowind and encamp in the northern province of Chim's land. Having received word of the 20,000 strong army in the pass to Riften, Agnippr sends scouts ahead into the pass on foot, and in dark clothing at night, and shadow the army whilst sending runners to report back. Meanwhile, the 500 light cavalry move ahead and harass the Dunmer supply lines headed for the pass, never to engage in unfavorable odds. Consul Vidinia is notified that Bruma's legions are stationed at the border, and are waiting for Reclaimer reinforcements before advancing.
  4. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Union of Bruma-Falkreath Base AP: 14 (+1 4 turns) 15 (5 gifted to Windhelm) 10 Population: 83,550 (10,500 per turn) Military: First Legion, stationed in Bruma 3000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry 10 Mages (10 Restoration) Second Legion, stationed in Falkreath 4000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry Auxiliary (Patrols, Garrison duty, Guard duty) 525 Skirmishers (+25 per turn) 100 Light Infantry (Castinus' guards) Legatus Agnippr had spent the year training his new men relentlessly - both legions spending weeks drilling in every sort of environment, fighting in war games and working on formations. The training exercises scaled from thousands of men in a shield wall, to just 8 in a small testudo, fighting off a superior force. It didn't stop there - the men were tested in one-on-one and one against a group combat in the camps, the best among them receiving commendations, promotions or rewards for their combat prowess. But there's only so much training could do, and save for the odd bandit or marauder, most of the men had never seen combat. That was soon to change. Lycinia's double had returned from the Imperial City, running through everything that had been said with the countess, and the details of the pacts, as well as her chat with Vidinia. Plans began being drawn up for the legion's move westward, to attack Morrowind in conjunction with the rest of Cyrodiil in order to help out the Nords in Skyrim, whilst Jarl Hrogar takes his men north to rally with the rest of the Jarls. They would set off east, creating roads as they went, and creating a primary and secondary fortified camp before they reached Chim's land. With his recent pulling out of the deal, the Lord of Chim is sent a message. "To his Lordship, It is hoped that you would reconsider pulling out of the agreement that you accepted in the Imperial City. As I'm sure you're aware, your lands border a considerable swathe of Morrowind's, and are directly in the route that Imperial armies must pass through in order to reach the Dunmer. I plead you to reconsider your withdrawal from the agreement, or at the very least allow the brave armies of Cyrodiil to pass through your lands unhindered, whilst helping to support and supply them as they fight their campaign. Refusal to do this would be detrimental to the war effort, and would look like you're helping the enemy you agreed to fight. Needless to say, refusal would be an unwise decision, as a road would be carved through your land regardless. Sincerely, Lycinia Batiatus, Countess of Bruma" Another message is sent to the remaining nobles of Cyrodiil, encouraging them to stick to their word and take up arms and march their armies eastward against the Dunmer threat immediately. A small detachment of of soldiers are tasked with going north to Cloud Ruler Temple, north west of Bruma. When it is cleared out, settlers are sent to repopulate the old Blades fortress and the land surrounding it. It is also to be searched for weaponry or Blades literature. (10AP, settled province north west of Bruma). The Winters Breeze receive their new orders. (Skype) Lycinia takes all the steps possible to ensure her pregnancy goes smoothly. An heir will soon be born.
  5. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Union of Bruma-Falkreath Base AP: 14 (+4 1 turn, +1 5 turns) 19 Population: 73,050 (10,500 per turn) Military: First Legion, stationed in Bruma 3000 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry 10 Mages (10 Restoration) Auxiliary (Patrols, Garrison duty, Guard duty) 1500 Light Infantry 500 Skirmishers (+25 per turn) As hoped, the scouting for leadership potential went well among the Nords, one shining out from the crowd - being able to beat Imperial officers tactically, as well as winning against one of the legions best Centurions in one-on-one combat. As a result, Agnippr the Calm is invited to Bruma personally, and offered the role of Legatus, in control of the Union's first proper Legion, with men of his choosing filling the officer ranks below him. He is also consoled on how to further improve the military, as well as being asked to run large-scale war games to better train the men. Hopefully, his is a name which will be written in the history books as a brilliant soldier and commander. With the first Legions creation, another is needed to protect the hold against any potential enemies throughout the land. A total of 2000 promising warriors are recruited to be heavy infantry within the Legion (12AP), as well as 2500 light infantry (5AP). When they are trained, they will combine with the Auxiliary to create the Second Legion of the Union, followed by a military parade to show the force that Bruma has to offer to protect its citizens, as well as highlighting the military as a prestigious and honorable career choice. The third town, built around Applewatch farm west of Bruma, absorbs its name and is finally set up. Located on a hill above the fertile valley that holds most of Bruma's farms, it'll prove to be an important settlement within the nation. Timber from Falkreath is sent to the town in order to help with construction. Jarl Hrogar informed his wife that the Jarl of Whiterun had expanded south, within spitting distance of the Pale Pass, which could threaten the trade between the two regions. As a result, the Union asks for a non-aggression pact with the Jarl of Whiterun, especially in this pressing time, with the Dunmer invading the north of the country. A refusal to this pact would mean raised tensions and a more militarized presence on the border with Whiterun Hold, in order to ensure the safety of Union's trade and citizens. A message is also sent to the Stormcloak Jarl of Windhelm, and the Jarl of the Rift, offering coin as support against the Dunmer invasion, which also acts as a sign of goodwill from the Union of Bruma-Falkreath. The Winter's Breeze are told to leave the Imperial City and instead travel back to Bruma, as unity within the city seems too high to infiltrate. There, they receive new orders. (Skype) Money is invested into the city of Bruma, to encourage growth of private industries. (2AP) Finally, Countess Lycinia has been requested to travel to the Imperial City by the Consul Vidinia. As noone outside of Bruma knows her face, she instead sends a trusted adviser to take on her persona and speak on her behalf in case of foul play. She tells no one of this, and even leaves at the same time as her double. However, as her double travels south with a small contingent of 16 heavy infantry as bodyguards, Lycinia travels north, to spend a season with her husband in Falkreath, doing the horizontal tango. (BAM BAM) Her double is to report the meaning of the meeting as soon as possible.
  6. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Union of Bruma-Falkreath Base AP: 14 (+4 1 turn) 18 Population: 62,550 Military: 4500 Light Infantry 2000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry 10 Mages (10 Restoration) Word caught Lycinia's ears of the Jarl of Whiterun's comments, which after a short conversation with Hrogar, were deemed unworthy of a reply. If the Jarl had such a problem with it, then he could travel south himself and attempt to rip the union apart. He'd fail in the endeavor. The training of the military went well, however the Nords still needed to catch up. Their prowess in battle is a well known fact throughout Tamriel, but they need to be able to work together with the rest of the army rather than running off on their own. The training continues in Falkreath, where those who work well together are to travel south to train with Bruma's legionaries for three months a year. The soldiers are to be watched consistently to see whether any have leadership potential, or an obvious prowess in battle. Meanwhile, competent hunters and those skilled with the bow are approached to join the auxiliary as archers. For three months a year, they would train as bowmen, whilst the rest of the year they would return to their jobs, unless the Union was at war. Rather than being trained as ranks however, which would essentially negate each individual archers skill, they are to be trained to work in groups of 8, which would fluidly travel around the battlefield as sharpshooters, at a much closer range than usual, which would be more akin to that of when they were hunting. This would help their accuracy as well as making a battle seem more like a familiar environment. Volunteers are asked to sign up to the program, where they would then receive a increase in salary for being both a reserve-soldier and a hunter. (2AP) A new village is to be constructed in the province west of Bruma, closer to the fertile valleys that run from there. Before the settlers are to leave, 500 cavalry scout ahead, followed by 1000 light infantry to clear any hostile groups from the area. They are to stay until the village has basic defenses and a garrison in place. (10AP) Castinus has proved an invaluable asset to Bruma, and has brought the city much wealth through his knowledge of trade. As such, he is offered nobility and the title of Earl, with a plot of land outside the city attached to it. It is hoped that this motivates him to further push Bruma to greatness. Money is spent injected into the tanning industry. Each skilled craftsmen are to take two apprentices to teach the craft to, in order to keep the quality of the goods leaving Bruma high. Also, they are commissioned to provide thick leather armor to the light infantry soldiers of Bruma and Falkreath. This heavy undertaking would be a steady process, and adequate funds are injected into the trade to encourage good work from the craftsmen, as well as expansion of the industry. (4AP) The Winter's Breeze find little weakness in the higher-ups of the Imperial Reclaimers, and so whilst some continue to attempt to climb the ranks, others turn their eyes to the commonfolk. Information as to how the local populace finds life under the military junta is sought, as well as any who defy the government or wish to see change. More money is injected into the economy. (2AP)
  7. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    Union of Bruma-Falkreath Base AP: 14 (+2 1 turn) 16 Population: 52,550 Military: 4500 Light Infantry 1500 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry The marriage of Jarl Hrogar and Countess Lycinia meant the establishment of a new lineage, as any children they have would hold the name of Batiatus-Blackmane. The firstborn would be heir to both holdings, but if there was a second, one would be heir to Falkreath Hold whilst the second would be heir to Bruma, under the succession law of gavelkind. This stops any transgression or thought that a Skyrim hold would be under control of an Imperial, thus diffusing any racial tensions. Meanwhile, trade and travel between the holds is encouraged, with regular patrols guarding the Pale Pass on both sides against bandits or other creatures. Citizens of Falkreath are invited to receive education in Bruma, to take new skills or ideals back to the hold. (0AP) Money is invested into the Hunting Lodge once again, expanding its hunting territory across the mountains into Falkreaths dense woodland. The Nordic populace are also invited to join the guild, and to receive payment in return for their game. (2AP) With the abundance of furs coming in from the hunting lodge, local tanners are invested into in order to produce higher quality hides and garments to be exported throughout Cyrodiil and Skyrim. (2AP) With more land to protect from brigands and potentially outside threats, as well as the news of the Imperial City's forces, Lycinia orders the military to be increased substantially, and its combat tactics revamped. 500 heavy infantry and 10 mages focused in the school of restoration (7AP) are to be recruited and trained alongside the rest of the army, both the Nords from Falkreath and the men from Bruma. They are to be trained intensely in formation combat, from groups as large as 120 down to as few as 8, to move swiftly as a cohesive unit across battlefields. Bruma has a variety of different terrains, so this training would take place in thick forests, open plains and steep hills. Meanwhile, the light cavalry would be trained in harassment and hit-and-run techniques. More investment goes into the economy of Bruma, guided by Castinus' hands. (2AP) The members of the Winter's Breeze are encouraged to continue to climb the ranks of the Imperial City, still only to achieve information, such as Vidinia's ambitions, political rivals, and any hint of corruption or unrest that could be of use against the military junta. Funding is discreetly sent to them via dead-letter drops and hidden meetings. This money is to bribe or loosen lips, as well as to recruit any anti-Junta operatives to the Winter's Breeze, although they wouldn't be told who the organization works for. (3AP)
  8. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    City State of Bruma Base AP: 10 (+1 1 turn +1 1 turn) 12 Population: 41,700 (+850 2 turns) Military: 2000 Light Infantry 1000 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry The hill surrounded by plains near the Pale Pass had been scouted and drawn out. Lycinia sat with her advisers, planning out a new settlement to be erected in the region, which would also relieve the population density in Bruma itself. The town would be named after the mountain road it resides by, taking over the name of the Pale Pass. The town is commissioned to be constructed throughout the year. (-10AP) 1000 light infantry are sent to defend the settlers, whilst the 500 light infantry are to patrol round the mountains and valleys to thwart any attempted ambushes. (0AP) Meanwhile, Castinus Juronicus is offered a place among Lycinia's trusted advisers, to take up the title of Master of Coin. His job would be to streamline the city-state's economy, as well as pass reforms to benefit the populace. He would be allowed to continue his private ventures as a businessman at the same time. (0AP) Lycinia received the report of the informant in her office at dusk one day. "So, tell me what you learned of the Imperial City. Have they recovered? Are they looking to attempt to recreate the Empire?" "That I do not know, m'lady," replied her informant, a middle aged gentleman who used to handle her fathers dirty work. "The City seems to be recovering well, with life as good as it can be living under a military junta. The man who rules is Urelius Vidinia, himself the head of at least 10 legions." Lycinia considered the information, poring over the old noble names her tutor taught her as a child. "Vidinia? I've never heard of the name. Does he seek to expand? With 10 legions he may have the means to." The man scratches his scruffy beard. "I'm afraid I do not know the man's intentions, as I was not granted audience. However, they have already expanded across Lake Rumare into two provinces of the Heartlands." "That much I expected," replied Lycinia. The fertile lands would be the only way the city could feed itself. "Very well, thank you for your help. Here's the coin for your trouble." The next day, Lycinia considered how Bruma would fair should the Imperial City begin trying to reclaim its lost territory. The best way to gauge Vidinia's intentions would be to infiltrate the junta itself. Therefore, (2AP) is spent on creating a fledgling cloak-and-dagger spy organisation, named the Winter's Breeze. Their job would be to embed themselves in the society and military of cities, attempt to gain the trust of higher-ups, and gather as much information as possible, whilst also standing by for other... orders. Finally, in the later months of the year, Countess Lycinia Batiatus is wed to Jarl Hrogar of Falkreath. The two realms are combined as one through the holy union of Mara, and travel through the Pale Pass is encouraged between the two holds. This not only increases the Jarl's renown in Skyrim, but also expands Bruma's holdings to both sides of the Jerall Mountains. As such, the name of the realm is changed to the Jerall Union of Bruma and Falkreath. (MOD for details on military and AP gain).
  9. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    City State of Bruma Base AP: 10 (+1 2 turns) 11 Population: 30,850 (+850 3 turns) Military: 500 Light Infantry 500 Heavy Infantry 500 Light Cavalry The scouts sent out to the Pale Pass came back with good news - bandits and brigands had been cleared by the tens, with the only casualties coming from a Forsworn ambush on the way back. Strange to see them this far west, and on the wrong side of the Jerall Mountains. Perhaps they're looking to migrate? Lycinia orders Commander Decius to replenish his men from volunteers, as well as order the conscription of 500 heavy infantry (-3AP), and 1500 light infantry (-3AP). If the Forsworn tried to attack the city itself, they'd need ample men to defend it. Meanwhile, 250 light cavalry are sent to scout the area that the men reported would be good for a fortress or city, including nearby water sources, defenses and resources. (0AP) Finally, funds are recycled back into the economy to promote guilds and independent merchants, which will in turn add to Bruma's wealth. (5AP into economy) If one would sit on the balcony of Bruma's keep on a clear night, itself perched high within the foothills of the Jerall Mountains, one could see the moon and stars reflected on the placid waters of Lake Rumare, and the silhouette of the White Gold Tower on the island in the middle. For ages past, the Imperial City's lights would illuminate the isle and challenge the stars themselves, but after the flu ravaged the land, the city's lights are much less impressive. Still, as Lycinia sat there, she thought about who now ruled the isle. In the morn, she'd send a plain-clothed man south, to investigate and gather as much knowledge as he could about life within the old Capital. (0AP) Meanwhile, other matters were pressing on Lycinia's mind. Her 23rd birthday had been and gone, and still a husband didn't share her quarters. Not that men hadn't tried to win her favour - but she felt they were all below her station. As such, messengers are sent across Cyrodiil and Skyrim, looking for a man of renown and wealth to marry the Countess of Bruma, either Imperial or Nord. (0AP) Countess Lycinia Batiatus - 4E 383 For now, Lycinia is still keen to focus on the city itself. However, her eyes often flutter outwards.
  10. DigitalRescue

    Tamriel Imperialus (RP)

    City State of Bruma The time of rebuilding had long past, and now it was time for Bruma to rekindle relationships with the outside world. Before Lycinia could even take a seat in her office, her page ran in, carrying three letters. One from the Colovians of Kvatch, another from the remnants of the old Empire in Cheydinhal, and the last from Elyswhyr, from the Khajiit Kraviran tribes. All three requested mutual trade. After writing letters of acceptance and thanks, Lycinia tells the page to give them back to the messengers who brought them - along with gifts of trinkets and carvings. Without even having to do anything, Bruma found itself in a trade network. Fertile lands lay south, in the Heartlands Basin, but for now, the city doesn't have the means to expand. So, they'll have to make do with what they've got. A hunting guild is set up (-2 AP) in order to control and distribute game fairly throughout legal means, and to combat poaching. Any citizen with a bow or spears that lives within the city's territory is allowed to sign up, in an effort to spread the skill among the populace. The targeted game changes each season to allow for re-population and to avoid starving the surrounding forests of game. Meanwhile, in the more temperate valley between Applewatch and the city itself, hardworking families are awarded plots of land to farm in, or build orchards. (-2 AP) Finally, 500 light cavalrymen are to be recruited and trained as the first Mounted Auxilia of Bruma. (-2AP) A cohort of light infantry men are sent north to the Pale Pass, to look for potential settlement areas near it, and to clear out any bandits or brigands trying to attack travelers passing between Skyrim and Cyrodiil. (0AP)
  11. DigitalRescue

    The Bavarian Fever (Alternative History, 1940)

    I.Nation: Republic of Iran II.Leader’s History Reza Shah. After overthrowing the previous government of Persia and restoring the country's historical borders, Reza Shah - a former general of the Cossack Brigade - began to lead the country in a new direction of cultural and religious freedom, headed by a secular government, with the ideals of independence and self-governance within the middle east. He erased tension between religious groups and tribes and created a sense of unity within Iran never seen before, albeit using some brutal methods to achieve this. III.Nation’s Recent History The country of Iran - independent and unified - is a free thinking state, with ideals of independence and self governance, as well as self reliance. The country leans more towards the western democratic ways than Italian fascism or communism, though in the rising tensions they have declared themselves neutral, focusing on building up a strong military and economy. IV. Skype originbackwards or Digital Rescue i cant remember which V.Somewhere in this thread, I asked to name something... Alexander the Great
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    [Et-Actor] Crowley's App

    +1 Awesome guy, RP'd with him for a while.
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