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  1. watch those wrist rockets

    1. DragoonCrow


      Just like the simulations

  2. @Knox213 Crow nudges Henrik. "Let's go eat all of their food Harold!"
  3. Crow removes his helmet and wails uncontrollably in the rain.
  4. "Damn. Forgot to get my vineyard." Says teuton.
  6. "Wait, how will I get my vineyard now." Says ancient teuton.
  7. An old teuton smokes some premium azog green, before punching his friend @MadOne's shoulder. "Better go practise destroying beds."
  8. *Notes of fine parchment would be attached to every notice board and near every landmark in the Silver State. The writing is impeccable, the author most certainly having a firm style.* Blessings upon you and your kin, noble citizens of Haelun'or. The recent events that has befallen our illustrious city state has weighed heavy on my mind. It is true that I, Farandil Aldin and my kin have not had the honor of living within the city as of late, but what we have seen the actions of Okarir'akaln has done nothing but bring ineptitude and incompetence. Whereas the seat of Okarir'akaln was meant as a beacon of prosperity and affluence, it has instead been misused as a tool of violence and personal gain. No more, I say! By my blessed ancestors, I vow to do my utmost to help secure the future of our blessed city. Our main square and trade district, opulent and pristine, has been left to stagnate! Where once beautiful crafts and stunning gems were bartered, nothing but empty stalls and minor businesses thrive. Where once the legendary crafts of our people were desired by every nation, nothing but faint whispers can be heard. A prosperous Silver State with flowing trade is a healthy Silver State. As the new Okarir’akaln, I will make it my pledge to you, the people of the silver city that the Silver State prospers. I will make sure the city is flowing with trade. The exports and imports of tradable goods and raw resources will be a priority, as well as making sure that the trade district and main square is filled with goods. Along with this, I plan to make arrangements with other nations so that our craftsmen and artisans can expand their influence, so that our skills and entrepreneurship is showcased throughout the world. I do not offer you false promises, but a worried citizen and as a previous and prosperous merchant of the Aldin industry. My education and specialty is in economics and logistics which will be a helpful skill set for the Silver City. This, for me would not only be an honor to serve the people of Haelun’or, but also a true pleasure to increase the prosperity of our blessed state. With more resources at my own hand, it would be of no concern to acquire and develop new knowledge and technologies. Signed
  9. going out for a few beers what time do you wanna capture and pillage Constantinople btw?

    1. DragoonCrow


      I was thinking arouns 23.00? They should be nice and chill by then 

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