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  1. The Ballot (( MC name:Wetoos )) Name: Farandil Aldin Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( ) Silvos Sythaerin (X) Elahern Aeth'sulier (X) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: (XX) Elathion Dagre'sae ( ) Aiera Sullas
  2. “Ludicrous. Up-to-date is a matter of debate. I do love you dearly, but the fact that you resort to personal attacks aimed to discredit our competition, the good Uradir, hints towards your lack of objectiveness. That you insist that we have had a lack of propositions to the previous Okarir’tayna are claims and accusations with no credible sources. Before my untimely departure, which was to further Mali’thill interests, I proposed a series of steps to increase the general quality of life in Haelun’or. From banquets in conjugation with my dear mali’malonn Goan, to courses of personal fitness for
  3. Farandil Aldin steps up, his fishing rod resting on his shoulder. ”Karin’ayla. I’m Farandil Aldin and I’m nominating myself as a candidate. I have a Master degree in Medicine, along with hundreds of years of medical experience. With the return of the Republic, me and my kin has returned to the city, loyal as always to the Silver State.” He pauses, clearing his throat and bows. ”I am also a very likable person. As a servant of society am always free for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. I hope you vote for me. Ahernan. “
  4. watch those wrist rockets

    1. DragoonCrow


      Just like the simulations

  5. @Knox213 Crow nudges Henrik. "Let's go eat all of their food Harold!"
  6. Crow removes his helmet and wails uncontrollably in the rain.
  7. An old teuton smokes some premium azog green, before punching his friend @MadOne's shoulder. "Better go practise destroying beds."
  8. *Notes of fine parchment would be attached to every notice board and near every landmark in the Silver State. The writing is impeccable, the author most certainly having a firm style.* Blessings upon you and your kin, noble citizens of Haelun'or. The recent events that has befallen our illustrious city state has weighed heavy on my mind. It is true that I, Farandil Aldin and my kin have not had the honor of living within the city as of late, but what we have seen the actions of Okarir'akaln has done nothing but bring ineptitude and incompetence. Whereas the seat of Okarir'akaln was
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