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  1. The Ballot (( MC name:Wetoos )) Name: Farandil Aldin Vote for Okarir’maehr: ( ) Silvos Sythaerin (X) Elahern Aeth'sulier (X) Olrin Maehr'tehral Vote for Okarir’nor: (XX) Elathion Dagre'sae ( ) Aiera Sullas
  2. “Ludicrous. Up-to-date is a matter of debate. I do love you dearly, but the fact that you resort to personal attacks aimed to discredit our competition, the good Uradir, hints towards your lack of objectiveness. That you insist that we have had a lack of propositions to the previous Okarir’tayna are claims and accusations with no credible sources. Before my untimely departure, which was to further Mali’thill interests, I proposed a series of steps to increase the general quality of life in Haelun’or. From banquets in conjugation with my dear mali’malonn Goan, to courses of personal fitness for the citizenry. That these were discounted by the previous council is unfortunate.” The ancient ‘thill turns to his uncle, smiling softly. “First I will begin with my plans for the medical aspects is an improvement to mental health. The general physiological health of the citizenry, as frowned upon in the past, should be brought to light. Members of our nation have had mental breakdowns that has led to both assassinations and other issues for the state. If this was focused on earlier, we may have spared ourselves the pain this has led to for the city. Physical health is important, just as much as psychological. The previous okarir’mali has failed to grasp these problems, and as a consequence we have suffered.” Farandil Aldin takes a deep breath, again returning with his fatherly smile. He pulls out a pipe, lighting it and taking a small drag. ”The curantes guild of medicine has been a boon and a solid foundation for a generalized health system, but as any guild, it has stagnated and led to corruption. Where it once was a thriving society, it has now become little more than an elite club house, who frowns and looks down upon practitioners who are not members. That some of the higher ranking members of the guild has been parts of scandals regarding both shades and cults should be of no surprise. As elokarir’hiylun I would use the influence of the station to reform it, and possibly dismantle it. The fact that up and coming surgeons are discouraged to practice their art without being a member should speak for itself.” Again, the elder Aldin takes a slight breath, turning to the gathered crowd. “As my dear marmal’onn stated, the position is not just health. With the event side of the position, I would establish a board of events, where the group would work on a solid calendar with annual events. These would be anything from harvest festivals, to fairs promoting the craftsmanship of the mali’thill, which we all know are of the highest quality. The board would also assist the blessed citizenry in hosting their own events. In addition, physical health will be prioritized, with both exercise sessions and trips to promote physical health. It will be an excellent way for the ‘mali to see the world beyond the walls.” Farandil looks around, to see if the citizens are still listening to his proposals. He chuckles lightly as he realizes some have stuck around. “To finish my..well, long-winded dialogue, I may add that my time abroad has not been wasted. I have spent many months in the wilds, building a network of contacts and cataloging ruins. In conjunction with the Okarir’maehr, I would like to propose a series of expeditions and archaeological trips to further the knowledge and wisdom of the Eternal Library. Our eventual goal would be to gather artifacts and items of magical nature, to be stored in a place of safety.”
  3. Farandil Aldin steps up, his fishing rod resting on his shoulder. ”Karin’ayla. I’m Farandil Aldin and I’m nominating myself as a candidate. I have a Master degree in Medicine, along with hundreds of years of medical experience. With the return of the Republic, me and my kin has returned to the city, loyal as always to the Silver State.” He pauses, clearing his throat and bows. ”I am also a very likable person. As a servant of society am always free for a cup of tea or a glass of wine. I hope you vote for me. Ahernan. “
  4. watch those wrist rockets

    1. DragoonCrow


      Just like the simulations

  5. @Knox213 Crow nudges Henrik. "Let's go eat all of their food Harold!"
  6. Crow removes his helmet and wails uncontrollably in the rain.
  7. "Damn. Forgot to get my vineyard." Says teuton.
  9. "Wait, how will I get my vineyard now." Says ancient teuton.
  10. An old teuton smokes some premium azog green, before punching his friend @MadOne's shoulder. "Better go practise destroying beds."
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