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    1912; The Great War

    (1916-2/2): Reino de España “Portugal, cease this fighting, you are only acting as a proxy to a war Britain wants you to fight. They send you men to teach you how to die. Why would you fight against a united Iberia that can withstand the treachery of Europe? Drop your arms cousins! Come to recognize yourselves not as Portuguese but as Iberians! Are we not cut from the same cloth cousins? Did we not create an Iberian controlled world before THEY took that away? The way Britain and France pushed us out of land we had invested in. The land Iberians had conquered dofully from the barbarians. Was it not Iberians who founded the New World and was it not Britain and France who took that away from us! You do not fight for Portugal my cousins, you fight for a war Britain and France WANTS you to fight! They do not care if you die! Look to Bulgaria! Look to Greece! Look to Brazil! Each country was promised by Britain and France and look how they fell. They supplied them to let their men die and their country to be ravaged. Men of Portugal. Nay. Men of Iberia. Let down your arms and join us! See how we treat the men who have surrendered to us, with kindness for Spain does not see you as an enemy men and women of Portugal, we see you as cousins once of the same Roman province of Iberia! We bleed the same blood! Join us! Together Iberia can prosper forever!” - Alfonso XIII in a radio broadcast to Spain and Portugal as well as printed on newspaper articles. A new flag is designed to incorporate the symbol of Portugal and the symbols of Spain together. The flag designs are sent to the Royal Palace for review. A reporter invited to watch as the royal family and members from the parliament discuss designs for a flag. The theme that is chosen is to reflect the joint kingdoms and houses that made Iberia. The final result that is debated on is reviewed in Parliament. The organization Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Royal Spanish Football Federation) is established with the goal in mind of providing an expansive football network across Iberia. After the organization is made, Alfonso XIII invites all of the politicians to watch a football game at a local elementary school in Madrid. When press arrived to document the occasion, the king stated, “Any Iberian, rich or poor, should enjoy the game of football. My sons play it, these children play it. I encourage even the members of Parliament to play it. In the game of football, the event alone whether a player or observer, is great fun.” Actions Taken: Propaganda is spread out across all of Iberia on supporting a united Iberia. Portugal should lower their arms and not be the subjects of a British proxy war. Better to be an Iberian than a British and French pawn. Hella work is put into this. Mucho worko. A new flag design is debated on out of the two proposed to Parliament. (I like the second one the most) (Would be adopted after the war if passed) The organization Real Federación Española de Fútbol (Royal Spanish Football Federation) is established with the goal in mind of providing an expansive football network across Iberia Spain attempts to raise another 500,000 soldiers for the war. Expansion and improvement of prisoner of war camps.
  5. Dtrik

    1912; The Great War

    (1916-1/2): Reino de España Several elections across Spain occur as the new year arrives, with a shift in the political power. A new Prime Minister is seated as well. Out of the 409 seats in Spain, 213 are seated as Conservatives with Eduardo Dato leading the pack. Eduardo Dato formerly served as Minister of the Interior, and Minister of Justice. Several royalists also dominate as a separate unit from the conservatives but have heavy ties with the Conservative Party at 59 seats. Many liberals are unseated from power as nationalism rises in Spain with a locked control of power as a coalition government with 272 of 409 seats. Joaquín Sánchez de Toca y Calvo serves as Dato’s second in command who formerly served as Minister of Justice and Minister of the Navy as well as Mayor of Madrid. Alfonso sits back in his chair, while he speaks to his wife. “My people may be angered by the outcome of the conscription but it is for a great cause. What I need is to get their minds off of the world for a moment…” He pauses in thought. “I believe possibly that a new holiday could be created for this very occasion.” Alfonso pauses again, “A memorial day. A day to remember all that our predecessors have done before us and to give thanks to what we have become. A day every person can have the day off.” Charge! Spain launches its invasion into Portugal, claiming rights to several cities that were once apart of the Spanish lands under King Phillip I&II when he first united the Iberian peninsula. The government promises a quick conquest of Portugal with the new Prime Minister explaining in a quote, “The Portuguese will soon come to realize that they are beholden to the union of Iberia. Iberia should be one as was the natural progression of Castile and Aragon into Spain, so shall the natural union of Portugal and Spain be.” A two year war against Portugal is promised by Dato. Troops along the French border move in their attack plans, aiming to capture the two closest towns to the border. Artillery batteries blast into any guard regiments in the area as Spanish troops move in to garrison captured land and dig in. The Rock, an old sore to the Spanish, is sieged with the entire town being surrounded by well trained companies of men. Over 32,000 soldiers put pressure on the Rock. Prisoner of war camps are immediately established to allow enemy combatants who surrender to be safely kept away from the war. They also serve as a way to prevent mass killings of future Iberian citizens. In these camps, prisoners are taught to not think of the war of Spaniards versus Portuguese but of a war of unification of brother kingdoms. Actions Taken: A new holiday considered ‘Memorial Day’ is proposed to the government to honor the past and remember all that Spain’s predecessors had done for Spain. This day is to be May 1st. A conservative government is established in office by the vote of the people from the promises of a better Spain and a powerful Iberia. Spain officially joins the Central Powers. War is declared on nations in opposition to the Central Powers. War plans are activated. Prisoner of war camps are created, primarily for Portuguese soldiers. Declaration of War: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bM7q8-f3zwWSf-24g7DJji5gyid-aJDxBPv0zAs8XvI/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Dtrik

    1912; The Great War

    (1915-2/2): Reino de España Spanish ministers race across the peninsula as they determine different issues and their resolutions. The mobilization of the Spanish forces have grown to be an expansive effort for the whole country. The conscription of so many tens of thousands of men has caused several industries to look over their production methods. With less men able to work within the factories of Spain, factory managers and owners look to stabilize their factory outputs. Spanish men and women are seen waving along those who enlist within the military as they make their ways in small packs to recruitment offices. News surges throughout the country as an all women medical nursing corp is proposed to the Spanish Congress. One quote by Alvaro De Figueroa is cited by many women suffrage groups as saying, “Women are not the pawns of war and should not be the propagators of it, instead, I believe an all women medical corp would allow women to continue their jobs as natural born mothers to help relieve men in the wounds that they may occur in any military movement. Their position is that of the caretaker, determined by God himself. We should accept their natural talents to soothe men’s souls and let them help our brave soldiers.” The Spanish National Anthem sounds as men are given their unit orders after they graduate from recruit training and their specialized military occupational schooling. Thousands of men graduate every week from their schooling in the military and are sent to their different units. New information seen from the battlefields of Europe are integrated into the military as officers and senior enlisted are drilled to use these new techniques. Mock battles are practiced in the Western Sahara colony with the Army Groups rotating as each officer and enlisted is guided on how modern war is enacted. Actions Taken: The Spanish Congress is proposed by Alvaro De Figueroa, the Prime Minister, on allowing women to serve in medical roles for the military. The generally liberal leaning party would also attempt to open this up in the future to allow women equal rights in voting. Ideas seen from the battlefields on implementation of equipment, the benefits of offense and defense, and movement of troops is incorporated into battle doctrines. For now it is up to the officers to learn how to use it. The entire military is doing mock battle drills with training in Spain and the Western Sahara region to flesh out the general failings of the military and work on improving the efficiency of the army. Spain redacts old laws persecuting everyone but muslims wishing for those who are fleeing the Great War to come seek homes in Spain.
  7. Dtrik

    1912; The Great War

    (1915-1/2): Reino de España Spaniards wave flags all across the country, conscription of the army has been declared unanimously by the government, Spain is mobilizing. The neutral country builds a protective shell of troops against possible military actions by her neighbors. Alfonso XIII declares in a congressional meeting, “No foreign army shall ever conquer Spain! Men serve your country and join me! Protect Iberia!” Many Spanish soldiers are seen exchanging their issued standard uniform of red trousers and blue dress coat for a newly designed brown drab uniform. This command comes from the internal military council determining the resource fluctuation that would occur with importing dyes and materials not made in Spain. The blue dress uniform as it is called, is declared to be in use during formal events and is not authorized to be used in combat. “Your Majesty, it would take time to provide this new uniform to the military,” spoke General Hijuero. Alfonso stroked his shaved chin, “Yes, but we have also neglected the army for several decades, the issue of exchanging this uniform should be no issue,” replied the king. Nodding respectively, the general continued, “This is true my King, but how are we to gain the uniforms to cloth every man? If we are to establish a million man army, how are we to effectively cloth each man?” “Is the history of industry not that of the textile manufacturer? The ability to cloth every man should be no issue, as men are trained, they should receive their equipment. General, to conscript does not mean 1 million men will suddenly be in the military and to this, each man will be equipped as they enter and finish training. We are not reinventing the wheel, we are only having it mass produced. We have the industry, submit the papers and the men will have what they need.” Actions Taken: Conscription of the army, increasing the military to 1 million men by the by January 1916. (Mobilization) Blue Dress Uniform is written into the military codex of rules and regulations to not be fit for combat and is exchanged for a new ‘Service’ uniform consisting of brown clothing that is mass produced in Spain. In exchange of the loss of flash, a swagger stick is implemented and provided to all officers and non- commissioned officers. The Blue Dress uniform is designated as a formal attire clothing.
  8. Dtrik

    1912; The Great War

    (1914-2/2): Reino de España Spanish observers watch from distant fields the chaos that occurs during the first few months of invasions across Europe. Spain had talks with England and had initially denied joining in on the war on either side due to being ill prepared for the combat. These observers confirmed the decision. Thousands of French were dead across their own lands, Belgium had been invaded and occupied in only a few weeks and now the Balkans were a mess with tens of thousands captured or dead across Entente and Central Power sides. With periscopes Spanish reporters document the incidences of massive carnage unlike what has ever been seen. Alfonso, nor Congress, have decided to censor these reporters gaining recounts from the battlefields. Generals across the board in Spain request for a larger land based military, petitioning for an increase of 100,000 more men to be added to the military by the end of 1915. Booms of artillery are heard across Western Sahara, the military is restructuring its army into functional modular units encompassing multiple weapon elements and practicing with the new weapons delivered by Britain. The 1st Army is founded consisting of Army Corp Poder de España (23040) and Army Corp Escudo de España (23040). The Lee Enfield rifle is declared the standard infantry rifle of the military. Spanish contractors are asked to produce the weapon to the exact format as the law allows copy cat designs to be made when the manufacturer does not produce the item in the nation. A young Spaniard named Issac Kronos, a moderate politician and city planner by trade, proposes an idea within Madrid’s City Council. Ildefons Cerda, several decades ago had created several books detailing how to develop a city’s railway systems and manage waterways to allow for transportation and proper city planning. In his book, Teoría de la Viabilidad Urbana y Reforma de la de Madrid ("Theory of Urban Roadspace and Reform of That of Madrid", 1861), he denotes how to structure a transit system to link major parts of the city together to provide easy access to all by rail, road, and waterway. Issac Kronos proposes to the Madrid council in a quote: “The land must be accessible to the men and women of this land, to trade, transport, and provide greater access to the resources of Madrid.” This idea catches the eye of politicians to the Spanish Congress who begin to look into the development of a national transit system of railroads. Actions Taken: Spanish war reporters and tacticians begin to observe the war and the methods used to conduct warfare. This information is relayed back to Spanish generals who are counseled on the new forms of warfare being conducted. The attempt to recruit another 100,000 men into the army is started. Army restructuring is implemented based on the modern army model. Army Corp (23040) -Division A, B, C (7680) --1st, 2nd Brigade (2560) ---Battalion 1, 2, 3, 4 (640) -----Company A, B, C (160) --------Platoon 1, 2, 3, 4 (40) -----Company Weapons (160) --------Platoon 1, 2, 3, 4 (40) -Cavalry Brigade (2560) Expeditionary 1st Army Army Corp Madre de España (23040) Army Corp Reconquista de España (23040) 1st Army Army Corp Poder de España (23040) Army Corp Escudo de España (23040) 2nd Army Army Corp Fuerza de Expedicion (23040) Army Corp Roca Sagrada (23040) 3rd Army Army Corp Tierra de Hombres (23040) Army Corp Rex de Afrika (23040) Reserved Capital Force of Madrid Army Corp Proteger (16680) The 1st Army consisting of Army Corp Poder de España (23040) and Army Corp Escudo de España (23040) Expeditionary 1st Army consisting of Army Corp Madre de España (23040) and Army Corp Reconquista de España (23040) and are sent to Western Sahara to train on modern warfare. Plans for a national railway system are drawn up starting in Madrid and spreading outward to every major town. The plan starts with connecting all of the railway systems in Madrid by December 1915. The expansion to every major city would finish by December of 1918.
  9. I wish we did not have an ultra sensitive community so we could down vote people again.

  10. I love the fact that British English is so horrible, because everyone there speaks cockney, that reporter networks like Vice have to provide subtext in videos for people to understand them.

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    Community Meeting

    Why are reasons for denial of things not posted to applications and appeals? This allows someone closure on why they were not approved/selected and can work for improvement.
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    Admin Update Pt. 1

    But I bet you Admins will still ignore the people they dislike like me with my ban appeal until the lord Knox helped me out. Honestly I could careless about admin changes because these groups work off of who knows who not actual merit.
  13. Dtrik

    1912; The Great War

    (1914-1/2): Reino de España As the Spanish Congress arrives into session, a girl hand Alfonso a flower a he enters the chamber. Four Spanish guards from the Royal Guard enter with Alfonso, he holds his hand backward escorting the Queen with him. Despite issues over their relationship that those close to the royal family would know, Alfonso seems to be putting effort into his marriage. The Queen sits down next to Alfonso, she seems to be wearing very few pieces of English dress and instead is clat in Spanish fashion. The King seems to only pay attention to few who speak, only talk to his wife in broken English and her speaking in extremely broken Spanish. A spark growing between them. A newly promoted lieutenant is asked to speak at the Congress as a personal report of his view of the military. Some medals glean his chest from won conflicts in the Sahara region. He coughs before speaking to the crowd of skeptics. “I was asked not by the people of Congress but by our king to speak my mind on the military.” Alfonso would stop focusing on his wife and begins to listen. “Through his reform of the officer corp, I, a commissioned officer from originally the ranks of the NCO, was able to implement the ideas I had seen in my enlisted career in my officer one. My men now eat better for one as I put them before myself, an issue before with many of our removed officers…” The officer continues on his speech glorifying Alfonso’s incite on the issues he corrected in the military. An open letter is sent to Germany and Britain, asking if either is able to provide goods or items to sway Spain into joining their ally groups. “To the great leaders of (Britain/Germany), Spain opens it’s harbors and hands to your country. An alliance during these times are sought between Spain and the powers of Europe. To the countries, Spain wishes to see what your country can provide to make it a lasting alliance.” Actions Taken: -Propaganda of the crown is continued to be spread, the title being spread of Alfonso as, “ Padre con una corona” (Father with a crown) -The open letter is sent to Germany and Britain -Continues financing the mining and foundry project -Grain silos are to be constructed in every town -Alfonso begins to put effort into his marriage for it to work better.