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  1. Dtrik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum (Rp Thread)

    (1912-1/2): The year is 1912 and King Alfonso XIII speaks with Prime Minister Jose Mendez within the palace chambers. Several maids fly in and out escorting many politicians from the Liberal Party into the talks. Something is occurring, and King Alfonso is scheduling large scale moves. Several days later, the Spanish government is called into council, several bills are set to be voted on. A pamphlet of expectations is signed by the King, it has his endorsement. Countrymen, Workers, Noblemen, Spaniards; It is time we must reflect on the changing world and Spain’s role within this land we call Iberia. Though it is of several hands and many shoulders by both our empire of gold has fallen and has been propped up, we must change. Spain, oh Spain, the land of our people. Though gold once leaped into our pockets, and silver down the streams from America, we no longer have. What I have to state is not to be seen as only citing a problem, no, it is to review the cause and work for a greater Iberia! Our Army runs at abysmal conditions, not only for our enlisted, but as too for our officers. Officers you may question, but their conditions are different from that of enlisted. Our enlisted retain limited training with improper arms for the new generation of war, they eat only after officers have ate, their equipment is of table cloth and four generation boots, and when transported they must walk on unfinished railroads. Dear countrymen, this is not the way a soldier of Holy Spain should worry. To the bloated ranks of our officers, they move to declare a salary raise and promotion by seniority. Bah! I say Bah! For my Army I have 80,000 enlisted and 24,000 officers, of that 471 are generals. To this, we waste not only time, but the coin of our common man. This shall be ended. Our Navy is weak, our rivals retain destroyer class weapons at sea almost ten times what we have, all new models. We lost our empire by having a fleet of fishermen boats and floating ferries. To my Marines and Sailors, I say I bleed for you. A Spanish fleet will be the prize of our nation. Modern with equipment designs equipped into armored titans. I say to that, Our cannons will light the sky and rip through streaks of power for all to witness. Our empire, lost it has been. I do not wish for a Spain with weak holdings in Africa. Of our decrepit army, half must stay in the desert to protect a lost prestige, no. Our empire shall be wealth, transported through the Straits. There we will have conquest of not land but wealth. Trade was the mother of our civilization, again it will be. Food, I wish to never see a Spaniard, whether a rich or poor man, starve. God created man to survive then thrive. I wish to see every Spaniard eat, for survival will lead to each man and woman thriving. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Actions Taken: Updating the Army’s equipment, providing WW1 dated equipment from Spanish-American War equipment. Reducing officers within the military to 18,000 by the end of the year, each officer will be reviewed by sub-committees within Parliament and will be voted to stay in or be processed out. Officer pensions are to be frozen until 1918 to determine if retired officers rate the pay from their terms in the military. Petition for generals to be limited to 4 year terms, with extensions being only granted by Parliament and the King’s approval. The General corp is to be reduced from 471 to 430, to be reviewed by Parliament. Navy is to be expanded to have an additional Battleships (2) Destroyers (20) Torpedo Boats (10) by the year 1915. Begin diplomacy with European nations to sell Sahara Espanol, this is the; the land of Rio De Oro, Seguia El Hamra, Cap Juby, and Ifni. ($200,000,000) This is open to all countries. Government is beginning to stockpile grain and establishing food halls to provide simple dinners everyday. This will only start in Madrid to see the effects first. King Alfonso is having secret meetings to increase his influence on the weakened government. (End goal is to have the monarchy established as the executive branch but still retain parliament as a legislative branch.)
  2. Dtrik

    Et Novi Orbis Terrarum

    Antiqua terrarum est! Discord Name;dtrik#2019 Nation of Choice (and why?); Spain, feel like Spain was an important minor player in ww1 that was mismanaged becoming an almost 2nd world power, feeling the effects of puppeting by Germany after ww1. Nation’s historical background leading up to 1912 (Would like a paragraph + here giving a full account of your nation's state at the moment. Particularly important if you want to apply for one of the Greater Powers); In 1898, Spain suffered a humiliating military defeat at the hands of the United States, losing in the process its last overseas colonies, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Philippines. Its imperial dream collapsed dramatically at the same time that its historic rivals, England and France, were consolidating or expanding their empires. From its once influential position in world affairs, it was relegated to minor player. Loss of influence was under way in the 18th century, but with its overseas empire still intact, Spain could still maintain the illusion of imperial power. That was dismantled during the chaos of the 19th century. In November 1905, some young army officers in Barcelona trashed the offices of the Catalan satirical weekly Cu-Cut and the daily La Veu de Catalunya (The Voice of Catalonia) for having ridiculed military honour and national unity. Emboldened by their success, they forced the resignation of the government, and succeeded, in March 1906, in having a law passed –the Ley de jurisdicciones (“The Law of Jurisdictions”)– that censored anti-military criticism on the grounds that it was unpatriotic. What this meant was that the army was now empowered to try civilians in military tribunals for whatever it considered offensive to its honour! In effect, this was a form of military censorship, as well as breeding ground for contempt for and superiority over civilian society. But there was another reason for this: alarm at France’s expansionist plans along North Africa. Between 1902 and 1912, a series of international conferences and treaties confirmed Spain control over a narrow, inhospitable slice of Northern Morocco, known as the Rif. It was perhaps the best Spain could hope for in the complicated manoeuvres between Britain and France. Britain didn’t want to share the control of the straits of Gibraltar with the French; Spain was far less of a threat. For Spain, however, that strip of land beyond Ceuta became a festering sore with tragic consequences later. But for the time being it left the country with its army busy, its pride intact and, equally important, prevented the French from gobbling up all of Morocco and controlling the far side of the straits of Gibraltar. Having both sides of the straits controlled by their old imperial rivals was enough to turn many Spaniards apoplectic. Nation’s Government Type and Leader/Party; Constitutional Monarchy Monarch: Alfonso XIII Prime Minister: Jose Canalejas y Mendez Parido Liberal-Fusionista (Liberal Party) -Ideology: Liberalism, Social Liberalism, Territorial Autonomism, Economic Liberalism -Position: Center to Center-Left, merger of Constitutional Party and Radical Party Any special characters you made and want to introduce?; No. Nation’s relative army/navy statistics (If you can’t find any pm me); 80,000 Soldiers, 24,000 Officers with 471 generals 8 army corps, 16 infantry divisions, 1 cavalry division, 7 cavalry brigades, 3 mountain brigades Dreadnought (2): Alfonso XIII(Espana Class), Jaime I Battleship (1): Pelayo Cruisers (11): Reina Regente, Estramandura. Rio de la Plata, 2 Cataluna class, Emperador Carlos V, Lepanto, Alfonso XIII, 3 Infanta Isabel Class Destroyers (11): 3 Bustamante Class, 4 Audaz Class Torpedo Boats(9): 7 Type 1 Vickers-Normand, 2 Hazor Class Gunboat (4): Recalde Class Torpedo Gunboats(8): 5 Temerario Class, 3 Dona Maria de Molina Class Large Gun Boats (3): Cartagena, Perla, Base Cortes Class Model Did you read all the information?; No, I live in California. (Yes I did bb) Suggestions or feedback?; I am going to flip Spain around from a sick man to the dig bick man.
  3. Dtrik

    Pay to kill.

    Dangren would have a giggle looking at the posters.
  4. #2Banners1Leak

  5. Dtrik

    kido122's Event Team Actor application

    You asked for feedback, here is my feedback. This is a typical event idea that needs little preparation to execute. The extent of this event is minor in the elevation of a character's life experiences. Events like these are often held solely to surge rp in a spot for a single period of time then leave it barren afterward as everyone leaves to bury their new rp items. The creativity that spawns this type of event is extremely limited as the only thing an ET must do to execute the event is rename a bunch of items and get a GM to give it the luck enchant to make it shiny. This type of event does not hold a lasting experience for a player or character, only a coin dump. There is often no background written by the ET for this type of event, often it is very vague 'some magical creature/person from a far off land with expensive yet shiny goods' nothing more. To include a way to make the tradesman (not the coin dump) better would be for that person to tell a story on HOW they got the items. "Oh you want to know how I got this Goblet of Fire lad? Well when I was escaping through a portal shifting from Aegis to Asulon, I had to walk through a fiery land spawned by a harbinger of Ibless. There as my caravan walked through the valley of the shadow of death..." The type of shiny is often too overly assessed, not the story behind the creation/item. To be a tradesman of mystical goods is to breath life into the story of an item. Do not confuse that with a money dump. I am only going to openly critique one event as the managers should be able to critique the others.
  6. Will there be a push on getting TA/MA/MArt accepted or denied anytime soon? Half of them are from a previous month.

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    Start a Club

  8. When the fart turns out to not be a fart but the harbinger of a greater evil escaping your holy body. #ClanToiletbreaker

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    GM Monthly Update Log - August

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    Start a Club

    I farted a little while looking at this post.
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    Fimlin's Dwarf Videos 2013-2017

    Wow, harbingers were back in 2013. It feels like 2013 was so far ago but the harbingers feel like they only happened last year. So many maps but time passes so quickly. Wow. Just wow. I feel old now.
  12. Lima was the best High Prophet

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  14. The End Of The World The year is 475AD and the Western Roman Empire is falling apart. Civil disobedience, the rise of riots, famine, war exhaustion, and a new spreading plague beats on a splintering empire. Emperor Romulus Augustulus has been battling the Gaulic leader Odoacer at the Rhine River for several months. Word spreads throughout the empire that Romulus is dead and that Odoacer has a clear path to Rome. Several tribes within the roman provinces in England begin further questioning foreigner rule. Banding together, families become tribes, tribes becoming villages and armies. With the civilized world ending, what will you do to stand the test of time? The Picts from the north swell in ranks to begin a conquest through Britania. :RULES: Pick a province Save and edit the picture above your post with your claimed province in a circle. Choose the traits of your village Choose the mindset and short background of your people Wait for further instructions/To be accepted Only taking a max of 5 people :Village Traits: You have a pool of 7 points. Points can be refunded by negatives. Base Civilization Population: 6000 Small Population Boost: (1) 2000 Medium Population Boost: (3) 5000 Major Population Boost: (5) 10000 *Roman Civilization: (1) Fertile Fields: (2) Ceremonial Forests: (1) Happy Population: (2) Weapon Reserves: (2) Roman Siege Weapon Reserves: (4) Trained Militia: (1) 500 Common Trade Route: (1) Paved Roads: (1) Gold Mine: (3) Iron Mine: (4) [Roman Civilization means you can start out as a roman civilization with an intact government] :Disadvantages: Smaller Population: (1) -1000 Desolate Fields: (2) Destroyed Surrounding Forests: (1) Isolationist: (1) Unhappy Population: (2) Poor Population: (1) Extremely Poor Government: (1) *Decentralized Government: (5) [Decentralized Government only gets 3 action points every round until it becomes centralized, major debuff] :Extra Info: Only choose one tile Your contacts are limited based on location Be careful with expansionist mindsets The world is limited to the map The game will continue every third day unless everyone posts sooner One turn is a quarter year; Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter Send me a message if you have a hiccup or a question PvP is completely allowed No meta/unneeded ooc You get 4 action points; more points in one thing = better outcome Technology is set at leather armor and iron weapons; Unless roman civilization No magic, but the rp for shamans and stuff is good Campaign will have an alternate timeline after starting Armies are from population pool; 6000 people with 1000 warriors is 5000 people and 1000 warriors Your civilization cannot have more than 30% as trained in the military Having a military larger than 15% of your pop will cause negative events Everyone has translators to relay info Cities are tiles, to make a new city you need to conquer a tile I will not rp with characters you make up, purely your leader Your leaders have heirs but if you die during the wrong time, a civil war can occur I will give you your stats after every post, make sure your civ info is up to date as I will not be checking to see if you did not give yourself the bonuses or whatever Picts are my antag, they cannot be turned to allies Golden Rule: Everything I say goes :Formatting For Application: Name of Civilization: Type of Government w/ Ruler: Religion/Culture: (Celtic/Roman/Britonian) Location w/ Picture: Discord (For Updates): Short Backstory: