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  1. As Halvard hears of the news while roaming the dwarven halls, he gives out a sigh of relief "Oi nae t'ink ah yung dwed loike meh could survive muc' mo' as ah soldier. Oi'm glad t'ere es finalleh peace"
  2. Tir looks at the post and smiles while cradling his blacksmithing hammer, a gift from his master "So masta' C'arsi's clan opened shop en 'Aelunor? Moig't need tae come visit en see ef oi can beh ov use tae dem"
  3. Halvard Frostbeard would look over the post and state "Tis ah dwed's duteh tae moine dah great minerals out ov dah eart' n' foind dah great caverns ov legend. Et es toime tae grab mah pick n' prove mahself tae mah kin t'at oi 'ave wot et takes tae beh ah real dwed"
  4. Ooc; Age(optional); 14 (sry I'm young :P) Skype(optional); xxepicbladexx Do you have teamspeak?; yes Timezone?; Central american time RP; *A man approaches you in an inn in Felsen* "So lad ya wish tae join our order aye? Sign 'ere and report to Riverhold." Name; Gerald Agnarrson Age; 28 Profession; Blacksmith
  5. Name - Drengar the Strong Age- 50 Race- Cave Dwarf Reason to join - his step brother is in the watch and he wants to fight the undead scum and protect the city of Oren Special Skills- a miner and a blacksmith he is also raised by a mountain dwarf family, he is fairly good at combat and likes to use war axes
  6. Name - Richard Thorenstein Age - 25 Race - Human Reason to join - he wants to help the human capital special skills - he's good at mining and blacksmithing, he also experienced with the sword and use to be man at arms in the imperial army
  7. OOC: MC Name: EpicNinjaOne Age: 12 Timezone: CDT Skype Name: xxepicbladexx Do you have TeamSpeak: yes How long you can you be online per day: right now I can play in till 7, but sometimes I can get more time in. IC: Name: Richard Thorenstein Age: 24 Race: Human Northerner Profession besides Blacksmithing?: Mining Are you skilled with a weapon?: Richard is skilled with the sword and the bow.
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