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  1. Ooc; Age(optional); 14 (sry I'm young :P) Skype(optional); xxepicbladexx Do you have teamspeak?; yes Timezone?; Central american time RP; *A man approaches you in an inn in Felsen* "So lad ya wish tae join our order aye? Sign 'ere and report to Riverhold." Name; Gerald Agnarrson Age; 28 Profession; Blacksmith
  2. Name - Drengar the Strong Age- 50 Race- Cave Dwarf Reason to join - his step brother is in the watch and he wants to fight the undead scum and protect the city of Oren Special Skills- a miner and a blacksmith he is also raised by a mountain dwarf family, he is fairly good at combat and likes to use war axes
  3. Name - Richard Thorenstein Age - 25 Race - Human Reason to join - he wants to help the human capital special skills - he's good at mining and blacksmithing, he also experienced with the sword and use to be man at arms in the imperial army
  4. OOC: MC Name: EpicNinjaOne Age: 12 Timezone: CDT Skype Name: xxepicbladexx Do you have TeamSpeak: yes How long you can you be online per day: right now I can play in till 7, but sometimes I can get more time in. IC: Name: Richard Thorenstein Age: 24 Race: Human Northerner Profession besides Blacksmithing?: Mining Are you skilled with a weapon?: Richard is skilled with the sword and the bow.
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