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  1. MC Name: RoyalPeasantRP Name: Ser Roylan Grant SiramePersona ID: 70737
  2. A old valah, honourable ame, along quite a few other titles found himself sitting down and making a cheesecake, from a old recipe that his old friend had made for him in many, many years past. In a time where he had quite a head younger. A crumbly crust, a honey texture, with a faint touch of nuts to add some extra flavouring to the classic snack that they had surprised him with one day when they had visited him. A friend he had marked with a tattoo around their finger to symbolise their love for their partner at the time, a mark that had turned into a mark of politics. He didn't know of what had become of them, if they had escaped down into this deep, dark underground like many of the others had. But he remembered them clearly, a fond memory of his youth. Of times long past. and he hoped that they were doing well and hearty wherever they might be now. A hope that could not be true. Yet perhaps it would linger wherever their spirit might be so that they would know that they were cared for, and their memory still lingered.
  3. A Boy. For a moment, found himself flowing through all of the memories he had of the couple that he had known for his entire life. He remembered meeting them when he was but a youth, fresh out of the wilds, and escaping valah that wanted to recruit him into their military as he was young, big, and strong. Kind words, understanding. Lessons of the drui way from Liri lips and answers of what the mother growth was like and why they were leaving by Tailesin. A Man. Thought over his time within vale, learning the path of the sage from Liri, lessons of the drui flickering through them while going through his path. Learning the place he was meant to be and becoming more of a man, instead of just a simple youth lad full of adventure and curiosity. Simply wanting to relax among nature not join any wars. It was a learning experience. A Elder. The final days had been a somber one, witnessing Liri growing more and more stiff. And waking up less and less as their hibernations become more frequent by the days. Tail, growing more somber by the days, longing for a end. So very tired. Each of them, growing closer to a end that called to them. That they wanted. And then - the final trial that was gifted to herald the end as they stepped forward. Passing through before their eyes. A pen met a page. "Another letter to the lovely couple, things are growing more hectic here. Times are changing and dangers are coming in further and further. But we are continuing to fight on, and we are missing you. The sheer wonderful, and wholesome warmth with a wise brush of knowledge with you Liri. And the stubborn, yet kind warrior within Tailesin despite all her grump. We will continue to miss you for centuries to come. And hope you are looking forward to a visit in time. Your friend, Ser Roylan." Another movement of his fingers folded the partment. Adding it to a letter that would never get sent. Tucking it away on his shelves. Lost to time and the passage of lost that it was.
  4. Ash found themselves clapping along to the shanties with a giggle escaping them as they listened along.
  5. A youth listened to the tale, the story. A ame amongst the Tennallar's as they listened with wrapt attention to the story that was filling their ears. Curious, dulled eyes glinting behind their glasses as the idly played with their chocolates while cradling their cane to their chest. Peeking at the map and listening to the tales before they found themselves quite intrigued! "Are we going on an adventure to find this island?"
  6. I'll be honest. When I made my first character my bucket list had been simple: Be a barbarian Rage Explore the world Meet people. Number 1: Failed and my tough highlander became a bard. Number 2: Character started to believe in reason and logic more than just angry emotions. Number 3: Did a lot of that but now a old man, content to do what little he can and has his little cave to live in. Number 4: Met a ton. But likes to get cozy with their old friends more often than new people now. Rather than a bucket list I have just let the roleplay shape and develop the character and direction. Similar to what I am doing with my new character as well. Letting their growth and development happen naturally.
  7. The druid of rainbow, of colours, of renewal and beauty even in the deadly form of totem sat. Within their cavern in the earth. Sitting on their desk, writing tool within their hand, twirling as he read the letter that had been left to him by one of his oldest friends. Before he moved his tool down upon a page, writing a letter. A letter that he would never be able to send. Yet one that would allow him to speak his feelings freely. For once, a simple ink. Instead of the usual colourful draw of feelings. "To both Tailesin, and Liri. You have both been a inspiration to me ever since I met you as a young lad, escaping villages that kept trying to recruit me to their armies, and trying to find a purpose after the passing of my mother. When we had met at the mother circle I had been curious, and learned of the drui way through liri, and then of the different views of the mother circle that was causing you both to leave. Giving me a new direction in my life to go. One that started off with a simple calling, and a understanding. Even agreement with a mirroring belief in several core values. And has now, become a massive part of my life. I became a sage under Liri's guidance, I learnt more of the drui path under your own. Both of you have been the oldest friends, and companions I've had in my life. If I hadn't been prepared for this parting, knowing that you were both tired, and nearing the end. I would of no doubt been broken hearted. Similar to how I had felt when our monkey friend passed in the battle that torched the city. But I had known, and been prepared. So now I can only feel a solemn acceptance, and surprisingly. A small touch of happiness, knowing that you can now rest. That you have done your duty, and both you and liri can find happiness in a adventure in a realm beyond this one. I pray that the next time we meet, the years have lifted from your shoulders, and a smile is much more naturally gracing both of your features. Until then, Tail, Liri, I hope you enjoy your eternal vacation." He took a moment. Gazing over the letters, the words etched down on the page before he blew on them. Making sure that the ink had stilled and dried before he carefully folded it away. And tucked it into his shelves. Adding to the many letters, poems, and pieces of artwork that had never been sent, or able to be used. Yet a record, a memory of his life and those of which he cared for they remained to be.
  8. Greetings there! Now with the coming deadline in a couple of months for a new map I find myself with a hefty sum of mina that I have been gathering for gifts, purchases, and emergencies that may not end up being used. I could hold onto it, just incase, but I feel like it could be a waste. When there's those out there that could use it in the time limit for projects they have in mind or making bids for places in the new map for locations that they might like. So! Hence this post. I am reaching out to any artists that might be up for doing some art for Mina. That have a need for it or a want. Please reach out to me and we can discuss ideas, and how much you would like for doing the art itself. I hope to hear from you! And to everyone that has peeked into this post, I hope you are having a truly wonderful and delightful year so far! May your days be positively divine.
  9. Soon the world ends. And something new comes on by.
  10. Does anyone else wake up and just spend a good few moments cracking their bones or is it just me?

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  11. Is basically how I'm doing lately! Both in and out of character. Chill, colourful grove. Hope you and the miss's are doing grand and continue to get better!
  12. A man with a garb of colour, and a beard that had shared that dancing design was nursing the pain of fractured ribs in the bottle while listening to a meeting when he suddenly felt it. The sound. The piercing mourning of another lost and shaking through his body. He knew not who was lost...or how. But his eyes glanced to the skies, tot he stone above. And rose the bottle that he carried with him up into the air as a whispered prayer was offered to them. "Whoever ya are....may ya find peace, and aye whole new, wonderful journey in the lands beyond this one. Safe voyage to ya." With that said he rose his bottle of mead, and then took a hearty swig for them.
  13. This looks pretty cool to work with! I look forward to seeing it put to use.
  14. I'm not bidding, but I did want to say these are really good! You've got a talent for this.
  15. Hunterworld Bestiary The time within the lands of the islands that had been discovered after riding upon the back has come to an end. The Fourth Fleet have done all they could. Many creatures were discovered, and the fourth fleet took a record as best as they could of their own expeditions. And what reports that had been submitted remained. With the aid of this team and his group of adventurers, the notes of the Shifter-Ape soon join the bestiary.. NAME: SHIFTER-APE CLASS: C DESCRIPTION: Now this is a collective of the Bestiary that we as a group had written together. More and more people are leaving the discord and I wanted to record the fun we had for everyone to see. If anyone has their own expedition posts on the forum please! Let me know. And I’ll add them to this! And thank you to all the staff for running such a wonderful event. So many of us had a good time with it. A species of monkey that have evolved to hide from their hunters or prey, donning fur that mimics the environment effectively making them easy to hide in plain sight. They often hide in large areas, using rocks or projectiles to damage their foe, attacking in large numbers. It seems that they mostly operate on the offensive during night, often sleeping come day. They don long horns that they use for stab into their foe, or onto something for easier climbing, and eat Flame-Sack fruit -- allowing them to shoot out volatile spit. Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of an invasive beast. --------------------------------------------------------------- August 5, 2022 With the aid of this team, the notes of the Glow-Bull soon join the bestiary.. NAME: GLOW-BULL CLASS: C DESCRIPTION: A dark monster, seemingly something akin to a bull. It bore stag-like horns, and several glittering gems hung on it -- dangling as it offered a variety of lights. These creatures tend to use their brawn and endurance for gathering many goods. The glowing jewels are Glow-Fruit, something that naturally grows on their horns; it's a herb that naturally spreads, using the Bulls as carriers to spread far to multiply. Nonetheless, they seem to use this to draw attention or to confuse their prey, dazzling or blinding them with lights as they charge ahead. They tend to be sustained with fruit and grass, though from the reports they carry bodies and prey off -- with the aid of their stag-like horns -- to the larger beasts to feed and sustain them. Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of an enduring beast. --------------------------------------------------------------- With the aid of another team, the notes of the Bloat-Sheep soon join the bestiary.. NAME: BLOAT-SHEEP CLASS: PREY DESCRIPTION: A bloated animal that bore golden wool, and three eyes -- one of which, seemed to be purplish in color, and bronze-coloured horns. They're inflicted with a growth defect that makes them grow more and more. Presumably, it's caused by something it devours, for they tend to be a prideful beast. Nonetheless, they devour a flower called 'Growth Seeds' which accelerates healing, and the like. However, should one eat it while their body is already fine, it causes defects and tumors that grow. Over time, their body adjusted to it to the point where it doesn't affect them, allowing them to grow more, and they often roll to move around due to their inflated state. The Bloat-Sheep tend to be very nutritious for beasts, allowing them to grow. Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of hunted prey. August 8, 2022 With the aid of The Taelu'Avernan adventure guild, including Roylan, Zaelyn, Astarte, Fisulii, Astrid and her husband, Khirrel, Wynanaya, and Awaito. These discovers were made. - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Shamrock Deer Class: Dangerous Prey Description: A large deer at around seven feet in stature, just slightly smaller than one of the large trees with a brown pelt of fur. All of these seem to not be too unusual, even the horns were to the norm even if the size was a little strange in stature. -But. There was a strange glow of green that was surrounding the creature. It had arrived while screams echoed from behind it as it eyed the group. and then fled back into the foliage and all but vanished from sight. Following it was almost as if its tracks had vanished. Leaving naught but a thick, foul aroma that clung to the deers form and fell through the air. Thick and foul. Later on we had discovered a unknown crocodile creature with a dark black scale, but it was injured. Blind, its front limbs appeared to have been destroyed with a similar green aura fluttering upon them. While wailing in the air. Suspected that the deer had caused this strange occurrence to happen. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Thill Slug Class: Passive-Friendly Predator Description: A dry skinned slug that towered over the heads of men, at least at eight to nine feet from estimate, if not larger. A creature that would make a surprisingly could mount and found within dry land not too far from the forest that was discovered. With a blue upper dry shell of blue and a under shell of white. Eyeless with what appeared to be 'horns' the creature seemed to sense its surroundings with a large nostril that opened and sniffed the air, sniffing out members and investigating us. Appeared harmless, and never threatened the party. When offered food the slug 'sneezed out' a black sludge near them. Which began to melt and digest the matter. Making it appear like the creature fed, similar to slugs, but instead of covering them it produces its saturation from within and covered mattered in it first. None aggressive, itself, and its pack seemed to lead us be to examine them and attempt to converse. Changing colours of green for a potato and purple for meat, as if answering back their preference for the veggie produce. We named them 'Thill', pure, for the gentle nature and seemingly passive attitude they had despite the danger of the sludge that melted through everything but star steel that tried to gather it. Named as such by Fisulii. Would advise not provoking with how dangerous the sludge appeared to be and their own kind attitude. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - With the scouting into the isle, Aech, Valindra, Lithren, Korkul, and Pharos discovered a new reptilian creature. ------------------------ NAME: SIMMERSCALE CLASS: C, AGGRESSIVE SCAVENGER / PREDATOR DESCRIPTION: A large, bipedal raptor-like reptile with red scales, a large snout, and orange eyes, complete with razor sharp teeth the length of shortswords and claws with a similar sharpness. These creatures tend to hunt in packs and typically invade other species’ territories to pick out the weak and young to eat, such as Shifter-Apes. They hunt with a hint of intelligence, distracting prey and wearing it down with quick strikes before going in for the kill. The red scales along this species appear to emit steam, likely as a diversion tactic. The scales themselves are hot to the touch, creating first to second degree burns upon contact with skin. The scales appear to be flame retardant, resisting flames upon contact. ------------------------ Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of observed prey. August 10, 2022 The second expedition out for the Taelu'Avernan guild, with Roylan, Apollyon, Plume, Awaito, Astarte and a friendly chief of a goblin called Gul'ash. - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Crimson Spite. Class: Predator Description: These two legged scaled creatures stood at a tall height, just under the height of a small tree with scales that were red with a gleam of purple too them in the light. White bellied and with two longer appendages meant for clawing and scratching. They also appeared to have long tails that were capable of striking. They were discovered hunting together, having already killed a prey and was preparing to consume it when we spotted them on the horizen. One of their number acting as a scout and watching out while the other feasted. When threatened by a larger predator and having one of them injured smaller creatures of a similar nature began to rush in from the bush and dove upon the larger creature in ambush. Starting to tear into them with bites and clawed talons that eventually brought the creature low. Curiously these creatures were spotted spitting a crimson substance down upon the injured member of their skin that seemed to have either a blood clotting, or healing property too it. We did not stick around to examine further and risking drawing the ire and attention of the large gathering of critters. Something to be examined at a later date. But from what was witnessed they seemed to roman in packs, both large and small and rush in to defend each other. While also preparing ambushes for other prey that they can take down swiftly with a joint effort. Dangerous indeed, especially if caught without numbers backing yourself. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Ravaging Stalker Class: Solo Predator Description: A large creature, about twice the stature and size of the crimson spite with black scales and red markings upon its form, most likely allowing the creature to stalk rather easily in the dark and night if it was in that period of the day. But its aggressive attitude with how it charged in and bit down upon the throat and almost killed one of the other creatures after it had hunted a smaller beast gave way to the idea that they normally act with aggression and are unused to being challenged by other creatures. These creatures had large, powerful leg talons and feet from observed, and sharp and powerful jaws with a array of fangs from what we witnessed. Preferring to use its maw than its feet to strike and take down its prey. However the creature showed that it was not very nimble, and when swarmed by smaller creatures that got upon its back it proved itself to be helpless. Barely able to fend them off as they tore into the creature despite its size until it fell down defeated. Prey for the creatures that should of been its prey. There was no calls for kin, or backup. Making me believe these predators are solo hunters and work alone in their search for food and dominance. Highly aggressive, and violent distance should be advised. Unless with a large group, and even then the best bet is to get upon its back and keep to its sides from witnessing the battle. Keep away from the jaws. The beast is also able to cry out with such force and strength to deafen those around that are able to hear it. Leaving our ears rattling while we were still a distance away to keep distance. Up close range would no doubt prolong the effect of deafness and give way to moments of dizziness that could turn the fight from the party facing them back to the beasts. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - August 12, 2022 First Expedition of the Lectorate of Owyn. --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Storipede Class: C, Predator Description: A purple-bodied, Multi-legged insectoid creature resembling a cross between a centipede and caterpillar that was injured upon discovery, coated with a thick brown bile that seemed to be eating away Its scales though the creature was utilizing the bark from the surrounding trees to reconstruct Its shell. Whether or not this creature was slow moving or was simply injured is unknown but Its slow movement and poor eyesight was illustrated by a straight-ahead look at multiple party members without showing any response to stimuli and when moving in darkness kept Its head low to the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Windilidae Class: B, Predator Description: A gargantuan orange-furred predator resembling a maned lion, highly territorial and aggressive with excellent nocturnal and movement based vision. The creature perched upon high to observe Its territory and was called down by an opposing predator venturing into Its lair. As a show of intimidation windilidae will act much like a typical lion with shows of teeth and roars to dissuade approaching competition. The creature is also highly resistant to heat and by grinding itself against rough surfaces can set its mane and parts of its body ablaze. Intelligent and aggressive, the beast tends to favor immediately lethal grapples, throwing itself at Its opponent in a manner similar to a cougar it will pounce, grapple with Its tremendous claws and bite immediately for a victim's throat. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Giguana Class: B, Predator Description: A tremendous emerald lizard resembling an iguana with primarily green scales with black mottling along the spine, slow moving but extremely intelligent and capable of cooperating and utilizing lesser predators including Scum Cobras. Intelligent enough to formulate ambushes and traps for competitors. The jowls of the creature swell when threatened and it challenges potential predators and competitors with loud hissing. The swelling of Its jowls precedes a spray of a highly acidic and viscous bile capable of inhibiting the movement of larger predators. The Jowls of the beast are also vulnerable to lacerations and punctures, though the acidic bile stored in the swelling flesh will also be released if injury is sustained. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Najabok (Scum cobra) Class: C, predator Description: Dull-green Serpents capable of natural camouflage within flora that linger inside of canopies and lie in wait for vulnerable prey or opportunity to strike. Capable of cooperating with greater predators Scum Cobra's will wait until a greater threat is disabled before descending as a group and injecting it with a paralyzing venom through repeated bites though unlike a typical snake the scum Cobra chooses to pick apart Its prey like a scavenger in a manner similar to a vulture. Seems to have no issues with cooperation and was seen sharing the carcass of a Windilidae with a Giguana without incident. --------------------------------------------------------------------- August 13, 2022 The Third expedition out for the Taelu'Avernan guild, with Roylan, Penelope, Astrid, Valmir, Astarte, Kaito, Urgnarz and called Gul'ash. - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Feathered Sun Class: Solo Predator Description: Encountered with one of the locals of the land, a strange girl that went into hiding the moment she gave the name of the creature and we lost sight of them. And they had climbed into the trees to avoid the danger. Something we didn't have the change too as it finished its meal and focused on us in its full form. It was large, a creature that was similar to the reptile creatures we had witnessed before but with the tails of a giant peacock that flowed with colour behind them as it began to get aggressive and nervous. Almost fearful. It would appear that we were not able to hear the voice of nature around us once more. This land was truly silent, in a strange, but not unnerving way. The girl advised we avert our eyes and we did so. Following the advise we managed to avoid the burst of light as the ground erupted from the ground before it wrapped around the creature and tore the feathered sun in twine rapidly, dragging them back under. A dangerous creature indeed that we didn't get to face. Two of us didn't heed the advise and was blinded. And what was clearly a giant, dangerous foe was taken down by a creature that the girl named a 'Apex'. We were unable to gather any other information besides a feather we plan to test the properties of at a future date. May work similar to flash powder when checked. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - August 14, 2022 --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Burusaru (The Bull-Ape) Class: B, predator Description: A behemoth of what appeared to be a three to four stories in height horned ape with very keen senses, able to detect us in our camouflage. It has glowing red eyes with large horns proportional akin to a bull's if one were to be this size. Very aggressive, the beast appeared to target our boom-lance wielder with what appeared to be some familiarity with the weapon. Something about its saliva appears to be acidic as it scorched the earth beneath it that it slobbered on. We discovered with the aid of the Fourth Fleet that sensory overload and ensnarement may be the best efficient weapon we have to detour this beast should one become hostile for there is little way to outrun the beast on foot. Notably, the beast is unable to climb harsh inclines and if one were to have the ability to quickly scale the mountains west of the region they can evade the beast. The beast remains elusive in the large forests north of the stilt strider. --------------------------------------------------------------- End of Lectorate of Owyn's First Expedition. --------------------------------------------------------------- August 17, 2022 First Expedition of Expedition Group name pending... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME: Rock Lobster CLASS: Prey DESCRIPTION: A large crustacean-like creature that we uncovered while traversing the southern coasts. We happened upon it while it was feasting. The creature has a large orange shell, as we watched it arrive on the shore, it was noticed that steam came from its exterior. It has six legs total, three on each side and has two very large claws. The party maintained a good distance away from the creature, observing passively, it would be noted that the creature seems to find substance from the flora that dotted the southern coast. But because the creature seems to have a heavy appetite we were unable to retrieve any samples of the flora. Plans have been made to return to the same area to find out more. NAME: Fire Melon CLASS: Dangerous Flora DESCRIPTION: A fruit appearing flora, but don’t be deceived. The object, while harmless in its appearance, contains a spice that once it hits your nostrils it would immediately flare up your nose. Upon closer inspection of the Fire Melon, it would have a tough leathery exterior that insulated the scalding sustenance. Testing on what affects the sustenance have, the Fire Melon would be pierced by a spear, heating the steel tip to extreme temperatures after we pulled it out of the Fire Melon. Having spilled some of the substance onto the ground, burn and singe the grass is touched. The Fire Melon was discovered on the southern coast, growing on the trees that stand there. The tree seems well suited for hosting the Fire Melon, having tough leathery leaves as well, capable of containing the heat and allowing us to collect a sample. Subject to be updated ASAP upon next expedition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 21, 2022 Within the First Expedition of the Crimson Striders, Consisisting of Fable, Minto, Gusiam and Draagluk NAME: Toxio Beetles CLASS: C, Aggressive Scavenger Description: A large, six-limbed Beetle that's size spans to around a size of a large Almarian cart, similar to a standard horned beetle that had been enlarged. Despite its size, with its horn that spans to roughly two-three feet in length is capable of burrowing itself with its horn, and lie dorment for an unknown amount of time. Durations can even include shrubbery to grow where it rests. Such Beetles are capable if left unattended to brief moments of flight, though this is no higher then a small trees worth. The duration lasting for a few brief moments, however in this time it can still fire off its ''Toxins'' which will be explained below. The beetles carapace also seem to match similar, if not weaker to standard ferrum plate armor minus its joints. by third party assistance from some of the natives of the isle. It is reported that the Beetles toxins are not all the same, instead showing an unknown variety based on Location and species of Toxio beetles. Only reported case is that purple back Beetles emit a lightly acidic substance from their wings that not only agitates the skin upon contact, but also offer a foul smelling odor that is difficult to remove. Tests shown this might be a method to deter predators. Whilst other Toxins remain unknown, it may be easy to differentiate the type via coloration on the beetles wings/back area. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 22, 2022 The Fourth Expection out for the Taelu'Avernan Guild, with Tailyun, Apollyon, Roylan, Astarte and Apollyon friend. - - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Siru' iheiuher Class: Deadly Herbivore Description: Encountered after following the direction from the local, and following a writhing cloud of smog found within the crevice of a mountain top the physical appearance of the creature slowly began to reveal itself further and further to our gaze. Following the path and keeping a distance we found creatures that appeared to have perished from taking in the fumes that flowed from its body and collapsed. Dead on the ground. And have seemingly been gathered up with a unusual mushroom growing from their forms. The member within our party that had a mask that would keep their breathe clear of the fumes took the moment to sneak in closer to try and peer through the smog and get a closer look. From the description given it appeared to be the size of a small drake, large enough to be a threat to anyone that would get close to it. Scaled form with two limbs, with winged appendages underneath them. Physically the creature appeared to have similarities to that of a bat in face, though with a lot more noses that it used to sniff the individual that got closer. Seemingly more nervous, and cautious of their entity considering that they hadn't fallen to death like all the other animals. They appeared to feed on the mushrooms. And had a powerful cry that called the rest of their 'herd' that filled the skies with dark clouds. When spooked the creature moved agile, fast, and more than likely if they turned hostile it would of resulted in quite a bloody encounter with us not being able to reach them with the speed. Thankfully the creature seems to have a preferred tactic of its smog, which slowly swelled under their neck like a frog before filling the space. Which we then began to retreat from. Further study has shown that the residue, and mushrooms have healing and medicial properties. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - Additional documents of personal recounts, and expeditions that have been gathered are listed below.
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