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  1. Well this place looks like it would be entertaining to travel into and explore, a new source of adventure and intrigue.
  2. Roylan G. Sirame gets a letter thrown in his face. Blinking in puzzlement he cracks open the letter and begins to read through it as he takes in the details. Letting out a hum of thought at what he had found in it. "So she actually got a fella. I wonder if that poster of her's helped at all?" He voices curiously.
  3. Roylan G. Sirame was sipping his morning cup of honey from the treeline when he heard the sudden 'call' of a certain wild woman of felines. Blinking as he glances over in that direction of shrooms and finds himself smiling in amusement as he sips. "And here I thought cats were only noisy at night. Good morning to ya as well!" He voiced over in her direction with a warm ring of humour dancing on his honey doused lips.
  4. A very interesting concept that could breed quite a few events, and situations to be played with. A lot of potential with the concept to be applied into the world as long as people can play with them well and utilize the concepts to perform well with the world and players are willing to work with them. It will be interesting to see what kind of culture blooms through players creativity with this as well. I look forward to see the result of this, be it approved or not I'm sure you'll be able to rework it and bring it to life if you keep going at it.
  5. Roylan G. Sirame gazed down upon the design that covered his arm. The almost glistening appearance of scales coiling around his arm, against the skin that bound around it, tail, and lithe form twisting and coiling against the presence of his entire being. The sting of the new marking of Ilmyumier artwork filling his being with purpose. The final light of the work crossing the arch of his shoulder with maw opened wide, and a bright light of its eye gazing towards him. "The first piece to ever cover my form...A beautiful piece. I wonder if Taynei’hiylu will gaze as kindly upon me as you do, little one?" A chuckle escaping his deep voice as he moved a finger and scritched the chin of the dragon on his body before he shook his head. Warmth escaping his lips as he carried on his day and let the arm rest.
  6. Roylan was drinking a sip of tea from the tree tops and nibbling on a biscuit when he'd suddenly see people marking away across the bridge and...turning into animals? Confusion filled his ears as he slowly SLURPED the beverage. "Is it a tuesday? Weird things always happen on tuesday." He mumbled as he rose a hand and waved to the people turned animals as they scatter to the lands! Farewell, tuesday visitors! Or maybe it was Thursday? Ah, time. It was hard to keep track!
  7. Thank you! I hope you have a lovely time hosting the event. And have a splendid and lovely week~
  8. I shall most certainly keep a eye out! But if possible I would like to try and set up a day and a time to organize something, if you think that would be doable? It will be easier to get a group together if we have a time we know to gather for.
  9. Greetings there! I was glad to see a post, I've had a bit of difficulty joining in with the festivities for this month long event so far and was worried I might miss out entirely on the fun. Is there any chance I could schedule a time next week over the weekdays at 5est-7est for myself and friends?
  10. —----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 59 year, 2nd Age 15th. Down below are the collective words that were spoken during the fourth moot of collective Drui, Dedicants, and Citizens of Nevehlen that gathered together under the father circles Tree to speak of important matters, information that everyone within the Vale needed to be aware of, and new pressing concerns. Allowing all those that missed out on the meeting to be informed of the passing discussions. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Miven Caerme’onn - “Alright! Welcome, welcome. This our…forth. Forth I think Father Circle moot we’ve had here in Nevehlen.” Miven Caerme’onn - “A lot of new folks here, so for those of you who are new, the Raitheans will address some issues, or topics and then welcome you all to comment on them. At the end, the floor is open for you lot to bring up any pressing new topics that you believe the Circle should be aware of. Any other matters, feel free to find Raitheans on a later day.” Miven Caerme’onn - “If everyone understands that, we’ll begin! First moot points will be pressing matters, the voidal blighted lands, preparations against Azdrazi attacks and conflicts with other darkspawn.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Let us start with blighted lands, ti?” Ahn Gulr - “YUB” Evar’lae Amayril - “TI” Lle’sil - “Ti!” Roylan Grant - “Aye.” Miven Caerme’onn - “The father Circle has had four scouting missions out in the blighted lands, and of the four, three we managed trekking through. During those we tried healing, we’ve tried burning land and flora, nothing worked.” Miven Caerme’onn - “The last scouting mission we didn’t make it out of our own gates and we were attacked outside our northern walls. A hoard of mages and behemoths, protecting some orb. We fought, we killed them all, and as soon as this protection was gone, the orb tried to escape.” Miven Caerme’onn - “The orb was destroyed, however, with this brought new theories as to how we can cleanse the land or bring thoughts of studying the orb.” Miven Caerme’onn - “And for clarify, the orb is destroyed. When they are destroyed, they will have harmed warriors. Frostbite, and blight that can be healed.” Yae’vel Caerme’onn - “Our warriors are strong, but some will be hurt on these expeditions. These tainted monstrosities continue to threaten our way of life and the balance, but wwe continue to fight. I am proud of each and everyone one of you.” Malii-evarir at this point arrived into the moot and slipped onto the stands to witness it. Miven Caerme’onn - “That said, the next couple of elven years Father Circle Drui will go in the blighted lands, and outskirts again.” Miven Caerme’onn - “We need to find more of these orbs, should they be on the outskirts, and study them the best we can.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Does anyone have anything they’d like to note on this particular issue? And the blighted lands?” Evar’lae Amayril - “Stay the **** away from the ocean.” Axilya - “And stay the **** away from the middle.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Fisuli first, then Varan and Lle’sil.” Yae’vel Caerme’onn - “We do not have such…rules. Speak your mind and you will be addressed as such. The raising of hands is…mhmm how do I say? Dumb. We are equals in our protection of the balance.” Lotus Lorenthus - “She just said you don’t have to raise your hand.” The Kodiak Druid - “I do what I please. And. I like raising my hand.” Fisuli - “I first ask, have you already tried removing corrupted material from the hollow before purifying it?” Miven Caerme’onn - “I’m ne sure if any have trie that. Something we can do on our next trip, bring blighted flora on the outskirts and heal. Ahernan for the suggestions.” The kodiak druid - “Were these necromancers with you spoke of prioersister bear? If so, you recongize this is awfully odd. Orb of theirs exploded into frost, has an alliance between the frosty-women and the necromancers been considered? After-all, I assume they both want to end all of us anyway.” Miven Caerme’onn - “One moment! I believe fisulii had more to add.” The Kodiak Druid - “Ayal” Fisuli - “I believe that could be a simple test to see the nature of the connection of the orb. If that doesn’t work, dousing the object in auric oil or other ways of breaking a voidal connection might work.” Fisuli - “If we could confirm such a connection is causing the abnormal ability of the hollow to resist purification than we could focus our efforts on that. If not if might suggesti something more potent than the orbs at play.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Ayric oil, to the land has unfortunately proven not useful. It’s only good against creatures. Necromancers did ne have an orb, a group of voidal magi and voidal behemoths had this orb. The necromancer situation is solely them needing life to thrive - our glade, our kin.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Varan, I saw your hand was up?” The Kodiak Druid - “Ahh- Makes sense.” Fisculii - “Oh, and I suspect if we break an orb within the hollows we might elicit a rather…voilent reaction. If there connections are complex enough. I am not entirely certain, but it is worth being wary of. I believe that is all I have to say. Lotus Lorenthus: - “I can most likely figure out who the necromancers are. It would cost a lot, though…” Miven Caerme’onn - “Voilent reaction wherever you find the orb. Thankfully those who smashed it on our lands were covered head to toe and were protected.” Miven Caerme’onn - “We’ve two locations as to where the necromancers are coming from, both that the gladeguards of nevaehlen, and Father Circle drui will be scouting.” Varan - “I just ask if you have any shards of the orb that I could study.” Lotus Lorenthus - “And the frostwitches? I also know how I can find them. But as said before, it’d still cost a lot for me.” Roylan grant - “I believe I have already brought up the discovery of a library that I have heard of to you Miven, which books filled the shelves that were identical to each other. That might be another place we could try to hunt down and locate if we venture out there again.” Ilra Ba’kana - “I am not sure if it is connected - However I may know where we can find another orb.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Ne, it completely exploded into frost. Varan. But we the next time we encounter one where we are more prepared, that’ll be wise to try and get it.” Miven Caerme’onn “Oh- ti, ayla. “Aimed towards Roylan. “Marayla, ti. Definitely something I asked you to share with the other Gladeguards, Father Circle Drui and Wild chiefs. Mind sharing with the other folk here what you and the others discovered?” Roylan Grant - “Apologizes, I was noting down for our own moot minutes. I found from a trusted source that there has been groups that went to the voidal hollow. From what I have heard the shelves were all filed with the same tone that was filled with runes that couldn’t be understand from the inside. I have unfortunately not been able to locate or get ahold of these books. But if we can find the library the book could be another item for us to research.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Sulian! And ahernan Roylan.” Directed at another. “You still wished to comment?” Ilira Ba’ikana - “Ti - I am ne a hundred percent sure if we speak of the same types of orbs, however I do know of an orb that may be related that could be studied. I do also believe I know of which tomes Roylan speaks of, and I know of two people that have been trying to study the tome to offer more answers.” Miven Caerme’onn - “If you speak of the orb that attacked Taevas, it is something different, unless you experienced another orb?” Miven Caerme’onn - “As for the tomes, it’d be great if you both share what you know at the end of the moot, maybe compile informationsssss and put it in a journal?” Otter - “Dunnae ief oi’m allowed ta speak er nae, bu’ief iets ta same tomes oi’m thinkin’ o’, oi’ve one ien me own possession. Ta writings are considered undescriphreable, I was visited t’is librareh meself w’ere oi graded iet.” Wynanya Melphestays “-The NGS is in possession of a similar tome, which they have believed inscribed with unseen runes that, as of two years’ past, they counne read, too. They may’ve made a breakthrough since.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Marayla brother otter! That be very helpful if you could share.” Ilra Ba’kana - “I suspected that may be the case- but I figured I should mention it just incase. I know of nothing of the tomes myself, apart from the fact that one was brought into my home in the hollow, and that they’re illegible. I also known of someone studying them trying to read them in order to better combat whatever is going on, though I had no idea it was related to the voidal tear, of course I an certainty reach out to them an compile a journal of what they know of so far.” Otter - “Ta Mother Circle worked on t’is issue some years ago - t’ey are confirmed t’at iets impossible after Sister Jackdaw nd Brother Bluejay both took ah crack at iet….Though perhaps, iet ies ah different book.” Miven Caerme’onn - “That’d be appreciated, aheran! Haelun, you had something to add?” Miven Caerme’onn - “Then we’ll move on to the next topic.” Tailesin - The lynx druid - “I did, yes. Down. If these books are voidal related. We could try and ask a trusted void mage to read it. Or two other options. Be it something who is…erh. Moonstruck? The idiots who drunk a lot of voidal horror blood. A seer might be able to read it since I know they have some weird abilities to see things, might be a include weird writing? Not sure though. Either way. One of those three might be able to read the book.” Wynannya Melphestaus - “If they’ve found someone to read the voidal tablet, it may apply to the same sort of read these books. Could write them quickly, to find out.” Meteor Druid Edrahil - “I wouldn’t get our hopes up about these books. Writing pertaining to the void has a history of being incomprehensible.” Miven Caerme’onn - “I’m ne sure what a seer is, but ti, if we have any iran with that ability those are great suggestions sister lynx.” Miven Caerme’onn - “I agree Wynanay. When we aren’t fighting, it’ll be good for those to keep busy studying the books either way. The Lynx druid - “Yup.” Miven Caerme’onn “Moving on! Since we’re coming close to how long we keep these moots, I’ll make sure to address this next bit as clearly as I can. We’ve both the dragonkin and then the darkspawn to look out for, as we always have. But more than ever should we continue to train, gather knowledge, smith gear, and be ready to fight. Our last few attacks have been successful.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Any who have information on these creatures, be sure to share them amongst your kin. Our librarian book lari Nalaya has been working hard keeping all our records, be sure to give her what you can as well.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Any pressing comments on necromancers, darkspawn, or dragonkin?” Scoria Memoras: - “I would like to get some input on the death pillar I found awhile back. I still am convinced that is is related to mystics or voidal mages, but haven’t been able to get it clarified.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Fee free to show or tell the Gladeguards or Father Dircle Drui what you knew about this pillar Scorai.” Miven Caerme’onn - “I think for now, since the blighted lands was our biggest topic, we’ll move on to nominations and wrap up the moot. Is everybody okay with that?” Evar’lae Amayhil - “Nominations?” Miven Caerme’onn “Nominations.” Evar’lae Amayhil - “Nomainations Indeed.” Lynx Druid - “I enjoy shorter moots.” Meteor Druid - “For what?” Lynx Druid - “I remember a six elven hour moot.” Fisculii - “Nominations.” Otter - “T’at was nae too long ago.” Scoria Memoras - “Perhaps that is so. Miven, can I borrow some of your time after this to explain what I saw to you?” Archeila Jupiter - “What are the..Nominations?” Miven Caerme’onn - “We’ve some Drui amongst our Circle who’eve been with us for awhile, and the Raitheans would like to nominate them for Guide. That means, they’d be teaching either dedicants, or Drui through the ways of the Father, keeping in mind our tradiations and preparing students for iminations trials to join the Father Circle once attuned.” Evar’lae Amayrill - “Ooooh.” Miven Caerme’onn - “With the completion of their Father Circle trials, we want to nominate Sister Snow, and Sister Lynx during this moot as guides of the Father Circle. Should they accept. Liri is ne here, but - We’ll vote for Liri and see if she accepts, but do you accept the nominations.” Evar’lae Amayrill - “Call me bias, but I accept.” The Lynx Druid - “Huh? Wha? Oh, I’m already an old person but…I suppose knowing how to teach youngin’s going by the Father Circle traditions would probably be useful. Sure…why not. Though this ain’t an invitation to pester me!” Valmuel - “Just bribe her with snacks if ya do pester her.” Otter - “OI get first dibs on pesterin’ Sister Lynx! Form ah line after meh.” The Lynx Druid - “Snacks don’t work on me, that’s a Liri Thing.” Evar’lae Amayril - “Oh wait, you mean does Lynx accept nominations? I thought you were asking if we were accepting her as a nominee.” Roylan Grant - “I certainly vote for them to be accepted as well, if it was not for Liri and Tailesin I would never of found this place and been among all of ya lovely people. Aye, it be a shame not to vote for them!” Yae’vel Caerme’onn - “I believe it may easier to see if any object. Speak now if ya object to the nomination.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Then lets start with Talesin, Sister Lynx. Ti or ne for her becoming a guide. Those who are Father Circle Drui, or Students of a Father Circle drui may vote now.” Evar’lae Amayril - “Wait what if I’m a student of Liri, who’s not a father circle guide? Do I abstain?” Miven Caerme’onn - “You abstain ti.” Gilliaen Caerme’onn - “Ti.” Evarlae Amayril - “What am I saying, I am a student of Liri, but do I abstain? Alrighty.” Meteor Druid Edrahil - “Ti for Me.” Brother Spore - “Ti, might as well.” Talim - “I vote for Ti, I have ne been here long, but they have been one of the most dependable Mali I have known.” Miven Caerme’onn - “Marayla! With majority vote, ahernal ito, Sister Lynx and Ahernan! Now for votes on Sister Snow, Liri. If she were to accept, to or net for guide.” The Lynx Druid - “Given she’s my wife, I think it would be heavy bias if I voted.” Evar’lae Amayril - “Still gotta abstain.” Meteor Druid Edrahil - “True, we don’t need a biased nae vote. Ti for me.” Eritrea Arvellon - “Aye!” Miven Caerme’onn - “Then let that end the votings! I’ll bring the news to Sister Snow. For any Father Circle Drui who’ve completed their trials interested in becoming a guide, we can discuss in the coming days what’s expected and bring it to a moot vote during out next moot.” Miven Caerme’onn - “That’ll be the end of the moot, Aspects guide you all, and ahernan for attending.” —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ To Summarise all that had been discussed for those that do not wish to read everything that had been discussed word by word, and simply skipped to the end of the tome like most commonly do. Writings shall be placed below to breach each subject broached and what they pertain to. Though for greater understanding please read the words captured in the pages before skipping through to the end of this book which you may have done here. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Summary Subject One: Discussion of the Voidal blight and what has been done, and future plans on the subject. Tying to an orb that was found and destroyed in the most recent ventures, with suggestions given by Fisculli to test it. Along with a book that was noted by Roylan Grant, The Otter Druid, Ilra Ba’kana, Wynanya Melphestays and several others that were discovered within the place. Discussions were had on what to do, and what research can be done. With brief mentions of the necromancers and potential, and very likely allegiances between them and the Frost witches of the north. Summary Subject Two: Darkspawn, Adrazi, and Necromancers. A bit scattered instead of located solely within the second subject, these sources of threats have been breached and mentioned multiple times within words. With warnings and reminders to stay armed, be prepared, and keep training so when we need to deal with them again we will be able to. Finally a mention from Scoria detailed a tower of a sort that they discovered but didn’t go into much detail. Summary Subject Three: Nominations for the Druid Lynx, and the Druid Snow to place them as guides and instructors within the circle was held. With resounding positive appeal for both individuals marking them as active teachers of Vale, should they so wish to take up the position. Tailesin had done so. Liri had not been at the moot at the time to accept. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ This collective discussion of words has been scribed by Roylan Grant, Dedicant of the Wicker, Gladeguard of HALERIR'ELAME, Aspirant of Sirame and Ranger of the Wild lands. —------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. Roylan gazed at his armours. The first set, chain, battered and broken helm that had yet to be melted down. The second. A armour forged from the hides of beast and monsters, glistening from the shine of treatment. The third armour, the old, still blood stained armour of a ranger with the hood drawn up. And then finally, the glistening shine of the new Halerir'elame plate. "Lets last together for a long, long time, partner."
  12. It certainly sounds like it will be a lovely event with everything set up! A nice bit of serious rp is always enjoyable as well. Though I don't doubt there will be a little goofing around from time to time. I believe I have only one more question! And that would be the timezones. Is there any particular time period in the day you believe will be most achievable for these plots and storylines?
  13. Thank you for the kind response to my question! Another question that popped into my mind is how teams are meant to be formed for the events that delve deeper into the yong ping area's to unlock them? I'm picturing we gather with friends and do a c/sreq to try and plan it out. Or are there set people that we can reach out too for scheduled adventures, and all those interested can be gathered together for it? Similar to what was done for the Krugmas Goblin eventline.
  14. Now I love this concept and the idea that is going through this. I'm not one hundred percent sure that I will be around to join the event or not. Depends on my time schedule. But it certainly seems fun! However, I can't help but wonder if those involved will be locked in the city unable to leave if they enter the month long event? The description makes it seem that is the case. But I thought I'd better ask to clarify for myself and anyone else that reads.
  15. Skin: 1 Bid: 650 Mina IGN: Royalpeasant Discord: You know it
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