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  1. Greetings there! Now with the coming deadline in a couple of months for a new map I find myself with a hefty sum of mina that I have been gathering for gifts, purchases, and emergencies that may not end up being used. I could hold onto it, just incase, but I feel like it could be a waste. When there's those out there that could use it in the time limit for projects they have in mind or making bids for places in the new map for locations that they might like. So! Hence this post. I am reaching out to any artists that might be up for doing some art for Mina. That have a need for it or a want. Please reach out to me and we can discuss ideas, and how much you would like for doing the art itself. I hope to hear from you! And to everyone that has peeked into this post, I hope you are having a truly wonderful and delightful year so far! May your days be positively divine.
  2. Soon the world ends. And something new comes on by.
  3. Does anyone else wake up and just spend a good few moments cracking their bones or is it just me?

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  4. Is basically how I'm doing lately! Both in and out of character. Chill, colourful grove. Hope you and the miss's are doing grand and continue to get better!
  5. A man with a garb of colour, and a beard that had shared that dancing design was nursing the pain of fractured ribs in the bottle while listening to a meeting when he suddenly felt it. The sound. The piercing mourning of another lost and shaking through his body. He knew not who was lost...or how. But his eyes glanced to the skies, tot he stone above. And rose the bottle that he carried with him up into the air as a whispered prayer was offered to them. "Whoever ya are....may ya find peace, and aye whole new, wonderful journey in the lands beyond this one. Safe voyage to ya." With that said he rose his bottle of mead, and then took a hearty swig for them.
  6. This looks pretty cool to work with! I look forward to seeing it put to use.
  7. I'm not bidding, but I did want to say these are really good! You've got a talent for this.
  8. Hunterworld Bestiary The time within the lands of the islands that had been discovered after riding upon the back has come to an end. The Fourth Fleet have done all they could. Many creatures were discovered, and the fourth fleet took a record as best as they could of their own expeditions. And what reports that had been submitted remained. With the aid of this team and his group of adventurers, the notes of the Shifter-Ape soon join the bestiary.. NAME: SHIFTER-APE CLASS: C DESCRIPTION: Now this is a collective of the Bestiary that we as a group had written together. More and more people are leaving the discord and I wanted to record the fun we had for everyone to see. If anyone has their own expedition posts on the forum please! Let me know. And I’ll add them to this! And thank you to all the staff for running such a wonderful event. So many of us had a good time with it. A species of monkey that have evolved to hide from their hunters or prey, donning fur that mimics the environment effectively making them easy to hide in plain sight. They often hide in large areas, using rocks or projectiles to damage their foe, attacking in large numbers. It seems that they mostly operate on the offensive during night, often sleeping come day. They don long horns that they use for stab into their foe, or onto something for easier climbing, and eat Flame-Sack fruit -- allowing them to shoot out volatile spit. Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of an invasive beast. --------------------------------------------------------------- August 5, 2022 With the aid of this team, the notes of the Glow-Bull soon join the bestiary.. NAME: GLOW-BULL CLASS: C DESCRIPTION: A dark monster, seemingly something akin to a bull. It bore stag-like horns, and several glittering gems hung on it -- dangling as it offered a variety of lights. These creatures tend to use their brawn and endurance for gathering many goods. The glowing jewels are Glow-Fruit, something that naturally grows on their horns; it's a herb that naturally spreads, using the Bulls as carriers to spread far to multiply. Nonetheless, they seem to use this to draw attention or to confuse their prey, dazzling or blinding them with lights as they charge ahead. They tend to be sustained with fruit and grass, though from the reports they carry bodies and prey off -- with the aid of their stag-like horns -- to the larger beasts to feed and sustain them. Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of an enduring beast. --------------------------------------------------------------- With the aid of another team, the notes of the Bloat-Sheep soon join the bestiary.. NAME: BLOAT-SHEEP CLASS: PREY DESCRIPTION: A bloated animal that bore golden wool, and three eyes -- one of which, seemed to be purplish in color, and bronze-coloured horns. They're inflicted with a growth defect that makes them grow more and more. Presumably, it's caused by something it devours, for they tend to be a prideful beast. Nonetheless, they devour a flower called 'Growth Seeds' which accelerates healing, and the like. However, should one eat it while their body is already fine, it causes defects and tumors that grow. Over time, their body adjusted to it to the point where it doesn't affect them, allowing them to grow more, and they often roll to move around due to their inflated state. The Bloat-Sheep tend to be very nutritious for beasts, allowing them to grow. Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of hunted prey. August 8, 2022 With the aid of The Taelu'Avernan adventure guild, including Roylan, Zaelyn, Astarte, Fisulii, Astrid and her husband, Khirrel, Wynanaya, and Awaito. These discovers were made. - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Shamrock Deer Class: Dangerous Prey Description: A large deer at around seven feet in stature, just slightly smaller than one of the large trees with a brown pelt of fur. All of these seem to not be too unusual, even the horns were to the norm even if the size was a little strange in stature. -But. There was a strange glow of green that was surrounding the creature. It had arrived while screams echoed from behind it as it eyed the group. and then fled back into the foliage and all but vanished from sight. Following it was almost as if its tracks had vanished. Leaving naught but a thick, foul aroma that clung to the deers form and fell through the air. Thick and foul. Later on we had discovered a unknown crocodile creature with a dark black scale, but it was injured. Blind, its front limbs appeared to have been destroyed with a similar green aura fluttering upon them. While wailing in the air. Suspected that the deer had caused this strange occurrence to happen. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Thill Slug Class: Passive-Friendly Predator Description: A dry skinned slug that towered over the heads of men, at least at eight to nine feet from estimate, if not larger. A creature that would make a surprisingly could mount and found within dry land not too far from the forest that was discovered. With a blue upper dry shell of blue and a under shell of white. Eyeless with what appeared to be 'horns' the creature seemed to sense its surroundings with a large nostril that opened and sniffed the air, sniffing out members and investigating us. Appeared harmless, and never threatened the party. When offered food the slug 'sneezed out' a black sludge near them. Which began to melt and digest the matter. Making it appear like the creature fed, similar to slugs, but instead of covering them it produces its saturation from within and covered mattered in it first. None aggressive, itself, and its pack seemed to lead us be to examine them and attempt to converse. Changing colours of green for a potato and purple for meat, as if answering back their preference for the veggie produce. We named them 'Thill', pure, for the gentle nature and seemingly passive attitude they had despite the danger of the sludge that melted through everything but star steel that tried to gather it. Named as such by Fisulii. Would advise not provoking with how dangerous the sludge appeared to be and their own kind attitude. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - With the scouting into the isle, Aech, Valindra, Lithren, Korkul, and Pharos discovered a new reptilian creature. ------------------------ NAME: SIMMERSCALE CLASS: C, AGGRESSIVE SCAVENGER / PREDATOR DESCRIPTION: A large, bipedal raptor-like reptile with red scales, a large snout, and orange eyes, complete with razor sharp teeth the length of shortswords and claws with a similar sharpness. These creatures tend to hunt in packs and typically invade other species’ territories to pick out the weak and young to eat, such as Shifter-Apes. They hunt with a hint of intelligence, distracting prey and wearing it down with quick strikes before going in for the kill. The red scales along this species appear to emit steam, likely as a diversion tactic. The scales themselves are hot to the touch, creating first to second degree burns upon contact with skin. The scales appear to be flame retardant, resisting flames upon contact. ------------------------ Everything else to yet to be explored, and these are brief notes of observed prey. August 10, 2022 The second expedition out for the Taelu'Avernan guild, with Roylan, Apollyon, Plume, Awaito, Astarte and a friendly chief of a goblin called Gul'ash. - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Crimson Spite. Class: Predator Description: These two legged scaled creatures stood at a tall height, just under the height of a small tree with scales that were red with a gleam of purple too them in the light. White bellied and with two longer appendages meant for clawing and scratching. They also appeared to have long tails that were capable of striking. They were discovered hunting together, having already killed a prey and was preparing to consume it when we spotted them on the horizen. One of their number acting as a scout and watching out while the other feasted. When threatened by a larger predator and having one of them injured smaller creatures of a similar nature began to rush in from the bush and dove upon the larger creature in ambush. Starting to tear into them with bites and clawed talons that eventually brought the creature low. Curiously these creatures were spotted spitting a crimson substance down upon the injured member of their skin that seemed to have either a blood clotting, or healing property too it. We did not stick around to examine further and risking drawing the ire and attention of the large gathering of critters. Something to be examined at a later date. But from what was witnessed they seemed to roman in packs, both large and small and rush in to defend each other. While also preparing ambushes for other prey that they can take down swiftly with a joint effort. Dangerous indeed, especially if caught without numbers backing yourself. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Ravaging Stalker Class: Solo Predator Description: A large creature, about twice the stature and size of the crimson spite with black scales and red markings upon its form, most likely allowing the creature to stalk rather easily in the dark and night if it was in that period of the day. But its aggressive attitude with how it charged in and bit down upon the throat and almost killed one of the other creatures after it had hunted a smaller beast gave way to the idea that they normally act with aggression and are unused to being challenged by other creatures. These creatures had large, powerful leg talons and feet from observed, and sharp and powerful jaws with a array of fangs from what we witnessed. Preferring to use its maw than its feet to strike and take down its prey. However the creature showed that it was not very nimble, and when swarmed by smaller creatures that got upon its back it proved itself to be helpless. Barely able to fend them off as they tore into the creature despite its size until it fell down defeated. Prey for the creatures that should of been its prey. There was no calls for kin, or backup. Making me believe these predators are solo hunters and work alone in their search for food and dominance. Highly aggressive, and violent distance should be advised. Unless with a large group, and even then the best bet is to get upon its back and keep to its sides from witnessing the battle. Keep away from the jaws. The beast is also able to cry out with such force and strength to deafen those around that are able to hear it. Leaving our ears rattling while we were still a distance away to keep distance. Up close range would no doubt prolong the effect of deafness and give way to moments of dizziness that could turn the fight from the party facing them back to the beasts. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - August 12, 2022 First Expedition of the Lectorate of Owyn. --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Storipede Class: C, Predator Description: A purple-bodied, Multi-legged insectoid creature resembling a cross between a centipede and caterpillar that was injured upon discovery, coated with a thick brown bile that seemed to be eating away Its scales though the creature was utilizing the bark from the surrounding trees to reconstruct Its shell. Whether or not this creature was slow moving or was simply injured is unknown but Its slow movement and poor eyesight was illustrated by a straight-ahead look at multiple party members without showing any response to stimuli and when moving in darkness kept Its head low to the ground. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Name: Windilidae Class: B, Predator Description: A gargantuan orange-furred predator resembling a maned lion, highly territorial and aggressive with excellent nocturnal and movement based vision. The creature perched upon high to observe Its territory and was called down by an opposing predator venturing into Its lair. As a show of intimidation windilidae will act much like a typical lion with shows of teeth and roars to dissuade approaching competition. The creature is also highly resistant to heat and by grinding itself against rough surfaces can set its mane and parts of its body ablaze. Intelligent and aggressive, the beast tends to favor immediately lethal grapples, throwing itself at Its opponent in a manner similar to a cougar it will pounce, grapple with Its tremendous claws and bite immediately for a victim's throat. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Giguana Class: B, Predator Description: A tremendous emerald lizard resembling an iguana with primarily green scales with black mottling along the spine, slow moving but extremely intelligent and capable of cooperating and utilizing lesser predators including Scum Cobras. Intelligent enough to formulate ambushes and traps for competitors. The jowls of the creature swell when threatened and it challenges potential predators and competitors with loud hissing. The swelling of Its jowls precedes a spray of a highly acidic and viscous bile capable of inhibiting the movement of larger predators. The Jowls of the beast are also vulnerable to lacerations and punctures, though the acidic bile stored in the swelling flesh will also be released if injury is sustained. -------------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Najabok (Scum cobra) Class: C, predator Description: Dull-green Serpents capable of natural camouflage within flora that linger inside of canopies and lie in wait for vulnerable prey or opportunity to strike. Capable of cooperating with greater predators Scum Cobra's will wait until a greater threat is disabled before descending as a group and injecting it with a paralyzing venom through repeated bites though unlike a typical snake the scum Cobra chooses to pick apart Its prey like a scavenger in a manner similar to a vulture. Seems to have no issues with cooperation and was seen sharing the carcass of a Windilidae with a Giguana without incident. --------------------------------------------------------------------- August 13, 2022 The Third expedition out for the Taelu'Avernan guild, with Roylan, Penelope, Astrid, Valmir, Astarte, Kaito, Urgnarz and called Gul'ash. - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Feathered Sun Class: Solo Predator Description: Encountered with one of the locals of the land, a strange girl that went into hiding the moment she gave the name of the creature and we lost sight of them. And they had climbed into the trees to avoid the danger. Something we didn't have the change too as it finished its meal and focused on us in its full form. It was large, a creature that was similar to the reptile creatures we had witnessed before but with the tails of a giant peacock that flowed with colour behind them as it began to get aggressive and nervous. Almost fearful. It would appear that we were not able to hear the voice of nature around us once more. This land was truly silent, in a strange, but not unnerving way. The girl advised we avert our eyes and we did so. Following the advise we managed to avoid the burst of light as the ground erupted from the ground before it wrapped around the creature and tore the feathered sun in twine rapidly, dragging them back under. A dangerous creature indeed that we didn't get to face. Two of us didn't heed the advise and was blinded. And what was clearly a giant, dangerous foe was taken down by a creature that the girl named a 'Apex'. We were unable to gather any other information besides a feather we plan to test the properties of at a future date. May work similar to flash powder when checked. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - August 14, 2022 --------------------------------------------------------------- Name: Burusaru (The Bull-Ape) Class: B, predator Description: A behemoth of what appeared to be a three to four stories in height horned ape with very keen senses, able to detect us in our camouflage. It has glowing red eyes with large horns proportional akin to a bull's if one were to be this size. Very aggressive, the beast appeared to target our boom-lance wielder with what appeared to be some familiarity with the weapon. Something about its saliva appears to be acidic as it scorched the earth beneath it that it slobbered on. We discovered with the aid of the Fourth Fleet that sensory overload and ensnarement may be the best efficient weapon we have to detour this beast should one become hostile for there is little way to outrun the beast on foot. Notably, the beast is unable to climb harsh inclines and if one were to have the ability to quickly scale the mountains west of the region they can evade the beast. The beast remains elusive in the large forests north of the stilt strider. --------------------------------------------------------------- End of Lectorate of Owyn's First Expedition. --------------------------------------------------------------- August 17, 2022 First Expedition of Expedition Group name pending... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- NAME: Rock Lobster CLASS: Prey DESCRIPTION: A large crustacean-like creature that we uncovered while traversing the southern coasts. We happened upon it while it was feasting. The creature has a large orange shell, as we watched it arrive on the shore, it was noticed that steam came from its exterior. It has six legs total, three on each side and has two very large claws. The party maintained a good distance away from the creature, observing passively, it would be noted that the creature seems to find substance from the flora that dotted the southern coast. But because the creature seems to have a heavy appetite we were unable to retrieve any samples of the flora. Plans have been made to return to the same area to find out more. NAME: Fire Melon CLASS: Dangerous Flora DESCRIPTION: A fruit appearing flora, but don’t be deceived. The object, while harmless in its appearance, contains a spice that once it hits your nostrils it would immediately flare up your nose. Upon closer inspection of the Fire Melon, it would have a tough leathery exterior that insulated the scalding sustenance. Testing on what affects the sustenance have, the Fire Melon would be pierced by a spear, heating the steel tip to extreme temperatures after we pulled it out of the Fire Melon. Having spilled some of the substance onto the ground, burn and singe the grass is touched. The Fire Melon was discovered on the southern coast, growing on the trees that stand there. The tree seems well suited for hosting the Fire Melon, having tough leathery leaves as well, capable of containing the heat and allowing us to collect a sample. Subject to be updated ASAP upon next expedition. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 21, 2022 Within the First Expedition of the Crimson Striders, Consisisting of Fable, Minto, Gusiam and Draagluk NAME: Toxio Beetles CLASS: C, Aggressive Scavenger Description: A large, six-limbed Beetle that's size spans to around a size of a large Almarian cart, similar to a standard horned beetle that had been enlarged. Despite its size, with its horn that spans to roughly two-three feet in length is capable of burrowing itself with its horn, and lie dorment for an unknown amount of time. Durations can even include shrubbery to grow where it rests. Such Beetles are capable if left unattended to brief moments of flight, though this is no higher then a small trees worth. The duration lasting for a few brief moments, however in this time it can still fire off its ''Toxins'' which will be explained below. The beetles carapace also seem to match similar, if not weaker to standard ferrum plate armor minus its joints. by third party assistance from some of the natives of the isle. It is reported that the Beetles toxins are not all the same, instead showing an unknown variety based on Location and species of Toxio beetles. Only reported case is that purple back Beetles emit a lightly acidic substance from their wings that not only agitates the skin upon contact, but also offer a foul smelling odor that is difficult to remove. Tests shown this might be a method to deter predators. Whilst other Toxins remain unknown, it may be easy to differentiate the type via coloration on the beetles wings/back area. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- August 22, 2022 The Fourth Expection out for the Taelu'Avernan Guild, with Tailyun, Apollyon, Roylan, Astarte and Apollyon friend. - - - - - - - - - - - NAME: Siru' iheiuher Class: Deadly Herbivore Description: Encountered after following the direction from the local, and following a writhing cloud of smog found within the crevice of a mountain top the physical appearance of the creature slowly began to reveal itself further and further to our gaze. Following the path and keeping a distance we found creatures that appeared to have perished from taking in the fumes that flowed from its body and collapsed. Dead on the ground. And have seemingly been gathered up with a unusual mushroom growing from their forms. The member within our party that had a mask that would keep their breathe clear of the fumes took the moment to sneak in closer to try and peer through the smog and get a closer look. From the description given it appeared to be the size of a small drake, large enough to be a threat to anyone that would get close to it. Scaled form with two limbs, with winged appendages underneath them. Physically the creature appeared to have similarities to that of a bat in face, though with a lot more noses that it used to sniff the individual that got closer. Seemingly more nervous, and cautious of their entity considering that they hadn't fallen to death like all the other animals. They appeared to feed on the mushrooms. And had a powerful cry that called the rest of their 'herd' that filled the skies with dark clouds. When spooked the creature moved agile, fast, and more than likely if they turned hostile it would of resulted in quite a bloody encounter with us not being able to reach them with the speed. Thankfully the creature seems to have a preferred tactic of its smog, which slowly swelled under their neck like a frog before filling the space. Which we then began to retreat from. Further study has shown that the residue, and mushrooms have healing and medicial properties. Everything else has yet to be explored, or explained of these creatures encountered and researched. - - - - - - - - - - Additional documents of personal recounts, and expeditions that have been gathered are listed below.
  9. Forsaken Chimera Chimera’s have no set appearance, for they are not creatures that are naturally born into the world, but instead abominations that are formed from abusing and twisting flesh mending beyond the limits of what the living flesh can take. There are so many different types of these creatures that can be born into the world, from what was once one of the humanoid races twisted into an abomination of rage and hatred, to creatures that are fused creatures of monsters. What is known is that these creatures are incapable of breeding, and once they have breached the realm of no return their very bodies themselves begin to deteriorate quickly, giving them only a couple of years before they too will perish and simply fall apart at the seams one day. History The history of the Chimera is a complicated one, born first from a tale, or perhaps a fairy tale within tomes that spoke of a woman with a head of a lion, the wings of an eagle and the tail of a serpent. And the immortality that such an entity was able to bring. It had only been a folk lore of course, no basis besides tales and bard song. Yet to the mind of a Necromancer that had reached the peak of their maddened craft it turned into inspiration. Wings of a giant eagle found itself grafted into the back of a woman who desired to have that immortality for themselves. A serpent with deadly venom attached to their spine, somehow still alive and functional. And then finally they moved their head and exchanged it with a lions. Now this should have instantly killed the woman, yet, through some mystery, they had managed to place their mind within the lions head as they fused them together. But it wasn’t immortality that they found with this success. But rapid decay, rot, and a body that was falling away at the seams as a hatred and rage from the monstrous flesh that had fallen upon them had taken over. Physical Appearance As stated already the Chimera doesn’t truly have a ‘base’ origin, just tying itself to the creative madness of those that created them. Some have the base flesh of a humanoid to act as the origin where the grafts and the melding of tissue and flesh had been fused upon it. While others have the base of a monster that was captured alive for them to experiment on. A gryphon could find the hide of a drake fused to its flesh to give it armoured scales, the throat of a venomous great serpent that causes it to breathe out an acidic breathe that burns its own maw, and have its talons replaced with paws with razor sharp claws. They would be an excuse coursing with pain, anguish, and madness, falling to pieces while their mind lingers and trapped them within their torment. With that in mind the threat level of one Chimera can vastly change from one abomination to another. At times it may simply be easier to allow the rot of their flesh to take them instead of reaching out to deal with them, especially if a Necromancer sacrificed their own life to bring something truly monstrous into this world. Like a creature made through the bones of a dragon. The impossibility of it may be high, but not impossible, and there have been horror stories of these creatures taking to the world with armies of their creatures following their path against the land. Mental Characteristics The mentality of the Chimera can depend on the source and head of the creature. Should the head be that of a beast, unless some unknown craft is done to transfer the brain and mind of another creature into that vessel, the intelligence of the Chimera will match that of the beast but driven into a frenzied state. Similarly if the head was that of a man, they would have the sharp intelligence of that of a man, but driven by a sadistic cruelty that would have them taking pleasure in the suffering of others and being unable to comprehend the rights and wrongs of the world. The desires, and passions of the intelligent Chimera still remain, as do their memories when they are driven into this frenzied state. Deteriorating and rotting. Those that had passions of love could find themselves hunting the individual they cared about so greatly, tormenting, and torturing them and all they cared for in their final years of existence. Along with savouring the fear and pain of everything and everyone they can get their hands on. That is - if the flesh that they had grafted too doesn’t take over with its own instincts. The flesh of a sea serpent could consume the chosen Chimera with a sense of hunger that has them feasting on all that they can get ahold of even as their body is unable to keep it all down. Yet it won’t stop them from biting down. With all that said, the mind of a Chimera, can be intelligent, can be cruel, but almost always is unique to the individual Chimera and the body and mind that created them. A saint can be turned into the cruellest entity in the world when driven by the desire of the ‘greater good’ after all. Lifespan and Development The lifespan of a Chimera will only be able to survive for several years. Two at a limit, though there have been cases where they have been able to prolong their existence to the most of four years in this state. Either through a regenerative property or replacing their dying flesh with that of others. Somehow inheriting a limited span of their own creators' magic when it comes to their own flesh. With that said they do not develop any further since creation. Even if they are able to mend and attach flesh to where it has begun to fail and fall from their form it is only a temporary measure and doesn’t add anymore strength to the strength that they already have on the final completion of their form. A Chimera has also been documented as being unable to sire anymore once the magic has been infused with them. Most would consider this a blessing considering the twisted nature of the creatures that there will be no risk of aberrations being born. Territory and Grouping Chimera’s do not work together with their own beings, while they seem to be able to recognize creatures born from the same magic and have less hostility towards them than they do everyone else. It is not usually to the point where they will permit the others existence before them. Though on the rare instance where two Chimera are documented to see each other, there have been chases where they just ignore the presence of the other and go on their own way. Showing themselves to be for the most part solo hunters. This however is not always true. For the Chimera’s that have managed to successfully kill their own creators will find themselves able to direct, and guide the puppets their former master had once controlled. Allowing the Chimera to have their own horde to direct, drive, and push. Increasing the danger that the Chimera falls under by several degrees of threat. When a Chimera of this nature is scouted it's usually a high alert situation for the nearby nation to call to arms to deal with it. Or risk their home and surrounding denizens being ravaged to ruin.
  10. @SilvertheGM Thank you for the suggestions! I have altered the piece. Let me know if you approve of the changes that I added to try and follow your suggestions.
  11. Blood Blossom While Blood Blossoms come in many shapes, and forms, the most common variation of the parasitic plant is the one that mirrors a similar appearance to that of a red rose, yet this darker rosa comes with a shine to the petals that made them seem all the more luscious while they are in full bloom, and all the more unnerving when they have shrivelled up and turned a black deeper than coal. History Blood Blossoms, in the language of flowers are known under the words of ‘Conquest, Death, and kinship’. A flower that has in some cultures been used to decorate soldiers before they go into battle by their lovers with the belief that they will herald victory for their loved ones. Similarly should the soldiers have found themselves falling to the battlefield, the flowers that they had added to their armour are delivered back to their loved ones after having shrivelled up and turned black, a sign of mourning and death. High society, caring not for the views of the peasant folk about the rather rare flower add it to their garbs, usually worn by ladies with red lipstick to tempt suitors to their side. Knights, and nobles have even shed blood to aid a flower to bloom to hold a promise of kinship and bind their oaths. Overall the flowers over the ages have been seen as a symbol of many different virtues, and views. Yet as the flowers tend to grow most frequently in lands where blood is commonly shed, there has always been a woe, and unnerving light bound to the flowers. Yet in many tales the flowers have been used to give a sense of romance to the stories bards sing and perform. Appearance The seeds of Blood Blossoms are black, knotted sphere’s that have an appearance that almost mirrors the shape of eyes in the decorations of the seed's form. The seeds themselves will survive for a full week without being nourished before they crack open, a sicky black puss flowing from the seed as it perishes. Should they be nourished however the seed will begin to grow a black stem, growing thorns and barbs sharp enough to shred flesh while black, and withered looking petals begin to grow at the stem. Once the flower has reached full bloom those once black, and withered petals will gain a gorgeous lustre and shine mirroring the blood that it has fed on to grow to its full size. As long as the plant is able to feed on blood it will continue to remain its beautiful, and enticing appearance. Lurring animals and men alike towards it to be cut by the thorns and feed it more crimson ichor. However once the feed is no longer able to be found the flower will perish, the petals turning cracked, and black as coal. Almost looking like the flower had been burned. The plant remains rooted where it had perished until it was removed or destroyed even after death. Abilities and Usage The Blood Blossoms, unlike normal plants, survive entirely upon blood. There are many different variations of the blossoms with their own mutations, though the alchemical properties only shift slightly depending on the flora that was given. But all blood blossoms have the signs listed below: A blood blossom grown from the blood of a troll, or race with regenerative properties is possible to gain the sign of healing, and mending natures upon them. These tend to be the most desired petals not only for the sign, but due to the fact that the petals themselves glisten with a beautiful, enticing shine upon their petals. The most alluring of all their variations. If the flower grows from a long dead corpse, or old and rotten blood will spread the sign of death within the petals of the flower themselves. The petals from these blooms tend to have veins of black moving through the petals that are unpleasant, and give an idea on what signs are imbedded into them. Finally there is the parasite variation. The most common variation to discover as they latch themselves upon the living and grow upon them. Their roots burrowing under skin and attaching themselves to vines to feed upon the blood of their ‘host’. These blooms will continue to spread over their host until the host perishes. All variations of this blood bloom gain the poisonous sign. Turning them a deathly pale. And creating ‘clots’ of blackened blood veins. Red Lines OOC
  12. Oh this is pretty good! I love the emotions that you can clearly see in their expression. And subtle pieces like the muddy feet to almost bored gaze of your other character peering into their book.
  13. Oh fun! I look forward to saying hi to our friendly monks!
  14. A creature that gathers around the shores where large bodied creatures find their home in large writhing swarms. Dangerous for all creatures that fall into the ocean as their ravenous hunger will have them biting down and feeding eagerly upon their flesh until every inch of them has been consumed, all the way down to their bones. About the size of a palm in size, a single swarm of these creatures could go from anywhere to twenty to fifty in number. History First discovered in the deep waters, believed to be nothing more than a beautiful, but haunting mirage within the waves these creatures, along with creatures such as whales are the main course for the haunting ripples of colour and crimson waters that flow against the beach and stain it the dark vicious shade for a short time. This usually being a big sign that they are in the surrounding area, a warning for those that know better. While the truth wasn’t always known those that did discover the bloodied beaches were much more cautious of the sea, though the tales of it being haunted by the spirit of all those that had fallen to the ocean began to spread among sailors and their passengers has been a myth that has remained whispered from one person to another for centuries. And likely will always remain a suspected truth even with the discovery of these creatures. As for the true discovery itself. They were found by accident by the victims that had swam in the waters fearlessly, only to be caught by these deadly fish and consumed while their friends and comrades could do nothing but watch with how quickly they were brought into the waters. Leaving only bones and blood to wash up upon the shores. The sheer need of the piranha almost seems to be beyond the limit that their own small body creates. As if pushed on by something supernatural. Perhaps that is another reason why the belief of the shores being haunted by the souls of the lost will never lose traction. Physical Appearance Individually each bloodied piranha has blue scales that allow them to blend in with the water, with crimson spires of bone with a razor sharp edge growing from the back of their spine and a maw filled with sharp teeth with the same crimson tinged shade. Only the smaller, children of their kind have a pure white set of spikes and teeth for they have yet to bloody them within the feast. Similarly the tail and fines of the fish start off as a faint pale blue colour, but as they age they begin to gain a red stain to their fins. However these fish never travel alone, they travel in swarms. From the smallest number of ten, to the highest number of fifty and above. Creating a mirage of colour under the waves that is oddly enchanting, and beautiful, a ripple of blue that has a glaze of red mixed into it as they swim under the surface. A beautiful image that hides the sheer lethality that it holds, like much of the deadly creatures of the world. Mental Characteristics Frenized. That is the base, and core mind set of this fish from the beginning to the end. They do not sleep, they do not stop swimming through the ocean ,and should they come across anything that isn’t one of their kind, they will bite, gnaw, and shred it alive in a freezing frenzy until not a single bit of matter they can consume remains. They do not know fear, they do not know reason, speaking to them through the arts of the green only blasts the user of the practice with a maddening cacophony of noise from the swarm. It is this state that has the swarms challenge any creature, even sea serpents! Creatures so much larger than them that they are practically ants in comparison to it, on a regular basis. Tearing at their hides and severing flesh in small, barely noticeable amounts. But in doing so filling the ocean with the dark red blood of their blood and staining the waters red. Especially with their own nectar, when the creatures crushes them, pulverises them, and breaks them. It is a vicious cycle that repeats again, and again, which has allowed them to help other creatures be strengthened and grow in power as they adapt. While the piranha’s have grown stronger in return. Able to shred through leather easily, though metal is still quite difficult for them. Lifespan and Development The creatures live for a total of twenty years, but in actuality they have a closer lifespan of six with their nature having them challenge things that far out class them again and again resulting in an early death. They begin life within the swarm. Carried on the back of their kindred, who are bred into being when they are not able to fight something. A strange circle of fight, and breeding has been the only reason these creatures that never sleep and rest have been able to continue to exist despite their frenzied state of being. Otherwise they would have certainly gone extinct out of sheer stupidity in their aggression. Some have even compared the creatures to descendants due to their nature to challenge dragons when they have nothing but a sword, and the stupidity of their actions that never change despite the generations that pass. Territory and Grouping They exist surrounding the nearest, juiciest and biggest creature they can find, though when they are not able to find a large creature to tear into and challenge to the point of the death of their swarm, they will instead head to places with a large amount of creatures instead. Though if there's some big beastie out there there is bound to be remains of these creatures resting near their nests for their blind attempt to savage them. Though this is only the random fights of man that witness the endless cycle of battle between these creatures and others. In grouping they gather in swarms, if one is ever found outside of its swarm then that in itself is going to be an unusual entity. Or one that was born with a mutation and was somehow lucky that it wasn’t consumed by its swarm, which in nature is rare.
  15. Draconian Crustacean Bubble Lord, Crustation Ruler, Secret Island, Crab Dragon, these are some of the names the creature goes by when its name is brought up in shanty's and song among the wee-folks of the sea. A massive creature that you are more likely to roam upon the shell or fighting its serpentine tongue than realising the true depth and size of it. Most oftenly discovered on the ocean surface and believed to be an island, ships will shore up to the sandy depths that have gathered onto the head of the crustacean and usually explore the island as if it didn’t lay upon the back of a living organism’s shell. This, only to find a large serpent appearing from the waters themselves, opening its maw and letting out a roar before shooting a highly powered force of compressed acidic water down on the crew. History The history of this creature is one mixed with folklore and sailor song, for those that have encountered it have either been felled by it or awed by the experience. Those words usually turned into song and disbelief, sung or spoken at taverns. Some stories are told of an island that sits upon the edge of the surface and moves through the ocean, never found at the same spot. It is said to be protected by a great serpent, holding secret treasures yet to be claimed. Others speak of an armoured sea beast with a thick shell that even cannon fire had issues dealing with, of sunken ships and molten steel. Some tales even speak of the kraken of the blood land’s tendrils battling with another beast of equal size within the waters, causing the rapid shifting of the tides and the crash of the ocean as the battle of the century would show before them. While many of these tales dance from ear to ear, there are only a few that have encountered these creatures that did in fact discover the truth about them. These creatures do not tend to reveal themselves in their true and full form unless caught by surprise, or enraged by the actions of their would-be prey. The lack of survivors to this beast’s affairs lead to the history and knowledge about this creature being scattered and viewed differently from culture to culture. The seafolk believe the beast to be a kingdom wide threat, while humanity a folk lore and story and dragon-folk a potential fight should the stories be true. It is only once in a many centuries time that rumours or reports of this creature are declared in history. With such a scattered and inconsistent history, only the people themselves may decide how they view this beast of a draconian creature in the current century. What is known, to all that have heard of it, is that this creature is a threat, a danger, and something to be wary of. Physical Appearance The draconian Crustacean is a strange creature within the bloodline of dragons, not only by its appearance, but that its form is more closely tied to shellfish with its carapace and shell than that of a dragon. Truly nothing more than a ‘fake dragon’. By size, the creature is usually mistaken as a small island, when it lays upon the surface of the ocean floating in the current. This is the most commonly discovered moment of its existence. It displays a crimson shell hidden underneath sand, earth, and plant life that has likely once been at the bottom of the ocean before it was lifted to the surface. Once the crustacean shakes off that earth and reveals its true form, however, it appears as a dragon with the massive body of a crab connected to it. A long serpentine head that roars with a thundering cry and breathing out a highly condensed pressure of acidic water down upon its foes follows said body. Two eye-like stalks grow from this head that lead down its armoured neck to a large body, where two more stalks grow from the body itself. Massive claws that could easily crush a ship also grow from its body. The body shape and legs take on a form similar to that of a crab but with a much bulkier and thicker carapace that is segmented. Jutting out of the back of the body are wings that hold the same armoured form of the draconian which, when used, allow the creature to launch itself from the water and come crashing down, or move more swiftly within it. Given its massive weight, the wings aid its leaps more than granting it true flight. Finally, there is a long armoured tail that whips behind its shell. The ‘head’ proves itself to be false upon being slain, biting off the neck-like mandible and leaving it to float away. As the massive fanged maw of the creature reveals itself, the body of the crustacean begins to open wide. With the mandible lost, the creature is no longer able to breathe out highly powered acid waters, instead letting out bursts of bubbles that pop with enough force to send all around it rocking back while the acidic waters burn against flesh and armour, melting them within the liquid painfully. Mental Characteristics The creature is an ambush predator, by nature, hiding its treasure and hoard underneath its form and connected to the ocean, buried deep. The Draconian Crustacean either settles under the sand at the bottom of the ocean to hide its form as its ‘mandible’ floats around trying to detect food to latch up and feast upon, or up on the surface of the ocean masquerading itself as an island. Once prey is nearby, the mandible will attack, striking out to bite with a jaw or sending out a condensed beam of water that can damage the body of a ship while melting all it touches with its acidic nature. Should the prey it has attacked prove itself too much a danger and manage to kill its mandible more often than not it will sever the limb, biting through it and retreating to the depths to recover its treasure and flee and leaving the mandible and its own powerful shell and acids as a prize for the prey that turned out to be predators to claim. Should the draconian creature be enraged, however, attacking or attempting to claim its young, threatening its treasure or numerous other ways, it shall not falter even should the illusion of its false head be broken. When in such a state, it uses its size, claws and tail to their full ability, launching themselves up from the water or into the air to come crashing down upon their prey. Their tail whips around with agile yet powerful movements and their claws reach to grab, and crush their prey, should they be able to lock down the movement of their target between their jaws filled with powerful and sharp fangs. While in disadvantage, it usually sends out a burst of bubbles that surround it and pop, sending a powerful burst that knocks most folks flying while coating them in burning acid strong enough to begin melting most types of steel, not to mention flesh. These bubbles seem to be harmless upon their own carapace. Additionally, in those circumstances, it may also send a wave of those bubbles towards foes that are at a distance away. They are not the most accurate methods of attacks, compared to the serpentine limb, but the bubbles are numerous and, even if not directly hitting the prey, the force of them and the drips of acidic waters will more often than not still catch its prey. Lifespan and Development The crustaceans do not appear to have a limit to their life span. Instead, it is their size that determines just how old they are as the older the creature is the larger their shell and form appears to grow. Young versions of the creatures hide within the bottom of the ocean among coral reefs, allowing them to grow on their shells as they slowly become larger and larger under them. These feed upon fish as they continue to grow in size and hide away from predators that would be a danger to them. Once they have reached a large enough size, the reef that they had been growing in will be shattered from their form and they will begin to roam, searching for treasures to claim and a hoard for their own, usually in the form of ship wreckage that glimmers or anything else that shines from the ocean. Once they have amassed enough of a hoard to feel content, they will once again gather up material to cover their shell with and move to the surface of the sea where they begin to ‘nest’, acting as a tiny island with their treasures hidden underneath them on the ocean floor. Senses split between their mandibles and their main bodies, eyes to be constantly watching their hoard and in search of food. They will continue to remain in that position until the area they have nested in becomes barren of food, where they will move their treasure to a new place to feed within the sea. This routine will continue until the creature is forced to sever its mandible and retreat. Unable to ‘disguise’ itself with the loss of the limb it will retreat with its treasure and seek a mate, offering its treasure for protection siring young with the other draconian it had discovered. Once the mandible has regrown it will leave the new found ‘parent’ with the kids and take a portion of its treasure back as it moves back into the ocean to gather more. This cycle will continue again and again until the dragon is enraged into a final fight that ends the dragon's life, or is hunted down even after escaping and forced to fight the prey that had become the predator. Territory and Grouping Their territory is a combination of the ocean floor and the surface, taking up several different areas depending on the size and the age of the draconian. As draconians, they are solitary creatures, preferring to rule over their own territory alone. Yet, on occasion, it is possible to find multiple of their kind together by some range of bad luck: a mandible-less mate, and a scattering of their yet to be hatched mate. In this state, both of them will frenzy if threatened and will not be able to calm down until they have removed any and all threats to their young.
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