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  1. A aged, wrinkled face slowly wakes up within the medbay. The old human knight feeling a stinging pain coming from their leg and scattered along their form as they slowly come to their senses. Groggy, a little battered, but as they look down...thankfully. They still had their leg. Glancing around, seeing their other kin and friends being tended too, beds filled with patients and worried families his head came down upon the cushion with a 'thump'. "It could of been worse..." With that mumble, his eyes slowly closed. As he took the moment to rest. And recuperate once more.
  2. MC Name: RoyalPeasantRP Name: Ser Roylan Grant SiramePersona ID: 70737
  3. A old valah, honourable ame, along quite a few other titles found himself sitting down and making a cheesecake, from a old recipe that his old friend had made for him in many, many years past. In a time where he had quite a head younger. A crumbly crust, a honey texture, with a faint touch of nuts to add some extra flavouring to the classic snack that they had surprised him with one day when they had visited him. A friend he had marked with a tattoo around their finger to symbolise their love for their partner at the time, a mark that had turned into a mark of politics. He didn't know of what had become of them, if they had escaped down into this deep, dark underground like many of the others had. But he remembered them clearly, a fond memory of his youth. Of times long past. and he hoped that they were doing well and hearty wherever they might be now. A hope that could not be true. Yet perhaps it would linger wherever their spirit might be so that they would know that they were cared for, and their memory still lingered.
  4. A Boy. For a moment, found himself flowing through all of the memories he had of the couple that he had known for his entire life. He remembered meeting them when he was but a youth, fresh out of the wilds, and escaping valah that wanted to recruit him into their military as he was young, big, and strong. Kind words, understanding. Lessons of the drui way from Liri lips and answers of what the mother growth was like and why they were leaving by Tailesin. A Man. Thought over his time within vale, learning the path of the sage from Liri, lessons of the drui flickering through them while going through his path. Learning the place he was meant to be and becoming more of a man, instead of just a simple youth lad full of adventure and curiosity. Simply wanting to relax among nature not join any wars. It was a learning experience. A Elder. The final days had been a somber one, witnessing Liri growing more and more stiff. And waking up less and less as their hibernations become more frequent by the days. Tail, growing more somber by the days, longing for a end. So very tired. Each of them, growing closer to a end that called to them. That they wanted. And then - the final trial that was gifted to herald the end as they stepped forward. Passing through before their eyes. A pen met a page. "Another letter to the lovely couple, things are growing more hectic here. Times are changing and dangers are coming in further and further. But we are continuing to fight on, and we are missing you. The sheer wonderful, and wholesome warmth with a wise brush of knowledge with you Liri. And the stubborn, yet kind warrior within Tailesin despite all her grump. We will continue to miss you for centuries to come. And hope you are looking forward to a visit in time. Your friend, Ser Roylan." Another movement of his fingers folded the partment. Adding it to a letter that would never get sent. Tucking it away on his shelves. Lost to time and the passage of lost that it was.
  5. Ash found themselves clapping along to the shanties with a giggle escaping them as they listened along.
  6. A youth listened to the tale, the story. A ame amongst the Tennallar's as they listened with wrapt attention to the story that was filling their ears. Curious, dulled eyes glinting behind their glasses as the idly played with their chocolates while cradling their cane to their chest. Peeking at the map and listening to the tales before they found themselves quite intrigued! "Are we going on an adventure to find this island?"
  7. I'll be honest. When I made my first character my bucket list had been simple: Be a barbarian Rage Explore the world Meet people. Number 1: Failed and my tough highlander became a bard. Number 2: Character started to believe in reason and logic more than just angry emotions. Number 3: Did a lot of that but now a old man, content to do what little he can and has his little cave to live in. Number 4: Met a ton. But likes to get cozy with their old friends more often than new people now. Rather than a bucket list I have just let the roleplay shape and develop the character and direction. Similar to what I am doing with my new character as well. Letting their growth and development happen naturally.
  8. The druid of rainbow, of colours, of renewal and beauty even in the deadly form of totem sat. Within their cavern in the earth. Sitting on their desk, writing tool within their hand, twirling as he read the letter that had been left to him by one of his oldest friends. Before he moved his tool down upon a page, writing a letter. A letter that he would never be able to send. Yet one that would allow him to speak his feelings freely. For once, a simple ink. Instead of the usual colourful draw of feelings. "To both Tailesin, and Liri. You have both been a inspiration to me ever since I met you as a young lad, escaping villages that kept trying to recruit me to their armies, and trying to find a purpose after the passing of my mother. When we had met at the mother circle I had been curious, and learned of the drui way through liri, and then of the different views of the mother circle that was causing you both to leave. Giving me a new direction in my life to go. One that started off with a simple calling, and a understanding. Even agreement with a mirroring belief in several core values. And has now, become a massive part of my life. I became a sage under Liri's guidance, I learnt more of the drui path under your own. Both of you have been the oldest friends, and companions I've had in my life. If I hadn't been prepared for this parting, knowing that you were both tired, and nearing the end. I would of no doubt been broken hearted. Similar to how I had felt when our monkey friend passed in the battle that torched the city. But I had known, and been prepared. So now I can only feel a solemn acceptance, and surprisingly. A small touch of happiness, knowing that you can now rest. That you have done your duty, and both you and liri can find happiness in a adventure in a realm beyond this one. I pray that the next time we meet, the years have lifted from your shoulders, and a smile is much more naturally gracing both of your features. Until then, Tail, Liri, I hope you enjoy your eternal vacation." He took a moment. Gazing over the letters, the words etched down on the page before he blew on them. Making sure that the ink had stilled and dried before he carefully folded it away. And tucked it into his shelves. Adding to the many letters, poems, and pieces of artwork that had never been sent, or able to be used. Yet a record, a memory of his life and those of which he cared for they remained to be.
  9. Greetings there! Now with the coming deadline in a couple of months for a new map I find myself with a hefty sum of mina that I have been gathering for gifts, purchases, and emergencies that may not end up being used. I could hold onto it, just incase, but I feel like it could be a waste. When there's those out there that could use it in the time limit for projects they have in mind or making bids for places in the new map for locations that they might like. So! Hence this post. I am reaching out to any artists that might be up for doing some art for Mina. That have a need for it or a want. Please reach out to me and we can discuss ideas, and how much you would like for doing the art itself. I hope to hear from you! And to everyone that has peeked into this post, I hope you are having a truly wonderful and delightful year so far! May your days be positively divine.
  10. Soon the world ends. And something new comes on by.
  11. Does anyone else wake up and just spend a good few moments cracking their bones or is it just me?

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  12. Is basically how I'm doing lately! Both in and out of character. Chill, colourful grove. Hope you and the miss's are doing grand and continue to get better!
  13. A man with a garb of colour, and a beard that had shared that dancing design was nursing the pain of fractured ribs in the bottle while listening to a meeting when he suddenly felt it. The sound. The piercing mourning of another lost and shaking through his body. He knew not who was lost...or how. But his eyes glanced to the skies, tot he stone above. And rose the bottle that he carried with him up into the air as a whispered prayer was offered to them. "Whoever ya are....may ya find peace, and aye whole new, wonderful journey in the lands beyond this one. Safe voyage to ya." With that said he rose his bottle of mead, and then took a hearty swig for them.
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