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  1. ACU20

    [Pending]Killmatronix's Lore Master Application

    Pomoc pomoc pomo Da, he's a good kurva so I'd have to say that I'd believe he would contribute positively to the team and should definitely be given a shot. +1
  2. Game Moderator? More like.... GUM MODERATOR +1
  3. ACU20

    Banned for not having an unauthorised person?

    >When Renatians try to school people on breaking rules
  4. ACU20

    Declaration of war on Renatus

    "I declare war on Renatus" - States a Courlandic Screamer by the name of Edward Staunton
  5. A bird would arrive with a note, carrying an offer "Three thousand. - L"
  6. Take me daddy +1
  7. I love you joke13 And I did directly send this to a GM.
  8. I will do my best to learn from the path you have set, master.
  9. Our production capabilities of memes at this time are currently hampered by our homes having been seized along with the need to handcraft memes, we apologize for the lowering in quality but hope that we at the very least received a chuckle from you. Thank you.
  10. GÖTHAN MINISTRY OF MEMEFARE AND PROPAGANDA IN-EXILE ISSUED 12th of Suns Smile 1666 ________________________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________ Version 2.0 By Chase _____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________ These are jokes* that may or may not contain observable truths*
  11. ACU20

    [✓]hi vege

    Add me to the warchat aswell <--- Discord here
  12. ACU20

    The Boys Are Back In Town

  13. Even though after some rather rough patches with this woman and some rather tough drama, I'd say that it appears that she has learned from her previous experiences and appears to have garnered and maintains a willingness to accept and reflect on constructive criticism to become a better person so I do believe she'd be a rather nice addition to the FM Team to see if she can help manage and make a better community on the forums. +1
  14. ACU20

    The Rise of Fort Stronk and Fort Girth

    "Because nobody would believe them if they made Fort Intelligence." - Commented a random passerby harassed viciously by the feral orcs of the girthiest of all towers, a possible rival of the reiver tower?
  15. ACU20

    The Big battle at Small Tower

    "Good." - States Eimar var Burgundar from the seven skies