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  1. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    Oh hey it's that guy 0/10 I have never seen you before!
  2. Rate The Above User's Fame.

    Definite 10/12
  3. Raid Rules Feedback

    So it makes sense in rp that nations like Norland and Santeiga which have a small rp population have a skydaemon protection which makes any and all raids near impossible if they have a gate locked since nobody else can place down ladders In you case you put down two ladders.
  4. Raid Rules Feedback

    Curon's not close to spawn and you are basically going against one of the ageold rules of "Location, location, location" we are quite far away from spawn and certainly not the first thing people will see, I do believe Belvitz is much closer along with Marna which has signs pointing to it.
  5. Raid Rules Feedback

    Says you which directly benefits from it, we have more active players and more active RP than places like Santeiga which is an active deadzone yet they have done... what work to earn this? Your argument is invalid due to the simple fact that Santeiga exists.
  6. Raid Rules Feedback

    These rules actively punish freebuildnations as you can build ladders on their walls to get up and over them without any issues but if the freebuild nation wishes to do the same in turn they cannot because of skydaemon protection, wonderful
  7. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    I disagree with your statment in it's entirety as it is -I- that is the main character of LoTC if you keep claiming to be the main character of LoTC I will get my pocket GM to take the BR I will file on you! But in all seriousness I do believe that nationleaders should be forced to PK if there is enough RP behind it to support an actual killing of the character as they are in such a position, maybe perhaps not in a random bandit attack but definitely in raids/wars/assassinations etc. Who knows, this might help against the massive circlejerks that form, but this might also amplify the problem of *certain someones* that remain in their castles at all time and use their oilbaron money to expand OOC.
  8. 2 in 1 day?

    I am honored and humbled by the shoutout These are good memes, keep 'em coming!
  9. z3m0s = Youtube famous?

    *Cracks Knuckles* Warhawkes, they have a large turtle and a skullgate. Could it possibly be any edgier? Norland, Mainly because I haven't been there and they will murder me if I do visit Avoid the high elves as their cities all look the same anyway #RacialPrejudice Marna, Because they have a fantastic looking city Curon, Because praise the fatherland, we have a nice godchurch Englandismycity I am done memeing now edit; +1
  10. z3m0s = Youtube famous?

    I fundamentally disagree with the lack of other settlements in the video and you not mentioning which glorious shaderpack you use Definite -1 on LoTC, worst GM. +1 sub
  11. "King of NOrland? My, it appears as if even his title disagrees with his right to it." Frederick von Croë commented with a hearty chuckle
  12. From a skale of 1-10 you have me a 10/10 chance to make a pun out of your name, and judging by your watchful eye this is the first and last time I will ever be able to make a pun out of your name on the forums +1
  13. The Great Tent Purge

    I do believe the first image if from Curon and I do believe it's a quit original design by mister RemovusKebabus himself!
  14. Better Red Than Dead

    Quite red, indeed.
  15. [Denied] Violino's [Re-ET Actor] Application

    Mmm.. Kayla is a hot-headed and opinionated person and I have found that at times, she can be unreasonable to discuss certain issues with depending entirely upon her mood and the particular people involved. However, I do not believe that this negates the fact that Kayla is a higly intelligent, loving and caring person with a warm and open personality. I sincerely believe that Kayla would only be capable of contributing positively to the ET if she has learned from her past mistakes as her roleplay is simply top notch and an utter privilege to witness, never have i felt so immersed (except when she was talking to someone on TS and got distracted) than I have whilst roleplaying with her, she is an absolutely phenomenal choice for the ET and I do not believe there should be any delay in putting her to work immediately. - Chris