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  1. Atlas Events predictions? 🤔

    Game of Lord of the Craft
  2. "I seem to recall we lost two hundred and they lost a solid and rounded off four hundred. In any case the choirs of the orcs shall Continue for a while I suppose every couple of saint's days as always- Funnily enough the White Peak remains white and the slopes littered with green corpses. It appears to allude the uruks that to win one most succeed in actually taking the town, which you could not, instead you practically went on a lovely mountain hike with White Peak in the background. You seem to forget your total defeat against us but a saint's day ago where even your rex were slain. Tsk tsk tsk, silly orcs." - Eimar chuckled and he chucked a orcish corpse off of the battlements
  3. [Denied]Dragonayr's GM Application.

    Good guy with a good general attitude towards most things, I'd definitely give him a shot. I find his general lack of salt disturbing. +1
  4. Never A Defeat

    "Oi've gottah say that oi wonder how these folk remember anythin' considering how we quite litterally slaughtered them all after they once against after last saint's week attack assaualted the innocent Silverveins and Hammerforges due to Hamnil's desperate attempts to reclaim the kingdom that slipped through his fingers loik sand." - Eimar commented, letting out a huff, before he chuckled "Wildling humans- isn't it a greater insult to loose against a foe you perceive as intellectually and culturally inferior, that the 'great' forces of the frostbeards could not anticipate a mere flanking action?" We lost but a single man in the whole action yet you lost all of yours due to your mindless arrogance, instead of dealing in diplomacy you resort to mindless violence and play the victim when you loose." Eimar rolled up the parchment before he tossed it into the fire, scoffing to himself
  5. The Hamlet of White Peak

    [!] Notices and fliers would be spread across the mayor towns and cities in Atlas The Hamlet of White Peak Let it hereby be known that on this day that I, Eimar var Burgundar on the 11th of Malin’s Welcome in the year of our lord 1654 announce the existence of the Hamlet and Castle of White Peak is made public. All travelers, merchants and men of the cloth are welcome within its walls as both a place of refuge, and learning. For those whom seek employment within the scholarly arts, blacksmithing, soldiering or housework are all welcome to apply for a house, pay and work within White Peak and the var Burgundar family are actively seeking willing people to be assimilated into the settlement. Assimilation and any hiring will only occur if officially hired by either Eimar or Adylith var Burgundar, the custodians of White Peak. Contact with either of these would likeliest occur first by sending a bird to either. [ACU20], [Fan_ta_allt] The Hamlet of White Peak does not currently possess any ties or oaths linked to any of the existing human nations and can therefore be considered as a ‘sovreign’ body. It however seeks to establish ties and trade agreements with its neighbours to aid in the prosperity of all involved. The following contains some basic information regarding White Peak; White Peak is a strictly Canonist settlement, but allows religious freedom, but those whom are assimilated and move to the town are recommended to convert to Canonism. However the religious freedom laws do not extend to heretics or religions hostile towards the church of GOD. The towns infrastructure includes a smithy with livingspace on the second floor, barracks and gatehouse and three currently vacant houses and the castle on the top of the hill. It includes modern amenities with fresh and clean water from the mountains and numerous farms to keep the population well nourished. No taxes or payment is required once joining the town, the housing is also free. Only expectation placed upon inhabitants is to help protect the city and in some cases aid in working for the hamlet to aid in its further expansion.
  6. Sylvestre III's Mayoral Speech

    "Oh, how quaint." Frederick would comment as he read the transcript of the speech "Well this does suggest I was far too essential in the stewardry of Curon if my resignation leads the system to collapse. I should've written up suggestions for a good successor." He huffed as he rolled up the parchment and stuck it in his desk
  7. Lsuvsfar's Wiki Team App

  8. To the Staff Team

    I have the official new motto for the GM Team of LoTC, leaked to me by my top-tier pocket gm's Ambitiose sed Ineptum
  9. Ajax Ironwood's Mayoral Speech

    [!] Hoardes of rabid Curonic women cheer for Ajax
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      it's rlly cute when ecouples post abt their relationships on the forums <3

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      Devvy, LoTC's residential emo

  11. [!] A few scattered open letters found their way to the Dominion of Malin and other Elven holdings around Atlas, along with the mayor human settlements -x- To the most esteemed gentleman Azoth Hawksong Your vulgar criticisms of the Ascended order has been noted and shall be taken into consideration after some much needed self reflection. But only this fine day I merely wish to raise some counterarguments against the gentleman for the sake of fun. The esteemed gentlemen refers to Heial Vientos as that of an arrogant and irrational man, yet I find that it is you, who are a known adulterer who on numerous occasions has stolen other men's women, then, is that not the very picture of arrogance, to take another man's woman and then pretend he can get away from such? Is it not you who possess the arrogance and the ego that you believe that you can murder people and get away with such an act. An adulterous coward who claims that another man is affected by the spell of Iblees after the actions you yourself so hypocritically deem yourself capable of committing without just, and swift retribution. It appears to me as if the gentleman writes these open letters in order to hide your own insecurities, in regards to your own capacity to defend yourself and your ability to deal with things that threaten you. You lash out like a wounded animal in a corner afraid of revenge from those who have sworn off such things, you lure them to your city only to have them slain and then refuse to leave the confines of the Dominion of Malin, fighting with the tip of your pen instead of fighting valiantly with the tip of a sword. Nothing proclaims your moral superiority in dealing with the Ascended more than to massacre a couple of them and then propagandize publically about your actions. One would expect one of the name “Hawksong” to be able to produce a more coherent and more poetic text in order to strengthen your arguments, instead of course, the true noise of the hawk is heard instead of that of birdsong, which is an ignorant, malfunctioning and malnourished of thought SCHREEEEEEECH! Considering all this, it might simply be better for the right honourable gentleman to stick to slaughtering unsuspecting victims of your arrogance instead of torturing us with your vulgar and inept vocabulary. Cleanse yourself of your own Daemons before you start screeching about others. -Frederick von Croë -x-
  12. Mobs Suck

    Sky? More like Cry.
  13. Wolf's a Shaman

    I would give this man my left pinkie if it satisfied his need for +1's