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  1. The Great Reconciliation Act, 1612 The following peace agreement is signed between the House of Barbanov and House of Staunton. This treaty is agreed upon in good will of each party with the sincere attempt by both sides to create prosperity between their states. This peace agreement has been made with the simple aim of resolving the continuous conflicts between the Highlander people and Courlandic people, with both parties seeing mutual benefits out of working together rather than drawing blades on one another. After a meeting between His Majesty, Joseph Alexander Staunton and His Majesty, Stephen Karl Barbanov, in the palace of Curonburg, Aleksandria, the two have agreed to the following terms; All hostilities between the Greyspine Coalition and the Kingdom of Courland are to cease immediately. The Greyspine Coalition agrees to pay 30,000 minas to the Kingdom of Courland to finance the expansion of Courland on Asul. The Kingdom of Courland cedes Karlsburg province to the newly formed Kingdom of Ruska. The Greyspine Coalition agrees to remove all forces from the Stafford Fortress, to be returned to the Kingdom of Courland immediately. House Barbanov agrees to send a male member of their royal family to the Kingdom of Courland, and House Staunton agrees to send a male member of their royal family to the newly formed Kingdom of Ruska to act as a diplomat in order to further relations between the two nations. King Stephen Karl Barbanov of Ruska agrees to marry the Princess Royal Elizabeth Maria Staunton, of Courland. King Joseph Alexander Staunton agrees to marry the Crown Prince Henry Richard Staunton of Courland to a royal Barbanov lady when he comes of age. A violation of this treaty by either party by threat or an act of violence shall be enforced by TOTAL exile of the guilty members from their state and shall be executed if they attempt to return. It is agreed that acts of aggression from a single person or small group shall result in a correspondence between the two Kings, to prevent escalations to war. It is agreed that both nations respect the others religion, and shall not site such religious differences as a justification for war or a deterioration in relations in the future. The Kingdom of Courland and the Kingdom of Ruska shall maintain a defensive pact until the death of either monarch, where the treaty can be continued with the approval of both monarchs. Penned by the hand of Lord Edward Horen Signed by, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Joseph Alexander Staunton, King of Courland, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Baron of Curonburg, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, the Protector of the Heartlanders and Defender of the ‘True Faith’. HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Stephen Barbanov, King of Ruska, Grand Prince of the Raev, Duke of Greymarsh and Alban, Margrave of Vanderfell and Adria, Count of Siegrad, Werdenburg, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, Owynswood and Kaunas, Baron of Vsenk and Wyrmwood.
  2. ye, I like this +1
  3. A Response to the Lotharingian Ultimatum, 1611 A copy of the Lotharingian Ultimatum is enclosed with the parchment- https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/160759-humanitys-plight/#comment-1520136 To my brother-in-law, His Majesty Hughes d'Amaury, I pen this letter with a heavy heart, my Kingdom and my people suffering under the burden of warfare and of rebellion. It is so unfortunate that the stubbornness of a disloyal vassal, so far away from my home in Aleksandria, has brought my kingdom into another war we did not wish for. However, this small rebellion has made one thing clear, the true loyalties of my vassals. Those of Errmark and Stafford, shall always be remembered as disloyal opportunists, who seek not for a stable kingdom governed by one who is not autocratic, but a world that is ruled by either the Horens or themselves. Allow me to be blunt, these rebels will fail. I am sure of this, as all of my vassals who have the ability to field armies are still loyal to my house, with the Dwarves of Urguan and the Fenn accepting my call to arms like true, honourable allies, unlike some. You, King Hughes, declined my call to arms. Not only three years ago had your regent signed the ‘Treaty of Aleksandria of 1608’, secured by the marital union of your own sister to myself. Your rejection of my call to arms is a betrayal of the highest regard, however we as a Kingdom that separates itself from the tyranny of Empire did not seek revenge for such a betrayal, and we had no intentions of sending our vast armies into your defenceless lands in an act of revenge. What is rather surprising however, is that you sent a diplomat to my court, who proclaimed that you intended to aid the Ruthern rebels unless we offered you gold amongst other things. Since when does an ally not only decline a call to arms, but dare suggest that they will aid their allies’ rebels? You are truly a disgrace to humanity, a disgrace to all the living, and to God. Allow me to point out the hypocrisy in this weak ultimatum of yours; ”To the Staunton regime and those who would call them master, we say this: abandon your Dwarven allies. Cast them away from your ranks and fight your enemy solely; Man must not be trampled under heel of foreign powers”. Was it not those of d’Amaury who relied on the forces of Dwed, Fenn and Courlander amongst others during the Coalition War? House d’Amaury were too weak to remain in control of their very own capital, losing the city to a single Imperial loyalist and a small detachment of Imperial soldiers. Why are you so quick to forget this? “Act so that the score may be settled, lest your house be forever remembered as the one who leant on distant overlords.” Do you not remember the recent Mardon war? Lorraine would have stood no chance against the forces of Mardon. d’Amaury relied on my father’s forces for the victory at the Blackwald, with history showing us not one war where the House of d’Amaury stood for themselves, be it the old Duke’s War, the Imperial advancements on the Dwarves, or the recent Coalition and Mardonic war, instead you relied, and still do, on other powers. Allow me to finish on this note, brother Hughes. You show you blatant lack of honour with your support of these rebels, against the legitimate ruler of a sovereign nation, one that you have a marital union and alliance with. You choose rebels, bandits and brigands instead of your own nephew, sister and family, however I am certain God will secure the justice my kingdom deserves, such is the only pleasure I gain out of this. I look forward to our upcoming exchanges on the battlefield, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Joseph Alexander Staunton, King of Courland, Hanseti, Ruska, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, the Rightful Protector of the Heartlanders and the Highlanders
  4. "****, we're doomed" comments Joseph to his court
  5. tfw no 7k mina

  6. I would like a Skype group set up, however considering this is a rebellion, of a small county, we have the right to insta-siege the fortress. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that's what was going to happen during the coalition war when we took control of Ostwick, even though it was a huge ass fortress. On top of that, we won't be accepting allies. This is an internal rebellion, you are surrounded by the greyspine to your south and the duchy of Akovia to your north, and... we will not be accepting /any/ one day alts https://gyazo.com/7cb1708bf813fb45448a6aea018f95f5 that is your region list, we're not prepared to fight oren/haense again as per usual, we're gona be sticking with realistic rp and only allowing those on the region list, who probably rp in metterdern, to help in the defence Keaton's region list - https://gyazo.com/c586de4d303df2dc3255471ba0e28949
  7. A Royal Response to the ‘Act of Annexation, 1611’ 5th of Malin’s Welcome, 1611 The hostile annexation undertaken by the House Ruthern on the House Roswell are hereby declared illegal by the Crown. The House Ruthern’s ownership and ruling of the County of Istria is hereby declared illegitimate. The House Roswell acted without the approval or consent of the Crown or the Grand Duke of Akovia, in pursuit of their own interests, thusly this response is formally issued. Given the transgressions by the House Ruthern on the House Roswell and by extent, the Grand Duchy of Akovia and the Crown, the following terms of surrender are hereby issued by the Crown, with the consultation of His Grace, the Grand Duke of Akovia, to the House Ruthern. The House Ruthern will surrender all lands and titles gained by their transgressions against the House of Roswell. The House Ruthern will cease their aggressions against the Grand Duchy of Akovia and by extent, the Crown. The House Ruthern shall be allowed to retain their current titles and lands with exemption of the titles and lands formerly possessed by the House Roswell. The House Ruthern shall pay a sum of 7,000 minas to his Grace, the Grand Duke of the Akovia. The House Ruthern shall issue a formal apology for their crimes to the House Roswell, the Grand Duchy of Akovia and the Crown. The Crown hereby issues the County of Istria and all of its lands to his Grace, the Grand Duke of Akovia for him to, at a further date, issue to whom he see’s fit, in accordance with the laws and interests of the Kingdom of Courland. Should the House Ruthern fail to comply with these generous terms of revocation, the House Ruthern shall be branded as traitors to the realm and rebels. Thusly, they shall be met with whatever means necessary in securing the lands and titles of the Kingdom of Courland. Signed, HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, Joseph Alexander Staunton, King of Courland, Hanseti, Ruska, Duke of Eastbourne, Courland, Eruthos, the Heartlands, Frederica, Cascadia, Count of Aleksandria, Riga, Westmark, Beauclair, Sundholt, Wett and Eastmark, Lord of Mt. St. Tobias, the Rightful Protector of the Heartlanders and the Highlanders HIS GRACE, Franz Josef Kovachev, Archduke of Akovia, Count of Karovia, Vsevograd, Baron of Vsenk, Godansk, Laval, Warden of the North
  8. I wasn't referring to what you said, more what others had said e.g. mj. Also, to get your other guys involved either a) rp, wow ikr rp on an rp server, or b) raid multiple settlements at once. I honestly find the current raid rules perfect, they allow rp'ers to rp and prevent huge ass raids that decimate rp hubs
  9. I feel dumb rn
  10. just checked, 2hrs and 20 mins for chest, dunno about the rest
  11. Hate the law-less banditry proposition. It is law-less, and does any city really want to deal with 8 dunamis screamers who grind and practise pvp all day? On top of that, they've got grappling hooks so literally nowhere in a city is safe unless u live under a mountain like the dwarves. Also **** off with the "it'll make a active guard force! xdee" no it won't, it'll harm rp and the largest guard force in the world can't beat Dunamis screamers especially if they can bring 8 people to a fight lol
  12. If you vote Labour I will personally put you down

    1. WoodenApples


      shut it u fascist pig

  13. “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” -Frederick Staunton-Baden, addressing the Nation Leaders of Axios. An assembly of the Nation Leaders of Axios, Curonburg Palace Circa; 1609 The news came upon the men of Courland as a hot knife, seering the hearts and wills of all that it came to learn of it. The great Westward Kingdom had fallen, the undead scourge pouring into Bastion, the slaughter of the innocents there, and the fall of the Westerlands. As letters still came, with descriptions of the horror and merciless pillage of these lands, did the sky above Aleksandria become darkened from the sheer number of birds soaring across the warm summer air. Each bearing the same message, sealed in the same wax, and stamped with the Privy seal of King Joseph Staunton. Over the skies of the Citadel of Acael, Taliyna’maehr, Al’Khaleed, San’Torr, Linandria, the Rexdom, and Metz did the birds fly, while others passed through the tunnels of Kal’Omith. Each finding their way to the elven, dwarven, Orcish and human rulers, their message simple: “A call to arms, the undead have come” And with each bird sent, did a host of Men, Elves, and Dwarves come. Each bearing the letter destined for them, and each dressed in the splendid and fearsome regalia of war. The throne room filling ever more with each passing moment, until the very walls of the castle groaned under the sheer might of the regal attendance. Rising from his throne, the fine autumn green and midnight black of his robes dancing through the movement, did King Joseph Staunton face the magnificent assembly. His action bringing the assembled Royalty, Nobility, and Gentry of the realms to an idyllic quiet. Through this, did the young King speak, “Those who stand here before me, with the might and the will of the mighty Kingdoms of this world, hear my call. A threat has come unto our great Kingdoms, lands, peoples, and very children. The Undead have risen, their corrupt and foul presence being held back no longer! The Westerlands has fallen to this threat with Bastion claimed by these monsters, even as the defenders still breathed did the city come to an end. So hear me this day! Fakhri Kharadeen, Ikur Seregon, Arthur Horen, Aelthir Tundrak, Odo d’Amaury, Bastion Ireheart, Rex Gurak'Yar, Peter Sigismund, Tristin Tresery, I call on you and your noble vassals. Join with my family once more, to end this threat as we have done to the others.” And as the roar of approval swept through the air of Aleksandria, did the hammering of armour and sharpening of swords drown it out. The cleansing of the Westerlands had come. WARCLAIM Tier Chosen (This cannot be changed after the first warclaim is held): 1 Type of battle: Skirmish Date And Time: May 7th, Sunday 3pm EST, 8pm GMT Side A: The United Front Side B: The Scourge of Mordring + Allies Location and boundaries: Direct Area: https://gyazo.com/51ff08dbca7f269681b5b743ea81fb45 Surrounding area of battlefield for reference to location: https://gyazo.com/f60fe4cba80db29d91cb2a84a416f001?token=b22f33abbe2c68afc19a894b3ccbd788 Terms of Victory Upon Victory For... Victory for the Attackers: All Mordring and allied forces are killed, flee the battlefield. Victory for the Defenders: All United front forces are killed or flee the battlefield REWARDS Offensive Victory: The United Front may go on to siege Bastion. Defensive Victory: The Scourge of Mordring may go on to siege a nearby location. Rules No status switching. All LoTC rules. No golden apples. No one day alts.
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