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  1. "My daughter Annabel lawfully rules the Kingdom of Norland, rebels of hers are rebels of Staunton." Sven states upon hearing the news.
  2. +1. Good lad, just needs to watch his temper now and then
  3. Sven would dip his head in respect upon hearing of the death of his friend.
  4. I've seen the guy helping out less experienced players. Give him a chance +1
  5. A huge -1. I've personally witnessed him abusing his pex, using /v and /warp human to get out of rp when I found his char alone in the Imperial Palace. The guy was a disgrace to the GM team, and it would be mad to even consider him again for the job.
  6. treshure is an awesome guy and can rp very well.
  7. hahahahaha +1
  8. "Good men." Sven would comment upon the walls of the Brawm fortifications in the heart of Haense.
  9. How can Arteh be the region owner?? Arteh has been inactive for 6 months and Baba has been Arch-Duke for most of that
  10. ((so ur transferring ownership from the legitimate duke cos of an rp post. (claps) Courland #2
  11. "Now that was a surprise"
  12. Sven signs
  13. you're so funny mah dude! hahahahaha