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  1. "Wannabe flays lose their wannabe mount augustus. Sad!" observes Arik.
  2. Yoppl's writing is both engaging and informative, overqualified for Lotc staff if anything.
  3. I'm pretty sure he's just a troll
  4. Low attention span
  5. meh, he's kind of a sheggit
  6. "nice format" observes Pavel, a ponderous expression crossing his face.
  7. bad shitpost
  8. Mars de Bar's orbs alight with an ambidextrous ambiguity, his malignity overshadowed by bewildered affluence as his bloated visage contorts in intense rationality. "Gereon Christ our lord, inshallah." he croaks forth, digits adorning the wickery borderlands of the parchment.
  9. Mars de Bar ponders
  10. (( Birdmen are always a good idea, but the Crimson cult is a cyst.
  11. -= no life ? =-
  12. -= No thanks =-
  13. Damn, I never knew Norland culture was so multifaceted. Thank you for broadening my horizons, Dr.
  14. =- -= "hm, still no war. sad!" =- says a stern Ser Stephen =-
  15. Northerners are always fun