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  1. Over the clamor of the carnage and madness of battle, the low drone of a horn shakes Karl out of his stupor. As his vision comes back into focus, he watches the grey mass of Orenian soldiery slowly recede from the field. A whispered prayer through his blood soaked lips bid them to return safely to their families, to their warm hearths, and their anxious families. The barbed arrow of an uruk skirmisher had felled the Prince as his weak shield arm failed him. His tabard coated in the blood of allies and enemies alike, Karl passed for just another fallen warrior, the coalition soldiers cheering triumphantly mere feet away would never know that an enemy commander lay within their reach. Never the warrior himself, Karl had preferred to let others do his fighting for him. Andrik had always bested him in the training yard, and the Haensic army had never been finer during his regency. Karl had seldom had to lift a finger to see that the realm was protected. A second son could only do so much. If only he could lift a finger now. The Prince tries to rise to his feet, before the heavy reminder of the dead horse pinning his mangled legs to the earth brings him back to rest. He struggles weakly against the equine’s weight for a minute, before his adrenaline is gradually replaced by fatigue. Resigned to his fate, Karl reflects on the life he has lead, his fights to keep Haense aligned with the Empire and uphold the promises of his father, his quarrels with Andrik, looking into the eyes of his son, Josef, for the first time. Last of all, he thinks of his young nephew, the fledgling King Marius in his court. “The Kingdom is in sound hands.” is the last thought in Karl’s mind as he passes on to grey expanse of the void, his careworn face relaxing at long last as the weary regent finds his final rest. ((kind of a late post sorry
  2. Signed
  3. Deep within the testicles of Pavel, a sperm cell readies himself for the next Oren-Dwarf war.
  4. ((Echoing HB's posts, well done with how you rped the falling action of the war and keeping rp in rp. Glad we got to make up our differences during the conflict.
  5. Karl Sigmar gives Phillip a solemn nod of greeting in the Seven Skies.
  6. swing timers zzz
  7. ((I'm glad that someone actually understands how to use the 'de' prefix.
  8. I love how that is being passed around lmao
  9. this is just sad
  10. Leo summed up a lot of my opinions on this with his responses. Ever since I inherited the Kingdom of Haense, I have made a serious effort to keep things in roleplay. Most of the server's problems can be traced back to ooc feuds and nastiness, something I have participated in at different points. Since I've began keeping my affairs in rp, I can honestly say I've been enjoying the server for what it is, a place for active, dynamic rp. All I can really ask is that other people try and do the same. Get off ts, get off Skype, make your important decisions in rp, as your char would. ((rushed post from my phone, I may post more later
  11. *a Royal courtier pins a reply. "Your sentiment is one I have heard many times before, and I have a simple explanation that has put many a northman's soul at ease. Seek me out in St Karlsburg if you wish to discuss this.' -Pavel of Rothswood ((if you'd like to rp with me I'll be on tomorrow until then you can talk to me on skype @ birdnerdy
  12. I don't think our last warclaim would have lagged or crashed if there hasn't been ET/tech activity during that time. All I can ask is that staff refrains from doing anything that could cause severe lag during the warclaim period.
  13. +1
  14. i really dont care what decision is made regarding the region, hopefully the staff makes a smart decision (doubt it but w/e) im just happy that i get to kill stauntons again haha