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  1. smh fam we dabbed on you lads no need for embellishment 😮
  2. howd the wargames go m8
  3. >posting on a GM app for drama that likely happened months ago
  4. new blood +1
  5. lol
  6. Uninstall the dev team 

  7. Glad I got to know you in your twilight years.
  8. I'm interested. Name is Karolus_
  9. Takes this **** seriously, +1
  10. My faith in God has returned.
  11. Are there actualy children starving in haria? Are there even people in Haria?

    1. Birdnerdy
    2. ibraheemc2000


      nope there isn't any starving children in Haria and yes there is people in Haria :)

    3. overlord2305


      Are there any children in Haria though? The fact you waited this long makes me think you waoted for them to starve so you could say theres no children starving to death....anymore

  12. "Swallow ***** - there's children starving in Haria." - Enoch the Pilgrim, one hour prior in the Mardon gardens.
  13. Stephen yawns, preparing for a journey to the seaside.
  14. Option one would fix much of the problem with poor bandit rp that we're experiencing, but in conjunction with its addition, we should implement a large badlands region where items do drop from players, for groups to skirmish each other and have a reliable outlet for mineman combat that doesn't degrade any quality rp.