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  1. @Naruto_Uzumaki
  2. hahahaha this thread must have cut pretty deep
  3. I'll echo several other posters on this thread in reiterating that the class of firearms that many players would like to see implemented deal the same amount of damage as a crossbow (an item that is already at our disposal), but far less reliably. Conceivably, somebody on lotc right now could powergame in exactly the same manner as @zaezae warned of: walking up to their enemy with a loaded crossbow and pulling the trigger, expecting a pk. It is not a rampant problem that we experience, despite it being an easy stretch of a crossbow's capabilities as a weapon. Nobody serious about implementing firearms wants it solely to "counter magic", you would still be able to cast your WoW spells on each other in peace and with the same reliability as before. If guns took the same amount of effort to prepare and effectively use in roleplay as basic combat magic, and were implemented with the same regulations as magic to prevent abuse, how would they impact the status quo of magic combat roleplay? Most of outrcry against guns on this thread rise from "BUT MUH THEME" or "MUH HIGH FANTASY" arguments. Lotc has no agreed upon theme except that it is a fantasy roleplay. Fantasy is far from a niche genre, it can encompass worlds as different as Westeros and Narnia. There is nothing thematically incompatible with fantasy about primitive firearms, they exist comfortably with advanced and complex magic within the Warhammer universe. Your individual opinion on what Lotc's lore "theme" should be does not reflect the entirety of Lotc's playerbase, nor even the majority.
  4. Karl Sigmar offered none of the typical tearfelt welcomes or warm words of congratulations when his youngest came to rest beside him in the Skies. Nay, all that Heinrik was afforded was a solemn look of understanding, for Karl had once shared the burden that Heinrik bore. To stand behind a great man is often a thankless task, but they had each done their duty, and done it well. Perhaps they might find some much needed rest in eternity.
  5. I. Name: Karol Nevsky II. Age: 47 III. Place of Residence: IV. Skilled Labor [Farmer, Lumberjack, etc.]: OOC MC Name: Daddy_Warbucks Skype ID: birdnerdy Do you have TeamSpeak? If not, it is recommended that you download it Yeah daddy
  6. Enoch admires the duped item from afar.
  7. *Eric nods firmly. "This totally justifies anything I do now" he says, torching an orenian homestead
  8. will somebody explain this new forum rule to me

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      what you crying about nerdbirdy

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      legit rp post that was hidden

      got it fixed though xoxo

  9. WHAT THE **** 


    who removed my post on yoppl's permakill post

    1. Birdnerdy


      answer me FM *****

      I ******* dont even know why explain yourselves 

  10. As Stephen passed on into the cold embrace of the Void, an ethereal chorus of voices might catch his ear. Grey phantoms, adorned with the heraldry of a times long since past, emerge from the heavy darkness around him with arms extended, as if to embrace the dying King. Their distant chants fill the empty wastes with sung and spoken words, not of greeting, nor grieving, but of thanks. If Stephen were to examine the faces of his admirers, he might catch a glimpse of Osgod Colborn's weathered visage, or the stern countenance of Rickard Barrow. Perhaps he would lock eyes with the steely gaze of Jan Kovacs, or marvel at Lerald Vyronov's staunch mustache. The long dead Legion's had been roused many years before by the trampling feet of the Courlander hordes. Their burial sites were desecrated and spat upon by those who sought to subjugate their successors, the heretics of the True Faith and the treacherous dwed. Displaced, they had wandered the Void without rest, their wails lost in the howling winds that tumble over the Hinterlands. It was Stephen who oversaw the gradual reconstruction of the Haeseni realm, and bore its mantle with pride. It was he who ensured that the graves of his forefathers would sit undisturbed. Most important of all, it was he who raised up another Great Generation of hearty northmen under the Barbanov banner, and led them to countless victories. For all of this and more did the ghostly entourage thank the passing King, the spirits of the Gold Corps singing praises to his name as their weary souls found peace once again.
  11. Karol Nevsky, loyal yeoman of the House Barbanovic, spits to the side as word of the feast reaches his ears. "Is this Rodrik Ashton merely a fool, or is this sham of a celebration meant as a gesture of disrespect to the Haeseni people? He invites our good Prince to dine in the same hall as that kinslaying, oathbreaking worm, Stefjan Kovacs, and expects his attendance in good faith? I cannot offer surprise, as the Norlander people are known for neither their intellect nor their honor."
  12. Another player and I have already written a completed culture post with a near identical concept, and have started to develop it in game. We would be more than willing to include you in the project. Add me on Skype @birdnerdy so that we can talk.
  13. Mass'ive Cra'fte spits out his tea.
  14.  5820025dbca7340715835872e662c0ec.png

    Quite an ironic statement coming from someone who doesn't have the balls to say it to my face :^)

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      Well you should ******* stop and so should they there's no reason for those sorts of comments and I'm fairly certain not all 70 ppl in that chat dislike me as a matter of fact I've heard on TS and seen in skype ppl defending me after I've gotten banned for one reason or another. Point is there's no point for comments like that and I have to deal with it at 2 am because I don't like people insulting me. I have to get up in 4 hours. Please could you and those who 'aren't behind my back' with you just chill Jesus ive been at camp for like 4 days haven't logged in TS or anything haven't had computer either 

    3. Birdnerdy


      I made a joke about your adolescence. I'm sorry that it cut so deep. 

      I made a joke about your adolescence. I'm sorry that it cut so deep. 

    4. Hero_


      Ok now fkn stop lmao

  15. Mother's home.