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  1. No Freebuild

    We have tried it. It ******* sucked ass.
  2. No Freebuild

    We've had that before and it failed.
  3. No Freebuild

    Title says it all, the only reason freebuild tiles were even on the drawing board for 6.0 is this post by a now absent ex-admin (Danny) from the middle of summer. It banked on nostalgia for older maps, and was posted at a notable low point for player-staff relations. Our dear leader 501 only threw his support behind it to quell the community in the short term and try to lose the rep he has as someone who consistently tunes out player feedback (despite the overwhelming evidence to proves that he does). Freebuild was snuck under our nose, and now with 6.0 just around the corner, players are starting to balk at the thought of desecrating what's looking like a beautiful map with a coating of cobble castle and sand d*cks. Don't implement freebuild because of an ex-admin's demagoguery and a PR stunt by our control-freak-in-chief. Thank you.
  4. narthok what discord/ts do you hang out in m9

    1. Narthok


      Red faith discord

  5. ♛ Santegias Defensive Raid ♛

    holy **** stop
  6. And so we stand, once more

    Balthazar ponders.
  7. A mind at peace

    “Who?” says Balthazar.
  8. The Reichwald Greatswords

    OOC Username: Daddy_Warbucks_ How active are you usually?: Weekends You ok with using Skype?: Yes IC Name: Kurt Kruger Age: 25 Race and Culture: Human, Waldenian Gender: Male Social Status: Commoner Military History: Ex Legionare.
  9. This map looks so beautiful, why would we want to desecrate it with with freebuild?

    Edited by Birdnerdy
    1. NotEvilAtAll


      There’ll probably be rules against land scaring and really ugly builds

    2. Birdnerdy


      That would take an insane amount of  manpower to enforce. Freebuild was only snuck under our nose because of Danny the demagogue in a staff ploy to quell the community in the short term. They should seriously reconsider. 

    3. Dunstan
  10. A Call to Arms

    Arik recalls a certain day. Vivid images fill his mind.
  11. A Call to Arms

    "We shall not falter." murmurs Balthazar, crossing the Lorraine.
  12. How Nexus Should Be

    Don't push our luck
  13. im literally crying with joy