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  1. Wapples' app

    "wow wow calm down lego. this is a discussion page, don't undo what I've said. now you guys are claiming that seannie and the other guy ok'd? Right well both of them were killed in pvp, and both of them /d 40'd and refused to return to rp. They /don't/ decide if they died after pvp, rather we get to rp with them and either apprehend them or kill them. They robbed us of this chance, refused to return and said that they pk'd, creating a shitty rp story that we killed an 8 yr old kid. Now idgaf if they made some stupid rp post, they abused the rp situation, nobody killed them, they decided themselves that they would pk from pvp to make us look like the villains. That is why I made this rp section so that it is fair, you guys in ooc used the whole killing an 8yr old to you advantage in rp, however in rp it didn't happen so to make the most rp sense out of it I wrote that. I'm very happy for you guys to contribute in a useful way, however forcing rp on this page that didn't actually happen is not useful int he slighted. If you guys persist I can get gms involved to validate my position" -Woodenapples, from the discussion on the "Joseph Staunton" wiki page. This sentiment is directed not to Woodenapples in particular, but to all aspiring wiki writers who obsess over the pages of their own characters. The passage I quoted is indicative of an attitude pervasive across many wiki pages, a perpetual need to validate and justify the self. A solid 90% of wiki work nowadays is done by players creating pages for characters that they themselves roleplayed, either to get that rush of feeling relevant on our minecraft server, or to "set the record straight,” in Wapples's case. A popular argument justifying this tendency is that there is nobody better suited to write on a character than their associated player, but so often, this is far from the truth. For starters, if you are the only person who would want information on your character, they probably don't need their own wiki page. Secondly, as seen in the selection above, most people hold a certain stake in how their characters are remembered. They crave the authenticity of seeing their own (albeit adopted) name in fine print, and feel a need to safeguard their legacy from former IC opponents. Now in Wooden's defense, this was all in response to an attack from legoboy, who is not to be trusted with writing engaging and impartial content for the wiki. That said, it doesn't excuse the conflict and anger in the passage. Legoboy was ardent in insisting that Joseph was a child murderer who deserved to be deposed, while Wapples arges that Joseph was entirely blameless. Both players felt a need to push their own agenda into a supposedly unbiased wiki page, abandoning any idea of impartiality in the process. Lego wants to see that the Ruthern side of the story makes it onto the page, while Wapples wants to see the Staunton perspective there instead. They are obviously incompatible, hence the conflict. An easy compromise could be made on the page, if a third writer were to intervene. Is it really a good idea to put these sorts of jobs in the hands of players who write wiki pages for largely selfish reasons? Wapples is far from the only one, nor even the worst offender. Whoever reads these applications, this is a plea to close the wiki from public editing, and put somebody competent in charge of the team who actually contributes to the project by writing and doesn't just get by marking articles as stubs. Thank you.
  2. [Trial]StokedOff's GM Application

    Not the brightest bulb in the string but he’ll do
  3. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    Infernic Castors don't kill people. People kill people!
  4. Gunpowder, Cannon and Arquebus Lore

    Funny that the majority of those crying "muh setting" roleplay nonhumans or spellcasters who have access to the absurd powers of magitech. Whose setting exactly is at stake here? Which playerbase and race were the first to advocate for firearm lore? The human playerbase of Oren. Your rp is just as insular as ours. Most humans spend their time with other humans, elves with elves, dwarves with dwarves, etc. How many human rpers did you see criticizing or proposing retcons to magitech lore because it our violated our "theme?" Why are you so anal about what our roleplay could look like? The fantasy genre is as expansive and varied as the name implies, the invisible marked boundaries that you lot refer to don't exist anywhere within film, games, or literature. Our interpretation of fantasy is just as valid as yours.
  5. Your View: Techlock

    That's why the lore should be crystal clear in what constitutes a properly roleplayed firearm so that powergaming can be easily punishable.
  6. Your View: Techlock

    IMO if the lore were written right any mage with his salt would be able to wipe the floor with any gunslinger just as he could with a human bearing a crossbow. Nobody who advocates for the lore wants magic to go anywhere or be diminished in power. There were many armies throughout history that armed their men with firearms alongside melee weapons. They were a supplement to traditional combat when they were first introduced, it wasn't until the 15th-16th century that they completely replaced pre existing tech.
  7. Your View: Techlock

    Crude firearms are entirely possible within LOTC's existing lore, but the LT thus far have maintained a Mexican style blanket gun ban to keep them out of the hands of such unwashed brainlets as Orenians :( . Sure, humans could move towards clock work, but that's just your personal vision of what our rp could look like, which is totally fair. We have our own. You are babbling with no direction and have done nothing to address the points I brought up earlier on this thread. Get out of your hotboxed basement, take a walk, and try again to respond to what I said.
  8. Your View: Techlock

    I really love how you chose a clip where a mage completely ices an orc with a magic shot and creates a literal force field to protect himself lmao
  9. Your View: Techlock

    I can only speak for a part of the human player base here, but many of us are interested in altering the cultural aesthetic of Oren to break the monotony of the medieval kingdoms roleplay that's been our staple for years and years. The military is at the center of any human roleplay group, and diversifying our options for rp combat is something that many of us would like to do. Also we enjoy Warhammer fantasy just as much as every other LOTC race who takes inspiration from the universe's lore.
  10. Your View: Techlock

    wtf is this babble lol Idk if you live in crimeless gun free Mexico, or if you're just willfully ignorant of reality, but operating a firearm, especially the early variants that would be compatible with LOTC lore required some serious motion. I know that it'd require more effort to roleplay than your typical *Vorgo swings his club WIF FORCE* emote, but that doesn't make something more or less susceptible to powergaming. Any approved gun lore would have an agreed upon set of preparatory steps to follow before the user is able to pull the trigger and be operating within the bounds of the lore. If anything, this would make powergaming easier to detect, dispute, and report, more so than the "durhurhur BROOT STRENGF" roleplay that you're advocating for., where the creative scope a fight is far more limited. If implemented properly, lotc firearms would be no different than weak combat magic in their execution.
  11. Your View: Techlock

    Allowing for the existing magitech to remain as it is, absurdly powerful, elaborate, and unbalanced, while blocking milder technological progress with a more scientific base is utter hypocrisy. Nobody who advocates for gun lore is asking for an equivalent to the teleportation portal, shielding, and artificial ******* intelligence made possible by magic. The insinuation of keeping potential advancements to technology in the hands of magic roleplayers is that the LOTC everyman (more often then not, the human) will only use them to powergame and degrade the experiences of others. Oren has just as strong a base of competent and detailed roleplayers as the elf nations that LTs congregate in, and suggesting that we cannot handle the intellectual task of quality roleplay is frankly insulting. The allure of magic is that it is a power that we do not fully understand, making magic wielders something mystic and exotic. Would it not require a more comprehensive and grounded roleplayer to write emotes for more realistic technology, as its components and functions demand a more compelling explanation and justification? The double standard here is just absurd.
  12. The Ashen Council

    ((who wrote this
  13. Karol gives a rare laugh from the musky barracks of Alban over a pint of ale.
  14. [✓] idea for clay/mesa biome next map

    I just wanna rp in Zion

    ((kyle, his forum name is literally Honor. Do you really think you know better than this guy? smh