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  1. A dark, green eyed young man draped in a thick fur cloak of Hansetian bear steps forward before the assembly. "I address you today, good people of the realm, not as as monarch or leader, but as a fellow soldier and countryman. The fiery pride that burns within the heart of the highlander people has driven us back to our homeland with a hammer and chisel in hand, for a great reconstruction lies before us. Just as the other candidates beside me, I did my part to win the recent Greyspine Rebellion against Courland. While my physical role in the Battle of Rothswood was negligible, I devoted myself wholly to rallying fellow northmen to the cause, bringing a sizable company of hardened Haense veterans to aid the cause. Though my years are not quite as short as one of my other aspiring contenders, any who have met me are aware of my youth, it is not something that shames me, for I have made good use of my youth. I have studied the arts of statecraft in my father’s court, namely at the knee of the cunning diplomat that has opened a dialog with the Kingdom of Courland to resolve the bloody conflict that is now behind us, and I have dived into Karovic antiquity alongside Stanimir Vyronov, the foremost scholar of the Haeseni and at one time the Empire’s historians circles. Already, I have put pen to paper to voice myself and those behind me. When I asserted myself once after the exile and subsequent of my father and older, I swore to rebuild my family and kin up from the ground up, to carve out a new path for myself and for my people. I stand you once again to ask for that chance. Peace talks with Courland and her allies have opened a new door for our people, the sons of St Joren, the highlanders. If peace is to be found between our two nations, we each might have a chance to rebuild the countless homes and families destroyed by the continuous conflicts of the past century, and rebuild the infrastructure sacrificed in the name of war. Let gold from the coffers of every northman, for I shall build our realm into a bastion of economic opportunity. Let us become a nation of trade and prosperity, not one of blood and steel, and stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of humanity against the threat of the Horde’s brigands. My first endeavor as King is to restore the seats of all those Houses that have followed the Host back into the northmarch to reclaim their former lands. Every vassal levy is depleted, and those lesser Houses who have bravely fought with dogged loyalty and fortitude in the wars our families have waged alongside each one another. My fellow candidate Adolphus’s concerns are shared by myself, and I shall not let the services of those brave men who put their very necks on the chopping block in hopes of regaining what was once ours go unnoticed and unrewarded. Under my rule, every man, however meek, will have an opportunity to assert himself and rebuild what he has lost into something far more grand for their kern to inherit. I too seek to reinforce the rightful faith of Canonism in the hearts of our people. It was his unshakable faith in our Lord that kept my father Marius, a Defender of the Faith, from caving under the weight of his crown, and the agonies of his people in exile. The fires of faith must be lit in the heart of every northmen if our realm is to prosper, for a people without God is a lost people. A grand cathedral will be erected alongside a motte and bailey, and guild houses for the merchants of the realm to raise us all into wealth. With this vision in your minds, I bid you, my fellow electors, to cast your vote for King to Stephen Barbanov. The realm thanks you. “ He takes his seat.
  2. Im in
  3. Judicious, wise, and great with new players, yoppl would be a fantastic GM.
  4. Honest feedback Max, clean up a bit of your forum behavior before applying. Most of your stuff is good, just maintain a serious tone. Otherwise, +1 from me.
  5. Karl Sigmar greets his nephew into the Skies with a melancholy look of understanding.
  6. Good tidings to you, noble denizens of the realm In times of such turmoil as these, many men find themselves at a familiar crossroads. Two paths present themselves: The first to be spotted is a mellow and padded road, tread by aimless pedestrians that keeps familiar lands and locations well in sight. For the common man, this choice comes easily, his feet are lent quite willingly to the familiar and softer avenue. But there are those mavericks among us whose heart is not satisfied by the common path. For these, a steep, narrow trail lies just out of sight, while perilous, beckons with promises of adventure and glory. I find myself at such a crossroads today. For half a century, my House has ruled over the highlander peoples, by Right of the ancient Crowns of Hanseti and Ruska, the foremost highlander Kingdoms of antiquity. Rightfully and well we did! The sprawling Kingdom of Haense was a true homeland for Joren’s sons, the majestic Greyspine Range and the spectral Rothswood Forest recalled the barren and untamed Aegesian north. Under King Peter’s dynasty, a host of elder highlander families settled the wild hinterlands, and the Dual Monarchy saw half a century of prosperity under the House of Barbanov When tables turned against the Golden Crows, old enemies fell upon Marius’s Kingdom. Abandoned by their allies, my father and his soldiers fought with honor, but as evidenced by the noble Adrians, such a policy does not elicit victory. I do not address you today to reminisce over the war. I will not justify nor condemn my ancestor’s actions, for they were their own. Their mistakes are not mine, and I shall not let them bind me. My House’s titles were substantiated through blood, but a Kingdom is not sustained by a family tree. Barbanov’s words were backed with their soldier’s steel and their bannermen’s vast estates. At the height of her power, a man would be hard pressed to find a realm that rivaled Haense’s military and civil achievements. Such days are now behind us, and it leads me to wonder. The elder blood of Sigismund runs through my veins, and the Cap of Prince Branimir the Leper rests on my head, but am I a King of Ruska? My forefather was rightfully granted the Marian crown, but am I a King of Hanseti? Herein lies my crossroads. A King’s first duty is to his subjects. Fate has decided that I cannot safeguard the highlander people as dynasts of my House once did. I might cling to these titles and honors bestowed on my ancestors, hope for a page in a history book by virtue of my blood. An easy path lies before me, but my feet are not so soft. I am no common man, and such stagnant conservatism does not become me. If I am to become a great man, it will be on my own terms, and by my own merit. Not but a Saint’s Day ago, our highlander kindred at the Krag won a heroic victory against the Urguani forces, who sought to quench the hearty flame of the Norlandic people. My cousins of Ruthern wage their own war of independence against the Courlander realm. I come not to restore the realm of my forebears, but to forge my own path through this turbulent world of blood and steel, to test my mettle in the fight against dwarven hegemony. Here on this barren earth, I plant my flag, any and all who wish to fight beneath the banner of the Golden Crow once more are welcome in my camp. I relinquish all ties and oaths bound to the former Lords of Haense. Any who wish to swear their swords to me are welcome, but I ask nothing of those men who wish to go their own way. The sun has not set on House Barbanov, nae, a new day is dawning! To the illustrious Hochmeister Sergei and his Teutons, the House of Barbanov cedes the crown of Hanseti and all claims to the accordant Kingdom of Hanseti, to do with as they will. By the authority of the Boyar’s Cap, most ancient and sacred of Karovic reliquary, I, Stephen Barbanov, suspend the Kingdom of Ruska on this day, 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1611. This is done with the sole condition that a recognized and legitimate Crowsmoot (an assembly of all of living Karovic scions) may choose a King of Ruska through a vote. Such a Crowsmoot will be convened by the bearer of the Boyar’s Cap in the event that the formation of a Ruskan Kingdom appears viable. IV JOVEO MAAN, STEPHEN BARBANOV
  7. Arik Rutherns salutes his hearty Tosali comrades.
  8. *canNot see thread as he is banned
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  10. events from @Eddywilson2/Othaman
  11. mission failed, we'll get em next time


  13. >most active human nation whew lad