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  1. I wish you the best of luck in your current and future endeavors! I just wanted to pop in and say thank you for the laughs in TeamSpeak vc back in the older days of Athera and Vailor. Also, for the advice on when it came to leadership positions on LoTC, how to handle college stress, etc.; I hold respect to you for that. If your mental health hinders on and/or if you need a friend, I am always a message away. P.S. your dog is cuter than your birds. ❤️
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l80yCNsyLiM

     why are they coming for us so hard though

  3. Ka’lani Elibar’acal-Valarieth falls to her knees, exhuming labored breaths, with the paper clenched in hand. “Ne... please, ne..” the Elfess groans out her begs and weeps with wary eyes. Those green hues couldn’t cease with their consistent moving on the penmanship clearly written. Back and forth, back and forth; learning that her haelun, Caestella, is to be stripped from her. “Please ne.” as her head lowers to look at the silver stones of her medical laboratory, teardrops drip down Ka’lani’s pale cheeks and stain the crevices of ivory.
  4. Ka’lani Elica’bar-Valarieth sighs softly, but assists in helping her haelun in her new endeavor. “I will forever be proud to say my haelun was an Okarir’tayna.” she spoke gently to Caestella, all the while a gentle smile enhances Cae’s oem’ii.
  5. Victoria Alexandria gasps with glee upon receiving the advertisement in her home! Lady Jasmine soon receives word back from Tori formally in writing. She informs Lady Jasmine to make an audition reservation spot for the role ‘Lady Mactroth’! Name: Victoria Alexandria Staunton Affiliation: The Duchy of Westmarch Race: Human – Heartlander Age: Sixteen IGN: Violino Experience: Tutored in the arts from a young age Auditioning for: Lady Mactroth
  6. Victoria Alexandria clasps her hands with joviality as Josephine reads the letter to her during their breakfast! “Sounds wonderful! Please, write her back and reserve my spot for tea.”
  7. Victoria Alexandria pans over the letter written especially for her oceanic orbs. A single hand held tight onto the paper, making it crumple with ripples. The other hand gently grasping the well-crafted flute that was ever so bitterly gifted to her. “Why does God torment me?” the little eagle utters beneath pained breaths. Sorrowful tears drip down onto her newfound instrument. Her reflection would be distraught against its silver skin, but alas, Mosley was right about one thing. In that reflection, she had grown, built from the destruction of life.
  8. Ball taking place at Courland in 30 minutes!

  9. https://gyazo.com/a2781b2bfe10ce82440f535bd2f106ab


    I’ve disguised a high elf into a human. Oh. My. God.

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  10. Legend of Zelda soundtrack + rain = life full of bliss 

  11. I see you browsin


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  13. Yeeesss work, I see you! @Licorish
  14. So much work, dedication, and effort has been put into this rewrite! I love that this gives a fair advantage to players who want to actively invest in the Frost Witch culture. As aforementioned, I love it and I think the change would be a fun experience. It also gives the Lore Team something new to branch off of and material to work with. Possibly even give the Event Team more inspiration as well! Even if it’s shot down, it was a pleasant read, to say the least, @Luv .
  15. In light of all the recent theatrics, I'd like to share this: 


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