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  1. Victoria Alexandria gazed out into a field that once bore a bounty of flowers. It now burned with the hate and scorn of man concluding the battle at Helena. Tori’s oceanic eyes no longer held childlike innocence or wonder, just a blank gaze begging for closure. The pair came into the world together, and Eleanor was taken from her- leaving her alone. That little eagle ventures out over the horizon each day, until the flowers, penetrate the Earth’s surface once again. In her hair would be a crown of flowers, as a memoir to her beloved sister, Eleanor Louise Staunton.
  2. I see you browsin


    1. Zacho


      drop in for just this, smh!

  4. So much work, dedication, and effort has been put into this rewrite! I love that this gives a fair advantage to players who want to actively invest in the Frost Witch culture. As aforementioned, I love it and I think the change would be a fun experience. It also gives the Lore Team something new to branch off of and material to work with. Possibly even give the Event Team more inspiration as well! Even if it’s shot down, it was a pleasant read, to say the least, @Luv .
  5. In light of all the recent theatrics, I'd like to share this: 


    1. Lumii


      i have something to share too


    2. Axelu


      Uh, fat mood.

  6. It be ya own sometimes, but can't let that disrupt the fun! Just let it add to the story of your character! ?

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    2. Guest


      waa waa waa

    3. Appie


      ye im lil baby

    4. Violino


      @Appie I'm not PK'ing lmfao. @Dewper You imitate yourself on the forums now? @ibraheemc2000 for sure! 

  7. My first day of Pre-Med is tomorrow! Lit and scared at the same time.


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    2. Malgonious


      good to see your progress in life, keep it up man!

    3. Violino


      Thanks! @Reinam and @Malgonious thanks for dealing with me when I was a noob! xoxo 

    4. Fnik


      Have fun! Remember to sleep too!!

  8. What type of computer do you recommend I get for college? 


    (It must be a laptop and remember, it's for college, not gaming!)

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    2. Violino


      @Medvekoma I'm going as a double major for pre-med and biomedical science; a minor in music/orchestra. The only projects I see in the near future is powerpoints. 

    3. Medvekoma


      Then you should be all fine with a Mac, don't worry.

    4. Robo_Minecraft


      I'm going into my 4th year at college and the only trouble I've had with my MacBook Pro has been spilling **** on it. Would highly recommend

  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7_Fk9BDS6A

    So pretty!


    1. blago


      it's OKAY

  10. Go team rat! #CourlandPrideWorldwide 

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    2. Legoboy7984



    3. Vege


      I like being a rat we multiply like no other

  11. Apply for FM! Why go blue? Blue drools (Ily @Fireheart it's just propaganda!).

    1. GodOfPie


      Sounds like some sort of thirties competition.. *narrows eyes*

    2. Fireheart


      Make sure to click this link when you apply!

  12. Anyone with late-night classical music recommendations? The sadder = the more beautiful! 


    1. ibraheemc2000


      This one works I think? 

    2. excitedly
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