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  1. My first day of Pre-Med is tomorrow! Lit and scared at the same time.


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Malgonious


      good to see your progress in life, keep it up man!

    3. Violino


      Thanks! @Reinam and @Malgonious thanks for dealing with me when I was a noob! xoxo 

    4. Fnik


      Have fun! Remember to sleep too!!

  2. Violino

    Gms ban an entire 40 people so Renatus can win

    Just your friendly neighborhood FM, reminding you all to please attempt to keep this as civil as it can be. You've been warned.
  3. What type of computer do you recommend I get for college? 


    (It must be a laptop and remember, it's for college, not gaming!)

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    2. Violino


      @Medvekoma I'm going as a double major for pre-med and biomedical science; a minor in music/orchestra. The only projects I see in the near future is powerpoints. 

    3. Medvekoma


      Then you should be all fine with a Mac, don't worry.

    4. Robo_Minecraft


      I'm going into my 4th year at college and the only trouble I've had with my MacBook Pro has been spilling **** on it. Would highly recommend

  4. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7_Fk9BDS6A

    So pretty!


    1. Blago


      it's OKAY

  5. Application pending. You will be contacted shortly for an interview.
    1. Vege


      Hahaha I know they’re decent 

    2. Violino


      10/10 us last summer tho, haha! @EternalSaturn 

  6. Go team rat! #CourlandPrideWorldwide 

    1. EternalSaturn



    2. Legoboy7984



    3. Vege


      I like being a rat we multiply like no other

  7. Violino

    The Boys Are Back In Town

    As the manager of Stauntbucks, as the former Princess Elizabeth Maria Staunton to King Tobias Staunton, and as a member of the Courlandic armada, I say: AVE COURLAND. https://imgur.com/a/tk7bh https://thumbs.gfycat.com/DigitalEsteemedGallowaycow-mobile.mp4
  8. Violino

    Forum Moderator Update Log - May 2018

    I'm excited to be apart of this team and help in every way that I am able. It has been a pleasure to work with players I had not had the chance of interacting with before; their work and insight have been phenomenal thus far. If you truly are interested in becoming apart of the team, please feel more than welcome in posting a Forum Moderation application!
  9. Violino

    Licorish is leaving

    Ali... I can't wait until you come back. I hope you find happiness and peace while you're away and just know, that you're an amazing friend and a good RP'er. Best of luck in all of your endeavors! - Vio xoxo