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  1. Victoria Alexandria gasps with glee upon receiving the advertisement in her home! Lady Jasmine soon receives word back from Tori formally in writing. She informs Lady Jasmine to make an audition reservation spot for the role ‘Lady Mactroth’! Name: Victoria Alexandria Staunton Affiliation: The Duchy of Westmarch Race: Human – Heartlander Age: Sixteen IGN: Violino Experience: Tutored in the arts from a young age Auditioning for: Lady Mactroth
  2. Victoria Alexandria clasps her hands with joviality as Josephine reads the letter to her during their breakfast! “Sounds wonderful! Please, write her back and reserve my spot for tea.”
  3. Victoria Alexandria pans over the letter written especially for her oceanic orbs. A single hand held tight onto the paper, making it crumple with ripples. The other hand gently grasping the well-crafted flute that was ever so bitterly gifted to her. “Why does God torment me?” the little eagle utters beneath pained breaths. Sorrowful tears drip down onto her newfound instrument. Her reflection would be distraught against its silver skin, but alas, Mosley was right about one thing. In that reflection, she had grown, built from the destruction of life.
  4. Ball taking place at Courland in 30 minutes!

  5. https://gyazo.com/a2781b2bfe10ce82440f535bd2f106ab


    I’ve disguised a high elf into a human. Oh. My. God.

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  6. Legend of Zelda soundtrack + rain = life full of bliss 

  7. AN EAGLE THROUGH THE FLAME The Courlandic Bell Criers heralding news of the unity between Ruric and Staunton; the archaic Houses coming together in matrimony, 7th of The Amber Cold, 1719 “Hear thee, hear thee!” Croaked a fat, lumbering man clad in robe gifted from the Ducal Governance, swinging an iron bell to-and-fro, bellowing a deep, sonorous clang to usher in the denizens of the Renatian Imperium. “Marriage is abroad! Matrimony is o’er the horizon! O’ the Houses o’ yore, Staunton and Ruric do come together to marry the lovely Elizabeth Rose o’ the House of Staunton with His Majesty, Edvard II o’ the House of Ruric! And you, denizens of the Empire, are cordially invited to this sanctimonious event by His Grace, Stannis o’ the House of Staunton!” Robert the Fat singing tales to the denizens of Helena, 8th The Amber Cold, 1719 The peasantry and nobility alike pile into the ducal citadel of Courland in due preparation, lugging carts of rich cheese, lean meats, and fresh ale alongside the necessities to prepare a wedding; from celebratory materials of red, brown, green, and silver. The colors of Staunton and Ruric alike, brought together to impress the audience, for those who will attend this glorious event. Plump crows with ruffled feathers are sent over the walls of Courland, flying yonder the hills to the neighboring counties and villages alike. They invite all those in the Empire and Norlandic lands who seek goodness and blessings upon the soon-to-be conjoined houses. In due respect to Norland and their faith will, one half of the wedding be held within their lands, blessed by the red priests. In conjunction with Courland, the Canonist Faith will be held during the second wedding in the heart of the Ducal state of Courland. To commemorate the wedding, a ball will be thrown in their honor and newfound unification betwixt the archaic households of Staunton and Ruric, solidifying years of friendship and wars fought together; to respect the men that had died to pave way for their future. A ball will also be thrown, with plenty of rum, ale, meats for all, and vegetables for those picky. Grand orchestral music from foreign lands will be played, echoing through the grand hall met with food hand-cooked by Courlandic chefs. There will be ample time for those who wish to participate in dancing in the main hall for dancing! There will also be ample time for His Grace, Stannis of the House of Staunton and His Majesty, Edvard II of the House of Ruric, to announce the future of their ancient households, together, in this marriage-alliance, and what to expect from the re-instated ducal throne of Courland. Truly, a spectacular event which is not to be missed; perhaps you will find your one at the beloved ball! Those who seek ill-will will be resolved with haste. Be sure to arrive punctually on time for one would not wish to miss seeing Edvard II of house Ruric and Elizabeth Rose of house Staunton’s matrimony. GOD BLESS THE SANCTITY OF HIS MAJESTY, EDVARD II RURIC, AND LADY ELIZABETH ROSE STAUNTON. Friday, 14th of June, 2019. 4 PM EST - Wedding in Norland 4:30/5 PM EST - Wedding in Courland 6:30 PM Ball in Courland
  8. Victoria Alexandria frowns upon the realization that she had an absent attendance for their union. The couple would receive flowers and sweets with an apology letter attached. “May God bless you.”
  9. Victoria Alexandria gazed out into a field that once bore a bounty of flowers. It now burned with the hate and scorn of man concluding the battle at Helena. Tori’s oceanic eyes no longer held childlike innocence or wonder, just a blank gaze begging for closure. The pair came into the world together, and Eleanor was taken from her- leaving her alone. That little eagle ventures out over the horizon each day, until the flowers, penetrate the Earth’s surface once again. In her hair would be a crown of flowers, as a memoir to her beloved sister, Eleanor Louise Staunton.
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  12. So much work, dedication, and effort has been put into this rewrite! I love that this gives a fair advantage to players who want to actively invest in the Frost Witch culture. As aforementioned, I love it and I think the change would be a fun experience. It also gives the Lore Team something new to branch off of and material to work with. Possibly even give the Event Team more inspiration as well! Even if it’s shot down, it was a pleasant read, to say the least, @Luv .
  13. In light of all the recent theatrics, I'd like to share this: 


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  14. It be ya own sometimes, but can't let that disrupt the fun! Just let it add to the story of your character! ?

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  15. My first day of Pre-Med is tomorrow! Lit and scared at the same time.


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