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  5. “Perhaps I am beholden to the mistakes of my ancestors, as I am not keen to repeat them again.” _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Since time in memorium, Heartlanders sought refuge in Aeldin. Great fiefs had been established as far back as the exodus via the many who settled from far away lands. Amongst them, even the great Lotharingia found salvation - albeit, not as the Kings they once were. Opportunity remained available to the great d’Amaury clan by way of Jessaline Gromach, who brought before the great human Emperor her son, Hughes d’Amaury. Knowing the exploits of Lotharingia and out of respect for his Horen blood, he took them in - but for the sins of his ancestors, the lands he ruled would not be for his children to inherit. Before them, they had a choice; settle their people and disappear into obscurity, or gather their strength and set sail for Atlas. The pride and prestige of the Stallion was not earned in resigning to fate - it was in seizing the day. For decades, they gathered strength as the remnants of their old kingdom returned to them. As the Sixtus fell, a new rush of blood entered the d’Amaury estates, and soon the paranoia of the Aeldinic Emperor drove him to insist the people not to remain, but prepare to reclaim their destiny. Abundant though is the mercy and generosity of the great House of Horen - he offered them the greatest fleet in the world for transport, and supplies enough to entice even the most common man. Smoke arose all over the encampments on the shore. These men descended from folks of Axios, the Heartlanders of an Eastern land. Banners of green and gold brought shone as both Hughes d’Amaury and the sun smiled upon them.
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