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  1. New Character Ideas

    Make a tavern guy at the mother's breast! Best tavern in all of Atlas! Woooh!
  2. The Tournament of Kings

    "Wooh!" Louys says in excitement!
  3. The Mother's Breast Fighting Tourney

    THE MOTHER’S BREAST FIGHTING TOURNEY Adelmar aep Stonehallow triumphs over famously poor mercenary Henry Frederick once more in the Mother’s Breast Ladder COME ONE, COME ALL, COME TO THE FINEST FIGHT OF ATLAS! In order to celebrate the opening of the new fighting pits, adjacent to the Mother’s Breast tavern at the Whispering Crossroads, Louys van Calais is proud to announce a tournament open to folk from all corners of Atlas in order to prove their worth. The winner of the tourney will get half a crate of ferrum blocks - a veritable hoard of riches. The tournament will occur on the penultimate Saint’s Day of the week [Saturday 6th] in the late evening [4PM EST]. All entrants should make their interest clear to a tavern employee. OOC: Please fill in the following form to compete!
  4. Dantory's Media Team App

    He is very easy to work with and a joyous dude to have around. +1
  5. [Poster] [General Notice] A Warning For All Elven Kin

    Louys, the proud owner of "The Mother's Breast," would shake his head in reply to this poster. "These roads are safe, the Reiter's keep them that way! Come swing by the tavern, it is the best tavern in all of Atlas!"
  6. The Mother's Breast Tavern Music Resource Pack

    "Great tunes." says Louys, the proud owner of "The Mother's Breast."
  7. [Denied]imagine a toxic blue tag

    he's very nice +1
  8. Atlas Economy Discussion & Ideas

    To have a stable economy, you need to give value to resources and there is a problem right now just that. Iron is practically nothing anymore, a whole set of iron armor costs about ten minas and it's the first week of launch. Giving value to things such as weapon/armor, food, etc. will help create a decent economy. In reality, an economy on LotC is never going to be truly perfect. However, the removal of certain things such as admin shops, which only takes from the economy, helps it reach the goal of having a decent economy. Plugins which add depth to the economy such as brewery, breeding and hunting give more value to certain items. With more of an array of items that hold some kind of value, the economy will grow and become somewhat decent.
  9. [Creature Lore] The Ratmen of Atlas

    nothing better than this really, when is the CA coming?
  10. [Your View] Freebuild

    Freebuild is a natural right of the minemen race. Keep it and make it better with some rules. (Arson, land scarring, etc.)
  11. LotC v6.0: Atlas

    very nice
  12. Blood and Ashes

    Caspar yawned as he returned to Calais, awaiting his share of the minae.
  13. Atlas Q&A Stream

    might want to start it at 4:00 EST, people will miss the beginning for the wc