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  1. John nods in agreement with their decision.
  2. I actually love you, I am sad... :(
  3. John lights his candle. "Rest in piece Oren."
  4. good ******* fight boys, took 2 hours to decide this long wc

  5. "Blood for Lorraine?" John questions?
  6. John smirks.
  7. "We walked around your gate, doesn't serve any purpose, to be honest..." John d'Amaury chuckles.
  8. hmm... this reminds me of... metz?
  9. "Another good paper." John says smirking savoyardly.
  10. very nice
  11. Hahahahahahahahhahahaha, ty my dudes
  12. "A good writer this man is, I wish to see next weeks paper!" John would show his support!
  13. John would be left in confusion after seeing he was surrounded by fifty Orenians when he made his great escape!
  14. “What’s the point of giving swords to snakes if they can’t hold them?” - Wem The Rebel Cavalry cuts down the Imperial contingent moving Archduke John d’Amaury On the 13th of Deep Cold 1593, the hills of the Crownlands grew several feet; new soil made from the bodies of the Imperial army. With the capture of Archduke John d’Amaury by imperials not but a few days prior, a bold move had to be made by the rebels if they had any hope of saving him. Imperial loyalists were transporting their prisoner to the Dominion of Malin, and a plan was hatched amongst the rebellion’s leadership: a daring rescue. Swift like hawkfeather arrows, the rebellion’s finest men rode hard into the fray against the allied Imperial forces. A 3 to 1 advantage was not enough for the Emperor’s men. The collected imperial forces were driven into disarray, the horsemen supporting their flanks ripped to shreds by rebel infantry pikes. John d’Amaury fled amidst the chaos, the loyalists quickly breaking ranks as they lost track of the Archduke -- by the time they had any sense of where he had gone, the Archduke had already reached the safety of a rebel boat at the river. No longer can the Empire hide behind the military reputation of its past, as the facade finds itself smashed beyond repair. Lorraine’s rightful ruler is restored once again. The Emperor ought to remember though, that Johannesburg cannot flee. Metz cannot swim. Karlsburg cannot run for the Hills. Yet our army marches towards each.