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  1. "fire the cannons, church of the canon haha. get it since the canon and cannon." jests hughes d'amaury
  2. very nice
  3. doing artwork hmu

    1. Mj.



    2. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      draw joseppi calabreeni please 

    3. Solaries


      id like to commission a drawing of sammy_savoy and his good pal wemolohtrab

  4. Oh no, a single man has declared himself loyal to a Queen!" Hughes would laugh. "Everyone thought you were dead for years seeing as you haven't stepped out of your castle filled with maids!"
  5. get wenches acquire currency

  6. "You aren't a queen?" says Hughes d'Amaury?
  7. ((**** your video))
  8. Lu Bu would smile.
  9. i got dicked ;(
  10. "How does a dragon die to a eagle, no way..." says the young Hughes d'Amaury.
  11. A weary old man wishes to speak with the King.
  12. so intense... i cant breath.

    1. Kaldwin


      you probably got too fat from all the pizza you ate

    2. Whiplash



    3. Archipelego


      nonono, he cant breath

  13. ((this is so mean :( ggt has feelings too... im here for you ggt, no worries bub))
  14. This is good, thank you.