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  1. @Anderssn Yeah dude i totally agree with your statement on the matter at hand here, pvp totally rox.
  2. Application RP: Name: Isaac Sorrells Age: 69 Affiliations, or Past Affiliations (IC, not OOC): House Fournier, Riveryn Experience, if any: a true bladmaster Place of Residence: New Riveryn Are you willing to PK if the proper roleplay permits?: absolutely not OOC: MC Name: babadooks 2.0 Discord (For an invite): already have Any questions or comments you may have: ill be on my alt, see u guys soon ps. miss u clegg
  3. Ser John Ballard smiles the Sun’s smile. “Very nice.”
  4. i cant remember the last time i was bored on lotc, it’s like a never ending rollercoaster tbh
  5. why are there dongs in the trailer?

    1. Novastral
    2. drfate786


      They have since been fixed.

  6. bye @Knox, thanks for your hardwork.

  7. Hughes d'Amaury, March of Ardennes, adds his signature.
  8. suggestions on which nation to join please

  9. sike, todays the day ! :J

    1. Hero_
    2. Guest


      BABA SHUT THE **** UP

  10. cant wait for the MASS PUGSY coming today, prepare yourselves ! :J

    1. Kaldwin_


      dont do it bro!

    2. rukio


      do it, you wont

  11. happy to see haense leaving the server! lotc is dying! this is very good! yes yes yes! 

  12. @Dewper hey dewp, been missing u...

    1. Guest


      we haven't romance roleplayed in awhile D:

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