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  1. full disclosure is hidden ! ! ! !

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    2. Babadooks


      yeah yeah, what was the reason for locking it though?

    3. Dreek


      Again, not a clue friend

    4. Tofuus


      It got edited during the kerfuffle. The page was rather long and I really didn't want to restore it. I asked Thomas if I could just kill it. He said yes. Here's the GDoc so I don't get accused of censoring Thomas. https://docs.google.com/document/d/16WCfI3I57pd4krFKNXnpeNdK5EPP19HhDUE_ypEBq14/edit

  2. Been interested in becoming something of this sort for awhile. Hmu if the position is still available. Skype: andrewtheandy171
  3. IC: Full name(RP name): Oliver Black Age: 25 Race: Human Profession(Rp or Nexus): Leatherworker Previous Military experience: Officer of the Honor Guard Allegiance(Current Nationality): Wandering Religion: Canonism OOC: Mc Name: Babadooks(moocow987) Skype: patu has (Both Skype and Teamspeak of preferred for easier communication.)
  4. "Go Mithius!" yells little Humph from Curonburg.
  5. very nice
  6. go back to the fringe ?

  7. "Krakow is my town..." A peasant would yell out from Krakow.
  8. Paul Burke sighs, seeing the boy he raised show disloyalty.
  9. "Why can't Lotharingia just be allies for once." John shakes his head in the seven skies.
  10. APPLICATION: [OOC] Username: moocow987 Skype name: got it Timezone: est [IC] Name: soon to be picked Race: great man Why do you desire to join?: my brothers did, so i do too. Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: ya
  11. ((so if you have eyes, which most people do, you can see that it says... so if you have any common sense, you can see that Hughes is the king because it says he is in his titles. pretty cool, ik... now for you to call anyone unambitious is just stupid. you sit in your castle and jerk off 24/7, if you did anything for lorraine in the past 3-4 months before being booted, please note, i wish to know. yeah im pretty nice and stick up for my friends, ; ) [email protected]
  12. lotc sucks, leave already

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    2. Malocchio


      i'm going to break your lax stick

    3. Babadooks


      cant cuz weak

    4. mitch dharma
  13. "finaly **** sake jesus **** sake **** *****" says man smirking in the high winds of northenianidologa!