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  1. this server ******* blows, shut it down please.
  2. someone make a new server bcz lotc sucks thx

  3. “Always good to see Lorraine thriving!” John d’Amaury smiles loudly from the skies! “Kill them all! No mercy!”
  4. Humphrey cringes as he hears of the news. “Who the **** even is Marcelius? Fake news!”
  5. @Anderssn Yeah dude i totally agree with your statement on the matter at hand here, pvp totally rox.
  6. Application RP: Name: Isaac Sorrells Age: 69 Affiliations, or Past Affiliations (IC, not OOC): House Fournier, Riveryn Experience, if any: a true bladmaster Place of Residence: New Riveryn Are you willing to PK if the proper roleplay permits?: absolutely not OOC: MC Name: babadooks 2.0 Discord (For an invite): already have Any questions or comments you may have: ill be on my alt, see u guys soon ps. miss u clegg
  7. Ser John Ballard smiles the Sun’s smile. “Very nice.”
  8. i cant remember the last time i was bored on lotc, it’s like a never ending rollercoaster tbh
  9. why are there dongs in the trailer?

    1. Novastral
    2. drfate786


      They have since been fixed.

  10. bye @Knox, thanks for your hardwork.

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