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  1. HedgeHug

    The Mages Guild

    ((MC Name: )) hedgehug ((RP)) Name: Shagarath Known Arcane Arts: None - appliying as guide to and speaker of the Spirits Grandmaster of the Shamanic Arts Are you able to take on apprentices?(Y/N): No When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): Hedgehug#2111, GMT timezone
  2. HedgeHug

    Community Update VIDEO

    @marimbamonk Idea: LotC HR department. Focussing on OOC conflicts between individual payers and groups. Where GM's focus on more technical and mechanical in-server conflicts. HR can take on the LotC side of things? Thoughts.
  3. HedgeHug

    ~Desperate Means to a Desperate End~

    (( A very good read. I see too few shamanic posts these days ))
  4. HedgeHug


  5. Take thirty seconds to prepare for reading with this music on the background for immersion - leave it on as you read on through Never before had sleep been such a welcome guest to the restless mind. The sun setting as it marks another long day to be passed away. A head pushed into soft cushions as the body grows heavier, pulled asunder by the presence of rest in flesh and bone. And where two eyes shut in one world. They open in another … No oddity, I’m certain, for all that sleep once find themselves in a state of dreaming … ~ : But this time it just feels .. different : ~ Where once was warmth and happiness, a playground for the mind at rest - there is but a chilly darkness. Uncertainty and doubt force the restless mind to shock. For where had all the warmth go? Where is all the rest? Why is the mind now emptiness, in woe and in distress? And then, drawn forth from dark and cold - the mists surrounding at all sides - an entity approaches devoid of form or emotions. Speaking to it helps not one’s case, for the very words uttered fade into the Aether of Nothingness around. So shivering and waiting now the moving mists of misery halt not too far off. Speaking then, the entity, in a tone that befits its form: “Did you fall asleep. Or did you wake up?” Nothing other uttered then. The words sink in as if a spell, the body numbed from head to toe. For what on earth did it mean by this? Was it a message or a mem’ry from the not too distant past? Perhaps .. a vision warning thee of how long one’s life will last? More silence follows. Confused .. a shiver .. the mind in disarray. For what was meant by the words spoken. What causes this dismay. Repeating now, the question, in the voice of the entity. One can but guess the purpose of them, their deeper filosophy. For did I wake or did I sleep? What is real and what is fake? Who am I and what is Me? Trying to find Reality. Difficult to say what is, and truly what is not. For right here standing in the void, the Aether of Nothingness - feels just as Real as was before: at home, in bed .. at rest. What is true and what is false? How to distinguish in between. Which is made up which is untrue: a simulated truth? A duplicated, mirrored, image held in front of my own eyes. Help me to see through these and distinguish between lies. If this is true, the Aether Realm, the other is the Dream. Would I want to return or do I want Reality? The question bugs the soul and mind still found in disarray. “Who’s in control and who are you to ask?” Is screamed at the void so darkly cast - the entity unmoving now takes on a human form. A shadowed figure, shrouded, as it’s comprised of mist. Now walks on over, looking as if it really could exist. “Behold” the silence broken by the word of the entity. It’s arms unfold and spread wide-out, long digits clamping onto .. what appears right fromout nothingness: a mirror had appeared… The metal face was shrouded in a mist as was around it. But after time the entity allows the mist to fade. Now looking in the mirror one’s self image is depicted - one’s visage looking sadly as but filled with insecurity. For if unknown of what is real, how is one sure about one’s self. The mirrored duplication looks the same but isn’t ‘real’. For ‘tis but a reflection cast on metal in the light. The image then soon changes, one would wonder what they’d sight. Before them on the metal face is visible one’s self again - now laying in the bed where one had thought they fell asleep. Unsure about what is going on .. is that the dream or is this real. One really doesn’t know for sure what truth for one’s self to keep. ~ : Life’s deep and vague philosophy - for what is real and what can be .. and what is but a fantasy? : ~ One’s thinking voice repeats ... For if one knows what is the Truth and sees they’ve lived a Lie. Can one then truly live on further, and let the known Truth fly?
  6. HedgeHug

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    ;-; feels sad man
  7. HedgeHug

    A first in three years {nano's AMA}

    Where is Keovan?
  8. I feel bad for the FM team right now :c good luck fellas My personal input: the issue was handled poorly by senior staff and amends are to be made to rules and protocol.
  9. HedgeHug

    [MT] Hedge... why...

    I've never seen so much said about me that is wrong than this comment. I was at first going to simply dismiss it as a comment from someone who simply doesn't know me well, and so should just refrain from commenting, but here's a response anyway. Firstly, I don't have an agenda at all. I hop on LotC because I'm on summer break and want to hang with friends, roleplaying being an activity I still am quite fond off despite multiple shorter hiatusses. I'm personally glad to be able to say that I don't have any enemies. As such is a rather childish term, I would agree that there are some who simply don't like me. Either for my personality or my decisions, or the decisions of my characters. It really is a childish thought that one would have "enemies" over a game of blocks and imagination. Secondly, your comment on the ability to deny and accept to my wishes is incorrect. The application process for magic apps is a simple protocol, and is objective. My opinion of a player has nothing to do with their acceptance. On the matter of TA's it's again: objective. A TA interview is a test of knowledge, not personality or if one is "BF's with me". My reputation is ill to but a handful of players and the grand majority I keep either friend or on a neutral page. I'm not one to hold grudges and the past has shown that with simple conversation I've succesfully cleared up things that people found problematic of me. One such thing being the so called "Shaman Clique" for which a very reasonable explanation exists. Know someone well before you critisize them.
  10. HedgeHug

    Hello! :3

    Welcometh and glad to meet. Hedge's the name and with hugs I greet.
  11. HedgeHug

    [MT] Hedge... why...

    What is your Minecraft Account Name? Hedgehug Do you have a Discord account? Hedgehug#2111 How long have you played on LotC? Nearly four years How many hours per day/week are you available? too many (20+) What lore do you hold the most experience with? Shamanism [extensive] Dark Shamanism [extensive] Druidism [extensive] Clericism [moderately] Dark creatures [moderately] Spectral creatures [moderately] Constructs [of various kinds] Current voidal magic of all sorts [moderately] Dark magic [moderately, I know the basic ins and outs] iconoclast [moderately] Natural creatures A ton more of a lot of lore subjects, not every name comes to mind at this very second. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? I have a very firm grasp of nearly all lore magic wise, and am always eager to learn more. Ingame moderation is no new thing to me and I can execute this task comfortably. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past I've been part of a large variety of LotC staff teams over the years and have left all but once on my own accord due to IRL reasons. Wiki Team Application Team (two terms) Forum Moderator Magic Moderator Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it Never, I'm a good lad.
  12. HedgeHug


  13. Considering a new character to run a coffee shop with. What race and where?

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      i'll run a pot coffee shop with you, hedge hug

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      Make a not cringy orc ?


      Join the horde if u want to make my peepee big

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  14. HedgeHug

    Magic of the Oblivion

    Let's not.
  15. HedgeHug

    An Immediate Ancestor

    Shagarath proudly inhales the chill air blowing around him in the Stargush'Stroh, watching his apprentice take the first steps.