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  1. I have no say in this lores implementation my man
  2. leave
  3. funny
  4. The annoyance here is that sadly these decisions have to do with the players of wounded characters, not the mages. Jade made a couple of good examples where magic could not save certain features. It's up to the player to dictate how he or she gets healed. Though some magics have imperfections and flaws in their healing that contribute to this there are still the notorious monk healers. As I said... it's up to the player to say: That hand is cut off and shall be healed back fully- thus being kind of a **** towards the villains or... That hand was cut off and shall remain so- thus taking the villainous act as character development. Instead of calling in a feedback thread directed to the Administration and GM-team this should be a call out to players: If your character is wounded through a series of legit roleplay events: then take this wound as character progression. You can choose to go to a mage and have it healed- maybe only half because magic (apart from the monk stuff) is balanced pretty well. You can choose to keep this wound or disability and have it healed over time, or not at all and live on with a handicap. Character progression > Character health. To add onto Jade's list of characters and half-healing: - Shagarath, lost a hand and had an immovable barken hand placed by a druid instead of having it regenerated by a monk. - Krenor, has lost the ability to move his right arm due to an accident in the past and seeks to have this healed, thusfar has not found proper means. A final note would be a question to the Administration / Lore Team to finally remove Player Monk Healing and to remove the ability to, in roleplay, go to any monk healer and have something healed apart from the usual resurrection ability that Monks have (unplayed monks)
  5. IGN: Hedgehug VIP: Diamond @Kowaman
  6. A little something on: The Curse of Knowledge & Lore Virginity Greetings roleplayers, today I wish to bring forth a matter that I learned about in college this week. A little something called the Curse of Knowledge. In short the Curse of Knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when one individual that has knowledge on a certain topic communicates with individuals that do not have this knowledge, unknowingly assuming that these others in fact have equal knowledge on the matter at hand. Now you might be thinking: what does this have to do with roleplay? Let’s pull an example out of our arses: An unknowing peasant encounters a wight. Person A is the peasant, person B the wight. Person B knows all about his stuff and so emotes their detailed being. Person A stands oblivious to this foe and has no idea what to do. However… person A OOC’ly has read all about wights in the Lore subforum and knows the red-lines to defeat them. They pull a golden dagger out of their ass last minute and defeat their foe. What is the problem? The fact that Person A has knowledge on something influences their roleplay. Now you think this is simply metagaming, but loopholes exist and one can simply say: “I read it in some book or it was a ‘blind’ last resort move”. Our knowledge of the server lore unknowingly influences the communication between player and character: The Curse of Knowledge occurs and poof! A peasant who might never actually have encountered anything like a wight can defeat one. What is there to counter this? You might be thinking ‘the **** leave me alone I like my lore’ but I will still propose: When you see a new piece of lore… that does not directly influences your characters… don’t read it! Keep your Lore-Virginity, so that it may keep the decisionmaking and communication between you and your character unbiased. I have done this in the past and in multiple instances this has made roleplay more interesting, and even let roleplay go where it would not have went… if I would’ve had the knowledge of the lore involved. Food for Thought.
  7. Some nice skins, my compliments. I'm sure this shop will do just fine!
  8. Somewhere far off an elderly shaman mutters some cursing related to 'you have no say in who serves the spirits, dumb *****'.
  9. Capable chap, +1
  10. (( Beautiful writing +1
  11. +1, Stargush'Stroh is my lil' baby but this is most interesting. I can see Shagarath having fun with shadows. Bring the shadowrealm memes and its lutauman, not latauman