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  1. HedgeHug


    “Gib dem half ahn hour wif mi.” Mutters Shagarath. “Dey ahlwayz blah”
  2. HedgeHug

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/KNKMwwH How you got it: Created through shamanic means. No longer even active but remains a vanity item. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/LLaInkA How you got it: Created through druidic means. Mechanical item representing the characters wooden limb. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/VsTePmO How you got it: Bought from auction (I think). Have had it since Vailor. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/Vl4QwpB How you got it: Gifted Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/GZmVVHI How you got it: Created through crafting (irp smithing) using ET approved materials of rare value (glowing meteorite ore). Has existed since Vailor. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/RaMbskt How you got it: Created through shamanic means. Spirit Smithing. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/vAvhdXr How you got it: Created through shamanic means. Spirit Smithing. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/8kUisu4 How you got it: Created through shamanic means. Spirit Smithing. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/AZufkZX How you got it: Created through shamanic means. Spirit Smithing. Username: Hedgehug Screenshot of the item: https://imgur.com/a/uXPVQHl How you got it: Created through crafting of various ET items. Bones and feathers from creatures + wood from some sacred tree. Signature staff for the character since Vailor.
  3. HedgeHug

    A missive to Rex Gurukk

    On the 2nd of the Amber Cold, Shagarath sits engaged in meditation. The elder uruk’s face illuminated by the light of few candles around him. Faint mutterings escape him, as a goblin scribes down the words spoken to him. Eventually the scroll is sealed and marked with the old signature of the Angathgul: An anvil beset by two vultures. To the current Rex of Krugmar. Though my name might be known to you, I am uncertain if we have met and talked at length up until this point. Your name rings no bell to me, perhaps it is one of your ancestors that I do know. A long time has passed since I have focused or even affiliated with Krugmar as a nation – instead devoting my time to the spiritual praising and spreading both word and knowledge of them to individual orcs. In my lifetime I have served Great Rexes and seen about a dozen of them rise and fall. Perhaps you could benefit from conversing with me, as I would be keen to share whatever there is to share in order to fulfill your duties as a Rex towards the spirits and thus: the Orcish Race. So I propose the following: Let us meet and converse. I offer to you my knowledge as a shaman and elder. If you would wish for it to happen, I can arrange communion with the great immortal Laklul. For which I will request that you bring a relic your clan possesses to bridge us into the immortal plane. I am also to meet with Nazark, and would request his presence in this meeting so that he may take part in this ritual. Personally I shall venture to you with an apprentice accompanying me. I hope you consider the value of this proposition. Afar’Ilzgul, Lup’Ilzgul – Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits. Shagarath the Old, Shaman of the Naakh’Ilzgul, Spiritual advisor of Descendant Life, Ex-Warlord of Clan Yar, Ex-Dominus of the Iron Uzg, Founder of the Angathgûl, Founder of Mokh Ilzgûl, Founder of San'Zagh, Founder of Ilzgul’Zagh, Architect of San'Garath, Speaker of the Dead, Whitchdoctor of Misery, Uniter of the children of the forest, Servant of Kor, Servant of Veist, Servant of Gentharuz, Servant of Phaedrus, Servant of Kharak, Servant of Etos, Servant of Skharnaat, Servant of Ishval.
  4. HedgeHug

    [Pending]Hedgehug's Lore Moderator Application

    My response will be soft and swift. I’m not applying as “a shaman lt”, as the LT wants to generalize more and no longer have specific individuals representing certain parts. I’m applying as a general lore moderator with specialization in shamanism. My main emphasis will not rest on shamanism, but I will always be available for it. I shall take note of your honesty.
  5. What is your Minecraft Account Name? Hedgehug Do you have a Discord account? Hedgehug#2111 How long have you played on LotC? 3 years and counting How many hours per day/week are you available? 4 a day, 20+ a week What lore do you hold the most experience with? Shamanism [extensive] Dark Shamanism [extensive] Druidism [extensive] Clericism [moderately] Dark creatures [moderately] Spectral creatures [moderately] Constructs [of various kinds] Current voidal magic of all sorts [moderately] Dark magic [moderately, I know the basic ins and outs] iconoclast [moderately] Natural creatures A ton more of a lot of lore subjects, not every name comes to mind at this very second. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? I have a very firm grasp of nearly all lore magic wise, and am always eager to learn more. Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past I've been part of a large variety of LotC staff teams over the years and have left all but once on my own accord due to IRL reasons. Wiki Team Application Team (two terms) Forum Moderator Magic Moderator Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it N/A
  6. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    The discussion is digressing from the lore that was posted. Please keep your feedback on-topic and your discussions on discord or something. Thank you.
  7. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    I think you’ve been out of the loop for a bit. There are non-dwarven runesmiths (yet the total smith population is dwindling really). Druidism is it’s own culture and playerbase, yet the woodelves in particular also cling onto aspectism as their religion. The warhawks aren’t the priests I reference, it’s the darkelves that live in the dominion.
  8. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    regardless of that. This entire discussion is digressing from the lore that was written and submitted. It goes to a spirit specific issue to an orcish issue. Shamanism and the orcish culture should be seen as seperate entities. Because by the logic that I’ve seen here – any shaman that isn’t good with the orcs can’t be a shaman. This is incorrect.
  9. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Lutaumancy Rewritten

    I’ll urge you to read the lore fully – as this is explained.
  10. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Then we can simply agree to disagree – yet I must comment on something you mentioned earlier on how shamanism should be for orcs, runesmithing for dwarves and druidism for elves. What this forces goes completely against the dynamical roleplay that LotC offers. It creates for very limited and lineair character development and goals to achieve when there is so much more one can currently do. That mindset will only bring harm to LotC in the present state. I can understand your sentiment, being one of the old-timers. From a time where indeed such a lockdown of certain magics were linked only to race and culture. But after years of progression of not only lore but also characters and society – re-enforcing such will only bring more harm than good. We’re not talking orcs in this thread. We’re talking shamanism \ spirituality.
  11. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    This topic was handled during the conception of the lore and all I can say is that whitewashery and ‘orcish’ honor is an irrelevancy amongst spirits. What is and is not honourable is a subjective thing and varies from spirit to spirit. It must be said, again, that the spirtualistic faith is not inherently orcish. If you would implement such a cause this would force the magic to being something only orcs living with orcs could have and that’s essentially forcing a magic onto a single culture – where currently multiple cultures exist. Think for example of the darkelven priests and their devotion towards the ancestral spirits. They are shamans as much as orcish ones are yet would now suddenly loose the magic because of being that. It’s an age-old discussion that spirals down to the following facts: - the spiritualist faith and shamanism isn’t racially locked. Neither is it culturally locked to the tribal-esque orcs. - any descendant, if devoted and genuine in their beliefs, can be a spiritual worshipper and or shaman. - The spirits don’t care if somebody that praises them and follows their command is an orc or other descendant. - The spirits don’t care for ‘orcish’ honor as much as is thought. What is honourable in the eyes of one spirit, is taboo for another. A case-to-case phenomenon. There are some listed things that are inherently dishonourable, such as breaking a pact or acting against the spirits entirely by combatting and or imprisoning them.
  12. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Spirit Smithing Rewritten

    There will come a comprehensive guide on the creation and recharging of such items and trinkets once the lore is accepted. These are merely the mechanical foundations on which the lore is built.
  13. If you have any questions following the lore I posted, my discord is Hedgehug#2111


  14. HedgeHug

    [Shamanism] Disconnection

    Spiritual Excommunicate : Ru’Gorosh The hall of Righteousness Kralos, Lesser Immortal Spirit of Judgement The following story speaks of the Spirit Kralos and the events that unfold into the restoration of Ru’Gorosh : The Hall of Righteousness. In ancient times after Aenguls and Daemons began to influence the material world with their powers, there were those called Spirits. These entities, creations of the Daemon Apohet, were brought into existence to rival Descendant life. For Apohet had grown envious of the Creator and many of His Aenguls. It is for this crime - the wish for the destruction of all descendant life so that his creations could take the mortal realm for their own - that He was punished and encaged by the Archaengul Aeriel. During this great conflict, the Spirits numbered fewer than they are now. The very essence of their being was but scarce, their forms weak and imperfect. One of these Spirits was Kralos the Just - a strong and vigilant creature representing Justice in the small realm of the Immortals. It was he who ruled in the celestial court: The Ru’Gorosh, The Hall of Righteousness. Then came the fall of Apohet, and with it the age of prosper for the Spiritual kind - as their essence now flowed endlessly in their respective three realms. For with Apohet encaged in his realm of solitude: The Jewel of Elements, there was none restricting their growth in power and numbers. Soon a new generation of Spirits came to exist, a distinction made between those Greater and those Lesser. Ixli, a young and ambitious Spirit that had already shown great powers by overthrowing the ancient Spirits of Forbidden Knowledge and Truth, showed interest to take the title of Judge for himself also. It was his final battle, landing him in the seat as the Greater Spirit of Forbidden Knowledge, Truth and Judgement. Kralos, defeated and now subjugated beneath Ixli’s Greater status, kept his calm. For hundreds of years nothing would come from him in protest of his loss. And as punishment for his disobedience - was put to rest in Zagaafum’Morgund, The Blackrock Tomb. Here Ixli stored the foulest of truths and blackest knowledge. Hidden, secret only for Ixli to view. The Hall of Righteousness fell into decay under Ixli’s corruptive hold, the sockets of Kralos’ eyes empty - his sight stolen for the duration of his stay down in the Tomb. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– After millenia had passed, Ixli once more wandered through the dark and seemingly endless halls of The Blackrock Tomb, stumbling upon Kralos - in stasis with his empty eyes wide open. With a chuckle, the Spirit of the Forbidden Truth and Judgement stared down at his old foe. ~ Mir golmlat oshadhûr’bûth, Kralos ~ I offer you another chance, Kralos. For none should live a life in a cage. None, not even Apohet. The fate of the Daemon Apohet, the very creator of Spirit-kind, not known to any. The knowledge was forbidden - yet it was truth. Only Ixli knew this, keen on keeping it for himself. The stasis upon Kralos’ body was lifted - the ancient Spirit raised from the depths of Zagaafum’Morgund with his vision returned. Two black orbs now filling the empty sockets with a cold gaze. And with the return of the Spirit of Judgement, came the restoration of Ru’Gorosh. This court, however, shalleth not be used to Judge the Spirits. For that was only to Ixli himself. Instead Kralos was to focus on the Descendants - more specifically: those that dare call themselves in favor of the Spirits, and their servants. Kralos’ Justice And so he wields the hammer of the Spiritual court: Kralos the Just. And when he first beateth the steel upon the stone table, the Descendant servants of the Greater and Lesser Celestial bodies known as Spirits will shiver and fear. For they now sense his presence. The dark and empty gaze set onto them to watch their moves and judge their actions. Kralos watches over you. To judge your actions. Those that are faithful and loyal to the Spirits can rest, but revere His Justice. Those that are unfaithful and treacherous towards the Spirits and Their servants - yet dare claim to wield Their power shall fear, and face His Justice. Fear His Justice, and fear his Mark. For when faced in Kralos’ Court and found guilty of heresy .. found guilty of abusing the Spirits might by trapping them- (Dark Shamanism) found guilty of breaking oaths to the Spirits- found guilty of breaking pacts to the Spirits- found guilty of acting highly immoral against a Spirit a shaman claims to represent or is pacted/oathed with- shall receive the Mark of Kralos : Furmum, The Mark of Lies. The poor souls whose will is of evil nature and their goals to abuse the power they were given will be faced with a multitude of visions - warnings from Kralos to alter their behaviour or be forced to Justice by his own hand. Furmum: The Mark of Lies Any and all Shamans found guilty of abusing their powers will be excommunicated from Spiritual communion. They may contest Kralos’ verdict and face Him in a fight for their honor. However, only a fool would be so ignorant to fight a Spirit in his own Realm - let along His Court. Upon receiving the Mark of Lies, the Soul of the Shaman will be fractured. Fractured, but remain whole. Any further bonds between the soul and Deific power will be their last. They will be incapable of calling upon Spirits. They will be incapable of accessing any Spiritual Plane. They will lose their Shamanism, but survive. After time the excommunicated shaman can, through the help of a willing shaman - try to appeal for their mark. This could lead to it being removed. Could. Red Lines Upon acceptance of the lore, any shaman will be met with either a vision or general feel of Kralos’ reign of the Ru’Gorosh. Shamans can report abuse of power or unfaithfulness to Kralos (represented by a member of shaman lore staff). If the report is truthful, the reported shall be met with Judgement. This encourages involved shamans to act against heresy. If the report is untruthful(and the accuser knows this), the reporter will be punished. This discourages backstabbery over personal conflicts. If the report is untruthful(unbeknownst to the accuser), the reporter will not receive punishment. Before facing Judgement, a shaman may be approached a total of 3 times to serve as a warning and potential points to alter their acts or behaviour in order to fall in line. Shamans that face Judgement will enter a forced event during which he faces before Kralos in his court. Other shamans may be present during this event but cannot interfere. [entering = PK clause, refusing to comply or come online for this will result in a verdict in their absence. Risking being marked without being able to defend yourself.] If found guilty, they may choose to receive the mark (loose the magic) or contest the claim. The former means permanent disconnection from Shamanism. The latter results in a rather epic fight against Kralos himself - leading to a perma death as fighting a Spirit in their own domain is literal suicide. The aim for this lore is to install a mechanism that will enable disconnection for shamans, but keep this out of player hands so the rule is absolute and follows the core lore. The OOC authority is a combined decision from LT, MT & Shaman Loreholders - so we are deffinately sure that lore is kept in check.