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  1. HedgeHug

    The Whitewashing of Shagarath and Clan Vultur

    Shagarath shrugs calmly as he continues living as he has for the last century. Shaking his head at the false claims made against him: - Blasphemy against Krug and the Spirits – Is a true servant of the spirits that has sacrificed centuries of his life in dedication to. Serving them in life and till death takes him. - Abandoning the Yar Clan – has been whitewashed in the ages of Axios and thus his status as clansman fell with it -Association with the Druids – at this time not deemed an enemy state of Krugmar or a state Krugmar is at war with -Threatening the Nation of Krugmar with lethal force – has never uttered a threat against the nation, but against individual orcs -Threatening the Nation of Krugmar with wanton use of the Spirits power – has never uttered a threat against the nation, but against individual orcs - Breaking Pacts and Oaths – has only ever broken mortal forged pacts with mortal bloods. Has never betrayed a spritualy forced pact -Abandoning Krug – has forsaken the orcish cultural ways because they limit one’s ability to serve the spirits to one’s full extend.
  2. HedgeHug

    History of the Vulture - Part 1

    [[ These records describe the history of Shagarath the Old. This information is not public knowledge but can be obtained through books on the server. Do not metagame this information – this forum post is merely to share the character growth over the time that has passed since his creation. This is part 1. Every past world that came and went will have its own part. Enjoy the read! Feel free to comment out of character on this post]] Part 0 - The unnamed past Shagarath was given birth under the Constellation of Ixli, in yellow sands. These children are known under the Orcish Zodiak to be curious and in constant search of understanding of both environment and the non-physical. They will often take on apprenticeships in building and exploration in order to gain the vast knowledge they strive to gather. Those of the Yellow path are said to be less sane than their counterparts, often appearing out of place among their brothers. His mother, a nameless orcish figure, died giving birth to him as she herself was overcome by weakness during delivery. The Fe-uruk, part Goblin, lacked the full physical strength of a pure blooded Uruk, further adding to her weakness. The social standing of Shagarath in his early years was low. Lower than the common orc due to his nickname as “motherslayer”. As he was birthed more curious than ferocious and soon fell behind his peers in physical ways, where he excelled in the psychological. He preferred study above training - much to the hatred of his father. He read on the arts of smithing and this later became his craft as an apprentice under Guratan, his master and an orc that was more a father to him than his own. He excelled at forgework, he had found his place. For now. Eventually all came to an end. For during a raid Shaga found himself incapable of defending his father, Agarath, - whom had fallen ill during winter. The smoke rose high above the orcish camp - many had died, but the raiders were defeated. Shagarath was punished for cowardice, and cast out from his clan. For decades he wandered. Avoiding orcs at all cost in fear of losing his head. From place to place he went. Working at local forges to pay for his meals and bed. Eventually he saved up enough to buy himself a place on a ship out of the lands where he was born. Part 1 - Vailor The past of the orc called Shagarath was left behind him as soon as he set foot at the docks of Vailor lands. It was here where he encountered the Iron Uzg. A nation of orcish clans led by a Rex. Here the now already aging figure went forth and sought communion with the various clans; joining clan Yar under the leadership of Wargoth Malog’Yar. During his earlier days in service of Uzg and Clan, Shagarath had his first encounters with the Spirits and Shamanism. His mentor, Buubztik’Lur, was a harsh one. The blackskins unforgiving nature working to great effect in shaping Shagarath as a proper Lutauman. Soon he would thrive in the fields of Ancestral Spirits. Creating pacts with various greater and lesser spirits that reside in the Stargush’Stroh. Reconnecting family with their ancestors for guidance. As the Uzg progressed a new Rex took the throne. Kharak of Raguk ruled the lands with an iron fist and stated the famed capital of San’Thraka. A large sandstone citadel that rose far into the desert heights. Under his rule, Shagarath would become lord of slaves - and quite effective at that. He reshaped the system of slavery and soon the business thrived. More than a dozen slaves stood in servitude to the Snaga’Goth and the Iron Uzg. Some of them later becoming honoraries. Slaves becoming honoraries, and catching more slaves. Among these slaves was also one of his own. Suna, an elven slave with vitiligo, grew out to be one of few descendants the elder would ever keep close to him and even dare call friend or companion. In these times of Slavery’s Golden age, his prowess did not go unnoticed and soon the elder became Dominus of the Uzg. In this time Shagarath was taught the arts of Witchdoctory by Nurena’Yar, daughter of Malog. Many mortals came to fear this practise, for his curses were vile and nasty one’s. Often concocted and crafted amidst uruks observing the elder shaman at work. And so he passed his days in Vailor, in servitude of the Rex, the Uzg and the Spirits. The last one would become a real pain in the backside - for Rex Kharak would soon employ himself as a servant of Orgon. Slowly but steadily Kharak, Shagarath and other Witchdoctors began spreading His plague on the lands of Vailor. Their plan was for the plague to be the ultimate praisal of a spirit. The greatest ever performed by mortals. But they were betrayed. For Orgon’s intentions became clear when he turned against Krug’s kin. And began consuming the entire world. Attacking all descendant capitals - and eventually forcing forcing all inhabitants out of Vailor. By boat they fled through a grand portal, to then arrive in a new realm. Clean of Orgon’s vile plaguelands. These events had a devastating effect on Shagarath. Teaching him many lessons and shaping his beliefs in the form of old scars applied to him. All Spirits reside in a balance. Upset this balance and it shall have devastating consequences. One such consequence was the passing of a clansman and honourable figure: Phaedrus of Yar. It was Shagarath’s privilege to visit him in his spirit form in the Stargush’Stroh and speak with him. Later forming a bond between himself and this Greater Ancestral as he offered to reunite his mortal wife and him in the Spirit Realm. During these times Shagarath obtained the following of his titles as a character: Dominus under Kharak of Raguk, Breaker of Slaves, (Slavelord of the Iron Uzg) Speaker of the Dead, (Lutauman) Whitchdoctor of Misery, (Witchdoctor) Servant of Phaedrus, Servant of Orgon, Destroyer of Vailor, (took part in the ending of Vailor by supporting Orgon the Vile) During these times Shagarath’s spiritual focus lay on the following Spirits: Kor, Spirit of the Dead Yar, Ancestral Spirit Rak, Ancestral Spirit Phaedrus, Ancestral Spirit Veist, Spirit of Illusion and Trickery Orgon, Spirit of Disease
  3. HedgeHug

    [Feat] Dark Shamanism

    Though being in communication with the writer regarding this re-iteration about the new shaman rewrite I will leave the following: - this will not serve as the definitive lore submission, as it will require some alteration to align with the ongoing shamanism rewrite and the general lore format overhaul Points of feedback: - Voodoo dolls have been removed. Long range cursing is no longer a thing on LotC - Muyakelg have been removed. - Spirit Smithing is becoming a feat that requires shamanism as prerequisite, it will only be an addition for fluff as the potency of these items do not exceed Tier 3 shaman potency (assuming the shaman is Tier 5) I like the general approach, reforging dark shamanism as 'taboo' shamanism instead. As this was the aim of the shamanism rewriters. You did a good job and I like the fluff of it. The PK clause is quite interesting. I do have some issue with the book of names, as it can be hoarded. Maybe you can let Ixli possess this tome and any apprentice / willing soul can be contacted by them (initial casters) and afterwards students can be brought to Ixli for attunement I also like the replacement with the bodily tether to the spirits to a physical item, this makes a lot of sense as any spirit would refuse an established connection between a mortal like this and themselves The PK and bodily sacrifice give a good indication to the depravity of this magic. It requires a sacrifice to obtain this power over celestial beings and this is a good way of showing such. The overall fact that dark shamanism is no longer a stand-alone magic is a good thing, seeing it has struggled at being such. Instead it now is a path for a shaman to descent into – as their character forms and decays, losing sanity or beliefs in the spirits and then results to the ultimate depravity of taking the wheel and steering the spirits, instead of being their servant. I will see to the best of my ability that this lore is reformatted and adjusted to the shamanism rewrite!
  4. HedgeHug

    [PK] The Vulture Flies

    I am sorry, brother Probably youtube or minecraft server forums looking for an rp server. I actually bought minecraft for LotC as I only played cracked minecraft before that. 0 Hrm, tough one. The orcish nation did well in vailor time – which is a time I cherish. Aside from that the numerous interesting spiritual and mortal encounters I’ve had on Shaga that’s made him the living legend till this day. Yes you are my deer ❤️ Pretty guud, also I love that vid! Hrmmmmm, I don’t have A favourite song but right now I’m listening an awful lot to Tooth and Claw by Animals as Leaders (fusion metal) Vultures – Wheel toxicity – system of a down ask in rp : > Indeedly! still fun to **** around
  5. HedgeHug

    [PK] The Vulture Flies

    Give the orcs what they want only for it to be a dissapointment
  6. HedgeHug

    [PK] The Vulture Flies

    Seeing I passed 1.5k posts and am approaching 2k upvotes, here’s a clickbaited AMA Ask me anything! About me or perhaps my characters: Shagarath ‘The Vulture’ or, recently pulled form the bench Narmir ‘Brother Dream’ Taveira Go at it.
  7. Shagarath ‘The Vulture’ Signs the Charter @Fireheart Fixed
  8. HedgeHug

    He Will Never Be

    Rise, Loras – the Second Vultur.
  9. HedgeHug

    [PK] A lone orc steps onto Stargush'Stroh

    At the edge of the grand plateau holding the Stargush’Stroh, Shagarath sat spending his time overseeing the oh desolate plane of arrival. Behind him sat the Gate of Kor – not far from it, Kor himself. A calm yet endless stream of descendant souls would arrive at this gate, from which many were let into the Stargush’Stroh by the Immortal Spirit. The near ancient uruk blinks, having sighted the familiar silhouette vanish beyond the gate. Having missed him pass by the shaman. ”Enjuy lat’z tik in dah eternal landz. Bruddah.”
  10. Spiritual roleplay? Join Vultur Today!

  11. Name of your Charter: Staghadup Owner's Username: Hedgehug Owner's Roleplay Name: Shagarath ‘The Vulture’ Location (XYZ): 1757.60.576, Tile 11 Tier applying for: 1st Tier, 50x50 plot
  12. HedgeHug


  13. HedgeHug

    [Recruiting] Clan Vultur

    Speak to a shaman, sell your characters tongue for some funny boon and be a mute orc! Your words and characters are more than welcome! Thank you for the feedback and support.
  14. HedgeHug

    [Recruiting] Clan Vultur

    This is a cultural thing, much like tarot card reading. It’s clearly stated that whatever message is received after prayer is drug induced. No lore is required as nothing magical is done – this is what we know OOC’ly. IC’ly it is within the Vultur beliefs that this is as is written. I think it’s evident from Shagaraths past that he does his own thing. His whitewash status was revoked some moons ago. He has shaped his clan with the intend to shape his image of perfect spiritualist praisers. Therefore this clan is indeed not inherently orcish, but rather: inherently spiritual / shamanic
  15. HedgeHug

    [Recruiting] Clan Vultur

    [OOC] Clan Vultur From Ash, To Ash Every age, era and period knows a beginning and an ending. Realms are discovered and destroyed. Descendants of Krug, Malin, Urguan and Horen are brought into the world. They live their life until the inevitable befalls them and lays waste to their mortal form. But where most of mortal blood fear the ending that is bound to come, it is those that align their minds with the Spirits that don’t. They await it, welcome it and eventually make peace with it. For it is known that those devoted, those loyal and those dedicated shall be let through the Gates of the Stargush’Stroh. It is this endless Cycle of birthing, life and death that makes the foundation of Clan Vultur. The three tenants of existence as directed by: Ublulhar, Spirit of Hope and New beginnings. Jevex, Spirit of Order and Kor, Spirit of the Dead. These three ways are those of the Vultur. Culture and Beliefs Learn from the Past - to shape a formidable Future. History is what defines us. Making us aware where we are and how we got there. To have knowledge of history, legends and feats of the past can influence one’s current self and even bring shape to one’s future. There is no truer history than the tales of those that witnessed it. Therefore the words of the Ancestors is held in high regard, and They are honored for what they have been through - and be accepted into the Stargush’Stroh. It is the task with those dedicated, the Khlaarmat, to listen, hear and interpret Their word. To then spread it amongst Clansmen. To be a Hunter - is to be a Tamer, not a Butcher. Life that exists and lives orderly is not to be killed. It is thus that on hunts an Vultur will prefer to domesticate their prey, contrary to killing it. A prey is only to be killed if domestication is impossible or if tribute is to be made to an Ancestral that has demanded so. As is told by the Khlaarmat. Hunting is never performed for the sake of it – it is always done per request of tribute from a Spirit. It is the belief of the Vultur that all newborn life is innocent and sacred. No matter the origin or kind. For no sins rest upon the newborn of this realm unless it has committed one themselves. To bring harm to the newborn descendant, beast or being - is to disrupt the Cycle and bring insult to Ublulhar. It is the belief of the Vultur that all that live according to the Spirits, must do so honorably. For there is no greater shame than that of neglecting Their praisal or act against Their will. It is the belief of the Vultur that life must not be taken for no reason. For taking life of descendant, beast or being for the sheer sake of doing so - is to disrupt the Cycle and bring insult to Kor. It is the belief of the Vultur that all those called Brothers or Sisters must be respected, and no harm should be brought to them. Taking care of a Brother or Sister should be held in the same high esteem as praising the Spirits and the Cycle of life. Protect them with your life, and guide those that need guidance. It is the belief of the Vultur that the Great Spirits discriminate not. For all that praise and fear them are found equal - and their potential will be put to use. No gender or race is excluded - no alignment left behind. As long as one’s inner Spirit is attuned to Them, They shall not question one’s loyalty based on such things. It is the belief of the Vultur that other Deific entities exist with their unique touch upon the mortal realm. They are acknowledged for the part they play in universal balance - and do not condemn them or their followers. This pertains the Aengelic deities. All that is found unholy, undead or Daemonic in nature is condemned, for they seek to disrupt this balance. Rituals and Teachings Clan Vultur knows few written and unwritten rituals and teachings. The prayers and chants of Old Blah written in tomes that are kept by the Elders of the Clan. The Ritual of Initiation The initiate Vultur shall be tasked with capturing a Vulture. This is done in a unique way where they shall seek out a desolate and harsh landscape like a desert and lay there in the radiating sun for hours if not a day. They will have to force their body in a state of near-death to attract Kor’s servants: the vulture bird. Once they see that the initiate is in this state and dare come close to them - they shall jump out and attempt to capture it. After this they must spend any time necessary to tame the animal and make it serve them in Kor’s name. After this follows an initiation ritual where the initiate shall align themselves with a path from the trinity of spiritual faith. The Ritual of Hope Fertility is the foundation of Life. To be blessed by Arwa is to be guaranteed a successful start of a life onto this realm. The ritual of fertility knows an act and a phrase. The act being that of sacrifice. The phrase one in the language of the Spirits, dedicated to Ublurhar herself. The sacrifice must be meaningful, relevant and unique. The Ritual of Birth The moment of birth is as sacred as it is meaningful. It is within the duties of the Vultur to carry out this ritual with every birth within the Uzg. Uruk or Beast. And also wherever they stumble upon it. The Ilzpaak shall determine the future of the new child upon this realm. The stars and sands shall determine the path this newborn shall walk. The ritual of birth knows a prayer, followed by reading their future based on the stars that shine above and the sands that lay below. The Ritual of Death Death comes to us all. It is within Vultur beliefs to embrace it. When faced with death, they shall guide the dying or deceased onwards. Those that are to meet their end, are to be comforted and told to praise Kor so they may be let into the Stargush’Stroh. Prayers in the Spirits tongue are to be uttered and candles be placed around the body. The dead mortal body shall be embalmed and eventually burned. May the ashes of their transcendence into the Stargush’Stroh bring fertility to the land - and consequently aid in birthing new life. Such is the way of the Cycle. Optional would be a Lutauman to be present to venture to the Stargush Stroh and await the mortal spirit at the Gate of Kor. Teachings are given by the Elders of the clan. Teachings of an orderly life. Teachings of Spirits. Teachings of the Cycle. Cubs are granted teachings of history so they may shape their paths according to it. Vultur embraces the teachings to live a meaningful life to both the Spirits and fellow Brothers and Sisters. The Trinity of Spiritual Faith As no Spirit stands in the same way as another. Their praising cannot be deemed singular either. The manner in which Their Word is heard and acted upon exists divided into a trinity of paths. For the mortal life is finite. An end lays from where we begin and thus - from the beginning till the end of mortal lifespan it is a path we walk. A path beginning in our birthing in mortal sands, up until entering the holy lands of the endless Stargush’Stroh. The moment where the mortal body gives way to the inner spirit and let it be set free to walk on eternally in the Spiritual Heavens created by Krug. And as the Spirits reside in everlasting balance, so do the paths. Mul’Mau - The Path of the Zealot - A pathway of chaotic and violent nature. Only existing to those that would serve the spirits in a limitless way. A path that leads to destruction of both life and the material realm in the name of the spirits. Those that wield the mark of the Zealot stand in servitude to a selection of spirits that can be perceived to be of ill-will towards mortal descendants. But as the Spiritual Balance must be maintained - there must exist a negative factor. Zealots stand as the ruthless executioners of the Spirits will. No matter how vile or taboo it may be. Their Word is Sacred. And must be adhered. The duties of one who walks the Zealots path are those of unquestioned loyalty to the Spirits they praise and Fear. To be the executioner of Their word. Spirits often praised and related to the Mul’Mau are: Ehnrok Votar Leyd Aztran Mul’Bukot - The Path of the Priest - A pathway of peaceful and tranquil nature. Existing as a counterpart to the path of the Zealot containing devoted servants that would serve Spirits in a way that is not perceived as destructive to the mortal realm and the descendants that walk upon it. Priests seek to spread the word of the Spirits to those that praise them, and to those that can be converted to Their ways. The Priests live by the Spiritual Mantra that ignorance leads to fear - fear leads to anger - only resulting in chaos. If the Priests fail in their duties, the balance is tipped into the favor of the Zealots path. The duties of one who walks the Priests path are those of unquestioned loyalty to the Spirits they praise and Fear. To be the spreader of Their word. Spirits often praised and related to the Mul’Bukot are: Kor Luara Kezt Akezo Ancestral spirits Mul’Hontum - The Path of the Seeker - A pathway of noble yet mischievous nature. Existing as a balanced middle to those of the Zealot and Priest. Seekers are those that pursue knowledge on the material and immaterial. They collect the knowledge of the mortal word and archive it. The mischief to their nature lies in the means they use to obtain this knowledge. For one cannot underestimate the power of it. Any means can be used to obtain it. Part of their duty lies with collecting the word of the Spirits also. Archiving it so that their Word and Will may be granted to the followers of the other paths - and executed. The duties of one who walks the Seekers path are those of unquestioned loyalty to the Spirits they praise and Fear. To be the collector of Their word. Spirits often praised and related to the Mul’Bukot are: Theruz Ixli Veist Ikuras Mul’Ashlup - The singular devoted - There are some that stray from the paths that are laid out to them by the Spirits oh Grand. Instead seeking praisal of one or two particular Spirits instead of the grand spectrum of Their existence. These are the singular devoted. Loyal to a single Spirits Word, often to a fault. Though not forbidden, one must be cautious - for the consequences of praising one Spirit can upset the balance and tip the scales. All remember well, the days of Orgon the Vile. Where the singular devotion to a Spirit tipped the balance and resulted in the inevitable doom of a realm now long past. Be cautious to walk this path of devotion and those that walk it. For they pose a possible danger to the established Spiritual Balance. Ancestral Listeners: The Khlaarmat Khlaarmat is the title given to those that have dedicated themselves to the Ancestors. Days they may spend in meditation to get a glimpse of their word. Upon hearing it they shall interpret it and relay the Will of the Ancestors to the clan. To become a Khlaarmat is to be selected by a shaman of the clan and perform a series of tasks and trials. If successful they may keep this title till Kor takes them, and they may join with the Ancestors who’s word they have heard in the Stargush’Stroh. As sacrifice of this gift they shall swear an oath of passivism. So that no Khlaarmat shall be corrupted and both hear and act out the Ancestors Word. For doing so is uncontrolled zealotry, and lead to a path of Chaos and Doom. The Ritual of Kor Those that wish to obtain the gift of Ancestral Listening must devote themselves to the Ancestral spirits and He who keeps them: Kor, Greater Immortal Spirit of the Dead. It is thus that Kor himself shall judge those already tested and trialed by a shaman or experienced Listener. For this judgement the apprentice Listener shall seclude themselves in a deep cavern. Where no distractions shall influence their minds. Here they shall sit and meditate to Kor over a cup of ash, held closely within one’s hands. In time, Kor shall answer their calling and commune with them. Judge them. Task them. This task is all that remains and once completed shall result in a lifelong pact sworn to Kor himself. Breaking this pact being the greatest dishonor a mortal can ever bring upon a spirit, and lead into their inevitable doom. The pact to be sworn contains an oath of passivism. For a Listener that hears the Ancestors Word and their wishes, should not be able to carry such out himself. This could result in overzealous behaviour and dangerous practises. Violence against another descendant or other being can only be used in defense of one’s self or the life of another. A Listener is never the Aggressor. For such is their way. The Ritual of Communion Once sworn in, they are now a fully fledged Ancestral Listener. This ritual allows a Listener to commune with one Ancestral Spirit for a limited time. To hear their whispers, their word and wishes. Ancestors might demand tribute, sacrifice or favors from the mortals. It is the task of Listeners to obtain these and relay them to those that can execute them. They can appease the Ancestors themselves, but only within the constraints of the oath they swore to Kor. The ritual is to be performed using an artifact that can link the mortal to the Ancestor in the Stargush’Stroh. This could be a weapon, an urn of ashes. Anything that the now-dead Spirit owned in the past, or something linked to this spirit. Think of Kharak and tainted soil. Think of Yar and the Yar-Turtles. Think of Grubgoth’Wud and stew. With this artifact in possession of the Listener they shall cover their skin in ash from burnt wood and meditate under the influence of high grade cactus green to call out to the Spirit. They will then, in this state, hear the whispers of the ancestors they called out to. [[Social/Cultural rp, drug infused rambling, no actual spirit communication with a non-shaman happening but one can still interpret their trip of highness as a spirit talking to them like modern day religion]] Vultur Runes As ash is viewed as the end of something, for it was burned to a crips. Yet it also has the potential to fertilize soil and make way for new life. Because of this similar metaphor towards the Cycle, it shall be the righteous tool to write down Runic Old Blah - The language of the Ancestors. Every carved rune upon an altar, shrine or Totem - even on parchment - shall be written in ash or with charcoal. The Vultur Elders hold the dictionary of runes that are often used by the Vultur Clan to leave their mark upon the mortal realm. Vultur Totems of the Spirits A totem of the Spirits is a permanent footprint of the Spirits onto the mortal realm. Contrary to common orcish shrines, they emanate the aura of the Spirit it is dedicated to. The totems created by Clan Vultur are one’s of distinct construction. A ring of pillars is created to form a sanctuary for the totem. Then a shrine is built in the middle. Texts in Old Blah are to be written onto the pillars and shrine using ash or charcoal, referring to the Spirit an Vultur wishes to bring praise to. A shaman is required to breathe life into the dormant totem and awaken it, imbuing it with the Spirits powers. Vultur Card Reading Among the many rituals the Vultur clan members are taught to perform, reading one’s fortune and misfortune by use of cards is an entertaining one. Each member of the Vultur clan may create their own deck of spiritual cards and use these to perform a ritual, calling out to the spirits for truth, wisdom and guidance. They shall then proceed to display the cards face down and let one choose three. Based on these three cards they can read one’s fortune and misfortune in the past, presence and future. This way of reading can also answer questions one may have, but note that these cannot be closed yes or no questions. They must be open for the spirits to answer them. An example of such a deck of cards, belonging to no less than Shagarath ‘The Vulture’ : https://imgur.com/a/aIWUaYf Vultur Chants: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust. “Hiisht da Hiisht, Sat a Sat” All that Begins has an End. “Uk ashza brusnau” Hear the word of the Ancestors “Khlaar’ghashan da Stargush” Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits “Afar’Ilzgul, Lup’Ilzgul” The Vulture watches “Hon’Gâdhûp” Recruitment For those that wish to become part of Vultur and align their mind with the ways of birthing, life and death - must seek out a member of the clan to interact. [[Hedgehug#2111 for ooc questions or Shagarath in Roleplay]] Alliances and sworn pacts Clan Vultur is declared as inherently neutral and in foundation is not aligned with any group, guild or nation. The Vultur are indipendant yet it’s members are free to roam the realm and seek both housing and alliance within the Rexdom of Krugmar. Allies: Rexdom of Krugmar Druids of the Mother Grove Sable Principality of Vira’ker Sworn pacts: n/a Enemies: Any practitioneers of Infamous Dark Arts Any practitioneers of Dark Shamanism Any worshippers of the Infiri and Naztherak