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  1. In lands afar, overseeing the vast mesa plains of Arkas, a vulture circles its way downard onto the surface where a shaman sits – brooding. Murmuring a chant to himself. “Afar’Ilzgul, Lup’Ilzgul. Zark’Slaium agh Uzg Nurmaturz, Elvirah Naromiz – Ilzgul uv Gat’lur”
  2. “If they rebuild the same arena as San’Thraka, then they’ve truly outdone themselves when it comes to forcibly re-inacting the orcish golden age of Vailor.” A distant elderly figure mumbles.
  3. More clarity regarding the Safety Team will be provided soon. Please do respect the effort of volunteering individuals with good intentions for the community overall. Though you might disagree with the proposed method – it is not as many of you perceive it to be, thus an update might clarify a thing or two. Please stay tuned.

    1. howard


      no lol get the ooc harassment guy out of your team first

  4. HedgeHug

    Vice City

    Shagarath muses “Ahn intureztin’ philozopheh... eigh muzt meet wif diz gahk ayed feller zome tik.”. The elder warlock then turns his eye to the night sky and reads the stars as he smokes his pipe.
  5. We’ve had our IC strife back in the olden days. I have mocked you among those that did but as of late, during the past or so year, I have had a change of heart and opinion on you and if you didn’t know that by now, here it is. I wish you the best in life, sincerely.
  6. The actual **** did I return to?

    1. _Jandy_


      welcome back, dont diddle children

    2. Apostate
    3. Tigergiri


      the apocalypse


  7. Good lore, but ehm.................. Shamanism?
  8. Been there since launch, among other interesting builds. Likely nothing usefulness to them as they serve an aesthetic purpose
  9. formatting is a bit eh, furthermore seems legit
  10. The loregames force narrative of roleplay to non magical, which is indeed an issue for magical groups. And there can be other reasons but they need to make sense. The issue here is that it’s a global thing that EVERY teacher has to deal with. It’s a bit odd if there come 100 ways of teachers saying that all of a sudden they lost connection or an old sports injury is hindering them from teaching. It would’ve made more sense, as this is a global happening, for a global reason irp to exist that would at least give characters a way to define and give reason to this phenomenon.
  11. I can go on a limb and write a thousand word thesis on this but instead I will bullet list my concerns and issues with the loregames as they are going on. - No public updates on loremags or progression in quite some time, even though lore keeps getting cut or shelfed. - Major infraction on character progression and roleplay in general – Major infraction on teaching of magic as all is blocked – the same done to creation roleplay of magical items as LT signatures for artificery magics are disallowed - No reason in roleplay given to at least mend this, forcing players to resort to in character skygod references as a reason for why something cannot be done - The Shaman rewrite has been effectively taken out of player hands. I’m only aware of this one but there might be other magics where player / magic user involvement in rewriting is effectively nullified Please civilly discuss this and mayhaps offer solutions? Haven’t heard anything from flambo either in a while, leaving many with questions of who’s in control of the loregames and what the line of progression is.
  12. I should write lore on sterling engines
  13. Dlunar Irongrinder taps his chin as he reads the document “A thought all teh Elger were females... some jus’ a wee more masculine then teh others. Our wom’n ‘ave beards anehway.”
  14. Props to our man @Silverstatik for trying to manage this all. You did well bud, considering the circumstances.

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