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    OOC ((MC Name: Hedgehug)) ((Discord: You got it)) ((Timezone: GMT+1)) RP What is your name? Dlunar the Clanless Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? To further my studies and aid in matters where my arts can assist What is the extent of your experience with magic? Arcanism of the Fourth Tier Transfiguration of the Third Tier What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? Arcanism of the Fourth Tier Transfiguration of the Third Tier Anordal, Son of Lhindir What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Sorcerer What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Arcane Master When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Any time
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    A dwarf, having witnessed a high elven marriage, snickers at the sight of Mali’Aheral freaking out knowing their dependant ally was disbanded. “And su ‘istoreh continues etself. Toime to ‘ead to teh Underrealm ‘nd see wot happens.”
  4. Discord name: Hedgehug#2111timezone: GMT+1ign: Hedgehugrp name: Dlunarrace: Forest Dwarf
  5. [!] On a calm and lonely night, in the year 1711, few goblin figures tread into the major cities to hang messages on the public notice boards. They act in silence, with a certain sense of dread about them. And as swiftly as they had come, they leave the premises again - hiding in the shadows of the night. On the top of the parchment so eloquently written sits the seal of a vulture, and a fingerprint pressed in blood. [!] In a cavern deep with candlelight, this be the words I silently write. I, Shagarath, a lonely spirit entrapped in an ancient mortal body - residing on this plane only in devotion to the Great Spirits of Old. My name may be both revered and hated, but let it be known to all that walk this mortal plane and all that read this. That I serve no other than the Spirits and their sacred word. It is thus that I lived my life according to Their word, as spoken to me by Them: The Spirits we Praise and Fear. “Afar’Ilzgul, Lup’Ilzgul” Revered and Hated, I am - as I am Old. And it has taken me time to find meaning in my old age. In communion with the spirits I have made up my mind, and seek to relieve myself of my mortal ballast. It is time for me to go. These words be public - may they be carried across the realm with my Legacy. The Legacy of Shagarath. The Old and Decayed Vulture. In this I will speak of truths that I have rarely shared openly. For their weight are a burden upon any one’s mind. But in my final Lamet I shall utter these. I confess… My participation in the Orgonic Campaign. Where I stood besides Kharak and sought for the world of Vailor to be devoured by plaguelands to appease a Spirit. Before we knew what consequences our meddling with the spiritual balance would bring, it was already too late. A world was devoured, and many had died. From this I have learned of the greater spiritual balance, and this is why I have been so adamant on maintaining, educating and spreading knowledge of it for over a century. I confess… To have had intimacy with a snaga in Vailor times. In the times when the title of Snaga’Goth was bestowed upon me and a great system of slavery was in place. Isuz blessed me with love that even till this day I dare deny - but no longer will I deny a truth as personally stated to me by a Spirit. For what I thought to be a curse, was instead a blessing. I confess… To have acted unfairly against my own kin. For in my quest to become the Spirits wielding spear and shield - I have relinquished mortal burdens and freed myself from cultural standards. Standards upheld by my race and kin for many centuries. As a result of this I was cast out multiple times - sometimes just, but sometimes unjust. I acknowledge my deeds that have worked against my kin. Such as aiding or siding with their foes in wartime - or refusing to invest in educating them. I see it as a failure, that when I say that I could have done so much more for them - if only they allowed me. I confess… To have dishonored myself by mortal standards by dishonoring blood-forged alliances and pacts with kinsmen. Only have I done such in my quest to appease the Spirits, and never for any other reason. I have lied and betrayed other mortal descendants for the betterment of my standing with the Spirits. But never have I brought harm upon a kinsman for this purpose. My acts as a mortal on the realm have, throughout the last part of my life, solely been done to appease the Great Spirits. So that They may prosper, and us with them. And yet for all the bad that some might think or say that I have done - there was also good: I speak truth… That I reunited Phaedrus and his wife in the Stargush Stroh. Where they could share time together. That I, in communion with Gentharuz, brought knowledge of the Shamanic art called: Ilzgul’Udalgum. Commonly known as Spirit Smithing. That I have had the pleasure of designing and acting as architect of cities and settlements throughout the ages. Housing all kinds of descendant life. That I have had the Honor of escorting Vorgo of Yar through the Gate of Kor - and see him walk his final steps into the Stargush’Stroh. That I sought and somewhat succeeded in breaking apart the conflict between druids and orcs. That I, even I, have felt love in my lifetime. Isuz has blessed me. That I sought to spread the Word of the Spirits far and beyond. And never wished to refuse any individual mentorship or education of Them. For the Spirits Touch All. That I have sought to contribute to our Ancestralist brotherin’ - The Darkelves under leadership of Dak’Ir. Whom is my oldest apprentice, and in some regard he has been like a son to me - and Tedyn with him. Luara bless them. That in this long lifetime I fathered a son. Though he might be .. an odd figure .. he still is one I looked after from when he was but a seed - and now a magnificent Meladmiriel of Willow. Freygoth bless him. That I have had the pleasure of caring for Calcifer, a small muyakelg flame that has lived in a lantern on my waste for the longest time. Through thick and thin. Ishvahl bless him. That I have sought to aid descendant life from certain demise against a mighty foe. And cast flames greater than any shaman had cast before me. Ishvahl and Dom, blessed me. That I have had the honor of granting King Abelas his passing rites. May he live forever on in the Eternal forest. I hope, that in my lifetime some have learned from me, my accomplishments and my failure. This is my legacy. To those that supported me: I humbly thank you, and wish you prosperity and the Spirit’s Grace. To those that opposed me: seek knowledge in my mistakes, yet mistake not my intentions. I will now end my final words of wisdom with this, Phaedrus, My Friend Vorgo, My Friend Kharak, My Rex Agarath, My Father Kor, My Lord I am coming home. At last. Afar’Ilzgul, Lup’Ilzgul Fear the Spirits, Praise the Spirits https://i.imgur.com/KK65u5o.jpg Shagarath, ‘The Vulture’ 1391 - 17…. [!] A single Ashen Vulture, Aged as it is Grand, delivers scrolls and small packets to certain individuals. These be the final wordings of Shagarath on a personal note towards certain individuals [!] [!] At last the vulture lands atop the shoulder of an Elder. Staff-less. Stripped of his belongings. Stripped of his name and mortal burdens. He steps onto a small boat. As soon as the morrow’s sun casts down Aztran’s light upon the realm of Arcas, the small silhouette of the ship can be seen climbing over the horizon - to faraway lands. [!] “Hello… Old Friend”
  6. Username: Hedgehug Persona that you received the paper notification on: Shagarath/TheVulture
  7. [[ These records describe the history of Shagarath the Old. This information is not public knowledge but can be obtained through books on the server. Do not metagame this information – this forum post is merely to share the character growth over the time that has passed since his creation. This is part 1. Every past world that came and went will have its own part. Enjoy the read! Feel free to comment out of character on this post]] Part 0 - The unnamed past Shagarath was given birth under the Constellation of Ixli, in yellow sands. These children are known under the Orcish Zodiak to be curious and in constant search of understanding of both environment and the non-physical. They will often take on apprenticeships in building and exploration in order to gain the vast knowledge they strive to gather. Those of the Yellow path are said to be less sane than their counterparts, often appearing out of place among their brothers. His mother, a nameless orcish figure, died giving birth to him as she herself was overcome by weakness during delivery. The Fe-uruk, part Goblin, lacked the full physical strength of a pure blooded Uruk, further adding to her weakness. The social standing of Shagarath in his early years was low. Lower than the common orc due to his nickname as “motherslayer”. As he was birthed more curious than ferocious and soon fell behind his peers in physical ways, where he excelled in the psychological. He preferred study above training - much to the hatred of his father. He read on the arts of smithing and this later became his craft as an apprentice under Guratan, his master and an orc that was more a father to him than his own. He excelled at forgework, he had found his place. For now. Eventually all came to an end. For during a raid Shaga found himself incapable of defending his father, Agarath, - whom had fallen ill during winter. The smoke rose high above the orcish camp - many had died, but the raiders were defeated. Shagarath was punished for cowardice, and cast out from his clan. For decades he wandered. Avoiding orcs at all cost in fear of losing his head. From place to place he went. Working at local forges to pay for his meals and bed. Eventually he saved up enough to buy himself a place on a ship out of the lands where he was born. Part 1 - Vailor The past of the orc called Shagarath was left behind him as soon as he set foot at the docks of Vailor lands. It was here where he encountered the Iron Uzg. A nation of orcish clans led by a Rex. Here the now already aging figure went forth and sought communion with the various clans; joining clan Yar under the leadership of Wargoth Malog’Yar. During his earlier days in service of Uzg and Clan, Shagarath had his first encounters with the Spirits and Shamanism. His mentor, Buubztik’Lur, was a harsh one. The blackskins unforgiving nature working to great effect in shaping Shagarath as a proper Lutauman. Soon he would thrive in the fields of Ancestral Spirits. Creating pacts with various greater and lesser spirits that reside in the Stargush’Stroh. Reconnecting family with their ancestors for guidance. As the Uzg progressed a new Rex took the throne. Kharak of Raguk ruled the lands with an iron fist and stated the famed capital of San’Thraka. A large sandstone citadel that rose far into the desert heights. Under his rule, Shagarath would become lord of slaves - and quite effective at that. He reshaped the system of slavery and soon the business thrived. More than a dozen slaves stood in servitude to the Snaga’Goth and the Iron Uzg. Some of them later becoming honoraries. Slaves becoming honoraries, and catching more slaves. Among these slaves was also one of his own. Suna, an elven slave with vitiligo, grew out to be one of few descendants the elder would ever keep close to him and even dare call friend or companion. In these times of Slavery’s Golden age, his prowess did not go unnoticed and soon the elder became Dominus of the Uzg. In this time Shagarath was taught the arts of Witchdoctory by Nurena’Yar, daughter of Malog. Many mortals came to fear this practise, for his curses were vile and nasty one’s. Often concocted and crafted amidst uruks observing the elder shaman at work. And so he passed his days in Vailor, in servitude of the Rex, the Uzg and the Spirits. The last one would become a real pain in the backside - for Rex Kharak would soon employ himself as a servant of Orgon. Slowly but steadily Kharak, Shagarath and other Witchdoctors began spreading His plague on the lands of Vailor. Their plan was for the plague to be the ultimate praisal of a spirit. The greatest ever performed by mortals. But they were betrayed. For Orgon’s intentions became clear when he turned against Krug’s kin. And began consuming the entire world. Attacking all descendant capitals - and eventually forcing forcing all inhabitants out of Vailor. By boat they fled through a grand portal, to then arrive in a new realm. Clean of Orgon’s vile plaguelands. These events had a devastating effect on Shagarath. Teaching him many lessons and shaping his beliefs in the form of old scars applied to him. All Spirits reside in a balance. Upset this balance and it shall have devastating consequences. One such consequence was the passing of a clansman and honourable figure: Phaedrus of Yar. It was Shagarath’s privilege to visit him in his spirit form in the Stargush’Stroh and speak with him. Later forming a bond between himself and this Greater Ancestral as he offered to reunite his mortal wife and him in the Spirit Realm. During these times Shagarath obtained the following of his titles as a character: Dominus under Kharak of Raguk, Breaker of Slaves, (Slavelord of the Iron Uzg) Speaker of the Dead, (Lutauman) Whitchdoctor of Misery, (Witchdoctor) Servant of Phaedrus, Servant of Orgon, Destroyer of Vailor, (took part in the ending of Vailor by supporting Orgon the Vile) During these times Shagarath’s spiritual focus lay on the following Spirits: Kor, Spirit of the Dead Yar, Ancestral Spirit Rak, Ancestral Spirit Phaedrus, Ancestral Spirit Veist, Spirit of Illusion and Trickery Orgon, Spirit of Disease
  8. I am sorry, brother Probably youtube or minecraft server forums looking for an rp server. I actually bought minecraft for LotC as I only played cracked minecraft before that. 0 Hrm, tough one. The orcish nation did well in vailor time – which is a time I cherish. Aside from that the numerous interesting spiritual and mortal encounters I’ve had on Shaga that’s made him the living legend till this day. Yes you are my deer ❤️ Pretty guud, also I love that vid! Hrmmmmm, I don’t have A favourite song but right now I’m listening an awful lot to Tooth and Claw by Animals as Leaders (fusion metal) Vultures – Wheel toxicity – system of a down ask in rp : > Indeedly! still fun to **** around
  9. Give the orcs what they want only for it to be a dissapointment
  10. Seeing I passed 1.5k posts and am approaching 2k upvotes, here’s a clickbaited AMA Ask me anything! About me or perhaps my characters: Shagarath ‘The Vulture’ or, recently pulled form the bench Narmir ‘Brother Dream’ Taveira Go at it.
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