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  1. >.> <.< Nothing new seems to be going on here, I'll vanish oncemore anyone up for some Rainbow 6 siege?
  2. Made an outfit on Planetside 2, Terran Republic, Emerald Server. Join in: Veteran or noob, pleb or kd killer, young or old!



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    2. Silverstatik


      Dude I have a shotgun on my vanguard, reaver, max, harasser, and my shotgun, nuff said.

    3. Nekkore



    4. Hedgehug


      Dude I have a shotgun on my vanguard, reaver, max, harasser, and my shotgun, nuff said.



      *steps out of 10 meter range*

  3. How much?
  4. I've never seen such bullshit in a single thread. The above named items are all items from Ilzgul'Udalgum yet when I check with those that hold the magic there are none that approved these items nor made them. Half of which aren't even possible / powergaming if they were Ilzgul'Udalgum. You're claiming they're pre-SS with vague origins, to me it just looks like you're giving yourself items from the magic with an excuse. Powergaming, is what it's called.
  5. skype purge, if I removed you re-add me.

  6. I'd like a custom muyakelg skin made. I'll send you details at once but I'm just quickly putting this out to call dibs on no. 1 edit: good reference would be the following: minus the staff. I'm looking for a robe/armor skin hybrid. Hooded with a metal visor. The above color scheme would do as well, darker cyan shades mixed in with the iron colors (I much prefer darker grey as metal opposite to bright grey for metal/armor.) I'm sitting on enough money to buy a multitude of skins and I will probably overpay for this skin anyway <3 No deadline given, take your time !
  7. Muyakelg slots open, claim them now :3

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    2. Grubgoth Wud

      Grubgoth Wud

      i wanna play 1 again tbh

    3. Hedgehug


      ruhk will never rise again

    4. Grubgoth Wud
  8. edit, forgot to put in the damn links.
  9. Minecraft Name: HedgehugDiscord: PrivateTime-zone: GMT+1Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: AT (2 times) - left on my own accord ET Builder - left on my own accord ET Actor - left on my own accord MT - removed for disclosed reasons MT (currently pending) WT - left on my own accord Where do you grab inspiration from: immersive environments such as other videogames and a lot of youtube content. Over the years I've developed my own style though I must say as of late I've been heavily influenced by Messy MedievalWhat type of building are you best with: WE usage for terraforming and build-wise I'm best at smaller scaled ruins, organic builds, structures and other tidbits. I'm considerably lesser in the fields of large scale builds.What are some of your most treasured builds: the spirit realms on the LotC build server (I bloody hope /warp hedgebuild is still active)Are you capable of handling all aspects of a build: I am, depending on the buildPick three building styles and show us a build of yours that corresponds to each choice: I've been previously on the Event Team as a builder. Should this not serve as enough proof of my skill then Ang, Wrynn and others can confirm I have what it takes. Should even this not be enough I'll go through the effort of grabbing a shitton of builds. I believe I have the imgur file of my old event builds still but for confidentiality I'm not to share this publicaly. http://imgur.com/a/O2c5j very large folder of various builds from my past http://imgur.com/a/yAuZW ruined towerhttp://imgur.com/a/Tlozc sample ruins http://imgur.com/a/3lD9z small village I built (not the keep) http://imgur.com/a/aOMjY rivershire, I took part in the build and much that can be seen in these images I builtHow long does it take for you to complete a build: Depends on the build, I've been called a fast builder in the past.Additional details: If anything my capabilities with WorldEdit are of note as I've had the pleasure of using this mod for about 5 years now. This is my strongest building skill and might be a helpful skill in larger group projects and such.Tell me a trick about building: Barrier blocks are bae, helpful in many ways. Different layers of glass both horizontally and vertically can make a mist/depth effect that can be really good in combination with optifine/shaders.Tell me a joke: nice clan, 10/10
  10. orgon was an inside job

    1. Grubgoth Wud
    2. Samoblivion


      Lukra warned us all you didn't listen. Justice for Mok'han

  11. Druidic shapeshifting is already a thing this day and age, also a summonable wolf-transformation is an ability among the arsenal of Shamanic Lutaumancy. Though the lore is very fleshed out and has some nice visual aid, I don't think it's going to bring about a whole lot of new stuff as we already have quite a large amount of curse/transformable creatures in the Lore. Nice read
  12. Denied - Lesser Ancestrals aren't listed on this particular list Implemented Denied - Aztran himself already represents these aspects and therefore a lesser representing such would be obsolete. Denied - Reasons were given personally to the suggestor Implemented - Appearance changed Implemented Implemented Denied - Lesser Ancestrals aren't listed on this particular list
  13. I'll try not to make him smell as much as the previous ones