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  1. @Tha_Mystery_Man Somewhere far off inside the Under-Realm, a stout dwed magus prepares his arcane shields.
  2. How dare you associate shamanism with dark magic foul! Shame!
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    “Yikes, A sey tu tha’ wordin’” an irongrinder mutters. “Neat initiative tho”
  4. <-=-> The Under-Realm of Urguan <-=-> [Document subject to change and have information added onto it] Part I : on the under-realm, relevant information and ongoings of the Under-Realm The Under-Realm of Urguan is the nation of the kin of the Descendant Urguan: The Dwarves. This stout folk lives among one another divided in clans yet stand united under the Urguanite banner of Grey and Orange. The Realm offers the dwed with a plethora of locations to visit and occupations to take on. < I > The Dwarves of Urguan [As taken from the original Dwarf racial lore] Mountain Dwarves Mountain Dwarves have a lighter tone of skin, but a bit more muscles on their shoulders. The majority of Mountain Dwarves have fiery red hair. If you are a Mountain Dwarf who is weak, but have fiery red hair, you will get shunned. Usually the red hair attracts others of their kind. Mountain Dwarves make the bulk of any dwarven warband, and often make the finest leaders. Mountain Dwarves are also regarded as fine hunters, and because of this excel in leatherworking. Cave Dwarves Cave Dwarves are known to have greyish skin and darker beards. Their beards are usually seen with braids, keeping their length from interfering with their work. A fashion trend for Cave Dwarves is weaving precious stones and gems into their beard and hair. Finally, their eyes are usually golden, or amber. Cave Dwarves excel in labor such as mining, blacksmithing, and stone-masonry. Often times a cave would would rather be underground than above ground due to their sensitive eyes. Forest Dwarves Forest Dwarves have brown, earth like skin. Their beards are often unkept and messy, with leaves and pines stuck in them. Forest Dwarves are also more compact, or closely united, to each other, unlike the other sub-races. Forest Dwarves are usually skilled in outdoor labor, such as lumberjacking, farming, and fishing. Many will pass the time in their forest dens by smoking various forest substances, or even try substances from far off lands. Important links for dwarves old and new Dwarven Language Dwarven History Book of Grudges Dwarven Family Tree < II > The Clans of Urguan Most if not all dwarves find themselves with a clan. Either through being born in one or becoming part of one through alignment and rituals. The Under-Realm of Urguan is home to many famed clans from history, and is the birthing place for new clans alike. Below a link to the dwarven clan subforum with a list of all clans: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/459-dwarven-clans/ < III > Ongoings in the Under-Realm Aside from clans, there are plenty of businesses within the Under-Realm. A plethora of guilds exist to fit anyone's niche of work and opportunity to rise in its ranks. If craftsmanship or labour is not your thing, you can join the Legion and defend the Under-Realm from domestic and foreign threats. Below a listing of links to the existing guilds to join and the Urguan legion: The Dwarven Legion https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/183449-the-dwarven-legion/ Are you a warrior of great prowess and wish to protect the dwed of Urguan through one of the truest forms of servitude towards the Kingdom? Join the dwarven legion today and work your way through the ranks to obtain experience and status! The Engineering Guild – Klazrel ur da Nerroth https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/181381-klazrel-ur-da-nerroth-the-engineering-guild/ Are you a true tinker? Versed in the ways of redstone engineering, civil engineering or military engineering? Then joining the Engineering guild seems like a good idea. Specialize yourself and perform mechanical miracles to receive a bountiful reward! The Remembrancers of Urguan Are you a true seeker of knowledge, like to write or perhaps dabble in magika? Then the Remembrancers of Urguan is your place. Oversee the vast Library of Kal’Varoth and add more tomes to its shelves. Travel with on expeditions and write on your endeavors so that our young and future generations may learn from our time. Are you a magus? Then come and experiment with and bend the arcane to serve the Under-Realm of Urguan! The Smithing Guild – Drogan’Var https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/182052-droganvar/ Are you a true craftsman dedicated to the true forging craft that the dwarves are famed for? Become a smith and specialize yourself in the fields of art, weaponry or armoring. Be taught the ways of the forge and learn about new rare ores and how to process them into true works of art! For which dwarf would not like to call themselves a master blacksmith! The Mining Guild – Mugdorrummar-ur-Khazadmar https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/181098-miners-of-kalvaroth/ Do you wish to return to the true dwarven roots deep down in the caverns below? Delve for rare ores and contribute to the wealth of the Under-Realm? Become a certified miner and get access to the privatized mine of Urguan. Enrich yourself and the Under-Realm with the smashing of rock and bending it to your will. Laying bare the fruits of the ground! < IV > The Brathmordakin: Faith of the Dwed The Kirkja Dverga – https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/179365-da-kirkja-dverga-the-dwarven-clergy/ The Religion of the Brathmordakin is the ancient religion of the dwedmar. Its teachings are recorded and taught by the Kirkja Dverga, or Dwarven Clergy. The Clergy’s mission is to enforce the will of the Brathmordakin, uphold dwedmar to their honor, and purge evil and heresy from the dwedmar. The Legion of Mercy – https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/180733-da-arkammar-oz-zarhere/ Faithful followers of the Brathmordakin, the Legion views itself as having been charged by the Brathmordakin with both the defense of the faithful and the complete obliteration of threats to Yemekar’s Creation. < V > Faces of the Under-Realm of Urguan King Atandt Irongrinder [Urguan] Legion Grand Marshall Utak Ireheart [Mickaelhz] Grand Merchant Gimli “metalfist” Grandaxe [DwarvenDaddy] High Remembrancer Kazrin Starbreaker [DrHope] High Prospector Thumril Grandaxe [FloppetLappeting] High Preceptor Baldin Frostbeard [mateolog] Legion of Mercy Commander Darek Irongrinder [sneakybandit] Part II: on locations within the Under-Realm of Urguan The Under-Realm of Urguan is vast not only on the surface level, but also has its roots sunk deep within the heart of the mountain. There plentiful locations for any traveler to visit, so here is a list of locations within Urguan and information linked to these places. The Under-Realm < I > The Capital City of Kal’Varoth Kal’Varoth is the capital city of the Under-Realm and houses all the dwarves of Urguan. Here you will find all the official structures such as the throneroom, the grand library, clanhalls, guildhalls, merchant stalls and more to discover! Speak with the office of the Grand Merchant to obtain housing or apply for a guild/clan-hall! < II > The Stronghold of Varoth’Akvel Travel south from the capital’s magnificent doorstep and follow the road to a vast lake of boiling lava. Amidst this impressive natural lake of doom you will find the stronghold of Varoth’Akvel: the base of the Legion of Mercy. Here the legionaires are trained to defend the Brathmordakin and destroy all that is unholy spawn of Khorvad the Vile. < III > The Eastern Watch Travel east from the capitals doorstep and you will find a large fortress carved from the mountain. The many gatehouses provide a solid reinforcement to the [soon to be] entrance into the Under-Realm of Urguan. < IV > The Stronghold of Thumrilgrad A little further down into the vastness of the Under-Realm caverns you might stumble upon Thumrilgrad. Here the grandaxes have made a fine estate that also functions as a fortification to defend Urguans might. The Over-Realm < I > Hefrumm It is known that the Forest dwarves, kin of Urguan, prefer life on the surface level among trees and fields of wheat. Right above the city of Kal’Varoth in between the peaks of the mountain pass you will find Hefrumm: home of the forest dwed. < II > The Ram Ranch A small bit to the north east of Hefrumm you will find the Ram Ranch somewhat further down the mountain side. Here you will find a fine dwed estate and farmland with plenty of potato and wheat farms as well as cattle and Rams. Famed for their function as dwarven cavalry. < III > The Irongut camp Further to the west deep in the mountain pass you can find the Irongut farmlands. Akin to the Ram Ranch this is a nicely made private farm belonging to the Irongut clan.
  5. Come play a Stout Dwarf and be part of the active Under-Realm of Urguan! HawYee.

  6. To the Book Dwellers of Arcas doing Ogradhad’s bidding Each book has a story of origin. Each stroke of the pencil or quill meaningful. Words formulating sentences, creating stories. Guides, Lore, History and more – and those Librarians that govern over collections of these may consider themselves prideful of each and every volume they posses. However it is common for those tomes of great knowledge or perhaps great legend, that are most prized. The Remembrancers Guild of Urguan invites all those governing collections of literature from all across the Realm for a meeting. This festivity of literate individuals centered around one’s most prized books. All librarians are welcome to join in and share lore of old with one another, or merely come boast about the fine literate piece you own and gloat of the story it has without disclosing the actual contents of the piece. Tea and a comfortable seat will be provided for those that accept this kind invitation of peaceful nature - The meeting shall occur in the Library of Kal’Varoth. None has one to fear for coming, for you stand under the protection of the Urguan Legion. Naturally it is requested for the attendees to uphold the Under-Realms Laws upon visitation. Should you wish to join in, pleace fill out the following parchment and you will be sent a written invitation with a unique seal of approval: <-=-> Name: Race: Location of your Library: Name of your Library: <-=-> [[ The time of the event will be discussed among attendees, but the aim is for it to be held come Friday evening so GMT and EST can join]]
  7. I mean, come on... after playing an old ugly ass villainous shaman that smells like Gul’Dan’s thrown up breakfast Who can blame me for a mildly more hygienic and neat looking elderly dwarf chap : >
  8. “Long may ‘e Reign” Cheers Dlunar
  9. Don’t forget magical artifacts created through magic with an LT seal of approval.
  10. MC Name: HedgeDad RP Name: Dlunar Irongrinder Dwelling(Kal’Varoth, Hefrumm, etc.): Kal’Varoth Candidate: Atandt Irongrinder
  11. “Since when do humans perform sacrifices in their ‘holy’ way of church” mutters a half orcish mercenary from a corner. “What are you, orcs?”
  12. [!] In the Library of Urguan you find a dusty tome with a green emerald in the Middle. The black-leather cover is turned over with some trouble and you stumble upon a story. Written and signed by Dlunar Irongrinder [!] < = Legends of Ogradhad: The Night Drake = > I shall preface these texts with uttering the highest of of praises to The Great Ogradhad. Might these conjured words appease you and spread word of Thou Legend. I further proclaim that these texts are the interpretation of one dwed among many, of the Great Legendary Allfather of Knowledge Ogradhad. <=> On Div’Mul the Greedy, the Floating Library and the Night Drake <=> Div was a dwarf like any other in ancient times. A stout persona with a long black beard that was revered for his knowledge on many things. He kept a secret stashery of books and tomes of Lore he had gathered over the years. For the dwed’s greed lusted not for coin - for the fragility of the currency is ever-present. And the power it wields can change overnight. Knowledge on the other hand, he spoke to himself, was the true power of the realm. Secrets bare influence. Hidden knowledge the ultimate tool of bargain to purchase that which coin can not. But as the days grew darker, and Div’s private library grew larger and larger - his lust seemed uncontainable. And soon whispers of Khorvad the Vile would reach him. First dismissed but then heard with some intrigue. For the whispers of lies and deceit that reached his ear spoke of power beyond measure. The mortal dwed’s greed for knowledge grew limitless. Sparing not life nor honor to obtain it. And soon, after being granted secret magical powers by the Vile Dark - he built a grand library, greater than was ever built. With these dark magics he elevated the entity towards the heavens above. There he sat on his throne of tomes - crowining himself as Div’Mul: The Master of Lore. But behind him the shadow of Khorvad loomed. He was but a puppet, a minion of the Vile Darkness. <=> Legend of the Floating Library reached far and beyond. On how it diminished the value of Mortal and Immortal made collections such as the Mali’Aherals Eternal Library - and even The Grand Library of the spirit Theruz, an orcish patron representing lore and knowledge. But news of this was not heard by just mortal ears. Up high in the heavens above Ogradhad peered down upon the Realm and saw Div’Mul rejoicing in his prowess of obtaining knowledge and his self-proclaimed title of Loremaster. Were it not for Khorvads influence, the heavenly embodiment of Knowledge would have left him be. Mocking his stupendous title as forever lesser than His own. But the looming shadow and the vastness of the library caught his interest. In his infinite powers he conjured a great Night Drake. It’s scales black as the night, claws sharp as swords and teeth like spearheads - two red eyes peering down at the floating library. The Allfather of Knowledge and Lore then inhabited the spirit of this great creature and flew down in the dark of night. <=> A mighty clash broke loose between the Night Drake and Div’Mul the Dark Sorcerer. Fueled by Khorvads corrupted might the two fought in the halls of the Floating Library. When Khorvad saw the weakness of his inhabited puppet - he soon left Div’Mul and fled back to his Dark Hold. Div, laying broken and powerless on the marble floor of his library, stared up to see the mighty Night Drake rising above him. In a single breath the Night Drake unleashed the fire of a thousand suns upon the sharletan - leaving but ashes in the wind. In the end the Night Drake flew around the great halls of the Library and knocked over all shelves that held the tomes. The collection was gathered in one great heap in the middle where the Drake would make his home. Ogradhad left the body of the creature and ordered his creation to govern over this collection at all costs. A dragon that covets not gold - but the infinite knowledge of the Realm. <=> It is said that even till this day Ogradhad visits the Library of the Drake and wanders through its vast halls. Perhaps with luck a descendant is blessed with seeing a small speck of black floating in the night’s sky above. Praise Ogradhad, the Master of Lore - and his Night Drake.
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    OOC ((MC Name: Hedgehug)) ((Discord: You got it)) ((Timezone: GMT+1)) RP What is your name? Dlunar the Clanless Why seek membership within the Mages Guild? To further my studies and aid in matters where my arts can assist What is the extent of your experience with magic? Arcanism of the Fourth Tier Transfiguration of the Third Tier What arts if any do you currently study and who was your teacher? Arcanism of the Fourth Tier Transfiguration of the Third Tier Anordal, Son of Lhindir What position do you desire to claim upon joining the guild? Sorcerer What position do you desire to advance to within the guild? Arcane Master When is the best time to contact you for an interview? Any time
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