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  1. Leafs have 2 franchise centers... Do you guys even have 1 @WuHanXianShi14

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    2. LPT


      And in that time we'll have a cup or two ^ _ ^


    3. WuHanXianShi14


      dont count on it. youll have a decade or so of good regular seasons and come within a WHIFF of winning it all before having it all ripped away from you and fading into another decade of mediocrity, the canadian team way



    4. LPT


      We went from mortal hockey rivals to sad brothers in the Canadian hockey team struggle... Stay strong. If it helps I was cheering for Kessler Canucks back in the finals.

  2. Just looked at my server application denied in 2012.... Seems @iMattyz has been out to get me since the dawn of time HmmMmmmMmm https://gyazo.com/c3db072459178764b9b1a575eb9a80d6

  3. LPT

    Execution of the Whitewash

    Targoth Zabgub'Gorkil peers over the scene, a sly smile on his face "Bub'hozh... Jevex aghm proud." ((Good writing, whoever wrote it must be a professional! )
  4. Cloud Temple Weekly Issue #1 [Fourth of Sun’s Smile 1669] You just proved advertising works. Contact Monk Faolan ((LatePopeTrudeau))for sponsorship opportunities Multiple Belvitz Militia go missing in search for increased rat population cause Could the sewer have collapsed or is this part of something bigger? Read more on the next page Also in this issue: New Adventurers in Atlas The death of a Rex, Tensions Brewing? Coronation of an Elven King What is this ‘Vaeyl Order?’ Multiple Belvitz Militia go missing in search for increased rat population cause A painted depiction of the cave from one of the militia Belvitz: Citizens of Belvitz began to worry as members of their militia went missing for a multiple day stretch in search for the cause of an increase in rat population. Vladimir Koalachev, a local who helped investigate was asked about the experience and said “They(The rats) make of bigger squeak than normal. Not squeak squeak, more like SQUEAK SQUEAK, the rats are not of normal, how you say? Size.” The reason for the increase in rat population around Belvitz is still unknown, but locals fear more could come, bringing disease and poor hygiene if the cave is not protected against Could the execution of a Rex mean a rise in tensions? A crude painting of the camp outside Krugmar where a large horde of Orcs gathered Krugmar: Many fear that tough times are near after Rex, Puknak’Lak was executed by the King of the Elves at the Dominion’s front gate after being captured by the mercenary group, the Reiters. When asked for his comment King Kairn of the Dominion said "When an aggressor repeatedly transgresses upon the sanctity of your sovereignty and the health of your people, it is your duty to act and put an end to that aggressor Krugmar refused to comment on the situation, but anyone who travels to their rugged lands would notice an energy in the lands. Heavy drums can be heard, orcs training harder than normal, and hordes of Orcs grouping, their faces filled with rage are just some of the sights to be seen. Puknak’Lak was the second Rex to die in Atlas, leaving the war-prone nation of Krugmar feeling uneasy and angry. AD: Vizmak Brigade is taking on spook contracts! Send a Bird to Derrick Bell, Arhadir, or Travis Bell for all your spook hunting needs Promising people set for their new adventure! Cloud Temple: Each week The monks search far and wide looking for new people who are searching to make an impact on the world. This week the monks got word of 70 new adventurers. This week Elder Monk Lawrence sat down with the new adventurer, Camille ((@Diogen)) to hear her story. In this interview, Lawrence discovered that Camille is a very curious person, while she was walking from the Cloud Temple her first stop was at the Dragur Library where she said she spends most of her time. When asked what she found interesting at the library, Camille said “What fascinated me most was magic. I’m trying my best to learn alchemy, and some bardmancy in my free time.” Camille continued, clearly passionate about the topic. “I don’t consider myself a combat person, I’m more of a teacher I suppose.” Through her travels Camille has stopped at a few places, she stopped at Belvitz on her way to Haense and told us her favorite settlement is Arbor. When asked why she enjoys Arbor so much Camille explained “They’re near water and have mountains surrounding them which is a great source of inspiration and great for sightseeing. This city itself has wonderful people” Like many citizens of Atlas, Camille fears bandits and slavers, but one thing we found to be interesting about her was her optimistic spirit. When Elder Monk Lawrence asked Camille if she was enjoying her time in Atlas Camille didn’t just say bandits were making it hard to survive, she instead said “(I’ve enjoyed my time) Immensely, it was kind of hard at first because of my lack of minas. I could barely support myself, then I met friends who let me sleep in their homes. In time I started meeting possible customers and selling them my goods, and now I finally have my own house, a good amount of money to keep myself supported and enough to pay taxes.” Camille has a background in medicine and has proven to be crafty enough to support herself from scratch. With a strong urge for knowledge and a positive attitude, Camille has earned our title of the Promising adventurer of the week. Kairn Ithelanen Coronated as the New King of the Dominion of Malin Dominion: A new King of the Elves has been officially crowned. King Kairn Ithelanen’s coronation officially took place on the 14th of the grand harvest. The streets in the dominion were filled with festivities for days as the nation showed of military displays, creating drum beats with their elven shields. It is clear the nation rejoices at the thought of their new king. A King in Malin is a change from the Typical High prince position and could be the sign of an ever-growing Elven presence in Atlas. The Vaeyl Order: A Foe? Author: Sefwick of Sutica South Atlas: What we know as the Vaeyl Order has been a topic shrouded in mystery. Many opportune explorers from all across Atlas have ventured into the frozen depths of the Yatl Wasteland in search of the smallest sliver of information on the Order, yet little has been learned. What we do know is that the Order are the progenitors to Atlas, and ruled this land prior to the Descendant migration from Axios. As such, we are, in their eyes, invaders of their homeland - something which has already resulted in bloodshed and even a battle some years ago. Since Marna, Haense and the Dominion turned the Order back at the Battle of the Wastes, multiple ruins have been discovered, from a ruined city under Markev to a sinister network of portals that seem to span across Atlas. Yet the Order seems far from dead; their White-Eye banners have appeared all across Atlas as Vaeyl Knights travel between old ruins, in search of something and even seeking Descendant help to do so. Yet rumors continue to circulate about these Knights preying on unwary Descendants venturing into the Yatl Wastes. It is unknown what the Order seeks, or what they truly even are, but they seem to be mobilizing like never before. Whether we want them or not, answers will come soon. Soon we will learn if they are friend or foe. Looking to write? Submit your creative writing piece, be it a poem or short story for a chance to be featured in a future issue of the Cloud Temple Weekly!
  5. I just made an elf kiss an Orc's feet for disrespecting him... Who says Orcs don't RP.

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    2. WuHanXianShi14


      ya ok wake me up when the leafs win a playoff series this decade or win anything at all with more than 6 teams in the league

    3. Flamelynx


      ya ok wake me up when the vancouver win 'not being isis' series this decade or win anything at all with more than 6 teams in the league

    4. LPT


      @WuHanXianShi14 @me when you can make the playoffs or win a cup... Ever

  6. LPT

    Be Careful What You Wish For

    Zabgub'Gorkil lets off a mighty roar as he makes his first official self-scar of this conflict "Mi hab been flattn' Twiggiez zinze mi popo gabe mi zult... Diz wagh wiyll led mi drink dey're bluud ash mure tiym."
  7. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    (( @Sneaky2I think we really need a mod post. I fear without something this is gonna die and it's been so fun so far.))
  8. He was the lore admin who approved Salamandra's goblin to have unlimited stacking snowball pants in Anthos because it didn't give a combat advantage. +1
  9. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Mozamgascar The attacks come as a surprise to sharif. He had just spoken of wishing for peace and Rhodesia extends out a fist. Never the less it wasn't like there were no steps taken in place in case something like this was to happen. Each camp, which had grown in size over the years was stocked fresh with Indian Tanks, the bulk of Mozamgascarian soldiers, and Anti-Aircraft devices. The well-planned strike pushed Mozamgascar back, they didn't expect german-like "Blitzkreig" tactics from an African nation, but it was clear it was not just an internal conflict in Africa. This had international backing. Sharif feels saddened by the news that Mozamgascar had lost Tete... It had a valuable airport where he had initially planned to land some of the delayed Canadian jets which were not currently on Mozamgascarian soil. The push for Maputo was tough for the Rhodesian and South African forces. Although they grabbed much of the surrounding area and even managed to landlock Swaziland from the borders of Mozamgascar the capital would not give up. Local police forces began to fight alongside military while the young people in the capital flocked to their nearest recruitment center to receive basic training as quickly as possible to fend off the advancing forces. Many Mozamgascarian people still remember the stories of people unfairly occupying their lands, either through history or through living it themselves. Meanwhile, with the shrunken borders One camp at the north of Mozamgascar begins to move south, this group of roughly 7,000 men is coming in to reinforce the capital. Rhodesia gains air superiority, but at a heavy cost. Anti Aircraft technology continuously batters at aircraft, the Mozamgascarian forces begin to cover their vehicles in heavy Camouflage to make it harder for Aircraft to strike them before they are getting hit themselves. Meanwhile, in Madagascar, the forces stay at their island borders picking at the blockade while they await foreign aid from Canada. The goal is to simply hold out so that the island is not overtaken. Operation Aarad wolf goes with prepared scenario 3. An open war is declared by Rhodesia. Scenario 3 involves Two groups. The Mozamgascarian nationalist's squadron in Zambia, as well as the few, more diplomatic "United Africans for Zimbabwe (UAFZ)" Squad one begins to come up with a name for their group. It's simply called "Zambian Resistance Force" ZRF. They very simply move all 33 of themselves into the Capital of Zambia, Lusaka, and start looking for local gangs. While they search for local, black gangs they begin to commit strategic muggings on white people, at night. The group, who stay hidden during the day do not shy away from the brutally murdering some of them should they not comply. ((MOD)) In Zimbabwe, the UAFZ spread significantly more peacefully. They continue to use posters as their way to communicate. The poster this time reads. "THE GROUP OF UNITED AFRICANS FOR ZIMBABWE ACTIVELY CONDEMNS ANY USE OF CAR BOMBS." Below that tagline there is some propaganda text "We believe that your very own leader has been bombing his own people as a false flag to try and outlaw our peaceful protests. We do not condone car bombings or socialism of any kind. We DO condone the rights of the Zimbabwe people and our voices need to be heard! Our leader has even lead a military campaign on our neighbors when all they did was the voice the very same concerns we did. It is very clear our current leadership does not wish for a conversation about human rights, and he's willing to do everything in his power to shut it down. Say NO. Even if you do not protest under our banner protest for your rights! We will not fall victim as second-class citizens in our own home!" ((MOD))
  10. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    (Edit. Resolved. Working on response post soon)
  11. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Mozamgascar Sharif once again thanks India for its continued support during the Mozamgascarian struggles. They ask for help in improving infrastructure around the Western Border facing Rhodesia. Particularly roadways that can be used to create a more efficient supply line to the camps, which have been slowly growing. One of them is starting to turn into a small town. The Mozamgascar government approves some plots to be set up to grow this border town. Most of the inhabitants are soldiers, but the odd low-medium skill worker moves in for some of the opportunities. Shariff Also thanks Canada for their support. They offer import and export a variety of goods to keep the trade relation going Meanwhile, the Mozamgascar military begins to form a group of 50 black military personnel for a secret operation. The 50 people are picked by looking first at how nationalistic they are in their initiation review, and secondly how physically fit they are. Each member discards their passport, and is given a Cyanide pill if they choose. Operation Aardwolf begins. The plan is simple. Have 10 squads of 5 attempt to sneak into Rhodesian borders at very spread out times through the Malawi-Zambian border, where tensions are low, and border security is likely to also be lower. Once in Rhodesia, the successful illegal immigrants will set up camp deep in a forest made mostly using the surrounding environment and wait out communications for next steps. They are prepared for 3 different scenarios. NONE OF THE OPERATION IS MADE PUBLIC((Mod for these two paragraphs please)) Sharif sends an email to the Russian Tzar "Dear Tzar, We've noticed the start of Russian industry in Mozamgascar, and we are more than pleased to see your companies striving in Mozamgascar. We also see your concerns over the tension between our nation and Rhodesia. Rest assured no conflict is intended by our nation. That would not be in the best interest of the people living in Rhodesia, or our own people. With that said, we cannot stand idly as an entire people in Rhodesia are treated like second-class citizens and we must let our neighbors know of our discontent, even if our words anger them. Mozamgascar does NOT plan to make the first move, but we are preparing to act defensively against a potential threat to our sovereignty or the safety of our people. we cannot stop our current actions, as it would simply be naive and open us up to potential attacks. Despite this disagreement, Mozamgascar still wishes to have a productive relationship with Russa, and we look to improve our relations, despite this minor laps" Finally, The Mozamgascar government releases a military update. It's clear the nationalists in Mozambique have started to take up arms, the campaign that started years ago has born it's fruit, External help from India and Canada have boosted vehicular reserves and Mozamgascar now sees the following numbers in its military. Mozambique continues to promote it's military, using recent tensions to warn young men to protect their families should their aggressive neighbors attack. Actively serving: 44,000 Vehicles like, 20 Dhanush howitzers, 200 BTR-50 APCs, 5,000 Maruti Gypsy light utility vehicles, 50 Arjun main battle tanks. 100 F-35 Fighter Jets Total Air Vehicles: 115
  12. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Mozamgascar Mozamgascar begins to open up plots in Maputo for foreign building companies. They offer large discounts on plots if the builders produce factories or office buildings and will give a free plot to any company looking to go public on the Maputo Stock Exchange. Press coverage of this is sent to Russia, India, Canada, Ukraine, Great Britain, And Germany Additionally Mozamgascar begins to build a hip, new "Tech Office" filled with things young people would desire to work around and sends word to prominent tech companies, informing them of an auction that will be held, for a spot in the growing African nation's capital. (Mod for both?) Mozamgascar notices all the Indian boats fishing while their shipments arrive. It greatly appreciates the gesture to stay out of Mozamgascar waters and offers to import live fish to some of their area so that a part of their waters can be used to breed fish that will continue to supply Indian and Mozamgascar fishermen with fish at less of a risk of over fishing. In Rhodesia Mozamgascar begins to get it's inside people to put up posters calling people to protest their government in the capital on the following Saturday. Each poster has it's own propaganda, some claiming Rhodesia keeps blacks in the second class, some compare white farmers to slave owners. All of them say the same thing on the bottom of them "United Africans for Zimbabwe (UAFZ)" None of them have any Mozamgascar signage. (Possibly mod?)
  13. LPT

    A Lecture in Fort Stronk

    Kuz'Lak, the illiterate Orc Kub smiles and nods at the picture "Mi flat twiggie untiyl flat."
  14. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Mozamgascar Mozamgascar leadership begins to write press releases in various different languages to all remaining capitalist nations media they can think of, including, but not limited to Canada, India, The UK and America The Press release is also sent to African nations surrounding Mozambique and Rhodesia as a warning to any people looking to immigrate to their country. "Maputo: The Republic of Mozamgascar Officially Denounces their neighboring nations, Rhodesia. After a couple months of rising border tensions between the two nations, Prime Consul, Sharif Alakour has officially denounced Rhodesia, saying 'Their nation knows of the evils of socialism for they keep their white citizens in a capitalist society, but still they use socialist tactics like welfare and rations to keep their black citizens in the second class.' The Consul continued to speak on the issue saying 'Mozamgascar is a free nation, you can see our freedom simply by looking at our border control. Unlike the nation to our west we freely allow our people to come and go as long as they fill out the correct paper work.' The press release comes with a photo taken from the Mozamgascar side of the border facing Rhodesia of a black man being arrested for trying to leave. Also on the Press Release to Canada, India, and the American empire is a building that the CP, AP, and the IP may use to set up a base of operations to report the news in Mozamgascar and how it might affect their nations Sharif writes an email to India "Of course we welcome your companies to come mine minerals and oil. What a great opportunity for trade, and job creation for both our nations. We will give your companies a section to set up and take advantage of the prime crude oil in our nation. We also encourage you to let one of your private companies join in on the newly restructured Maputo Stock Exchange to allow for them to strike at the opportunity of the newly prospering citizens of Mozamgascar, looking to invest their new found income. Our nations will become great partners, I can see it already and your gracious prices on military equipment will be the step needed to take Mozamgascar to the next level. Sharif also sends an email to Canada "Your acceptance to trade has been seen as a wonderful thing for the wellbeing of our nations. Our people rejoice at the mention of our new trading partners, Canada, and India. We see this as the start of something great and look forward to further strengthening our relationship with you soon." Production of many small, non-lethal delivery drones begins in Mozamgascar. In addition to producing drones, Mozamgascars's military begins to do displays on the Rhodesia-Mozamgascar borders with their new Land vehicles courtesy of India. The military vehicles drive up and down the borders, firing off weapons to "Test at a variety of shooting ranges, and fire some of their anti-aircraft missiles into deserted areas, high into the air so that Rhodesian officials can see them. EDIT, VOID AIR ASSETS
  15. LPT

    Modern Nations RP Thread

    The Republic of Mozamgascar A national broadcast comes on the radio and television screens of all the people in Mozamagascar. "Stand by for a message from your Prime Consul, Shariff Alakour..." A brief moment of silence begins before the scene cuts to Shariff standing at a podium, the sign on it reads 'Job prosperity for Mozamgascar' " The people of Madagascar have been ignored from previous regimes, a prime growing area for Bananas and sweet potatoes has been left without funding so the wealthy elite could have golden toilets, and marble floors.... Under my regime, our nation has seen a steady growth for all classes and it will continue to see more growth with the implementation of "Mozam Tropical food Exports" a crown corporation with shares officially trading on recently renamed Maputo stock exchange. This company will bring jobs to the island and allow for our nation to garner funds to make Southeastern Africa an international affairs powerhouse for the first time in history." Sharif's face turns serious and slightly gloom as he speaks into the camera. "Unfortunately not all news can be happy, and I as a transparent leader promise to share all news, regardless of its nature. The foul white-supremacist ways of some of our neighboring nations have made for some less than ideal relations with countries Rhodesia. While our glorious military has been training on border security, in the interest of both nations they decided celebration was in order for a successful training and played music to dance to. Rhodesia did not take kindly to our celebration, perhaps in jealousy, perhaps in fear that their black citizens would see a unified people in Mozamgascar, who knows, all we know is the nation has put tariffs on our nation and we cannot stand for that, for this reason we are striking back with tariffs of our own on foods, which will result in a higher cost for food but fear not. With farms being built for the Mozam Tropical Exports company more of our people will have jobs to pay for the rise in food prices and more food will be made fresh in Mozamgascar to balance out prices." Sharif clears his throat as he prepares to speak again "In the meantime, we ask that if you have any family or friends living in Rhodesia you tell them of the injustices their people face, tell them of the prosperity our nation is starting to see, tell them you wish them well. Our people should not, and WILL NOT stand for injustices made by the white man, the one who cares very little about your culture, the one who wishes to enslave you, the one who tries to give it's black people a pitiful amount of money to keep them in check instead of giving them fair-paying jobs so they can be financially independent. Let our neighbors know who we are, show them our prosperity through dance, feasts, and TRUE African culture. That same culture I fell in love with. Thank you for your time, and thank you for your efforts. Soon Africa will be respected, and not because of a pretender who wishes for your land to be Southern Europe." The scene cuts away and goes back to regularly scheduled programming. Shariff goes to talk with his general once more, pulling up the same map he had already marked. "Move our one camp north, and make three more camps in these areas. If Rhodesia wants to up their border security, let's make them need to spend a lot on it to keep their citizens from leaving. Our camps offer us protection, and celebrate culture, while their border security only serves to try and keep their people locked in. Soon enough their people will be tired of being forced to stay... I can imagine some of their people are already fed up with the heightened restraints. Find and Get in contact with anyone who might be forming a resistance to India's leader, Wilson Kapur @Zanderaw "Honourable Leader, I've been thrilled to see a country thriving economically with a similar goal set to mine. A free market leads to prosperity. We are appalled by the anarchist state that has formed in Spain, and will do our best to prevent any such uprising in Southeastern Africa. Unfortunately, Mozamgascar faces a threat from a white-supremacist to the west who wishes to use outdated British tactics to enforce his will similarly to how Britain treated your country many years ago. We do not ask for military help at the moment as we are aware that would be a request too soon in our relationship, and no military action is warranted, but we do ask for some economic help in a free trade agreement. Mozamgascar is looking to import large amounts of rice from India to counter the harsh Tariffs put on food in Rhodesia, and we would like to Export exotic, and nutritious foods to India such as Sweet Potatoes, and Bananas. This could be the start to a great relationship between our two nations, an investment in Mozamgascar is an investment in the financial prosperity of Africa, an area that with the right leadership could be a valuable asset to you and your people. In addition, we wish to buy any outdated military units you plan to get rid of during the upgrade of your glorious military. Sincerly, Sharif Alakour Prime Consul of the Republic of Mozamgascar"