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  1. ((This is the league required contract format for each club when they sign a new player to their roster. If you would like to learn more about The International Klomp League please follow this link. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/190848-the-international-klomp-league/?tab=comments#comment-1767923 )) Standard TIKL Athlete Contract The following form certifies that (Athlete name) agrees to join (Club name) for (Number of seasons contract is valid for. Max. 3) as a (Starter/Substitute) and will receive (Salary for the season. Minimum 50minas for starters a
  2. Good podcast. I appreciate the lack of echo.
  3. -- TIKL is the newest and most advanced form of entertainment in the realm. A fighting league that pits the greatest combatants from major cities against each other in 3 v 3 practice sword combat. A regular season game consists of a best of 3 series taking place over the time span of one Saints day. Each team will face each other a minimum of two times each season, once in their home arena and once in an away arena ((Games will take place on Saturday + Sunday based on an agreed upon time by both sides. Both teams will play their best of 3 series two days in a row against each other Once a
  4. Mcname: LatePopeTrudeau Rpname: Zabgub’Gorkil Hail from: Krugmar
  5. I love you Nug. Maybe just outside the temple with a rule of no killing but knockout fights could be a fun idea to play with??? i mean yeah, that’s a good point. People should explore more. I would prefer a neutral city in a central location without protection (Similar to Kingston in 3.0, but, like maybe more neutral)
  6. I miss the quality server killing me because I got stuck from lag. High quality.


  7. Father Oliver frowns upon hearing the news, he makes a sign of the Lorraine inside the Cathedral of St. Amyas. “A great man has passed on to the heavens today. This chapel should host a funeral of the highest honor for him.”
  8. Far too often people fall victim to the idea of being a mage of the dark arts. The thrills of being able to raise one from the dead or parade their puppets of flesh around our world seem to be too much for the weak of spirit, and as such good men and women have sent their eternal souls to the depths of Iblees’ bedchamber. If you feel lustful towards these arts you must confess and repent for your sins immediately because no mortal power on earth is worth the uncountable amount of time you will be damned for. What are the dark arts? The dark arts are any form of magic that comes d
  9. Kaelan

    Alright bud. I demand that you remove the leaf images. disgusting 

    1. Knox


      I concur.

    2. LPT


      I refuse. 

    3. Kaelan


      Come on dude! Children play here! They don’t need to see this!

  10. LPT

    Swamp Rules

    I think the fact that you need an MC item to represent a mask is a little ridiculous tbh. It’s not a huge deal and it discourages people putting masks on their skin for added effect because there’s no incentive.
  11. Leafs have 2 franchise centers... Do you guys even have 1 @WuHanXianShi14

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LPT


      And in that time we'll have a cup or two ^ _ ^


    3. WuHanXianShi14


      dont count on it. youll have a decade or so of good regular seasons and come within a WHIFF of winning it all before having it all ripped away from you and fading into another decade of mediocrity, the canadian team way



    4. LPT


      We went from mortal hockey rivals to sad brothers in the Canadian hockey team struggle... Stay strong. If it helps I was cheering for Kessler Canucks back in the finals.

  12. Just looked at my server application denied in 2012.... Seems @iMattyz has been out to get me since the dawn of time HmmMmmmMmm https://gyazo.com/c3db072459178764b9b1a575eb9a80d6

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