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  1. Zabgub looked up at the sky, atop the Orcish federation walls as multiple human troops run past him. Secluded, by himself, not an Orc brother near him. He had been ambushed, by multiple humans on his tactical retreat. Zabgub had seen better days, but like all great things he had to come to an end. Like any good Orc should, his end was bloody for he had picked off some humans trying to scale the wall, others and even got a few hits in on the group who had finally ended his life. Now all Zabgub could do is lay down as humans rush by him one by one, bleeding out as he would meditate. Zabgub had accepted his death, he could almost feel it coming as the day of battle drew closer. He had no regrets, he lived an honorable life and fulfilled many positions of influence throughout his 358 long years of life. On his person upon death, there was a small note titled. “Will” It had the following statements ”Mi gib ull mi Kuban cigarz tu duh leadur ob Raguk. Mi rivalz whu kept mi ztrong, zome tik mi friendz, buzinezz partnurz. Zmoke agh phat azh fur mi.” “Duh rezt ob mi ztuff guz tu Gorkil” ((Rushed post for a kinda shitty ending to my character. I wish I could’ve fought instead of dying to lag, but at least my death can be from a siege : ‘ – ). This is the death of a Character I’ve had for nearly 6 years. It has by far my longest playing time and it’s a bit sad to see it go, but it is time. Shoutout to Bog, Elite, Wud, Tortuga and Pond for being the realist homies))
  2. I miss the quality server killing me because I got stuck from lag. High quality.


  3. LPT

    Enuf iz enuf

    Zabgub’Gorkil stands on a platform in the main square of the Uzg, he pipes up shouting with the anger of an Orc who is clearly getting too old for this ****. “Enuf iz enuf... Mi aghm tiyurd ob duh Ragukz lak ob taktikul prowezz when dey lead. Evereh tik agh Raguk leadur komez iyn the zame skah happunz. Det ged iyntu warz dey were nub prepared fur, dey nub mayke zure dere alliez ur hunurabul. Dey lead uz iyn tu zlaughtur und mayke uz luuk weak.” The Orc clears his throat as he shouts louder. LEYDLUK’RAGUK Az azh ob duh uldezt, und mozt dekkorated urukz aliyve, mi challenge lat tu hunur klomp tu duh flat. Iyf krug wantz duh urukz tu kontinue ohn diz zelf deztruktive pazt, ztrike mi flat iyn duh arena! Iyf he wizhez we akt iyn agh taktikal whey tu gain permaneyn uruk dominance flat lat iyn duh pit... Turn mi down, ahn ancient uruk, latz nayme wiyll gu duwn az duh koward leadur.”
  4. Father Oliver frowns upon hearing the news, he makes a sign of the Lorraine inside the Cathedral of St. Amyas. “A great man has passed on to the heavens today. This chapel should host a funeral of the highest honor for him.”
  5. Far too often people fall victim to the idea of being a mage of the dark arts. The thrills of being able to raise one from the dead or parade their puppets of flesh around our world seem to be too much for the weak of spirit, and as such good men and women have sent their eternal souls to the depths of Iblees’ bedchamber. If you feel lustful towards these arts you must confess and repent for your sins immediately because no mortal power on earth is worth the uncountable amount of time you will be damned for. What are the dark arts? The dark arts are any form of magic that comes directly from iblees himself, they have been forged to look like this amazing and beautiful thing to trick the curious minds of the races. They are the modern-day version of the curses given to Horen, Malin, Krug, and Urguan, but instead, the blessings are temporary and the curse is eternal. Dark arts can be seen in the form of Necromancy, Soul puppetry, Blood magic, witchcraft, and much more. Once you learn a dark art your soul is forever tainted so you must strive to avoid the dark path. What do you do if you cross paths with a practitioner of the dark arts? The very first thing you MUST do is let your local clergy member know, do not engage any further contact and ensure to warn nearby others so they may avoid the path of darkness, the proper authorities will ensure the world is rid of the practitioner. If you felt any sort of sway to practice the dark arts you must IMEDIATELY find a local clergy member and confess your sins to him, you cannot wait until you desire becomes a need for at that point it is nearly too late. Finally you must pray for the souls that come in contact with the practitioner of the dark art so that they may have the iron will you did to resist their evil ways. How do you avoid them? The best way to avoid any evil is to stay away from dark forested areas where Iblees’ servants hide in cowardice fear from the mighty Canonists. Stay in your home city most often, it is safe there, and if you must travel travel with three or more men so that you may fight and defend your women and children if necessary. Be sure to hold your Lorraine cross with you for the practitioners fear our mighty cross! simply reading this work is not enough to protect yourself, you must pray daily, and keep your soul pure for a pure soul is impossible to target regardless of that these people say GOD is more mighty and GOD will guide you if you just let him. If you live a most pious life you will dine in the feast halls of the high skies and the servers of iblees will starve for eternity in hell. In Faith, Oliver Whitewell, Acolyte of the faith.
  6. 😈😈😈😈😈😈😈😈

  7. Kaelan

    Alright bud. I demand that you remove the leaf images. disgusting 

    1. Knox


      I concur.

    2. LPT


      I refuse. 

    3. Kaelan


      Come on dude! Children play here! They don’t need to see this!

  8. LPT

    Swamp Rules

    I think the fact that you need an MC item to represent a mask is a little ridiculous tbh. It’s not a huge deal and it discourages people putting masks on their skin for added effect because there’s no incentive.
  9. I’m getting the following error when I try to log in to the server. It’s been a while since I’ve logged in. Some assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Leafs have 2 franchise centers... Do you guys even have 1 @WuHanXianShi14

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LPT


      And in that time we'll have a cup or two ^ _ ^


    3. WuHanXianShi14


      dont count on it. youll have a decade or so of good regular seasons and come within a WHIFF of winning it all before having it all ripped away from you and fading into another decade of mediocrity, the canadian team way



    4. LPT


      We went from mortal hockey rivals to sad brothers in the Canadian hockey team struggle... Stay strong. If it helps I was cheering for Kessler Canucks back in the finals.

  11. Just looked at my server application denied in 2012.... Seems @iMattyz has been out to get me since the dawn of time HmmMmmmMmm https://gyazo.com/c3db072459178764b9b1a575eb9a80d6

  12. I just made an elf kiss an Orc's feet for disrespecting him... Who says Orcs don't RP.

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    2. WuHanXianShi14


      ya ok wake me up when the leafs win a playoff series this decade or win anything at all with more than 6 teams in the league

    3. Flamelynx


      ya ok wake me up when the vancouver win 'not being isis' series this decade or win anything at all with more than 6 teams in the league

    4. LPT


      @WuHanXianShi14 @me when you can make the playoffs or win a cup... Ever

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