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  1. James’ lips curl into a smile upon hearing the news of the opening “ I surely hope my hard work has paid off and that GOD has made all of this timing to lay out a path for me to do this diocese right.” He would say to himself.
  2. + St. Tobias Apartments + Sarkozic Lane 1 The Metropolitanate of Providentia sees it fit to support the community within the city of Vienne. With this in mind the Church has purchased a building within the city and converted the top half into affordable housing while having the bottom half as a retail sales front. This move marks the first step in being an asset to a settlement and being involved in the community. Below are the rates: Aparment 1: 20 mina a week One bedroom equipped with kitchen, bed and storage Apartment 2: 15 Mina a week Bachelor equipped with kitchen, bed and storage Apartment 3: 15 mina a week Bachelor equipped with kitchen, bed and storage Contact Father James of Vienne ((Dairy#0145)) to rent
  3. How can a layman see the light of GOD without seeing prosperity generated by the Church? Many think of the duties of a priest and stop simply at sacraments, it cannot be understated that sacraments are, and should be the primary focus of the clergy, but we can look to do more to spread the word of GOD. The best, and most fondly remembered priests were not remembered for the number of times they heard confessions, or the length of their sermons, no, the best and most holy priests went beyond the walls of their chapels and got involved with their community. Look to High Pontiff Lucien III who took part in military strategy to fight for his cause. Look to Saint High Pontiff Everard II, a High Pontiff many regard as one of the greatest who continuously grew the influence of the Church through sitting on diplomatic councils. The list does not stop with High Pontiffs, many bishops and priests have had lasting impact on their communities that extend far beyond their life. Every clergyman has a strength that GOD himself has seen, it is up to them to use it to be impactful. I encourage all looking to join the clergy, and many currently within it to ask themselves what they can do more of. Would you best serve by sitting on a local diplomatic council? Maybe you have medical prowess and can help to heal the sick and injured. Perhaps you have a knack for economy and can create more jobs within the city you preach in. The specifics of the task do not matter, what matters is that you are getting out and improving where you live and preach, the way we are intended to do. By putting in more work, and serving GOD we can grow our faith, we can turn non-believers, and we can make the day to day lives of followers even better. In faith, James Greywell, Acolyte of the faith
  4. A random Raev pulls from his cigarette as he prepares to cite these texts to all that he can
  5. Some of the more Liberal laymen of the church find it appropriate to cite the readings of the scrolls in everyday life. To this There is only one response. Would you leave your finest set of porcelain dishware on your front yard unattended? Would you leave your child in the arms of a complete stranger? The church must protect the words from the scrolls and ensure they are only spoken to the laymen in proper context and with adequate description from people who have spent years in study to even be able to read the sacred text. The scrolls come from a source infinitely more precious than the most precious item or person you can think of, and yet some people believe it is okay to allow everyone including the Pagans and the improperly taught to speak GOD’s words whenever they please so that they may attempt to swing the interpretation. If the church allows for the public to cite the holy scrolls the image of the church is guaranteed to be soiled and made a joke to anyone not devoted enough to listen properly to the Priests, Bishops, and his holiness. The people on the brink of conversion can be turned away due to a false interpretation they heard from someone who intentionally or unintentionally explained a section wrong. With different interpretations we do not only get people turning away from our church we have people who want to properly follow The Creator going to different false sects which they were deceived to believe were the proper sect. With separate sects we begin to have a conflict that the creator never intended for us. With separate sects we have laymen arguing on the street over something that should only be taken one way, and the church would only have themselves to blame for the mess they themselves have created. A prime example of why this can be so dangerous can be found during the cross reference of my family’s private library with official Church documents. The library in which I learned the faith was prestigious and has texts passed down and written by former clergy, and although almost entirely accurate there are still some conflicting arguments. Just imagine what might be in the book collection of a less educated family. There is no reasonable way to ensure the Church can govern all unofficial attempts to read the word of GOD. When you combine all of these factors it should be quite clear that any citation of holy church documents is completely outrageous, and people who do this should be taught immediately why this idea is just entirely wrong. When the laymen need to know something they should talk to a priest who has studied for years to answer any question using the guidance of GOD himself. If the layman has no questions, but wishes to just learn in a proper environment perhaps the layman should ensure they attend mass more often. By limiting who can speak on GOD we are not limiting the teachings of the church, but instead we are making the teachings of the church true and directly meaningful to the faith. With GOD, James Greywell, Acolyte of the faith.
  6. Good podcast. I appreciate the lack of echo.
  7. I miss the quality server killing me because I got stuck from lag. High quality.


  8. Father Oliver frowns upon hearing the news, he makes a sign of the Lorraine inside the Cathedral of St. Amyas. “A great man has passed on to the heavens today. This chapel should host a funeral of the highest honor for him.”
  9. Kaelan

    Alright bud. I demand that you remove the leaf images. disgusting 

    1. Knox


      I concur.

    2. LPT


      I refuse. 

    3. Kaelan


      Come on dude! Children play here! They don’t need to see this!

  10. LPT

    Swamp Rules

    I think the fact that you need an MC item to represent a mask is a little ridiculous tbh. It’s not a huge deal and it discourages people putting masks on their skin for added effect because there’s no incentive.
  11. Leafs have 2 franchise centers... Do you guys even have 1 @WuHanXianShi14

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    2. LPT


      And in that time we'll have a cup or two ^ _ ^


    3. WuHanXianShi14


      dont count on it. youll have a decade or so of good regular seasons and come within a WHIFF of winning it all before having it all ripped away from you and fading into another decade of mediocrity, the canadian team way



    4. LPT


      We went from mortal hockey rivals to sad brothers in the Canadian hockey team struggle... Stay strong. If it helps I was cheering for Kessler Canucks back in the finals.

  12. Just looked at my server application denied in 2012.... Seems @iMattyz has been out to get me since the dawn of time HmmMmmmMmm https://gyazo.com/c3db072459178764b9b1a575eb9a80d6

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