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  1. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War: RP Thread

    MOD POST, EARLY 1750 Austria sharpens her military, Robert Clive rules Bengal, the Dutch embrace monarchy, the Spanish reboot their aged empire, Sweden climbs the ladder, Russia becomes the coolest kid on the block, Prussia expands her army and France learns from Fontenoy- All on this week month's MOD POST: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jHb86GDCqjeIjOpDSilNXMFuBXHnImDi71zdZPgWTMo/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War: RP Thread

    This is the official RP thread for The Seven Years War (OOC link here). Applications will be open the whole game to everyone! Roleplay rules: -Each post represents a period of six months. You may make your next post once I've adjudicated everyone's actions in the mod post. -You can only edit your post 24hrs after it has been posted. -No metagaming! Your actions must have RP justification and precedent, especially the more significant actions. -OOC, players can make agreements without having to set up an RP scenario. However the discussion must be mentioned in the post to be considered canon. -Players may switch characters or countries once every two RP years. Exceptions may be made in extra-ordinary circumstances. I must take a moment to stress the importance of writing detailed and well-written posts. Think of your posts as arguments- prove to me your action will succeed!
  3. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    Hello all, and thank you for applying! All above saves/applications are approved, specifically: -ModSkylord as Prussia -UnusualBrit as Great Britain -Dex as the Habsburg Empire/Austria -Sandergames as the Dutch Republic -Veteren54 as a Cossack, subject to the glorious Keziak as Russia -Smelly as the EIC, subject to the glorious UnusualBrit as Great Britain -Pyro as the Papal States -Adamc2000 as the Ottoman Empire times new roman is the master race
  4. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    That is absolutely an option- all colonies and theaters of war across the world will be represented. We can talk about how your RP would work as an Indian nation later, but I figure it should not be a problem (esp. in matters of war).
  5. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    { THE SEVEN YEAR’S WAR } The family-friendly historical forum roleplay game of empire-building and world domination The year is 1750, two years after the War of the Austrian Succession. The Austrian Empire has been deprived of the valuable province of Silesia, a humiliation which its Empress, Maria Teresa von Hapsburg cannot forgive despite her victory in the issue of succession. Frederick II of Prussia has had his resources doubled by the conquest of Silesia, yet his state is threatened by an ever-increasing number of enemies who seek to cut his militaristic and young state to heel. Meanwhile, France under Louis XV juggles its involvement in Germany, the Netherlands and its growing colonial empire in a gamble to dominate Europe. In control of a powerful navy and its vast colonies, Great Britain under the rule of George II of Hanover and his Parliament stands poised to establish its dominance over the seas- and with it, the world. All the while, the Russian Empire under the rule of Empress Elizabeth, having remained neutral in the Succession, remains a potent third party whose involvement in these affairs might prove decisive. The foundations for the great overseas empires of the 19th century lay in the fates of these Great Powers, whose role in the conflict to come will prove decisive for world history. (Sorry for poor image quality, the full res version will be on the RP post) Though any nation is up for grabs, I highly recommend choosing to play as/for one of the following: Great Powers PRUSSIA AUSTRIA BRITAIN FRANCE [Reserved, subject positions open] RUSSIA [Reserved, subject positions open] Other countries of interest Spain [reserved, subject positions open] Poland-Lithuania Sweden Denmark-Norway Dutch Republic Mughal Empire Subjects: Players may also apply as “subjects” of other countries. This might be a colonial region (Thirteen Colonies, New France, etc.), trade organization (EIC, etc.) and even ministers or generals in government administrations (Seydlitz, Anson, the Dauphin of France, Madame du Pompadour, etc.) Subjects must coordinate OOC with their head of state, and can have a myriad of abilities and influences on your state's success. (example: A crown-prince general could be significant for his father's rule of the kingdom, in military reforms, coups, and in controlling campaigns and battles). Please follow this broad format in your application: -Country name: -Head of State:* *if applying as subject, simply state your character's name. -Flag/Portrait: -Country description: -Character description: Here's the Discord link, where we will communicate OOC. Open to both players and interested parties: https://discord.gg/PdNTh9 Have fun!
  6. Well, I have seen multiple posts like this. Every answer directs to the PM page which explains the problem. I followed the steps very carefully, setting my DNS to what the page suggested. I tried just about every IP I found, and really need some help here. It's quite frustrating, as one might imagine. Can someone show an IP, version and any other solutions that would solve this very tedious problem? Thanks in advance.
  7. New and looking forward to getting online once my bio is accepted. Proud to join my fellow staff from the server I work with in the house of Manstein!