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  1. Sagittarian99

    Seven Year's War RP Thread

    MOD POST, SPRING 1750 All posts afterwards take place in FALL 1750. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cN6BRn1KIm_oUp3RHzm9zJF47fjw-wBFs8V6ZbtphRU/edit?usp=sharing
  2. Sagittarian99

    Seven Year's War RP Thread

    SEVEN YEARS WAR RP THREAD Map Again, wish I could add it: https://imgur.com/a/3HAaV This is the official RP thread for SYW! Please post your turns below! A friendly reminder: Everyone gets one post per "turn", which is six months (though this time frame may vary in wartime)! Here are some very, very important links: National Ledgers: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XNSbK3tvToTGQdwygbGBm6k1Gra1Yya1xYGHtx5Q1Io/edit NOTICE: Russia submitted his post a while back on TNW, hence he will not be submitting another post until the turn is over.
  3. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    Sneaky2, thank you for applying as Bavaria.
  4. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    Excellent, welcome to the game TheWitherKingHD! Though I will start the RP thread soon, RP applications will remain open. -Sagi
  5. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    GrimBeard, A most excellent choice, thank you! Once again, sorry that you could not play your first choice of nation.
  6. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    To users GrimBeard and TheWitherKingHD, I'm afraid I must humbly reject having players controlling the Thirteen Colonies and Hanover, after much thought. The Thirteen Colonies do not have nearly enough autonomy to justify control by a player, as is the same for Hanover. However, I would be more than happy to direct both of you to the plethora of other countries that remain, like Bavaria, Saxony and Denmark! My apologies to the both of you, -Sagi
  7. Sagittarian99

    The Seven Years War OOC

    THE SEVEN YEARS WAR An Alternate History Forum RP https://imgur.com/a/3HAaV The year is 1750, and two years have passed since the end of the War of the Austrian Succession. The Empress of Austria, Hungary and Croatia, Maria Teresa Von Habsburg has secured her rule of Austria and the Hapsburg Dominions despite the powerful coalition that faced her. France, Prussia and many other states, seeking to undermine the power of the Hapsburg dynasty, utilized the Pragmatic Succession as a thinly veiled excuse to attack and weaken Austria. The eight-year conflict ended with the loss of the great resource-rich region of Silesia to Prussia, parts of Italy to Spain and even passed the Netherlands to France for a short while. Yet, Austria has not been made weak by this defeat. Maria Teresa stands in defiance of the stereotype of female rulers, she has been a headstrong and active ruler and has proven herself just as capable as the male sovereigns of Europe. Her overlordship over Hungary and Croatia doubles her manpower and resources, and she remains in control of the Holy Roman Empire through her husband the Emperor. The Austrian Army, though overshadowed heavily by the infamous militarism of the Prussians, remains a feared fighting force not to be underestimated. Maria Teresa faces many challenges as her reign truly begins: firstly to hold her rightful claim as sovereign of Austria, Hungary and Croatia, to refill the drained treasury depleted both by war and her father Charles VI, reassert Habsburg dominance over the Holy Roman Empire and to cut down Prussia to heel as an obedient and loyal member of the Empire. Prussia under the rule of a new victorious monarch, Frederick II von Hohenzollern, has doubled its size with the annexation of the resource rich province of Silesia from Austria hands. Doubling his population from 2.2 million to nearly 5 million people, the battle-hardened and finest army in Europe has blossomed as Prussia asserts itself as a new, powerful state in the HRE. Prussia is a well-organized country, under the rule of a philosopher-king who has declared himself the first "servant of the state" in the name of justice for the common man, wise rule and the prosperity of the state (unless you're Polish). Yet, the enlightened absolutist faces widespread dissent from Austria who desires her old territories, France who seeks to integrate parts of Germany, Sweden who lusts for her lost provinces in Pomerania and Russia who has laid a hungry eye upon Eastern Prussia. Frederick must keep what he has won, and navigate his way through diplomatic minefields if his country is to survive. Yet, the future is also bright- for Prussia is well organized with a weak and consenting nobility, blessed with rich resources in Silesia and ruled by a great and wise ruler. For Frederick has a new, distinct and revolutionary idea for a unified state in the Holy Roman Empire- a German state. That dream may very well become reality for the thirty-eight-year-old monarch. France enjoys its victory over Austria, but its troubles are far from over. France is a large and strong nation with a massive and well-maintained military, colonies in the New World and a streamlined Absolutist administration that hands the king the power of a god upon earth. However, its golden age from Louis XIV's decades of rule has waned as France's rivals grow. The British, happy in their unified, prestigious state has seemingly eclipsed the French with their vast world empire. The French East India Company, despite possessing the patronage of the Mughals, struggles to assert its dominance over the British and Dutch trade companies of the region. And the head of state is no help. Louis XV is nothing like his predecessor, the great Sun King. His inconsistent and indecisive attitude has led to mismatched French policy, failing to prioritize either European affairs, the trade conflicts of India, her colonies and her navy. France has not the money to pursue all her many ambitions. Yet, France is no weak power. Her armies are massive, with her navy no laughing matter as a serious rival to British naval superiority. France, cutting Austria down to size, has the diplomatic support of Spain with the door to conquering the Rhineland and parts of Germany swung wide open. France has the resources and the means for great power, yet is in dire need of strong and decisive leadership. France's future is uncertain, yet much potential is there for a new French Golden Age. Britain’s grand and prestigious empire seems to eclipse the continental disputes of Central Europe. George II von Hanover surrounds his court with music and wealth as the focal point of European power and prestige, and its worldwide empire grows by the year in India, Africa and beyond. Yet, Britain has yet to become the world power of the Victorian Era. Austria seethes from Britain’s slithery withdrawal from the War of the Austrian Succession, in which the British narrowly avoided suffering any major defeat in the field by quickly exiting the war after the Battle of Fontenoy against the French. North America is a hotbed of dispute as the Thirteen Colonies across the Appalachians rub up not only with hostile natives, but sketchy French claims spanning the Midwest, Great Lakes and the Louisiana Territory. The British Navy is strong and well-funded, yet it has yet to become the post-Napoleonic dominant force as a poorer, yet still large and capable French Navy gears up to face off the British. And, most interestingly, a strange ally has presented itself in Europe- for now Frederick in Prussia and George in Great Britain have found common rivals in France and Austria. Though Britain may be a new, prestigious state echoing the glorious era of Good Queen Anne and Blenheim, her trials are far from over. This is a historical RP roleplay, just like the excellent series “Shame of Versailles” run by Smelly set in the years before the great Seven Years War. It was a decisive conflict, whose outcomes were crucial for the establishment of British and Prussian power on the continent- a war studded with feats of martial arms across Central Europe, of a struggle fought in almost every continent from the woodlands of the Midwest to the distant Indian peninsula. I would allow anyone to take whatever country they want, but I strongly suggest players try to pick up a nation in the list below. Note that we already have a lot of players who have picked countries, this was first established in TNW though it never began: 1: [Han] Prussia 2: [Doc]Austria 3: [Joker] France 4: [Smelly] Great Britain 5: [Kez] Russia 6: [Argon] Spain 7: Bavaria 8: Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth 9: [Ginty] Sweden 10: Saxony *Pablo is playing as the Papacy. You will play as the head of state of each country. Do your best to play in character in how you act and how you play! You do not need to strictly follow history, but keep in mind historical trends. If your head of state dies, you will play as the next in line. If by some reasoning there is a war of succession, you may choose any claimant. Rolls generally decide the outcome of most actions; however actions will be far more likely to succeed if they’re well planned! If you exceed the boundaries of reality for your country’s disposition economically, socially and politically you will be less likely to succeed. Strategy plays just as much into success as the roll of the twenty-sided die. Each forum page will signify six months until the "Seven Year's War" begins, or any other major conflict. Whilst a major war takes place, RP will move onto "ROLZ" in which the new SoV system will be utilized to process combat. Combatants must update their status in the war for each six months that processes in the forums. We operate on skype! Add me at jay.rohwer@gmail.com, a very damned creative username. -Sagi IN REGARDS TO APPLICATIONS: You can simply claim a nation by stating so as a reply, no complicated application is needed right away. Just say something like: "I claim the Latin Empire, DEUS VULT!"
  8. Sagittarian99

    The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    To hell with LOTC formatting! https://docs.google.com/document/d/10tnVJoHrWPaVFiNQbq64BnBy0mJIt1mU_K9jT8eAI-Y/edit?usp=sharing
  9. Sagittarian99

    The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    G R E A T B R I T A I N THE TREASON OF GERMANY For months, rumors of German “Super-Artillery” projects filled nationalist and right-wing newspapers, considered gossip and rumor by many. Yet, whilst overtures of peace and trade were being negotiated by British and German diplomats, it was discovered that the rumors were in fact quite true. Stocks exploded, tensions erupted, and crowds filled the streets as the press was lit alight with news of what has quickly become known as the “German Treason”. In what has been viewed as a direct violation of Geneva, it has been made known to the world that Germany has developed railway-mounted super-artillery of greater range and caliber than the infamous Paris Guns. Weak overtures of loopholes in the Treaty of Geneva from Berlin are outright rejected by Britain as the country mobilizes its empire and resources. To Britain, Germany has pulled the last straw. Below: Crew of the HMS Vanguard , A 1929 Queen-Elizabeth class battleship pose quickly in Rosyth whilst returning from shore leave to mobilize. “I am entirely humiliated that this proud nation talked peace with Germany whilst they conspired to build weapons of mass destruction, we should not have expected peace and friendship from such heinous enemies,” says a retired Buchannan to the London Times. “Old Bucy”, heralded as the “Father of the Nation” for his role in the restoration of the British Empire and victory in World War Two, takes to the press out of his semi-retirement in Essex. The British Government enacts dozens of measures in a response to the “German Treason”. Ground Forces: -The BEF in France immediately is sent to the German Border within France, with hundreds of fighters moved to airbases across France. The latest in British tanks, especially the successful Buchannan II tanks, are deployed directly to those lines as equals to German medium tanks. Remembering the overrun of France of WWII, British commanders pledge to hold their ground if need be. [mod] -Among fears that Belgium could be overrun in any potential conflict with Germany, the British offer 100k troops to help the Belgians man their border forts. [mod] -The 600k men in reserve are immediately called and assembled in bases throughout Southern Britain. Naval Forces -Luckily, the aggressive modernization programs from the earlier year means many battleships usually in reserve are active- as a result, the active British capital fleet not including reserves is made up of eighteen battleships, which is extraordinary. Another thirteen are in reserve, with two of those mothballed (Dreadnought and Konig). The mothballed ships will take many months to put into active duty, yet the other eleven will be ready for active service within a few weeks. [mod] -The Grand Fleet of eighteen dreadnoughts, five aircraft carriers (with the sixth, Marlborough in the Home Fleet) and 60+ cruisers exercise aggressively in the North Sea. -The Hong Kong fleet, or the “Black Squadron” famous for its vast success in WWII, prepares to take on commerce-raiding operations in the Pacific and Indian ocean. Industry and Mobilization -The economy is partially mobilized. Factories begin to produce equipment to replace the stockpile used up by the reserves, tank and aircraft production is increased. [mod] -The government reaches out to the United States to either forgive the little existing debt Britain owes the US, or provide further loans in the case of conflict. [mod] Diplomacy -Britain calls upon its allies in Portugal, Italy and the Ottoman Empire to join a Grand Coalition against Germany. -Britain sets an embargo upon Germany, and calls upon its allies to do the same. [mod] -The British Conservative faction, hoping to unify the government behind calls for mobilization, pushes to kill the Liberal high-tarrif bill against France. Conservatives declare the bill to be a potential hindrance to anti-German efforts and hope to swing moderates with political favors. [mod] -Britain declares support for the independence of the Netherlands among fears that the small country could be overrun by Germany. [mod]
  10. Sagittarian99

    The Shame of Versailles (SoV) - RP

    GREAT BRITAIN Due to the vast size of my mod post, I have reluctantly been forced to share it by the link below. The link opens in Google drive, there you can find the post. In the future, I will make sure I post often enough that I don't have to throw together so much information into one post. -Sagi https://docs.google.com/document/d/13WrnWaFP_JDDmI4Or2S-ZnkKgYkWf7rW9N8dYdLXx6w/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Well, I have seen multiple posts like this. Every answer directs to the PM page which explains the problem. I followed the steps very carefully, setting my DNS to what the page suggested. I tried just about every IP I found, and really need some help here. It's quite frustrating, as one might imagine. Can someone show an IP, version and any other solutions that would solve this very tedious problem? Thanks in advance.
  12. New and looking forward to getting online once my bio is accepted. Proud to join my fellow staff from the server I work with in the house of Manstein!