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  1. ElevenJellyBeans

    Into the Seven

    Ah! I get ya
  2. ElevenJellyBeans

    Into the Seven

    ((The Rp was much more drawn out and more indepth. I guess he just wanted to get the post over with.
  3. ElevenJellyBeans

    Last Will and Final Goodbyes from the Late Elven King

    “Aspects guide you, Abelas. Save me a pot of tea for my soon arraval too.” Aravae chuckles to herself as she apparently spoke to no one.
  4. ElevenJellyBeans

    Mourning a King, 1679

    Aravae sits at her usual desk with her head in her hands, mumbling to herself under her breath. “Van’ayla Abe. I hope the aspects treat you well. Atleast you are gone from these horrid lands.” It would seem Aravae didn’t actually attend the funeral of Abelas.
  5. ElevenJellyBeans

    Art stuff is Art

    I love it Trinn. Keep up the amazing work ❤️
  6. ElevenJellyBeans

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    When I get my job... perhaps...
  7. ElevenJellyBeans

    The Standing Ilmyumier - Status Tattoos of Mali'ame

    Love you Trinn. Excellent art as always @Trinn ❤️
  8. ElevenJellyBeans

    Screenshots in Shaders

  9. ElevenJellyBeans

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    That's mean. 😞
  10. ElevenJellyBeans

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    WAMAN : ( 1: Also, What do you think of me? 2: Genuine opinion on lotc's community 3: more chicken nuggets...?
  11. ElevenJellyBeans

    Winter Solstice Ritual

    "This will be interesting..." The pale skin mutters.
  12. ElevenJellyBeans

    Veryanwë of Aewion Silma and Arwenia Kaeronin

    Aravae Csarathaire smiles in a proud manner as she read the flyer. “******* about time lass.” She’d chuckle as she passes Arwenia
  13. ElevenJellyBeans

    [Denied][I] draja's Game Moderator Application

    Top lad honestly. Draja will be a massive gain to the team. +1
  14. ElevenJellyBeans

    [Denied][W] Belestram, Elverhilin's Game Moderator Application

    +1 dude is awesome and will make a great addition to the Gm team.
  15. ElevenJellyBeans

    LadyAmayo's Art Stall