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  1. ElevenJellyBeans

    The Military of Gladewynn

    (IC) Name: Aravae Ithelanen Age: 167 Race: High Elf – Wood elf I do solemnly swear that I shall defend the Realm of Gladewynn from its foes, foreign and domestic, in times of peace or war. I will hold myself to the example of all those who have sworn this very oath before me, I will bear the crux of this burden forevermore, here and beyond. (OOC) IGN: ElevenJellyBeans Discord: You have it 😆
  2. ElevenJellyBeans

    Divine Imperial Command: The Pontifical Throne

    “This should have never happened...” Halle mutters as she continues to sort her papers.
  3. Full Name: Halle Mournstone City of Residency: Haense Year of Birth: 1672 Address: 2 Jan Road
  4. ElevenJellyBeans

    What I've been Up to (Speed paints and art in general)

    Honestly love your artstyle. Keep it up!
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    We cookin

  6. ElevenJellyBeans

    Land Auction Annoucement

    Alright... Thanks.
  7. ElevenJellyBeans

    Land Auction Annoucement

    And Gladewynn isn’t?
  8. ElevenJellyBeans

    Land Auction Annoucement

    Didn’t these just get ruined in a warclaim?
  9. ElevenJellyBeans

    Letter of A.Mournstone, to House Mournstone.

    Halle stood reading the letter to her family, With them all gathered around she'd sigh. Her eyes starting to tear as she got to her own part and once finished she'd gaze at her family. " I hold no hate for my uncle. He is a grown man and it is his choice, I refuse to cut him down when it comes to it though, Father." she'd speak to Gauis as she held out the letter towards him, her face was both pained and shocked, unsure of what else to say. @Keening
  10. “whoops...” Muttered the Ithelanen woman
  11. ElevenJellyBeans

    Art stuff is Art

    I love it Trinn. Keep up the amazing work ❤️
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    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    When I get my job... perhaps...
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    The Standing Ilmyumier - Status Tattoos of Elves

    Love you Trinn. Excellent art as always @Trinn ❤️
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    Screenshots in Shaders

  15. ElevenJellyBeans

    This is a thing [Torky's AMA]

    That's mean. 😞