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  1. “Very much alive” Aravae commented to herself as she tossed the letter into the fire.
  2. The Lady sat in her husband’s arms grieving the passing of not only an old friend from childhood but her brother. The memories of their time together flashed before her eyes as she reads her letter. Her lips part to let out a few broken words. “I love you, Brother...” She’d sigh gently as in her arms lay soundly sleeping a new born girl and at her feet a four year old boy. “your uncle loves you..” Halle sobbed gently but took in the news that she was able to look after his children, then making plans with her lover to head to Haense.
  3. Halle sat at her table shifting through letters with her little boy helping her. She’d take hold of the parchment and begin to read of news that a great friend had been ripped from her life. Her lips part and tears fill against her orbs. She’d make her way to Heanse with her baby boy in her arms. “I’m coming brother” The small woman made off in haste to comfort the king.
  4. “You will be forever loved” Halle stated with a smile.
  6. Soon! I’m starting college in September so the holidays befoooooooore! ❤️
  7. When the frick frack are we going to share chicken nuggets again, I’m hungry ***** ❤️ Also miss the **** outa you... : (
  8. “This should have never happened...” Halle mutters as she continues to sort her papers.
  9. I love it Trinn. Keep up the amazing work ❤️
  10. Love you Trinn. Excellent art as always @Trinn ❤️
  11. MC ▫ Name ≎ ElevenJellyBeans Sprite ▫ Type ≎ Animated sprite and Complicated Sprite. (First: Druid - Second: The One in armour) Character ▫ Name ≎Melethre & Aravae Character ▫ Race ≎ Wood Elf - High Elf Special ▫ Animation ≎ Both just walking! ❤️ Reference ▫ Picture(s) ≎ Number one: (Melethre: Google Doc Skin ) Number Two: (Aravae: Google Doc Skin Armour Preview - If too complicated please pm me!)
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