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  1. Leap1Ghosts' Second GM Application

    Leap has been there for me since the start, helping me Mentally. Due to me being the person I am, I have my struggles with the server. Leap has always been a good person both Oocly and Rply. Good luck spud ❤️ +1
  2. Frost Witch Recruitment

    Damn I actually want to give this a try...
  3. Druid Spirit's Eve Festival

    "And so it begins!" Mele padded off back to her tree to make her costume.
  4. An Empty Feeling

    Mele let out a huff as she'd hear the news, sat at the table with her dieing sister. Muttering to herself, "I wish.. we had talked more often. Aspects Guide you Toren." Then Mele went back to eating her stew.
  5. A Snow-covered Sparrow

    Melethre heard the silent whispers of the wind while meditating. She'd softly sigh with the Sorrow that came with the feel of her idol and one of her closest friends passing, She'd mutter to herself. "We.. Never got to meditate together nor did I have the time to visit. I will visit you Ara... But not for the right reasons. May Aspects guide you." Melethre went back to meditating, all of her interactions with Arahaelth where re-watched under closed, glowing eyes.
  6. As Animals Gathered

    Melethre Seemed to follow her birds towards the portal, though her birds not wanting to go right up to the Portal. Mele looked around for what it seemed like hours. She'd sit there and study the not yet usable portal
  7. As Animals Gathered

    "What.. the..." Melethre flicked her eyes, Looking around glancing up to her magpie that where perched in a nearby tree. "you felt that too, Right?" She'd ask them.
  8. [MArt] The CS Tome

    Ide +1 but there isn't one anymore ;-; But good luck on getting the tome back!
  9. [✗] ElevenJellyBeans. [no clue why i'm banned]

    Hang on. If I didn't do it intentionally. It should have been locked if you didn't want it broken. I have stuff to do in these 3 days or whatever. Look, I'm sorry that I broke it, it was accidental and I never noticed it, if you would of told me about it I could of fixed it easily. It was a singular carpet and I am banned for three days over it, please I have stuff to do in these three days.
  10. Mc name: ElevenjellyBeans Screenshots: Though no clue why im banned because these allegations are false, I need evidence from @Hiebe. Reason to be unbanned: I have no clue why i'm banned. But I would like to be unbanned since I have seen no evidence to be banned.
  11. The Armor Arm Tavern

    "Excited to see more folk in our busy tavern" Melethre idly comments while cleaning the tables.
  12. [Rule Alteration] 'Organizing Roleplay'

    Thank you Sky~!
  13. An Ancient City

    "Hmmm..." Mele would ponder for a few moments. Heading off to the Mother Grove in search of Tail or an Archdruid
  14. [CA] [Sprite]

    Mc name: ElevenJellyBeans Character's Name: Iaoth Character's Age: 1 Character's Original Race: N/A Character's Transformed Race: Sprite [White] Creator's MC Name: N/A Creator's RP Name: N/A Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Sprites are a Fae that are birthed from a flower known as the Acerfolia, This Flower can be found in sections of warm forests near streams. These sprites come in different colours. Each colour representing each personality, they can look both Female and male. But Sprites don't have genders (they are asexual), though may be referenced to her/he when first seen. Each sprite are given a pair of wings when they are growing with in the Acerfolia, though they cannot fly past three blocks. These sprites can commune with nature easily such as Flora and Fauna. With each sprites colour comes a Toxin. Each of these toxins aid the Sprite from being attacked since they are so small and have no real way to defend themselves from people trying to capture them. These toxins that are produced by Sprites cannot be used for potions or poisons, however when a sprite uses their toxin they may become tired and may need to sleep for a couple of hours to regain their energy. If a Sprite is to be eaten they are incredibly toxic, Sprites will reduce to a fine ash if eaten or made to a paste to eat it can provide a quick and painful death for the consumer. An Example of a Toxin for the white sprite is: When a White sprite is upset it has the option to a light version of liquid nitrogen. This will freeze a small patch of skin on a person that the white sprite is upset with, turning into a sickly hue of purple, This is Very painful to try to remove or move this. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app Nupe
  15. [✗] TJB_Minecraft Ban Appeal

    okay bud. Good luck.