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  1. The Elvenesse Tea Lady Establishment scribe their response. “We will be delighted to attend.” Is written in fine cursive.
  2. Arla magically notes at the man the part where she says ‘like I have in the past’
  3. Arla blinked at the massive in her hands, sipping tea as she read it. “cowardice? I have a daughter to protect. I won’t be joining any battle unless the walls around my home begin to crumble, only for her will I pick up a blade like I did in the past.” she mumbled a little whilst adding the paper to a pile next to her.
  4. On a quiet day in the forests, a Magpie druid mourns. Nature's song hitting her and filling the estranged woman with sorrow. She stood from the nest in which she and her birds rested, the only company she kept for some time, lost in the tall woods. She excused herself quickly and brushed off any comments from her avian family, taking quiet steps down the tree and towards the stream at the bottom of her cottage. "...Awaiti.." She was just a woman who had naught been Intune with the happenings of the Elvenesse nation but lived within its reach, enough to hear the cries from Awaiti's
  5. Arlayna sits in her Tea Ladies Establishment by the fire within Elvenesse reading the massive. Only a small uninterested brow risen whilst one hand soothes over her pregnant stomach and her feet shift to sit on a stool. After a long day of waddling around the ‘degenerate’ Citidel with her basket, she now had a pile of new material besides the fire to use when it starts to go out. “well I suppose we should thank them for something, hm?” She mutters down to her round stomach, patting it several times and staring into the fire.
  6. Arlayna sits in her Tea Ladies Establishment within Elvenesse reading the massive, raising a brow as she passes it to the other seven women gathered at the table. In unison they all begin erupting in laughter, tossing the massive into the fire nearby. “What is purity?” The ‘Aheral smirked, eyeing Mali’ata besides her. @oliviaaaahr @Mewliet@cxrley @MrMineLoveDude @latteTM @Exolaltyl0305
  7. Arlayna Iliven received the invitation by the fire, throwing seed to the bird that delivered it as she opens it. Soon enough as she reads the title she grinned from ear to ear, standing. “Ladies Look!” Arla shuffles to the Tea Ladies whom sat downstairs, handing the invitation to Lavinia. “I think it’s time we began cooking~!”
  8. Arla spent hours sat outside the home watching the chicken with seeds in her hand, outstretched towards the creatures. She didn’t seem to care much about the mystery - only that they looked tasty. after hours of being sat there, she finally caught one under the stars. Taking it back to The Tea Ladies Establishment be made into pie
  9. “I am proud of you daughter.” A faint whisper emits the Magpie Druid, sat in her cottage in the middle of the woods. Her own blood sat watching her stare out of the window at nothing. A faint frown briefly graced her lips before fading to a mere muted purse.
  10. Melethre sits by the campfire telling stories of her life as a healer!
  11. Matia De Rubrum mourns the loss of her twin brother as she sits by the fire. Half of her heart torn out by Elven scum. “They.. will all burn in that Forrest of theirs....” States the red-headed girl as she sobs.
  12. The Lady sat in her husband’s arms grieving the passing of not only an old friend from childhood but her brother. The memories of their time together flashed before her eyes as she reads her letter. Her lips part to let out a few broken words. “I love you, Brother...” She’d sigh gently as in her arms lay soundly sleeping a new born girl and at her feet a four year old boy. “your uncle loves you..” Halle sobbed gently but took in the news that she was able to look after his children, then making plans with her lover to head to Haense.
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