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    SIGN UP SHEET FOR THE ONE v ONE MELEE Name: Torvin Blackaxe Age: 300ish, very old Nationality/Faction: Reiters. I come from Kaz'Ulrah tho... Race: Dwarf Title: Reiter, Hero of Brathmordakin. I dont know . . .
  2. King of Kings: Election for High King [Closed]

    "Who was unbanished a few moons ago? I dont think it was me. Anything relevant to Urguan is not relevant to this" He says letting out a grunt. "Feel free to come to me about these matters and we shall solve them. actions that happened three decades ago and they still linger in your mind?.." He scratches his beard.
  3. The Great Fall

    "Rumours say that Gorum is still falling off this stair as we speak" Torvin closes the book as he finished writing the Life of Gorum. "Rest well."
  4. Who wants to be King?!

    Torvin goes to vote for BOGDUN GOLDHAND. Only he will be able to let the Kingdom stand strong on it's feet. Torvin scratches a few words on the bottom of the parchment. "Remove me o' hero and ye'll regret it."
  5. Lock's FM Application

    Knows how to deal with situations and seems like a person who'd do a perfect job in this role. He deserves it +1
  6. The Thorned Crown

    Velarius tries on the chestplate of Thoromir. "Fits me well!"
  7. A Response to Caius Sigismund Horen

    "Only norland follows that religion tho ....." remarks Abdes de Savin
  8. [!] Copies of an annotated counterargument to 'The Santegian Worm' would be distributed across Axios. An Open Letter to Caius Sigismund Horen: I could not help but notice several major fallacies in your declaration, so I would like to address each one individually. “When your own populace supports enemies of humanity, enemies of the church, it is the faith militants’ right to enact justice upon your population.” Santegia does not support any enemies of humanity. Although, one cannot say the same for Oren or the Church. The witnesses of the brutal transgressions committed on the righteous Demetrios Palaiologos clearly note the presence of an undead - an entity condemned by the Church itself. Yet, the Order of St. Lucien did not seem to care much about the creature, instead priming their focus on butchering an innocent preacher. I am loath to admit this, but the Canonist Church is far from bipartisan. It is supposed to be an impartial figure, above petty political squabbles; however, it only represents Oren’s best interest. I only need to quote the words of Elder Vladimir himself to justify the case, “This transcends morality… This is politics…” "Your people take up arms aside heathens; pagans that look to wash the world in tribalism and savagery." This is only because the High Pontiff’s corruption has seeped into the church like a disease, polluting the once venerable institution! I must also remind you that Oren itself is guilty of such an act, for they were the first to join arms with Urguan. Santegians take up arms to defend themselves from the darkness lurking within the so called Order of God, and their perverted High Pontiff. The church has abandoned them thanks to its leadership having strayed from GOD himself in favor of an avaricious desire for political gain. "When this is the case, it is only just for the Order to wash your Kingdom clean of the unholy." Such a view is relative, for in the eyes of the Santegians, we are to cleanse the Church of its corruptions, to reprimand those who have sinned against our people. They are guilty of perpetuating the elaborate ruse of wanting to unite humanity, while they continue to latch onto the last vestiges of Oren. Thusly, it makes sense that a Horen would continue to support the FALSE, crooked Canonist Church! By doing so, they only further divide mankind. "You question the legitimacy of our Holiness, yet your own faith and upbringing was built on falsities. Your Courlandic ancestry is already showing as you politicize faith to garner allies." The qualities of one’s ancestors do not determine the actions of their descendants. Do not make make hasty judgments of collectives, but the individual. And if you are too stubborn to agree with such a statement, you may turn to your own ancestry and that of Oren to see the political roots of Canonism. It is hypocritical for you to state such, as we all know the Church has always been a political institution with its central authority and hierarchy of command, but it has failed to recognise our Kingdom for too long. Religion is supposed to transcend nationalities and be open to ALL, not just those who happen to be of a particular political alignment. It has absolutely NO place in bureaucracy and warfare! "You don’t do this to be a moral man, you do this for revenge. If you truly venerated God and the Church, you would have expelled all of heretical beliefs from your lands at once." T’is revenge stooped in morality. Demetrios was a divine individual who graced peace on those present, so much so that the Archbishop and Bishop of San Adrián sought to make him a blessed of the faith. He died for what he believed as a preacher of Canonism, defending the innocent populace of Santegia, who the Order of St. Lucien so mercilessly slaughtered in cold blood. This is hypocritical, because Oren allowed the Harian faith,that of the Daelish and the faiths of the Dominion of Malin. His Majesty, King Leoiaritzaltzu allows the continued preaching of Canonism within the nation, as he does with other faiths - as the standard established by Oren itself. The act of ejecting Canonist clergy from the capital was a mercy call to relieve them from any potential ills that may befall them, as a result of the sins committed by the High Pontiff himself. He is fair and just, and righteous in his goals. "Instead now, your petty Kingdom looks to join the fire dancing circle and hangings. The people you turn to have killed more innocents and wrecked more havoc than the entirety of the Order of St. Lucien." If you are to consider the history of the past as you have done, Oren's savage massacres have painted lands sanguine red in blood for centuries. The sacking of Malinor is but one example of the atrocities committed in the name of your Unholy Orenian Empire. For the savagery that lingers in Oren, you must only turn to the crucified corpses of innocents that adorn Metz - truly a putrid sight. "Do not pretend your condemnation is opposing the injustices of the church, and not the faith as a whole." It's not pretending, as His Majesty is still Canonist. In fact, he was the one that authorized church members stay in the Duchy of Mystra, and only barred Canonist clergy from the capital to reprimand the Church for its inability to take action regarding the recent atrocities in San Adrián. "You know exactly what you are doing when you begin to ask these questions. You are a worm, feeding off the corpse until you will burst from the chest and embrace your true form: that of a sinful, evil, man." This is rather hypocritical from the people of Oren, who all constantly seek to overthrow their 'Emperor'. The King himself has done no such deed, for he does not need to feed off the corpse of Oren, the masses gather around him to escape corruption and destitution wrought upon them by poor judgement and leadership that has now taken its toll. History has a peculiar habit of repeating itself, haven’t you heard? "My own people stood against the faithless, the West stood strong against those that looked to suck the very life out of humanity.” Santegia seeks to protect humanity from the current corruption of the Church, and shall lead GOD’S light upon them all. It is a bastion of awareness and enlightenment; of the people’s steadfast belief in GOD alone, and not the power hungry present leadership that seeks to turn the good Canonist people away from HIM. The Church once respected the faiths of others, as long as they were not deemed a threat, but now the warped High Pontiff has sought to slaughter his own - now you stand against those with faith. "Your ancestors ran to kill other humans for land and titles, greed, I know your heritage. I know the type you come from. You do not fool me with these documents." Again, the acts of ancestors do not determine the present. One can make the same point you stated about Oren, and the Horen family. You lot have a reputation for murdering your own kin and overthrowing leaders. In fact, you are warring with your own blood right now. "I dare you to oppose the Order of St. Lucien, truly. Stand by yourself against the faith, for the moment that you see yourself at a loss and in the wrong is when I guarantee you will flee to savages for their help, Worm." The only proven savages in this case are the Orenians. For neither has Santegia attacked the innocents of Oren, or raided their settlements. The same cannot be said for the ‘Empire’. Such a remark shall not bully our nation into submission. Calling upon allies is the right thing to do, and there is no shame in that. "When the time of judgement comes; you will stand beside those that mock our God, that mock our tradition." His Majesty does not mock God, he stands besides him and sees the truth in the current state of the Church. It is not tradition for the Church to be rife with greed and corruption. He himself was far too diplomatic in his approach, and now the Church has forced his hand. Know that His Majesty only condemns the High Pontiff and the Order of St. Lucien for their corruption. Santegia upholds its standards of justice, values exemplified by the venerable Saint Adrian, the namesake of Santegia’s capital. The King does not make condemnations without the careful thought of his own actions. Whatever future acts he takes have been determined by the Church’s response, and he shall act upon them with the standards established by Oren and the Church. And know that the first ‘worms’ manifested within the Kingdom of Oren itself.
  9. A Call to Arms

    "Damn, didnt they lose a 30v10 a few days ago..... That is sad" comments Abdes
  10. They Didn't Even Get A Chair This Time...?

    Torvin reads the document. "I did that? Well **** I thought that I had my wings on"
  11. When a Chapter Closes, Another Opens...

    "I am gonna get these motherfucking degenerates" shouts an angry Abdes killing Orenians at... oh nevermind. They live nowhere now...
  12. Military Updates

    Torvin starts to plan out "Operation Irongrinder Orgy".
  13. The set of an Eagle

    Abdes de Savin lets out a sigh. "Ah well, he was a good man. I am becoming too old now..."
  14. now that I am a free man again im gonna support my man @Asylum. .


    Free ma man

  15. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    ur lm aint mean nothing holmes. this is no way to defeat kazulrah and u know it