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  1. The lands of Urguan begin to swell with activity, goat riders move with haste down the main road. Dwedmar couriers make their way throughout the lands of The Kingdom to make the announcement. To all Dwedmar and citizens of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, The time has come to once more witness the crowning of a new Grand King and to declare our allegiance once more to the Throne and he who bears the crown. For the past stone week the citizens of Urguan had the option to elect a new Grand King under the supervision of the Lord Regent Torvin Blackaxe and the current Grand Marshal Gror Ireheart. The elections have been closed and the results are known! It is during these crucial times that we should band together for the sake of our people. Regardless of outcome, it is of the utmost importance that we strive for a unified and loyal Kingdom under the fairly elected Grand King. Bakir Ireheart, our former Grand King, achieved many things during his reign. However, those feats would be for not were it not for the strong dwedmar who remained loyal and unified behind him. One dwed sits on the throne but the dwedmar within are what make up the backbone of Urguan. Now is the time we reveal who has been chosen to lead our people into the future. The election was conducted in a way that was agreed upon by the Senate, offering inclusion to even the youngest beardlings in an effort to give them a voice in the Kingdom they call home. With all this being addressed, we now move forward with the conclusion of this election and present to Urguan, their new Grand King, long may he reign. By a fair and just vote, the people of Urguan have elected Agnar Grandaxe as the next Grand King of Urguan. Narvak oz Urguan, Narvak oz Agnar. (( and just like that legoboy turns into legoman…. ))
  2. An Election For The Grand King of Urguan _______ Following the stone day after the abdication of the Grand King and the nomination for Torvin Blackaxe as Regent, the dwarves of Urguan and its Senators gather in the Halls of the Senate. The Grand Chancellor, Agnar Grandaxe, begins the Senate meeting while calling for the Lord Regent to take the floor. The Senate would then start to make their nominations for Grand King: Ember Alliance (4 Votes): Alaric Grimgold Agnar Grandaxe (2x) Abstain Ordaz Union (1 Vote): Agnar Grandaxe Ireheart Clan (2 Votes): Sigrun Ireheart (2x) _____ After the members of the Senate have spoken and nominations are made, the Election for Grand King shall begin with its candidates being Sigrun Ireheart, Agnar Grandaxe, and Alaric Grimgold. Only dwarves are able to vote and those accounted for in the most recent active check within the Kingdom shall cast their ballot. PUT AN X BEHIND THE DWARF YOU ARE VOTING FOR AS THE NEW GRAND KING Name: Sigrun Ireheart Agnar Grandaxe Alaric Grimgold ((Voting ends Thursday at 3PM EST 12/8/2022. PM me on Discord with your vote. shaq#2152))
  3. Holy cow is that THE kevinblabla?

  4. Torvin would stand still, shocked to hear the news of his uncle. “We haven’t been on the greatest terms, however we have seen good times, Uncle. May Dungrimm guide you to our ancestors. I hope that the reward will be great for the countless of effort you have put in your life”
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      the legend himself pm me over discord brother Stargush#6112

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  6. Bienvenido de vuelta, Kevin. Espero que esta vez no volvamos a ser enemigos ?

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      Man of Respect

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  8. welcome back to LoTC friend x

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  10. how do u get perma banned for block glitching? FREE KEVIN

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      To be completely fair he does have a wide ban history from what I can recall.


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      Banned 3 times in 3 years, biggest ban was a month. wtf are you on about chorale 

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      I smell TaRgEt bAn

  11. come on gms, dont remove rescue raids! instead of looking at what can be removed from the rules, get those ******* war rules up... Or are they gonna be on review for the next 4 weeks?

  12. I'd like to have a repair plugin yes

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