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  1. come on gms, dont remove rescue raids! instead of looking at what can be removed from the rules, get those ******* war rules up... Or are they gonna be on review for the next 4 weeks?

  2. I'd like to have a repair plugin yes

  3. The Otto III Doctrine

    Valerius sharpens his blade.
  4. Penned by the hand of the High King, 22nd of the Snow's Maiden, 1651 Torvin Blackaxe, First of His Name, High King of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Sovereign of the Dwedmar and Vicar of The Brathmordakin, Hero of the Brathmordakin and Protector of the Dwarves. It has come to our attention that the King’s Council is in need of a new and functioning government. Because of it, worthy Dwed have been assigned to each job in the Government. May these decisions improve the life of the Dwedmar. From this day onward, with my authority, the following people are to take place with the utmost immediacy: Gror Ireheart is to gain both the title and all responsibilities of Lord Marshal Hamnil Frostbeard is to gain title and all responsibilities of The Warden Garrond Frostbeard is to gain the title and all responsibilities of the Keeper. And so it is ordered. NARVAK OZ DA THRUMMAZ NA NARVAK OZ YEMEKAR
  5. Visited your wall :^)

  6. Kindly reminder to NOT visit my wall, ty tyvm.

  7. you really dont know how to stop huh?

  8. why did you visit my wall...

    1. Kevinblabla7


      Had to see if the legends were true of your return

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    2. Vege
  9. why do u visit my wall...

  10. Whats not clear about "Off my wall" or "Dont visit my wall"

  11. Come, its time to leave this cancer community brother.

  12. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] MrBamPow

    Yeah, Bampow is a mature guy who knows how to deal with situations and is very competent and active too. He would do a fine job. +1
  13. A King's Coronation

    The lands of Kaz’Ulrah begin to swell with activity, goat riders move with haste down the main road. Dwedmar couriers make their way throughout the lands of The Kingdom to make the announcement. All would be busy with the preperations for the coronation of the High King Torvin Blackaxe To all Dwedmar and citizens of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, The time has come to once more witness the crowning of a new High King and to declare our allegiance once more to the Throne and he who bears the crown. First we shall pay our respect to the High King Verthaik, who sadly passed away in an assassination. As soon as the funeral ends, we shall start the cerenomy, which will be followed by a feast. All Dwedmar and Outsiders are welcome. Narvak oz Yemekar! Narvak oz Kaz’Ulrah! A roll of parchment bearing the Seal of the Kingdom is hand delivered to the following. King Jory Ruric King Leo de Savin King Aerelius Horen Chieftain Lockezi Ba’ikana Rex U’la’Yar High Prince Aelthir II Tundrak Clan Irongut, Clan Silvervein, Clan Cottonwood and Clan Hammerforges Reiter Free Company ((Saturday 2pm EST start))