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  1. cry is free


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      we should stop, he’s sensitive

  2. Operation Nukey Nuke Boomio. when will we start with step 1

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      When the message has been put forward

  4. how do u get perma banned for block glitching? FREE KEVIN

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      Banned 3 times in 3 years, biggest ban was a month. wtf are you on about chorale 

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      lmfao seriously what the ****

  5. IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.) Kevinblabla Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.) Permamently banned for cheating. Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) Corpean, me, Cruz, haense region owners. Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.) So, yesterday I just went to haense, quite normal since my house is there. I found the gates locked and I had no access to the citizen doors. So, seeing that there was no way into the city and me not wanting to be waiting on someone, I simply cheated my way into the gatehouse, opening the gates and letting myself trough. From what I was aware, Corpean thought I tried to find in any ways trough the city for Haense, acting proud to a renatus guy saying something along the lines "Caught one of your guys trying to find a way in for you" Well, I'll let you know im not part of Renatus, been rply banished and I am with Haense right now. I also own a house there and cruz can confirm this. I also didnt affect anyone with my actions, no one was bothered with it. I also agree that cheating my way trough the gates was a stupid mistake, I just felt like what bad can it do and I'd like to apologize for it. But, a permament ban from the server? Come on not like I've posted gore on the forums in the past.. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.) N/A
  6. Kevinblabla7

    [Accepted] Violino's Forum Moderator Application

    Gives fair judgement, competent and a hard worker. a +1 from me.
  7. Kevinblabla7

    Writ of Abdication.

    As Torvin rose from his bed that morning, he could not help but look at the red stain on the floor across from him. The now dry blood of his first High King, Verthaik II Frostbeard, and one of his closest friends. He sighed as he got up and shambled over to the balcony, gazing out at Kal’Tarak. It was a foggy morning, as the cool sea air blew in from the cavern below. The occasional light flickered on in the distance as the workers of Kal’Tarak awoke and headed to the mines, to mine for the glory of their nation. To continue the dream that had been put into action nearly half a century ago, a dream that saw the end of the oppressive Urguan and the rise of his kingdom; Kaz’Ulrah. The unwavering stalwart of progressive thought amongst Dwarves, Torvin was proud of the path Kaz’Ulrah had paved, even if not all Dwarves resided in the Kingdom. He retired back to his chamber where he made his decision. Walking over to the nearby table he began to write. “My dear, dear dwedmar, the day has come for me to resign from my position as High King. I am not on the verge of death, or besieged by some vile disease, but I feel as though my tenure has run its course. In the true Kaz’Ulrah fashion, I shall resign now, when I no longer have drive, rather than rot away on my throne and watch as the greatest Kingdom falls into decay. Such were the ways of monarchs past, the lethargic Grand Kings of Urguan, who would quicker see an empty capital than someone else's arse on their throne. They were vile creatures, the majority of them, some were good no doubt, but most were corrupt, incompetent and lazy. But that tradition ended when we toppled that Kingdom and brought emancipation to all dwedmar. I will never forget the morale and honorable war we led back then. We brought down centuries of dwarven oppression down within only five years. Such a feat only belongs to us, the Dwarves of Kaz’Ulrah, for no other nation ever took the old Kingdom. It was clear to us all that the Brathmordakin were on our side from the very start. Our raids were seldom beat back, and in battle when we charged, we could feel the weight of Dungrimm, being thrown behind us. We won because we were better, we won because we were smarter. Many years have passed since then, but I often recall those days. Things were very good back then, cheery new faces were often seen in the streets, in the taverns and in the Clan Halls. We were a force to be reckoned with, and non could challenge us. We were a rock, a boulder, a mountain. Today, we are still a mountain, but our peak has long melted. We have fallen into a decay that must be reversed before it turns us into the very beast we defeated. Progression is an ongoing thing, one who’s waters must be broken up by the arrival of new blood, fresh with ambition and vigor. My ambitions have come to a close. In this position there is little left that I can offer the most beautiful Kingdom in the world, besides my axe. And so with a tinge of sadness, but with much pride I leave my post as High King of Kaz’Ulrah. Let the next High King rise, and with him, Kaz’Ulrah. My last action action as High King, I hereby name Garrond 'Orcsbane' Frostbeard as my heir, he is to take on all my titles that were passed down on me on my coronation. He is the one who shall lead us now.” Signed, Torvin Blackaxe, First of His Name, High King of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Sovereign of the Dwedmar and Vicar of The Brathmordakin, Hero of the Brathmordakin and Protector of the Dwarves.
  8. Kevinblabla7

    Accession Day Tilt, 1656

    "Hey cousin, pass on some honorary titles on me will you." Smirks Valerius Application (For Nobility/Gentry) RP Name: Valerius Horen MC Name: Kevinblabla Title: Prince of Renatus-Marna Land of Origin: Renatus Events of Participation?: All of them.
  9. come on gms, dont remove rescue raids! instead of looking at what can be removed from the rules, get those ******* war rules up... Or are they gonna be on review for the next 4 weeks?

  10. I'd like to have a repair plugin yes

  11. Penned by the hand of the High King, 22nd of the Snow's Maiden, 1651 Torvin Blackaxe, First of His Name, High King of the Kingdom of Kaz’Ulrah, Grand King of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Sovereign of the Dwedmar and Vicar of The Brathmordakin, Hero of the Brathmordakin and Protector of the Dwarves. It has come to our attention that the King’s Council is in need of a new and functioning government. Because of it, worthy Dwed have been assigned to each job in the Government. May these decisions improve the life of the Dwedmar. From this day onward, with my authority, the following people are to take place with the utmost immediacy: Gror Ireheart is to gain both the title and all responsibilities of Lord Marshal Hamnil Frostbeard is to gain title and all responsibilities of The Warden Garrond Frostbeard is to gain the title and all responsibilities of the Keeper. And so it is ordered. NARVAK OZ DA THRUMMAZ NA NARVAK OZ YEMEKAR
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