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  1. now that I am a free man again im gonna support my man @Asylum. .


    Free ma man

    1. TheSilentBestMeme
    2. ♛Lucas♛
    3. TheWitherKingHD


      Shouldn't kept Kevin banned


  2. Sea Dwarf Subrace Lore Proposal

    ur lm aint mean nothing holmes. this is no way to defeat kazulrah and u know it
  4. Act of Regency

    Torvin The Dragon, hero of the Brathmordakin, awaits his release from his sky prison to fly down on top of the Imperial Degenerates.
  5. The Second Holy Mandate, 1st of Snow's Maiden, 1638

    Torvin 'THE DRAGON' dips his head far up in the sky. A tear leaves his eye falling on top of Thoak's head while he was outside the city.
  6. The First Holy Mandate, 13th of the Deep Cold, 1637

    Torvin 'The Dragon' continues to patrol around the skies of Kazul'rah to protect his Kingdom and his Religion.
  7. still waitin for my appeal to be checked ...

    1. TheWitherKingHD
    2. Novastral
    3. Kevinblabla7


      you all are toxic **** u all


    1. Raomir


      get off his profile 

    2. Algoda


      Oh no raomir what have you done? You think you're Ragnar the great? You're barely Sigurd dude

    3. Kevinblabla7


      no mercy for you shithead, i aint laughing with you no more. used to be a homie now u act like u dont know me

  9. The Vaults of Urguan

    name: Torvin 'The Dragon' Blackaxe Rank: Paragon of the Skies and Hero of Kazul'rah. Bomb Expert of Axios and the best runesmith on Axios Battles Fought: Battle of Jornheim and Courland fort [Username: Kevinblabla7] [Persona to be paid to: Torvin Blackaxe ]
  10. ur gonna regret everything. wait till my disstrack drops. 


    no ******* mercy for you

  11. ...Another One.

    ban me and leave. thanks. **** you
  12. my boyos showin support :')

  13. Leaving the Administration

    at least vote yes to unban me
  14. IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.) Kevinblabla7 Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.) "Ilegal purchuase of a hacked account" Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) nobody, only the Admins Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.) I bought an alt back in March from an lotc player. Now it turned out to be hacked, I did not know about it. I was punished for it and now I want to come back on lotc again. I now know that I should not purchuase an account from anyone but Mojang ... I'd like to apologize to the person who owned the account and I'd like to say sorry to the Admin team. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.)
  15. Kadraz bin Hassan al Ironguti

    Assad Al-Maloudi Blackaxe approves this.