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  1. cry is free


    1. Harold
    2. Raomir


      we should stop, he’s sensitive

  2. Operation Nukey Nuke Boomio. when will we start with step 1

  3. When to stop?

    1. Kevinblabla7


      When the message has been put forward

  4. how do u get perma banned for block glitching? FREE KEVIN

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    2. Kevinblabla7


      Banned 3 times in 3 years, biggest ban was a month. wtf are you on about chorale 

    3. Thornz


      I smell TaRgEt bAn

    4. Aeldrin


      lmfao seriously what the ****

  5. IGN(s): (List all of your accounts that are whitelisted on LotC.) Kevinblabla Ban Reason: (Provide a screenshot of your server ban message.) Permamently banned for cheating. Player(s) Involved: (Tag them using the “@” symbol.) Corpean, me, Cruz, haense region owners. Details: (Explain what happened, and why you should be unbanned.) So, yesterday I just went to haense, quite normal since my house is there. I found the gates locked and I had no access to the citizen doors. So, seeing that there was no way into the city and me not wanting to be waiting on someone, I simply cheated my way into the gatehouse, opening the gates and letting myself trough. From what I was aware, Corpean thought I tried to find in any ways trough the city for Haense, acting proud to a renatus guy saying something along the lines "Caught one of your guys trying to find a way in for you" Well, I'll let you know im not part of Renatus, been rply banished and I am with Haense right now. I also own a house there and cruz can confirm this. I also didnt affect anyone with my actions, no one was bothered with it. I also agree that cheating my way trough the gates was a stupid mistake, I just felt like what bad can it do and I'd like to apologize for it. But, a permament ban from the server? Come on not like I've posted gore on the forums in the past.. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.) N/A
  6. Kevinblabla7

    [Accepted] Violino's Forum Moderator Application

    Gives fair judgement, competent and a hard worker. a +1 from me.
  7. come on gms, dont remove rescue raids! instead of looking at what can be removed from the rules, get those ******* war rules up... Or are they gonna be on review for the next 4 weeks?

  8. I'd like to have a repair plugin yes

  9. Visited your wall :^)

  10. Kindly reminder to NOT visit my wall, ty tyvm.

  11. you really dont know how to stop huh?

  12. why did you visit my wall...

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      Had to see if the legends were true of your return

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    2. Vege
  13. why do u visit my wall...