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  1. *Astmar slams his mug down on the table with a loud cheer " Ah need nae an excuse teh 'ave mehself a gud taste o' deh fionest brews !
  2. The Grand Hunters Guild ᛏᚺᛖ ᚷᚱᚨᚾᛞ ᚺᚢᚾᛏᛖᚱᛋ ᚷᚢᛁᛚᛞ Da Kathaik Grunga’mar Barimmar We dwarves are naturally isolationist folk but for too long have our lands gone unexplored and wild; teeming with beasts of all sizes and ruins lost to nature. For this reason, the The Grand Hunters Guild was formed, a guild whose goal is to encourage and organize dwarves in exploring the great unknown and hunt the beasts within it. The Grand Hunter's Guild's crest has four symbols on it that are the ideas that the Guild seek to follow. The top representing Respect for nature, the left representing Life as a community, the bottom representing Crafting from nature, while the right represents Prosperity from nature. Operations Mapping and Exploration The Grand Hunters Guild of Urguan is responsible for the exploration and charting of Urguan’s underdeveloped territories, acquiring knowledge of not only the geography but the flora and fauna that inhabit it. Hidden throughout said territories, ruins, artifacts and beasts alike remain undiscovered, unobtained, and unexamined by the Dwarven populace. Through their discovery, these riches, ruins and knowledge shall give Urguan a better understanding of these lands, how their inhabitants survived and why they vacated them centuries ago. Maintaining the Balance of Hefruth During their exploration of Dwarven lands, The Grand Hunters Guild is expected to run into and deal with threats of all forms - ranging from local fauna to monstrous beasts. The Guild is responsible for the regulation of all these hunting activities within the Kingdom’s borders and to manage the active monster population in the surrounding areas. This is so they can prevent species from going extinct, as the Guild does not exist to annihilate all monsters but to harmonize dwed with nature in the Teaching of Hefruth. Depending on the threat, the Guild may also wish to further examine slain or captured beasts, as the secrets of this new realm and it’s fauna have yet to be fully uncovered. In extreme situations, the Grand Hunters Guild may call upon the Legion of Urguan to assist in dealing with any and all threats. Organization Grand Huntmaster (Kathaik Rikkin-Grunga) The Chief Royal Officer of the organization, the Grand Huntsmaster leads the efforts of the Guild and organizes all expeditions. They are meant to be skilled both in exploration and combat tactics and has unilateral authority over the operations of the Guild save for the Grand King themself. Should the Grand Kingdom go without properly ran expeditions for too long, the Grand Huntsman is liable to be removed. Master Hunter (Kronok-Grunga) Master Hunters are individuals who have proven their capabilities to the Guild as the most Elite Hunters under the training of the Grand Huntmaster, and therefore have been given the ability to lead projects, recruit and train new Hunters, and host Guild events, amongst other duties. These individuals typically make up the pool of possibilities to fill the title of Grand Huntmaster, and due to such, are expected to lead by example. Veteran Hunter (Az’adar Grunga) Experienced members of The Hunter’s Guild, Veteran Hunters are typically new recruits who have show their understanding of the key concepts of the Guild’s teachings. Under the watchful eye of a Master Hunter or the Grand Huntmaster, these Hunters have begun their training to study and hunt the more dangerous beasts in the realm. Hunter (Grunga-mar) The standard rank of the Hunters, are the common khazadmar who make up the bulk of The Hunters Guild recruits. Individuals with a passion for exploration and a lack of fear, Hunters are expected to represent their guild at all times and be ready to jump into progress as soon as called upon. Archmaester (Ard-Vísind) Archemaesters are Maesters who have demonstrated mastery of a particular subject. They receive a rod in the metal corresponding to their ring which signifies their expertise on the topic.Archmaesters teach the students at the Grand Hunters Guild in their subject of expertise, and they judge whether an acolyte has shown enough knowledge on their subject to receive a ring. As advisers to the Master Hunters and Grand Huntmaster themself, Archmaesters are often also members of Anbella’s Grace medical institution or the Order of Remembrance, and as such are sometimes called “ knights of the mind. “ Maester (Vísind) Maesters are an order of scholars, healers and scientists within the Grand Hunters Guild. Tasked with studying and expanding the knowledge of both the flora and fauna of the continent, a Maester can go before an Archmaester to demonstrate his/her knowledge on a particular subject to receive a ring of metal reflecting the topic. Acolyte (Vísindundin) Students who start their education at the Grand Hunters Guild are known as Acolytes. They are regularly sent to either Anbella’s Grace or the Order of the Remembrancers to obtain a base of scholarly knowledge before they return to receive their first ring and ascend to the rank of Maester. APPLYING TO THE GUILD Send a bird to Astmar Grandaxe (Nerfman_ or Nerfman#2679 on Discord )
  3. " Aneh reason beh a good reason fer a pish up ! "
  4. @Harold Huthgar Industries...nuff said
  5. Man it's so weird to see somebody whose profile you followed due to their 2017 stuff come back onto the forums. It's a blast to the past.

    1. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      i remember when you joined the server

    2. Nerfman_


      It has been a minute, most certainly but it's good to be back somewhat

  6. IGN: Nerfman_ RP NAME: Astmar Grandaxe CANDIDATE: Norli Starbreaker
  7. -=Application=- MC Name: Nerfman_ RP Name: Astmar Grandaxe Are you applying for Mining, Smithing, or Both? Mining What is your level in Mining?: Adept What is your level in Smithing?: N/A Skype name: masterhunterx100 Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes What is your timezone?: GMT Will you be able to fill your quota? Most likely
  8. Astmar Grandaxe son of Svardin Grandaxe
  9. MCname: Nerfman_ Rp name: Astmar Grandaxe Character Age: 184 Character Race: Dwarf Reason for applying?: For the thrill of the hunt Prior Training: Experienced with Axes,swords and shields. Served time as a Commander of the Dwarven Legion Have you killed anything/anyone before? If so list who/what, and the reason for doing so: I have killed 6 ghouls, 2 Golems an Abomination and many men during wars.
  10. "Salted Pork!!!" - Astmar Best Shoes on the market
  11. You want to gimme all that ale, you know it ;)

    1. Razam


      Whot? why am I in ye' cover photoe?

    2. Nerfman_


      Why not ? Exactly 

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