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  1. You’re too kind ❤️ Thanks so much for replying back. You’re not toxic I promise too Knox
  2. That really does mean a lot. I’m glad we’re all chill now and can giggle about that stuff ❤️
  3. You’re my literal queen, always here for me no matter what.
  4. Hello! I know this is like super out of the blue, and certainly won’t excuse any of my previous actions on the server, though I have recently been looking back on the things I’ve said and done on the server. The anger and resentment I hold, the hostility and toxicity that I front with is a coping mechanism from my absolute horrific, abusive past. I had to be forcibly removed from living with my mom, and that was nearly three years ago and I’m still dealing with the repercussions and trauma she inflicted on me as a child, and I don’t know if I will ever get over it. At the end of the day I just- Think all of this petty drama and resentment I hold is a beard for the true manifestation of severe mental trauma I’m burdened with. I’m not afraid to say it. I know I'm a little off my kilter. I know I have anger issues and I know it will never really be an excuse for my previous & future actions, though I just can’t handle being angry and bitter towards people anymore. I became hooked and addicted to Lotc because I was living so shittily for nearly my entire life until my dad took me out of that scenario. It was so amazing to be someone different and not have to just deal with my issues in real life. Lotc allowed me to just breathe for a moment & I really found comfort and security in it, just like many of the people reading this probably do. I just hope we can all look back and laugh, do our RP and make Lotc a space where kids and people who are going through the most putrid living conditions like lil angry baby DevDog can get a time to breathe and express themselves. Even if it may seem like I hate you, or you annoy me, I promise I’m just crazy. Please, to the people that I’ve wronged and just said horrible things to, just try to put yourself into someone’s shoes who aren’t the best. I know how everyone on Lotc says it’s a ‘very toxic place’, though I know most of us are VERY bright & so emotionally intelligent, empathetic and really do care for people & their friends on the server. I know we probably just got off on the wrong foot, or the circumstances we met must have been bad. I just want people to know that I’m so, so sorry and I hope we can all be friends. I know that’s cliché but really. We’ve all witnessed how hard the world can be; to miss Rona, to the civil riots & disorder, to the starving people of Yemen. Let’s all just look around us and realize we’re stronger together then divided and this is supposed to be a place to escape our problems and have fun!!!. I LOVE YOU ALLL EVEN THE PEOPLE I REALLY SAY I HATE I LOVE YOU ALL I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOUUUUUU ALLLL ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  5. Happy Birthday to my two lovelies @Starfelt  @dumbblondeelf


  6. IGN (MC Username): DevBug Discord: DevBug#8705 Likes: Fashion accessories, jewels, stationary, fine booze. Dislikes: Childish toys, fruit cake.
  7.  =-=-=-= Silver Tavern Form: [OOC] Please answer this portion OOCLY. Discord: DevBug#8705 Preferred time of interview:  PST 10 AM – 10 PM Example RP: Vaudeline’s fingers reaching towards the open vodka bottle as they begin to tilt the liquor into the metallic mixing glass. Herself turning around as her right hand grips the mixing glass, the left reaching out to the cherry syrup that laid idly on the shelf. You’d hear a satisfying pop from the cork as she pours the viscous liquid into the shaker. She’d swivel on her feet once more to the main counter, screwing the lid onto the mixing glass. As she mixes the drink in her right hand, her left reached for a martini glass, pouring the bring pink and sweet smelling cocktail into the glass. A small smirk on her face as she looks towards you, holding the drink out with her right hand still as she drops a cherry into the drink. Vaudeline would say as the smirk lied present...”Bottoms up!” Her eyebrows raising in a jesting manner! [ROLEPLAY] Please answer this portion IRPLY as your character! Name: Vaudeline Hart’e Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: My race is Mali’thill, and yes. Preferred position: My preferred position would be serving drinks. Why should you get this position?: I, Vaudeline Hart’e should get the position because I love making drinks. I’ve written a few recipe books for my renowned drinks that I have carefully curated over the years, for any occasion! I would also love working at the tavern because I’d get the opportunity to bring joy and entertainment to all of the wonderful Citizens, though as well as the visitors we get time to time! The tavern is where I make all of my best llir. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to read my application! –Signed by yours truly, Vaudeline Hart’e. =-=-=-=
  8. Lenniel snickers as she folds the accusations along the paper neatly, placing it into her bag. “This ones a keeper.” She’d chime.
  9. Mcname: DevBug Category: Art Attach Content: I did watercolor and marker! It’s a frost witch! oOooOoo SpookieeeEeeE
  10. Devdog


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