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  1. IGN (MC Username): DevBug Discord: DevBug#8705 Likes: Fashion accessories, jewels, stationary, fine booze. Dislikes: Childish toys, fruit cake.
  2.  =-=-=-= Silver Tavern Form: [OOC] Please answer this portion OOCLY. Discord: DevBug#8705 Preferred time of interview:  PST 10 AM – 10 PM Example RP: Vaudeline’s fingers reaching towards the open vodka bottle as they begin to tilt the liquor into the metallic mixing glass. Herself turning around as her right hand grips the mixing glass, the left reaching out to the cherry syrup that laid idly on the shelf. You’d hear a satisfying pop from the cork as she pours the viscous liquid into the shaker. She’d swivel on her feet once more to the main counter, screwing the lid onto the mixing glass. As she mixes the drink in her right hand, her left reached for a martini glass, pouring the bring pink and sweet smelling cocktail into the glass. A small smirk on her face as she looks towards you, holding the drink out with her right hand still as she drops a cherry into the drink. Vaudeline would say as the smirk lied present...”Bottoms up!” Her eyebrows raising in a jesting manner! [ROLEPLAY] Please answer this portion IRPLY as your character! Name: Vaudeline Hart’e Race, and are you a citizen of the Silver State?: My race is Mali’thill, and yes. Preferred position: My preferred position would be serving drinks. Why should you get this position?: I, Vaudeline Hart’e should get the position because I love making drinks. I’ve written a few recipe books for my renowned drinks that I have carefully curated over the years, for any occasion! I would also love working at the tavern because I’d get the opportunity to bring joy and entertainment to all of the wonderful Citizens, though as well as the visitors we get time to time! The tavern is where I make all of my best llir. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy days to read my application! –Signed by yours truly, Vaudeline Hart’e. =-=-=-=
  3. Lenniel snickers as she folds the accusations along the paper neatly, placing it into her bag. “This ones a keeper.” She’d chime.
  4. Mcname: DevBug Category: Art Attach Content: I did watercolor and marker! It’s a frost witch! oOooOoo SpookieeeEeeE
  5. Devdog


  6. Hello! I appealed and got accepted months ago, though I'm still content moderated on the forums. I was wondering if this can be resolved so I can post with my leisure once more. thanks so much.
  7. Devdog


  8. Dear people of Lotc, Not many of you may know me, not many of you may care about me, though we’re all apart of this community of people. I was going to say... “apart of this community of role players”, but I know that most of us just don’t roleplay on this server. This server is a medium for us to communicate with others and express ourselves. I’ve talked to, met, fell in love, cried, smiled and laughed with the people of this server. As much happiness this server has brought me, things usually do have to come to an end one way or another and sadly I think that this is my time to depart. Lotc has helped me survive in a household with tremendous violence and abuse. It was my escape when I didn’t want to live my crappy life, but now I have a life to live and people to make proud. I’m not going to write any PK posts for my characters.They all resonate deep within me, all of them living vicariously through my experiences and happiness with my life. I want to talk about a few people in my post that have meant a lot to me. Wytchlings: The ephemeral time we were closer friends, you always made me smile and I hope you still rock on and be you ❤️ Starfelt: I’m so sorry for being so hostile during our beginning of knowing each other. I hope that one day we can look back and laugh at it. Melkor: Thank you so much for being so INCREDIBLY amazing, understanding, supportive, and always loyal to our friend group. You’re truly an amazing person and you have changed all of us. I hope that we can someday play some other videogames and have a really fun time. Cooliomafia: Not only is he an eloquent RPer, he also has a heart of pure gold. Our characters were married on and off, though through their bumpy stages it was always a pleasure RPing with you. You’re characters are amazing and I’d have to say I can say the same exact thing about yourself. Don’t change for anyone. Corvoo: Through everything and something in my heart still cares about you to say sorry. I can’t go back in time to fix things, but thank you for being remotely understanding. Sorry I caused so much stress in your life, and sorry I made you bitter towards me. I know you have no intention on ever talking to me again, but I hope your life is great, honestly. Luv: I technically didn’t meet you from LOTC, though we both joined at the same time, and I’d like to think of you as my online sister. We’ve definitely had our ups and downs as we quite literally grew up with each other on skype and discord together, but I’m so proud of the person you’ve become and I’m glad that we’re still friends through all of this. I’ve certainly thought in the past that we’d never speak again and I just knew in my gut that wasn’t right. I find it so funny how both of our characters fought, but at the end of the day they know that they really cared and loved each other and that’s exactly like us. I don’t have to sit here and type anymore for you to know how much you mean to me so instead I’ll insert a cute emoji.. PS)) I might come back later... Why not if I ever get bored?? haha. Have a great time everyone!
  9. -1 from ME and the LT. Such a shame they can't even read it.
  10. I'd like to have you know that IM the most Devin. Don't run around these forums with that ludicrous name?
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