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  1. Where Laklul at? Really tho, I love the Emerald Dream +1
  2. If you don't log into MassiveCraft and RP as your own character when you connect to the spirit realm, then are you even a real Shaman?

  3. Can we get more detail on the idea of destroying a ward? Additionally, to what extent an Anti Mage would have to work in draining an enchantment/ward? Otherwise good stuff, +1
  4. [OOC] Username: KingOfTheMoon_ Skype name: You have it Timezone: GMT [IC] Name: Leopold Ashford de Anjou Race: Human Why do you desire to join?: To get unbanned from teamspeak Do you agree to PK if RP is done appropriately and well?: sure but this question should be in the OOC section you cretin.
  5. MC Name: KingOfTheMoon Character's Name: Joseph Ciacci Character's Age: 83 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Human Transformed form: Dreadknight Creator's MC Name: knghtArtorias Creator's RP Name: Raime Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Dreadknights are constructs, the souls of men bound by a Blood Mage to inhabit a suit of armour. These bindings are done by the means of Blood Runes, fueled by genus (upon their Dreadlord a Dreadknight usually therefore depends for refueling) and through the Rune of Binding, they are bound to the command of their Dreadlord (the creator of a Dreadknight). Being hollow masses of metal without the setbacks of mortality, Dreadknights are blessed with overwhelming strength - between that of a Golem and an Olog, roughly - as well as durability. They are however impaired by their speed due to the awkwardness of their armour (or in many cases the weight of especially thick plates) and can not surpass the speed of an armoured descendant, the majority of the time being in fact slower. Atop this, and the need for genus to sustain them, Dreadknights are susceptible to the damage of some holy magics, the manipulation of metal bending shamans and the stoppage of mana flow from Anti Magic (which can ultimately drain the runes of their genus with enough time). Mental defects also arise with Dreadknights, usually in the form of an extreme change to their personality, in some cases falling into immensely depressed states and shutting down without the instruction of a Dreadlord. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Anti Magic Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: yes Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: yes Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: no
  6. Assuming these changes will still have the 'rule of 8' for PVP to apply, goodbye roleplay combat I guess.
  7. yus
  8. "We will be the light that cleanses. We will refuse the shadow. Our cause shall be a holy one, even if the misguided may dub us heathenish. We shall wield Owyn's purging flames where society wishes to douse them. We In GOD's service we call ourselves The Arbiters, the Regulators' second iteration; soldiers of divinity, who will see mankind trampled no longer beneath the heel of the Unholy and the vile Arcane." An expired knight proclaimed in fury, stood looming over a captive Elf in the centre of Temple District of Metz. He was accompanied (and likely guarded) by his two squires: Faremyr and Siegmeyer, each clad in the ancient attire of the Holy Knights of Visigia, wielding slayer steel messers ceremonially aloft in their rights, crosses of Lorraine in their lefts. "It sickens me, sons and daughters of Horen, that cretins such as this would hold the chaotic boons of the Void against good Canonist men! Behold, this one we had captured in the act of 'praciticing' his art: throwing hellfire across the fields, leaving peasants that feed you, your wives, your children running in fear for the sake of his own lust for power that ought to be reserved for GOD alone!" A series of conflicting remarks were made by the small (yet growing) crowd. Some were clearly fearful of whatever ritual the old one had set out to perform, though curiosity perhaps is what kept the guards from intervention. The knight held his own battered cross of Lorraine up then, placing it to the back of his prisoner's head. "Death is a price that this one shall not pay. There is still hope for him to see the true path, as there is for us all. Instead, I take a more daring action!" The knight then began to murmur in genuine Canonist prayer. Silver vapour appeared to pool from the relic he held, spreading across the captured sorcerer's back. "It is GOD's hand that guides me, it is Owyn's flames I wield! I am Ser Joseph Ciacci." He held his little finger aloft for a moment, flashing a signet of the Order of the Red Dragon. "I was dubbed Holy Knight of the Church of the Canon by three Pontiffs in the days of Yore. I was inquisitor for the Holy Knights of Visigia and the Order of St. Wilfridche. In recognition of my service, the crown of the Old Empire made me an Imperial Knight of the Red Dragon and under the guidance of Knight Enchanter Ser Avenel Synalli it was my duty to serve the Imperial Regulators, hunting monsters, rogue magi and sorcerers of the dark arts. My days draw nearer to their end now, but my resolve is stronger than ever" The Elf quivers, as though he had fallen sick."I strip this witch of his power, for it is common knowledge that when slain most of their ilk return mysteriously from the grave. He will no longer hold 'magic', he has been offered an opportunity to find GOD." The mists then recoiled into the cross, Faremyr cleaved down his blade to relieve the mage of his bindings and in an instant the clearly fatigued prisoner span around. He struck up his empty hand towards Ser Joseph, as though going to throw something... Only for him to collapse from exhaustion, his power having left him. "I call upon you now, good Canonists and officials of the Church, to bring on a new Inquisition! I call upon all kingdoms of men to impose regulations upon our enemies! Long lost are the days of 'tyranny', yet its foes remain? We must take action! Heed my word: Those holding wicked power or more controlled arts unjustly have overstepped their bounds. We needn't fear the pathologised magi, nay! It is they who must fear us! We are the many, it is us whom GOD favours. Let them know it! This battle is not mine to fight alone in my old age, though I call for those who wish to join my brotherhood directly to step forward with trophies from one of two trials: bring to me a proven renegade sorcerer or the remnants of an agent of darkness as proof of your capability. In turn I shall consider you for continuing my legacy and wielding the same gifts as I. Deus Vult!" He signed the Lorraine, turning then to depart with his envoy. A number of eager young men followed after, crying out for tutelage. The Elf left remaining was soon carried off by a concerned party of medics, who found him only to be suffering from fatigue. Within a few hours he appeared fully recovered, departing back to Haelun'or with news of such an event, yet he was never able to throw spells again. The remaining watchers soon spread out, filling the ears of any who would listen of the occurrence, debating the necessity for a modern crusade.
  9. Within the underbelly of The Assembly, a monolith of unnatural stone quivers as Valmir Synalli's soul emits a deafening silence; out of sight, out of mind, he mutely cries out for his father's aid.
  10. Yup
  11. "Oh" wheezes Valmir's corpse.
  12. An absolute pleb... However! One of the most open and hard working people I've seen on this server; a goi that's had his reputation time and time again diminished by his willingness to take newer (namely edgy) players under him where they'd be otherwise rejected and offer them a place to RP (and better themselves at it) usually accompanied by a friendly attitude. In fairness, he's been banned before, he's been branded a troll before, he's done sketchy things before... But at least he ain't a pedo. All the positives aside, that's surely still a step up from previous staff members? +1