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  1. A JOUST OF MIGHT 1972 — PRINCEPS IN OMNIBVS First in All Things — FOREWORD & INTRODUCTION The House of Halcourt Formerly invites all to take part in a Jousting tournament within its lands. It has been quite some time since the Kingdom has held such festivities and with the new generation coming of age, we find it fitting to host an event where they may show off their skills in the well known sport. It is encouraged that participants wear colours representing their noble houses to show pride. INVITATIONS To the Peerage of the Apostolic Kingdom of Aaun, His Royal Majesty, John I, King of Aaun and his noble pedigree His Highness, Johannes Lothar von Alstreim, Prince of Merryweather Her Ladyship, Olympe-Regina Diexmont de Rosius, Marchioness of Haute-Epine and her noble pedigree His Lordship, Krzysztof Jazlowiecki, Count of Warsovia and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Grzmichuj Jazlowiecki, Baron of Triglav and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Léon Henri Haverlock, Count of Talentine and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Henri de Lewes, Baron of Virdain and his noble pedigree. His Lordship, Emilio Varoche, Baron of Napoliza and his noble pedigree. To the Peerage of the Principality of Reinmar, His Royal Highness, Alfred I, Prince in Reinmar and his noble pedigree His Royal Highness, Leon II, Prince in Reinmar and his noble pedigree Her Royal Highness, Adalfrede von Hexenwald, Princess of Minitz His Grace, Gottfried von Kanunsberg, Duke of Kanunsberg and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Gregor von Langenkirch, Baron of Langenkirch, and his noble pedigree His Lordship, Roland von Wesenburg, Baron of Wesenburg, and his noble pedigree Her Ladyship Frederica, Baroness of Sigradz Final invitations are sent to friends of the family, Her Ladyship, Theodosya von Augusten, Viscountess-Consort of Azor Her Ladyship, Nikoletta Colborn Her Ladyship, Olenna Haverlock His Lordship, Lorand Korvacz Captain, Jan Nowak Boon and Bane Chono and Renault 𝐒𝐮𝐧𝐝𝐚𝐲 | April 14th Halcourt Joust | 4:00pm est 📍 Castle Montresor, Aaun Heinrich Von Kretzen , Formerly Victor Halcourt Her Ladyship, Adelheid Klara, Lady of Castle Montresor
  2. "I guess I didnt get an invite?" shurgged Heinrich formerly victor halcourt.
  3. Victor gasped as he read the event letter happy to see the event would happen but upset he was not mentioned in its creation when he was the person who suggested the idea of this event in stran " I need to speak to charles, this is so not cool" remarked the boy
  4. a certain automaton of the order would shake his head " Statement: You are cured now and no longer a fifthly heretic creature, show gratefulness for it is gods will, Descendants are to emotional"
  5. ANOTHER Wordsmith legendary poem and ANOTHER legendary Maple song
  6. "How dose one man have more strength and courage and honor then an army of eight nations!" says Uthred ap Easworth "TRULY outstanding"
  7. The Last Stand of Aleksei Godunov [MUSIC] The sun was setting over the Aveos Skies, the skies stormy and the winds blew violently, but that did not stop Aleksei Godunov the orderman of the Brotherhood of Saint Jude from keeping his post at the Temple of the Exalted Prophets of the Canon. Something was coming, that much he knew- The Undead that had appeared two nights prior was no mindless haunt, it was there with a purpose, and though it was driven off, it did not die. So it was that Aleksei , Sister Alrisha, and Head-Confessor Galadain watched the Temple, guarding a congregation as prayer was given, and the storm raged without. Thud! Thud..! Thud…! The bangs against the door came like the sounding of the thundering storm- Hammering against those heavy oaken doors. After the third, a log which had been used as a battering ram lived true to its name, and battered down the door. With that, hell poured through… Armoured giants- And many more of them than there were ordermen, clad in ring-maille and furs, like the Marauders of legend, and Marauders they were, and at their head, standing taller than them all, a corpse clad in the masked helm of a King. Shouts were bellowed- Answered with defiant prayers from the congregation, which in turn saw axes and spears fly towards the Ordermen, who assumed a shield wall to defend that most sacred temple. And with that, the battle had begun. Aleksei Godunov drew his ranseur out observing the hellish sight that was in front of him and with that the Orderman called out “And to who do you think you are to enter this holy site with weapons drawn, if you remain you will face Holy Judgment” Jormunharr would respond to the orderman with an icy croaked voice “We will clean our blades with your blood, for you will be sacrificed to Iblees, Warriors of cannon” Aleksei Godunov then entered combat firing spikes of ice from his ranseur towards the undead but with no effect, the outcome was unexpected and the Orderman having one job to defend the church, the Godunov then lept into action rushing towards Verðingarr 'Chiefkiller', a fears battle ensued between the mighty warriors of two faiths, Aleksei relentlessly throwing blow after blow towards the Chiefkiller, wounding the man several times. Then the Chiefkiller unexpectedly tricked the Orderman with a fake attack that seemed to go towards the helm of the Godunov yet in fact the blade pierced through the chainmail of Aleksei’s Ankle. And seeing the wounded man the Chiefkiller ran cowering towards the alter to escape the crazy ordermans relentless attacks, but this did not deter the brave Orderman of Saint Jude, Aleksei took this chance to throw a Will’o’ bottle towards the alter The Chiefkiller hid behind, setting it ablaze and blasting the warrior back, into the priest's chair. Aleksei Godunov assumed the warrior's death but he was wrong, the Chiefkiller called the Godunov back to fight “Boy….come here and fight me, you are not done yet… Ill bring your death” Aleksei then turned to face down the warrior again, but the warrior had no honour and threw ash from the burning alter at the Godunov's face blinding him and sending him tumbling down three steps that led up to the alter, he rubbed his eyes to clear his vision barely being able to see until suddenly the Chiefkiller jumped with blade swing yelling " Till Nargrindheim ” the Godunov in panic raised the Ranseur whilst he layed on the ground and a gruesome sound was made as the Chiefkiller Gasped as the Godunovs Ranseur drove through him, killing the warrior and avenging whatever chief was killed by the Chiefkiller. Though the Godunov was not unharmed the Chiefkiller’s blade did strike him, slashing the Godunov's exposed face leaving him with a bloody scar along the left side of his face, blinding him in one eye. Aleksei Godunov stood up retrieving his ranseur from the corpse and looking out to the horror of the battle, Order of Saint jude warriors were being cut down and brutalized but that did nothing but fuel the Godunov battle spirit, Aleksei Godunov moved with anger towards the Orc Marauder that was attacking sister Alrisha, though he did not land a blow on the orc, he gave enough time to Alrisha to strike the orc once…. But not enough to save her so he thought, Aleksei Godunov then looked to his right seeing the Head-Confessor Galadin being brutally attacked by the Undead Chieften of these Marauder named Jormunharr, so the Godunov lept into the scene thrusting his ranseur towards the chest of Jormunharr doing nothing but dent his scaly plate, Aleksei then yelled out “FACE MY HOLY JUDGEMENT” then bringing a swing of his ranseurs axeblade to Jormunharr’s neck, only gashing the undead mans body, but it was not enough, Galadin was knocked unconscious and the Marauders closed in on Aleksei, [MUSIC] Aleksei was without choice as he looked right he could see the warrior Jurkha attempting to come to his aid but it was too late, Aleksei was surrounded, he cut away at Jormunharr’s leg severing the bottom, he yelled out a battle cry grabbing onto another warriors helmet eye slits and sent a blow of his ranseurs blade like a dagger towards his gut, but it was slashed away, and Aleksei took a club to his shoulder twice breaking it Aleksei Godunov was exhausted and wounded and as he held his last stand he said a prayer yelling for all nearby to hear “The lord ruleth me, I’ll not want. He makes me down to lie, in pastures green: he leadeth me, the quiet waters by.” Aleksei’s words were interrupted as the Marauder he failed to attack impaled his axe into the side of him and another axe into his other shoulder, Aleksei dropped to his knees then finished his prayer “For.. Though I should walk…. In the valley of the shadow… of death, I will fear no evil. Thy Rod and Thy Staff, they hath been a comfort to me” Aleksei Took one more blow to his torso impaling his lung, Aleksei through his breath weak blood trickled as he coughed THEN as if almost things went slow for Aleksei The Orderman of Saint jude slowly observed the chaos that ensued, did he fight well? He questioned himself, “did I let my comrades down, did I let my family down or has all my work been for not, I never got to see peace, but the War is over for me, the mission complete and the nightmares over” Everything then went black for Aleksei as the finishing blow was given OOC note
  8. Westmark Road *Battle of Westmark* Written By Aleksei Godunov to remember the accounts of the battle of Westmark through song (OOC NOTE: LISTEN to the song it makes it better) (Stirling Brig) Down by WestMark, The Veletzens lay in hiding waiting, As the Coalition host, From the south came riding, Loudly came marching Forth, 'Between them Both was roaring, Rumbling at both sides, On the roads of Westmark. Watching from the the woods, The Veletzens and the Ferry, As the Coalition came, With the Captain Banjo, Own by Own they crossed, Oh the Tunnel was rumbling, As they onward came, On the road of Westmark The Captain-General gave a shout, Out his men came rideing, Stubbed the Coalition host, At the roads of Westmark, Aleksander turned round, The Tunnel was cramped and crowded, Veletz chased down, On the road of Westmark. All the Coalition men, Ran into each other, None could turn about, None could go much further, Some fell off their horse, In the fields were slaughtered, Some were left to die, On the roads of Westmark. Alexander he was wild, Couldn’t stay in the tunnel, Wished with all his might, That the tunnel was bigger, Then he rode away, Loud the man was cursing, He'd lost all his men, And the road of Westmark.
  9. A Certain Orderman of the Order of Saint Jude sits at the church in veletz looking to the Lorraine cross infront of him " Tell eam oh lord what is vyr will for this war, and why must it continue, perhaps this war is a lesson to us vyr flock, a lesson that must be drawn in blood to awaken our eyes to the truth, or perhaps the real lesson on how peace must be made if nie man can show reason " Brother Aleksei Godunov would then enter prayer
  10. A Perspective of the War *The Orderman Aleksei Godunov at the battle of WestMark* The young Orderman of the Order of Saint Jude would remove his quill from the paper setting it back into the placeholder, he would take the paper to the church scribes to have the missive distributed around “ Spasiba dobry scribes ea hope this missive shall open some eyes to our brothers and sisters of the realm or strike the right audience who will niet twist mea words” To the people of Humanity and of the Church of Cannon I am Aleksei Godunov, Brother of The Order Saint Jude. Today I write not just to the Flock of cannon but to those who are a part of this war both Coalition and of Veletez and their allies, I shall admit my partaking of this war on the side of the coalition but I shall not anymore take sides, I have only partook in the most recent battle that happened this saints day, and to say I am embarrassed and ashamed is a statement I willingly admit, I today seen the brutality of combat amongst my fellow canonist, be them at the time friend or foe, brother or sister, May we not have peace why do we slaughter each other, do we not have friends or family on either side of this conflict, why do we slaughter our brothers and sisters of the flock of cannon, these are all question that rushed through my head as of late as I take my daily prayers at the churches I travel to. Some may not like the words I say in this writing but many of us this day have sinned through fits of rage, clouded judgement, pride, envy, Humility, revenge and ill patience, Let us look to the scroll of virtue. In the scroll of Virtue Canticle of Temperance (3:10) “ So I am the Most High, and in pursuit of My Virtue, I Bid my faithful this; You shall not raise a hand in wrath, nor in envy, nor in any kind of sin”. I wish not to Lecture anyone on who or how they shall be, but open a perspective of this conflict, Peace is hard to maintain and achieve God knows the leaders we look up to have tried to seek such and maintain such, but it is what we also do as the flock of not just a nation but as followers of cannon to maintain the will and gospel that the lord gave us to keep the peace and to flourish as brothers and sisters of cannon. And so I say to you people of the realm look past the troubles of the world, look past those we hate but look towards the future we live in, is it worth the death, the loss and destruction of our world to solve problems that could be solved through a quill or speech. So I end my perspective with a prayer or a lesson we may think on XXXVII.Prayer of Patience; Controlling of Wrath "O God of Battles, who art by sin offended, calm my heart of all anger so that I might not be tempted to rash action and unkind words. Grant that I might become a font for Thy patient love, as Saint Jude was when he suffered beatings readily in the street for want of Thee.” Brother Aleksei Godunov Brother of the Order of Saint Jude Little ooc msg sorry for any spelling errors btw im pretty shit forum writing
  11. an old Imperial State Army soldier stands by a tree in petra as he reads such a notice " I would like tae see these ferry shites fight me, I am old aye but ill go down with a bloody fight" the old Imperial State army 3rd brigade corporal then throws the notice away into the wind " Oren Aut Mortem"
  12. "Oren Aut Mortem was better" a certain isa veteran would note
  13. A certain Acren Musin would sit upon his trusty Pig steed in the wastelands of Almaris " Musins Brigades forever, acres has nevers dieds"
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