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  1. Good Audio A C a v a l i e r ‘ s L a s t C h a r g e Senior Corporal Arthur Galbraith to the right of his horse The sounds of Urguan drums echo in the coast followed by coalition battle cries echoed off the hills of southbridge filling, the sky dark under a carpet of clouds and then the sound of something flying is heard from above….then darkness filled with the sound of Ferrum clashing and buildings crumbling and shouts of battle echoed. And slowly light appeared, vision a blur pillars of smoke filling the sky, but all was quiet not a man is heard nor a bird calling just the sounds of fallen flags blowing in the wind, but what happened where was he, is all that could be thought of in Arthurs’s head as he struggled to move to then realize his legs were trapped beneath his Black Horse and a wooden stake impaled through his chest plate from what one could assume was what was left of a destroyed trebuchet “ Good god…I’m dying” he would say with a sound of fear within his throat “But why this way, why must I go, but it must go this way….god willing….I die contented” and thus the world faded in Arthurs’s eyes the life of him reaching its final act, his service….Complete Arthurs last letter If this letter is to be read, then I must have reached my time’s end, I am no poet nor am I a man of many words or opinions, my life has been to duty….to family….to the empire’s defense. My life may have not been the best, I laughed and cried and at times disappointed at much risk of myself. I made bad choices in my life but is that not human, will I be forgiven for my mistakes in life by what I've done wrong be them friend or foe. All I ask for upon my death is that I am buried upon pastures green by a river with my sabre and uniform, perhaps even bury my horse next to me for perhaps in the seven skies I may be able to go for one last ride I should probably start this letter to my family, and there’s no better person to start this with but with my father Father, I know I've done you wrong in my life, I hope one day we could speak again but I hope we have before this letter, but thus far I feel I have driven you to disappointment, we have not spoken in years, but I’m sure it was for good reason. But I remember the time you taught me and Philip to fight, I only wish that lesson stuck or well… this letter wouldn’t be written My brother Philip, Dear brother, we have never been on good terms since we were young lads, always getting into fights trying to prove who was the better man, but it is clear who won that, You. To my Sister Lousia, Lousia my dear sister thank you for all the great memories and being there for me, I remember when we were kids you stole fathers keys and we broke into the stables and took two horses just to be caught by father, oh the face he made when he caught us on the horses. And to my death friends Jon, and George My friends, I fear that you must continue our journey on your own now I fear I can no longer continue, Jon, watch over George. He always gets himself into trouble and often ends up with him sick, and George, well you’re fine just keep doing what you’re doing. I apologies if I missed anyone in my letters as I rush to write this before battle in case of my death Arthur Dudley Galbraith Senior Corporal-3rd brigade of the ISA Deputy Lord Mayor ( Circa 1852-1854)
  2. Arthur Galbraith would stand on the bridge reading this poem the same location the battle took place that took Samuel Gendiks life was taken on a bloody night that, Looking off to the banks of the River Petra and sea-bound "It’s a soldiers destiny to fight, always has been no more can be asked of one, but those whos lives are taken for a greater good, Friend or Foe we all do what we must for our country for the ones we love, and ultimately the ones who give their life's are the real heroes of these wars given the ultimate sacrifice and so we remember and so we shall" the Galbraith would then lower his head from the bridge making his way back to the city
  3. Arthur Galbraith would sit at his desk not sure what to think, only knowing that he has no comment on the matter putting on a fake smile " I don't need to be like him, unsupportive" then letting out a slight sigh " But I shouldn't stoop to that level and I may as well support this..."
  4. RP Name: Arthur Galbraith MC Name: CanadaMatt Voted: Yes
  5. Full Name of the Candidate: Arthur Dudley Galbraith What Position You’re Running For (Lord Mayor and/or City Assemblyman): Assemblyman Age of the Candidate: 30 Street Address of the Candidate: Alexander Alley 2
  6. Arthur Galbraith would smile as the rest of his family swears their fealty " I am glad to see the rest of Galbreath has followed the path of a better Empire, though its not surprising, for we have been loyal and always will be to the Empire"
  7. Arthur Galbraith would stand on the bastion end of the providence wall sipping some good ol fashion Tea staring off towards the direction Urguan laughing in his very posh British accent " Just in time for winter, I wonder if dwarven beards will make a nice scarf" He would then continue his posh British Laughter.
  8. Arthur Galbraith would burst out laughing " Big words for so small people, at least their ego makes up for their actions"
  9. Arthur Galbreath would laugh with that iconic British posh accent of his as he cleaned his sword of the dwarven and ferrymen blood "We seen we came we killed dwarven and Ferrymen scum who dared to take our peace and to ambush a comrade whos only wish was a safe travel to his tavern, and for that we swiftly and justly routed them out and slayed the Barbaric Pests" and with that he would sit staring into the fireplace.
  10. Arthur Galbraith would smile as he heard the treaty " Two grand nations with so much culture, cant wait to see what's next"
  11. Arthur Galbraith sighed as the event drew to a close and the raiders delt with "Scum of almaris, Barbaric fifth" he would comment as he walked home from the court.
  12. The Inglorious Bastard A man and his wolfdog in the deep woods of the north. In the northern woods just north of Karosgrad far from which he called home the man would walk the frozen grounds of the woods as the echoes from the natural surroundings fill the area with the ambience of wind and the crunch of snow as he stepped along with the wolf by his side on what will be a long a weary journey. He would often think to himself as he wandered further into the abyss of the deep northern woods of what would come of this and why in god's name is he doing this, after all, he could be sitting in the tavern getting drunk off whisky but for not sadly he walks a path of rehabilitation and adventure for who knows what cause. Aleksi de Khlovko would continue along the snowy terrain which filled the forest for what felt like forever, sometimes thinking to himself if he was going in circles until he stumbled upon what seems to be a frozen pond which sat beneath a rocky path tainted in snow and ice. He would gaze upon what could be a shelter just a few meters away… A cave, and thus he would whistle for his dog to follow as sounds of the wildlife begun to fill the air in the dark snowy night. And as Aleksi and his wolfdog got situated in the cave Aleksi would use what he gathered along his journey praying the sticks and bark dried as he began to build and light a fire with the torch of which he had traveled with. And as the night drew darker and aleksi more tired he would gather some berrys of which were natural of the woods, crushing it to form some kind of writing material so he could write a letter with some rolled up bark and stick to his family. Note to the Gendik-Komnenos
  13. Arthur Galbraith would laugh in a happy way " About bloody time" he say with a smile
  14. Discord username: 10matthewc9#9809 Ever played a Discord/Forum rp before? YesFavorite Sci-fi book or story? Star wars
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