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  1. an old Imperial State Army soldier stands by a tree in petra as he reads such a notice " I would like tae see these ferry shites fight me, I am old aye but ill go down with a bloody fight" the old Imperial State army 3rd brigade corporal then throws the notice away into the wind " Oren Aut Mortem"
  2. "Oren Aut Mortem was better" a certain isa veteran would note
  3. A certain Acren Musin would sit upon his trusty Pig steed in the wastelands of Almaris " Musins Brigades forever, acres has nevers dieds"

    1. CanadaMatt


      you smell


  5. " I OUTLIVED THAT WRETCHED WOMAN!" cheers corporal Mata Leslie
  6. The dead Anatoliy godunov Laughs " see I told ya that one time you guys would be fineeee"
  7. The dead anatoliy rolls his eyes " Wont be as cool as eam thats for sure"
  8. Anatoily Godunov will be there in spirit for his dear sister alyona
  9. Damn... little acre got missed
  10. 1. Maybe... CAs are to much work and I'm lazy 2. Anything pre brothers war tbh back in lego city providence ( best moments iv had in general on lotc) 3. The place I had the best time was oren when I first joined the server, had lots of friends and good times, next would be haense followed by acre
  11. Idk iv never made an AMA SOOO have at it ask me stuff and I'll try to awnser
  12. A Dance with Death [MUSIC:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PvgLZs4LvLA] -Anatoliy Altair Sviatovich Godunov- -Anatoliy all Dressed up in his Squire Uniform- Dark was the night as the Godunov rode on his horse to the encampment of the forces fighting against the Mori, the air was bitterly cold with the northern winds blowing snow off the rocky mountains of Fenn. Anatoliy Godunov would walk around the campsite seeing all the faces from Almaris he would look at the people he knew, His sisters, his friends and comrades, and his mentors. Later, as the tremors commenced around the land and his sister Alyona was not in sight, he mounted his horse and rode off in search of her, noticing he was on the wrong side of the battlefield. It was then he saw his sister being tended to by Fabian Kortrevich, the Godunov traded places with the Kortrevich sitting by his sister's side while she rested as of a result of her wounds having long talks on about their childhood, but it was not until the sounds of screams, yells and explosions from the city square that Anatoliy brought his sister to a warm place so she would not freeze. It was then that the Godunov mounted his horse and took up arms riding forth into the city to aid his comrades deep in battle but it was not enough, once the Godunov jumped the ditch in front of him he was thrown from his horse and was officially in combat with the Mori legionaries, the battle was hard as the moris strength often overthrew the Godunovs own but he had one job as a squire and that was to see the people to safety and make sure people got out and that he did, helping two Paladins get out from being encircled but what the Godunov did not notice was the Blue flames fired from the Mori DreadKnight aimed at him, but it was too late to react since the flames launched at him lighting the Godunov on fire. And with that, the world went into a flicker of light as Anatoliys life drew near, memories flashing through his eye from his childhood, the faces of his friends and the battles he had fought, the Friend he had betrayed in the defence of the Kingdom, the family that that he cared so dearly for, the people he loved and never got to apologize to or say goodbye and then….darkness, a darkness Anatoliy dreaded the one that meant his fight was over and his duty done, Anatoliy Godunov did not cheat death this time…
  13. Anatoliy Godunov would observe the report " Its a shame they redacted mea name, all ea have done is mea duty to the kingdom" Hed set down the report as he exited his room " The burden... of being in the room where it happened"
  14. Anatoily Godunov walked the streets of karosgrad days after his oldest and longtime friends death constantly stepping into her old shop that looked put to the city square as thoughts ran through his head of thier time together "They say ea did the right thing, but all ea did was kill mea friend..." As he mumbled those words to himself he remembered what the Orc Rex told him a few years previously that mariya only had 3 years left to live.... and it had been three years. The Godunov would look up to the sky then "Forgive eam Riya, all ea wanted was for vy to stay in haense with eam...my intentions were to protect vy...niet kill vy" Anatoliys hands had blood on them, even though not physically in his heart the guilt and pain
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