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  1. " ea am just like papej now" Anatoily would say as the new lord Marshal of Hoonse " TIME FOR TERROR"
  2. Anatoily would gasp after needing this read to him " WHAT Alyona should be the boss now niet the mean man" @ibiou
  3. Anatoily would take up his little wooden sword " NIE SURRENDER " he'd say with a victory yell in the halls of the house
  4. Adrian John would sit at the apple tree by hut which stood on the old lands of the former county of huntshill reading the missive and hearing the news " It's a shame this has happened, part of me says she deserves it... but another part still sees a good friend, if that's what we were at the end of it all" the Huntshill Sarkozy and a son of Petra would take an apple off the tree and would walk off towards where he heard his comrades remained and where the archduke stayed.
  5. Faithful till the end music -Wilhelm Otto Morovar 1900- It was just another day in Karosgrad. The sun shining through the clouds, and a light rain drizzled upon the square with the busy streets echoing for all to hear. That sound was a common part of Wilhelm's day as he patrolled about the city not knowing today would be his last. Then with the call of a court happening in the judicial district, he followed the crowd of men and women to the courtroom standing to the side not muttering a word simply listening to what had to be said. It was not until later into the court when the fight began and like any good soldier of the BSK he rushed to the aid of his comrades, sliding on his Thanic Gauntlet passed down to him by his late father. It was then Wilhelm's life flashed before his eyes, thoughts about his wife Adalia, and his daughter Adalia and unborn children yet to be named, his brothers and sisters and those he grew close with as friends and distant family. Wilhelm's life was nothing specially a failed Baron and the last Baron of Ghastenwald, husband and a newly made father, no accomplishments truly were held by him but his dedication and service to his kingdom. Then like a flash of light and a rumble in the air it all went black, and the last Baron of Ghastenwald would be gone and all that was visible during the sight of battle was his Gauntlet bearing the sigil of Morovar and its three eyed crow. Wilhelm Otto Morovar Last Baron of Ghastenwald OOC note
  6. Music Adrian John Huntshill-Sarkozy By the People for the People for Petra Dear brothers and sisters of Petra the time for a new Petra is upon us and it is our CIVIL duties as FREE people and STRONG people to cast a vote upon a new mayor to help run the Great Commonwealth of Petra and its Greater people whos hard work and great minds combined together made Petra what it is today, a land for children to grow free and unharmed, a land for men and women to live a day to day life without threat of war and if they will have something to eat that day. It is with that that I Adrian John Huntshill-Sarkozy hereby run for Mayor of Petra to keep that lifestyle around and if not make Petra Greater then it is, where all man and women provide to the nation, where there can be jobs for everyone and a future to look forward to for our children. And example of what I wish to do with Petra is to provide more jobs for one, and homes for future and or current Petrans, and to do that I would suggest we lessen the land holdings of the Nobel's and turn it into housing for the people or even shops for those who wish to provide to the nation. Also build more farms in unused lands to Petras south in those empty fields along the river Petra and the newly acquired Aaun lands and with those farmlands we would take 20% of all acquired resources being it mining or farming into a Petra resource reservoir to be saved in an emergency if Petra is ever put at risk or is thrown into a state of war. Together My fellow People of Petra we will reach for a GREATER Petra it only takes a community to reach that greatness SIGNED, Adrian John Huntshill-Sarkozy
  7. Surname: Huntshill-Sarkozy First Name: Adrian Address of Residence (if you live elsewhere in Petra, where you live): Sons of Petra Year of Birth:1868 ((MC NAME)): CanadaMatt ((DISCORD)): 10matthewc9#9809
  8. Wilhelm Otto Morovar stared at the document pacing the halls of the former Ghastenwald manor " To many things have happened as of late, Nikolai was not just a man of honor but a man who served his kingdom and aided many out of the kindness of his soul" he would then sit down at his piano returning to his thinking on the future " Perhaps we can all learn from Nikolai's achievements"
  9. "SONS OF PETRA, but this is gonna be fun I hope"
  10. Music Dissolving of Ghastenwald Its with recent council from His Majesty king Karl III that I Last Baron of Ghastenwald Wilhelm Otto Morovar dissolve the barony of Ghastenwald and hand title back to His Majesty. Though this is not my only reason on this matter, I find myself unfit to hold the title with no education of how to be a baron after the passing of my late father Baron Leopold Morovar, for the betterment of the Morovar family and to keep this houses name, honor, and history in well maintained order I considered it right to do such an act of dissolvement. SIGNED, Wilhelm Otto Morovar
  11. "No...not again" Everett would say as he held onto his mams cane
  12. A Morovar-Ludovar Wedding 14th of Vzem, 445 E.S. His Lordship, Wilhelm Otto Morovar and Her Ladyship, Adalia IV Alexsandrea Ludovar on their wedding day Marriage of the Crows Throughout the season of lifstala, it would seem the heir of Ghaestenwald had all but been forgotten since his age being a part of a small gap. Upon the snowing day in karosgrad some say it was love at first sight, after all Her Ladyship Adalia IV took after her mother Analiesa, and her grandmother Adalia I. However it be, His Lordship Wilhelm decided she was the one and only to be his bride and partner in life, though some might question. His previous wife had fallen dormant to the tasks and challenges the barony would maintain. Staying in her homelands while her husband struggles. The public doubts that Adalia the IV will meet the same fate. As her beauty and sharp intelligence will have most certainly secured her place in the Morovar halls. Invitations To the peerage of the Kingdom of Haense: His Royal Majesty, Karl III, King of Hanseti-Ruska and his pedigree His Grace, Mikhail var Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus and his pedigree His Grace, Valdemar Bauch, Duke of Valwyck and his pedigree Her Princely Grace, Johanna Barclay, Duchess of Reinmar and her pedigree His Lordship, Nikolai Kortrevich, Viscount of Jerovitz and his pedigree Her Right Honorable, Adele Ludovar, Countess of Otistadt and her pedigree His Lordship, Leopold Morovar, Baron of Ghaestenwald and his pedigree His Lordship, Maric Colborn, Baron of Bethlenen and his pedigree All subjects of the Kingdom of Haense Signed, His Lordship, Wilhelm Otto Morovar, Heir to Ghaestenwald Her Ladyship, Adalia IV Alexsandrea Ludovar (Friday, September 30th 6.30EST/5.30CST)
  13. A musin would ride the lands of Almaris on his MAGESTIC pig stead as the post arrived to him " Ah yess this is somethings the greats hickorys cans gets behindes, Hickorys wills makes his musin armys to show the giants the MIGHTS and POWER of the MUSINS for this is the ways of Hickoryism" The musin would continue to ride his way along the road into the mighty sun set and his adventure continues
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