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  1. The Last Good Goldhand Conan's decimated remains would lie rotting upon the Clan Hall floor. The Clan which he led from Centuries. He had little time to think, before being betrayed and brutally murdered by his own kin. For centuries he was often the only Goldhand in Urguan. Dubbed by many 'The Only Good Goldhand.' Always remaining loyal to Urguan despite his kin's failure to do so. Serving the Legion proudly since Vailor, the thrice Grand Champion was overjoyed to be awarded the position of Grand Marshall, of which he fruitfully and proudly revived. No doubt, he will have died happily in the knowledge he managed to take Urguan out of debt during his tenure as Grand Steward. Alas, despite his gambling addiction preventing him ever from being the richest dwed to ever live, it certainly was not without effort.
  2. The undefeated Grand Marshall would slap his belly.
  3. THE LEGION OF URGUAN ᛏᚺᛖ ᛚᛖᚷᛟᚾ ᛟᚠ ᚢᚱᚷᚢᚨᚾ The sole purpose of the Legion of Urguan is to protect and serve the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. It is the main military force underneath the Grand Kingdom, and also one of the most prestigious and oldest military guilds. The Legion is known for its notable order and discipline, excessive training and precise execution. RANKS GRAND MARSHAL The Grand Marshal is the disciplined and experienced leader of The Legion, second only to the Grand King himself. He is expected to be the Grand leader all the legionnaires and dwarves look up to. He shall lead with courage and gallantry and shall be devoid of any cowardice. Disobeying the Grand Marshal is to be considered a terrible insult to the experience he has gathered. COMMANDER The Commanders of the Legion are the most confident, brave and cunning Legates handpicked by the Grand Marshal himself. To be promoted to the Commander rank is the highest honour. There shall be no more than two commanders at any given time. They are considered the Grand Marshal’s right hand men, and are the ones in charge if the Grand Marshal is absent. They are to be in charge of running their own training and events for the Legion, and are fully trusted to host them on their own. LEGATE Legates are considered to be the true core of the Legion. True warriors that are dedicated to the Legion and that have sworn their oath to it. They have been trained to the point of competency in their position and are hardened warriors. These legionnaires are expected to carry themselves with more composure and dedication then the Grunts below them, and should carry a presence that is not to be trifled with. GRUNT Grunt is the beginning rank of the Legion, any dwarf can sign up and start their journey through the ranks as a Grunt. They will be trained in combat and discipline, leading to a quick experience as to how true Legion life will be. Once competent enough in listening to orders, combat and discipline Grunts will be promoted to the Legate after swearing their oath. One must be a Grunt for at least three stone weeks before becoming eligible for promotion. QUARTERMASTER The Legion’s Quartermasters are crucial in ensuring all Legionnaires are sufficiently equipped and fed, ensuring that the legion is in a state of readiness at all times It is the only non-combative role within the ranks, LONGBEARD Longbeards are retired Legionnaires; proven soldiers and are amongst the most experienced and disciplined within the legion. Former officers or those who have held the Longbeard rank and above within the legion can retain this rank and if they decide to re-join the legion they will be entitled to the rank of Legate. FORMATIONS Vel - Vertical line. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Not default stance when inactive Dree Vel - Multiple vertical lines. - Formation always has the leader in front - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - May be default stance when inactive if numbers exceed 8 soldiers - Continues going down in rows to accompany all soldiers Aemiz - Horizontal line - Formation always has the leader in front - Row will not be used during march - Default stance when inactive if number is less than 8 soldiers Tekom - Box - Formation has leader in the center - Important individuals will be hosted on the inside - Line must not pass leader or break form during march - Rarely used during march due to difficulty to maintain - Not default stance when inactive Thrimmek - Arrow Head - Formation has leader in the centre - Is shaped like an arrow head - Officers form the outer points of the crescent - Used to absorb charges, primarily infantry charges LEGION BENEFITS Being a member of the Legion is considered to be a full time profession, as such Legionnaires are rewarded handsomely. EQUIPMENT All Legionnaires will be equipped with the finest dwarven armour and weaponry. Furthermore, they will have access to an abundance of food. A member of the Legion is entitled to keep whatever ‘spoils of war’ are obtained during battle. BARRACKS A new recruit may gain free housing within the barracks indefinitely should they stay active within the ranks, the recruit that partakes in this bonus will lose their lodging after purchasing a home of any type within the capital or in the kingdom’s surrounding lands. PAY The commanding ranks of the Legion are expected to be grateful for the chance to lead the Legion, and are given no pay. Pay is as follows - Legate : 50 Mina per year. Grunt: 30 Mina per year. Quartermaster: 30 Mina per year. REQUIREMENTS In order to swear the Legionnaire’s Oath, you must pass the following requirements: One must be at least fifty years old One must be a dwarf or dwarven creation One must not be an Ironborn One is expected to have a good grasp of Urguanic Law One must commit wholly to the Legion, and be a part of no other guilds. THE LEGIONNAIRE’S OATH Upon serving loyally as a grunt for at least 2 stone weeks, one can be chosen to become a Legate. Upon such day, the Grunt must swear the following oath. Step forward, grunt [“Grunt’s Name”], and swear by the Brathmordakin, the names of your ancestors, and your own honor an unbreakable oath the following: I swear to follow my superior officers wherever they may lead me. I swear to obey orders with enthusiasm and without question. I swear to serve under the standard of the Legion with honour. I swear to serve Urguan faithfully, to lay down my life to protect it if need be. I swear to respect the law with regards to civilians and my comrade in arms. I swear to follow the Legion “Congratulations. You are now a true Legionnaire.” ENLISTMENT To join the legion, fill out the form below: Application Form
  4. 7th of The Grand Harvest, 134 S.A 7th of Sven’s Day, 460 FifAe ((24th June 2023) URGUAN-NORLAND TRADE PACT OF 134 S.A. In the interest of bolstering Urguan’s trade relations, the following trade deal has been agreed upon: TERMS The Grand Kingdom of Urguan agree to - Provide Norland with one tax-free stall of their choosing within the city of Kal’Kadrelaz The Grand Kingdom of Norland agree to - Provide Urguan with one tax-free stall of their choosing within the city of Vjardengrad CONDITIONS The Grand Steward reserves the right to review the terms of the aforementioned trading pact in one stone month. Signed, Garedyn The Emerald Grand King of Urguan, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Prophet of Yemekar, Zealot of the Triad Conan Goldhand Grand Steward By the Blood of the Herald, Odin Freysson Ruric, High Chieftain of the Rurikkid, Jarl of Vjardengrad, Chieftain of the Freyssons
  5. Some way of getting minerals from it? Even if it’s just nuggets so people don’t take the piss.
  6. Conan Goldhand would read the missive. "Copycats..." he'd mutter to himself.
  7. The 1st Grand Auction ((Sunday 25th June, 3pm EST)) At the end of this stone week, the 1st Grand Auction of Aevos shall be held. Aristocrats and wealthy individuals are all invited to attend and sell their own goods. It must be stressed that this auction is for high value items only. No items estimated to be worth less than 100 mina will be permitted. Anyone wishing to bid in the auction must provide proof of necessary funds before the auction begins. Auction Lot LOT #1 One Servus Golem Estimate 300 - 350 Mina Reserve: 200 Mina LOT #2 Red Ember Estimate 400 - 600 Mina Reserve: 200 Mina LOT #3 Karaad Evraal Estimate - 600 - 800 Mina Reserve - 300 Mina LOT #4 A Sizeable Plot of Subterranean Land 25 x 25 Plot. No Spooks. The land shall still belong to Rozan (located within the Iron Horde), however the buyer can do with it whatever they see fit, provided they follow Rozan and Iron Horde Law. The buyer will still answer to the rex and Duke of Rozan. If the land is abandoned for a period of four stone weeks the Duchy reserves the right to take action. Estimate - 700 - 800 Mina Reserve - 650 Mina LOT #5 One Mundus Golem A voucher, redeemable for one Mundus Khoren, fully customized to the client's wishes. Estimate - 4000 - 4500 Mina Reserve - 3500 Mina LOT #6 One Brutus Golem A voucher, redeemable for one Brutus Khoren, fully customized to the client's wishes. Estimate - 6000 - 6500 Mina Reserve - 5000 Mina LOT #6 The Building Services of Gotrek Industries Suitable for a 30 x 30 build Estimate - 400 - 500 Mina Reserve - 400 Mina LOT #7 Grand Emerald Belt Estimate - 100 - 150 Mina Reserve - 50 Mina LOT #8 Tablet of the Deserts A decorative solid magegold tablet shaped like a rectangle about a foot long and 6'' wide, covered from top to bottom in dwarven symbols, and a symbol for rock in the center of it. The enchant requires 4 emotes to use, 1 to activate, 3 to build up and cast. The storm of sand summoned has a diameter of 5 blocks and lasts for 4 emotes, when used and struck upon a target, the sand will cause temporary blindness and up to two emotes after they emerge from the storm. The enchant is activated by tapping the earth symbol and has 1 use per combat encounter before recharging on its own. [Item follows redlines for Earth Evocation, Sandstorm, Transfiguration, Potent Enchantment and all redlines for Enchanter's weakness.] ((ST APPROVED)) Estimate - 600 - 750 Mina Reserve -200 Mina Submitting Your Item For Auction Please complete the following form - Item Description ((Please include screenshot)) : Estimate : Reserve : All items sold at auction are subject to 10% commission on the final selling price. Location The Auction shall be held within the amphitheater in Urguan’s Capital of Kal’Kadrelaz. It is located on your first right as you enter the city. Signed, Conan Goldhand Grand Steward
  8. 13th of the Snow’s Maiden, Year 134 ((22nd June 2023) URGUAN-NÚMENDIL TRADE PACT OF 134 S.A. In the interest of bolstering Urguan’s trade relations, the following trade deal has been agreed upon: TERMS The Grand Kingdom of Urguan agree to - Provide Númendil with one tax-free shop/stall of their choosing within the city of Kal’Kadrelaz IN RETURN The Exilic Kingdom of Númendil agree to - Provide Urguan with one tax-free shop/stall of their choosing within the city of Númenost. CONDITIONS The Grand Steward reserves the right to review the terms of the aforementioned trading pact in one stone month. The Grand Steward would like to thank Barundin Goldhand for his proactive contribution to the Grand Kingdom in negotiating this agreement. Signed, Conan Goldhand Grand Steward Gareyn The Green Grand King of Urguan, High Chief of Hefrumm, Chief of the Mossborn, Prophet of Yemekar Ser Alwyn II of House Glennmaer Castellan of Númendil, Templar of the Archangel Michael, and Knight of the Realm
  9. "I am Conan Goldhand and I approve this message."
  10. "Nae offense t' ye Garedyn, but maybe as steward ye' could've ensured t' kingdom has a gate system that actually works. And could ye' remind me who it was t'at rode to the paladins and summoned them? I appreciate all ye' do. But don't count yer chickens before t'ey hatch beardling." is what Conan would reply if he had heard this comment.
  11. 10th of the Sun's Smile, Year 133 ((18th June 2023)) Conan would clear his throat, before speaking to a crowd gathered in the square For the sake of this Grand Kingdom, I shall not waste time in explaining my own credentials as my own appearance speaks volumes. I shall aim to speak clearly and concisely. As you gaze upon me, the beads on my beard and every wrinkle upon my face tells a story. And if I were to recount my past and mention every achievement I have accomplished, we could very well be here all day. For over 500 years, I have faithfully served this Grand Kingdom and dedicated myself to it with unwavering loyalty, just as many of you have. Yet throughout my lifetime, I have stood beside more than 20 Kings, where I offered my expertise and support. Not only this, I am a hero to some during the Eighteen Years' War, where I lost my own hand in the process. Yet despite these many years of experience, I had never sought out for power and quite frankly, it saddens my old dwarven soul to see this Kingdom in its current state to where I feel obligated to step forward to perhaps lead this Grand nation. I have purchased every gem, every mineral, every heirloom imaginable over my years as a merchant, and I have learnt that you cannot buy experience. If elected as Grand King, I shall use my expertise as a Goldhand merchant to embark the blessings of Armakak in refilling our coffers, resetting the cultural foundations, and steering our beloved Grand Kingdom towards a brighter future. It is fair to comment that Garedyn the Green has more selflessly served this kingdom than I in recent times. By his own regard, he's practically been running the kingdom throughout the past two reigns - and look what state we're in. He is too young to inherit a Kingdom in such a state. Urguan right now needs a calloused and grizzled old dwed such as myself. A veteran, a leader. My plans are clear and actionable, and my reign will be brief. Garedyn will be a good king when he runs at the next election, because I will ensure he inherits an Urguan with an enriched culture and treasury. That is all.
  12. 4th of The First Seed, Year 133 June 16th 2023 A RULER WITH A GOLDEN FIST [!]In the square of Kal’Kadrelaz a venerable Dwed with pure white hair steps forth to make a speech. “Fer too long, Urguan has suffered wit’ a lack of a common goal, and an’ empty treasury” “Now is not t’ time t’ vote fer a beardling, a lad who despite his merit, is inexperienced and naive. “As King I shall do teh following” The grizzled dwarf would clear his throat. Rejuvinate the Legion: The formidable army that once stood as the pinnacle of strength and unity. Like the tightly woven strands of an unbreakable thread, the legion binds our kindred spirits together, forging a bond stronger than steel. It is through the legion's resolute valor and unwavering loyalty that our people once found solace and inspiration. The Legion shall be restored and each dwed will be encouraged to join. The separation of church and state will remain. However, every other aspect of dwarven life (such groups such as the Miners Guild and Merchants Guild, which in the past have fell under the umbrella of the workforce) will be absorbed into the Legion. Pay will be fair and well earnt. Progression through the ranks will be earned not solely through fighting prowess, but through contributions to the greater society as well. Once established, war games will be scheduled with our neighbouring nations, to remind everybody of the true strength of the Dwarven Legion. Focus on Internal Matters Shadows of discontent and turmoil have cast a veil over our realm. Internal issues plague our once proud nation, demanding our undivided attention and resources. It is in this moment of self-reflection that we must prioritize the mending of our own wounds before extending our hands in alliance or partaking in conflicts that bear little relevance to our dwarven heart. Our focus, unwavering and resolute, shall be directed inward, nurturing our kin and nourishing the embers of our heritage to restore Urguan's former glory. Only when our coffers are replenished and our army stands tall once more shall we reconsider our stance on alliances and treaties. In embracing neutrality, we open our doors to all nations, enticing them with the craftsmanship and riches that flow from our forges. Regardless of which banner claims victory, our dwarven wares shall find their way to every corner of the realm, ensuring our coffers overflow with the spoils of a prosperous trade. Let it be known that Urguan, shall rise stronger than ever before, impervious to the whims of distant wars, as we forge our path towards a future where our nation stands united and our dwarven legacy is restored to its rightful place. The City of Kal'Kadrelaz “The Grand Kingdom of Urguan”, it is evident that a city befitting our illustrious title is deserved. Thus, we shall embark on a quest to create a city that resonates with the grandeur and magnificence of our realm. With unwavering determination, we shall explore both subterranean depths and alternative possibilities, refusing to settle for a city that fails to fulfill its purpose. While plans for a new city are being meticulously finalized, we shall make use of our current resources, diligently constructing additional underground houses to accommodate our people's needs. Moreover, the streets of our city shall be adorned with vibrant stalls, offering a bustling atmosphere and inviting both tourists and visitors to experience our dwarven heritage. A comprehensive revamping of the city's external layout shall be undertaken, ensuring it becomes a captivating destination for all who grace its borders. Let it be known that no stone shall be left unturned as we endeavor to craft a city that not only befits our kingdom's grandeur but also welcomes and enchants those who venture within. Agricultural Revolution You pay your taxes, I keep your belly full. It is with a profound realization that we must acknowledge the untapped potential of our dwarven technology in revolutionizing the realm of farming. We, who have always been at the forefront of innovation and engineering, must harness the power of our ingenuity to transform the way we cultivate the land. It is true that our farming techniques have fallen behind, but this setback presents an opportunity for us to showcase the brilliance of our dwarven minds. With our expertise in machinery and mechanical marvels, we can introduce automated systems that streamline farming processes and increase productivity. Imagine fields adorned with intricate irrigation systems, powered by the steady flow of underground rivers, ensuring optimal hydration for our crops. We can design and construct specialized farming implements that minimize labor while maximizing efficiency, enabling us to till the soil with unparalleled precision and speed. New Ideas For too long, the ideas of beardlings have fallen upon the deaf ears of stagnant rulers. Too many buffers stand in the way of their innovation. As a result, beardlings who could’ve served us mightily become disenfranchised with Urguan and ultimately leave the kingdom. This will stop. There will be innovation grants and rewards for those presenting the king with fresh ideas. “And most importantleh…” MAKE LOTS AND LOTS OF MONEY In the annals of our kingdom's history, never before has there been such an urgent need for a Goldhand to rise and lead. A true master in the delicate art of amassing wealth. The dire situation of Urguan's mounting debt leaves us with little choice but to summon the expertise of those who have devoted their lives to the pursuit of coin. We cannot rely solely on taxes, for it would take over six long months of toil to repay our debts, a burden too heavy to bear. This shall not stand. We shall defy the odds and liberate ourselves from this fiscal burden within a mere two stone months. To achieve this, we shall implement mine permits, granting us access to the hidden treasures within the earth. Our skilled artisans and craftsmen shall labor tirelessly, fashioning exceptional wares that will captivate the markets. As our mines yield their wealth, we shall delve deeper, unearthing new veins of prosperity. In this endeavor, every dwed, no matter their station, shall have a vital role to play. Together, we shall revive the wealth and opulence of Urguan, ensuring that our kingdom shines once more as a beacon of prosperity and abundance. "Also, all council meetings will be held in the tavern."
  13. Conan would read the letter, and with a faint smile he'd begin writing a missive of his own. He'd chuckle to himself - "A ruler wit' an iron fist is needed, or perhaps a gold one."
  14. ((Horse Whistles Currently Unavailable, Just send me a letter or PM me on discord PJTips#6024 if you would like a horse. Saddles cost 25 from CT which is added onto final price))
  15. A MISSIVE WOULD BE POSTED UPON BILLBOARDS ACROSS THE REALM Attention, esteemed denizens of Aevos! Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey as the Goldhand Clan, masters of prosperity, reveals a treasure trove of extraordinary goods for your delight. Behold, for we present to you a rare opportunity to acquire coveted items that will elevate your experiences and ignite your imagination. Amidst the bustling streets of Kal'Kadrelaz , the Goldhand Clan's renowned iron stall stands as a beacon of industry, its shelves adorned with the essence of progress. Here, we invite you to acquire this invaluable resource at an astonishing price of only 0.5 Mina per unit. Unlock your creative potential and bring your visions to life with the malleable power of iron. From the simplest tools to the grandest constructions, its transformative properties await your skilled hands. As a testament to our commitment to fair and equitable trade, we welcome vendors with surplus iron to our thriving marketplace. For every unit of iron you bring, we offer a generous compensation of 0.4 Mina. It is a symbiotic exchange, where both parties reap the rewards of a harmonious transaction. Convert your excess resources into immediate prosperity and forge a lasting partnership with the Goldhand Clan. But our offerings extend beyond the realm of industry. Prepare to be enchanted by our majestic horses, bred to embody the perfect blend of speed and endurance. Imagine the wind in your hair as you ride these magnificent creatures, their powerful strides carrying you swiftly through the land. Now, you have the exclusive opportunity to own one of these exceptional equine companions for a mere 20 Mina. Revel in their grace and strength, and experience the world from a new perspective. Spread the word far and wide, for these remarkable prices are a testament to our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. Your investment in our wares promises exceptional value and a transformational experience. With each purchase, you become part of an elite group of discerning individuals who understand the true meaning of quality. Step into Kal'Kadrelaz and follow the path to our iron stall, the first you encounter upon entering. It is a place where industry and innovation intertwine, waiting to fulfill your aspirations. Embrace this auspicious moment, seize the treasures that await, and inscribe your name upon the annals of prosperity. Any queries please send a letter. ((IGN: PJTips)) Yours faithfully, Conan Goldhand, Elder of the Goldhand Clan
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