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  1. Lotoke

    The Enchantry

    * A finely sealed letter would delivered rather abruptly to the Enchanter, addressed to the Grand Enchanter or whomever else it may concern.* Greetings, I would like to express my interest in joining the Enchantry. I was, in fact, a member for a short period of time during early Axios, however I quickly became preoccupied by other means. Subsequently my arcane skills have wavered in recent times, thus, I have turned my attention back to this guild as somewhere that I could practise and expand upon my knowledge. I believe my abilities would suffice for entry however that would be up to discretion The letter is signed with in delicate handwriting; Enedor Pastly. @Tox
  2. Lotoke

    The Enclave of Scholars

    [Scholar Application] MC Name: Lotoke RP Name: Enedor Pastly Reason for wanting to join: To advance an utilise my skill to do something beneficial for the peoples of axis. Field of Mastery: Arcane. Years of Practice (IRP) ((Take a guess if you don't know)): At least 70, probably more. Link me a picture of a Cat/Dog/Your preferred cute animal: cute?
  3. Lotoke

    An Ancient City

    "Where is the damn key?" Enedor Paces back and fourth.
  4. Lotoke

    [Accepted] [Builder] Anadude strikes back.

    good builder +1
  5. Lotoke

    Dev Update: Sparkles and Glitter

    Real nice!
  6. Lotoke

    Your View: Antagonist v3 (last one)

    Both the world 'turning against the players' and a 'plague' wouldn't work well as the actual antagonist, there's nothing really for the players to fight against or side with, there is very little that the decedents can do to try and stop these forces. Instead these could be effects of the antagonist. In short, the antagonist causes a plague/the world to turn against the players.
  7. Lotoke

    The Spell Request System

    ((OOC)) Mcname: Lotoke Skype: noah.0012 Link to any accepted magic application that involves void magic: ((IC)) Your true name: Enedor Pastly Age: 76 Magics you have: Air + Electrical evocation. Sensory Illusion Residence (in case I need to contact you): I don't reside anywhere, though you may find me in Veris. Ideally send me a bird for my current location. The Spell you would like to be made: When the Ferrum tip of the stave makes contact with skin, an electrostatic charge begins to build in the users body. If the user were in a very short range ((probably no more then 10cm)) of a conducting surface, such as another person, the buildup would discharge, resulting in a minor shock. The Item (Put it between the book!): [!] A long, stave, tipped with a ferrum hook is placed between the book.
  8. Lotoke

    Your View: Axios Antagonist v2

    The 'world turning against the players', as previously mentioned, wouldn't be the most enjoyable option. The community needs a series of events/antagonist that they can interact with. Watching the realm slowly fall to ruin by natural disasters doesn't sound particularly interesting, nor very relatable to me. At least with Iblees/Undead there is actually an enemy for players to fight or support. I really think an antagonist should build on Axios lore. I mean... there are ruins scattered around the isles from previous settlers... who were they and what happened to them? If an enemy drove the previous population away, could it still pose a threat to the descendants currently living in Axios?
  9. Lotoke

    Anadunae's Skin Emporium

    Username- Lotoke Description- I'll speak to you later. Ref- ^ What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- By making.a dank meme including the one and only evil monk.
  10. Lotoke

    Asimulum's Lore Team Application Thingy!

    Despite his perhaps lack of experience in actually writing lore, from speaking to him, asimulum is clearly a creative individual, and has many fascinating, and unique ideas. +1
  11. Lotoke

    [Denied] Nekkore's AT Application

    Solve the equation.
  12. Lotoke

    [Denied] Anadunae's AD App C:

  13. Lotoke

    [Accepted] Anadunae's Post-ETpurge RE app! :D

    Garsto leaffffffffff is the evil monk. +1
  14. I know 5.0 is about to come out... But... Who's hyped for 6.0?!?!?!?

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    2. Malgonious


      im hyped for the minigames server that comes from LoTC after Tythus stops breaking even ;^)

    3. AGiantPie


      Late to the meme. I already staked my claim on this one..

    4. Ang


      6.0? You should put soap in your mouth for saying that.