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  1. Lotoke

    The Enchantry

    * A finely sealed letter would delivered rather abruptly to the Enchanter, addressed to the Grand Enchanter or whomever else it may concern.* Greetings, I would like to express my interest in joining the Enchantry. I was, in fact, a member for a short period of time during early Axios, however I quickly became preoccupied by other means. Subsequently my arcane skills have wavered in recent times, thus, I have turned my attention back to this guild as somewhere that I could practise and expand upon my knowledge. I believe my abilities would suffice for entry however that would be up to discretion The letter is signed with in delicate handwriting; Enedor Pastly. @Tox
  2. [Scholar Application] MC Name: Lotoke RP Name: Enedor Pastly Reason for wanting to join: To advance an utilise my skill to do something beneficial for the peoples of axis. Field of Mastery: Arcane. Years of Practice (IRP) ((Take a guess if you don't know)): At least 70, probably more. Link me a picture of a Cat/Dog/Your preferred cute animal: cute?
  3. ((OOC)) Mcname: Lotoke Skype: noah.0012 Link to any accepted magic application that involves void magic: ((IC)) Your true name: Enedor Pastly Age: 76 Magics you have: Air + Electrical evocation. Sensory Illusion Residence (in case I need to contact you): I don't reside anywhere, though you may find me in Veris. Ideally send me a bird for my current location. The Spell you would like to be made: When the Ferrum tip of the stave makes contact with skin, an electrostatic charge begins to build in the users body. If the user were in a very short range ((probably no more then 10cm)) of a conducting surface, such as another person, the buildup would discharge, resulting in a minor shock. The Item (Put it between the book!): [!] A long, stave, tipped with a ferrum hook is placed between the book.
  4. Username- Lotoke Description- I'll speak to you later. Ref- ^ What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- By making.a dank meme including the one and only evil monk.
  5. I know 5.0 is about to come out... But... Who's hyped for 6.0?!?!?!?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Malgonious


      im hyped for the minigames server that comes from LoTC after Tythus stops breaking even ;^)

    3. AGiantPie


      Late to the meme. I already staked my claim on this one..

    4. Ang


      6.0? You should put soap in your mouth for saying that.

  6. 1+ Sounds really nice, it certainly adds more deep augurs which they very much need. As mentioned before, I'd love to see healing implemented as well.
  7. It's nice to have some simple lore which adds depth to RP +1
  8. I was actually thinking about something like this the other day, but couldn't quite bring my ideas together. It sounds great, well done!
  9. YwrjS1G.jpg


    If you have joined this server, how did I rp with you??

    Does this mean that reality is my imagination??!!?

    Illuminati confirmed

    1. Nekkore


      Oh mah gaerd illuminardi confirmed


      That's great ha ha.

  10. Just a tip, if your question is directed towards a single person, it would probably be better to pm (forum message) the person you need to talk about to. You can do that by clicking on the small box shape at the top left of the page.
  11. Sounds great, works brilliantly as an explanation for the undead that survived Iblees' fall. +1
  12. Lotoke


    I think you should be attempting to get more members in other timeszones, such as GMT Etc.. At the moment, as someone within GMT, seeing an ascended is a Very rare event.
  13. Guild you wish to be associated with: The Al-Whakrah guild if possible.
  14. A small letter would arrive in a carefully sealed envelope. Name: Enedor Pastly. [Mc Name]: noahandreas. Race: Human Magic you wish to study: Arcanism. Who are you currently learning magic from within the Order? (If Applicable) N/A The application would be signed in curled writing with black ink, Enedor Pastly.
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