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  1. TankM1A2

    Proclamation of the Highlander Spirit

    “I hate literature.” says Kolovac Carlochev.
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    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 6,217,464 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans The throne room was filled with the gossip and chat of the nobility and aristocrats. The Emperor’s summons were clear and they were heard. He had returned from his venture into the twin river valley and was prepared to issue a declaration to the peoples of Bourdeleaux. Some murmur rumors of the Emperor’s personal visit to the lands of the Carrow Lords. Other mention an impenetrable stronghold made purely out of black stone. Very few knew what the Emperor was to say. However, it was clear he was not pleased. He lay solemnly in his pristine throne, forged by his ancestors through the wealth and riches of Bourdeleaux’s conquered. His mood resonated with the entirety of the court, as few dared to speak boisterously. There was no pleasantry to be had, rather his brows furrowed and creased ran across his aging skin. As the last of courtiers entered the throne room, soldiers of the Phoenix Guard slammed shut the imposing, ceiling-high iron wrought doors, effectively sealing within all those inside. A few glances shot rearward to the sound of closing doors, while the others held their attention upon the Emperor. He met their gazes, scanning those present within his Great Hall. “My loyal subjects.” he cried aloud, echoing throughout the chamber, simultaneously rising from his throne.”We find ourselves on the cusp of war once more. It pains me to calls the sons and brothers and fathers of Bourdeleaux to arms once more – however, this is a just conflict, by all standards.” He declared, stepping off the dais and onto the floor of the assembly. The height he displayed was not fully captured as he rested upon his throne. Standing, though aged, he was certainly a well built figure ahead of the common man. As he paced down the length of the silk drawn aisle, he turned his head from either side, looking each man in the eye. Soldiers of his Phoenix Guard stood imposing in their black and gold armor, lining the approach to the Imperial throne. It was not them who budged, but rather the burghers and wealthy who anxious of his next move. Some craned their necks past the winged sallets of the Guard, desperately trying to catch a glimpse. Others who tried to get too much of a view were restrained by the ever vigilant Guard. An eerie silence followed, broken only by the sound of flames lapping in their torches and the flapping of the Bourdelaic standards, which were strung high across the chamber’s ceilings and brick walls. “Those fools who style themselves the Carrow Lords have transgressed upon Bourdelaic pride and honor. They title themselves the true heirs to my ancestor Moravec, who ruled over Selroc in the days of old. We will not stand for falsifications. We will show them we are truly the ones to uphold the mantle in this dark world.” “They liken us to cheats, lowlives, and barbarians. In doing so they spit upon everything we have constructed and achieved. They believe they are of high worth and noble birth, yet dare cower in their walls and spew insults upon us.They claim themselves to be the sons of House Tarkan… an ancient vassal of Symon, disillusioned by the deeds of their forefathers. Their arrogance shall serve as their undoing. My subjects, and soldiers of the Black Army, you will be my heralds in this awakening. The Sun will rise upon new horizons, even if it kills me doing so. No doubt, will I be avenged by my sons who I have taught to my utmost capacity to love Bourdeleaux. For none other than the Bourdelaise truly understand the concept of the greater good and sacrifice for God and Country.” “The Great Sun smiles on us. For I have heard his word myself. We are a part of a greater plan that lay in store. We will obey. Fight with me and you shall be absolved of all sin the eyes of God and be granted a key to warm embrace of the Great Sun. We will prevail. Sol Invictus!” The Emperor cried at last, his face flushed red, and spittle sprayed outwards from his mouth, standing at the epicenter of the Imperial court. A brief lull followed, accompanied by varying shouts: “SOL INVICTUS!” “GLORY TO THE GREAT SUN.” “LONG LIVE BOURDELEAUX!” “THEY WILL KNEEL!” “BY GOD’S WILL!” What followed were several patriotic and zealous cries of triumph and praise. While some applauded, others cheered. Soldiers of the Phoenix Guard clamored the butts of their polearms against the throne room floor in unison. Other knights and influentials drew their swords and thrust them into the air. As the sword was drawn, blood would be spilled. Bourdeleaux had rolled its dice. The stakes were high. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 52,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 18k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 4k, Cities/Towns - 9k) Upkeep: 5,000g (Army), 5,000g (Veterancy) = 9,000g. Available: 45,000g [8,500g] 8,500 gold is sent to the Galaharian League for the first loan payment, as per arrangement. [2,000g] Training Phoenix Guard Unit to Elite [4,000g] Upgrading 1 Unit of Light Infantry to T4 [10,000g] Recruiting 2 Units of T3 Crossbowmen. [20,000g] Recruiting 4 Units of T4 Light Infantry [500G] A last personal offering is made before the Great Sun. At the Church of the Holy Disciples of the Brazier and Moravec the Saviour in Souvois, the Emperor and his most trusted companions kneel before the brazier of the eternal flame. There, they seek guidance and the aid of God in their coming endeavor, carried out in his name. [Non-expenditure] Envoys are sent to the Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick and the Galaharian League, informing them of Bourdeleaux’s intentions. [Non-expenditure] Bourdelaic raiders are unleashed, ordered to start pillaging the countryside of the Carrow Lords and raid their unprotected villages. Whatever intel they can gather is to be relayed to the main force, whose advance they screen. The Bourdelaic host marches towards the Carrow Lords. An official declaration of war is sent in tandem with their advance. 1,000 to treasury.
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    The Imperial Union of Dragon and Bear

    “This must be a jest.” says Carlovac.
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    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 5,921,394 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, ____________________________________________________ The outskirts of the Bourdelic war camp at noon; c. 1507 “Pray that my daughter be in good health and that she and her escort safely traversed the Barrier to Galahar. God watch over her and let her suffer not injustice. Pray that she finds a loving and dutiful husband and bear him many sons…” – “Sir Chilfroy, show me to the camp chaplain’s, would you?” Adrian addressed the knight, though fidgeting with the clasp that secured his cloak. The Emperor always made sure he appeared somewhat presentable. “My liege, right away.” the man tapped his heels together, bending in a curt bow. On a rhythmic pivot, he turned and pulled apart the canvas that shielded the inside of the Emperor’s tents from the elements. The Emperor nodded in return, stepping outside and facing the world once more. Two sentries guarded the Emperor’s quarters, their expressions emotionless though attentive, arms wrapped around their halberds which jutted out to the skies with steel gleaming in the Sun’s light. The light blinded the Emperor temporarily, shielding his eyes with his gauntleted hand. “Another day where the Sun beats down upon our flesh,” the Emperor smiled, the knight now accompanying him, “A good day.” “As always, Your Majesty.” the knight responded, beginning his way through the camp. “Truly, we are favored.” The knight was well-built, especially in the shoulders. Upon the tabard draped over his chestplate, he donned a peculiar set of arms, what seemed to be gules, a rooster or. Certainly this befit him the title of C*ck Knight. To the knightley circles such a title was amusing, though perhaps not to his foes, as Chilfroy had become quite adept with the greatsword. As always, prior to campaign, the camp bustled with activity. As the boots of the two men treaded down paths of dirt and mud, men on either side awaited eagerly the order to sally out. Men who told tales around fires or those drilling with their regimental officers rose and snapped to attention at the Emperor’s approach. Others dropped to a knee in respect. Either/or was accepted as proper. As they fell out of his eyesight, returning to their duties. One group trained in various sword fighting stances, transitioning from holding guards low, mid, and high, before eventually repeating this tedious process. The officer barked commands, meanwhile the men shouted in unison. The black armor in which they were clad seemed almost unearthly, eerie to a point. While there was a psychological aspect, there was also a spiritual design to the armor. The sole Sun on the black field represented the bastion of light, the Sun and the people of Bourdeleaux, those upholding the Great Sun’s divine mandate. The Sun was emblazoned upon the breastplate of every man, serving as a constant reminder to all of their duty. The Cult of the Great Sun, otherwise known as the Solar Church, preaches that the people of Bourdeleaux, are the elect - the chosen. Thus, it is their responsibility to bring salvation and civilization to the surrounding heathenous and barbaric nations. For selfish reasons or righteous ones, every single man enlisted within the ranks of Black Army, ready to shed blood in the name of God, Emperor, and Country. Though, of course, if peaceful assimilation was possible, it was prefered. ____________________________________________________ Soldiers of the 1st Rideaux Independent Light Infantry Battalion, C Company, undergoing variable terrain training in the eastern mountains of Bourdeleaux The brave C*ck Knight stopped, gesturing towards a tent on his right, “Your Majesty, the chaplain’s.” Beside him, pitched, was an immaculate white and gold embroidered tent anchored into five points. Inscribed were several phrases and incantations of the Old Tongue, followed by the usual solar regalia. It was temporary, though a large structured. Inside the tent could be heard, the soft murmurs of many a soldiers making their peace with God, or receiving blessings from the clergy. “Thank you, good Sir Chilfroy. I’ll be just a moment.” the Emperor expressed his gratitude, entering the sacred tent, serving as the house of God upon the field. The Emperor couldn’t help but think he’d been there before, but hadn’t. The room was dimly lit, save for small candles scattered throughout the room. The sharp smell of incense filled his nostrils, as he released a sigh of tranquility. No other place in the tent held such a gravity. In a group huddled near an altar was a small group of men, no more than ten. Their heads lowered, they uttered soft prayers. At the moment, a lone chaplain attended to their spiritual needs, offering counsel to each who sought it. The chaplain turned to source of the penetrating light from outdoors. As he realized the Emperor, he bowed graciously low, the flat of one rested upon his abdomen, with the other just above the nape of his back. He was clad in red, orange, and golden robes, with an over-sized and heavy solar medallion wrapped around his neck. “Your Imperial Majesty.” he said, maintaining his L-shaped stance and eyes locked upon the ground in which he stood. ____________________________________________________ A depiction of Saint Magritte in prayer at a secluded altar, chaplain’s tent, c. 1507 “Chaplain, you may rise.” the Emperor smiled at the courteous gesture, curiously glancing from one corner of the tent to another. Only then did the clergyman rise, stretching his back in the process, “Your Imperial Majesty, I have that from what you seek, the blessed Oriflamme of Saint-Villard.” The chaplain motioned an arm past his person, sleeves upon his robes draped low. Sprawled out behind him atop a silk-covered table, lay a red and golden pennon, emblazoned with the sunburst. The Emperor approached, running his hand across the surface of what seemed to be nothing but a mere flag. Velvet. Under his breath the Emperor whispered, “The Oriflamme of Saint-Villard.” “Yes.” the chaplain replied, “As once Saint Villard rode forth, so will we. And we too shall enjoy the victory in battle. Rally the men to the sacred banner, and their resolve may hold yet. Renewed vigor and courage they shall find, and the Sun’s flame burning within their hearts.” So it was true. the Emperor thought to himself. He expected stiff resistance from the Carrow Lords, and knew such a miracle may be needed to bring about their conquest. He had heard tales of the sacred banner, but had never thought to gaze upon it in person. He’d thought it locked away at the sacred abbey at Rennes. However, truly it must be and righteous a cause to disturb its resting place. At last, all doubt in his mind subsided and trepidation erased. There would be war. ____________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 47,500g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 16.5k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 4k, Cities/Towns - 6k) Upkeep: 4,000g (Army), 3,000g (Veterancy) = 7,000g. 20,000g loan from Galaharian League 500 from Treasury Available: 61,000g [2,000g] Upgrading 1 Unit of Light Cavalry to T3. [20,000g] Recruiting 2 Units of T4 Phoenix Guard [11,000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of Veteran T4 Medium Cavalry [2,000g] Upgrading 1 Unit of Crossbowmen to T3 [8,000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of T4 Heavy Infantry [5,000g] Bourdelaic settlers are drawn to the riverlands in the southeast of the country. A fully fledged settlement begins construction between the dual rivers, named Suttre-upon-the-Twins. [10,000g] As, the Black Army is lacking in magic wielders, the Emperor calls for the recruitment of sorcerers and magic-wielders into their ranks. The time will come where the Sun’s gifts are harnessed for the greater good. Construction of T1 Temple. [Non-expenditure] An envoy is sent to the Passans, requesting trade between the two peoples.
  5. TankM1A2

    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 5,639,422 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Carrow Lords ____________________________________________________ The Castle of Lassus at dusk, southern Bourdeleaux; c. 1506 “My liege, come. Taste the vintage from the previous year’s spoils, would you?” came a voice from the opposing end of the room. A small group of men were gathered near a small table in a corner. They stood in a dark and cool cellar, numerous kegs holding wines of untold ages lining the stone cobbled walls. The only light that entered the room was through a narrow grated that opened outwards to ground level, shining the Sun’s light upon a glass bottle that glew magnificently. Wrapped around the circumference of the bottle was a thin label; indicating the fabled and desired Talousian Wine. The bottle itself stood as a testament to the perfection and pride that the Bourdelais had in their wineworks. Entering the room, was the Emperor, who often made it a happy to conduct his own census of his vassals. Talouse in particular was a favored destination. Comfortably warm in the summer, upon the Gulf, and devoid of the commoner riffraff, the area had become a favored vacation spot for the Imperial aristocracy. Many of which owning estates with vast swaths of farmlands and vineyards. The Emperor himself, being among those who lavished in the southern lifestyle. He smiled, coming to meet the men at the table, overjoyed to taste the fruits of their labor. Another man, a pot-bellied and thick-necked who was no doubt a local lord, gripped the bottle and poured the Emperor a glass of his own. The red liquid sloshed and filled the glass half-full; a modest amount. “This is from your own vines, Lord Lassus?” the Emperor inquired, reaching for the glass. “Of course, my Liege. Picked and personally pressed.” he boasted proudly, setting aside more and filling more cups for the other men. “Well, I do hope you wash then.” the Emperor chuckled, raising the glass to his chin. The men around chuckled as well, some more loudly than others. A mix of lesser lords and knights, they knew they ought to laugh at the Emperor’s jests, funny or not. “Everyone has a glass then, yes?” another man asked. “Seems so.” the Emperor said, exchanging glances with the other men, eager to taste. “Then we shall drink, to the Empire!” exclaimed Lassus, raising his glass in toast, followed by several other wishes of good health and stability as glasses clinked. Along with the other men, Emperor Adrian took a generous sip of his wine, smiling pleasantly as the taste danced upon his tongue, swishing the contents around. With a nod of approval, he said, “It’s good -- very good! Make me more of that, and ship it to the Imperial Palace!” ____________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 47,500g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 16.5k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 4k, Cities/Towns - 6k) Upkeep: 4,000g (Army), 3,000g (Veterancy) = 7,000g. Available: 40,500g [40,000g] Even greater swaths of land are set aside for the yeomen. In addition communal farms exempt from a Lord’s tithes are also expanded so that the people may enjoy a greater surplus to retain. Construction of 8 stacks of Farmland. 500 gold stored in treasury.
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    Hand Cannons; Firearms

    if at first you don’t succeed, try try again. +1. lets get this bread
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    Community Team Monthly Update - Feb

    wow @Gusano, you’re a big deal now!
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    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 5,422,522 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Carrow Lords _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Emperor was flushed with trepidation and skepticism. He had awoke, sweat-stained and out of breath in the mid of night. What he had dreamt had stirred him deeply. He knew not what exactly what to make of it. The only logical assumption he could’ve made was divine intervention from God. Perhaps his prayers had been heard. Of course they were, the cries and prayers of the faithful always fell upon the Great Sun’s ever presence. He had known himself as a devout and reverent man, but never once thought himself capable or worthy of having audience with God himself. For, it was the Great Sun who implanted those memories -- those visions, within his head at slumber. Yet the Emperor dared not question God’s reasons. The Great Sun had a plan for Emperor Adrian, ambiguous and concise as it was -- rule. Rule; the Emperor would command vast armies and control immense territories, all united in faith to God, Emperor, and Country. Seemingly with the permission of God, he knew now he could not falter. The Emperor knew exactly what he must do. It was if several decades from now were already implanted in his mind. Were it by God or his own volition, Adrian now had never felt such confidence and pride in his actions present and future. Immediately, he called for a convention of the war council. The highest ranking lords and military commanders flocked the Imperial palace. Ornate sigils and bright heraldry flew from the retinues of these esteemed men, all heeding to Emperor’s summons. His Lords had utmost respect for their Emperor, and all would likely give their life so that he may live. They gathered in a dank, and dimly lit chamber. At the center stood a round table, surrounded by many men; adorned in the finest armor and cloth, old and grizzled, fiercest of fighters, though importantly, absolutely loyal to the Emperor. He made no hesitation. The divine mandate was received. “My Lords of Bourdeleaux. We have allowed ample time for our army to recuperate from following the annexation of Westfal. However, it is time the Black Army marches forth once more.” The Emperor, dragged his finger across the length of a map of the known world, pressing it to a small nation to east of Bourdeleaux. “Here is our target -- the Carrow Lords. For they have been led astray -- colluding with the forces of Darkness. They must see God’s light ,as all men must. We will give them the privilege to peacefully submit to Imperial rule... should they refuse, then we shall unleash the Black Army upon them. One way or another, the Carrow Lords will be subjugated under the banner of the eternal and glorious Sun.” _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 43,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 15k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 4k, Cities/Towns - 3k) Upkeep: 3,000g Treasury: 1,000 Available: 41,000g [Non-expenditure] Hardened soldiers from the War of Westfal are placed into heavily-armed and trained vanguard units. [Non-expenditure] An envoy is sent to the Carrow Lords asking for their submission to Bourdelaic rule. If they shall hear him, he is to explain that they will be granted full Bourdelaic citizenship and will be self-governance in a semi-autonomous province akin to that of Westfal. If the negotiations were to deteriorate, the Black Army would have secretly deployed much assets to the eastern border in preparation of a potential war of subjugation under the banner of the Oriflamme of Saint-Villard. High off their previous victory, the soldiers of Bourdeleaux are eager once more to do battle. [16,000g] Upgrading 4 Units of Medium Infantry to T4 [18,000g] Recruitment of 2 Units of Veteran T4 Heavy Infantry [6,000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of T4 Medium Infantry [1,000g] Training 1 Unit of Phoenix Guard to Veteran
  9. TankM1A2

    A Game of Thrones [RP]

    HOUSE CRAKEHALL Lord: Roland Crakehall Notable Members: Roland Crakehall (Heir), Ser Tybolt Crakehall (Heir), Ser Lyle ‘the Strongboar’ Crakehall (Roland’s 2nd Son), Ser Merlon Crakehall (3rd Son), Ser Burton Crakehall (Roland’s Brother) Allegiance: House Lannister ____________________________________________________ The lands of Crakehall were at peace. For now, the smallfolk tended to their duties. The harvesting of the winter wheat was occuring - at least, what little crop could be scrounged. Though the lands of the Rock were not as lush, nor bountiful as others, the peasantry had made their living for centuries untold. Yet today would bring the normality in Crakehall, to a crashing end. A lone black raven, bearing a small scroll, bounded through the southern lands through turf and toil. After what one would assume to be a harrowing journey, the bird had sought out the aviary at Crakehall, eager to unlimber it’s urgent message. Maester Harbrand would be the one to receive the message; an aged man with a crook in his back and his hairline receding ever so further grey. He hobbled over to table in which the raven rested, using a simple cane to support his weight, tapping on the wooden floor with soft clanks. The maester untied the note, eyeing the stamp of the Lion of Lannister. His interest piqued, though knew it not within his station to peer into such matters. Calling for a nearby guard, he asked them to bring the message to Lord Roland, stopping for nothing as it held utmost importance. Castle Crakehall, Seat of House Crakehall By the time the message had reached Lord Roland, the role of courier had shifted from one man to another; the Master-at-arms of Crakehall, a lowly knight of the name Lewys Glenmore. For reasons unknown, the previous holded shirked the duty and offloaded it onto another. Regardless Ser Lewys, a man of no fear and larger than life, made haste to the great hall, which he surmised the men of Crakehall to currently be dining. The master-at-arms, or someone had broken the seal during transit. However, it was of no matter now. Ser Lewys entered the great hall, which was lavish and had food aplenty. Graced by outdoor light, the brindled boar of Crakehall flew proudly at the center, just above the Lord’s throne. Below the throne, and at the feasting tables were Lord Roland, flanked by his sons who were all knights in their own right, Tybolt, Lyle, and Merlon, as well as his brother, Ser Burton Crakehall. Lewys strode into the chamber with confident strides, turning to the group of Crakehall men. “My Lords Crakehall, I bring urgent news.” It was apparent that Lord Roland had not been eating, and merely entertained the members of his family. On the other hand, his sons dug greedily into their meals, tearing flesh away from bone, shoving forkfuls into their mouths, and speaking while chewing. They paid Roland no mind, perhaps a short glance. Tybolt gestured him over, laughing as food and spittle flew from his mouth. Roland heeded his trusted master-at-arms, calling out to him, “Can it not wait?” “No, My Lord.” he bows his head, presenting the scroll, “A call to arms to by Lord Tywin Lannister. The Westerlands are at war.” he states with a grim undertone. “Took damned long enough.” scoffed Ser Lyle, who had taken enough time away from wolfing down his meal to attend to important matters. “I see…” said, Lord Roland, rising from his seat. “Give it here.” he urged, taking the note from the knight. He quickly read it over, and nodded, “I see. We must make the necessary arrangements at once. Raise the levy; we set out at dawn.” he announced to his family, then casting his gaze upon his children in disapproval, “Finish your meal while you have it. It may be your last.” ACTIONS Lord Roland Crakehall orders a force of some 4,500 men be raised. Crakehall and his sons set out to join the main Lannister host. 50 men are left garrison Crakehall castle itself, while another 50 patrol the Sea Road to protect travelers and trade.
  10. TankM1A2

    A Game of Thrones (OOC)

    Application House Name: House Crakehall Holdings: Crakehall Lord: Roland Crakehall Who do they bend the knee to?: House Lannister Religion: Faith of the Seven Brief History (1-2 Paragraphs): The Crakehalls are among the prominent houses of the Westerlands. They are of modest, yet noteworthy repute; claiming descent from Crake the Boarkiller during the Age of Heroes and another Crakehall even briefly reigning as King of the Iron Islands. Their seat, Crakehall, sits to the south of the Westerlands on the border of the Reach. They are known for their robust and large size, as well as producing strong and fearsome warriors. With war on the brink in Westeros, and loyal to the House of Lannister, the men of Crakehall would relish at such an opportunity. Discord: Tank#9694
  11. TankM1A2

    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 5,213,963 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Carrow Lords _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The interior of the Church of the Holy Disciples of the Brazier and Moravec the Saviour, Souvois, Bourdeleaux; c. 1505 At the highest point in the grand city of Souvois, rested a monument more splendid than any of the other architectural works and buildings below; the sacred Mother Church of the faith of the Great Sun. Officially, dubbed the Church of the Holy Disciples of the Brazier and Moravec the Saviour; the locals have colloquially come to regard it as All Martyr’s Church. It was a structure unrivaled in beauty and majesty, constructed by the greatest minds the Empire had to offer. It is to reach out to the Sun itself and represents the new heights that the Bourdlais can achieve when united in faith. The structure itself was so grandiose that many found it remarkable that it could even stand. The buttresses of the structure alone stood nearly four stories in height. From all corners of the city, the two steeples that comprised the westwork could be seen. Atop these towers, rung the bells which would summon them the Souvesian denizens to mass or to alert them of impending danger; in any case, echoing throughout the city. The hoisting of the bell, perhaps the most momentous task in the church’s construction; many a tales told about its nature and origin. As one approached the entrance of the church. They would be greeted by the imposing dual iron doors which safeguarded the interior. Some several inches thick, and possessing engravings of two holy martyrs; the doors depicted Saint Villard and Saint Ambroise in all their glory. Clad in their battle regalia and weapons in tow, they were regarded as the ‘warrior saints’ and protectors of the hearth, they served as a constant reminder of the true meaning of the Faith; to act as the light against the darkness. Yet most remarkable above all, figuratively and literally, was the depiction of Moravec the Saviour upon the tympanum. Constructed and inlaid with the finest of stones and gems, Moravec stood ever-watchful and judging as he acted as a bulwark against the forces of evil. He himself wielded a fierce sword, which seemed to command the energy and power of the Sun’s light. The Sun itself was in the background, as a halo of sorts around Moravec’s head. Solar rays radiated outwards from this focal point, physically pushing back creatures of darkness. Within the darkness of either side of the two-dimensional carving were horrible monstrosities, symbolizing the worst that humanity had to offer, or perhaps what true demons lurk beyond. The balance of good versus evil served as a testament to the righteousness of their cause and a constant reminder of the strength the Bourdelais truly possessed. They were the chosen of God. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Reliquary Chapel of Exalted Moravec; pilgrims paying homage to the Saviour away from the main mass; c. 1493 The interior of the Church was greatly considered. A long nave stretched the length of church, leading up to the altar which stood raised a child’s height over the whole floor. A great altar sat central upon the dais, with several candles and a golden statuette of the Sun resting atop it. Beneath the altar however, is said to be the final resting place of Moravec, sanctifying the entirety of the Church and all its goers. Several centuries have gone since his passing, and no one knows now if it is merely a tale or if his bones truly do rest beneath their feet. Just behind the altar and towards the apse was another, yet grander construct. A large brazier of ebony black steel, with unfathomably close attention to precision and detail. It stood raised upon its own platform, giving credence to its importance. Within it burned a fire so warm and so bright, that much of the church was engulfed with its heat and light. It was no ordinary fire pit that lay in the Church for convenience sake. The proud sons and daughters of Bourdeleaux knew it as the Eternal Flame; a brazier that has stayed alight since much before their birth and beyond. Stokers of the flame came and went, yet the flame was persistent and had never extinguished. Many had come to regard it as a symbol of the prosperity of the Bourdelaic people; As long as the flame was lit, the great Empire of Bourdeleaux shall never falter. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Kindling, an event in which citizens throughout the Empire light torches in remembrance of the great martyrs of the Empire, Adrian’s Forum; c. 1504 Attending to the Holy Brazier today was the Emperor himself. Even he, mightiest among men, was humbled in the presence of the eternal flame, a symbol of the Great Sun’s power and majesty on earth and the Heavens. Even he, proudest of men, was reduced in size to the engulfing warmth of the fire. His head lowered, daring not to gaze on to the flame in challenge. Even he, commanding legions of soldiers and ruling a vast empire, was but a mere servant of the Great Sun. The Emperor had come seeking guidance. With God, he consulted and pleaded aloud, mumbling his prayer. Tucked behind his sprawling cloak and shriveled in form, he was shrouded from sight, and inaudible to the ear. The onlookers and daily goers of the Church were in awe. Some stopped and stood while others quietly conversed among themselves. What could bring the Emperor to summit, were he not in a time of great need. Members of the clergy performed their rites, while in the pews, the masses heeded. Paying no mind, the Emperor reached out to the Heavens. He dared lift his chin, to the Great Brazier. “O Lord, Who be in Heaven, the Lord of Light be thy name. I have done just as you have demanded and brought light to the lands of Westfal What more would you have our people do? We have resolved to conquer great expanses of land and converted many a pupil in your name. Shall we not relent? Is this truly your design, for us to bring our enemies fire and sword...? No,I understand now -- in entirety. O Lord, who am I to question your Great Plan?” He paused, lowering his eyes a moment, before it had struck him. He then returned with renewed vigour, staring intensely into the flame ahead of him. Embedded deep within it was the resolution which he had so sought. His pupils dilated and he recoiled as he was flushed with divine intercession. “I understand as I now see your presence. The Great Darkness looms on the horizon. You see what we cannot not, you know what we cannot fathom. How narrow-minded we are; Man. We will make the necessary preparation, O Lord. We will face the Great Foe and vanquish the forces of Evil once and for all -- For we are your chosen and the instruments of your will. All in time will feel your warm embrace.” Sol Invictus. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 43,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 15k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 4k, Cities/Towns - 3k) Upkeep: 3,000g Gold from Event: 2,000 Available: 42,000g [5,000g] The discovery of the Fortress draws the ever-curious man eastwards. Some settle the area nearby, while others come to view it as a holy site. Construction of settlement in the eastern valley. [2,000g] When the Emperor hears news of this tremendous discovery, he travels to gaze upon the magnificent structure himself. Immediately captivated, he orders the most learned and knowledgeable citizens of the Empire to uncover its secrets. [5000g] In an effort to secure more lands for the Empire, another settlement is founded in a small bay to the south, near the newly acquired Westfalian lands. [5,000g] Construction of 1 additional farmlands stack. [24,000g] Upgrading 6 Units of Medium Infantry to T4 [3000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of Crossbowmen [2,000g] In a effort to discover more about the forests, an expedition is mounted to survey and scout the wooded lands in Bourdeleaux’s south.
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    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 4,917,272 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Carrow Lords ____________________________________________________ The Emperor addresses the masses regarding the capitulation and absorption of the Westfalians into the Empire of Bourdeleaux. c. 1504 After the Peace of Ulgar was signed by the newly appointed governor Elfred and the Emperor himself, all hostilities between the Empire and the Westfalians was brought to a close, with the latter being integrated into the Imperial sphere of influence. The news had come as a relief to many a knight and foot soldier alike, both sharing no interest in prolonging the war in the South. For now, the men in the camp rejoiced. Aside from solidifying the remaining unruly tribes under the rule of Elfred of Ulgar, it seemed that the majority had flocked to Elfred’s banner and indeed looked forward to the prosperity and bright future that came with being an Imperial citizen. Perhaps even more ecstatic was the family of those soldiers who eagerly awaited the return of their sons at home. While it was not the cleanest victory to be had by Bourdeleaux, it was one nevertheless. For centuries the people of Bourdeleaux have preached bringing light and civilization to outsiders. At last it would seem that the prophecies would come true. To many, this was thought of as merely the beginning of a great period of growth for the Empire. Senior members of the Sun Cult had convened and declared a new period within the Imperial Calendar; the Eternal Solstice. The name quickly caught on and became widespread from all reaches of Bourdeleaux with morale at an all-time high. As Emperor Adrian and the Black Army were spotted upon the outskirts of Souvois, the gates were raised immediately followed by a flocking of men, women, and children to the city streets. As they made proud strides through the city, they were greeted by adoring cheers and cries of joy. Children cautiously approached the returning soldiers, offering curious looks to their hardened faces, and poking at their ebony black armor. The Black Army’s return was a truly inspiring sight. For many a soldier, the presence of women was definitely a sight for sore eyes. For those who had wives, they would most certainly celebrate in the bedchambers. The now, the Emperor would seek his own retreat from the affairs of state, leaving. Afterall, how unlikely it is for the Empire to collapse after one day of the Emperor’s non-presence. ____________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 38,500g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 13.5k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - - 9k, Trade - 4k) Upkeep: 3,000g Available 35,500g + 2,500 from treasury = 38,000 [25,000g] In fears of potential famine and the hardships of winter, the agricultural sector is expanded, with large tracts of land being granted to yeomen. Construction of 5 farmland stacks. [10,000g] The War of Westphal highlighted both the weaknesses and strengths of traditional bows. However, they did not satisfy the Black Army’s requirements in specific scenarios. A great deal of resources is poured into perfected a new crossbow design to out Black Army skirmisher units. Researching crossbows. [1,000g] Rumors of the river valley to the east of Bordeleaux arouse the curiosity of many a commoner and nobleman alike. The optimistic hope that the land has more to offer than the Barrier River hinterlands. After some time, the Crown decides to sponsor an expedition eastwards and potentially establish the offshoot of the Barrier as a potential border.. Surveying surrounding area and exploring point of interest. [1,500G] After the War of Westfal, the Emperor promised to alleviate some of the expenses of post-war reparations, as well as building churches and infrastructure within Westfalian lands. The Emperor kept to his word and devoted a decent sum of gold to rebuilding the Province of Ouestphal. [500g] A celebration and feast of immense scale is held in the capital city of Souvois upon the return of the Emperor and the Black Army.
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    From Ruination [FRP]

    EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 4,774,050 Allies: N/A Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Carrow Lords ____________________________________________________ Winter had beset the Empire, leaving much of the continent plastered in a fine, white layer. The winter, for centuries, was thought to be a sign of the worst to come; ill omens and bad tidings. For this spiritual, it was the ushering of in of darkness and where the Sun retreated to do battle with Evil. Or at least, that was one of the theories. The people of Bourdeleaux were a largely uneducated and superstitious people. They found meaning in everything, and absolutes in the most mundane of signs. The peasants would often cry tales of fiendish nightmares and horrific abominations running rampant through the countryside. Yet, when investigated by local lords and authorities, they would find no evidence that such foul play had ever occurred. While the occasional maimed carcass of a livestock animal surface, it was ultimately decided that no connection could be drawn to a great monstrosity. The lords and aristocracy grew tired of it. The voices of the peasantry fell upon deaf ears. That was, until now. A snowy forest in the lands of Poirot, ruled by Count Orlande de Visset In the far northern reaches of the Empire, something ominous was afoot. More so than usual, reports flooded into the local lords of enormous wolves attacking and devastating various villages across the northern border. Normally, the local rulers would ignore such outrageous claims, as they have often proved to be nothing more than fairy tales and hallucinations. However, this soon changed when the Duke of Therevault, an open-minded and kind ruler, heeded these reports and claims. With an array of commoners visiting his hold, all with corroborating stories, he knew he would need to investigate himself. Sallying out with a retinue of his fiercest and most loyal knights, he set out northwards. What he witnessed had shocked him. Maimed corpses, dessicated livestock, and hovels torn to pieces. Enormous paw prints trailing northwards revealed that these were indeed no ordinary creatures. Unknown, whether or not the wolves would return, the order was given for the tripling of the watch. ____________________________________________________ The outskirts of the Imperial war camp; the Ducal palace of Thessedennes in the background On the pretense of protecting Boudelaic interests and safeguarding the western coast, the armies of Bourdelaux were mobilized and stationed near the southern border. The camp bustled with activity and the men expected to move out on a moment’s notice. The camp was further bolstered with reinforcements from Souvois. The Bourdelaic Army numbered more than eleven thousand, deemed by many of the commanders to be ample enough to lay ruin to whatever the Westfallians can muster. The soldiers drilled. Many walked to and forth, and going about their business. Perhaps they opted to visit a whetstone, or had a new weapon forge, or had new horseshoes fitted on their mount. Others ate, while others drank savory Boudelaic wine. In general, morale was high. The soldiers knew their duty and expectations. They were told they were to protect their families at home, by allowing these raiders free reign no longer. They would also be bringing civilization to what else would be disunified bands of lawless savages. The Great Sun was a forgiving figure, and there would be redemption for the Westfallians yet. Bordeleaux sought not their destruction, but rather their adherence to God and the subjection to law and order. Within the strategy tent, gathered many of the Empire’s lords, the Grand Marshal, the eldest and most veteran knights and the Emperor himself, huddled around a map which displayed much of the local terrain. The men bickered, devising and discussing their plan of attack. All of a sudden, a messenger had burst through the flaps of the tent. He was horribly out of breath and trembled as he stood, though managing a bow before all the senior staff. Beads of sweat dripped from his hair, and his tabard was drenched, “My Lords.” He heaved, before speaking out with it, “The scout reports have arrived… most of them.” “Excellent.” remarked the Marshal, Theobold. “Bring it here, let us see what we are dealing with.” The messenger stepped forth, offering it to the Marshal. The Emperor watched skeptically, holding his speech. As soon as he had come, he left, bowing deeply before retreating from the tent in a hurry. The Marshal nodded, skimming through the contents of the parchment. It had only taken him a brief period of time to decide the appropriate course of action. “Their settlements line the beaches and coasts. They raid by means of light craft, drawn onto the sands when not in disuse. They are scattered, and disorganized. If we act quickly, we will be able to make swift work of whatever resistance they may have. An advance along the coast is optimal.” said Theobold, placing a steel-plated finger to the surface of the map and dragging it southwards. The Emperor inclined his chin, speaking with an air of apprehension, “I remind you, Lord Marshal, that our mission here is not to raze the whole countryside to the ground and kill anything that breathes.” “Of course, Your Imperial Majesty. We will utilize soft-handed tactics.” “We will be methodical and offer each village we encounter a chance for surrender. If not, then you have my express permission to show them the error of their ways.” “Very well, my Liege.” the Marshal nodded, smirking slightly – for he had been known for his brutal strategy in quelling enemies of the past. “Pray they meet us on the field of battle…” the Emperor replied, “Let us finish up here. We march upon sunrise.” Within the coming hours, the war flag had been rayed; displaying the white sun rays upon black. The time had come, and legions of Boudeleaux marched forth once more. Bourdelaic troops cross the border and enter the lands of the Westfallians ____________________________________________________ ACTIONS Income: 38,500g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 13.5k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - - 9k, Trade - 4k) Upkeep: 3,000g Other: 1,000 gold lost from event Available 34,500g [5,000g] An expedition is launched, with eyes set on the unoccupied territory northeast of the country. A Crown sponsored settlement is to be founded where the river divides in two. The hinterlands are declared a part of the Empire, with citizenship and faith conversion offered to any populations in the area. [10,000g] Recruitment of 1 Unit of T4 Phoenix Guard [16,000g] Upgrading 4 Units of Medium Infantry to T4 [500g] The watch in the northern villages of Bourdeleaux is tripled in the aftermath of the giant wolf attacks. [500g] The Emperor raises the spirits of the men with a feast before the campaign. [2,500g] Gold stored in the treasury. [Non-expenditure] The Empire of Bourdeleaux INVADES their southern neighbor, the Westfal Raiders. (Mod)
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    The Disunited States of America

    FEDERATION OF CONNECTICUT AND RHODE ISLAND THE TIDES OF WAR The 1st Connecticut Light Artillery Battery, shelling Coalition forces near S. Washingtonville. Not much had changed on the homefront of Connecticut. Families and wives eagerly awaited a cessation of conflict and the return of husbands, brothers, and sons. However, the war persisted. And it was everyone’s duty to uphold their loyalty and service to the state. Tears would be shed but everyone knew their duty in this dire time of need; beset upon from all sides. Connecticut and Rhode Island had allied themselves with Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Vermont in SOLIDARITY with their New Englander brothers. However, this compassion and sentiment was not present within the hearts of the Mainers. During the Revolutionary War, New England stood at the forefront of the British incursions Americans living in New Englander towns had everything to lose, gave everything, and claimed their INDEPENDENCE from their British oppressors TOGETHER. To forsake these age old bonds for the chains of servitude of a former overlord and oppressor disgusted the people of Connecticut. However with Maine’s unprovoked invasion, valid justification was not required for the New Englanders, who had long sought to wipe the British boot-licking excuse of a nation off of the AMERICAN Northeast. Maine once formed an integral component of Massachusetts, only relinquished to allow the entry of a free state to balance out the South’s addition of a slave state. Would Massachusetts reclaim their long lost land -- would Connecticut? Many questions had arose during the course of the war, leaving many uneasy about peace and stability of the nation and America as a whole. Nothing was certain. Connecticut and Rhode Island would endure, ensuring their foes pay the bloody price. What remains of America is now littered with nothing more than treacherous and opportunistic hyenas, preying upon the weak. A lamb no longer, a new order shall be forged in the flames of war, be it New England or the numerous enemies that conspire against them. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS Connecticut returns a formal declaration of war and offers a public declaration of condemnation upon Maine, as a treacherous and opportunistic dog and a New Yorker and British boot-licker. (Maine) The Federation government seeks to extend the life of their current rifle designs. They reach out to several New Englander arms manufacturers and contractors for conversion kits for the M1861 Springfield into a breech-loading rifle. (Mod) A mandate is put out to all regiments serving in Connecticut & Rhode Island’s military, ordering them to set aside 80 of their best shots to serve in designated scout/skirmishing companies. (Mod) Connecticut & Rhode Island seek out French military advisors for oversight and training of their personnel in tactics, strategy, and discipline. (Mod) Construction of two additional Ironclads continue (Mod)
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    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    EMPIRE OF JAPAN Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Head of State: H.I.M. Naruhito Head of Government: H.E. Yamura Tagawa Population: 158,500,000 Provinces: 44 Allies: Republic of China Trade: China, USA, Greece, Poland, Australia, S. Korea, Sweden ____________________________________________________ RECALLING OF THE FLEETS Japanese cruisers present at the Battle of Tsushima, c. 1905 At last, it would seem that the Japanese rearmament would not be in vein. With the declaration of war against China, the fleets were placed on high alert, dragged away from their fruitless patrol duties to waters around the Korean peninsula. Intelligence knew not of the location of any Korean or their allied Russian ships, though many of the naval staff suspecting nothing short of a crushing victory as in the Battle of Tsushima some century ago. Flight crews were on standby. Several craft littered the tarmac that made up the top decks of Japan’s floating cities. Meanwhile, guided missiles were prepped in the launch tubes of cruisers, and destroyers trained their gun on the same bearing -- toward the Korean peninsula. Aircraft were quickly scrambled in the face of impending attack at any moment, doing multiple runs around the battle groups. The time to strike was nigh. ____________________________________________________ THE EMPEROR SPEAKS The Emperor was the very symbol of Japan. Japan would not exist without an Emperor. The Nippon Kaigi had successfully restored the role to its former influence, and the Emperor shirked not from his duties. No longer is he merely a symbol but at the forefront of the nation’s very politics. Now, he would offer a speech to the people of Japan over the current state of affairs and Japan’s wartime policy. My humble subjects, I regret to inform you of this terrible news. The People’s Republic of Korea has declared war upon our sacred nation, backed by their Russian overlords. It has come as a surprise to us all. They attempt to destroy the goal of unity and prosperity between Asian brethren, demanding we absolve our alliance with the Chinese. To that I say, we will not be bullied into submission. The Empire of Japan bows to none. Evidently shown through history, our people are warriors. We will adapt and overcome as always. The entirety of Korea and much of the far reaches of the Pacific once felt the weight of our boot. I decree that all loyal citizens of Japan show them why that once was. Japan will not be trifled with. That is why I ask every one of my beloved subjects to do their role and aid in the war effort; be it through enlisting or taking up various jobs on the homefront. We are reborn anew. The Sun rises over the East once more. ____________________________________________________ ACTIONS AND INVESTMENTS AP/RP Production 30 AP(Base - 6, Trade - 3, Agriculture - 15, Provinces - 4, Titanium - 2)/7 RP - 1 AP Upkeep Upkeep/Expenditure -1 AP for Naval Upkeep (57 AP) -0 AP for Ground/Air Upkeep (32 AP) -0 AP for Space Upkeep (0 AP) AP Investments -Construction of 1 additional aircraft carrier (8 AP) -Construction of 1 additional missile cruiser (6 AP) -Construction of 1 additional destroyer (4 AP) -Construction of 1 submarine (4 AP) -Construction of 100 additional fighters (4 AP) -Recruitment of 2,500 ARDB (1 AP) Construction of 50 mobile artillery (1 AP) Research Projects Completion of T2 Fission (6+14/20 RP) Ongoing Robots (1+7/37.5 RP) (Cutting Edge Technology) RP Actions -All Carrier Strike Groups are recalled to the immediate waters surrounding Japan. From there, they enact a blockade and attempt to stop all shipping in and out of Korea. (Mod) -With the issues to the power supply of the MAID project ‘solved’, focus turns back on developing the drone itself. The drone itself is bipedal like a human, and is articulated through magnetic ‘joints’ and is designed to wield a wide array of infantry weaponry. Skeptics wonder if the project will ever emerge from the prototype phase and if it even has any practical use on the modern day battlefield. (Mod) -With the abrupt onset of war, trade is terminated with the USSR and N. Korea. Thus, Japan opts to seek trade partnership in the Anterior Coalition and in New Zealand. (Mod)