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  1. ((Glad I could be part of the experience. Was a pleasure RPing with you when we had the chance. Good luck with whatever endeavors the future might hold!
  2. BATTLE OF LOWER HELENA Ser Carlovac Kovachev felling the Great Spruce of Helena; c. 1716 “Even now I could cut you down like the tree you are.” - Ser Conan Vallberg, staring down the defiant tree. THE SPRUCE CONSPIRACY Renatus’s enemies were far and wide. Some foes were more obvious than others, wearing the dragon of Marna or the golden crow of Barbanov. Others hid in the shadows while some lay right under our noses. Inconspicuously, the Great Spruce stood in the Helena Square, whispering lies and turning the enemy against us. A Josephite supporter. For months had the infestation festered, roots taking firm hold over the soil in which we walked. The Tree would need to be uprooted for the prosperity of Renatus and the Empire. “Ser Carlovac, A spruce tree, in a dense forest?” - Ser Frederick Baden THE INVESTIGATION It was by the brave efforts of Ser Carlovac Kovachev that the treachery of the Tree came to light. Like a bloodhound, he sniffed out the treason. A quick confrontation ensued in which Carlovac punched the tree with a precise strike to the trunk. The tree reeled at the mighty blow, wincing in pain. Onlookers gathered around the spectator, one Renatian guardsman tossing Carlovac an axe. Graciously accepting the weapon, Carlovac grabbed hold of the axe, raised it over his head and sent a crushing blow towards the Orenian Tree. He repeated this action multiple times, caving in the Tree’s breastplate with such force that the jewels that were encrusted in the elaborate armor flew all over the marketplace. “Gods I was strong then.” - Ser Carlovac reminiscing on the Battle of Lower Helena. REINFORCEMENTS ARRIVE Carlovac’s bravery had not gone unnoticed. Such boldness and ferocity shamed his colleagues. Naturally, two Renatian knights rushed to his aid, eager to claim honor and glory for themselves. Ser Frederick Baden and Ser Conan Vallberg took arms against the Josephite tree. A whirlwind of blows fell upon the unsuspecting tree. With a creak and a moan, the tree split in two, collapsing exhausted onto the Helena square. Three knights stood triumphant above the pitiful corpse. Ser Carlovac spat upon the dead tree, cleaving into the trunk one last time. Victory had been achieved. Glory to Renatus. Ave Godfrey. GRIEVANCE 100.5
  3. EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX Ruler: H.I.M. Emperor Adrian II Government: Imperial Constitutional Monarchy Population: ~ 11,231,623 Allies: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick Trade Partners: Galaharian League, Kingdom of Fyr-Darrick, Kingdom of Helmedhi, Passans, Republic of Danwent, Hakkans ____________________________________________________ Herzakan Marches A lone sentry stood watch upon the wooden ramparts that ran the perimeter of one of Bourdeleaux’s border outposts. It was hastily constructed, though would serve as the anchoring point for the new frontier that the Empire would continue to push outwards. Bourdeleaux’s ambitions were great, but came at the expense of sovereign nations. They justified this to themselves as they told themselves that they were leading these stray souls to salvation. Yet now, the realm of Bourdeleaux bordered that of the Herzaka, a nation of nomadic horseman who knew no boundaries? How would they respect Bourdeleaux’s rightful claim, if at all? Their warning was ominous, though their point had been made. Clearly, the Herzakans did not take well to the Bourdelaic presence encroaching upon their lands. A single red arrow, shot by some five riders who mysteriously disappeared. Whether it was a threat or a warning, the Black Army mobilized to protect the settlers who had just begun to establish themselves within the region. Fast moving Cavalry and Infantry was peeled away from the Carrow Siege and stationed to the Northeast. No chances would be taken on the frontier. Caltrops, stakes, and barricades were to be erected in a timely fashion. Rumors of these horse lords spread far and wide. The Black Army soldiers were anxious, having never yet met such a foe. Spears pointed outwards and bows at the ready, they awaited any movement on the horizon. ____________________________________________________ Carrow Citadel The siege was as unmoving as ever. Camp life was monotonous, and there was no attempt from the Carrow defenders to break out - at least, that they knew of. It was perhaps that promise that stopped many men from deserting out of boredom. The Black Army was used to waging quick and decisive campaigns, and had not once expected to meet such an insurmountable fortress. Yet, their discipline held true. Many had to resort to creating their own means of entertainment. However, the bonds with one another were as strong as the armor they wore upon their backs. It was their only hope that they could live long enough to see the Siege through to its end. Unbeknownst to the common footsoldier, key intelligence had reached the ears of the Master of Troops. And now, His Imperial Majesty’s finest - the Special Tactics Group were now deployed to investigate. An opportunity had arisen, begging to be exploited. ____________________________________________________ EMPIRE OF BOURDELEAUX INFO Farmlands - 46 - 11,500,000 Cities: Souvois - Merchant’s Guild, Place of Worship, Church, Port, Barracks (3), Omignon - Merchant’s Guild Vascogne - Merchant’s Guild Towns: Manufactories - N/A ____________________________________________________ FINANCES AND ACTIONS Income: 103,000g (Base - 3k, 6 Economy Pts - 6k, Pop - 33k, Resources - 3k, Merchant Guilds - 9k, Trade - 9k, Cities/Towns - 39k, Incoming Caravels - 1k) Upkeep: 8,000g (Army), 5,000g (Veterancy) = 13,000g. +6,700 [15,000g] Constructing 3 Farms [10,000g] Constructing 2 Settlements [0g] Upgrading Settlements to Towns! [0g] Following the ominous warning, Black Army detachments are sent to the Herzakan Marches! [15,000g] Constructing 3 Barracks in Souvois [20,000g] Researching Heavy Cavalry [36,000g] Recruiting 4 Units of Veteran T4 Heavy Infantry 700
  4. “God save Renatus!” shouts Ser Carlovac.
  5. “I’ve been manning these ramparts for days. Start the damn siege before I piss me-self.” cries Ser Carlovac.
  6. “It’s plausible. Tests thus far have been inconclusive. I believe further inquiry must be made.” says Doctor Ser Carlovac, PhD.
  7. “Perhaps the mind fungus hasn’t overrun all Haensemen.” says Doctor Ser Carlovac, PhD.
  8. Wars are won with words - Sun Tzu
  9. Berenfroy de Fontevrault, grasped at his Solar necklace hanging freely above his chestplate, muttering a quiet prayer to the Great Sun as he donned his steel. “One last ride.”
  10. Ser Carlovac paints himself blue with woad, crying, “FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDOM.”
  11. “We’ll turn this lawn work into light work.” says Ser Carlovac, throwing out his back.
  12. THE 91st GRIEVANCE The Count of Nenzing, once a man of great prestige, succumbed to the Josephite plague brought on by his Haeseni comrades. And so, he met his demise. As the flames of evening torches scorched on, the forces of Godfrey III’s trotted to the boundaries of Nenzing with an insatiable avidity to claim what they perceived to be their war-given right. Under the guidance of Ser Rodrik of Kortrevich, a former chevalier of the disgraced Hanseti-Ruska, the legion encroached on the seat of House Stafyr with a sole intention: To capture and liquidate their lord, who so impertinently signed a treatise to do away with their former lieges. In the assumed safety of his fief, the heedless count was found encircled by those he had described as rebels -- unable to do much except plead for his vitality. Yet, he did not do the same for the Renatian people; He did not grant them mercy. And so, a valiant legionnaire carved his blade swiftly through that of Leopold’s neck, leaving the fatally wounded man to his own devices. Alas, he lost his being as the rest of the signatories of the heinous Proclamation of Nenzing would; The next words uttered by the congregation of Renatians would be curt, yet prominent. “Grievance ninety one, ave Godfrey.” [!] Attached to the bottom of the missive is a list of the so-far deceased signatories marked in red. Conrad de Falstaff, Count of Leuven Arthur de Falstaff, High Marshal Edward Morris, Count of Ager and Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Nedric Arkazniv, Patrician of the Golden City of Ves Leopold Stafyr, Count of Nenzing and Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska
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