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  1. @Chaw Hey kid. Wanna buy some syndicalism?

    1. Chaw


      the south will rise again baby

    2. Dewper


      no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no


      @Chaw @TankM1A2

  2. Messy Medieval Workers' Union

    damn commies
  3. New Character Ideas

    wow great ideas devvy! thank you for your feedback!
  4. The Life and Death of Marcus Popidius Molacus

    "MURDER! - IN COLD BLOOD!" Berenfroy gasped, dropping his fine brew of Mother's Breast Ale as Marcus was struck down.
  5. Ultimatum to the 'Kingdom of Arbor'

    "I love ultimatums. Really gets the blood going." says the Reiter veteran, Berenfroy, as he goes to spread the word amongst his comrades.
  6. Dantory's Media Team App

    Previous experience making content. Good guy and always brightens the mood. +1.5
  7. comment kept getting deleted! anyways.. you tell it tank! can always rely on a good friend like you to stick up for me.


    said it first btw idk why im being copied

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Chaw


      well well well a ladyboy and an egirl walk into a bar

    3. HurferDurfer1


      what will eagles think of this tank???

    4. TankM1A2


      dont tell her


  8. The Health of Humanity

    "What a load of ****." says Berenfroy, the proud HEARTLANDER.
  9. The Black Reiters

    Berenfroy would be sat upon a tree stump; a direct result from clearing trees and setting up camp. He'd be hunched over with several of his comrades, circled around a hastily assembled campfire. "New world, new opportunities." He'd say, taking a swig from his flask.
  10. Crusader King II - Lord of the Craft Mod

    Noble Rebels incoming
  11. A Dominion Attack!

    Yeah, take that Dumb Onions!
  12. Stop "Thinking" On Roleplay Threads

    preach it brother, lmao
  13. Blood and Ashes

    The Reiter Company of Calais, ready to set sail upon the Ben Quadinaros, after a long day's struggle upon the walls of the Krag, circa 1641.
  14. Airing of Grievance.

    forgive me father, for I have sinned
  15. Who is heNarthok? Have your English teachers ever told you about being vague?? blease resbond.