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  1. Application: Discord name (PM if you wish): Tank Nation Type: Kingdom Nation Flag (optional): Nation Name: Kaloreia Vrachation [Kingdom of Vrachati] Are you in the Elraic Empire? (If so state in what way you're a sub-region of the empire - client kingdom, appointed/hereditary governor, military order, etc): Subject of the Elraic Empire, Kaloreia Nation Culture (Brief description): The Vrachatians are a hard-working, innovative, and pious folk who dwell upon the northern shores facing the Mesogean
  2. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS _____________________________________________________________________________________ Colonel Robert Vernon Craig endorses Frankie Callahan at Lake Meadows Park; c. 2279 A NEW ERA The Republic of Douglas is on the path to recovery. Chairman-Colonel Robert Vernon Craig announces his ‘abdication’ of the post, which allowed him unprecedented influence over Douglodian affairs. This move comes suddenly to the shock of Douglodian citizens, who were led to believe that the military governor wou
  3. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS _____________________________________________________________________________________ Soldiers of A Company, 2nd Battalion, searching the ruins of shelled houses for survivors; c. 2277 22 November 2277 Lt. Richard Goodey It seemed like just another day in Chicago. The denizens of the Republic of Douglas had only just settled into their newly established identity which bound them together. For the past two years, a sense of normalcy and tranquility reigned over the southern suburbs of Chic
  4. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS _____________________________________________________________________________________ No RP, gotta crunch out some assignments _____________________________________________________________________________________ [2,500 + 5B] Constructing Block Fortification in Douglas [7,500 C + 2B] Constructing 1 Scrap Yard [10,000 C] Training 100 Troops to Trained 3,370 C saved, 5M saved [6+9/50R] Continuing Research on T4 Armor [4M, 4E, 2AE] Constructing 4 T
  5. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS _____________________________________________________________________________________ “Absolutely not.” Colonel Craig barked. Lieutenant Holdwick appeared rather dismayed, having been sent on some far flung diplomatic mission, only for his superiors not to heed his word. “Sir, this Protectron presented a unique opportunity to expand our range of operations in Chicago.” “I understand that, lieutenant. But now, the rest of Chicago isn’t our problem. Douglas is.” Doc Hanlon, who sough
  6. THE PROVISIONAL GOVERNMENT OF THE REPUBLIC OF DOUGLAS _____________________________________________________________________________________ The interior of the former Chicago Military Academy building bustled with activity, Doc Hanlon found, having been set aside earlier as the capitol of a newfound ‘Provisional Government of Douglas’ For the better part of three years, she had pestered the Colonel to relinquish administrative control to the people. She knew very well how power, or the fallacy of it, consumed the minds of those who wielded it. Simply, the mission could
  7. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL Islander troopers gathered around a hotplate, chatting as they eat their rations. “What the **** she gonna say anyways to make ‘em feel better? -Hey, real sorry for shooting up your husbands and sons in a park. Here’s some caps for your trouble.” Staff Sergeant James McGovern expressed his dismission of Rock Island’s new ‘reconstruction’ efforts in the South. He was an unforgiving man with a diamond shaped face and spoke in a Bostonian drawl. Gathered around were some of the soldiers tasked with peacekeeping in former Chicago PD territor
  8. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7b_p4ppxr8s&ab_channel=MikeCurbCongregation-Topic “Hodges, for God’s sake, turn it off.” “-From sea to shining sea.” The Private First Class Stephen Hodges hummed, rifling through a drawer of pre-War music collections as America the Beautiful sang over the holotape player. Hodges had propped his rifle against the stand, fully immersed in exploring the relics which lay before him. “Let the kid have his moment, Specialist.” 1SG Michael L. Cohen chipped in, himself laying back against th
  9. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL Doctor Margaret Hanlon works around the clock, tending to numerous Islander troops following the Battle of South Douglas; c. 2271 A young man, clad in bloodied olive drab fatigues strode through the entrance of Rock Island’s situation room, coming to a halt at the briefing table where Colonel Robert Vernon Craig and his staff had been discussing strategy. “Colonel.” he stood at attention, saluting his superior. The Colonel turned to the raggedy looking soldier, expecting him to be the bearer of bad news. He’d sent his
  10. Département des Territoires d'Epsilon Indi The mother country’s generous shipment is put to immediate use. Nouveau Bordeaux continues to improve its infrastructure. This year efforts are placed upon supporting small-scale businesses. At last, small-time owners can do what they love most without worrying, for now, about competition from Earth’s megacorporations. President Bonnevay authorizes the construction of a research facility on the remote sister colony of Regina. Next year, they hope to have properly equipped the complex and the science teams there to
  11. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL Rock Islander Infantry advancing into the southern suburbs of Chicago; c. 2270. 1st Sergeant Michael L. Cohen strode the length of the Rock Islander Provisionary Headquarters. He was thinking of any way to pass the time. Afterall, his comrades had been sent out to battle earlier this morning. To his dismay, he was not counted among their ranks. Cohen was eager to do some real battle today, but the Colonel had sidelined him, deeming his skills too valuable and not worth risking on the frontlines. Cohen scoffed at that thought, thinking, h
  12. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL Faction Name: Rock Island Arsenal – 7th Midwest Infantry Regiment; Chicago Expedition Civilization Type: Civilized Starting Points: 8 – Research (T3 Power Armor, T3 Firearms, T3 Armor) 2 – Production (T3 Power Armor, T3 Firearms) Faction Backstory: The Rock River Company is descended from U.S. military personnel stationed at Rock Island Arsenal Military Base before the Great War. When the bombs fell, all key personnel and accompanying garrison were evacuated to the nearby Vault 62, much to the dismay of most of
  13. Département des Territoires d'Epsilon Indi The French settlers of Nouveau Bordeaux eased into their new home easily. Remarkable progress was made over the course of the year with residential sprawls and infrastructure taking route. Luckily, they had the benefit of the hundreds of years of technological and innovative expertise of their forefathers to aid them. With the blessing of their mother country, the first elections were held. The votes were tallied in the newfound General Assembly building which shall serve future generations as the home of the legi
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  15. Département des Territoires d'Epsilon Indi The surface of Nouveau Bordeaux, as seen from the FS Jacques Cartier; c. 2090. The chemical thrusters of the FS Jacques Cartier burned brightly, propelling the colony ship steadily through the black Void. Their sister ship had split off, some hours ago- their mission to establish an outpost on the other end of the system. The Jacques Cartier, however, carried nearly 15,000 souls aboard, and whose hull would be deconstructed and used for the capital effort. “Capitaine. Live feed for
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