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  1. 203RD ATTACK BATTALION REPORT A squadron of ARC-170s provide escort for the trio of capital ships bound for the surface of Edichi, c. 17 BBY. “RNS Dauntless. You are cleared to land at LZ-Alpha. Decrease throttle. Tugboats will guide you in.” “We copy, reentering atmosphere… now. 470 clicks out and descending.” replied a commanding voice. The voice belonged to that of Fleet Admiral Lucien Condotta, who stood firmly in control at the center of the bridge of the Victory-class star destroyer, the Dauntless. From where he stood, he possessed an overarching view of the stations of each of the bridge staff. With their backs turned, manning the consoles, some still felt the heavy weight of the gaze of the distinguished Clone Wars fleet admiral. “Routine landing sequence everyone. Day 471.. Still no scratches on the hull. Let’s keep it that way.” came a second, more hoarse and aged voice, to the right of Admiral Condotta - the First Mate, Jalen Ryon. It was just that, another day. The crew of Dauntless were familiar with combat and the ins and outs of their ship, they’d be damned if they botched a landing. The bridge was eerily quiet, many of the crew unsure of what to expect. The boys on the ground had been given some time to construct their base. Hopefully their efforts paid off. It was nearly quiet except for one of the officers giving periodic updates regarding the ship’s altitude. “400 clicks. 350. 300… 100… 50… 25..” A voice once again came through the radio, “We see you, Dauntless. Tugboats engaging tractor beams. Sit back and relax. We’ll take you in.” With that, there a subtle jolt in the ship as the tugs activated their tractor beams. Ever so gracefully did they ease the star destroyer into its specially constructed landing site, before breaking off to aid the two light cruisers in their landing. Admiral Condotta heaved a sigh of relief, a smile crossing his tired features for the first time in many cycles, “Another happy landing.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Individuals gather around the holotable in the situation room, c. 17 BBY “Sir, incoming transmission from an old Republic frequency.” “Impossible, CT-4910. What other Republic assets were there on Edichi?” responded Lt. Blisk, padding towards the holotable at the center of the dimly situation room. “Unsure. Though, there were other deployments, states the mission manifest.” said the communications officer. “If more of our brothers are out there, we have to contact them.” said Blisk, hand held firmly upon the grip of his DC-17, as if ready to leap into action at this moment. “Shall I patch them through?” asked the officer, shakily. “Yes. Let’s hear what they have to say.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An example of a Republic propaganda/recruitment poster hung throughout the city. Through the bustling streets Arranoc, which the clones have come to know it as, marched Clone Commander Attre. He was flanked by a squad of clones, among them Lucky and Octane. Each stride they took was with purpose - they had a clear destination as they brushed past the civilians on the sidewalk. It seemed that some of the citizens had cozied up to the clone troopers. That much, he was thankful for. They were surprisingly well received and weren’t blasted on sight. In all of the scenarios that played out in his head, he never foresaw the cheering at their arrival. With each face they passed, some waved, others smiled, while some children approached the white-clad men in curiosity - only to be guided away by their parents. We’re still outsiders, he thought. Trust doesn’t come by easily. “We’re here sir.” declared one of the clone troopers, “City hall.” he and another trooper took up guard positions by the entrance, propping their long-barrelled DC-15s against their shoulders. “So it seems.” said Attre, turning to the rest of his escort, “Alright, boys. Come in with me. Safety on - no mishaps. And do me a favor… don’t embarrass me.” “You can count on it, sir.” said Lucky. Attre scanned the visors of the rest of the troopers, seemingly satisfied with the answer. “Alright, after me.” he beckoned them to follow, flipping up his rangefinder as he ascended the stairs towards the city hall’s entrance. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A clone trooper takes inventory as cargo and salvage is unloaded from the RNS Dauntless. “It’s much less than I’d hoped, but we’ll have to make do.” said Sloane, swiping through the manifest upon his handheld datapad. “Look at it this way - it’s a good start.” replied another clone. “Maybe we can get some bacta tanks running - or better yet, refreshers with plumbing.” said Thorne, curiously popping open the lid of one of the cargo containers, only to find what appeared to be a large collection of scrap metal and debris. Sloane chuckled lightly, shaking his head, “Don’t get your hopes up. We still got much to do.” “Of course.” replied Thorne absently, intent on rummaging through the collection of cargo, overturning much many of metal scrap, and giving it a cursory inspection. He held in his hand what appeared to be part of a bulkhead of a discarded starfighter. “Found something you’re looking for?” called out Sloane, still tapping away at the datapad. “Hell, no. It’s just a bunch of… junk.” “That junk is gonna come a long way towards our base.” “Right...” the clone rolled his eyes, moving on to see what the next container held in store. Meanwhile, Sloane had picked up a transmission. He set down his datapad, and brought his wrist to his helmet, flicking on the communicator on his wrist. “It’s Blisk.” “Better answer it.” scoffed Thorne. Sloane didn’t reply, patching himself in to Blisk’s comm. “Sloane. We have a new directive. Attre wants you to kickstart the ARC trooper project. He needs special forces - flexible and dependable type. You up to the task?” “O-of course, sir.” stammered Sloane, taken aback. “Good.” said Blisk, allowing Sloane no time to think upon the proposal. “Five LAATs are inbound. One is for the ARC candidates. The other three are filled with the recruits from Arranoc. Fifth is additional troopers. You’re overseeing the training of this base’s troopers. Enjoy your promotion.” “Not sure what to say, sir..” “Don’t say anything. I’ll give you a full debrief later. Hey, you’re with Thorne, right? His objectives have been updated as well. Tell him for me, would ya? The Acclimator from the Arranoc mission is RTBing with what I believe to be all of our walkers. They’ll be of much better use here in the mountains than the hovertanks or the Juggernaut. Get them in forward defensive positions.” “I’ll tell him.” said Sloane. “No need, I have ears too.” called out Thorne, rifling through the contents of yet another crate, though obscured from view. “And Thorne - mine the approaches towards Central Base. I want this area locked down. Motion sensors, artillery batteries, bunkers and pillboxes, you name it.” “That can be arranged easily.” Thorne replied, carelessly tossing wreckage out from the crate and over his shoulder. “Good. Then see to it. Blisk, out.” concluded Blisk, the transmission ending there afterward. “Looks like we got our work cut out for us.” Sloane sighed. “Another day in the Grand Army of the Republic.” ACTIONS (Player) The 203rd Attack Battalion opens up communications with the 104th Battalion. Although wary of their intentions and authenticity, the 203rd displays interest in mutual assistance. (Mod) Recruitment persists throughout the city of Arranoc. Several posters and flyers display slogans such as “Support the Boys in White” or “We March Forward for the Republic.” and portray clone troopers in a noble, heroic light. As well as for the army, recruitment is open for the Republic Navy. (Mod) Clone Commander Attre enters talks with the local leader. He expresses interests in cooperating and also explains their plight to him. Attre asks if he has any information regarding the nearby city-states. (Mod) Commander Attre and his retinue inquire with much of Edichi’s corporations, specifically those with presence in Arranoc. Though he briefly mentions a contract for a Venator, he mostly seems interested in expanding the starfighter fleet with additional ARC-170s. (Mod) A platoon worth of clone troopers are selected as candidates for the revived ARC trooper program. The aim is to create a fast-response, flexible unit of special forces. Meanwhile, the 100 recruits also undergo standardized training. (Mod) Construction of Central Base amidst the mountains of Edichi’s northern continent continues, burrowing deeper into the mountains. In addition, the clones dig themselves in, aiming to establish a fluid line of defenses in multiple layers. Artillery batteries, trenches, listening posts, and bunkers and mines.
  2. 203rd ATTACK BATTALION Clone Commander Attre assesses the situation on the surface of Edichi, c. 17 BBY Commander Attre stood at the center of his command tent, flanked by what appeared to be his most trusted lieutenants. Their gazes were fixed upon the table center to all of them. On the table was a holographic projection of the surrounding area, with markers denoting areas of particular interest. The harsh wind outside the tent, bit at the armor of the troopers, and whipped at the surface of the tent. Vision was restricted to but a few meters in front of oneself., as heavy snowfalls piled atop the ground, throughout the day. It wasn’t an optimal situation to find yourself in, though, at least they would not be pursued this far north. - “Sir?” a familiar voice called out. Though, all the voices he’d heard recently heard were familiar. They were clone troopers. They looked the same, spoke the same, and possessed the same tenacity and ferocity of loyalty. They were his brothers, and to an extent, all he ever knew. For he and his brethren were created in the cloning facilities of Kamino, bred for combat against the Separtist menace. Attre had tuned out the conversation at hand, his mind was elsewhere, “Yes?” he replied, staring out across the table emptily towards the trooper who stood before him. Unsure of exactly, whose voice it was, he was glad he had his helmet on. “We can’t stay here much longer.” the clone added. By now, he knew he who he was speaking with. His trusted friend, since the Geonosian campaign, CT-1777, or as the Battalion had come to know him as, ‘Lucky’. Attre regained his bearings, glancing across the visors of the other clones assembled before him, CT-4007 ‘Octane’, CT-6185 ‘Gibbs’, CT-4015 ‘Blisk’, CT-4027 ‘Thorne’, and CT-5190 ‘Sloane’. He had memorized all their serial numbers and the nicknames by now which many went by. The clones, he often thought to himself, too were pushed off the assembly line as Separtist droids were. But, whenever these thoughts resonated in his mind, he assured himself that clones were better than that. That they possess individuality and spirit, and were not mindless automatons “I agree, though to where, I remain unsure.” “I’ve tried hailing the locals through open transmission several times. No answer.” Lucky said. “Interference from the storm?” asked Gibbs. “Doubtful. We’ve got a deep transmitter. Maybe we’re being jammed.” added Lucky. “Whatever the case, we need to get moving. We’ve nearly exhausted all of the region’s resources.” commented Sloane. “Closest city is a short trip south, along the coast. Not too sure the locals will receive us.” said Gibbs. “They probably see us as an invading force. I’d stay away from them. Don’t think we have the manpower to keep a civilian populace in check.” said Blisk. Attre had let the clones speak among themselves, formulating his own strategy while they pointed various concerns or intelligence regarding the mission. He valued the opinion of his brothers deeply, although, it would be him who decided the fate of what remained of the Battalion. He heaved a burdened sigh, addressing all of those within the tent, “Listen here. Here’s what’s gonna happen. There’s two issues I see that needed to be tended to foremost. We need a permanent base of operations, and we need to compensate for our reduced numbers. I say take a hundred, and fly them directly south with one of our Acclimators and one hundred fifty men. There, you should hit a mountain range, fortify it and dig into the sides of the mountains. The other Acclimator and the rest will go beyond those mountains. If they push forward enough, the second group should come upon a coastal city. We’re gonna need to replenish our numbers, and we’ll start there. I’m going to head the recruiting op. Lucky, Gibbs, Octane - you’re with me. Blisk will head the base efforts - Sloane and and Thorne, you report to him. Any questions?” Attre concluded, scanning the faces of his officers. “Uh yes, sir.” Lucky raised his chin, “What if the locals start blasting us?” “Well, you better hope you don’t get hit.” Lucky cocked his head to the side, though knew better not to dabble upon it. “Anything else?” “What about our remaining capital ships? That leaves our light cruisers and star destroyers on standby.” inquired Thorne. “Ah, of course.” nodded Attre. Attre paused a moment, fiddling with the dials of the holoprojector. After a moment, a new image was displayed - a map of the entire system. “Right. Edichi has two satellites. We’ll go to the larger one and scour the surface for minerals. For that, we’ll dispatch our two Victory-classes and two of our light cruisers. Take whatever is of value, and return to the mountains. Hopefully by then, we’ll have some place to call home. I’ll contact Admiral Condotta and inform him of what we’ve discussed. I believe we are finished here. Pack your things, for we execute the mission on sunrise.” “Aye, sir.” the clones called out in unison, snapping salutes and turning as they began to make their preparations. They dispersed in each direction, going to give their companies their new directives. Attre, sighed once more, leaning upon the holotable, staring deeply into the three-dimensional projection. It was now time to act. More than ever, he felt the weight upon his shoulders. - ACTIONS An Acclimator and a detachment of 150 clone troopers are sent to the mountains south of the northern tundra of Edichi. Their task is to scout the various peaks and valleys for a suitable base location. They have permission to use whatever blasting and mining equipment at their disposal, and begin the construction of a permanent base. The second task force will fly past the potential base site towards the ocean. The Acclimator, flanked by two light cruisers will approach the coastal city and disembark their men. A show of force, with much of the 203rd Battalion’s armor and infantry will march throughout the city. If allowed, they’ll attempt to recruit from the populace and assure them they mean no harm. If aggressed upon, they will not hesitate to return fire. The third task force will be comprised of two Victory-class star destroyers and the remaining two Arquitens-class light cruisers. They are tasked with surveying the surface of Edichi’s larger moon and excavating any potential minerals or salvaging any debris. If engaged by a larger force, their orders are to retreat to into the denser of the asteroid belts. Otherwise, the salvage teams will proceed with the plan.
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    Gladewynn vs Orcs

    “It’s over Gladewynn, we have the highgrou- oh.”
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    Star Wars - Shadows of the Past

    Application Applications will not be accepted on a first come first serve principle Discord: tank🍤#8655 Faction of Choice: Republic Remnant 9 Faction Name: 203rd Attack Battalion Brief Faction History: The 203rd Attack Battalion is a battle hardened unit which has seen extensive service throughout all corners of the galaxy. They were first distinguished during the opening battle of the Clone Wars on Geonosis, where they had spearheaded a major Republic offensive against CIS strongholds. It is from the battle of Geonosis that the 203rd Attack Battalion had gained the reputation as fierce and fearless shock troopers. They became a vital asset to the Republic, and were thus often transferred from planet to planet, ensuring that Republic invasions were swift and decisive. The clone troopers of the 203rd Attack Battalion had formed a nearly unbreakable bond throughout their various campaigns, and operated with unparalleled cohesion. With their high stakes deployments, there was often need of replacements. ‘Shinies’ of the 203rd were known to have been put through grueling trials to prove their worth and loyalty to the Battalion. Contact has since been lost with the 203rd. With the years progressing, and the transformation of the Republic into the Empire, many had come to believe that they had been fully wiped out. Hero Name: CC-2015 Commander Attre Brief Hero backstory: Commander Attre is a clone commander with extensive campaign history across the galaxy. His methods were known to be extreme, although effective. However, this had caught the ire of Republic High Command. However, with communications cut off from the wider galaxy, it seems he has resorted to his resolutions and strategies of old. A number of men had resented the brutality of his tactics; ranging from executions, torture, to reckless collateral damage. Yet, it his nature of refusing to hold back which kept the unit alive to the point it is today. A small number of dissidents had planned to relieve him of command, although, he had caught word and had them summarily executed and made an example of. Confident that all collaborators and mutineers had been put to rest, he now has one priority – ensuring the survival of his men on this desolate rock. Hero Point Acquisition: - 4 Command - 3 Combat - 1 Mechanical/Tech Proficiency - 1 Knowledge - 1 Piloting Any specific items/equipment request: Dual DC-17 Hand Blasters, R2-Series Astromech Droid Suggestions?: Just like the simulations.
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    On The Matter of Seedly Affairs

    Ser Carlovac squints as he reads the signatures. “Clearly not.”
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    Union of The Dragon and Crow, 1688

    “Frankly, I am appalled.. disgusted, perhaps. Or a combination of the two.” spoke Ser Carlovac resentfully, tossing the notice into a bin at the furthest most corner of his office.
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    Cease and Desist

    Carlovac frowns as elves adopt High Imperial names.
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    Plot Size in 7.0

    I don’t like activity checks either, just proposing something, anything, other than this minuscule size. Bro, what’s that have to do with plot size Freebuild is indeed a cancer. Wise words.
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    Plot Size in 7.0

    So as well all know, 7.0 is on the horizon, though not quite around the corner yet. With the official announcement by our resident Administrator and World Dev Director, SeventhCircle, we were given a large dump of information. Part of which regarded the downsizing of nation plots from 200 x 200 from 350x350. The reasons they gave for this were fair enough - that the players would attempt to fill the entirety of their plot - leaving vast and empty feeling parts of the city. However, I feel like the benefits of having large (larger) nation plots outweighs the negatives. Simply put, with a smaller size plot, we’re able to do less things. For one, we cannot build grand structures, and will be forced to build on a small scale. Larger areas mean more freedom, and more opportunities to create a nice cityscape. With restricted nation plots, we can’t construct things like large basilicas for ecclesiastical rp or colosseums in which to fight for sport. Sure a small chapel or a hole in the ground works, but why not go big? These large builds are often something to be proud of and are often nice to behold (depending on the builder). With smaller plots, I fear we won’t have to be able to have iconic locations or landmarks. In essence, there needs to be a form of ‘wiggle room’ in terms of your build projects. When I asked about the issue of nation plots in support chat and the possibility of having them expanded, I was told that they will remain as they are because ‘smaller plots means more centralized RP’. Which I disagree with. Sure, smaller plots will mean that you’ll see nametags from wherever you stand, but isn’t the sole deciding factor. More blame should be put on the designers of the city and their administrations for the vast ghost towns that ‘sprawl Atlas’. Good planning, active and competent administration, and city layouts are objectively the deciding factors of good flow of RP. I can confidently say, the axiality of Carolustadt draws people in. Were the buildings their current size or expanded would make no difference. Another solution I’ve heard from some friends of mine include bigger land for bigger nations. Seems like the staff is already monitoring ‘activity’ at their own discretion. Why not put their activity checks into play and see if nations could get plot size proportionate to the size of their player base. If they don’t maintain that standard of activity and perhaps have them liable to lose it? Or maybe just start small for now or have the option to expand at a later date? Perhaps mina may come into play or if they reach a certain threshold than they would be able to expand the dimensions of their plot? Regardless, I feel that 200x200 is limited. Regardless if the decision reached by the World Dev team is final, I still want to hear the communities thoughts. I think it’s time for nation leaders to stop believing RP will flow right into their grasps. In regards to empty cities, we should be looking at the intricacies of how they’re constructed rather than how big we can make them. The biggest offender I’m assuming any player of Atlas knows was Senntisten. Senntisten, former capital of Renatus, was a convoluted, with no structure to the city’s layout. As such, it wasn’t conducive to roleplay and had another city constructed. This new city, Carolustadt, thrived not due to size, but rather because of the vision had in mind and the hard work of the administration. In addition, with how land distribution will function in 7.0. Many groups, who might find themselves displaced due to the clauses stating nations must be independent, etc, may find themselves displaced. Allowing the current existing nations to have larger plots will allow them to accommodate all the players, old and new, and returning to have a place to stay. If not a 350x350, how about a little bigger than a 200x200? TL;DR I think 200x200 for a nation plot size is too small, World Devs should consider expanding it
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    -= A Voice of Reason =-

    Ser Carlovac sweats profusely; marauding bands of Priorist paramilitaries patrolling Augustus Street and Romstun Road.
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    [Denied][W] papyb's Game Moderator Application

    papyb made me feel confident about my choice of attire and is verifiably female
  12. Ser Carlovac frowned as he attended to his studies within the Royal Camerlengo, disturbed by the commotion outside the door, “Couldn’t you have picked another spot..”
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    Your View: Warclaims, Warfare and Casus Bellis

    Very constructive feedback.
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    Full Name: Charles Henry Kovacs Year of Birth: ~ 1656 City of Primary Residency: Carolustadt ((MC Name: Pz_Kpfw))
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    “Wonder what this Parliament will be able to accomplish...” pondered Ser Carlovac, perusing the congressional chamber.