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  1. TankM1A2

    The Disunited States of America

    FEDERATION OF CONNECTICUT AND RHODE ISLAND New Haven, New Haven County, Federation of Connecticut and Rhode Island Assembled in the outskirts of New Haven were the brave men of Connecticut and Rhode Island. This was their last night before they’d break camp and set off on the march. Many of whom who had relatives in the area said their goodbyes. Some made their peace with God. It wasn’t too unreasonable to surmise the odds were stacked against them. The New Englanders stood defiant against an imperialist power upon their western border; who’d no doubt sooner devour the puny northern states than do any meaningful diplomacy with them. The men, and boys even, knew their cause was righteous. Or at least, so they were told. As night fell, hundreds of campfires illuminated the horizon some several miles inland from the Sound. Pitched around them were a myriad number of white tents. From all around, the men and the daily commotion of camp could be heard. They were restless, though, it was not as if they were to do battle in the morning. The Army was largely untested, green as the conifers dotting the New England landscape. Groups of men huddled together, telling folktales or singing songs; some of satirical nature others of a more solemn, grim note. Prime Minister Buckingham sat atop his atop his purebred courser, looking far out into the countryside. He felt a heavy burden upon his chest, feeling as if he’d be dragged onto the ground were he not perched onto his horse. The lives of these young men were on his conscience. He felt solely responsible for what would come of them on campaign. He had made far and wide pushes to take the war to southwards. Luckily, his sentiments towards the New Yorkers were shared my an absolute majority of the the Federation Parliament. The armies in the field would require immediate aid. The initial twenty thousand men held as a peacetime force would not suffice against the legions of New York and Virginia. Arrangements would have to be made. The stakes were high, and all was on the line. He would either go down and history as a hero of the Union’s downfall, or the one who had failed and doomed his countrymen. _____________________________________________________________________________________ Hartford, Hartford County, Federation of Connecticut and Rhode Island The following day, delegates from every corner of the Federation gathered in the Capitol Building. The army corps had just set began their long march to New York. With war being had, there was much to discuss between the regional representatives. Delegations from Providence, New Haven, and Hartford seemed much in favor of the war, while those from Windham or Tolland were either impartial or against. Among the topics being discussed were: “We must devote every available resource to our ironclad project. Wooden hulled ships are losing relevance on the high seas quick. We either fall behind and allow our enemies to dominate the waves or we go full steam ahead and spare no expense towards these floating fortresses…” “Children should be spared work in the dank, and putrid confines of the mines. The elements they are exposed to certainly are no good to their health and development. The work that they do can easily be filled by men.” “...Why should our sons die for a war in which they had no wish for?” “You either make it or your business now, or the enemy will decide it for you when they come with an invading army and subjugate all of you.” “...Our brave soldiers in the field deserve the finest equipment we can spare. The enemy hordes are numerous. We must increase production of uniforms and rifles as well as raise more men for the army.” Arguments ranged from serious to perhaps the mundane... “Our flag is horrendous. Who thought it was a good idea to have it as the state seal? Also perhaps an anthem to inspire the citizenry and the troops?” As the sun set, it appeared the Assembly had reached an accord, in the loosest stretch of the word. Either they had come to mutual agreement or couldn’t be bothered forward to argue further in an attempt to sway individuals whose minds were already made. _____________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS War is declared upon New York. (New York) No expense is spared for the Ironclad Project. Naval Observers are asked to gather information in the field and relay it back to manufacturers back in Mystic to make proper adjustments. (Mod) Another 40,000 men from both Connecticut and Rhode Island are called upon to serve in the Federation Army. Mustering is to take place in the larger cities and absorb men from the surrounding areas. Springfield Rifles and 12-lb guns continue production. (Mod) A state sponsored land ordinance passes. State-owned industries are given rights to exploit the terrain of any potential resource or mineral. (Mod) An passes refining the Federation education system, with primary and secondary schools, and universities -- splitting grade levels, and paper testing. Regional governments are asked to fund such endeavors with support from the Federal government. (Mod)
  2. TankM1A2

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    “Damned liberals brainwashing our children through their fine arts.” grumbles Carlovac Kovachev.
  3. TankM1A2

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - RP Thread

    EMPIRE OF JAPAN Population: 158,500,000 Government: Constitutional Monarchy Provinces: 44 Allies: N/A Trade: China, USA, Russia, N. Korea, Greece, Poland __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Emperor in Politics With the abdication of Emperor Akihito, some seventeen years ago, the Chrysanthemum Throne passed onto the Crown Prince Naruhito. Though it pained many to see him move on, it allowed others a chance to exert their influence upon the new Emperor. Many look to the Emperor for guidance, from every corner of the Japanese Isles. His importance cannot be understated. Both factions of the government desperately vy to win his approval over. Whispers have it that he has been swayed to the cause of the conservative coalition. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The National Diet The National Diet was firmly in the control of the conservative coalition by means of absolute majority. With the Seiyukai (Constitutional Association of Political Friendship), the Shoraikai (Shorai Society), and to a lesser extent, the Kokumin Domei (National Alliance), cooperating for the time being, a period known as the “Bright Future” began. The Conservative agenda was pushed along with ease, with bill after policy passing without hiccup in what would otherwise be the bloated nature of modern day politics. Control was had in both houses of the Diet, and now, the Coalition aimed to exploit their advantage while they held it. The National Diet has convened once more; this time to discuss expenditure and military budgeting. The Conservative alliance expected a swift and decisive turnout. The issue was being put forth by the Seiyukai, by far the most moderate, yet most numerous faction of the coalition. It was thought that with the Seiyukai spearheading any proposals, then the odds of being dismissed or made out to be as warmongers or militants were far less. With luck, the Conservatives able to agree upon a far higher budget than they had initially imagined. Meanwhile, the minority parties fiercely contested but to no avail. The Minseito, led by Matsui Onaka, and their allies were severely outmatched in the legislature. Power had slipped from their grasps. Yet, they maintain that the conservatives had seized control of the government’s neck by means of exploiting the paranoia and fears of the people. As loud as their cries sounding, they fell upon deaf ears. Japan was regarded to once more exist in a golden era, one of peace and prosperity. The liberals on the other hand, were branded as impediments to Japan’s ‘bright future’. Any and all additions to Japan’s arsenal, were nothing more than to ensure ‘the safety of its own shores’. It was the natural step to the preservation of the Japanese peoples. Japan was dwarfed by its Pacific neighbors of the USSR, the Republic of China, and the new South East Asian bloc. It came as no surprise when the conservatives vowed to keep Japan one step ahead of its potential enemies, technologically and militarily. Even the liberal coalition could not argue such a stance. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Peace in the East Yet Japan should not stand on its own. For reasons unknown, the Emperor Naruhito of Japan, has went out of his way to pay a state visit to the newly founded Republic of China. With the end of communism, it was the least they could do to ensure a harmonious future in the region. Regardless of the two nations’ past with one another in the Sino-Japanese Wars, many in the government saw cooperation with China to be to Japan’s benefit. Let bygones be bygones. Afterall, the British and French were able to get along well enough after centuries of rivalry, no? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS AND INVESTMENTS Initial Investments General 4 Agriculture Stacks (100 AP) 2 Research Facilities (50 AP) Military 1 Carrier (8 AP) 4 Destroyers (16 AP) 1 Amphibious Carrier (6 AP) 1 Missile Cruiser (6 AP) 1 Gunboat (1 AP) 10,000 Infantry (2 AP) 200 Tanks (2 AP) 250 APCs (1 AP) 250 Howitzers (1 AP) 10 MLRS (1 AP) 100 Fighters (4 AP) 100 Helicopters (1 AP) 25 Bombers (1 AP) Turn 1 Actions/Investments AP/RP Production 18AP/7 RP Upkeep/Expenditure -0 Naval Upkeep (37 AP) -0 Ground Upkeep (7 AP) -0 Aerial Upkeep (6 AP) Construction/Recruitment - Construction of 2 additional Gunboats (2 AP) - Construction of 1 additional Missile Cruiser. (6 AP) Construction of 1 additional Destroyer (4 AP) - Recruitment of 5,000 more infantry (1 AP) - Beginning Construction of 1 additional Agriculture stack (5/25 AP) Research Projects Robots (7/50 RP) RP Actions - The Emperor pays a state visit to the leader of China (China)
  4. TankM1A2

    A Manifest Destiny 2036 - OOC Thread

    Application: Your Discord’s name: Tank#9694 Your Nation: Empire of the Rising Sun Short background of nation: At last Article 9 is abolished and the influence of the Nippon Kaigi is felt all throughout the Isles. With the Constitution revised, Japan no longer revokes it’s right to war and to field an offensive army. The more radical elements of the party had compared it to a near loss of sovereignty, under the boot of the United States. Although the United States proved a reliable ally and a ward against Chinese and North Korean aggression, it was time for the Japanese to stand upon their own legs. No longer would they be reliant upon a foreign power to maintain the safety of their own shores. In the years leading up to 2036, the Empire was undergoing re-militarization and a general re-education of the Japanese people. No longer would the Japanese bear the weight of the burdens of their ancestors during the Second Great War. Japan would rise once more, although to what extent was unknown. Government type: Ultranationalist Monarchism Suggestions/Feedback: N̶a̶n̶k̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶d̶i̶d̶n̶'̶t̶ ̶h̶a̶p̶p̶e̶n̶ Nation’s Standing Army/Navy: https://www.globalfirepower.com/country-military-strength-detail.asp?country_id=japan
  5. TankM1A2

    The Disunited States of America

    FEDERATION OF CONNECTICUT AND RHODE ISLAND (multi turn) Providence, Rhode Island, 1861 “...It pains me to say that the once United States of America are now no more. Brother turns against brother in this new age of turmoil. But yet, the men and women of Connecticut stand arm and arm with those of Rhode Island, in solidarity. There is hope yet for our future. All is not lost. As we always have, we shall prevail.” “I ask much of the Connecticutian and Rhode Islander. No longer can we rely upon the aid and the protection of the Federal Government. We stand alone, a potential feast for the wolves of the southern yolk. And to that I say, we will not go silently. Nay, we will fight for every inch of Connecticut and Rhode Islander soil with tooth and nail.” “We all must do our part, citizens of the Federation. I ask that those with heart for their homeland, those proud sons of Connecticut or Rhode Island, and those courageous enough enlist within the new Federation Army. And I ask that their families support their decisions, give food and quarter should a serviceman need and donate what precious iron you can spare to our industrial effort. For it is time to get the gears of our Federation moving once more.” And with that, the Governor stepped off the podium. His strides indicated urgency as he walked with an entourage of men into a cordoned off theater, presumably to meet with his Cabinet. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS The state-owned manufacturing plants finish construction (Turn 1). The plants are given the directive to new weapons such. M1861s are ordered in high quantity, as well as Colt Army Models and sabres for the officers and cavalry. (Mod) A number of 12-pounder Napoleon guns are ordered. (Mod) Governor Buckingham begins a large public opinion campaign throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island. His party comes to be seen as ‘war hawks’ by the opposition. An aggressive rearmament takes place throughout the country, and every citizen is called upon to do their duty. (Mod) Governor Buckingham calls for a committee to look into and take inventory of natural resources of Connecticut and Rhode Island. Mines are to be erected in surveyed land containing Magnetite, Siderite, Bog Ore, and Limonite, as well as worked by local men. (Mod) Private industry is subsidized and commissioned to produce less ‘hard’ equipment for the armed forces, such as caps and uniforms. (Mod) Governor Buckingham calls for another 30k troops to be drawn from the manpower reserves of Connecticut and Rhode Island for their currently 20k strong volunteer army. However, all men of age are required to register for selective service should the need arise. (Mod) Civilian sectors are permitted to continue their business, with much of the initial turmoil gone. Civilian fleets are encouraged to continue fishing and whaling operations into open waters. Shipbuilding is also reignited in towns such as Portland, Mystic, and Newport. More northern lands reservations are set aside for lumber yards. (Mod) With the lack of a proper navy, the minds of Connecticut and Rhode Island combine their efforts into a small, though modern design of warship. Plans are devised for the creation of a single turreted-ironclad vessel, low to the waterline. (Mod) Construction of the two frigates resumes (?) (Mod) The Government of the Federation of Connecticut and Rhode Island is refined further. An emphasis is put on the ability to act independent as well as with the Federal government. Governor Buckingham’s office is transformed into that of Prime Minister. The former counties are reorganized into states, each with their own governor and legislature. Further Prime Ministers are selected from their gubernatorial peers, who in turn are selected by those they represent. The Judicial and Legislative system however, reflect those of pre-fall America. The States of Fairfield, Litchfield, Hartford, New Haven, Middlesex, Tolland, New London, Windham, Providence, Kent, Washington, Bristol, and Newport are created. (Mod) A youth organization by the name of the Pathfinder Boy Scouts of Long Island Sound is created. The aim is promote positive personality traits, comradery, discipline, and teach important skills and ideas such as manhood, patriotism, and family. (Mod) Rowing is promoted as the favored recreational activity and sport within the Sound. Many clubs and teams form as a result, as well as annual rowing competitions taking place throughout the states. (Mod) The 1st Connecticut Pioneer Regiment is founded with the purpose of creating a select, elite unit of infantry. They’re to be well rounded with all equipment of the modern day battlefield and should possess key knowledge of the terrain of the local land. (Mod)
  6. 203RD ATTACK BATTALION REPORT Troopers of the 203rd engage in a combined arms warfare drill alongside an AT-TE of the 1st Armored Platoon, before their first deployment. “All this preparation -- what for? I mean, when’s the last time you’ve even seen a battle droid?” asked Thorne, though his gaze fixated on the lower valleys of Baseplate through the view of his macrobinoculars. At the base of the mountain, several clones were refining the cavalry assault, in which several AT-RTs would be deployed ahead of the infantry to punch holes through the enemy line. “Hey, I just follow the orders. Not give them… -- well, sometimes give them. Pass on orders, maybe?” said Sloane. “You don’t seem so sure.” “You don’t seem sure of our operation here, buddy.” “Our operation here… is over. There is no droid army here. If there’s no droids, there’s no need for us. We have no use. Pointless. The Republic doesn’t even know where out here. Either that or we’ve been abandoned; discarded. We’re clones and thus dispensable.” “Why don’t you pack up and leave then? Oh wait, you can’t. I’m tired of hearing it. Now get your damned act together soldier.” Thorne sighed, “I was out of line. I’m sorry.” “Don’t be so down. We all have our doubts sooner or later. But remember this -- Attre is the only thing keeping order ‘round here. We can’t be sowing dissent, unless we want everything we’ve worked for to fall apart.” “I get it.” he shrugged him off. “Good. ‘Cause I’m not done with you yet. We’ve got a ping on the motion sensor is Sector 3. Seems large. Take a squad out there and check it out, will you?” Thorne cocked his shotgun once, nodding, “Oh, I hope it’s a rancor.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A painting of the panoramic view of Coruscant; at the center, the Galactic Senate Building, on display in the new Arranoc Senatorial Building, c. 16 BBY “If it is war they want, it is war they shall have.” - Chancellor Aleon Rhyos “Combat is a clone’s natural instinct, Chancellor, I assure you.” said Attre, standing amidst the office of Chancellor Rhyos. “Very good. We may very well have an operation yet. And I know your men have been longing for battle.” “What do you suggest, Chancellor?” “A new collection of rogue city states has formed, having named themselves the 5th Edichi Republic. They are warmongers, and have threatened and attacked the City of Myridos.” “How is this any of our concern?” “Their presence is a direct challenge to our authority.” Attre simply nodded. “Then you understand. I need you and your men at the front to bring the fight to the 5th Edichi Republic at every turn. They may grow too strong if unchecked, which is why we must lend our aid to Myridos.” “Very well, sir. I’ll make preparations at once.” “Act with haste, Commander. We face a numerically superior foe. It may not be long until the Myrisdosian defenders are overall.” Attre spoke no more, and understood what was asked of him. He clicked his heels together, bowing before the Emperor before turning off and leaving as soon as he entered. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS The production of Alpha-3 Nimbus-class V-Wing starfighters continues. As well, several individuals are chosen to undergo the new pilot program. (Mod) Republic forces are sent to aid those of the City of Myridos. (Mod) The recruitment drive is kicked into full gear with the onset of war. (Mod) The Republic reaches out to any manufacturers within Arranoc for a new vehicle contract -- the production of AT-TEs to compliment Republic mechanized units. (Mod) Another contract is devised for a shipment of small arms weaponry to any manufacturer willing. The contract calls for a large sum of DC-15, DC-15A, and DT-17 hand blasters. (Mod)
  7. TankM1A2

    The Disunited States of America

    FEDERATION OF CONNECTICUT New Haven, Connecticut, 1861 A.D. It was perhaps a normal day in Connecticut, were the country not falling apart at it’s seams. The people on the streets had much on their minds to talk about -- they seemed anxious. They were unsure what would become of them in the wake of the death of the United States. A large host of the more involved, and curious of New Haven’s residents gathered around the Charter House. Their commotion heard from blocks away, stirring more individuals to leave their homes and investigate. Much of the ships remained at anchor in the harbor and outside trade had nearly stopped completely. Sailors stood at the docks and on the decks of their ships uneasily. Yet, some continued to load shipments and crates aboard their vessels should the situation blow over. Should they head out into open waters or into the porters of the now independent American states, there was almost no guarantee of their safety. Many of the sailors had heard of the British mistreatment during the War of 1812, and did not want the fate of those American sailors to befall them. Would they too find themselves impressed, or would their ships be stormed and assets stolen. Regardless, it wasn’t a risk they would dare take. Inside the Charter House, many of Connecticut’s politicians, learned, and affluent gathered, squabbling among each other. People circled off in their own groups, discussing what would the best path be to take Connecticut forward. Political party aside, they each had their own ideas regarding Connecticut’s future. It would continue for some time, with some of the members getting somewhat confrontational. After some time, the crowd had became restless. Yet, in a timely appearance by the Governor, William Alfred Buckingham, they were quelled. As he took to the podium, all eyes rested upon him. The cacophony of arguing and bickering among each other died at that moment. “Ladies and Gentlemen of the Assembly. We stand at the end of an era. The death of the United States of America. All around us, our countrymen secede from the Union. In order to prevent our fall, we too must break ties with the Federal Government of this now defunct America. Trying times lay ahead of us. It is now that the snakes in the garden will reveal their presence and strike, for there is no greater opportunity now. We must be vigilant, for the states to any of our borders may decide to stake their claim against us. Yet, we shall not despair, no! Free from the shackles of a distant national government, we now have the freedom to govern ourselves, for a prosperous Connecticut, for our sons and their’s.” the Governor paused, taking a moment to drink. A light applause followed, and then further proceeded by another outbreak of squabbling. With a simple bang of the gavel, ringing about the open chamber, they were silenced once more. “I remind all of you that the future of Connecticut rests upon our shoulders. It is time we put aside our differences and become one. If we continue to argue amongst ourselves then we are already defeated. There is hope yet. Despite whatever enemies may lurk in the shadows, there may yet be allies to be found among them. We have always shared close bonds with our New English brethren, to which I must say we should further push these bonds, an alliance of sorts. Whether they are receptive is another matter entirely. Of course, I’ll be requiring some of you to act as trusted delegates. In regards to all of you, I believe I’ll now abdicate the podium. Let all who wish air their concerns or grievances do so today, and let us hope we shall reach an accord.” _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The meeting of the Assembly continues on for some days. Much is discussed, and orders are pushed outwards from the doors of the Charter House. After some time, several acts are pushed forwards in order to prepare Connecticut for whatever challenges lay ahead of them. NAVAL ORDINANCE ACT OF 1860 The Act calls for the construction of a fleet of warships. Connecticut is vulnerable on the seas. Unfortunately, they were unable to seize any of the Federal naval assets. The doctrine emphasizes fast moving warships instead of slow ships of the line. A large focus is the protection of trade routes and merchant ships. ARMAMENT ACT OF 1860 The Act calls for all state militias to join as a Grand Army of Connecticut. Many of the leaders of these militias are allowed command in a newfound Officer Corps and are to undergo extensive training. As it stands, the Army is a volunteer force. However, a clause calls for further expansion of the ranks via conscription in the time of desperate war. CURRENCY ACT OF 1860 The Act calls for the adoption of the currency of their neighbor, Massachusetts. The Connecticut National Bank is also created. EXPANSION OF POWERS ACT OF 1860 The Act names the Governor as the sole executive head of the State. He is given a wider array of powers akin to that may have been held by the President. COLORED ADMISSION ACT OF 1860 The Act permits those of African descent to enlist within the Army of Connecticut. However, at the time, they are segregated into their own regiments, and often led by a white officer. FARMER SUBSIDIZATION ACT OF 1860 The Act recognizes potential famine that may strike the country. In response, the government will subsidize many farmers and allow for large tracts of land to be allocated to families that choose to do so. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS Delegates are sent to each of the New England states as well as Pennsylvania and Ohio. (Players/Mod) Governor Buckingham requests the aid of the Mystic Seaport, commissioning two new frigates. (Mod) Buckingham begins the process of transforming the state militias into a unified, regimented army. Many of Connecticut’s brightest minds are called upon to serve in the new Officer Corps, should they choose. The goal is to have at least 25,000 men ready for service. (Mod) The Federation of Connecticut is declared, ending the State of Connecticut that was once subservient to D.C. (Mod) Connecticut adopts the currency of their neighbor, Massachusetts. (Players) The Connecticut National Bank is created. (Mod) The manufacturing plants are commissioned to produce firearms and heavy artillery in mass. (Mod) African Americans are permitted to enlist within Connecticut’s Army (Mod) Farmers are subsidized and encouraged to expand operations in Connecticut, despite the known infertility of the soil. (Mod)
  8. TankM1A2

    The Disunited States of America (OOC)

    you should apply. you used to be obsessed with southern culture
  9. TankM1A2

    The Disunited States of America (OOC)

    Application Discord Name; Tank#9694 Desired State; Connecticut History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; What is now Connecticut initially began as several disunified colonies along the Long Island Sound. Still meager in size, the state is often overlooked by their neighbors in New York and Massachusetts. However, the State has played a significant role in American history; giving rise to individuals such as Nathan Hale, Eli Whitney, and Mark Twain, and J.P. Morgan, as well as hosting the prestigious Yale University. And it is because of Connecticuters that the Connecticut Compromise was proposed, allowing for America’s bicameral legislature. In part due to Eli Whitney and the Industrial Revolution, Connecticut has become home to significant manufacturing plants, a booming textile industry, and expansive railroad infrastructure. With the collapse of the American government, the state is left in a precarious situation. Will they hold strong, or will they become the battleground of their feuding neighbors? Many look to the guidance of the governor, William Alfred Buckingham, who has quickly set about militarizing his state. Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Governor William Alfred Buckingham Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power); Andrew Cunningham – a young adult who recently graduated from Yale and a proud Connecticuter. He has enlisted within the Connecticut Infantry and strives to do a service for his state.
  10. TankM1A2


    “I hear good things of this man all around – the previous Pontiff, I cannot say the same.” says Ser Carlovac.
  11. 203rd Battalion Report A LAAT gunship arrives in Arranoc, ferrying troopers between Baseplate and Arranoc City. Attre gathered the officers of the Arranoc garrison into his command tent. They had set aside a portion of the city to act as a small Forward Operating Base. For all intents and purposes, it was its own community within the city. Sentries patrolled the length of the hastily erected palisade, all the while, the Battalion’s single HAVw-A6 cast it’s shadow over the makeshift camp. Other soldiers traveled inside the camp - drilling or marching, using the refresher, heading to the bacta tanks, or perhaps even playing a game of ball. There was a handful of small facilities, though, it was by no means a permanent settlement. Merely, an area in which to house the garrison. Barracks housed a company worth of clones who formed the backbone of Republic presence within the city. As volunteers steadily enlisted in the G.A.R. it was these troopers who put them through the paces. Just beyond Attre’s command test, a trooper was putting a new squad of Edichi natives through blaster training. Some got the hang of it faster than others. As Octane pushed to the center of the room, Attre could now proceed with the new debrief. He wasted no time, cutting to the chase. “Alright, men. The leader of Arranoc seems pretty sympathetic to our cause. We either need to make further strides - as in puppet him. Our situation is dire and we lack proper funds to maintain a fully efficient fighting force. We need to be able to extract funds from this city if he have chance of having meaningful presence. If we can’t pull his strings, we’ll need to replace him.” “Ah, subversion. My speciality.” chuckled CT-4777 ‘Lucky’. “Maybe. We’ll have to see - depending on where this goes.” “What do you want from us? To sweet talk him?” inquired another clone lieutenant, a recently promoted trooper named Kanto. “Make him and the ruling elite see that they need us. Talk to the leaders of the guilds and corporations. Seek out the city councillors and the prominent members. Strongarm them - that there is no other choice. Perhaps if they run elections, ensure that pro-Republic representatives are selected for office.” said Attre. “You make it sound so simple.” replied Kanto. “Maybe, but I’m trusting all of you with this.” “Yeah, I don’t foresee this backfiring. In fact, I’ll go charm the head honcho.” stated Lucky, carrying an air of confidence. Though he had his helmet on, one would suspect he carried a grin, tapping his helmet, which had three 7s painted onto it akin to those of a slot machine. “You’d better be serious.” said Attre skeptically. “Oh, I am.” he remarked. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A live-fire exercise at the ARC trooper program at Baseplate, using less-than-lethal bolts. “You lads remember the Citadel Challenge on Kamino? Well, this new scenario makes the Citadel it’s b*tch.” - CT 5190 ‘Sloane’ “Jager, Kovic, give me sitrep.” the clone sergeant sounded, body against the wall of the primary entry point of the simulated compound. “Jager in position. Your six is clear. Counting at least ten hostiles. Two Supers. VIP being held in the upstairs master bedroom.” “Kovic moving up to rooftop for vertical assault.” “Copy.” the sergeant replied, gripping his DC-15 blaster rightly. He shifted his body, standing parallel to the door’s entrance. He briefly glanced to his feet, making sure he wouldn’t trip up on entry, then across to the trooper opposite of him; Lance. “Lance, thermal inside the window on my mark.” Lance removed one of the detonators from his waist, clutching it within the palm of his hand, nodding to his superior. He waited for his cue from the Sergeant, Hornet. He extended three fingers, holding it up for Lance to see clearly. The trooper activated the grenade, nodding, as Hornet counted quietly. “Three. Two. One.” to which the clone blindly lobbed the grenade around the corner of house’s front window. A soft clank was heard on the other side. The droids in that room definitely had to have heard it. Though, if there timing was right, they’d have no time to react to the following explosion. Boom. The troopers followed in afterwards. Hornet drove his boot into the door with all his might, sending it flying back inwards. One behind the other, they entered. They naturally drew to opposite sides of the room. The room had been resigned to nothing more than a charred mess. What was left of a B2 appeared to been caught in the epicenter of the blast, and a couple of B1s lay on the ground, appearing inoperative. “Clear left.” “Clear right.” “Move up.” And at that moment a pair of B1s rushed down a nearby flight of stairs, blasters primed. The troopers ducked behind the remains of furniture, caught off guard. Red traces of plasma raced just inches past them, many of which striking the wall behind them.. As blasters struck all across the room, chips of debris showered the two troopers. They were pinned by a hail of fire, and dropped to the ground behind an overturned couch, scorching from the thermal detonator’s explosion. Lance braved the blasters, peering out from behind the cover of a couch, and squeezing three successive shots from his DC-15, neutralizing the rightmost of the droids. The second droid turned his attention to the source of the blaster fire and returned fire in the general direction, although by that time, Lance had already retreated. Hornet now had the opportunity to take out the remain, riskily peaking over the top of the sofa and capping the droid with two shots from his DC-17. The duo nodded two each other with Hornet signalling to the staircase in which the droids had utilize to blindside them. Lance brushed past Hornet, offering him a slight punch to the shoulder, “I’ve got point.” Hornet scoffed, “No more surprises like that, please.” The trooper snapped his weapon forward, one foot beginning to climb up the stairs,“Don’t need to tell me twice.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ RNS Dauntless in geosynchronous orbit over Edichi “Sorry sir, I’m just -- not in my element.” “None of us are; being refined to mining operations. Yet the future of our operations on Edichi relies upon it.” “We’re doing our part, I suppose.” “Let there be no doubt about it.” “I’d just rather be taking the fight to the Seppies. Wherever they are..” “There is a certain thrill about it, isn’t there.” “Oh, it’s even better on the ground, I assure you, Admiral.” chimed in one of the marine’s on bridge duty. “Better than nearly be vented into the void when buzzdroids nearly breached the transparisteel?” “W-well…” the trooper stammered. The elder Admiral merely chuckled, hobbling to the front of the bridge. It had become quite apparent he has developed some sort of spinal or back injury. Yet, he persisted, showing devotion to his post. As he walked through the central aisle, many of the bridge officers couldn’t help but shoot him a glance. It was clear that the men and women of the Dauntless had a deep admiration for him. The respect was mutual, running both ways. He couldn’t have gotten a better crew, and thus owed it to them to give it his best. The First mate stepped to his side, though his gaze was fixated forward, locked upon the emptiness of vacuum that engulfed them. “Your orders, sir?” Admiral Condotta sealed his eyes, exhaling deeply through his nostrils. He swayed slightly, though his feet planted on the bridge floor. “Bring us about. To the inner asteroid field of the Edichi system. We have much work to do.” “Aye aye, sir. Engaging aft sublight thrusters.” ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ACTIONS The ARC trooper programs proceeds. As they progress, the troopers in charge of the efforts refer to the training programs they performed during their time on Kamino. (Mod) Standardized training of the Raw Recruits proceeds. (Mod) Recruitment and propaganda persists still within Arranoc. (Mod) Republic forces of the 203rd Brigade work to assimilate the city they ‘occupy’. They begin a hearts and minds campaign. Troopers interact with locals, taking off their helmets to reveal their humanity. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, Republic agents are meeting with key individuals to garner support for a full Republic peaceful takeover. (Mod) The fleet, comprised of the Victory-class star destroyer, two Acclammators, and two Arquitens-class cruisers venture towards the inner asteroid belt of the Edichi system in a salvage/mining operation. (Mod) The 203rd pursues a production contract with Ethos Manufacturing. If a takeover of Arranoc is successful, tax revenue will be used to fund additional starfighters. In addition, whatever scrap remained from the initial salvage operation is offered as a bargaining chip. (Mod) Painstakingly, the troopers at Home Base continue their construction amidst the mountains, attempting to burrow further into the mountain. (Mod)
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    “White is right.” Ser Carlovac says, referring to the good Vaeyl.
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    https://www.dxracer.com/ca/en-ca/?utm_source=sourceknowledgeUSA&utm_medium=search&utm_content=6956&utm_content=zca_6956_178187_64585 vroom vroom
  14. 203RD ATTACK BATTALION REPORT A squadron of ARC-170s provide escort for the trio of capital ships bound for the surface of Edichi, c. 17 BBY. “RNS Dauntless. You are cleared to land at LZ-Alpha. Decrease throttle. Tugboats will guide you in.” “We copy, reentering atmosphere… now. 470 clicks out and descending.” replied a commanding voice. The voice belonged to that of Fleet Admiral Lucien Condotta, who stood firmly in control at the center of the bridge of the Victory-class star destroyer, the Dauntless. From where he stood, he possessed an overarching view of the stations of each of the bridge staff. With their backs turned, manning the consoles, some still felt the heavy weight of the gaze of the distinguished Clone Wars fleet admiral. “Routine landing sequence everyone. Day 471.. Still no scratches on the hull. Let’s keep it that way.” came a second, more hoarse and aged voice, to the right of Admiral Condotta - the First Mate, Jalen Ryon. It was just that, another day. The crew of Dauntless were familiar with combat and the ins and outs of their ship, they’d be damned if they botched a landing. The bridge was eerily quiet, many of the crew unsure of what to expect. The boys on the ground had been given some time to construct their base. Hopefully their efforts paid off. It was nearly quiet except for one of the officers giving periodic updates regarding the ship’s altitude. “400 clicks. 350. 300… 100… 50… 25..” A voice once again came through the radio, “We see you, Dauntless. Tugboats engaging tractor beams. Sit back and relax. We’ll take you in.” With that, there a subtle jolt in the ship as the tugs activated their tractor beams. Ever so gracefully did they ease the star destroyer into its specially constructed landing site, before breaking off to aid the two light cruisers in their landing. Admiral Condotta heaved a sigh of relief, a smile crossing his tired features for the first time in many cycles, “Another happy landing.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Individuals gather around the holotable in the situation room, c. 17 BBY “Sir, incoming transmission from an old Republic frequency.” “Impossible, CT-4910. What other Republic assets were there on Edichi?” responded Lt. Blisk, padding towards the holotable at the center of the dimly situation room. “Unsure. Though, there were other deployments, states the mission manifest.” said the communications officer. “If more of our brothers are out there, we have to contact them.” said Blisk, hand held firmly upon the grip of his DC-17, as if ready to leap into action at this moment. “Shall I patch them through?” asked the officer, shakily. “Yes. Let’s hear what they have to say.” __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An example of a Republic propaganda/recruitment poster hung throughout the city. Through the bustling streets Arranoc, which the clones have come to know it as, marched Clone Commander Attre. He was flanked by a squad of clones, among them Lucky and Octane. Each stride they took was with purpose - they had a clear destination as they brushed past the civilians on the sidewalk. It seemed that some of the citizens had cozied up to the clone troopers. That much, he was thankful for. They were surprisingly well received and weren’t blasted on sight. In all of the scenarios that played out in his head, he never foresaw the cheering at their arrival. With each face they passed, some waved, others smiled, while some children approached the white-clad men in curiosity - only to be guided away by their parents. We’re still outsiders, he thought. Trust doesn’t come by easily. “We’re here sir.” declared one of the clone troopers, “City hall.” he and another trooper took up guard positions by the entrance, propping their long-barrelled DC-15s against their shoulders. “So it seems.” said Attre, turning to the rest of his escort, “Alright, boys. Come in with me. Safety on - no mishaps. And do me a favor… don’t embarrass me.” “You can count on it, sir.” said Lucky. Attre scanned the visors of the rest of the troopers, seemingly satisfied with the answer. “Alright, after me.” he beckoned them to follow, flipping up his rangefinder as he ascended the stairs towards the city hall’s entrance. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ A clone trooper takes inventory as cargo and salvage is unloaded from the RNS Dauntless. “It’s much less than I’d hoped, but we’ll have to make do.” said Sloane, swiping through the manifest upon his handheld datapad. “Look at it this way - it’s a good start.” replied another clone. “Maybe we can get some bacta tanks running - or better yet, refreshers with plumbing.” said Thorne, curiously popping open the lid of one of the cargo containers, only to find what appeared to be a large collection of scrap metal and debris. Sloane chuckled lightly, shaking his head, “Don’t get your hopes up. We still got much to do.” “Of course.” replied Thorne absently, intent on rummaging through the collection of cargo, overturning much of the metal scrap, and giving it a cursory inspection. He held in his hand what appeared to be part of a bulkhead of a discarded starfighter. “Found something you’re looking for?” called out Sloane, still tapping away at the datapad. “Hell, no. It’s just a bunch of… junk.” “That junk is gonna come a long way towards our base.” “Right...” the clone rolled his eyes, moving on to see what the next container held in store. Meanwhile, Sloane had picked up a transmission. He set down his datapad, and brought his wrist to his helmet, flicking on the communicator on his wrist. “It’s Blisk.” “Better answer it.” scoffed Thorne. Sloane didn’t reply, patching himself in to Blisk’s comm. “Sloane. We have a new directive. Attre wants you to kickstart the ARC trooper project. He needs special forces - flexible and dependable type. You up to the task?” “O-of course, sir.” stammered Sloane, taken aback. “Good.” said Blisk, allowing Sloane no time to think upon the proposal. “Five LAATs are inbound. One is for the ARC candidates. The other three are filled with the recruits from Arranoc. Fifth is additional troopers. You’re overseeing the training of this base’s troopers. Enjoy your promotion.” “Not sure what to say, sir..” “Don’t say anything. I’ll give you a full debrief later. Hey, you’re with Thorne, right? His objectives have been updated as well. Tell him for me, would ya? The Acclimator from the Arranoc mission is RTBing with what I believe to be all of our walkers. They’ll be of much better use here in the mountains than the hovertanks or the Juggernaut. Get them in forward defensive positions.” “I’ll tell him.” said Sloane. “No need, I have ears too.” called out Thorne, rifling through the contents of yet another crate, though obscured from view. “And Thorne - mine the approaches towards Central Base. I want this area locked down. Motion sensors, artillery batteries, bunkers and pillboxes, you name it.” “That can be arranged easily.” Thorne replied, carelessly tossing wreckage out from the crate and over his shoulder. “Good. Then see to it. Blisk, out.” concluded Blisk, the transmission ending there afterward. “Looks like we got our work cut out for us.” Sloane sighed. “Another day in the Grand Army of the Republic.” ACTIONS (Player) The 203rd Attack Battalion opens up communications with the 104th Battalion. Although wary of their intentions and authenticity, the 203rd displays interest in mutual assistance. (Mod) Recruitment persists throughout the city of Arranoc. Several posters and flyers display slogans such as “Support the Boys in White” or “We March Forward for the Republic.” and portray clone troopers in a noble, heroic light. As well as for the army, recruitment is open for the Republic Navy. (Mod) Clone Commander Attre enters talks with the local leader. He expresses interests in cooperating and also explains their plight to him and the splintered nature of Republic forces, other potential looming dangers, and states they’ll need their support financially to liberate Edichi. Attre asks if he has any information regarding the nearby city-states. (Mod) Commander Attre and his retinue inquire with much of Edichi’s corporations, specifically those with presence in Arranoc. Though he briefly mentions a contract for a Venator, he mostly seems interested in expanding the starfighter fleet with a compliment of Alpha-3 Nimbus Class V-Wing starfighters. (Mod) A platoon worth of clone troopers are selected as candidates for the revived ARC trooper program. The aim is to create a fast-response, flexible unit of special forces. Meanwhile, the 100 recruits also undergo standardized training. (Mod) Construction of Central Base amidst the mountains of Edichi’s northern continent continues, burrowing deeper into the mountains. In addition, the clones dig themselves in, aiming to establish a fluid line of defenses in multiple layers. Artillery batteries, trenches, listening posts, and bunkers and mines.