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  1. MANDATE OF VENNENDAL Aboard the lower decks of a Vennendalic destroyer, a motley crew of junior sailors sat together, enjoying one of few pleasantries they possessed aboard the ship. “Take this for instance, if I ever got my hands on an Irik, listen, it’d be lights out for them.” a voice said from among the sofa of the ship’s lounges, Seamen Berend Engert, who set down what appeared to be a wine-filled glass, neatly upon the hardened and hull-bolted coffee tabletop. “I’m sure that’s what you and the five knuckleheads before you thought before getting their heads ripped off.” replied another sailor, Frank Grader, casually sipping from his own glass. “Listen, they got four arms. That’s a 2 to 1 advantage. They got you in that department.” said a third, a Naomi Dries. “You know where they don’t stack up?” Engert said crudely, making an obscene gesture to his crotch, beneath his navy blue service dress uniform trousers. “All right, time for me to go.” Naomi said, drawing air through her teeth, and rising to her feet. “Okay, and that is the last time I smuggle drinks onboard for you.” said PO3 Claes Godert, senior amongst the group in rank. “Come on, that was nothing. Harmless.” Engert said. “Just leave it. Think we’re on the clock anyways, we’ve got watch shift port side, sectors 13-15.” Godert shook his head. “Great. Time to stare out at space all day. Nothing.” Engert replied, clicking his tongue, and with a hint of distaste. “Pipe down, seaman. Be grateful for what you have. Use it as time to reflect.” the petty officer retorted. “Yeah, at least you’re getting paid to do nothing. Think about the work queues back on Voorst. People would kill to be where you are.” Grader chimed in. “You know what.” said Engbert, “I prefer not to think about that. I’ll keep living in my world, free from all the troubles, and you do what you do.” “Have it your way man. Just know the Navy can toss out any one of us whenever they want and acquire an equally capable replacement. I suggest your sort yourself out - whatever you got going on.” said Godert, with a hint of finality to his tone. “I’ll sort myself out whenever the Pirate King is caught.” Engbert had already turned, already headed off to his duty post, though sure to flip the bird amidst his departure. So never. [55,000C+6M+3E+6HP] Beginning Battlecruiser construction [15,000C+3B] Constructing 3 Heavy Industry on Nassam [30,000C+4M+8NP] Constructing 4 Destroyers [15,500C+3M+4NP] Constructing Cruiser+Corvettes for Hary 7,500 t0 treasury
  2. MANDATE OF VENNENDAL Another year passes, Vennendal opts to lay low while the construction of crucial driveyards is undertaken. 2 units of Shipyard space are given to Oberstein this year. [7M, 17,500 C] Constructing 7 Freighters for Orteau, 5,000 C received per [6B, 2E, 100,000 C] Constructing 2 Driveyards on Severi [2 B, 10,000 C] Constructing Shipyards on Severi [1 B, 2,500] Constructing Warehouse on Rouven 3,250 C, 5M
  3. MANDATE OF VENNENDAL Lord-Stellarch Gerrit Elfering was displeased. He stood as a guest in a suite at the Emperor’s palace-moon. He was far out of his element, never once having expected to be dragged down to the Core, having not happened since his father, the late Lord Tibbit, sent him away for formal schooling. It had felt just like yesterday; Lord Elfering surveying the old institutions responsible for his upbringing, for the purpose of nostalgia - a return to roots so to speak. It was easy to forget where one came from, though, his spontaneous summons by the Emperor echoed back to those who preceded him, in faithful and stalwart service to Emperor and Empire. Here, however, he could not fulfill his duty. The Mandate of Vennendal, the domain of the Elfering lineage, was for now without its stellarch - left in the hands of his faithful and trusted lieutenants. Until he returned, his mind could not be at ease - for there exists individuals out in the galaxy who seek only to sew ruination, at the expense of everything mankind has worked to achieve over the millennia, he thought. The secessionists to the east, the syndicalists, the marauders of the west… The Empire was beset upon all fronts. Lord Elfering readily accepted that he was a small piece of something greater - charged with the governance and protection of Vennendal - perhaps the only thing he found solace in. While he still drew breath, he would do everything in his power to keep the parasites at bay. For now, he issued a trans-galactic communication back to his Stellarchy - to the office of Admiral Luytens, his paramount naval chief officer and perhaps closest friend and ally. He had heard the reports, sifting through a manifest of the cargo lost to Aokigahara - unacceptable. He knew it not to be the fault of Luytens, as the Empire had once been able to patrol the hyperlanes, without the need of sector defense forces to rise to the occasion. Vennendal was woefully prepared for the rise of Aokigahara’s ever-increasing band of marauders. Senate-appointed Admiral Rahn, head of the anti-piracy taskforce, was made to be a fool, his campaign bearing no fruits. Around Vennendalic space, Luytens found himself outmanned and outgunned, possessing a small fleet, nay, squadron of pickets. He would need to adapt to the current situation, as bleak and hopeless at it was. It was an evident truth that nothing in the Vennendalic arsenal could hope to put a dent in the Horseman, Aokigahara’s new flagship. Elfering trusted Luytens, his ability to perceive threats, and respond accordingly. Surely, the next coming years would serve to greatly influence Vennedalic naval doctrine. He relayed the order - stop the bleeding. Easier said than done. It was time to return. [4 NP, 20,000 C, 4M, 2E] Constructing 2 Poltergeist-class Destroyers [3 NP, 10,000 C, 2M] Constructing 1 Cruiser [20,000 C, 4B] Constructing Shipyards on Severi [5,000 C, 1B] Constructing Heavy Industry on Almerk [15,000 C, 3B] Constructing Heavy Industry on Boswick [2,500 C, 1B] Constructing Warehouse on Rouven [6,000 C] Hiring shipping from the corporations [4,000 C] Importing 2 E from House Matareka [20,000 C] Importing 4 E from the Directorate [1,500 C] Importing 1 E from Orteau [13,000 C] Importing 2 E from Oberstein Shipping 1 B to Matareka Shipping 3 Food to Orteau Shipping 6 Food to the Directorate 14,000 to treasury [Fleet Action] Admiral Luytens places a small force in ambush position in a major hyperlane leading into Vennedalic space, hoping to lure any over-zealous raiders into a trap as freighters make their rounds. If Aokigahara’s pirates show in overwhelming force, then the Vennendalic fleet must simply bide their time. The force consists of 4 Hoornar-class Corvettes and 1 Cruiser.
  4. MANDATE OF VENNENDAL NAKUORA SYSTEM ASTEROID FIELD JUNE 11TH 10’360AE A lone corvette prowled the asteroid fields of the Nakuora System. The small patrol vessel had extended its docking gear, embedding it within the signature of a particularly large space rock. The corvette had powered down almost in entirety, save for a handful of crucial subsystems. Were it not for glaring red backup lights or the flickering of consoles, the bridge of the corvette would’ve been engulfed in near complete darkness; indiscernible from the void which the transparent bridge viewport alloy separated them from. From the center of the bridge, a solitary figure took a seat at the central command and control console, which instantly identified and activated upon his presence. The C&C console thus illuminated, welcoming the commander, and the captain’s chair rose and countless HUD elements came to life, projecting the most paramount ship status updates at the forefront. “Alright, that’s enough mucking about, gentleman. Bring us to full operational capacity.” “Aye, cap.” Another voice sounded from the darkness, who promptly flicked several switches and pulled a lever, which initiated a mechanical whirring sequence that had the consequence of bringing all the lights and stations of the bridge online. It was surreal, the captain thought. He’d always dreamed of having a command of his own; upon the bridge of a starship. He’d imagine several billion other kids have had that thought race across the mind. In the imagination, this corvette was the instrument of exploration and adventure, war-like armaments and strike packages aside. He was lucky. Not many got to traverse the Void for a living. And far fewer had even left their home planet. It was among the many perks of his post, but most importantly, it was his crew that he admired and respected the most. “Captain Harring, expecting trouble, are we?” asked the First Mate, who stood at attention just off beside him, whose presence he’d nearly forgotten. The daydreams and the memories quickly faded away, and the captain regained his composure and he firmly responded. “Always.” GENERAL SPENDING [-25,000 C] Recruiting Admiral [40,000 C, 8 B] Constructing 4 Shipyards on Severi [2,500 C, 1 B] Constructing 1 Warehouse on Rouven [5,500 C, 3M, 2 NP] Constructing 2 Hoornar-class Corvettes FREIGHT [5,500 C] Hiring 11 Freighters to ship 9 Food to Matareka, and 2 Components to Vennendal. 15,250 C to the treasury
  5. MANDATE OF VENNENDAL Application: Starting Systems: 11E, 12E, 4E, 5E, 6E, 2F, 1F, 35E, 34E, 3F Point Distributions (21 Total): Loyalty: 4 Influence: 2 Military: 5 Leadership: Infrastructure: 10 Your Stellarch (Their name + Personal backstory): Lord Gerrit Elfering Lord Gerrit Elfering has served as the Stellarch of Vennendal Province for some six decades, having attained his post through inheritance with the death of his father, the late Lord Tibbit Elfering. Though his early reign proved turbulent, his education within the prestigious academies of the Core proved as crucial foundations for his career in statesmanship. He would quickly tighten his grip upon the province, bringing the disparate worlds under one vision - that of central rule from Voorst - enacting several reforms that gave Voorst favoritism in the province’s affairs, cleaning the slate of each planetary governor’s already arranged deals - ensuring a strong position for his would-be successors. He is a shrewd, though leery ruler, cautious to outsiders - maintaining a closely knit cabinet of unwaveringly loyal advisors, screened relentlessly personally and by every intelligence bureau within the province. Elfering is also a proud member of the Imperial aristocracy, tracing his lineage back to the Exodus. Though those who preceded them had notably sworn allegiance to the Loyalists, he has made no such moves since his coronation, seemingly opting to play his cards for the time being. Additional Characters?: Meh Provincial Culture: Vennendaler | Dutch The colonization of Kraggen Neither vastly wealthy nor an overt warzone, Vennendal is an unassuming province located in the Inner Rim. However, that is not to say the province is a backwater. Vennendal is host to several well-developed worlds such as the trade hub of Voorst or the mining world of Kraggen. Though far from an industrial powerhouse, the region is capable of producing and exporting its own share of goods to the Imperial market - sold to Core-elites with finer tastes and refined palates. Thus, Vennendal naturally maintains close ties to the Core, at the cost of the unabated exploitation of Vennendal’s worlds and resources. However, it is with fortune that the command of the harvesting of Vennendal’s riches falls upon the state, with an ancient charter regarded as the Vennendal Proclamation giving the governor of Vennendal the breath of autonomy and the exclusive right to the sector’s natural resources. The planet is host to a healthy aristocracy, with governing rights over the common man, who in turn thrive off their direction and investment. It is this system of interdependence that has allowed Vennendal to thrive. Night on the surface of Voorst Despite the province’s neutral outlook and relative lack of Imperial influence, Vennendal is far from idle. Vennendal hopes to establish mutually beneficial treaties with the domains of the other Stellarchs. It is with this exchange of wealth, culture, and knowledge, that Vennendal hopes to rise above the smog and become more than just a backwater province. To bring this about, Vennendal practices rather-high-intensity policing of its hyperlanes, to allow trade and immigration to flow unimpeded throughout its borders, believing the hyperlanes to be natural arteries integral to the success of the province. That being said, entrance into the province is not chokepointed through any particular system, leaving Vennendal particularly vulnerable to attack. Thus, the provincial legislature has demanded the upkeep of a mobile sector defense force, capable of fast reaction and pinpoint incursion. With the rise of piracy and the threat of the Irearchy ever-lurking, it is imperative that Vennendal maintains a healthy naval force - which men and women from all corners of the province strive to become a part of. A rather intensive aptitude test, known as the VVFNAT (Vennendal Void-faring Navy Aptitude Test) requires a remarkably high score to even begin the consideration lottery. As such, the protectors of the province are a small, but elite force of some of the province’s brightest. Cruiser MVS Jubegga holding position, low atmosphere, on Voorst. Human Variants?: The Inner Rim inhabitants of Vennendal Province are mere humans, with no special mutations nor deformities defining them. Unique Military Units (Two): HOORNAAR-CLASS CORVETTE Piracy runs rampant and illicit goods flow unimpeded. The Province of Vennendal was in need of a particular craft capable of outmaneuvering and intercepting piracy and smugglers alike. Thus, the Hoornaar-class Corvette was conceived and quickly adopted by the Vennendal Void-faring Navy. The corvette boasts superb sublight speed, omni-directional thrusters, maneuverability and hull strength that can endure the most imposing of asteroid fields, and advanced weaponry (guided and unguided) and fire control systems allowing it to punch above its weight-class. POLTERGEIST-CLASS DESTROYER By all metrics, the Poltergeist-class Destroyer is a marvel of engineering. The Poltergeist possesses a unique ‘phase-shift’ drive that, when spooled up, allows the ship passage through an alternate dimension momentarily. This dimension exists at the same time as ours, though, within a different space and adheres to Euclidean geometry. Thus, the Poltergeist is invulnerable and invisible to sensors and weaponry within our plane of existence – at least, until the intensive energy-consuming process yanks the vessel back into our dimension. However, such technology comes with drawbacks; the Poltergeist cannot re-enter our dimension within the space or mass of any object or vessel, with the exception of insubstantial stellar rocks and debris. In addition, the process is highly taxing, requiring vast amount of energy to be drawn from the reactors to power the phase-shift drive. As well, prolonged exposure to the alternate dimension is known to drive individuals mad. Pick a number between 1-10: 6
  6. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. “Hostiles on the berm, 12 o’ clock!” Capt. James Gallagher sprung into action with his Icarus suit. The mech darted out from behind the husk of a bombed out building, bounding towards an intact concrete wall. As soon as the mech’s metal chassis threw its back against the wall, it immediately peaked past the wall, bringing its chaingun to bear and spraying lead downrange towards the mound of dirt. The hostile targets responded in kind, firing back at the Icarus with a hail of small arms and anti-armor missiles, forcing the pilot to retreat behind solid cover once more. As shells zipped past or into the wall, Gallagher then opted to radio his wingman. “Razorback, this is Viper. Need you to shift left and draw their fire. They’ve got me pinned. Small-arms fire and RPG teams.” “Copy that, Viper. Razorback 1, going aerial. Get ready.” Gallagher glanced over his shoulder from his mech’s cockpit, seeing 2LT Griffiths pressing forward further down the range, with heavy mechanical thuds, as various flaps and thrusters engaged upon his suit. Without further delay, the advanced hydraulics of the suit allowed the pilot a high jump as the mech catapulted itself into the air, thrusters taking over after as Razorback soared out from behind cover and began suppressing the berm. Razorback weaved in and out behind various unguided rockets, changing altitude and heading at unpredictable rates. Despite being a hunking piece of metal in the sky, he was a formidable foe in his AMAX suit, proving nigh impossible to score a direct hit upon. Afterburners cut, in allowing him a momentous increase in altitude and unprecedented visibility on the targets below. Gallagher knew this to be his opportunity. The various targets on the berm all had their attention focused upon Griffiths. “Viper 1, engaging.” Without further delay, he engaged his rear thrusters and began his assault. With remarkable strides, he dashed at a blistering pace toward the fortified enemy position, most of whom had their back turned and weapons trained toward the skies. Having flanked the enemy position, powersliding behind their defenses, Gallagher unloaded what his magazine across the disoriented defenders, blowing apart their combat units to smithereens. The gunfire eventually subsided, Razorback confirmed that all hostile targets had been neutralized. “Scopes clear from up here, heading down.” Razorback rejoined with Viper on the ground, and the two pilots stood over their objective area; secured. At that moment, over the intercom, a metallic, droning, and methodical voice announced, “Simulation 2A complete. All hostiles neutralized and the enemy stronghold secure. Wingman efficiency up one-hundred-twenty percent. “You hear that, Gallagher? We make a good team afterall.” “Good, ain’t great.” replied Gallagher. “We handled ourselves well, I’d say.” said Griffiths. “I suppose we deserve some credit. Computers don't lie, afterall. Though, we ain’t celebrating yet.” “Why’s that?” Gallagher turned his head, rather, the entirety of his suit away from Griffiths, looking toward the observation platform. There, he spotted his old man, the CEO of FDS and his father, looking on with keen interest. “He’s on one today.” Before Griffiths could respond, the intercom fired up once more, “Captain James Gallagher and Second Lieutenant Frederick Griffiths, report to Bay 03 for Maritime Kaiju-simulation.” “Fellow man is the least of our concerns. We’re going hunting.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS 123,900 [45,000g] Constructing 6 Civilian Industry [5,000g] Constructing Neph Mine [8,000g] Buying 4 AP from Yashida [26,000g] Constructing 200 V1 AMAX Suits [37,500g] Recruiting Ace 2,400 RESEARCH ACTIONS [PASSIVE 1] Anti-Icarus Launchers (Due ‘46) [PASSIVE 2] Special Forces (Started ‘44, Completion in ???) ← WILL, THIS NEED COMPLETION DATE [NEPH PASSIVE] Carriers - Yeet (Due ‘48)
  7. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. “Your big day, isn’t it?” asked 1LT James Gallagher. “Yeah, well. Bit nervous, I guess. Heard all sorts of stories of them getting it wrong.” WO5 Colleen Hanley inquired. “If you’re worried about ending up horrendously disfigured and paralyzed for the rest of your life - well, don’t. They’ve perfected it now. Only thing we have to worry about is cost.” “Why me? Why not any other of the pilots who applied?” “Well, that’s a question for my dad. He signs off on who does or doesn’t undergo the surgery. Look, he probably knows more about you than you do, Col.” Gallagher chuckled. “It’s true.” 2LT Franklin Griffiths scoffed, “I’ve read the dossier. Even what the spooks don’t want me to.” “Knock it off, Griffiths.” Gallagher shook his head. “Didn’t mean anything by it. If it makes you feel any better, I recommended you for the program, Colleen. The Director swung by, said something about looking to expand the Ace Pilot Corps, and I may’ve dropped a few names; yours included.” “Well, thanks Frank.” said Colleen. “No problem. That’ll be 10% of whatever your new contract is.” snickered Griffiths. “Funny, that ain’t happening, chief,” Colleen scoffed. “Well uh, I’ll leave you two lovebirds to it.” said Gallagher. “You must be mistaken.” said Griffiths, dumbly looking about his two companions. “Anyways, you’ll find the Ace pay-raise to your liking, I reckon. My old man got the bag after the job in Sumiyoshi. Expect more high-stakes contracts like that in the future.” “Looking forward to it.” replied Hanley. “And I’m looking forward to my two new wingmen.” Gallagher turned, headed off, “You know where to find me. Think up some names for your suits. You’re practically superstars now.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS +20,000 [75,000g] Elysium-Augmentation for pilots 2LT Franklin Griffiths and WO5 Colleen Hanley [52,500] Constructing 7 Civilian Industry 700 RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 NEPH, 6 TECH): [PASSIVE 1] Anti-Icarus Launchers (Due ‘46) [PASSIVE 2] ICU Drone Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Systems - An upgrade package in which the ICU drones are fitted with a suite of advanced sensory and multiple mini-cameras which allow for greater peripheral vision, depth perception, spatial awareness, and the addition of IRNV and thermal optics to expand range of operations. (Due ‘44) [NEPH PASSIVE] Carriers - Yeet (Due ‘48)
  8. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. “Y’know-” said SFC Johnny Sawyer. “Things oughta be pretty **** to come to this,” who sat crouched in a commandeered high rise apartment, as he scanned the skyline. Near the frontlines, he and his team had established a crowsnest and an observation post near the rebel-occupied district. He lowered his binocs, and looked beside him - fellow operator, SGM Cole Hardy, who had his rifle propped up against the windowsill. “Unprecedented in a first world country.” he idly commented, pressing his shoulder into the stock, fiddling with various range-finding instruments as he continued a reconnaissance with his weapon’s scope. Sawyer reached to his side, flicking the cap off his pen, and scribbled down on a small notepad and detailed his observations. Subconsciously, he muttered, “Lot’s of triple-A, moderately armored foot mobiles, old-but-capable Icarus suits.” he clicked his tongue. “Can’t believe all this hardware was even brought in, undetected.” Hardy shook his head, scoping out. “Besides from the armed militants patrolling an entire district, I’d say this is a nice city.” said Sawyer, beginning the process of packing up their utilities and belongings. “City of neon lights.” said Sawyer, sighing. “Too bad I reckon this whole city is gonna be leveled by the time this siege is over.” He too, deconstructed his weapon, slotting the disassembled parts into a suitcase. “Any means necessary.” droned Hardy, reciting the pre-deployment briefing. “If I had to bring down an entire skyscraper to take down an insurgent fireteam without a single casualty - that’s a job well done, as far as I’m concerned.” “For legal reasons, that’s a joke.” Sawyer chuckled, “Alright, let’s get ready to join the assault.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS +20,000 from business dealing [7,500g] Purchasing 5 AP from the Yashida Group [67,500] Constructing 9 Civ Industry [11,000g] Constructing 5,000 T3 V1 ICU-01 Drones [18,000g] Recruiting 10,000 T3 V1 Regular Infantry [13,000g] Constructing 100 V1 AMAX Suits RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 NEPH, 6 TECH): [PASSIVE 1] Anti-Icarus Launchers (Due ‘46) [PASSIVE 2] ICU Drone Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Systems - An upgrade package in which the ICU drones are fitted with a suite of advanced sensory and multiple mini-cameras which allow for greater peripheral vision, depth perception, spatial awareness, and the addition of IRNV and thermal optics to expand range of operations. (Due ‘44) [NEPH PASSIVE] Carriers - Yeet (Due ‘48)
  9. UNITED FEDERATION OF SKELLAR SYSTEMS (Double Post) Space 10, Tech 5, Eco 10 Population: 11,841,102,135 | 12,119,368,035 “Senators of the Grand Assembly. I return to you in triumph - over our foes in the imperialist, warmongering Keerim Imperium. However, I beseech all honorable senators that we not look upon this victory as an excuse to cut back our efforts, but rather the driving force in which we double down our efforts...” “As we have recently discovered, we are far from the only ones to inhabit this galaxy. Therefore, we must learn to coexist. Our mutual bloodshed over a common foe has solidified a strong bond with the Libellan and Adaptaar people - to which ought to reinforce, for we may find friendship and empathy scarce in the Void…” “Those of strong mind and noble hearts are capable of rising above the darkness. We, of the Skellar Federation, possess both the means and determination to ensure that no foreign power attempts to assert hegemony over our quadrant - not as the masters, no. But as the wardens… “We, of the Skellar Federation, need not look far but then to our own past. Our legacy has been marked through toil and sacrifice, of our brave warriors, willing to lay down their lives for the preservation of liberty and self-determination. This vision is not of ours alone. We need not look further than the Libellans and Adaptaar to see that good will and morality persists through the galaxy…” “Therefore, I, Shipmaster Qetre’vidar, humbly ask our esteemed Senators to consider the benefits of mutual being, defense, and trade with our galactic neighbors. Though, now it may not be our survival that hinges upon this alliance, we may soon find ourselves grateful that we’ve torn down the walls of solitude and isolation in the pursuit of the advancement of the galactic community.” 1st Year CS1 - 10 Business, T3 Naval Depot CS2 - 10 Business TC1 - 4 Farms TC2 - 10 Business TC3 - 10 Business TC4 - 3 Refinery TC5 - 10 Industry TC6 - 10 Business NAVY - CAPACITY 130 SP (Population - 55, Naval Depot - 75) - Actual 93 1 Exploration Ship (1 SP) 3 Dur’Avaskel’e-class Battlecruiser (3 Experienced) (30 SP) 1 Heavy Cruiser (1 Experienced) (8 SP) 2 Light Cruisers (2 Experienced) (8 SP) 19 Gescar-class Destroyer (4 Experienced) (38 SP) 8 Frigates (7 Experienced) (8 SP) TECH: T2 Armor (T3 Effective) T2 Fusion Reactors (~2 yrs) T2 Kinetic Weapons T1 Deflectors Quantum Comms Gravity Plates RESEARCH ACTIONS: Passive 1: Itoron Ship Armor (29,700 C invested this turn) Passive 2: Battleship Hulls (~11 years) (40,000g invested this turn | 140,000 C total) Passive 3: T2 Hull Plating (25,000 C invested this turn) FINANCIAL ACTIONS: Total Income and Production: 199,700 C, 12M, 4F In Storage: 11F, Upkeep and Maintenance: 15,000C, 3 F Base: 10,000 C, 2 M, 1 F Population: 30,000 C Colonized Sectors (CS): 10,000 C Business: 150,000 C Trade: 2,000C x 1.1 = 2,200 (Adaptaar, Libellans) [65,000 C] Purchasing Fusion Reactor and Star Chart [10,000 C] Constructing Farm [30,000 C, 12 M] Constructing 4 Destroyers 2nd Year FINANCIAL ACTIONS: Total Income and Production: 202,200 C, 12M, 4F In Storage: 12F [57,000 C] Purchasing 19 Metal from Zruki [10 M, 30,000 C] Constructing Battlecruiser [21 M, 52,500 C] Constructing 7 Gescar Destroyers RESEARCH ACTIONS: Passive 1: Itoron Ship Armor (20,000 C invested this turn | 49,700 C invested total) Passive 2: Battleship Hulls (~10? years) (10,000g invested this turn | 150,000 C total) Passive 3: T2 Hull Plating (17,500 invested this turn | 32,500 C invested total) MOD ACTIONS: [MOD] With the knowledge gained from the Star Charts, the Skellar Federation attempts to broaden its diplomatic reach. A civilian craft is sent towards where they believe the Cynn Foundation where they are to make diplomatic contact – and perhaps secure treaties of trade.
  10. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. “...Where you from, McCullough?” inquired Ace Pilot James Gallagher, seated among his closest colleagues in the Icarus-pilot field at Fairfax’s most renowned bar and grill - the Chronic Cantene. “Republics.” answered Warrant Officer Colleen McCullough. “Well, you don’t say, ain’t we all?” scoffed Lt. Griffiths. She sighed, abiding by the small talk for now, “Northeast. Area got hit hard during the Devastation Wars. Family figured we couldn’t live near the coast anymore. That’s when we came to Fairfax.” “****, Col, hope your folks are alright.” “Oh yeah, no, they’re good. Fairfax gave us the opportunity to start fresh.” said McCullough. “Ain’t that the truth. Tell ol’ man Cullough, I said hi. ‘Bout you, Rodney?” “I uh..” the man, WO1 Rodney Whitman, said, caught off-guard. “..did some time in the Emiritan Army as a pilot. Went back and forth along the coast fending off Kaiju. Thought we were doing well at first, but eventually it never seemed to be enough.” “Heard that.” mused WO1 Spencer Randolf. “..Though,” Rodney went on, “While I was deployed, Kaiju ran rampant throughout my home town. Meanwhile, I was deployed halfway across the continent. Lost my ma and pa, and there wasn’t a thing I could’ve done. Thought I’d enlisted to protect them, but only left them when they needed me the most.” For a moment, he appeared slightly downcast. However, the pilot knew better than to soil the mood, putting on his best face as he looked to his fellow contractors. “I’m sorry to hear, dude. Y’know, I don’t fancy no bureaucrats tellin’ me where and where not my efforts are needed.” said Cpt. Gallagher, opting not to dwell on the sad histories that brought them together. “Whatever comes next, we’ll weather the storm. Just know, Fairfax looks out for its own.” Colleen said, laying a hand upon that of Rodney’s - to which one of their colleagues raised a brow. “Sure beats being fodder for the Republics.” said Rodney. “Yep.” Griffiths commented, taking passive interest in the dynamic that had developed between Whitman and McCullough. “We’ve got something special here.” “A community. A haven from the world’s troubles. A reason to be accountable.” replied Gallagher, ever the optimist, as he bounced off his wingman’s passing comment. Randolph chimed in, “Money’s nice too. Beats making minimum in the Republican Army. Makin’ nearly three times that in Fairfax.” he shook his head, clicking his tongue. “I ain’t dissin’ Emirita, but that’s a bad bargain.” To which Griffiths replied, “Don’t think anyone said anything contrary to that. Anyone worth a damn in their army - ain’t in the army no army no more. And if you’re gonna stick your neck out on the line, you’re gonna wanna be paid top dollar.” “Top dollar for the top solutions.” said Randolf. “And that’s facts.” “Fairfax.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS [2,000g] Purchasing 2 AP from Yashida [3,000g] Training 5,000 Regulars to Vet 1 [15,000g] Recruiting 100 Vet 1 AMAX Suits [60,000g] Constructing 8 Civilian Factories RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 NEPH, 6 TECH): [PASSIVE 1] Anti-Icarus Launchers (Due ‘46) [PASSIVE 2] ICU Drone Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Systems - An upgrade package in which the ICU drones are fitted with a suite of advanced sensory and multiple mini-cameras which allow for greater peripheral vision, depth perception, spatial awareness, and the addition of IRNV and thermal optics to expand range of operations. (Due ‘44) [NEPH PASSIVE] Carriers - Yeet (Due ‘48)
  11. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. James Gallagher groggily awoke. He balled his hands into fist and rubbed at his eyes, finding what residue there made it a bit awkward to see. He blinked hardly a few times and hardly sat up and scooted backwards. As he regained a sense of his surroundings, he found himself in his quarters - a vast improvement to the infantryman’s dwellings - the AMAX pilots lived in penthouse suites in comparison. He lay still in his bed, the white sheets still neatly kept which he was buried under from waist down. By his doorside he saw his rifle propped up, but the door itself was open - and all the commotion from outside and in the hallway flooded in - harshly, to his ears. The men talked up a storm out there, conversing at various audible levels throughout the halls, while others rushed through. “Sorry dude.” as he looked away, a voice came from the doorway. Griffiths. He looked back and saw his friend leaning against the door frame. However, he was kitted in full battle dress uniform - fatigues, plate carrier, and the like, with his neural interface uplink helmet tucked between his other arm and his side. “Ah ****.” Gallagher cursed, “Don’t tell me you’re going and I’m sitting out.” he shot upwards, casting a glance to his watch. Griffiths scoffed, “As much as I knew you’d miss me, that isn’t the case.” “Huh?” Gallagher asked, in a bit of a dazed state. “Hm. Order was for everyone to get kitted earlier this morning. You slept through it. Anyways, turns out the bossman didn’t need our unit. 2nd and 3rd Infantry and 1st AMAX got the deployment.” “Darn. I was looking forward to that.” Gallagher said dully. “Don’t get too disappointed. Yeah, turns out those elevator-people don’t need all of us.” Griffiths clicked his tongue, “Anyways, enough of that. You may have forgotten, but we haven’t..” “What’re you talkin’ about?” “Your birthday, dipstick. Look, I told Big Steve, Rodney, Spencer, Colleen, and Kelsey to get ready just now. You should too - they’ll meet us in the courtyard. Maybe then we’ll go day-drinking or something.” Gallagher chuckled, “Sounds absolutely pitiful. But I’ll oblige.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS +10,000 [3,000g] Purchased 3 AP from Yashida [2 AP, 15,000g] Constructing 100 Vet 1 AMAX Suits [3,000g] Training 100 Vet 1 AMAX Suits to Vet 1 [1 AP, 9,000g] Recruiting 5,000 Vet 1 Regular Infantry [37,500g] Constructing 5 Civilian Manufacturing 2,850 to treasury RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 NEPH, 6 TECH): (NEW) [PASSIVE 1] Anti-Icarus Rocket Launcher – A man-portable rocket launcher system purpose built for fire-and-forget. Can be used against Icarus suits and conventional armor and possesses both lock-on and free-fire capabilities. Can also be used to deploy various other munitions and utilities downrange. [PASSIVE 2] ICU Drone Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Systems - An upgrade package in which the ICU drones are fitted with a suite of advanced sensory and multiple mini-cameras which allow for greater peripheral vision, depth perception, spatial awareness, and the addition of IRNV and thermal optics to expand range of operations. (Due ‘44) [NEPH PASSIVE] Carriers – Yeah. (Due ‘48)
  12. FAIRFAX DEFENSE SOLUTIONS, INT. Several FDS AMAX suits on the inspection line prior to deployment. “Diagnostics complete, all systems nominal.. Wait, save for loose shock dampener 1B.” the pilot, announced within the cockpit of his AMAX suit, which then amplified his voice outside the vehicle. Nonchalantly, he flicked a few switches and pushed a few buttons - this was routine.”Prep for dismount.” he declared, as a hydraulic hiss resounded in his cabin, and the suit’s abdomen opened up to reveal the pilot. Promptly, he hopped out of his mech suit, falling some distance and hacking to tuck and roll as he hit the ground. It was the ground of the maintenance bay, evident by the other various Icarus suits in various states of repair and the engineers crews milling about them. The pilot walked up to an engineer, who seemed occupied with his datapad in hand, “She’s all yours.” “Thanks, lieutenant. We’ll have her ready by this afternoon.” the engineer nodded, waving the pilot off and ushering his repair staff forward. The pilot took a step, taking a good look at his AMAX, almost sad to depart. “Lieutenant Gallagher!” a voice called. The pilot turned from his trance, identifying the voice’s source. “James.” the person said, his tone lowered. Gallagher identified him as a fellow pilot - his wingman, 2LT Forsythe Griffiths. “Me and the boys were gonna run a sortie into the North Range this evening. Care to join us?” James Gallagher glanced back to his suit, now crawling with fixers and techies. “Yeah, I can make it.” he said lowly, scratching his chin. Griffiths cast an inquisitive gaze over Gallagher, sensing something was amiss. “Something wrong, James?” “Oh no,” he turned back to his friend, “Nothing. She’s just longing for some action is all. Being all cooped up like this - it’s taking a toll on ‘er.” Griffiths chuckled, “It’s just a suit, bro. Though, it is a shame... a shame that a bunch of sweaty men are rubbing their grubby hands all up on her.” Gallagher shook his head, “You’re a clown. Anyways, a shame Viper’s been collecting dust. Hopefully we’ll have an assignment soon.” “Chin up, pal.” Griffiths replied, “I hear there’s more Kaiju sightings on the north coast. And that space elevator - think they’re looking to finish construction - they’ll need a detail.” “You know what? I’ve always wanted to go to the Orient.” Gallagher scoffed. “Great. Maybe the eastern women will give you the time of day.” FINANCIAL ACTIONS [20,000g] Constructing Trade Depot and Commercial District in Fairfax [52,500g] Constructing 7 Civilian Factories [20,000g] Constructing Hydroponics 1,750 to treasury RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 NEPH, 6 TECH): [PASSIVE 1] Carriers - Mobile command centers for extending operational range and rapid deployment of FDS assets [PASSIVE 2] ICU Drone Upgrade, Advanced Targeting Systems - An upgrade package in which the ICU drones are fitted with a suite of advanced sensory and multiple mini-cameras which allow for greater peripheral vision, depth perception, spatial awareness, and the addition of IRNV and thermal optics to expand range of operations. [NEPH PASSIVE] Down-sized Nephilite Power Cells - While Nephilite has seen extensive use in various hulking inventions, FDS explores its potential to be applied to smaller projects, such as their ICU drone. DIPLOMACY ACTIONS [SCHENBERG CONGLOMERATE] Director Michael Gallagher reaches out to the Schenberg Conglomerate, offering a defense contract in which FDS personnel will oversee the security of the space elevator during construction - for a small premium, of course.
  13. Discord Name; Tank Nation Name: Fairfax Defense Solutions International Government Type: Private Military Company and Security Consultant Leader: Michael Gallagher, CEO of FDS International Culture: PMC. Fairfax breeds soldiers with immense mental and physical fortitude. They are expected to adhere to strict service decorum. They are expected to be professional, honorable and will not turn their back upon a contract once accepted. Fairfax employees enjoy and value the personal freedom, merit, and choice that comes with their trade. History: Fairfax Defense Solutions International formed in the year 23 P.D., approximately 15 years ago in the midst of the Devastation War. A lieutenant colonel Michael Gallagher was discharged from the ranks of the Emritan Armed Forces, having grown disillusioned with the tactics employed, taking matters into his own hands. He had held the belief that inaction and cowardice had led to the unnecessary destruction of disparate communities across the Republic. He’d lead numerous charges against Kaiju, though won costly victories, with an unprecedented casualty rate. As a result, he would quietly be deemed mentally unfit for command and relieved of duty. For his actions he returned home a hero, decorated with countless accolades - however he viewed the slight irreconcilable. Former Lt. Col. Michael Gallagher would not sit idle as the Kaiju decimated coastal populations, and reached out to several former colleagues, friends, and benefactors. Ambitiously, they sought about forming their own group to take the fight to the Kaiju. Beginning with no more than 55 men, he and his team would reverse engineer various battlefield debris, being able to reverse engineer a combat suit of their own in the following year. Gallagher and his compatriots strode valiantly into battle, achieving a remarkable kill ratio against the Kaiju forces. However, in the coming years, Gallagher and his subordinates would lose sight of their original values - those of freedom and defiance. Gallagher had become quite convinced that his services would come only when transferred at an appropriate premium. Due to the global nature of the Kaiju threat, there was ample work to go around and money to be had. Many fled to the ranks of FDS International in pursuit of their own fortune, taking up freelance work under their badge. This was not limited to warriors, as Gallagher took a particularly keen interest in technology and the sciences, issuing various grants for research and development and enlisting defectors from various nations around the globe. This growth would carry FDS International throughout the Devastation War and to its conclusion, where they sit as a prominent power for hire on the world of Aestival. At the end of the war, a weary Gallagher would step down from frontline combat, assuming nominal duties as CEO of Fairfax Defense Solutions International. Groups or places of interest: Fairfax Headquarters The industrial and economic heart of FDS International. The obscure coastal settlement was transformed into a booming city-complex as the Kaiju incursions brought with them an influx of refugees and opportunists. Key Figures (3 people with points): CENTCOM Director and Chief Executive Michael Gallagher Some 17 years ago, Lt. Colonel Michael Gallagher founded the Fairfax Defense Solutions International Group. He is passionate and driven, having led his unit throughout the Devastation War with distinction. However, his zeal would cause him to fall out with his superiors and eventually he was discharged. Denouncing the old regimes, he and like-minded individuals set out for a new, personal project that would serve the interests of the everyday man. Whereas he was once a renowned Icarus-suit pilot, he has now resigned to live his life peacefully and serves as the chief executive of FDS. (6 Charisma, 4 Leadership, 2 Martial) James Gallagher, Heir of FDS International Ace Pilot James Gallagher is son to none other than Lt. Colonel Michael Gallagher. Born just at the beginning of the Devastation War, he would not see combat until the war had drawn nearly to a halt. Nevertheless in the waning days of the war, he served alongside his father in frontline Icarus-suit combat. He is now an experienced commander, beloved by his subordinates, and believes that none should suffer the indignation wrought by the Kaiju or fellow man. (7 Martial, 3 Charisma, 2 Leadership) Dr. Frederick Engleman, Director of Research and Development Dr. Frederick Engleman represents the culmination of everything that FDS International has achieved thus far. Having first met Lt. Col. Michael Gallagher when they both served the Republic, he was a natural choice of ally when the organization was in its infancy. He was presumed dead sometime when the Kaiju brought destruction upon the facility in which he and his colleagues conducted nephilite experiments. Engleman used this opportunity to drop off the radar, only resurfacing until a mutual acquaintance reunited the two. (? ? ?) Point Distribution: 10 Economy 5 Military 6 Conventional Tech 5 Neph Tech 4 Loyalty Nat Idea: Soldiers of Fortune: Every trade partner increases Manpower by an additional .15% and every trade partner increases manpower regeneration by .10%. Army Caps doubled. Conquests disabled. Unique Units (3): AMAX (Advanced Modular Armored eXoskeleton) [GENERAL PURPOSE ICARUS]: Fairfax Defense Solutions has devised one of the most advanced Icarus frames in existence, designed to be highly modular and adaptable in the modern battlefield. The AMAX Stryker-series platform compensates through sheer responsiveness, rapid-action, blistering lethality, intelligence and can be precisely customized and fine-tuned to suit the needs of the pilot. EVA (Enhanced Viability and Acuteness) Pilots [ENHANCED ACE PILOT]: Though the Elysium Interface System has become commonplace throughout Aestival, the engineers and scientists at FDS pushed the neural link to its limits - allowing their pilots unprecedented levels of strength, awareness, logic and deduction, and the closest thing to a seamless link to their Icarus chassis. ICU-01 Infantry Autonomous Drone [HARDENED INFANTRY]: Incredibly robust bipedal assault units designed by Fairfax Defense Solutions International. They are cold, calculating, and cutthroat, engaging and destroying their designated foes with extreme prejudice. They are incredibly expensive, though they wield a variety of weapons to devastating effect and are stronger and are far more resilient than the average grunt they are designed to work in tandem with. Drones DO NOT count towards manpower, however personnel are needed to oversee their maintenance and repairs. Starting Location: North of the United Emiritan Republics, tucked away in the Mountains. Are Mechs superior to tanks?: Well yes, but no
  14. PRINCIPALITY OF ANAXES No rp, making preparations for dnd tonight RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 Magic) Active Tech - Crossbowmen. [10,000g invested this turn, 30,000g previously] (Due ‘83) Passive Magic - T3 Void Blast, like the T2 but more lethal! (Due ‘84) MOD ACTIONS: Further increasing the grandeur and splendor of the Free City of Lyffneveld! [14,800g invested this turn | 91,290g invested previously = 106,090g total] FINANCIAL ACTIONS: [37,500G] Constructing 5 Civ Industry in Lyffneveld [12 SP, 30,000g] Constructing 6 Xebecs [6 SP, 14,000g] Constructing 2 Carracks [3 AP, 30,000g] Recruiting 1,500 V1 T3 Sunderland Shipswords [30,000G] Recruiting 3 Adepts
  15. PRINCIPALITY OF ANAXES An early morning at the Seaside District of Lyffneveld - the fishermen have yet to wake and make their living for the day. “Sire, I bring troubling news.” A Seaman barged through the door, both unannounced and perhaps unwelcome. He now stood awkwardly halfway between the door and the table at which the Prince and his family were currently dining. The Prince raised a brow, and his household guards who otherwise lurked quietly in the shadows watching, stepped forward to intercept the intruder. He was a raggedy man, worth his weight in the sea’s salt by the looks. His beard reached obscene lengths according to Anaxese courtly etiquette and he looked and smelled as if he hadn’t bathed in weeks. The Prince on the other hand was dignified, wrapped in fine mainland furs and feathers - curiously, he arched a brow - he would hear the man. The guards relaxed their grips upon their halberds, though their steely gazes burned holes into the man’s soul. He was shaken by this but proceeded nonetheless. He took a few faces forward only to take a tumble, face first into the cobblestone floor. “Apologies.” the man said awkwardly, “I’d just come right off our ship. I must say, it’s odd not having the very floor on which you stand sway and rock with every thrashing wave.” “Be a gent and get on with it, would you?” Prince Robert bid, slightly impatient. He shot a glance to his guests and family, across the table laden with exquisite meat cuts and freshly picked fruits and vegetables. They appeared indifferent for the time, simply waiting to hear the man’s words. “Y-yes, Of course.. Your Serene Highness.” he stumbled, not in footwork, but in speech. “My crew and I were out whaling this morning - an um, we stumbled upon this dinghy in the water - practically sinking. They weren’t ours.” he explains, “They were Aldemaric. They appeared starving and battered, of course, we hoisted them aboard and took them home with us. They told us they were fleeing the onslaught that was Kemet’s blood ravenous army and that their pharaohs had claimed yet another fortress-city of theirs near effortlessly…” The Grand Prince’ Roberts son, Prince Harold, set down his utensils, and half-rose from his seat. “Father if what the man says it’s true, when we are obliged to lend our aid.” “It is.” replied the ruler. “I’ve been keeping tabs on this situation for some time. I had only hoped it would not come to this - I was wrong. These Kemetese are commanded by their foul gods to conquest and slaughter, raising unholy monuments upon the bones and rubble they’ve claimed. Truthfully, if the great Aldemaric League cannot fend them off, it is already too late.” “As long as we draw breath we cannot stand idle. For what does that say about our character, father?” he retorted. Beside him, Lady Marley Burr rose, her hand wrapped around his, “I must agree with your son, Your Serene Highness. Think of the countless families torn apart. We have the makings of a great navy. We can help..” “Enough.” the Grand Prince rose too, his voice resonating throughout the halls. “You are all but children with the foresight of a goldfish. You think I’ve not already considered all these implications?” he scoffed, eyeing each and every man and woman who sat at the table. “Now boy, if you want to make yourself useful. I do indeed have a plan.” he reached into his breast pocket and brandished a small scroll which. He brushed aside the various entrees and unfurled it for all to see, weighing down the ends with various goblets and plates. “Let’s see if what you’ve learned at the Naval Academy will have practical applications.” he stared at his son coldly, reaching for a dagger which he drove into the scroll - a map of Chtor - between Kemet and Avon. “Here. Our course of action. While they feast their eyes upon their next conquest - with our fleet, we’ll ferry all those we can away from the voracious maw that is Kemet and raid their shores..” The Grand Prince wrenched his knife out from the table. With what seemed thunderous bounding steps he navigated the table’s edge until he came upon his son. Grim and without a word, he took his hand and placed the dagger within his palm. “I charge you with both the honor and burden, boy.” RESEARCH ACTIONS (5 Magic) Active Tech - Crossbowmen. [10,000g invested this turn, 20,000g previously] (Due ‘83) Passive Magic - T3 Void Blast, like the T2 but more lethal! (Due ‘84) FINANCIAL ACTIONS [15,000g] Constructing 2 Civilian Industry [5.000g] Constructing 1 Farm [6 SP, 14,000g] Constructing 2 Carracks [10 SP, 25,000g] Constructing 5 Xebecs [2 AP, 20,000g] Recruiting 1,000 T3 V1 Shipswords [1 AP, 6,000g] Recruiting 500 T3 V1 Archers [20,000g] Recruiting 2 Adepts [15,000g] Additional Shipyard/Mine MOD ACTIONS/DIPLOMACY (MOD) In efforts to aid against the Kemetese horde, 8 Xebecs of the Anaxese Navy begin sorties into the riverways between Kemet and Avon with the intention of striking at and raiding Kemetese supply wagons and logistics. [1,000 T3 V1 Shipswords, 1 Adept, 8 Xebecs] (MOD) In anticipation of Kemet causing further destruction in Chtor - the Principality of Anaxes begins an effort of accepting refugees fleeing the carnage and settling them in the Eastern District. Anaxese Navy vessels aid in ferrying whoever (if willing) they can to Anaxes. [2 Carracks] (MOD) “I’m pleased with the progress, I must admit.” His Serene Highness tells his Small Council, “However, I’d like to see the implementation of more public works, art, and institutions.” Easier said than done… Anaxes’s Interior Minister surely had his plate full - this year, commissioning wondrous arches and parks, promoting local business and industry, founding schools of arts and sciences, as well as establishing numerous waterways and canals - the preferred Anaxese method of travel. Improving the Free City of Lyffneveld. [30,990g invested this turn | 60,300g invested previously = 91,290g total]
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