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  1. TankM1A2


    It's about time we bring firearms to Lotc. I support this fully. +1
  2. "Republicanism is the downfall of society." says Richard the Royalist.
  3. When can Skaven be a playable race?

  4. TankM1A2

    Enough is Enough.

    Grrrr, how dare iMattyz criticize the staff. That fiend. Also, can Renatus have their own illegal freebuild fort? xoxo. But, in all seriousness, the state of Lotc is embarassing. Me and many others agree that it has never been this bad. We'll not be placated by promises of plugins that'll seemingly never come in. (haha, remember that regioning plugin?) But yeah, this whole community guidelines thing is utter ****. War rules are ****. Activities of the Game Moderation and the Administration have been awful. GMs don't: - Enforce the rules. - Take firm stances on issues in worry of being accused of bias. - Pick and choose which times to enforce the rules and stretch their definitions to fit their needs. As part of Renatus leadership, we've had admins and game moderators blatantly lie to us while attempting to argue Casus Bellis. This includes, lying about who owns what, who is a part of who's faction, etc. Also, not going to call out a name directly, but its been brought to the attention of the staff of a player slinging anti-semitic slurs. However, no action was taken. But, the staff leapt at the opportunity to get Eli banned for something he said 3 months ago - and was far from something someone should get offended at. Bad precedents all around.
  5. Indisputable proof that traps are not gay:



    IMG_2680 (1).JPG

    1. TheElvenMage


      i'm afraid you have the big gay








    2. TankM1A2
  6. @TankM1A2 Never Forget.




    1. TankM1A2


      haunts me to this day

    2. EternalSaturn


      lol...not like you were the best husband.....

    3. TankM1A2


      do I get a trophy or something

  7. TankM1A2

    The Siege of White Peak

    "Sapper sh it, heck yeah." says a Renatian engineer as he scores a critical hit against the walls of Whitepeak.
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    2. TankM1A2


      Was my only one; banned shortly after

    3. EternalSaturn


      Oh no, how come?


    4. TankM1A2


      attempting to blockglitch. was just for the wc length tho

  8. TankM1A2

    Courland vs Renatus

    he called it
  9. @EternalSaturn Not paying child support

    1. EternalSaturn


      @TankM1A2 You better or I'm taking you to COURT

    2. TankM1A2


      not my kid

  10. What about our children, Tank?

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    2. Elrith


      Artyom "The Wheelz" Ruric

    3. Zhulik


      The bible frowns on this

    4. EternalSaturn


      Yes, the Confederates would certainly disapprove

  11. TankM1A2

    The Dabbening, 1668

    “God bless, Cousin Otis.” says Ser Carlovac, “A true Renatian patriot.”
  12. TankM1A2


    Re-implement a way to attain nation status. Freebuild implemented as it was was a mistake. No rules at map launch. Also, as a person who worked to put in Belvitz, I can say it is possible to build a nice build without LC. While, yes it is the responsibility of the nation leadership and population to prop rp in their settlement - they have to compete with the fact that anyone can spring up anywhere and RP is split everywhere. In my opinion, working to gather resources shows dedication. Dedication that would be used to show they are serious being on their own. Too many random abandoned freebuilds. If they're dedicated, then I believe they should get nation status (this is all hypothetical, considering there is no method to obtain nation status nor LC.) and get LC.
  13. TankM1A2


    Paid LC for nations. <— Right idea
  14. TankM1A2

    -= The Skirmish of the Nice Roads. =-

    "reit or die. gang gang." says benisfrog the reiter.