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  1. hello, I heard the wiki needs fixing

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      become a wiki team member tank!

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    Brave New World [RP thread]

    Floride Française Southern Florida, Spring 1601 The French colonists had made landfall at the Southern tip of the Floridian peninsula. They had all but exhausted their resources and food supplies and had to come ashore. They took to their rowboats and paddled to the coast. Andreas Piccard, whom the aristocracy had chosen to lead this expedition to the New World, felt the pressure upon him. As they slowly inched closer to land through the choppy waves, he was bombarded with thoughts, concerns, and even regrets. "If this journey fails, it will be on me. This climate is nothing like I thought it'd be. What if bloodthirsty savages inhabit these lands?" He snapped back to reality only when he had heard the sound of one of the sailor's hurling off the side of the ship, liquid dribbling from his mouth. He turned to the man, still engaged in deep thought. I must not think this way. If I have any doubt now then I have already admitted defeat. The sailor practically had his face in the water as the small vessel rocked back in forth. He reeled back in, wiping the residue off his face, before nearly throwing himself off the rowboat again, hurling into the water. These men are counting on me. I cannot let them down. Andreas had suddenly found himself renewed in resolve and courage, more than he knew that he had within himself. As they pulled the rowboats up the beaches and away from the tide lines, they wasted no time. Within weeks, their first permanent settlement had taken shape. Several lodgings, wooden walls lining the perimeter, a weapons foundry, a barracks, and outlying farmlands. He had called it Couronne. The name land around - Floride - due to its flowery nature. They expected the worst and prepared. Finally, after more than two months at sea, Andreas had something to be proud of. Yet, with this new settlement, he knew he could not sit idle. His people needed to prosper rather than merely get by. After a survey of the area, he believed he already had a grasp upon the region's shortcomings. Issues varied from inadequate trees for lumbering, pesky insects and alligators, and to concerns about agriculture. They would have to make do. Couronne, Floride, Summer 1601 In an effort to sieze as much of the coast as possible, explorers were sent out to the east of Couronne. Andreas knew that having such uncontested access to the Atlantic could prove beneficial in the near future. Actions Population: 2,000 Food Supply: 1 (Base) + 2 (1 Farmlands) = 3 FS AP Production: 5 (Base) + 2 (1 Foundry) + 3 (1 Settlement) - 1 (Army Upkeep) = 9 AP AP Allocation: 2 Colonists (8 AP), Markets (1/60 AP) Decisions: Scouting parties are sent towards the coast east and north eastward towards the Atlantic.
  3. TankM1A2

    A Brave New World

    Colony Name: Floride Nation of Origin: France Religion (Catholic, Protestant, or Othordox): Catholic Colony History: Rumors of the New World have reached the ears of circles of the French aristocracy. They could not sit idle while other nations reaped the benefits of the land. They decided that they needed to begin their own efforts before the major powers gobbled up what precious territory there was. Some of the more affluent among French society would sponsor many a peasants in their voyage across the Atlantic. They believed that the wealth would flow right into their coffers. Yet, they were unaware of the hardships to come. Starting Location: (fill in a square & PM to either mod) Southern tip of Florida. Initial 200 AP investments: 100 Militia (1) 100 Arquebusiers (5) 400 Pikemen (16) 2 Light Cannons (4) 2 Saker Cannons (6) 1 Barracks (45) 1 Foundry (50) Wooden City Walls (20) 1 Farmland (40) 3 Corvettes (9) 2 Small Freighters (4) (hopefully i did this math right) Unique Military Unit: Gendarme de la Garde Discord: tank🍤#8655 Suggestions: Disease and natural disasters.
  4. TankM1A2

    [FEEDBACK] Cannons

    I gotta say, the Warcraft movie made gunpowder weaponry fit right in without ruining the aesthetic.
  5. TankM1A2

    Valley of The Dolls [Story #2]

    Is this canon? - that there's survivors in Axios? Also, good read.
  6. TankM1A2

    Wiki Team? Horrendous writing.

    omegalul i have to go back in and clean up the mess
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    Reaffirmation of Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Carlovac Henrik of Kovachev Age: Mid-30s Knighted By: Aurelius I Horen Moniker: The Inventor Liege Lord: Aurelius I Horen Lands: N/A Are you willing to reaffirm your vows of chivalry and fealty to the Emperor and Country?: Yes Coat of Arms:
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  9. Ser Carlovac had long since been a humble servant to the Crown of Renatus-Marna, and its monarch. As news caught up to him of the decree, he no sooner knew that he would follow his country through in its next endeavor. "Praise to thee, Aurelius, exalted amongst men. Hail, one true Emperor of MAN. Horen's heirs rejoice!" he cried before a convocation in the square of Carolustadt.
  10. Daily reminder that needing to remind people that daily reminders are dumb is dumb.

  11. nice griefing of reiter keep. cool event

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    Brief Overview of Player Concentration

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    Writ of Excommunication

    Berenfroy continues to praise the Sun in secrecy.
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    Worn Down

    o7 DS. Good on you for bringing this to light. And good luck in your next endeavor. It was a shame how they treated you.
  15. Hearts of Iron anyone?

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