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  1. Wilven Wisps

    I can completely get behind this. +1
  2. Berenfroy recalls the Pontiff's retinue attempting to isolate and pick off Renatian men who had merely followed them out past the portcullis out of curiosity. "Hmm."
  3. [CA] [Ghoul] Joseph Ciacci

  4. Two Jolly Sparks

  5. >me hearing communism talk *MASS ASSAULT DOCTRINE INTENSIFIES*

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Mass assault and numbers is how the USSR eventually beat back the German blitzkreig

  6. am i doing good mom?

  7. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Aesopian

    Memorable events and genuinely interesting storylines. High quality roleplay overall. His events were unique by the fact that people don't come out of what are supposed to be near suicidal encounters unscathed. In fact, I was rendered a cripple twice by his events. From these injuries, more unique roleplay spawned and made an enjoyable experience. He also reaches out to many different groups from what I collected. Normally I wouldn't comment on these apps, but Aesop is truly deserving.
  8. [Complaint] Golems in PVP!

    I believe an additional buff to the golem PVP buff is unnecessary. Golems are strong as they are; alreadt being a process to cut through. Free tankiness just on a CA. Also, I recall several scenarios where the presence of golems were able to tip the balance of a battle. And I believe the general consensus among the community is to stray away from PVP buffs aswell.
  9. Adelburg Chronicle - 1635/1636

    "Taverns are overrated." comments Berenfroy,
  10. _Stigwig's a GM. The infiltration of the ranks has begun...

  11. Can I develop Agent Orange to deal with this influx of Bryophites??

  12. [Accepted] [Trial]Sir_Niccum's New GM App

    I'm gonna be honest and straight to the point. Niccum gets **** done. We need someone of his caliber and experience on the team.
  13. Killer Keemstar here with another episode of Drama Alert. #Welves

    1. ImperialRoyalist


      funny thing is tank i can imagine you being the dirty neckbeard gnome running drama alert

    2. TankM1A2


      I'm literally Asian