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  2. GRAND DUCHY OF PRAHA THE WATCH ON THE SVILUGA 19 FEBRUARY 1886 1330 HOURS It was a quiet early afternoon on Praha’s eastern frontier. On Praha’s side of the River Sviluga, a force was amassed in preparation for the need of rapid action and response. The calling of the First Internationale had no doubt troubled much of the affluent members of Prahan society; from government officials to factory owners. Already had some small-scale general strikes and riots been quelled. However, it was unknown if these workers were spurred on by socialist agents or through their own volition. Nevertheless, the Administration placated the protesters with promises of suffrage, better working conditions, regulations, and wages - much to the dismay of the business owners. Whether or not the government would hold true to those promises would remain to be seen. While significant efforts had been devoted to rooting out the communists among, potential sleep cells from the Internationale, an even more substantial force was recruited to combat the communists that did not hide from plain view. Throughout the past months, the Prahan government slowly began the reconstruction of the Ground Army, following the massive disarmament at the end of the Great War. A large portion of these resources were shifted eastward, to the River Sviluga. In the past, the Sviluga had represented a border with the Pozharinite Empire. Now, it was a strategic liability. The brief conflict with the Socialists of Nikstrana and their lapdogs against the Tsardom had proven that should push come to shove, Pozharin may not survive another drawn-out conflict. At the end of the war, Pozharin was on the verge of economic collapse, no doubt sowing sentiments of Tsarist failures and reinforcing the soundness of communist ideology. Precautionary measures would need to be taken in the likely event that Pozharin succumbs to internal revolution. As such, numerous tactical assets were moved eastward toward the border. Among them were the 1st and 2nd Infantry, several regiments of field artillery, and 1st Independent Tank Battalion. Poludnitsev spat. He sat cross-legged by an open fire on a chair hauled away from the local village of Brevetz. From where he sat, over a breastwork, he could make out the River Sviluga. A low-hanging missed hung just above the water’s surface, with formations of ice ever expanding and melting away on either bank of the river. Further beyond was a stretch of largely unoccupied neutral territory, and further beyond that was the Tsardom of Pozharin. Poludnitsev had in his hand a copy of the local print, seemingly consumed in today’s headline. “Hm. Have you heard the news, boys?” he said, lowering the newspaper. “What’s that, commander?” asked Baranovich, huddled by the remnants of last night’s fire, feeding leaves and twigs into the pit piecemeal in an effort to keep the flames going. “The First Internationale.” stated Poludnitsev with airs of skepticism. “The Communist Convention?” asked Ludomir, from across Baranovich, seemingly already informed on the issue. “The Commie-con?” Bogdan perked a brow, somewhere over Poludnitsev’s shoulder - presumably at the tank. In fact, he stood atop North Wind’s engine deck, loading a new box of ammunition into the AA-machine gun mount. Poludnitsev glowered a moment, then lapsing to his normal state, “Yes, the Commie-con.” “How disillusioned those Reds are.” said Ludomir. “The Wars have taken their tolls on everybody. Many are losing faith in their current regimes.” said Bogdan, cocking the bolt of the top-mounted MG backwards. With this enthusiasm, he seemed practically ready to take the tank right into the capital of Nikstrana. “Mhm.” said Poludnitsev, flipping the page. Alexei scoffed, returning from his supply run. He cradled a pair of two logs, promptly dropping them at his feet before Baranovich. “I say the more Communists in one place the better - makes them an easier target.” “An easier target for what? We - anyone, in His Grace’s Armed Forces is well outside of striking distance. It may as well be half a world away.” Ludomir shook his head, ever the voice of reason. Alexei remarked, in a sharpening of the theoretical blade, “Mark my words, we shall be the first in Risyetz.” PRAHA INFO Head of State: H.M. Anatoly II Ehrenkhov, Grand Duke of Praha Population: 54,121,240 (10,000g) Trade Partners: (15,000g) 1 Metropolis Saint Abelsburg [Starting Metropolis - 10,000g] (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (6 Civilian Industry - 6,000g) (2 Steel Mills - 6 Steel) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (1 Vitramite Refinery) (1 Airship Yard - 1 ASP) 5 Cities Rovna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot -7,000g) (4 Airship Yard - 4 ASP) Volna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (2 Civilian Industry - 2,000g) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (1 Vitramite Refinery - 1 Vitramite) Setlava [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (2 Civilian Industry - 2,000g) Berzina [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (2 Steel Mill - 6 Steel) (2 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (3 Civilian Industry - 3,000g) Tisova [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (2 Civilian Industry - 2,000g) Vitraium 2 Vitraium Mines National Idea - PRAC Logistics: Airship upkeep thresholds at 15 freighters, 15 corvettes, 5 DD-HC, and 3 B-CV. POIs: Northern Railroad Junction: +5000g per turn RESEARCH (8 EDUCATION) Research 1: Radio Communication (Complete in ‘88) Radio Communication continues to make strides, though perhaps at a slower pace than hoped. Nonetheless, top brass looks forward to implementing the technology everywhere from the bridges of airships, to the ground-based armored vehicles, and potentially 1 set to each and every platoon. Research 2: Mechanized Infantry (Complete in ‘88) Eager research and development continues on the PMD-45.Thankfully, there have been little to minor setbacks. The vehicle is designed to be heavily modular, with potential for mounting machine guns to light cannons. Most importantly, the vehicle will be able to transport a full squad into battle. Research 3: Aircraft Carrier (1 year previously invested; 1882-1883, continued 1886-) News quickly arrives to the PRAC Admiralty that several of the Great Powers have begun acquiring and building revolutionary airship technology. To avoid falling behind in this war for aerial dominance, the Grand Ducal Administration greenlights the continuation of the Aircraft Carrier program. In particular, efforts are focused on creating large carriers with multiple runways, capable of projecting dominance over a wide scope. INCOME AND EXPENDITURE Upkeep: 1900G, 1V, 20 Steel Production/Industrial Capacity: (21 Steel, 2 Vitraium, 2 Vitramite, 5 ASP, 15 AP) Income: 122,750g (Population - 10,000), (Trade Partners - 15,000), (25% Trade Bonus - 3,750), (Metropolis - 10,000), (Commercial Districts - 24,000g), (Trade Depots - 42,000g) (Civ. Ind. - 15,000g), (Northern Railroad Depot - 5,000) +150 from treasury -900, -1V from Aerial upkeep -1,000 from infantry upkeep = 121,000 available [25,000g] Purchasing Dreadnought technology from Pozharin. [[MOD]] [3 ASP, 12,000G] Constructing Heavy Cruiser in Full Steel [2 ASP, 3000G] Constructing Destroyer [10 AP, 18,000g] Raising 2 T-89M Tank Brigades [5 AP, 35,000g] Raising 5 Infantry Brigades - Regular [5,000g] Constructing 1 Vitramite Refinery in Setlava [5,000g] Constructing 1 Vitramite Mine [2,500g] Constructing Steel Mill in Setlava [10,000g] Constructing Airship Yard in Setlava [10,000g] Constructing 2 Civilian Industry in Rovna
  3. GRAND DUCHY OF PRAHA 1200 HOURS MAIN STREET PROMENADE, ST. ABELSBURG, PRAHARAVKA At last, the first batch of T-89Ms had rolled off the assembly lines. With the Great War having severely destroyed Prahan industry and infrastructure, such a feat may have been considered nigh impossible. Yet, the people of Praharavka were a hardy and persistent one. When they set their eyes upon a task, they would damn well see it finished - even if it would cost them their lives. 5 million lives. That’s how many lives Praharavka had lost to the Great War. Some may argue that the war was all for nothing, and Prahan blood was spilled pointlessly. However, today such negativity and nay-saying was washed away. Today, was a day to be proud of Praha’s servicemen and honor the fallen of yesterday. Indeed, to commemorate the sacrifices of the Prahan soldier’s in the Great War, the people of the Duchy were celebrating, perhaps more observing, the processions of Remembrance Day. Within the Ducal capital of St. Abelsburg, hundreds of thousands took to the streets to watch the soldiers march by, marching at attention, methodically swinging their arms at their side, with the other snapped in a salute and marching to the renowned Prahan Military Orchestra. Along the Main St. Promenade, several Prahan feats of engineering had been unveiled, parading through the streets in all their splendor - marvels of modern engineering. Among them were Praharavka’s long desired tanks, devastating weapons which had proved their worth in the Great War and today. Though Praharavka had made keen observations of armored warfare and vehicles throughout the past years, by no means were there own creations derivatives. No, the people of Praha were innovators, and took all the best elements of armored vehicles, while minimizing the negatives. The result of this process was Kostilov’s T-89M Medium Tank - designed to fulfill multiple roles on the battlefield. It was sufficiently protected, maneuverable, and lethal - all within a small tracked steel package. However, notably absent from Prahan factory’s production queues were armored transport vehicles for the infantry. What good were breakthrough tanks if they didn’t have infantry to follow up and capitalize on hole they had punched. Praharavka possessed no mechanized vehicles in its arsenal. A problem which was determined to be in need of remedy. In fact, this has become quite the topic of debate among the crew of the North Wind, the tank and personnel who had essentially pioneered the Prahan armored development program. From his balcony, upon the Ducal palace, the aging Duke Anatoly II looked on in pride as the first armored columns lumbered, no – graciously rolled across the streets in a beautiful mechanical droning. The lead vehicle was led by Poludnitsev, commander of the North Wind. Recently promoted, one might say he had been counted among the Duke’s good graces. He smiled as the procession continued. 1500 HOURS 1ST TANK BATTALION HEADQUARTERS After the parade, in the heart of 1st Tank Battalion’s headquarters, Poludnitsev popped open the commander’s hatch, immediately feeling of the embrace of the cool northern air. He welcomed it - there was almost something exhilarating about it. Everytime he left the confines of his vehicle, he knew he was just a man. Made of soft flesh, otherwise destined to die a horrific death on the frontline. But no, Poludnitsev was no infantryman; he was a tanker at heart. Perhaps this passion is what allowed him to ascend the ranks so quickly. He wrapped his arms around the perimeter of his commander’s cupola, lifting himself halfway through to get a look upon the activities of his crewmates and subordinates. Though technically their commander, and bearing the bars of a lieutenant colonel, he felt no more influential than the next man. Each man played his part and was crucial to smooth functioning of the vehicle. Alexei. Ludomir. Bogdan. They were all brothers to him. He could faintly hear their voices, before returning to his sense of normalcy, they once more became audible. “...why should I stick my neck out for them? The tank supports the infantry.” said Ludomir towards the front of vehicle, wiping away at the tank’s headlights with a small cloth. Around the corner and towards the aft from Ludomir, Bogdan, took hold of a water line, hosing down the suspension. Where he sprayed, bits of gunk and mud withered away from the wheels and tracks. He was quite thorough in this, spending some time on each wheel and tread, making sure everything got out. Though consumed in his maintenance routine, and gawking at the rear drive wheel, he called out, “Tanks pave the way forward. We can take the hits, they can’t.” Between the two was Alexei, who sat upon the front hull, leaning back upon the turret and gun mantlet, legs dangling off the side of the vehicle, flinching as stray droplets of rather high pressure water, soaked lower body. There slightly annoyed, though, seemed far too comfortable to move - even against the cold, hard steel of the North Wind. Overhearing their conversation, he interjected, “It is the infantry that holds ground and the infantry who takes it. No different from artillery, they call us in if there’s a nut too tough to crack.” Bogdan lowered his hose, “Do you know what you’re saying?” he asked, looking up towards Alexei. His steady stream of water still pounding the side of the tank. “Of course I do, we make breakthroughs.” “Yes.” he rolled his eyes, turning off the water line, and dropping the hose. “But more importantly, we capitalize on them.” he said, gently rapping his fist on the side of the vehicle. “Aye, we’re not static weapons.” chimed in Ludomir. “Indeed.” said Poludnitsev, finally taking part in the conversation. “Neither are tanks those slow, land-crawlers from the Great War. We’ve now got serious mobility and firepower at our disposal. Shock and awe.” Alexei shook his head, “Yeah? That’s how we thought the Great War would be fought? Nae. Instead, every man found themselves stuck in a ditch for years on end.” he scoffed. Alexei was not of the same mindset as him. Perhaps one day, he’ll understand. Alexei cocked his head, squinting as he took notice of a freshly green-clad kempt figure saunter towards their vehicle, still wearing his dress cap and shirt tucked beneath his belt. “Fuckin’ A. Who’re you?” he called out to the stranger. The stranger stopped mid-tracks, snapping to attention at the raggedy group of men. “Cpl. Jan Baranovich. I’ve been assigned to this vehicle AV-05 as assistant loader, sirs.” “My God.” Bogdan muttered under his breath. “New guy, eh?” Ludomir craned his neck to get a good luck at the man, if he could be called that. “You’ll fit right in. C’mere, kid. Right in time for orientation.” “Very good, sir.” said Jan, seemingly eager as he strode toward the crew. Alexei sighed, “Fuckin’ new guy.” PRAHA INFO Head of State: H.M. Anatoly II Ehrenkhov, Grand Duke of Praha Population: 53,060,040 (10,000g) Trade Partners: (15,000g) 1 Metropolis Saint Abelsburg [Starting Metropolis - 10,000g] (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (6 Civilian Industry - 6,000g) (2 Steel Mills - 6 Steel) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (1 Vitramite Refinery) (1 Airship Yard - 1 ASP) 5 Cities Rovna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot -7,000g) (1 Airship Yard - 1 ASP) Volna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (1 Heavy Industry - 1 AP) (2 Civilian Industry - 2,000g) Setlava [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (1 Heavy Industry - 1 AP) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (2 Civilian Industry - 2,000g) Berzina [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (1 Heavy Industry - 1 AP) (3 Civilian Industry - 3,000g) Tisova [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (2 Civilian Industry - 2,000g) Vitraium 1 Vitraium Mine National Idea - PRAC Logistics: Airship upkeep thresholds at 15 corvettes, 5 DD-HC, and 3 B-CV. POIs: Northern Railroad Junction: +5000g per turn RESEARCH (8 EDUCATION) Research 1: Radio Communication (Complete in ‘88) Work continues on a portable communications device, to be utilized in the military and civilians. The device will be used to transmit messages and broadcasts across a wide range of frequency allowing the quick flow of orders down the chain of command or rapid updates on the situation at the front. Research 2: [Unique Unit Change - Mechanized Guards Rifle(hopefully?)] Mechanized Infantry (Started in ‘85) With insight from Loginovsky and reports returning from observers in the Anarein Confederacy, the Grand Ducal Administration gives the nod to begin the development of Praha’s mechanized corps. A concept is devised for a speedy, lightly-armored 8x8 infantry fighting vehicle, the PMD-45. Designed to keep up with the tanks, these vehicles are designed to rapidly redeploy infantry on the battlefield. Research 3: Semi-automatic Infantry Rifle, AF-47 (Complete in ‘86) The finishing touches are put on Praharavka’s new semi-automatic infantry rifle; designed to maintain a good balance of lethality, rate of fire, precision, and mobility. INCOME AND EXPENDITURE Upkeep: 900G, 1V, 11 Steel Production/Industrial Capacity: (15 Steel, 1 Vitraium, 1 Vitramite, 2 ASP, 9 AP) Income: 122,750g (Population - 10,000), (Trade Partners - 15,000), (25% Trade Bonus - 3,750), (Metropolis - 10,000), (Commercial Districts - 24,000g), (Trade Depots - 42,000g) (Civ. Ind. - 15,000g), (Northern Railroad Depot - 5,000) +800g from treasury -900g upkeep +10,000g from war reparations =132,650g available [5 AP, 10,000g] Constructing T-89M Armored Brigade – Regular [2 AP, 8,000G] Constructing 25 Howitzers [2 AP, 14,000g] Recruiting 2 Infantry Brigades [2 ASP, 3,000] Constructing Destroyer [6,000g] Outfitting the Oskava with T3 Armor [2,500g] Constructing 1 Steel Mills in Volna [15,000g] Constructing 2 Heavy Industry in Volna [5,000g] Constructing Vitramite Refinery in Volna [5,000g] Constructing Vitraium Mine [15,000g] Constructing 2 Heavy Industry in Setlava [15,000g] Constructing 2 Heavy Industry in Berzina [2,500g] Constructing Steel Mill in Berzina [30,000g] Constructing 3 Airship Yards in Rovna 1,6150
  4. GRAND DUCHY OF PRAHA Army officers inspect Praharavka’s new combat vehicle, the Kostilov T-89M, during its winter trial of 1884. Dmitry Poludnitsev gingerly poked his head into the commander’s cupola. A captain serving in the Land Army, today he looked more distraught than ever. From here, he had command of the tank. He had found that his deep breathing had begun to fog up the inside of the glass viewports that allowed him visibility to the outside of the tank. He drew sleeves, wiping them across the glass surface meticulously. However, his efforts had little effect, as hints of frost crept around the perimeter of the view slit. Nevertheless, he pressed his forehead closer to the cold steel and could make out what was around him to a fair degree. After performing this check, Poludnitsev retreated deeper into his tank. Inside the hull, he found himself encased in a cramped fighting compartment, in the company of three other men. His stay in the commander’s hatch would be his only respite from them. Aside from his comrades, he found himself immersed in a hot, metal box. The air was somewhat hard to breath, but they made do. Numerous instruments, gauges, switchers, levers, and wiring lined and occupied the vehicle’s interior, making maneuvering within an effort. They all stopped, looking to him. The driver turned him head from helm, the loader from his hunched position gazed upwards, and the gunner turned to the side - all starting towards Poludnitsev with anticipation. Not banging his head on anything on the way down, of course, had been a good start. “What’s the word, captain?” asked the loader, a man whose name tag simply read Bogdan. Poludnitsev took a brief look at all of his crew members, then proceed. “Well, I want to hammer home how important this day is. I’m sure you all know, but we can’t **** this up. Our trials here are under intense scrutiny by members of the civilian government - who control funding, and top brass of the Prahan Armed Forces, who long favored the Air Corps. We need to prove to them that the tank is the path forward for warfare - and that we can no longer afford to neglect our terrible small and underfunded Army.” “Right… no pressure, eh?” chuckled the gunner, a stout man named Alexei. “That wasn’t the intention, apologies.” Poludnitsev said, “That being said, we performed admirably during on-road speed test and off-road terrain handling. We achieved an admirable 32 miles per hour on the test strip. As for the off road, all that we’re concerned about is having to scrape some grime off the engine deck. We’ve proven our reliability - now to demonstrate our lethality.” Poludnitsev looked between the gunner and the loader, “I expect you to get this done. Accurately, precisely, swiftly. Got it?” “Aye, cap’n.” “Good.” he nodded, finding their enthusiasm and readiness sufficient, before turning his gaze to the far end of the vehicle where the driver sat in his cockpit, “Well done earlier Ludomir. You handled this beast, like a dream. I wasn’t violently thrashed around the commander’s hatch this time, surprisingly.” Ludomir smirked, taking the wheel once more, “Thanks sir, I try.” With that being said, Poludnitsev dipped his head, before ascending into the cupola once more. Outside, the crew could faintly hear the commotion of spectators conversing among themselves. He was determined to give them something to sing praise about. Today would be the day that Praha would be revolutionized. “Alright!” he called down, encased in a steel dome - voice echoing down into the lower recesses of the vehicle. “Gunner, load HE. Target, 12 o’ clock, front. Put a round through that bunker.” “You got it.” as the clanking of metal can be heard, and as a round was loading into the gun breach. “Loaded!” This was it he thought to himself, leaning forward as he peered through the view ports. “Fire!” As the command was given, a split-second later, a shot ripped from the tank’s barrel, soaring through the air before making near perfect impact with the bunker, at what was considered long range. However, that proved no obstacle, as the explosion engulfed and chipped at the concrete structure. He breathed a sigh of relief. “Good effect on target.” Poludnitsev proudly confirmed. Perhaps they’d get through this after all. To the sides of his tank, he could view that the various onlookers had expressed approval, and applause at the excellent marksmanship. “Let’s keep it up.” he said, returning to a relaxed state, all previous anxiety absent. The beginning of the revolution of Praharavkan Armored Doctrine was at hand. PRAHA INFO Head of State: H.M. Anatoly II Ehrenkhov, Grand Duke of Praha Population: 52,020,000 (10,000g) Trade Partners: (15,000g) 1 Metropolis Saint Abelsburg [Starting Metropolis - 10,000g] (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (6 Civilian Industry - 6,000g) (2 Steel Mills - 6 Steel) (3 Heavy Industry - 3 AP) (1 Vitramite Refinery) (1 Airship Yard - 1 ASP) 5 Cities Rovna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot -7,0000g) (1 Airship Yard - 1 ASP) Volna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) Setlava [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) Berzina [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (1 Steel Mill - 3 Steel) (1 Heavy Industry - 1 AP) Tisova [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 7,000g) (1 Heavy Industry - 1 AP) Vitraium 1 Vitraium Mine National Idea - PRAC Logistics: Airship upkeep thresholds at 15 corvettes, 5 DD-HC, and 3 B-CV. POIs: Northern Railroad Junction: +5000g per turn RESEARCH (8 EDUCATION) Research 1: Radio Communication (Started ‘84) A contract is put out by the government for the development and production of radio communication devices. Both military officials and civilian outlets look forwards to its practical application - perhaps even in the near future. Notably, they hope to incorporate the technology into their armored vehicles. Research 2: Tanks (Complete in ‘85) Kostilov Arsenal picks up the bill where other companies had left off. Their venture was to design a next generation a battle tank. Initial reports have become increasingly positive, and the unit seems to be ready for production by the turn of the year. Research 3: Semi-automatic Infantry Rifle, AF-47 (Started ‘83) The previous manufacturer’s attempt to develop a semi-auto rifle platform for Praha had failed miserably. However, another brave designer takes this daunting task, Oleg Koravec and begins drafting designs. Notably, the main requirement from top brass is a box magazine and the ability to deliver more firepower in a compact design. INCOME AND EXPENDITURE Upkeep: 900G, 1V, 7 Steel Production/Industrial Capacity: (9 Steel, 1 Vitraium, 1 Vitramite, 2 ASP, 5 AP) Income: 115,750g (Population - 10,000), (Trade Partners - 15,000), (25% Trade Bonus - 3,750), (Metropolis - 10,000), (Commercial Districts - 24,000g), (Trade Depots - 42,000g) (Civ. Ind. - 6,000g), (Northern Railroad Depot - 5,000) +3,950g from treasury -900g upkeep -3,000 bailout = 118,800g ACTIONS [MOD] In an effort to better develop their Armored Warfare doctrine, Praharavka recognizes the legitimacy of the Corvinite government, to whom they send observers to further develop the infant Praharavka Armored Warfare Doctrine. [MOD] With each passing day, the Praharavkan Army shifts its doctrine to a focus on Armored Warfare. (Unique Change?) [3 AP, 24,000g] The Grand Duchy of Praharavka finds itself at war once again after a brief stint of peace. No longer can we afford to neglect the Ground Army. Bolstering the Praharavkan Army. Raising 3 Regular T3 Infantry Brigades [2 AP, 6,000g] Raising Field Artillery Regiments. Constructing 80 Field Guns, 10 AT Guns, 10 AA Guns [2 ASP, 5,000g] A new cruiser to be commissioned, the RPAS Oskava. The honor goes to Rovna Heavy Engineering. [15,000g] Constructing 2 Heavy Industry in Tisova [2,500g] Constructing Steel Mill in Tisova [7,500g] Constructing Heavy Industry in Setlava [2,500g] Constructing Steel Mill in Setlava [7,5o00g] Constructing Heavy Industry in Volna [15,000g] Constructing 3 Civilian Industry in Berzina [10,000g] Constructing 2 Civilian Industry in Setlava [10,000g] Constructing 2 Civilian Industry in Tisova [10,000] Constructing 2 Civilian Industry in Volna
  5. GRAND DUCHY OF PRAHA RESEARCH (8 Education) Slot 1: Telescopic Sights - The value of marksmen on the battlefield cannot be stated. Thus, Brevetz Armory has been contracted to design a sniper scope that’ll allow Praharavkan sharpshooters to take the hat off of enemy soldiers a kilometer away. Slot 2: Armored Brigades - Although initial research and development has resulted in disastrous setbacks, Praha remains optimistic that they’ll get a working prototype within the coming years. Particularly, they fit a new engine and ensure the ammo rack receives appropriate protective measures to ensure no premature detonations.. (1 year previously dedicated) Slot 3: Semi-Automatic Rifles - It’s always important to get more rounds down range - hence the mainstream incorporation of the machinegun into the modern army. However, the Praharavkan Army seeks a more portable, reliable weapons platform with an easily exchangeable box magazine. COMPLETED PROJECTS Improved Machineguns INCOME AND EXPENDITURE Upkeep: 900G, 1V, 4 Steel Production/Industrial Capacity: (6 Steel, 1 Vitraium, 1 Vitramite, 1 ASP, 3 AP) Income: 95,750g (Population - 10,000), (Metropolis - 10,000), (Commercial Districts - 24,000g), (Civ. Ind. - 0), (Northern Railroad Depot - 5,000) 600 saved 5,000 from tank R&D failures, -900 for upkeep = 86,700g [3 AP, 8,000g] Producing the first of the Li-3-series strike fighters. Regular Training. [1 ASP, 1000g] Constructing 3 Freighters [20,000g] Construction Trade Depots in Berzina and Tisova. [7,500g] Constructing Heavy Industry in Tisova [10,000g] Constructing Airship Yard in St. Abelsburg [30,000] Constructing 6 Civilian Industry in St. Abelsburg. [7,500g] Constructing Heavy Industry in Berzina [2,500g] Constructing Steel Mill in Berzina 3,950 to treasury
  6. GRAND DUCHY OF PRAHA “There comes a time in which every man must decide…” What would otherwise be a quiet day in the Praharavkan countryside, soon was interrupted. What were once clear, blue skies, gave way, as the silhouette of a ship hole effortlessly parted through the clouds. Early morning, woken by the soft droning of the Vitraium engines, people took to the streets below and gawked wide-eyed upwards. One of the fabled airships of Praharavkan Royal Air Corps. A most unusual appearance, as the PRAC fleet vessels had served no purpose since the Great War - relegated to patrol duties far from view. Some had even begun to gather dust in port, seeing as the Royal Budget could no longer afford their maintenance. Why should they? Praha was under no threat… yet. Indeed the voyage of this vessel was far out of the ordinary. For now they neared the disputed lands between Praha, Gwangnan, and Pozharin. For what purpose? Upon the ship’s deck, a regally clad figure stood upon the foredeck. He leaned upon the rails as the ship cut through the skies. Surrounding him were several advisors and guards. He paid them no mind, relishing in the opportunity to command the skies. Such a technological feat - being able to construct craft capable of flight. Truly, human innovation and ingenuity knew no bounds. But, what came next? He wondered. What came next, of course, was the journey and mission set forth by his father, the Grand Duke. He had had his moment, stepping away from the rail and ready to receive status reports. As he did so, a lanky runner came down the bridge, practically tripping his own laces as he stumbled across the deck, short of breath. “Your Highness. We’re nearing the demilitarized zone.” “We’ve made good time then.” “Your orders, sir?” “Full steam ahead, take us through.” “Sir, what if they mistake our intentions and fire upon us?” “Have a little faith.” he told the boy, flicking his attention midships where what appeared to be a white carpet lay strapped down to the deck. To another attendant he said, “Fly the banners of truce.” And at his command, immense white tarps were unfurled and cast off the side of the hull, picked up by the wind, and trailing with Airship. PRAHA INFO Head of State: H.M. Anatoly II Ehrenkov, Grand Duke of Praha Population: 50,000,000 (10,000g) 1 Metropolis Saint Abelsburg [Starting Metropolis - 10,000g] (Trade Depot - 0g) (1 Civilian Industry - 1,000g) 5 Cities Rovna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot -0g) Volna [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 0g) Setlava [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) (Trade Depot - 0g) Berzina [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) Tisova [Starting] (1 Commercial District - 4,000g) National Idea - PRAC Logistics: Airship upkeep thresholds at 15 corvettes, 5 DD-HC, and 3 B-CV. POIs: Northern Railroad Junction: +5000g per turn RESEARCH (8 Education) Slot 1: Improved Machine Gun Reliability - Whether or not your weapon jams or overheats is a life or death scenario. Thus it is crucial that measures are taken to improve the odds that a continuous stream of suppressive fire can be laid! Slot 2: Armored Brigades - Tanks! Much of the nations of the Great War applied Armored Vehicles to great effect, smashing aside futile resistance imperviously! We must look to emulate these tactics to survive in this modern day and age. Slot 3: Dreadnoughts - The flaws and limitations of the pre-dreadnought have become more and more apparent as the years pass. Drastic measures will need to be taken to ensure the protection and mobility of these enormous, floating gun batteries. Designs are drawn up for a modernized battleship. Slot 4: Aircraft Carriers - The introduction of the aeroplane will forever change modern combat. Thus, we must be able to bring as many to bear as possible in as efficient a manner as possible. Perhaps we shall remove the top deck of a Heavy Cruiser and replace it with an airstrip? INCOME AND EXPENDITURE Income: 49,000g (Population - 10,000), (Metropolis - 10,000), (Commercial Districts - 24,000g), (Civ. Ind. - 0), (Northern Railroad Depot - 5,000) Upkeep: 1,000G, 1V Investments: (5,000g) Constructing 2 Steel Mills in St. Abelsburg (22,500) Constructing 3 Heavy Industry in St. Abelsburg (10,000g) Constructing 1 Airships Yards in Rovna (5,000g) Constructing 1 Vitraium Mine (5,000g) Constructing 1 Vitraite Refinery 500 to treasury ACTIONS [MOD/Players] Proposing Trade Agreements with the Tsardom of Pozharin, the Republic of Volta-Solvan the Free Provinces, the Commonwealth of Valdek, the Gwangnan Dominion, the Republic of Emmeria, the Grand Principality of Cumberland, Carnelian Sultanate, etc. … literally everyone thats a civilized nation/not a pirate/not a raider/not hostile. [MOD] Offering Non-aggression pact to the Tsardom of Pozharin. Additionally, requesting military advisors to train and modernize Praha’s Armed Forces. Details of the matter of course, are open for discussion. [GWANGNAN] Offering Non-aggression pact to the Gwangnan Dominion. [VALDEK] A response to the War on Piracy; While, Praha holds no love for airborne piracy, measures will first need to be taken to expand and modernize Praharavka’s Air Corps. No assets can be diverted at this time.
  7. Discord: Tank Name: Grand Duchy of Praha Type of Country: Constitutional Monarchy History/Culture: The Grand Duchy of Praha is a rump state of the former Kingdom of [Svezia], conceived in the turmoil of Civil War across the country. The Great War had taken its toll upon the Motherland, leaving many disillusioned with the regime. Radicals and revolutionaries took arms against Federal troops, and fought viciously for every inch of soil. Neither side would be able to strike a decisive blow against their enemy, and eventually the front stabilized. After years of conflict, a ceasefire, then peace treaty was devised between the two largest factions of the Civil War. The Stalwarts, or the Steel Watch, supporters of the [Svezian] Crown now occupied the westernmost territories of the country. The King and Queen had been among the first casualties during the opening days of the Civil War. After suffering blow after blow, Crown Prince, Anatoly Ehrenkhov, Grand Duke of Praha, was the last figure left to champion the Royalist Cause. Many refugees would flee and seek safety into Royalist controlled territory, and many able-bodied men would flock to his banner. Ultimately, great stretches of territory would be reclaimed from the revolutionaries until the Stagnation. When the Armistice was signed, Anatoly was confirmed as the head of state as the Grand Duke of Praha, a title that had been only symbolic over the past three centuries. Now, it stood as a symbol of hope and prosperity. The people of the Grand Duchy of Praha take after the urban-dwellers and heartlanders of the former Kingdom of [Svezia]. They view ground-based travel as archaic transportation, and prefer aerial lift for the most mundane of journeys. An industrious folk, they had toiled greatly to make the vast land of Svezia usable, bringing life to otherwise desolate. plains and boreal forests. Only recently had they begun harvesting the fruits of their labor until it was ripped from their grasps at the hand of the self-centered and short-sighted revolutionaries. They typically possess fair skin and hair and have become well-acclimated to the Northern climates in which they inhabit. They are isolationist realm, wanting nothing to do with the outside world. The Royal Air Corps, maintains the integrity of Praharavka’s borders thoroughly. Though time will tell if they will look for greener pastures. Starting Points: 8 Education - Praharavka takes pride within their education. Home to many prestigious Engineering, Aviation, and Gunnery Academies. 10 Economy Praharavka boasts an expansive commercial industry Howevers, serious reforms will need to be enacted to prepare the country in the event of war. 6 Size - Praharavka is a vast realm with a large population. 5 Aviation - The pride of Praharavka lies within its aerial forces, otherwise known as the PRAC (Praharavkan Royal Air Corps). In Praharavka, there is no greater honor than serving as an airman. Praharavkan aerial tradition draws upon many of the lessons learned throughout the Great War. 1 Army - The modernization of the Praharavkan ground forces has been on the backburner for centuries. Unprecedented amounts of funding and research goes into expanding the Aerial Corps. Though, a small force is maintained for policing the country while the PRAC takes on the more glamorous duties. Notable Characters: His Grace, Anatoly Ehrenkov, Grand Duke of Praha Fleet Admiral Petyr Basevic National Idea: PRAC Fleetcom and Logistics - Upkeep thresholds at 15 corvettes, 5 DD-HC, and 3B-CV. Uniques: Kostilov T-89M Lisenka Li-3 Rovna Ro-90 SSCV
  8. BUNDESREICH ABENDLAND Monarch: H.I.M. Otto IV of Veldenburg Lord Chancellor: H.E. Kurt von Koeberlin Population: 1,530,000 Humans, 50,750 Dwarves, 154,500 Halflings, 25,250 Ogres BUNDESTAG DISTRIBUTION: ✠ Imperial Conservative League (ICL) 45% [Imperial Bloc] ✠ Free Trade Party (NPP) 11% [Imperial Bloc] ✠ Abendland Unity Party (AUP) 5% [Imperial Bloc] ✠ Abendlander Labour Party (ALP) 31% ✠ Front for National Reform (FNR) 7% ✠ Stoutmans’ Prosperity Party (SPP) 1% It had been nearly a year since Otto’s appointment to the Imperial Throne. However, it was not as glamorous, nor splendid as he had thought - not that he wanted those things. No, he cared little for luxuries and superfluous display of wealth and grandeur. He still operated in the palace which he had called home for all his life, though, had been made slave to the pen. Indeed, he had spent the last few months, and a good portion of today signing off Imperial Bureaucratic appointments. Bureaucracy. A necessary evil. Otto groaned, though as old as he had become, had little patience for such mundane tasks. He did not want to be sedentary - cooped up in his own office like a caged animal. He thrust down his pen, and rose from his seat. Perhaps other matters needed to be attended to. ... Elsewhere, the Bundestag convened. Though the discourse was perhaps to no avail. Indeed, a troubling debate took hold of the Bundestag floor. The chamber was a circular amphitheater, with seats circumnavigating the length of the room around the floor and upwards. It would be an elegant chamber, were it not for the factions of old men bickering and slinging insults and snide remarks from across the hall. Two men took to the ground level. One was the Bundestag Majority Leader and Chancellor, Kurt von Koeberlin. Opposing him was Minority Leader Helmut Gnadingerr. They had been exchanging rebuttals for some time… “...Where the money has gone is our utmost concern! Now if only, my colleague here would release business transactions.” Koeberlin’s side of the room erupted with bangs of the table, and verbal approval. Meanwhile those upon the other let known their distance, shaking their heads and dismissing Koeberlin’s words. “This is no judiciary, Koeberlin. Need I remind you this a legislative body. I am entitled to my privacy.” “That you are, miste-” “Good friend, Koeberlin. If you want to talk about the disappearance of money - look no further than your rampant, wanton military expenditure!” The minority roared in unison, stamping their feet, and gesturing their reproach towards Koeberlin. Koeberlin rose a brow. Gnadingerr’s boldness increased as he took to the center of the floor, casting his gaze from end to end, “...My friends, and countrymen, Koeberlin would have us sink myriad resources into an entity which has arguably served us no purpose over the last century! When the last time the Union has known war? For generations, we have known and peace and prosperity. No thanks to the Koeberlin and his War hawks!” The upheaval was immense. Gnadingerr continued, “I say no longer. I say we put an end to his warmongering ways! For what other purpose does he seek to re-arm and conscript our youth - to die in a fruitless war abroad.” The scribes furiously scribbled down Gnadingerr’s dialogue, struggling to keep up. “I say we stop this madness before he leads Abendland to ruin!” The jeering and the shouting had grown near-deafening. Koeberlin glanced back, toward his faction, and for the first time could notice discomfort from the representatives of the Free Trade Party, and whispered among themselves. He thought they would break rank with the Bloc. Fortunately, his instinct did not hold true as they remained where they were. Though, once it inevitably subsided, Koeberlin shot back, “The only threat to the state is you, Gnadingerr.” Koeberlin snorted. “You would rather us kept vulnerable, left undefended in the face of wolves. Those eager to tear apart of sacred nation as we turn our backs to them! I don’t expect you to understand. For you have no mind for anything military - merely ascended to your position through the coin that runs through your family’s veins. And thus, I would not put it against you take advantage of your position to strengthen your own standing…” “Are you accusing me of something, Chancellor?” ... And like that, the politicking continued. Perhaps one day, some resolution would be had. ACTIONS ✠ Realizing the error of the Imperial Decree, the order for mass-produced weaponry is soon rescinded. A special contract is given to the Blacksmith’s Guild to ensure standardization of weapons and equipment, each adhering to strict specifications detailed by the Lord Commander. A slow, but necessary process begins to phase out the Army’s un-uniform equipment. ✠ Otto IV sacks the previous finance minister in favor of one of his own allies. Oskar Stegemann - a self-made military man, who could readily be relied upon. Though perhaps, not one with a keen eye for coin, Otto knows he is persistent and can be trusted. Under him, with the aid of Koeberlin, the Imperial Tax Office is reformed, to ensure money gets where it needs to. Documentation is now mandated for every business transaction and donation. ✠ Training of the Abendland’s Landwehr. Disciplining them, teaching them how to obey commands, weapons proficiency, and how to fight in formations. 5,000 are chosen to undergo special training as Imperial Foot. ✠ At the Thalburg Naval Yard, work continues on an additional Greatship. ✠ In an effort to maintain some semblance of control, the Emperor decrees the establishment of the Imperial Constabulary. He packs the vital offices with men he knows he can trust. They begin investigative and law enforcement training immediately. ✠ To prop up local-industry, several new mines are founded in the mountains. Though, they search not for iron or coal. They hack away at stone with the intent of finding rare minerals. ✠ Discreetly, envoys are sent to the western nations of Altorn, Yano’ell, Menidel, and Olstin to establish formal relations. The main goal is to arrange their defense should the war of naval dominance boil over onto their shores and vessels.
  9. BUNDESREICH ABENDLAND Monarch: H.I.M. Otto IV of Veldenburg Lord Chancellor: H.E. Kurt von Koeberlin It was a warm, quiet morning in the City of Hochspitze. The Herzog of Veldenburg, Otto von Harlich sat slumped in his study. He was an aged man, with a crooked nose, hair whitening with creases stretched about his features. Tired he was, eyes reddened. He had been kept awake all night, and the Sun had just now cast its auspicious rays over the Elector’s Capital. He could’ve slept - but didn’t. He stood awake, running through his head multiple scenarios. Why, might you ask? Well, the results of the Imperial Election were on the verge of being revealed. The tally was accounted for, but would not be officially announced until ten at the morning of the following day. Upon the death of his father, Otto III, the Bundesreich was left without a leader. His father was a non-controversial figure, leading the Empire and safeguarding it. Yet, the status quo remained. And depending on who you asked, was a threat to the country itself. Rivalries between Lords, Guilds, and the People were rampant, with corruption, blackmailing, present at all corners, with one’s true loyalties called into question. It was a fickle thing. Perhaps one Lord Otto was not quite yet prepared to face. Nein, he was not a statesman. Rather, he had made himself known as a career soldier, and that was his crutch on the Imperial Ballot. He had to admit, he didn’t expect himself to win. But, he had to try nonetheless. With all the resources and effort spent on campaigning, it was the least he could do. The Nation deserved it. A precarious thing, it was - the Nation, if it could even be called that. The Nation - Abendland was more of a collection of semi-autonomous maritime states. Yet, it wasn’t too far-fetched that they would consolidate under political and economic alliance to safeguard their interests upon the seas. Eventually, that alliance would evolve into one of the largest unions humanity has ever known. Sovereignty is not easy to come upon, nor do those who possess it give it up so willingly. Perhaps, that was what was special about Abendland. The idea of it. The world was plagued by sharks at every turn. The only hope they had was to unite as one. The compact had become sacred over the years. None had considered breaking it. There was no secession to be had. It was not possible. Attempting to break away from the Realm would be an insult to your ancestors who had struggled much to build the Nation that their sons so haphazardly mistreat. Yet, that did not mean there was no cause to worry. If it wasn’t him, well, the Bund, would be stuck with a potentially inept leader for a long time… He sighed, and whether or not he should just sleep. He fidgeted with his service medals and medallions for comfort, which saw lavishly decorated the gold-trimmed blacksteel plate which he wore and rarely took off. In his martial capability he took solace. Perhaps there was nothing to fear after all. Just as his eyes began to close, he could hear faint commotion out his window. Beyond his keep was the Finkelplatz, the metropolitan heart of Hochspitze. It sounded like quite the amount of people were gathered. He knew this could only mean one thing. The votes had been received. “Hear ye! Hear ye! The results are in!” The town crier of Hochspitze addresses the masses. BUNDESTAG DISTRIBUTION: ✠ Imperial Conservative League (ICL) 45% [Imperial Bloc] ✠ Free Trade Party (NPP) 11% [Imperial Bloc] ✠ Abendland Unity Party (AUP) 5% [Imperial Bloc] ✠ Abendlander Labour Party (ALP) 31% ✠Front for National Reform (FNR) 7% ✠Stoutmans’ Prosperity Party (SPP) 1% COLLEGE OF ELECTORS: ✠ Elector of Veldenburg (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Thalbach (FOR ADELBRAS) ✠ Elector of Pfeisenau (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Kappelheim (FOR ADELBRAS) ✠ Elector of Rodenfurt (FOR ADELBRAS) ✠ Elector of Lechlebeck (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Steutzburg (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Vesnabrück (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Howarthusen (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Barowitz (FOR OTTO) ✠ Elector of Marschacht (FOR ADELBRAS) STATE OF THE REALM The Imperial Bloc holds a convincing plurality in the Bundestag. Questions have been raised as to whether or not political blocs are a threat to Abendlander ‘democracy’. Yet ultimately, executive power lies within in the hands of the Emperor, elected through an entirely separate institution: the College of Electors, who represent the Old High Nobility, and select an individual to rule from among them. Though technically not beholden to any party, lobbying efforts and the charisma of the Elector of Veldenburg, Otto IV ascended to the Imperial Throne soundly. While many of the southern provinces had placed their bid for Otto’s rival, Adelbras of Thalburg, Adelbras has taken the defeat well, and is content to allow Otto to rule over Abendland. Even going so far to step before the Bundestag and publicly declare his utmost faith in Otto’s capability. Yet, was this to save face or was the support genuine? Schürrleshafen, Capital of the Province of Thalbach With the succession secure, attention could be turned outwards on matters that had been plaguing the Realm for years. Corruption and scandal was rife. It is said that the Bundestag is merely a facade for the real politicking that occurs behind the curtains. Better yet, compounding all the problems Abendland faces on the homefront, a war for naval dominance rages just beyond the Bund’s shores, with Abendland seemingly caught in the middle. Action had to be taken swiftly to ensure the peace and stability of the region. The Emperor laid out several plans for the year, to be introduced before the Bundestag next month. Customs Act: Tariffs placed on incoming good. Staff appointed by the Emperor to inspect goods traveling the roads or the waves, namely in search of large shipments of money and to intercept shady, underhanded dealings. National Census Act: Taking account of the population, distribution, and availability of Abendland’s settlements, land, resources and people. Landwehr Reform Act: The act calls for the Provinces to maintain their own Armed Forces to maintain readiness in the face of external threat and meet a minimum of spending towards it in accordance to their prosperity. Joint exercises conducted every year. Minimum enlistment of 5 years. Submission before a centralized command structure, headed by the Emperor. Soldier of the New Model Landwehr, sporting the provincial colors of Vesnabrück Lumber and Sail Act: With the Roymar and the Shatterlands contesting the high seas for naval dominance, it is essential that the Bundesreich keeps pace with these seafaring powers. The Act calls for a modernized navy and has several keels lain, with contracts offered to many Abendic shipwrights. Tax breaks are promised to those who aid. The SKMS Brennerburg, Pride of the Abendlander Fleet With the appointment of a new Emperor, it was deemed vital to maintain an open dialogue with the neighboring powers and make clear the Bundesreich’s intentions. They had no intention for war and conflict, felt on all stratas of society. The populace was content sitting peacefully on western coast, collecting money from trade and letting the wealth flow unprohibited. War would do no one any favors. The increasingly influential Merchant’s Guild may have quite the word to say if their shipping lanes were interrupted. For now, there remained no need to upset them. MOD ACTIONS ✠ Modernization of the Landwehr. Producing Crossbows, Armor, and Weapons in mass. ✠ Fighting corruption. Customs Act to intercept shady dealing and generate revenue. A proper logistical division is created for the Army to ensure appropriate supply gets where it needs to. ✠ Laying down warship keels so that the Bundesreich may protect its interests abroad. Two fleets comprise the Abendland Navy, the Nordseeflotte and the Sudseeflotte. These two together are comprised of two Great Carracks, 10 Carracks, 30 Cogs, and 8 Galleys. ✠ A census of Abendland, detailing population, industry, resources, etc. ✠ Research into more lethal ranged weapons! ✠ Rumors of mythical creatures within the Griefswald, and larger, winged ones to the mountain-tops. Of course, this arouses the interests of knight and noble alike. Emperor Otto IV sets out with a small retinue into the wilderness some time after his coronation. They bring with them all the provisions necessary and furs to keep warm. What better way to demonstrate will then through the taming of a Gryphon? DIPLOMACY ✠ Establishing formal relations with each neighbor, proposing trade to all.
  10. Discord: Tank Civilisation (Name): Abendland, Das Bundesreich Capital (Name): Hochspitze, Electoral Seat of Otto von Harlich Government (Empire, Republic, etc, you may go into details): The Bundesreich Abendland (otherwise known as; the Provinces, the Empire, the Bund, the Abendic League, or simply Abendland), is an organization of semi-autonomous provinces united under the Emperor. Each influential province is afforded the right to cast an electoral for a fellow elector or propose may propose themself for a bid. The current ruler of the Bundesreich is Emperor Otto IV, the third consecutive Harlicher Emperor. Whereas the College of Electors represents the Old Nobility, the Bundestag (the Parliament), represents the interests of the common man. Every citizen of Abendland municipal district may vote for a representative who best aligns with their interests for Parliament. The Bundestag is beholden to none, and is the supreme legislative body of the Bund. The current acting Archchancellor is Kurt von Koeberlin, staunch ally to Emperor Otto IV. On the local scale, all registered citizens may participate in city government, town councils, or mayoral and administrative staff. These often work in close conjunction with the established nobility. A less than optimal system, though built upon mutual respect. Where the Nobility derive their power from land and military might, the Free Cities and their administration project their influence through trade and diplomacy. Racial Distribution (Primary Race, probably minorities?): Primary Race: Humans. Abendlanders differ little from fellow man, only instead tending towards fairer shades of hair and eye color. They are strong and sturdily built, being no stranger to combat. They put trust within fellow man and operate fluidly in combat, and decent at taking orders to boot. Though however, they are freethinkers, allowing them to make quick battlefield adjustments on the fly. Secondary Race: Halflings. It is said Humans and Halflings share a common ancestor, with the divergence occurring long before recorded history. They stand roughly half the height of men, possess rather large, fur-abundant feet, and boast a ravenous appetite. A sizable enclave of halflings may be found within the Bundesreich. Tertiary Race: Ogres. Though, far and few in between, the Bundesreich is home to a very small number of Ogres. In the past, they had been employed as mercenaries. However, due to the plentiful food and opportunity, many have decided to linger a bit longer. Where they lack wit, they make up for in their height and strength. Racial traits (as needed): Innovative – It is commonly accepted that Abendlanders built their realm through determination and progress. They always look for ways to better themselves, be it physically, mentally, or technologically. They have always maintained cutting edge tools to ensure utmost efficiency in warfare or in mundane tasks such as the cultivation of crops. Short-Lived, Rapid Breeders – The Abendlanders are cursed with a fleeting life compared to their elven counterparts. Yet, this is seen as both a curse and a blessing. This forces Abendlanders to live productive, fruitful lives. Because of this, they are hardly sedentary. Disciplined – After 100s of years and countless threats, Abendland has never fallen. Each Abendlander places immense trust in their brothers and their nation. On the field of battle, this translates to fluid battle tactics, and solid, unwavering ranks of men who are ready to die so that Realm may persevere. Acranophobes – Abendlanders have a severe aversion towards the Arcane. The practice of magic is heavily repressed. Anyone who is suspect of conspiring with the occult may find themselves privy to witch hunt and ostracization from society, if not, death. Religion (Whatever you prefer, you may be creative): An Imperial Inquisitor, tasked with rooting out heretics and witches. The High Church. Monotheistic Deism, in which reason and logic is held paramount and God is beholden too. The Abendlander understanding of ‘God’ as a concept relies upon the belief that He does not intervene in the affairs of his followers. Everything is how it is and nothing shall change it, forged by a higher being, though left to its devices. The Church holds that there be natural balance. Those who would seek to neglect this order by engaging in magic and the arcane are persecuted. A sect of the Church relentlessly routes out heresy and witches to their source. However, at its core, the Church is a defensive dogma, in which the Abendlander way of life must be preserved, and that the best form of prayer is to do good by others. Technology & Arcana (that is notable; have you pursued magic? Be fair and remember to do tradeoffs): An industrialized society. The Reich has made strides in exploring gunpowder weaponry. They do not dabble in magic, for it is viewed as unnatural and a force of evil, but rather have a comprehensive understanding of alchemy, which has been refined over decades. They strive to understand and document the natural order and ostensibly refute magic and the occult. Description (Culture, history, politics etc): Abendland straddles the eastern coast of the known world, occupying a large amount of territory upon the Great Ocean. Where once stood several feudal territories and kingdoms, now is a united realm banded together for the purpose of mutual defense. Each territory differs greatly from their neighbors, divided along economic, martial, social, or cultural lines. These territories, or provinces, possess a great deal of autonomy, with the only conditions being that they pay tax to the Central Government, and they raise troops in times of War. The rulers of each prominent territory are also afforded the right to cast a vote as to who will govern the realm; the Emperor. The other prominent governing and legislative body is the Parliament, in which the common man has representation. Geography & location (As detailed as you wish, with a note on the map below as to where your realm would be in existence): The Free Imperial City of Arngau A large temperate realm situated upon the coast. Many of the settlements great cities lay upon the western shores. To the east, the land is scattered with dense forest and mountains in which a logging and mining industry quickly ensure the exploitation of the land. To ensure easy access to all parts of the Realm, many resources have been expended to ensure the smooth flow of good and travels along paved roads. With this focus, bandits are kept at bay, as the roads are frequently patrolled by agents of the Crown. In addition to roads, travel by sea is also commonplace, with the western coast of Abendland home to several inlets, estuaries, and natural harbors. Fauna: The Western Forest Wyvern [Untamable] A hyper lethal, apex predator. Wyverns in the Bundesreich have been known to attack livestock and man alike indiscriminately. Fast, agile, and exceedingly aggressive. Further evidence points to them killing for sport rather than necessity. Upon a wyvern sighting, the local lords are immediately contacted, who would then muster the entirety of a municipality’s to track down and slay the beast. Griffons [Tamable?] A flying beast, appearing to be a fusion of elements of eagle and lion. Although far less belligerent than wyverns, Gryphons are just as lethal and to a degree, semi-intelligent. They are considered to be opportunistic hunters, feeding only when they need and upon weak prey if possible. There have been a small handful of documented cases in which these noble beasts were tamed, acting as war mounts for the upper echelons of the nobility. Some of the known Griffon species include: Imperial Griffon [Pantheraplumae Palatinus] Royal Griffon [Pantheraplumae Immodicus] Redback Griffon [Pantheraplumae Rubindicus] Northern Forest Griffon [Pantheraplumae Boreales] Great Boar [Untamable] The Abendian Great Boar is no mere pig. Aggressive and territorial, these creatures have no issue with charging down the unwary traveler who has strayed too far into the wood. Often too with no indication. Reports flood in frequently of boar attacks and mortal wounds as of result. Land Griffon (Demigryph) [Tamable] For reasons unknown, the Order of Pantheraplumae took a subtle turn. Perhaps considered an evolutional regression, the Land Griffon is completely lacking in the pair of wings featured in their close, airborne cousins. They are smaller, though just as intelligent and fierce. Though more abundant than Flying Griffons, they are still a rare sight to behold, with only the most accomplished, career knights possessing the will and strength to bend these creatures to their will. Size (Tying in with racial distribution, as well as geographic location. Be just, the map is only that big): Somewhere around here.
  11. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL Pew pew Stockpile: (0C, 1L, 18S, 0M, 6F, 5E, 3AE) Production/Income (21,025C (19,000 Base, 1,500 Trade Shops, 525 from trade with Caravan), 8L, 5M, 2F, 8S, 5E, 3AE, 5R) Upkeep: -4S, 7L, 1F, -4,500C (Scrapyards), -2,000 (Fortifications), -2,000 (Research Lab), -3,000 (Agriculture Houses) [9,500G] Training 38 men to Regular [2M] Procuring 40 sets of T2 Body Armor [3M 1E] More T3 Rifles Research fronted by Charles E. Bush (INT 4, LUC 1) [1+2R] Additional research and development into T2 Grenades. [1R] Beginning research into T4 Firearms [4+4R] Additional research into Bikes with sidecars.
  12. Renatian and Nordish courtiers celebrating and feasting in the Great Hall A Meeting of the Officer Corp To the established officers of the Nordhirim and the experienced veterans of the Renatian Free Corps, I henceforth call a meeting of our elite military men to convene in three Father’s days (Monday - 5 PM EST) to discuss the modernization of the army and military reform. The meeting shall begin by outlining the future of the Renatian and Nordish people and integration of the army as well as modernization of the Officer Corp and a proposal for professional foot soldiery. Outlines of the meeting, Integration of the Renatian Free Corp into the Nordhirim Establishing an elite merit-based Officer Corp Establishing a professional levy force with annual salary pay and benefits Modernising the Nordhirim to establish a strong military power Discussing strategy of war against the Orks and further Officer meetings Updating and Reinforcing the defences of the Grandburgh Creating an elite Order of Knights Monday - 5 PM EST Writ en Namen de, Godric Edvardsson Ruric, Duke of Morsgrad
  13. ROCK ISLAND ARSENAL The General briefs the men of the Rock, prior to their deployment. Arrayed on the tarmac, was the pride of the Rock Island Arsenal. 1st Infantry Battalion Combat Team. Numbering slightly over 200 men, they were a shadow of pre-War army formations. Nevertheless, they stood at attention, dignified, in their Olive Green BDU’s. There was an immense disparity in the equipment wielded by infantry. Some men had been afforded rudimentary plate armor and decently passable rifles. While the new draftees had only been handed pipe rifles - liable to frequent malfunction and jamming and slacks. For now, it’ll have to make do, the General always assured himself. Things will surely get better. … But in order for things to get better, the Rock would need resources… manpower… perhaps at the cost of other Wastelanders. General MacArthur strided the line of soldiers during his inspection - each motionless, eyes front and chin slightly raised. He’d enforced a strict grooming standard. The men were all clean shaven, with their uniforms washed. While they served within his ‘Army’, they were expected to maintain a professional decorum. … Implying they had a life outside the Army. The term of enlistment was some 10 or 15 years, depending on whether or not they had received a commission. The Army was the only life many of these men had known. In the scheme of things, it wasn’t too bad. Frequently, men would be rotated out from frontline service to return to Midway on leave. Given the small nature of their theater of operations - within the ruins of Chicago, they were able to have a wife and kids, whom they could visit frequently, while serving the Rock. The tips of their rifles bristled in the cool morning air. With the miniscule nature of their outfit and having all emerged from the Vault, the General knew many if not most, of these men personally. Thus, he was not keen on sending them headfirst into a suicide mission. They were like sons to him - to whom he was directly responsible. And like the loving father to which they would look up to, he set the golden standard. Yet, he would not allow his emotions to prevent him from securing the Rock’s position in Chicago. Indeed, they were not standing on the tarmac for no reason today. They would perhaps get to see their real first taste of combat for the first time. “Men, today we embark upon a perilous journey. We know not what lay beyond the boundaries of our perimeter fence. But know that the Wastelander may appear similar to you - though trust no scoundrel on these streets.. They be ruthless, cutthroat, willing to go to extreme and brutal lengths to get their way. Show them no remorse, and pay back every loss tenfold. Let us secure our destiny in the Mud City and let God judge it righteous.” [5,000g] Constructing Trade Shop in Chicago Lawn [3,500g] Training 14 men to Regulars. [500g] Additional fortification to Chicago Midway International Airport -> T4 Fortification. [1+1R] Additional research into T1 Grenades [1+6R] Additional Jet Engine Research. Preliminary designs are drawn up by Charles E. Bush (INT 4, LUC 1) for an air vehicle. [4R] Beginning research into T2 Cars. Bikes are planned to have sidecars, capable of mounting a machine gun. [3M] Producing 15 Machine Guns [3M, 1E] Producing 15 T3 Rifles [1M] Additional pipe rifles for the conscripts. [Sneaky] Attempting to establish cordial relations with the Caravan. Proposing Trade and Immigration Treaties. [MOD] Aggressively seizing lands east of the Chicago Lawn. [MOD or Czar?] If aforementioned land seizure is successful, an invasion is prepared to be mounted against Old Chicago. Though before any fighting begins, an ultimatum is delivered, demanding their submission to Rock authority; guaranteed the rights afforded to all men. Edward M. Sturgis (CHA 2, END 1, STR 1, PER 2) leads the forces on the ground.
  14. “Top ten Arcasian crossovers.” says Ser Carlovac.
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