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  1. - 1 he evicted my shop and my house because i've never paid taxes. +1 He is very chill and he sells dia hoes
  2. The worst warclaim after the Siege of Fenn.
  3. -1. I don't think that region owners have too much power. The fort i built with the other ShIX hosted an event, and of course, no one asked us if our fort could have been used. And i'm not talking about an Rp event. It was a Pve/Pvp event, a golem tall almost 50 blocks destroy half of our fort. So, Region owners don't have soo much power like you said. Moreover, there is no need of breaking/placing blocks. I don't know what would happen if someone has perms to region to "Rp", considering that the last time that we left the gates opened, someone (without perms) got in and killed all our pets. If you are a good rper, i'm sure you don't need to place/destroy blocks
  4. Like if i hadn't understood, my screen is a meme
  5. Absolutely -1. I met him 4 times in-game. Three of which he said "I pugsy you", and one "Get the **** out" just because i went in the basement of doomforged clan hall. One proof: http://imgur.com/Ms9D6UH I've taken this screen 3/4 months ago. I wanted to give some materials because i thought he was building the new dwarven capital without LC (yey i was newbie). After i put some stacks of block in the chests nearby, he thought i was stealing so he threatened me and engaged pvply. Which means that he can't handle some banal memes, without getting irritated. As i've already said, -1.
  6. +1, nice guy even if she always ask me to make an orc
  7. Tidemando is good pal + 1
  8. I agree amore
  9. Micio, +1
  10. One of the few staff members that always reply to my messages. Helpful, +1!
  11. Gandalf and his bear shadowfax are gud! +1
  12. +1! Helpful and my fav halfling!
  13. MC Name: ShIXTank RP Name: Maximus Which guild do you wish to join?: Mining guild What is your level in the aligned profession?: Legendary #roadtoaengulic Skype name: ShIXTank Are you able to use Teamspeak?: ofc How long have you been playing LOTC?: 5/6 months How many hours both week and weekend are you available?: 3 What is your timezone?: GMT + 1
  14. http://imgur.com/a/WMbsZ This is my sk list. And i wanted to have blacksmith as bonus profession. But what will happen if i select blacksmith as bonus? Do i need to start grinding from -2147483648 xpes?