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  1. Ciao CarloTheBaldo how are you?
  2. I hope that you devs have fixed customized banner recipes that haven't worked for one month
  3. hey i wanted to say that :(
  4. Dude do you know ctrl+q?
  5. "What would happen if we beat house Romstun? Oren will force Urguan to bend the knee, and we will fight again against the orenian empire as we have already done in Axios. Everything will always be reformed, nothing destroyed, fighting is useless."
  6. I have lived with him in khaganate for 1 month, i can say he is a good lad, rper and very patient. If more people knew him, this post would have more replies and support. Anyway +1.
  7. MC Name: ShIXTank RP Name: Maximus Meridio Skype: ShIXTank Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): GMT+1 Do you have Teamspeak?: YES What are your reasons for joining the legion: I've been in the legion since december 2k16 and i'll join the legione again!
  8. My toxic behavior on skype chats and pms uhuh? Don't tell the others what you have done, you are the one who started insulting. I respect everyone and i joke with everyone, if i oocly ask something about nexus, not even some roleplay informations that i could have metagamed, doesn't allow you to insult and call the other players Alts. And that is not how it works, if you want to become Gm you need to respect everyone even the people that you don't like. It's your fault if you consider speaking italian in looc and skype chats a toxic behavior. You are wrong and saying that you have mistaken would be better instead of saying BS like "you didn't respect me, i don't respect you".
  9. I don't know if he will care about my opinion, but everyone pays for what has been said, soon or later. This discussion was born just because i oocly asked some enchanting glyphs. Arrogant, immature, and shouldn't even have applied. -1
  10. that dump
  11. L .he xdxdxd111!!!1
  12. We need Gyros, +1
  13. I want 2 play this, when will it be out?
  14. Refresh mines and add nether quartz to admin shops
  15. Name: Vibenius ErNano Race: Dwarf Age: ?125? Professions: Farmer, enchanter, leatherworker, stonemason, miner, fisher Why do you wish to join Red Urguan?: cuz i want to grind