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  1. Maximus and Alehan will follow their old comrade Charles and rejoin Urguan ranks.
  2. HerrVonKruisswijk was on the roof, being clicked hard by me and another guy, he managed to run away to the rest of your guys and PVP was still OFF when we were already in position, some of you had enough time to hide. (No one of you were aware of us flanking you and if someone were, they did nothing to prevent this move). You can’t outline how everything doesn’t go in your favour without considering how it could negatively influence your enemies. Peace.
  3. drfate786 the invisible beast, the real MVP

    1. Salvo


      Come cazzo avete fatto a perdere hahahahaha

    2. ShIXTank


      OO fai l’università della figa nonché mediazione linguistica, traduci quello che ho scritto che sono super salt e mi fai incazzare porco dio prossima volta vado in disco

  4. Join Agnarum kingdom, wildlands are trash, moreover 300 minas are enough to buy a house there.
  5. Minecraft Name (s): (Include any alts) ShIXTank Blacklist Reason: Downing with limited roleplay How has your blacklist helped you improve your overall/villain RP?: In the past few months I haven’t involved myself in similar circumstances. What happened more than 3 months ago doesn’t concern the way how I villainy rp, It was just a playfully OOC situation, wrongly interpreted by the remaining involved parties. Are you aware receiving another blacklist after this one, will be more severe?: OK Why should you be un-blacklisted? First, I’ve asked for blacklist. Second, I've patiently waited for appealing. Third, I haven’t committed similar actions several times in the past except that fishy episode. Fourth, It doesn’t concern the way how I Rp. Last (thats just cool)
  6. ShIXTank

    Wurst Warclaim

    "Nexus causes lag" - Random Complainer 2k17
  7. Nexus is as useful for the server as rp, and it makes rp better, especially in wars.

    First, with nexus crafting, you can't gather good equipment for wars without properly roleplay and interact with your companions. Even a player who plays a lot can't provide alone the necessary equipment for a faction. Then you, as a grinder, can't cover alone all the skills but need at least other three people; this facilitates cooperative playing, and cooperative playing brings more and better roleplay.

    Moreover, as someone said, some people enjoy nexus more than rp, because maybe they can't find enough players to rp with in most of the time they play, and nexus gives an idea of progression (which should be useful for pvp, as wars are big part of the game) that keeps people playing.

    An other thing is that big rp, so rp between faction, would be a bit spoiled, because the strongest faction would not be the most good organised and consequently rich, but the one with more meatshield to bring on the battlefield. The right thing is that there is always an advantage, on one side of a war, given by equipment.

    I think this hate against nexus comes from the addition of diamond, which is expensive and needs a lot of grinding and gives good advantages. But you are all committing the mistake of generalizing this issue to all the PvP.

    If I was looking for a vanilla combat system, I would go on an other server, because lotc is both nexus and rp, and this makes it better than other servers.

    Credits: ShIXDirce

    Note: If you don't read, don't reply and go sleep.

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    2. ShIXTank


      Speak for yourselves, I cooperated with many players, I used to supply so much **** without Alting. Nexus was supposed to see players cooperating, it's your fault if you haven't, I did, and I got myself to money top and top of 5 professions without getting bored and with some other players helping me. Cooperating is giving to receive, alting is just giving.

    3. Kanadensare


      Then you're in the minority, I assure you. Nexus was made for AFK grinding, and actively rewarded it. I support the return of a skills-like plugin only if it's used for crafting, and certainly not in the way that Nexus did it. In my opinion, we need something to allow non-VIPs to RP blacksmiths and brewers other than the scarce voting rename token you get every once and awhile.

    4. monkey poacher

      monkey poacher

      make iron and food actually sorta scarce instead of adding nexus back

  8. These battles have been won because Dwarves were being a Nation with balls
  9. Something I will never understand about GMs


    1. Algoda


      fatti la barba

    2. ShIXTank


      Ciao Cucciolo, I still don't have it!

  10. I need Axios map downloado

    (Tahn island)

    Edited by ShIXTank
  11. ShIXTank


  12. Ciao Carlo where are you

    1. Lefty


      area 51 pls help

  13. "Send me a letter, we will meet to verify the unique quality of the goods." replies Vibenius "Make your own advertise, I bet you are a good swindler other than an unfair competitor." Vibenius would write in block capitals below the note.
  14. Different signs are placed around the most prestigious city of Axios. " Maximus and his comrades are looking for unique items. We can pay well. You can also be supplied with the materials you need, such as minerals, wood, leather and even tomes and many other things in exchange of unique and special items." ((As outlined above, we pay in minas or we can barter, you can pm in game or here on the forums IGN: ShIXTank))
  15. Siege of Fenn: Saturday, November 26th 2k16, 3pm EST. Died twice because of lag.

    ?Bad skirmish?: Saturday, October 21th 2k17, 3pm EST. Died because unable to eat and drink potions for same reason.

    Progress BoyZ


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