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  1. Halp. Am bor3d. (Josh's 2nd Gm App)

    He doesn't give me keys to arcadia -1
  2. Mine World Reset

  3. Warclaim saturday? I want it to be active frostbeard vs active urguaniti to see who really deserve the throne, I don't want to see people joining warclaim just to snipe loot without knowing why and what they are fighting for.

  4. The Gates Of The Wronged

    "Verthaik Frostbeard? A journalist, words and more words, but no deeds! Where were you when your Norlandic allies were killing your frostbeard brothers during the war against Norland? Where were you when the Orenian invasor defeated us on Mount Gorgon, uh? You can just influence new dwarves who doesn't know who has done everything in the past for the Kingdom and who is just able to speak but hasn't done nothing for it." Would say Maximus
  5. [SELLING] Different tomes

    "Contact me for prices, we will discuss about them privately." Would say Maximus to the possible buyers
  6. [SELLING] Different tomes

    Send a letter to Maximus Meridio or Vibenius ErNano if you are insterested in buying tomes. Current stock: 4 tomes of the Enchanter. 2 tomes of: Woodworker, Miner, Fisher, Chef, Blacksmith, Leatherworker. 1 tome of: Alchemist, Breeder, Farmer, Lumberjack. ((Pm ShIXTank in-game, Prices will be discussed.))
  7. TJB_Minecraft Wiki Team Application

    Needed. +1
  8. Verthaik "The Dishonorable" Frostbeard

    "What an idiot, the True dwarves, as you call them, were the first who tried to find allies, like orcs and more random ****, to fight against the Grand Kingdom. People don't know things but they still speak."
  9. On the State of PVP/Nexus

    Pvp 1.9 so people can't complain about others using "autoclicker" or "reach", remove dia armors and nerf archery.
  10. War Server Test Session TODAY

    Yessu a test warzone
  11. War Server Test Session TODAY

    where's the rally at?
  12. Dev Update: Persona Skins

    I hope that you devs have fixed customized banner recipes that haven't worked for one month
  13. hey i wanted to say that :(
  14. The Battle of the Mill

    Dude do you know ctrl+q?
  15. [Denied]Zorua GM Trail Application

    I have lived with him in khaganate for 1 month, i can say he is a good lad, rper and very patient. If more people knew him, this post would have more replies and support. Anyway +1.