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  1. [!] As a long day passed in the Sutican isles, the breeze filled the halls of the odd tavern in the corner. The filled Inn was bustling with well to-do poeple and a lot of noise, A thick book was laying on the corner of the counter with his cover wide open. The hard cover of the book had black ink stains on it, The white weathered pages were half torn out. The first page could be seen, bare against the cold and moist air. Reformed Armitage Containment Procedures This document is strictly confidential If found, please return to owner. [!] Below the warnings, a small drawn. A very skimpy black wolf, with a very large head with hair that covers most of his body. It has only 3 legs, his front left leg completely severed. Red eyes filled it's sockets, claws as large as human hands. It walks on all fours. RACP:001-1 Species: Unknown Age: 300 ± Name: Copperbottom Specified containment procedure: Keep contained without a light source nearby and visible Copperbottom reacts heavily and violently to the light sources, it attacks without remorse. ((IF)) Broken out and in the path of light, it has almost no stopping it. Make a black ferrum box the size of Copperbottom itself. Agility ***** Strength ** Vitality ***** Mentality: Extremely Violent
  2. Reformed Armitage Reformed Armitage consists of several individual companies that decided to join forces. These two companies were formerly named: The Armitage Institute Dé Lorién The Iron Legion Redwing Alterra brewery TAI and the smithy were already close partners, plus they were both under the same head. Melkor decided to firstly combine the two into Dé Lorién INC. They formed close ties with Redwing and Alterra. After several conferences with the trio, they decided to join forces. Redwing could not oppose to the giant corporation. After a while, Alterra joined aswell. The magnificent skill of Melkor Frey made him the head of the new: Reformed Armitage. The company is the maker of many of Arcas’s medical supplies, as well as a returning smithy. Both Redwing and TAI specialized in medicine, making the combination a perfect match of medics and creators. R.A. Has a central hall where every product is displayed for a decent price. Company headquarters is located in Morsgrad. It is the main clinic of the growing town, supplying it with the needed medical items and weapons. The weapons being in the very capable hands of the main smith. Due to the past of the Iron Legion, they also specialize in construction and siege warfare. Specialties: Medics Medical supplies Weaponry Woodworking Siege weaponry
  3. !State wide caution! Due to the events that happened in sutica, the careful eyes of the state let the plants grow out of control. The Armitage Institute (TAI, and yes we are still a thing) conducted several tests. Sutica proved positively on the tests including the Moonmoss and its habitat. It is not dangerous yet. But it is growing out of proportions in the common river, the port and the underground basin’s. The Armitage Institute calls upon every willing man and woman to take down these bodies. They don't have to go extinct from Sutica, just lessened in population. Moonmoss emits a glow in the shallow waters of Sutica. When one decides to make the swim into the dark, they might get benefits out of it. The moss can be used as anti-inflammatory medicine aswell. If they are removed carefully and with patience, they can deliver this specimen to the regular hospital/medic post and get a reward for it. If not acted upon the spread they will keep growing until they take over the whole floor of the sutica water's. Take this alert to caution. The Armitage Institute.
  4. theldryn

    The Response

    I dont think it is entirely nescessary to blacklist him until said otherwise... true, he did some wrong things ooc. bot one should not get a blacklist like that. i think the fact with the door is absolute BS. ive done it multiple time with the owner's permission and nothing was reported. totally not deserved
  5. **morgoth is extremely dissatisfied by the document** "Man, **** this. Why does everything has to be set in stone. People can be just nice to each other."
  6. **Morgoth laughed** I'm positively surprise that they would invite meh as well.
  7. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hall, they started experimenting with the gem. Frey started to heat it up to an absurd amount of heat, the pressurized gem started to heat up and melt in the cauldron of the specialized forge, the gem had to be under pressure of the forge, molten steel was added to the gem fluid. The fluid started to turn a pale green color. Upon his first blade, he noticed that it was quite poisonous. The first animal he slashed died within two days of the initial slash, a faint green color surrounding the wound. When in sunlight the blade shines like the still water with sun cast upon it. The strength test proved more than expected, it was a lot stronger than normal steel. The guild of Frey are tempted to use it as their best blade yet, but his slayer steel is the pride of the guild. The mixture of Gem and steel must be cooled down and cast into an ingot for proper use, also cooled down as fast as possible. The ratio of gem and steel must be 3:1. This steel has been perfected for slashing, it has a potent metal poison. The heat needed for the perfect mixture conditions is at least 2500 Fahrenheit (1371 Celsius) The steel needs to be molten separately before adding it to the gem.
  8. theldryn

    Dé Lorién, Inc

    Thank you for your application, I do still need your discord. From there we will get this sorted out
  9. theldryn

    Dé Lorién, Inc

    Smithing guild Adria Dé Lorién consists of multiple smithies across cities, currently, the grasp goes to Sutica and Adria. The facility in Adria joined Dé Lorién at a costly price. It sits at Sabo square 7. The ledger present takes note of every cost. Currently it is the only smithing facility of Dé Lorién. Adria Giant Eagle pharmacy. This is a newly established pharmacy inside of Adria. It has one story to work with, but has a good medic inside. It shares the room with a small forge, making it the right temperature for someone to sweat and break down internal viruses. The items are made by very competent people, but the pharmacy is still looking for medic's and supply relations. Morgoth can teach you in everything around the forge. Haytham is the master of Sutica and can provide up to blue steel. One just needs to sign up, a bed will be provided. The massive high elf that rules this guild is most active in Adria. He is capable of carving, smithing, jewelry, engraving, chainlinking, forging, damascus style, bluesteel. The guild does not prefer one race above the other, all are able to sign up. The test is a meeting with the master, you got to forge something out of your own skill. This can be anything, but try to impress the master. ((OOC)) Name Age Country ((IRP)) Name Facility Race What project for the capability test.
  10. @chaosgamer Yah ujhh nice, but what sub forum
  11. @Tatothanks, nice idea i will think 'bout et and how ye mean under roleplay? and what sub forum would that be?
  12. how do you mean about ideas?
  13. no, creative writing should be fiction, this is not fiction
  14. @Lockezi@SourDough there ain't much to deny, it's just the way that it's made
  15. @Lockezimate, don't be funny
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