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  1. Thank you for your application, I do still need your discord. From there we will get this sorted out
  2. Smithing guild Dé Lorién Adria Dé Lorién consists of multiple smithies across cities, currently, the grasp goes to Sutica and Adria. The facility in Adria joined Dé Lorién at a costly price. It sits at Sabo square 7. Sutica Smithing guild Dé Lorién is a group of apprentices, currently learning from one master. Each one of these apprentices needed to make something to show their capabilities. The capability test is applied to test ones talent and mentality. The item made in the test does not matter, as long as the master is present. The current apprentices are: (Sutica) Haytham (Forgemaster) -: open :- Wyn'vuln, apprentice (jack of all trades) Fynn Treebeard (hefrumm) Max Kaemaer (weaponsmith) -: Open :- (Adria) Melkor Frey (Forgemaster) -: Open :- -: open :- -: Open :- -: open :- -: open :- Melkor Frey can teach you in everything around the forge. Haytham is the master of Sutica and can provide up to blue steel. One just needs to sign up, a bed will be provided. The current location of the guild is in Sutica water district 7. ((OOC)) Name Age Country ((IRP)) Name Facility Race What study What project for the capability test.
  3. The cursed blacksmith says to himself "I doubt they would let someone like me in" as he patted his magical tattoo
  4. The book of Frey In my time traveling the realm of Arcas, I have found several delicious things. My name is Melkor Frey, maker of the Sweet Beat Bread that now roams the land of Arcas. I am fascinated by these lands, from Renatus to Suitica which inspired me to make this book. In this book, one will find basic recipes as well as elaborate ones. All who might be interested in the kitchen will have access to this book for free. -Dishes- -Bread- -Stew- -Soup- -Cake- -Pie- -Pastry- -Dishes- The common steak, These pieces of a cow are usually salted with unpurified salt or laid in some kind of acid. Baked with butter or oil, but butter tastes better. Making the butter get into the meat is the best. Otherwise referred to as sirloin. One can eat it raw is necessary, but that would not be advised. Usually one is searing each side until their desired point is reached. Leave to rest from the fire for at least five minutes. The common porkchop, These pieces of a pig are usually made of some lesser parts of the animal, also laid in salt or acid. Porkchop has a very distinctive taste, laying them in acid would ruin that taste. This is baked with oil to preserve the taste better of the meat, several herbs can be added. This would not be edible raw, one would get food poisoning. Be sure to make some marinade before you cook it, makes it taste a lot better. Cook it in the oil you used for the marinade, no more oil is needed. Bake it a bit longer than the steak, the heat must reach the core. The common chicken, These legs or breast pieces are in my eyes the best of the common dishes. It would be unwise to salt these or lay them in acid, therefore they cannot be preserved very long. Baked with a bigger layer of oil and a lot of herbs would be the best for the chicken. Refrain from eating raw, severe food poison lingers on the horizon. Using the big layer of butter make the taste of the chicken stand out more, advised to use garlic. When no longer raw, one can eat right away. The common mutton, These bigger pieces of meat are from big sheep roaming the wild. It does not have a very distinctive taste, tastes a lot like steak. Usually laid in salt or acid, this would not ruin taste for it has little. Baked with butter to make the fat get into the meat. No marinade is needed, but much love. Cannot be eaten raw, severe food poisoning lingers on the horizon Bake it golden brown on both sides, the heat needs to reach the core. Lay it to rest for about three minutes, eat when still warm. Uncommon steak, Made from normal steak but has been seasoned. Herbs can also be added to make it more alive. When put in a long bowl with a bit of butter and oil it draws really well into the meat. That butter can have several things in it, but garlic would be the best. Ker wolf twine, These insides of the wolf are so tender yet stretchy it would be perfect for a wrapper. One can bake some sirloin, then wrap the steak with this twine. When the twine is marinaded it leaves a very baked taste behind. This is one of the rarer dishes, for not many Ker wolves are left in the realm. When eaten it soothes the humanoid to the point of total relaxation. -Bread- Wholemeal Bread, Also known as whole grain or whole wheat bread, this is the most common bread in the realm. It is made from Bran and wheat germ, it increases in popularity due to its health benefits. It is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, as it contains twice the amount of white bread and more than multigrain. White Bread, The most common variety of bread, white bread is made from wheat flour that contains only the central core of the grain (endosperm). An assortment of different contents, such as vegetable flours, seeds, herbs, or a mixture of these, are added to give white bread different taste and flavor. Multigrain Bread, Multigrain bread is prepared by combining assorted wholemeal, white or rye flour. Also, various other constituents, such as wheat germ, honey, gluten, non-fat milk solids, vegetable pieces, nuts, seeds, fruits, spices, cracked and whole grains of wheat, rye, oats, corn, barley, rice millet and triticale, can be used for achieving what we call multigrain or mixed-grain bread. Multigrain bread is further classified into two types, namely, light and heavy. -Stew- Lamb and lentil stew, This stew uses the sternest types of meat, the unused part of cow and pig. Using solid food almost all stews are savory and saltier than other food. It uses several types of vegetables and mushrooms. The water for cooking this stew should be purified for a long time. It would take at least three hours to get it to its full potential. Highlander stew, This stew uses a lot of meat compared to normal stews. Several herbs would be used to make it smell more green like. Fewer vegetables are used. Honeyed water is used for its liquid. Two hours should be enough for Highlander stew. -Soup- Balion carrot soup, Baked carrots are used in this soup, they would need to be baked in butter and oil alike. Chicken drumsticks are needed to make it the best, these would need to be marinaded. Balion carrot soup would be perfect for the commoners who don't have much to eat. A lot can be used in this soup, everything is up to the maker. Pomfrey soup, Cooking taters inside the water make the starches thicken the soup. However, a special ingredient is used. Parts of Amber wolf. the softest parts can be used, anything that has too much muscle in it will ruin the soup. Slices of chicken can also be used together with the wolf to make it stand out more. Several vegetables are up to the maker. Herbs can be added to make it stand out more. When eaten the starches inside the soup they start to add energy to the humanoid. -Cake- Angel Food cake, Angel cake is a type of sponge cake, made from egg whites, cream of tartar, flour, and sugar. Often baked in a tube pan which resembles a bundt pan. The cake is often drizzled with some glaze or fruity syrup. The egg in the cake starts to mess with one's head, it increases muscle speed. But when it has done its job one feels weak. Butter cake, The main ingredient of the butter cake is butter. Other ingredients include sugar, flour, and eggs. This cake is made by the creaming method, which means butter and sugar are whisked until it turns fluffy, and eggs are gradually whisked. Toppings can be added if necessary, this is the best cake for parties or get-togethers. -Pie- Apple pie, These delicious pies originate on the south side of Arcas. It has a bottom made of sturdy dough-like material. On top sits a sweet mixture of cinnamon and apple with a bit of creamed milk. The dough-like material runs along the shape of the pie. This pie would be perfect for parties or get-togethers. Bündner Nusstorte, This flanged pie uses a Shortcrust made with a lot of sugar as the base. Butter is essential in the cooking process, the taste should get into the base. Nuts are used for the filling, most common would be Walnut or pinda. Once filled one needs to seal the top with the leftover of shortcrust. Sugar can be spread on top for a caramel effect upon the pie. The sugar along with the shortcrust has so much energy stored in them. When one eats it, energy is released in a haste. Movement is a lot faster. -Pastry- Apple strudel, Apple strudel consists of an oblong strudel pastry jacket with an apple filling inside, these are usually cut in julienne or slices. The filling is made of grated cooking apples (usually of a tart, crisp and aromatic variety, such as Winesap apples) sugar, cinnamon, and bread crumbs. This would be perfect for royalty and commoners alike. Fine sugar is spread along the top to finish it off. Sweet Beet Bread, pastry similar to a doughnut with no central hole. made from sweet yeast dough fried in fat or oil. with a marmalade or jam filling and usually icing. powdered sugar or conventional sugar on top. They are sometimes made with chocolate, champagne, custard, mocha, or advocaat filling, or with no filling at all. The mixture of warm sugar and dough has the ultimate combination of ingredients. When eaten it makes a person irresistible, increases the chances of finding a lover by half. ((wishing to add something to my book?)) NAME: DESC: HOW IT IS MADE: ((and we will see)) recipes will come later
  5. theldryn

    The Percy family

    The Percy Family Our story begins in Atlas, there a dwarf named Telmarill esteemed member of the Azaghul and brother of Balrog first came to Adria. Upon his arrival, people started to notice that he was in distress. Telmarill came into their society as a mere dwarf but left as a master. He opened the first smith within Adria and he took in an apprentice of course. From that day forward the white smith he was named. Almost at the end of his life, he met a beautiful lady whose name was only heard in Atlas. The Percy name came from her side. Happily into their life, they had two children Henry Percy was his name and his brother Dwain. Henry was half a dwarf and half human, his life would be much longer than his mothers. Henry joined the legion of Renatus, not much later he was discharged by Aldis Chase. He started The Iron Legion and he got cursed along the way. The iron legion had a fortress above mynebor named the shard. The Iron legion did not survive the passage to Arcas. Henry now alone, desperate and no money sat out for Adria. The city of Ves welcomed him with open arms for they knew his father was one of their soldiers a time ago, he became a sergeant in the military. Dwain did not go that route, he became wild. Many years he spent in the wilderness of Atlas, surviving on his own skill. Not much is known after he left the comfort of his home. Henry got banished from Adria not much later by a man named Checkov, he packed his bags and went on his way. On the road, he got stopped and robbed by a man named Edward Marks. His rival for a long time saw that he was alone and he took his chance. He decapitated the man and portrayed him as a traitor upon the bridge to Helena. Kuvira, the third of the brothers was not born by the percy's but in the wild to unknown parents. He made his way into Adria and into the percy's not long after his seventh birthday, he arrived a short time after Henry went away from his parents. Kuvira saw a lot from his new father and became interested in smithing at an early age. He also survived the passage to Arcas. After his brother was killed he made for Adria, where he started The Armitage institute. He believed heavily in the Four, some men did not like that. A priest came one day and heard that he was not a canonist. he approached Kuvira. He said that Kuvira was a heathen for not believing the canon, Kuvira replied with the same thing but for the Four. Not long after that, he got arrested and killed for being a heathen. In his life, he met a man named Jack Rippler. He was not a good man, he had done a lot of wrongs. Kuvira took him in as a brother, Jack is now a part of the Percy family. Let the story of Jack begin. ((don't throw poop, this is a recap of my time on LotC))
  6. "hopefully this will not stand against the actions of the institute" Said Kuvira upon the discovery
  7. funniest thing is, we don't need no microscope or high tech ****... Just a needle, Crisper cells and some test subjects
  8. mkay, where are the techlocks located on the forums?
  9. of course not why is everything I write frowned upon?!
  10. never heard of mutations in the medieval time?
  11. Kuvira smiles at it, didn't know dogs could get married
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