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  1. theldryn

    The Response

    I dont think it is entirely nescessary to blacklist him until said otherwise... true, he did some wrong things ooc. bot one should not get a blacklist like that. i think the fact with the door is absolute BS. ive done it multiple time with the owner's permission and nothing was reported. totally not deserved
  2. **morgoth is extremely dissatisfied by the document** "Man, **** this. Why does everything has to be set in stone. People can be just nice to each other."
  3. **Morgoth laughed** I'm positively surprise that they would invite meh as well.
  4. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hall, they started experimenting with the gem. Frey started to heat it up to an absurd amount of heat, the pressurized gem started to heat up and melt in the cauldron of the specialized forge, the gem had to be under pressure of the forge, molten steel was added to the gem fluid. The fluid started to turn a pale green color. Upon his first blade, he noticed that it was quite poisonous. The first animal he slashed died within two days of the initial slash, a faint green color surrounding the wound. When in sunlight the blade shines like the still water with sun cast upon it. The strength test proved more than expected, it was a lot stronger than normal steel. The guild of Frey are tempted to use it as their best blade yet, but his slayer steel is the pride of the guild. The mixture of Gem and steel must be cooled down and cast into an ingot for proper use, also cooled down as fast as possible. The ratio of gem and steel must be 3:1. This steel has been perfected for slashing, it has a potent metal poison. The heat needed for the perfect mixture conditions is at least 2500 Fahrenheit (1371 Celsius) The steel needs to be molten separately before adding it to the gem.
  5. theldryn

    Dé Lorién, Inc

    Thank you for your application, I do still need your discord. From there we will get this sorted out
  6. theldryn

    Dé Lorién, Inc

    Smithing guild Adria Dé Lorién consists of multiple smithies across cities, currently, the grasp goes to Sutica and Adria. The facility in Adria joined Dé Lorién at a costly price. It sits at Sabo square 7. The ledger present takes note of every cost. Currently it is the only smithing facility of Dé Lorién. Adria Giant Eagle pharmacy. This is a newly established pharmacy inside of Adria. It has one story to work with, but has a good medic inside. It shares the room with a small forge, making it the right temperature for someone to sweat and break down internal viruses. The items are made by very competent people, but the pharmacy is still looking for medic's and supply relations. Morgoth can teach you in everything around the forge. Haytham is the master of Sutica and can provide up to blue steel. One just needs to sign up, a bed will be provided. The massive high elf that rules this guild is most active in Adria. He is capable of carving, smithing, jewelry, engraving, chainlinking, forging, damascus style, bluesteel. The guild does not prefer one race above the other, all are able to sign up. The test is a meeting with the master, you got to forge something out of your own skill. This can be anything, but try to impress the master. ((OOC)) Name Age Country ((IRP)) Name Facility Race What project for the capability test.
  7. @chaosgamer Yah ujhh nice, but what sub forum
  8. @Tatothanks, nice idea i will think 'bout et and how ye mean under roleplay? and what sub forum would that be?
  9. how do you mean about ideas?
  10. no, creative writing should be fiction, this is not fiction
  11. @Lockezi@SourDough there ain't much to deny, it's just the way that it's made
  12. @Lockezimate, don't be funny
  13. I just like writing, don't judge me
  14. Sweet Beat Bread These perfectly made buns of bread are made for commoners and royalty alike. The bread is made out of very smooth flower, sieved to perfection. The flower is so smooth, it rolls off one's fingers without feeling a thing. The yeast inside is so fine that one can see that is has been harvested with much love and care. The honeyed water inside is so special, only one has the knowledge of how to create it. The honeyed water is said to be the best mixture of both honey, ale, and water. Made into a dough with almost godlike hands, grabbing every piece of it as it is done. Sodium chloride as small as one's hair is found within the bread, harvested from the south sea only. Several powders are also used in the baking process, but that knowledge is only for the maker to know. After the dough is finished it goes into a hot and wet chamber where it will be laid to rest. After is done in the chamber, several buns are to be made with such precision and love it is said that the gods made them. Then they will go back into the chamber to rise to twice their size. It is covered in egg yolk and egg white as it goes out of the chamber, such fine sugar is powdered on top that it is to smelt in the mouth. The perfect combination of love, hate, and skill went into making these pieces of bread. The combination of sweet and savory makes most water their mouths if they enter a tavern or ones home. Every bun is so special and precious that it is to be wrapped in paper with care to protect it. Currently, the only one who knows how to make divine pieces of bread is a high elf by the name of Melkor.
  15. The Percy Family Our story begins in Atlas, there a dwarf named Telmarill esteemed member of the Azaghul and brother of Balrog first came to Adria. Upon his arrival, people started to notice that he was in distress. Telmarill came into their society as a mere dwarf but left as a master. He opened the first smith within Adria and he took in an apprentice of course. From that day forward the white smith he was named. Almost at the end of his life, he met a beautiful lady whose name was only heard in Atlas. The Percy name came from her side. Happily into their life, they had two children Henry Percy was his name and his brother Dwain. Henry was half a dwarf and half human, his life would be much longer than his mothers. Henry joined the legion of Renatus, not much later he was discharged by Aldis Chase. He started The Iron Legion and he got cursed along the way. The iron legion had a fortress above mynebor named the shard. The Iron legion did not survive the passage to Arcas. Henry now alone, desperate and no money sat out for Adria. The city of Ves welcomed him with open arms for they knew his father was one of their soldiers a time ago, he became a sergeant in the military. Dwain did not go that route, he became wild. Many years he spent in the wilderness of Atlas, surviving on his own skill. Not much is known after he left the comfort of his home. Henry got banished from Adria not much later by a man named Checkov, he packed his bags and went on his way. On the road, he got stopped and robbed by a man named Edward Marks. His rival for a long time saw that he was alone and he took his chance. He decapitated the man and portrayed him as a traitor upon the bridge to Helena. Kuvira, the third of the brothers was not born by the percy's but in the wild to unknown parents. He made his way into Adria and into the percy's not long after his seventh birthday, he arrived a short time after Henry went away from his parents. Kuvira saw a lot from his new father and became interested in smithing at an early age. He also survived the passage to Arcas. After his brother was killed he made for Adria, where he started The Armitage institute. He believed heavily in the Four, some men did not like that. A priest came one day and heard that he was not a canonist. he approached Kuvira. He said that Kuvira was a heathen for not believing the canon, Kuvira replied with the same thing but for the Four. Not long after that, he got arrested and killed for being a heathen. In his life, he met a man named Jack Rippler. He was not a good man, he had done a lot of wrongs. Kuvira took him in as a brother, Jack is now a part of the Percy family. Let the story of Jack begin. ((don't throw poop, this is a recap of my time on LotC))
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