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  1. Ancient House Frey https://open.spotify.com/track/4TVtXw28cKW0qT8aNM2ODh?si=mpztXve2T86_FUkK8gIbkQ Sapientia Igni Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!” “Our blood will live on through our work. Mindless are the warriors, Gods are the one with talent.“ Ancient House Frey Wisdom in fire! “ Our hands STEEL, Our minds like saints!”
  2. theldryn


    Melkor grew up like a true wild man. He ran away from the highelves at a very young age. He learned a very kind orc that took him in and learned him the ways of the hammer and fire. Since then, he tries to think of everyone as the same. Dwed or Elf. But Melkor conflicts the most with the highborn elves who have a super big ego. This elf is the founder of Reformed Armitage and De Lorien smiths. His son and him have a very bad relationship and he fights with him on a regular basis. Melkor has a fascination of food and everything that includes preparing it. Melkor can be quite blunt. But the b
  3. **morgoth is extremely dissatisfied by the document** "Man, **** this. Why does everything has to be set in stone. People can be just nice to each other."
  4. **Morgoth laughed** I'm positively surprise that they would invite meh as well.
  5. Londonium alloy, The smithing guild of Melkor Frey dug too deep and too greedily into the mines of Cloud Temple, the monks warned them “There are more dangerous and vile things than darkness down there”. But it was to no prevail, they started to dig under the confines of Cloud Temple. The company of Frey dug through miles upon miles of stone and iron. Until a very special moment when they found a pressurized emerald. When mined with a blue steel pickaxe, it has the perfect chance of not breaking. The gem was so marvelous, they took it with them. Upon return of the company to the guild hal
  6. Thank you for your application, I do still need your discord. From there we will get this sorted out
  7. Smithing guild Adria Dé Lorién consists of multiple smithies across cities, currently, the grasp goes to Sutica and Adria. The facility in Adria joined Dé Lorién at a costly price. It sits at Sabo square 7. The ledger present takes note of every cost. Currently it is the only smithing facility of Dé Lorién. Adria Giant Eagle pharmacy. This is a newly established pharmacy inside of Adria. It has one story to work with, but has a good medic inside. It shares the room with a small forge, making it the right temperature f
  8. @chaosgamer Yah ujhh nice, but what sub forum
  9. @Tatothanks, nice idea i will think 'bout et and how ye mean under roleplay? and what sub forum would that be?
  10. how do you mean about ideas?
  11. no, creative writing should be fiction, this is not fiction
  12. @Lockezi@SourDough there ain't much to deny, it's just the way that it's made
  13. @Lockezimate, don't be funny
  14. I just like writing, don't judge me
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