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  1. RugRatRew

    [✗] Iylderi; Guardians of the Veil

    I have three things to say 1) This is incredibly amazing and detailed and solid to a T. 2) How long did that take to write? I mean Homer at this point would be telling you to slow down 😀. 3) Major +1
  2. IGN(s): Odium174 Age 15 Timezone EST Discord: RugRatRew#8956 What map did you join during?: Anthos Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? At least 2 hours a day, on weekends 4+ hours a day Have you held any LotC staff position(s) before? If so, for how long?: N/A Do you have prior history in any forms of moderation? I was trained and was a trial GM on a very old and currently non-existent MC server, I am a class representative, I supervise a discord server, I also help my friends resolve problems and disputes with other people. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: I feel that I have a lot to offer to the server and over my numerous years on LOTC I feel like I have the experience to help improve and assist the roleplaying community. I intend to help improve the server by enforcing the rules and solving disputes/problems, as well as voicing my opinion on future server development. Whenever I see someone violating the rules I prefer to ask them politely to stop, but if/when they refuse I wished that I had the power to keep them from ruining others roleplaying experience. | have also always been very interested in finding out all the details about a dilemma and making the best decision I can to solve it, which I believe is an important quality for assisting people as a GM. If I am accepted to the GM team I hope to work with the other staff to make the server better than ever! Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: N/A Anything else you want to tell us?: I know that I am not a very well known player, but I am a hard working and rule-oriented individual. I am also aware that I am quite young for a member of staff but I believe that I am mature for my age, and can make educated decisions. I really hope that I will get to work to make this community as great as it can be!
  3. RugRatRew

    The Academy of Khronheim

    I heard that the leadership is changing and will be active again soon.
  4. RugRatRew

    The Academy of Khronheim

    Initiate Application MC name: Odium174 Character Name: Aladar Viathas Discord (Optional): RugRatRew#8956 Race: High Elven Age: 52 Do you know any magic currently?: No Which subject do you plan to learn?: Fire Evo. (and others as they become available to learn). Do you swear to abide by the rules of the academy?: Yes.
  5. I believe that he would make a fine addition to the ET. His ideas were intriguing, and I whole heartedly agree with what he says are essential for a good event, especially options. +1
  6. RugRatRew

    Tradesmen Guild [Recruiting]

    IGN: Sir_Fluffy_ IRP name and race: Aladar Viathas, Adunian DISCORD or if you are willing to get it: I will msg it to you What rank would you be aiming for?: Either Bodyguard or Hitman (trader possibly if I get training in smithing).
  7. RugRatRew

    [Denied] [Actor] RugRatRew

    Of course I will do that as soon as I can! (sorry for the late response I have been sick all week)
  8. RugRatRew

    The Fellows of Ostermark

    All cultural value went down the drain when they surrendered to Oren and abandoned the dwarves.
  9. RugRatRew

    The Fellows of Ostermark

    Hmmph, Malgo just kicked a ton of people from Osterland for no reason. -1 Do not join. Huge disappointment.
  10. RugRatRew

    [Denied] [Actor] RugRatRew

    Minecraft Name: (If you have multiple, put which you want the pex to be added to.) Sir_Fluffy_Skype ID: (Can be put to private, however if you get an interview be sure to contact me.) RugRatRew (Sir_Fluffy_)Time-zone: ESTDo you, or have you held, any other staff positions: (Other servers included.) No, but you have to start somewhereWhere do you grab inspiration from: (Games, books, etc.) I get my inspiration from mythology and books such as Merlin, and Percy Jackson and Lord of the Rings.What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: Percy Kingsman, and Roric Grandaxe, I would be willing to sacrifice PercyWhat race, or group, do your events best cater to: I think I would mostly cater to dwarves and humans, and small guilds,but I could do the other races or larger guilds if necessary.What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: I think the enjoyment of everyone involved is the most important aspect because if no one is having a good time, it is just a few people talking to each other instead on an event where people are doing unique things to advance the rp aspects of their character. Also when people are having a good time they are nicer and work better with other people to develop friendships. What strengths would you bring to the team: (Knowledgeable in lore, great organizer, etc.) I know the dwarven lore top to bottom, and given an hour (more or less) I can read all the lore on another race. I am good a designating and positioning people.Why do you want to be part of the team: I really want to be part of the team because I like roleplaying and I enjoy talking and working with new people, especially when we are working towards the same thing.Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organize: (Keep in mind that these pitches are to the managers and the lead, no the community.) 1. (In spirit of the holidays) An elf disguised as a human wanders into Oren and starts handing out gifts. The Orener's find out that his name is Nicolas Clos and that he just arrived from a very cold and snowy place, the reason for his thick robes, and his stark white hair. The king hears about this and is not happy, so he sends the guards after Nick. Seeing the guards Nick flees the city, but once every malins year, the Orener's find a small gift tucked away beside their bed. 2. The (future) Dwarven Grand king starts hearing things in the middle of the night in his bed chambers, strange mumbling and whispers. until one night after everyone was asleep (except for him) it all stops. Then a strange grogroaning starts, then a blindingly bright light appears, and as it fades away, the grand king sees what looks like a very tall dwarf standing in his chambers. He screams fro the guards but when they come in, they see nothing. Yet the king still sees the man/dwarf standing there, looking down at him. The guards leave. "I am Yemekar!" the man/dwarf belows so loudly that it seems to shake the room (made of solid stone mind you) "The creator. I have come to warn you of a time in the near future, a time when your greed,"Be raises a finger to point directly at the Grand King, "becomes so strong and crippling that you and your people forget what you were made to do." He says walking closer "Keep my balance!" He roars with such anger and feriousity that the Grand King attempts to pull away in his bed. "Overcome this greed or the world, the universe will fall, and your kin, and, my blood will be on your hands! Heed this warning or else!" He says and the glowing light appears again and he disappears. Some time later a dwarf will bring him him a large majestic jewel. That has a carving on the side that says "Beware the cost". If the Grand King chooses to keep the jewel the gold and riches of his kingdom will start to disappear and their will be chaos. If he doesn't keep it, that night Yemekar will appear again that night and tell him that he has chosen wisely, and give him the same jewel but with a different description "To the rightful king and the keeper of the balance" before disappering, never to be seen again... 3. I group of Necromancers are hidden somewhere in Haelun'or and are raising the dead to raid and attack towns and bringing the riches to their masters. The world would find out about this after a dark elf crawls into Johannesburg claiming to know where they are before passing out. (hopefully someone will help him or none of the rest occurs and people just keep getting raided). In the middle of the night before he is able to tell people where they are or what happened, he is killed. The only set of clues is a single set of footprints leading out of the city with a sign outside the city saying "Those who dare follow will meet their doom." So assuming someone follows the footprints lead to the gates of Haelun'or then stop. But their are more clues inside the city (one being blatantly obvious so the player doesn't give up) That leads to a fight between the necromancers and the warrior(s).How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: As long as I am needed and/or wanted on the team.Tell me a joke: (Like jaeden’s building abilities.) I would tell you a science joke but i don't think I would get A REACTION.
  11. Roric Grandaxe signs the charter. (Sir_Fluffy_)
  12. RugRatRew

    [Denied] [Actor] Malgonious ET Application

    It's a +1 from me
  13. RugRatRew

    The Fellows of Ostermark

    Application MC-Name: Sir_Fluffy_ RP-Name: Roric Grandaxe Skype: (Pm if you desire) RugRatRew Profession: Blacksmith Have you teamspeak?: (It's not optional.) Yes Time-zone: EST Do you agree to our PK Agreement stated below?: Yes
  14. RugRatRew

    The Monster Hunting Guild.

    How to Apply: IGN: RP Name: Roric Grandaxe RP Age: 150 RP Race: Mountain Dwarf What position do you want?(Since the guild is new): I would like to be a Gaptin, but as a normal soldier I would like to be a swordsman. Why do you wish to join the guild?: Roric was attacked by a pack of zombies when he was 10 and only barely escaped with is life, his brother wasn't so lucky. Now he seeks revenge against the monsters that killed him. OOC: Skype: RugRatRew (Sir_Fluffy_) Do you have TS?(DOn't need to): No