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  1. https://namemc.com/skin/5d7b7d4779a54580 Beep boop *****
  2. QueenGeorge


    Going to try and keep this response focused on the actual mines, but I’ll likely make some tangential comments on things others have said. I’ll preface this with something quick. And for pictures too big to upload. Have a link https://imgur.com/a/q8Y7KnB I think it’s safe to say that I’ve done a fair bit of resource gathering. Please do not take this as a brag, I just want to give credit to my opinions to follow on the current state of the mines. The area I carved out in those photos was so I could find out what levels certain resources were generating at. Right now, mining is a time consuming grind which can go on for ages as you struggle to find what you need without concrete information on where to find what you’re looking for. It’s not just about how many resources are in the mines, it’s knowing where to look for them. I remember that when I actually got around to playing on the server about half a year ago, I wanted to help a friend get some redstone. I grabbed my pickaxe, went into the Druid mines, and spent two hours where I found more diamonds than I did redstone because I didn’t know how the LoTC mines varied from normal minecraft other than the changes in cave generation. Unless you get information by word of mouth, and/or experimentation like I did, the only resources which can really be consistently found are iron and coal. What’s the best way to find the others though? Well it’s often caves, but the problem is that you might need to mine 2000+ blocks in one direction to even have a chance at finding a cave that nobody has already discovered and plundered. I can testify to this since I’ve mined a tunnel twice as long as that looking for untouched caves to mine gold needed for bulk RP items made by Quavnir. So, how does this actually translate into the new mining system? I had a brief look at the test CT mine, and the amount and spread of resources looked very interesting to me. Though this was limited since things like diamonds seem to have been all dug out already (that’s not a complaint, just a note that I don’t know how common they really are while I write this). I’m glad to see that changes are being made, and having accessibility to resources is a good thing. Especially if we can see them in building, RP items, and whatever else that isn’t limited to just PVP gear which is generally easy to get anyway. I want to be able to mine without needing to spend 10 minutes and half a stack of potatoes to run down my tunnel in the Druid mines just to find new caves again. I’m not kidding, I timed it and counted it one time to see how long it was taking just to get into an area where I could find things again. I’m glad to be seeing changes made, and hope that more information will follow soon about the new systems when they come. Cheers,
  3. This is much like what happened to me. Though in my case a chest was unlocked by its previous owner, then locked by me instead. When the bug/rollback occurred he came by and unlocked it again, and without me doing anything it re-applied my locking and the other accounts I added to it. Very weird.
  4. **MC Names of all involved** Figglewigitz and Queen_George, (both accounts of mine that I had registered to the chest as I’ve been moving the persona from one account to the other.) JokerLow **Description** On the night of August 7th, chests and a furnace locked by Jokerlow were unlocked by him, then locked again by me with my Figglewigitz account and permissions given to my Queen_George account. When I logged in today, I could not open the chests or furnace. Using /cinfo showed that they were locked again by Jokerlow. After he was messaged and came to remove his protection on the chests, I used /cinfo on them and they had gone back to the permissions I had set them as the night before without me changing them back. **Date of occurrence** <!--- Please try to give us as accurate a date as you can recall to the time this bug occurred --> **In game specifications** <!--- Who are you, what persona were you on at the time of this bug, etc. --> On the Queen_George account with the persona Lyni Starbreaker. **Steps to Reproduce** I don’t know if I can reproduce it, but I will outline what happened. 1. Previously locked chests were unlocked. 2. I added new locks and permissions to the chests. 3. Time passed overnight, possibly through a server reset? 4. Logging in the next day, the chests had their locks set back to the previous owner. 5. The previous owner removing that lock again, the permissions went back to what I set. **Expected Behavior** LWC protections should remain as set. **Actual Behavior** LWC protections rolled back to the previous night. **Additional Information** The chest used was a shop chest and 8 stacks of iron were missing, but other items in the chest remained. If the iron was bought, I didn’t receive payment for it. JokerLow fortunately reimbursed me, and I have moved the chests to be inaccessible should this happen again.
  5. apology for poor common


    when were you when hou-zi dies?


    eating monk bread when bird land on head


    ‘hou-zi is kill’



    1. Boomboxdoom23


      Bruh this hit me hard. Unshelving my hou-zi

  6. Discord name: Queen George#6032 timezone: EST ign: Queen_George rp name: Lyni Starbreaker race: Cave Dwarf
  7. Marie laughed lightly at the fact that she could be invited as a halfling, but not as a druid.
  8. Where the heck can you even find redstone and gold in the mining world. I can’t say I’ve ever found any. Any suggestions for levels?

    1. UraniumFever


      I suggest purchasing it off my good friends in the happy frog or the beet trading company. great prices 

    2. QueenGeorge


      Can’t say I’ve heard of the happy frog company, and the beet trading company seems to sell neither. I certainly appreciate and approve of the enterprising attitude though!

  9. (( An OOC album of screenshots for everyone that was there! I know it’s out of order but there’s 95 pictures so I was at the mercy of Imgur. If you attended, have a look and see if you can spot yourself in the screenies! )) https://imgur.com/a/1mMpISv
  10. Marie will be very amused to see Skylar and Ama in matching dresses.
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