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  1. yes u sweet angel +1
  2. according to the Joren & Friends™ Minecraft fantasy roleplaying Skype chat's socially inept members, i am the Regina George of this withering hellhole

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    2. Ruthern


      pretty accurate yeah

    3. Malocchio


      thanks for being a fan, max_gemini! 

    4. Alterazgohg


      @Hunwald check out this epic blogpost

  3. thank you god for blessing me with white skin

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    2. El Ricktador

      El Ricktador

      haha i love being white


    3. Malocchio


      i ban travista and faiz from my status updates

    4. Travista


      >Be Italian

      >Identify as white/fair




  4. there's something i need to get off my chest: i'm emo

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    2. Hunwald
    3. FORƎST


      T W I T C H . T V

    4. mitto


      *starts sweating

      whew i... i love you...

  5. glad to see my mineman bf is back 

    1. Jacko


      Bagley beware

  6. hey if ur interested in skinning for me hmu

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    2. braybowski


      don't u have enough chars lroen 

    3. Hero_Prodigy


      shhhh she will send the Russian mafia and the Italian mafia after you! 

    4. ArcanicFable

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    2. Space


      hey how you doing? i know the past few days have been hard on you and i hate to say it but it will only get worse :(


      fascism is on the decline :(

    3. ClockworkElves


      shareblue shills have infilitrated lotc

    4. Hero_Prodigy


      is this what they listen to in italy

  8. joey is literally spongebob. he enjoys working yet the staff (mr. krabs) legit abuse him, don't pay him and spit upon him. explain that, staff. explain.

  9. ya yeet
  10. UDPF1NUh.jpg


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    2. clown king

      clown king

      rep beggar

    3. Hunwald


      how this make u feel @Hero_Prodigy


    4. Hero_Prodigy



      Less hawkish - L

      More tradition - L

      More equality - Big W

  11. @WoodenApples is daddy as **** 🍑💦😛🔥😏😍🍆👅👀

    1. Hero_Prodigy



  12. y'all wanna **** off with the email field being required ****?

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    2. dsdevil
    3. Hero_Prodigy


      Yeah just say it's [email protected] or some ****

    4. Harrison


      just put 'lol'

  13. hi don't post **** like this it's actually embarrassing