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  1. hey haha funny that someone made an event to contribute and bring attention to an independent duchy that can't hold their own :0



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    2. SexeHexe
    3. braybowski


      why should mardon not be allowed events ??

    4. Vege


      the pan is hot I repeat the pan is hot 

  2. shoutout to @Trinn | nnirT for the best bday gift ever: 



    my sweet aileen

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    2. Sir K Andruske

      Sir K Andruske

      @The Combatant bish, Loren is fierce af woman and you would be ******* lucky just to get your saggy face punched by her. *snaps*

    3. Malocchio


      YEAH TAKE THAT GGT i lov u bnk <3

    4. erikur


      wow jeb! happy birthday jeb! can u do ur signature line

  3. malocchio u better watch urself loren noob because im the ******* noob king on here ok?

    did i ever tell u i hate noobs?

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    2. Taketheshot


      I liked clown town...

    3. erikur


      yea bro i did too unfortunate that it lived such a short life 

    4. Hero_Prodigy


      Rip clowntown and quarryville

  4. when you realize your ooc plot wasn't going to work all along so you try to cover it up oocly bc damage control :thinking:

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    2. Vege


      mama mia

    3. Chaotikal


      oh boy i sure hope malochio becomes emperor of oren

    4. Hero_Prodigy


      She's married to a Horen so pretty close

  5. i wish a ***** would !

    1. erikur


      hi loren

    2. Ogdan (Benben582)
    3. Sythan


      Hey there. Heard you're pretty fit.

  6. hey maybe you would get a response from a striga player (me) if you wouldn't use such an obnoxious ******* font
  7. "I like pizza." - @joey calabreeni 13/3/17 [5:43 PM]

    1. joey calabreeni

      joey calabreeni

      thx lorn


  8. "Passive-aggressive midgets are my favourite type of heretics." Eleanora, an intellectual, comments in a proper fashion.
  9. european screamer #nofilter #soheyheresapicofme #iwasdaredxD :- )
  10. A Qalasheen youth sings in jubilation of the non-aggression pact.
  11. I haven't commented on a GM application in forever so behold: a rare occurrence! Rebecca is truly a good-natured, honest and intelligent soul. Though I haven't known her for too long- I still interact with her from time to time and enough to know that she is a pleasant, competent lady. As much as I'd love for her to maintain her sanity, I'll undoubtedly support her application more than I've supported anyone's in the past. I believe that she is a creative soul with a lot of good intentions, traits and ideas that'll actually benefit the GM team as compared to current and previous members' paltry contributions. She'll amount to something for sure- so don't make the mistake of denying her app and give her the opportunity to moderate her 'lil heart out, cause she really will. Give the people what they want! I don't have anything negative to say about Rebecca except for the fact she bullies my sweet, misguided son kincaid which is an uncommon case. You may take my word as a grain of salt (as I am definitely a mean, abrasive member of the LotC community) but to support my claim, I'll insert a Skype conversation between @Ciaran and I: [2:41:10 PM] Yung Koshka: imm writing a nice comment for rebecca gm app [2:41:15 PM] Yung Koshka: i never write nice comments [2:41:22 PM] Jax: You're literally a lich irl [2:41:26 PM] meg (≖︿≖✿): That's rare praise Disregarding my momentarily broken English and the redacted comments from nerds like Ang and Brayden... that concludes it all! Cheers! soon enough we'll be able to destroy ang, rebecca.