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  2. recommend a horror movie that'll blow my socks off

  3. please get me to 900 rep before i blow my ******* brains out

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    2. Jakesimonson


      looks like someone wants attention...

    3. Swgrclan


      skip the rep and blam yourself instead, lady

    4. Hunwald
  4. iT's happenNign!!!! right next t OT the citY1!!!! :DDD XDDD @[email protected]#@$

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    2. Fishy


      Grool slaves to get a new city out, and it's destroyed in not even a week. Sad.

    3. Ford


      adelburg is LITERALLY destroyed right now people are DEAD 

    4. Taylor


      what's wrong with you loren........

  5. Your View: Magic

    h-hi owo
  6. w2NKP9X.png?1

    1. bisnitche


      me me big boy

    2. Pinochet


      all elves need to be lined up and shot

    3. Esterlen


      Big and sexy Druid RP

  7. holy ****

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    2. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      @Malocchio Can you not scream at our specially disabled friends in the lotc community? surprised you haven't been banned yet tbh -.- 

    3. Hero_


      You really should know I'm p retarded evil eye........ not cool

    4. clown king
  8. Daelish Culture

    i'll marry @Blago
  9. d8328190e99baec1d51e1cf6908b698f.png

    1. Gusano Arentonio

      Gusano Arentonio

      joey im buying this game so i can make u ;33 :*

    2. joey calabreeni
    3. Hero_


      Sugar Daddies only give me 50 $ a night now but in Dream Daddy I become the biggest pimp around ;)