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  1. h-hi owo
  2. w2NKP9X.png?1

    1. bisnitche
    2. Pinochet


      all elves need to be lined up and shot

  3. holy ****

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    2. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      @Malocchio Can you not scream at our specially disabled friends in the lotc community? surprised you haven't been banned yet tbh -.- 

    3. Hero_


      You really should know I'm p retarded evil eye........ not cool

    4. clown king
  4. human

    i'll marry @Blago
  5. d8328190e99baec1d51e1cf6908b698f.png

    1. Gusano Arentonio

      Gusano Arentonio

      joey im buying this game so i can make u ;33 :*

    2. joey calabreeni
    3. Hero_


      Sugar Daddies only give me 50 $ a night now but in Dream Daddy I become the biggest pimp around ;)

  6. legit in love with this man 11/10 perfect fit for the game team please accept him (considering you accepted everyone and their mother anyways) +1
  7. Baltimore


    1. bad and brayboujee

      bad and brayboujee

      i dont speak russian can u trasnalte for me loren

    2. ShameJax


      russians hacked the election confirmed

  9. i love you

  10. I would backstroke through a sandpit filled with banana puree then pole vault blindfolded into a pit of starving baboons, whilst wielding only a rusty slinky as my weapon, if it meant i could chew a 2 yearold piece of gum you once spat on on the floor of a KFC restroom

    1. Youngie5500


      Dude. What the ****.

  11. **** ud2a9df2a69101c8538b9b302cb19ab04.png

    1. mitto




  12. what rhymes with noob and speaks pizzaman

    1. mitto


      dont bully my wife..

  13. why are you like so wtf

    1. Malocchio


      why am i so WHAT 

    2. mitto


      dont bully my wife..

  14. i'll make you pizza ;)
  15. u r a noob lol

    1. Malocchio


      take that back.

    2. Pinochet


      how abotu u fkn make me idiot noob?

    3. mitto


      dont bully my wife..