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    Citizenship Papers

    OOC NAME: Caranthir_ RP NAME: Alexander Frederick Location of home: N/A Proof of purchase (take a picture of the item being bought/in your inventory with your name in sight): https://gyazo.com/860e25ed4ed4db16ac2ca3daf6f2a53c
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    Looking to Play Someone's Kid

    Might have something for you, hmu on discord Caranthir#1962
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    The Worshipful Companie d'Aryn

    WORSHIPFUL COMPANIE D’ARYN The logo of the Companie; a budding rose, to represent the prosperous nation of the Companie, painted with the corporate colors - black, white, and royal blue. Founded in the year of our Lord, circa 1642, the Companie d’Aryn finds its foundations in the now dissolved County of Chambery, the seat of House d’Aryn before The Great Migration to Atlas. “The Worshipful Comapnie d’Aryn, a sight and concept truly to behold. For never in Our History has such a great presentation of camaraderie, efficacy and kinship been displayed. But this greatness does not befall one man alone, despite the company’s namesake, for comprising this greater machine are smaller cogs, well-oiled and ticking, much like a well-made timepiece, and together they form this grand machine. Every man has a purpose; every man down to the Arbitrator or the simple urchin boot polisher.” -Alexandre d’Aryn, addressing the first formal meeting of the Companie, 12th of The First Seed, 1643 DIRECTIONS Find your way to the Apostolic-Kingdom of Marna, and enter through the gateway into the city of Senntisten. Follow the steps and the first building in sight will be the headquarters of the Companie d’Aryn, located at 1 Godfrey Avenue. BRANCHES AND ASSOCIATES A number of exterior businesses and companies have chosen to align themselves with our corporate union, and have in conjunction showed their undying support to our Worshipful Administration. They, coupled with their respective industries, will be included hereunto: HARTCOLD BAKED GOODS - A slave girl’s dream that broiled into a passion. . .and eventually a business; Auralia opted to open this bakery with her husband Thomas de Hartcold to benefit the Marnantine people, specifically the Revered Manantine Royalty, with baked goods. [Reserved] THE BROKEN LANCE ARMS AND ARMOUR - Founded by the Adler brothers, the elder of whom being the last Chancellor of Chambery, this business specialises in advanced weaporyy and specialised armaments. Located at Pius Crescent 3, the Adler brothers seek to amass a fortune in the rapidly expanding market of armaments. THE COMPANY OF AGRICULTURE - Formerly known as The Worshipful Company of Agriculture, this business was founded in the now defunct County of Chambery by Donn Guthrie, and then subsequently made into a county monopoly. Supplying the Kingdom of Marna with a thousand bushels of wheat in the Third Crusade, this company has not yet seen its heyday, and now has found itself with the Companie d’Aryn. THE GOLD COIN TRADING AND SHIPPING CO - A poor man’s success story: Falk Geldmeister, a relatively unsuccessful caravan spice trader, did little but scrape by. He did not amass the fortunes he wished for. . .not initially anyway. It was when he bought, with his last thousand, a crate of ivory that his business truly booned and flourished into what it was. Before the dastardly, corrupted world finally consumed it. Much to the dismay of his heaving heart. BOARD ROLES AND MEMBERS A list of the members of board, and whom to contact should you wish to offer your services to the Worshipful Company. ARBITRATOR Chief of the company and main overseer, the Arbitrator is the owner of the Companie, head officer of the Worshipful Administration, and the president, owning the entirety of the corporation and all of its assets. His Lordship, Alexandre d’Aryn [Caranthir_] PRINCEPS’ OFFICE Employees whom work directly under the oversight of the Worshipful Administration, as opposed to the respective companies of the Arbitors. These employees and directors work directly for the Arbitrator’s office, and run corporate affairs. Master Lotte Baptiste [Papa_Liam] - CFO Our Chief Financial Officers, Lotte Baptiste, is dedicated to organizing a quarterly budget for all our associated businesses, and signing new companies into our ranks, as well as organizing payroll for all corporate employees. Marquis de Elan-Oust-Mars [Radahan] - CPA Director of Human Resources and Public Affairs, our CPA, Marquis de Elan-Oust-Mars, has dedicated himself to conversing with our customers and clients. ARBITORS: As the owners and presidents of the major companies on the board of the Worshipful Administration, these entrepreneurs act as an advisory and oversight committee to the central Companie, monitoring and critiquing the Arbitrator and Princeps’ Office. Master Falk Geldmeister [canaan_banana] Master Reinald [james2k] Master Siegmund Adler [FireCrimson] All those who wish to inquire about either employment, investment, or arranging a business deal with the Companie shall contact one of our board members, or our secretary, Alexandra Bradshawe [Whiplashist]. From there, you are permitted to establish a meeting with the board at their next, annual meeting.
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    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    THE AMERICAN UNION “There is no security in this world; only opportunity.” -MacArthur For Mr. Fitzgerald, life was a hollow never-ending cycle of rigorous exercise and physical labour. He worked from when the sun rose, until the sun set on the Great Plains of America. It was rewarding, the soldiers gave extra rations to those who worked hardest. The toughest and the bravest of the bunch were subject to recruitment into the armed forces - provided of course they abandon their beliefs and their allegiance. Fitzgerald in particular had been one such person to swear an oath to the flag of the Union. Within weeks, he officially enlisted into the military as an infantryman. It was grueling work, and he was given the hardest of tasks by his commanding officer, but he gained a strange amount of satisfaction through the menial labour. As his regiment neared the southern border, the atmosphere around them became more tense. He could feel it in the air, it was as if destiny herself had brought him to this very place, at this very moment in time. History was in the making at this frontline. And Fitzgerald knew better than anyone the sheer importance of the next few months. Elsewhere, the leader of the Union sat reviewing what appeared to be battle plans. Clenched within his lips was a pipe, which filled the immediate air with a thick grey smog. He coughed, placed his ring finger delicately onto the papers, and nodded to another man sitting across the room. DOMESTIC POLICY Propaganda campaigns are continued to full extent. [Mod] The Civil Defence Act passes in Congress, with the government issuing a single rifle and rounds to every household in the country, and a gas mask for every citizen in urban areas and towns. [Mod] FOREIGN POLICY Subsidies continue in the neutral states, expanding further on the ridiculously intincing offers given to them by the Union. The first offer made to them still stands, MacArthur announces, with an increased amount of money being offered to each state. The President and Congress issue a joint declaration condemning the CSA increasing tensions on the continent, and stating that states not loyal to the rightful union are at danger - evidently a subtle warning to the neutral states not yet rejoining the Union. [Mod] Trade is opened with the Entente, and the Liberty Class cargo ships (having an estimated production time of 140 days) begin to be used in the transportation of goods. [Mod] ECONOMIC POLICY The government gives further grants to production lines creating military armaments. [Mod] MILITARY ACTIONS In reaction to the CSA’s recruitment drive, the Draft in the Union is enacted again. With every single able bodied man entered into a lottery to decide who it is that begins the journey to training camp and then to the southern border. Official figures expect 500,000 men to enlist. Furthermore, recruits from the 300,000 enlisted months ago should - the President announces - now be finished in their training and travelling down to the border with the utmost haste. [Mod] Operation Sea Turtle is enacted. [Mod] Operation Lonely Tree is continued. [Mod] Operation Zeus begins. [Mod]
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    [I]5itty's Game Moderator Application

    Makes sense +1
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    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    THE AMERICAN UNION NO.2 “AMERICANS NEVER QUIT.” -Douglas MacArthur It is 5:00AM in the morning, on the 4th of July 1933 and President Douglas MacArthur’s trench coat flapped quietly in the brisk winds, he surveyed the border between Missouri and Arkansas - his place of birth. To his immediate right stood two lines of men. One, a ragged mess of cloth and bones. The second, a uniformed group of armed men standing parallel to the former. The cold morning air bit harshly at the conglomeration of people as the unelected President turned to the line of soldiers. The Commander-in-Chief barked to the soldiers, they raised their arms, and the first shots of a bloody conflict to come rang out across those arid plains. The execution was to send a message; the bodies were to be dumped over the border and left for vultures. A cruel act, but a necessary one. In what seemed like a world away, Mrs. Jones watched out of her window as Mr. Fitzgerald was dragged legs first out of his doorway. He was one of many dissidents to be mercilessly imprisoned by the government. Nobody knew where those taken went, but words spread about the country - albeit underground - that they were shipped off to work camps. Did it fly in the face of the constitution? Yes. Could Congress stop the President? Yes. Did anybody care enough to act against it? No. The simple fact was that the Northern public had begun to believe in the propaganda - that the Confederates posed a fundamental threat to their way of life. Subsequently, father informed on son, brother on brother, and uncle on nephew. DOMESTIC POLICY The Federal Government begins a large infrastructure build up project in Panama, fortifying the canal and more specifically to the north of the territory - a mountainous and equatorial region bordering Mexico. The ongoing propaganda campaign is continued, with titles such as; “America First” “We can do it” “Get to work!” being released weekly. Moreover, in the capital, a statue of the President begins. An ambitious project, with architects estimating the finished height to number over 200 feet. To follow with this theme, the President himself is seen spouting a military uniform at every public gathering. A statue of MacArthur in New York City (colourised) The Union begins the construction of a major memorial dedicated to the Civil War President, Abraham Lincoln. It shall be called the ‘Lincoln Memorial’, and it is to be placed within the centre of Washington. President MacArthur stands in front of the memorial in construction Dissidents and overtly obvious critics against the government begin to be rounded up by a new force, the DID - or the Domestic Investigation Department. Its intentions are simple yet fiercely concealed from the public - they operate to move dissidents to labour camps to the south of the border, so that they may work on the infrastructure and fortification projects taking place in that region. The fortification construction project continues in the Union, with new defensive lines being rapidly drawn along the border between the North and South. Oil mining fields are developed in Oklahoma and the Rust Belt - the two largest regions for gasoline to be extracted in the Union. The American Deal, proposed by the President himself, looks to tackle the problems facing the Union’s economy in 1933. The Deal is a series of civil works programmes, financial, and regulatory reform, coinciding with a dramatically changing political and social landscape for the American people. FOREIGN POLICY The Union of America officially signs the Entente Cordiale pact. Investment continues in the neutral states, with the government directly subsidising business contractors in the Union to improve the standard of living in those states yet to rejoin it. The President additionally sporadically tours the states, meeting ordinary working people as well as state legislators. Douglas MacArthur II, nephew of the President, sets off from Panama to Tokyo with a missive for the Shogun’s eyes only. ECONOMIC POLICY MacArthur, having consolidated industry to north and south, continues to plug in millions to the expansion of the production lines. To the eastern coastline naval bases and drydocks are beginning to develop, with government bonds pushing for the private sector to contribute equipment not only for the Union’s fleet, but to the general armament process as a whole. Military production distributed into streamlined production categories. 32% for aircraft, 25.6% for ordnance manufacturing, 22.7% for fuels and supplies and the remaining 4.9% for electronics. Government subsidies given to military contractors to develop munitions. Chrysler, tanks, electrical parts, trucks General Electric, electrical parts, engines Ford Motor Company, aircraft, trucks United Aircraft, aircraft parts Union Steel, steel Kaiser Shipyards, ships Convair, aircraft General Motors, trucks, tanks, aircraft parts Curtiss-Wright, aircraft engines Grumman, aircraft Esso, oil, fuel RCA, radios Vigor Shipyards, ships Newport News Shipbuilding, ships Bendix Aviation, aircraft parts DuPont, chemicals, ammunition AT&T Corporation, wireless’, telephones Douglas Aircraft Company, aircraft Additionally, the government sets a target of revamping all outdated aircrafts, and additionally employs both engineers and physicians to develop air technology in order to achieve the newly set doctrine of total air supremacy. MacArthur realises the necessity of a large naval force to combat the growing hostility in the world. Thusly, the President releases a target for 1940, with the quantity subject to change: 100 new destroyers, 35 new carriers, 10 new battleships, 100 new submarines, 40 new light cruisers, 20 new heavy cruisers, Despite the agreement established with the CSA little more than three months ago, tariffs continue to increase dramatically on CSA, once more exempting California. The flat revenue tax goes up by 2% in order to fund increasing military presence on the continent. MacArthur himself broadcasts a live speech in which he notes the “God-given liberty of the American people to be free from the shackles of an overbearing government.” yet “sacrifices have to be made in order to overcome the darkness beginning to plague the world, and to protect our precious Union - for which we have struggled and fought for the most.” A new type of cargo vessel, the Liberty Class ship, is set into production across the shipyards and ports of the country. Extremely simple to create, and equally low-costing, the Liberty ship is expected to be in mass production by the fruition of the year. Their intention is to A Liberty Class cargo ship under construction. MILITARY POLICY “Only those are fit to live who are not afraid of dying.“ -President Douglas MacArthur On the 7th of July, soldiers and newly enlisted recruits begin to pour onto the southern border, and in newly gifted Oregon to the north of California. “War's very object is victory, not prolonged indecision. In war there is no substitute for victory.” The President issues a private memorandum directly approving the first phase of Operation Lonely Tree. Operation Goldstar continues. SUMMARY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECTS TO THE SOUTH AND IN PANAMA [Mod] FORT COMPLEX EXPANDED IN PANAMA AND IN SOUTH [Mod] OIL MINES DEVELOPED [Mod] ECONOMIC REFORMS BEGIN [Mod] LABOUR CAMP EXPORTATIONS BEGIN [Mod] GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR SUBSIDIES BEGIN [Mod] AIR TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED [Mod] NAVAL DEVELOPMENT CRITERIA SET [Mod] REVENUE TAX INCREASES [Mod] TARIFFS INCREASE ON CSA [Mod] LIBERTY CLASS SHIPS BEGIN MASS PRODUCTION [Mod] NEW RECRUITS GO TO THE SOUTHERN BORDER [Mod] JAPAN IS CONTACTED THE UNION SIGNS THE ENTENTE CORDIALE OPERATION GOLDSTAR CONTINUES [Mod] OPERATION LONELY TREE BEGINS [Mod] GOD BLESS AMERICA STATS Pop: 75 Mil Manpower: 1.95 Mil Naval Rank: 6 Aircraft Rank: 6 Industry: Large
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    A Heinous Crime

    An adolescent frowns in the palace.
  8. "I do so wish events of such epic proportions happened here.." a Renatian adolescent said drolly, his eyes rolling at the declaration.
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    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP] [Rp]

    THE AMERICAN UNION It is the 1st of January 1933 in small-town America. The winds sullenly flap about flags strewn from windows. At Mrs. Jones house; a Union banner hangs proudly. From Mr. Fitzgerald’s a flag of the Confederate States of America. The quaint town, which had never experienced radical divisions, was now thoroughly split between father and son, brother and brother, uncle and nephew. A political crisis in the US had, in the last few decades, stooped to a new high, following the secession of the Confederate State to the South, the subsequent Civil War, and it being won by the rebels. The loss of the war had, for the Unionists, been a bitter drink to swallow. Not only had their rigorous pursuit of moral uniformity been stopped in its tracks, but the Founding Fathers dreams of a united, strong, America had been quashed. With the Democratic Party being firmly ousted from the Northern States, the Republicans wielded dominance for many years. In the thirty-seventh quadrennial presidential election, Herbert Hoover won the highest office in the land, and swiftly set out on bridging divides in the country. Yet, his efforts went unrecognised, and one year on the Union had been hit with an economic, social, and political crisis. A shrinking military and armaments production had hit the rural working class within the Rust Belt, and economic sanctions placed on the Union by the Confederates had cut off vital civilian goods. Yet there is talk of a new hope for the disunited states in the form of General Douglas MacArthur. The youngest serving Union General at the age of 50, MacArthur advocates reforming the states from the ground up with the economy firmly being based on a military backbone. He is popular with the overwhelming majority of Northerners, his policies struck a poignant cord with the disenfranchised in America, and his alleged conviction to the Union and to American democracy does not go unnoticed within the elite. After numerous general strikes in the Rust Belt, and far-right militias organising to the South, President Hoover - whose administration proved themselves to be ineffective in stabilising the Union - invited General MacArthur to take the reins of government with a military junta. The President of the Union, which now once more reasserts itself to be the United States of America, begins ruthless crackdown on dissidents in the troubled areas. His iron fisted rule, combined with a paternal benevolence to those who cease their hostilities and swear oaths of allegiance to the flag and, notably, to the Presidency, has so far been effective in uniting the states. DOMESTIC POLICY The newly made President’s first action included the imposition of a nationwide draft. So on the morning of the 3rd of March 1933, exactly 70 years after the first Enrollment Act of the Union in the Civil War, President MacArthur signed into law the Military Draft Act, which requires the immediate enrollment and military service for five years every male citizen between eighteen and thirty-five not legally exempt from the obligation. President MacArthur inspecting the newly established Presidential Honour Guard An immediate drive of propaganda followed the ascension of President MacArthur, the emergence of the cinema made for the perfect opportunity to indoctrinate. The famous star Charlie Chaplin stars soon after in the short movies: The Draft, The Union, A Struggle, Stars and Stripes Forever, and God Bless America. The radio becomes strictly controlled and regulated by the federal government, with shows critical of the government being shut down and recruitment advertisements a requirement of every radio station in the country ten times daily. Banners of the Union and the old United States are unfurled on every federal and civic building, and posters are strewn on every busy street. FOREIGN POLICY The President, quickly realising the absolute necessity of the neutral states, provided numerous resolutions towards the question to Congress. The final missive leaves the body only a few hours after its convening: “Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives, of the United States of America in congress assembled: That the President of the United States is hereby empowered, in his discretion, to pay five hundred millions of dollars to the States of Idaho, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and Nevada, on the conditions following: The payment to be made in six per cent government bonds, and to be distributed among said States pro rata on their respective economic output; and no part of said sum to be paid unless all resistance to the national authority shall be abandoned and cease, within the timeframe of half a year; and upon such abandonment and ceasing of resistance, one half of said sum to be paid in manner aforesaid, and the remaining half to be paid only upon uniting of all 49 mainland states. Similarly, military aid shall be extended to the aforementioned states in times of need." Furthermore, the President releases a direct memorandum to the rogue State of California, inviting their State Governor to a joint summit in Camp David, with the intention to offer economic and political incentives for a bilateral truce, in return for guaranteed Californian independence and Union military attaches to be sent. MacArthur activates Project Goldstar and Swiftwolf The government sends diplomatic parties to parlay with the Entente Cordiale, hoping to remain close with the alliance of nations. More specifically, President MacArthur sends military attaches to the Dominion of Canada and organises joint military exercises with the autonomous government in the Great Lakes. President MacArthur, as of yet, does not initiate contact with the Confederates to the South. ECONOMIC POLICY The Union begins a rapid expansion of its arms industry, plugging hundreds of millions of dollars into its development. The increase devoted to constructing a superior navy and air force predominantly. Mobile and mechanised divisions are also streamlined into production. Congress passes the Railroads Act, which authorises the issuing of government grants of land and money to railroad companies in a bid to expand the civilian infrastructure to the north, and more specifically, the military infrastructure on the southern border. Congress additionally passes the Tariff Resolution, increasing the rate of collection on dutiable imports by an estimated 60%. Chiefly, the act allowed the federal government to raise huge sums of money to pay for the immense expansion in the military. As an extension of this policy, economic pressures are placed predominantly onto the Confederate States. The neutral states and California are exempted from the tariff. Congress passes the American Revenue Act of 1933, placing a flat tax rate of 4% on incomes over $1000. The purpose being a large source of income for the expansion of government corporate intervention and the military spending. MILITARY POLICY President MacArthur, a military man and Commander-in-Chief of the Union military, deploys troops along the southern border - occupying key strategic forts and rivers. Additionally, the President orders the construction of incredibly drastic land forts along the border. The Union navy collects in New York City, occasionally going out on patrols dangerously close to the territorial waters of the Confederacy. SUMMARY A DRAFT IS INSTITUTED, ATTEMPTING TO MOBILISE 300,000 ACTIVE FIGHTING MEN. [Mod] A HUGE PROPAGANDA DRIVE IS INITIATED. [Mod] LARGE INCENTIVES ARE OFFERED TO THE NEUTRAL STATES AND CALIFORNIA. [Mod] A HUGE INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT BEGINS AROUND THE COUNTRY, FOCUSING ON SUPPORTING A LARGE MILITARY ALONG THE SOUTHERN BORDER. [Mod] PRODUCTION PROJECTS BEGIN, EXPANDING THE ARMS INDUSTRY AND STREAMLINING MILITARY EQUIPMENT. [Mod] A SERIES OF LARGE FORTS BEGIN TO BE BUILT ALONG THE SOUTHERN BORDER. [Mod] A TARIFF IS IMPOSED, PREDOMINANTLY ON THE CSA AND EXCLUDING CALIFORNIA AND THE NEUTRAL STATES. [Mod] A FLAT TAX IS IMPOSED, RAISING FUNDS FOR THE MILITARY EXPANSION. [Mod] THE ENTENTE IS CONTACTED. DOMESTIC DISSIDENCE IS CRUSHED. [Mod] THE MILITARY AMALGAMATES ON THE SOUTHERN BORDER. [Mod] PROJECT GOLDSTAR AND SWIFTWOLF BEGIN. [Mod] STATS Pop: 75 Mil Manpower:2.25 Mil Naval Rank: 6 Industry: Large Historical Friends: France, Spain Historical Rivals: CSA, Great Britain, Mexico
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    World in Flames [Alt-history FRP | OCC/APP]

    Application Nation: Union Discord: Caranthir#1962
  11. Huge amounts of experience, common sense, and a winning personality. Seems like he has all the qualifications. +1
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    The Embarassment of Haense, 1668

    A skinny boy prepares his dagger in case he has to kill the King once again.
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    Saint Julia's Day

    "A hunt you say.." a boy commented upon seeing the missive.
  14. Username Caranthir_ Age 17 Time Zone BST (GMT+1) until 28th October then GMT again. Discord: Caranthir#1962 Have you been previously banned (be it a forum or server ban) and under what circumstances did you receive this ban?: Once. Almost two years ago I maliciously struck down a herd of innocent cows, leading to a months (?) imprisonment. Have you ever received warning points and what did you do to receive those points?: Never. Moderating the forums is a very time dependent staff position. How much time, on average, would you be able to dedicate to moderating?: On average around four hours every weekday, and on the weekend a minimum of ten. Have you ever held a staff position here on LoTC? Do you currently hold any other staff positions? If so, list them and highlight something about the team that you enjoyed/enjoy: Never. Why should you be a FM? What can you bring to our team in regards to moderating and enforcing the rules on the forums? Throughout my relatively long time on Lord of the Craft, I have been on pretty much every possible side of the fence that there can be. I have fought against nations, and then I have fought with them. Due to this, I warrant myself to be an individual who can, with ease, claim to be moderately free from prejudice against specific individuals or players due to them being in different clique's or current groups. I get along with everyone - even those on a different aisle to myself - and with this in mind I believe that I would enforce the rules and regulations, to the absolute best of my ability, that this community upholds. However, reform is an inevitable part of every society or community, and whilst I do not presume to question the fundamental basis of the operations of the Forum Team, I do believe that my addition would be beneficial to bring about new ideas that are reflective of the majorities wishes and concerns in regards to the forums. Moreover, I do believe that in the past there has been a prominent feeling of leniency within the Forum Team to people who have, despite numerous warnings and notices, continued to act in such a way that goes against the collective ideals of not only politeness, but also manners and common civilised courtesy. These people demean what it means to be a reputable member of this community, and therefore I believe that a simple 'slap on the wrist' would be detrimental to our shared values. What traits do you have that make you stand out from any other applicant?: The overall temperament that I uphold. I consider myself to be a thoroughly patient individual and not prone at all to excessive knee-jerk reactions. In light of this, I believe my admission onto the Forum Team would be beneficial to it as a whole, because long has it been a criticism of the team that members act upon an 'over-emotional' disposition and through personal bias. Are you familiar with ModeratorCP? I am, to a certain extent, and I would love to learn more about it. How long do you plan to stay on the team?: As long as I am able to. Thank you for reading!
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    Common sense strikes again.
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    [Complete]-= Cute Noble Slave Girl. =-

    Trade Completed.
  17. Trade Completed.
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    The Czevian Hetmanate

    Application MC Name: Caranthir_ RP Name: Alexander Frederick Age: 11 Skills: all around intelligence
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    [Denied] [Trial]Fawb GM App #3

    You’d have to have an IQ less than 0 to deny this man a third time lol +1
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    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Icarnus

    Oh yes please +1
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    [Accepted] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Xarkly

    Yes PLEASE +1
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    [Idea] Dungeon Mining

    Good idea. +1
  23. Astonishingly written. This deserves more than the simple +1 that I can give you.