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  1. As one of the more active animists, I can tell you that this is 100% what ruined the magic for me. I had an active cult of 5 people. I arranged an event to cast Dominion, which required a few extra animists to participate. I had 4 people confirm that they would attend the event. Nobody showed. Just adding this on though; this debate has been settled. Anything like the elementalism of old is too close to elemental evocation for the lore team to accept. It's not coming back in any form. We should be glad that we have Animism; there are some factions that are arguing for getting rid of elemental spirits entirely. I personally think that we shouldn't toss away lore that's more than 10 years old and is a cornerstone of orc culture on a whim.
  2. Sorry for the AI image but I didn't have time to paint something for this short post. TO MEMBERS OF THE IRON HORDE, CURRENT AND FORMER: I, Prauta'Lur, grandmother of the Horde, disciple of the Wind and Storm, and Prophet of Fiarza, decree: May old grudges be set aside, and let the children of Krug quarrel no longer. We are stronger together than apart. To shatter our nation across the lands is to doom our people to a life of second-class citizenship. I implore the clan of Vukh to avert their course of separatism from the Horde. To the Krimpgoth and Rex of the Horde, I plead that you encourage the growth of young clans and the revival of dwindled ones. May the line of Krug never falter, and may the Spirits guide us. Should the Horde fail in this mission, I prophesize thus: "The blood of Krug shall be spread thin across the continent, our nationhood and culture obliterated through the subtle corruption of the Deceiver's willing allies." May level heads and the wisdom of Krug protect us.
  3. Origin In the deepest reaches of snowy foothills, there exist a variety of wolverine which has been altered by the potent elemental energies of the cold and frost by adapting to consume the cold-enriched alchemical reagents of the region. In so doing, they grow to larger sizes, their blood becoming infused with the freezing power of frost and snow. A Rimeblood Wolverine standing next to a wood elf. Creature Summary Rimeblood Wolverines are, at a glance, gigantic variants of the normal wolverine. They deviate from the normal hunting strategy of the wolverine by attacking large mammals by ambushing - waiting in snow drifts along their migratory paths before leaping out and shredding them to bits. The Rimeblood Wolverine also steals the kills of similar sized creatures and other large predators. As a highly territorial creature, the Rimeblood Wolverine ferociously guards its burrows, and will attack without question anything foolish enough to wander within smelling distance of its den. The Rimeblood Wolverine’s true power lies in its frost-laced blood. When wounded, the droplets of their blood become nearly instantly coated in immensely cold hoarfrost crystals. Enemies who strike the Rimeblood Wolverine with melee weapons will have their weapons freeze within the beast’s wounds and become stuck. There is additional risk in having the blood splatter on to them, as it will rapidly induce frostbite in the areas it lands on. This defensive power, combined with the normal reckless tenacity of the wolverine, makes them a creature that the wise do not wish to disturb. During the spring thaw, the Rimeblood Wolverine will produce a few kits in a single litter. They are fed until fully grown, upon which they will disperse out into the wild. Encountering a female Rimeblood Wolverine in the spring is exceptionally dangerous, as she will be even more aggressive than usual to defend her children. ST Notes/Abilities Assume that the Rimeblood Wolverine has the equivalent of Olog Strength. The thick fur and layers of body fat grant them considerable resistance to slashing and bludgeoning damage and moderate protection from piercing weaponry. The Wolverine’s main strategy is aggression, believing that the best offence is a good defence. In spite of its bulk, the Wolverine can move up to 6 blocks per emote. Rimeblooded General Red lines/Restrictions Purpose (OOC) The Rimeblood Wolverine presents an interesting challenge for beast hunters and an enticing target for alchemists. It also integrates nicely with material and reagent lore, providing an interesting usage for low quality boomsteel.
  4. mfw the paintgoth of the horde isn't even on there... smh
  5. NLs should be under a PK clause if they die due to RP. I think that, similar to Heists, there should be a system for assassination where the would-be assassins also are under a PK clause for the duration of their mission. Thoughts?

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    2. Unwillingly


      @PrimnyaQuorum"It doesn't make any sense to punish people for being NLs" yes it does NLs should be punished and suffer as much as humanly possible on this server

    3. rukio


      @Unwillingly Bad take. They're still just other players at the end of the day, usually with way more stress related to logging in depending on the size of their nation and if we have activity requirements or not.

    4. Caravaggio


      Being an NL is a voluntary position. You could choose not to be one. I think a lot of people don't RP their role as the leader of a nation seriously. 

  6. Halloween and Krugsmas are always my favorites. It would be nice if sometimes we got a little more tie-in with server lore, though.
  7. If homophobia is essential to your character's RP or culture, you may need to re-evaluate your life choices. Stuff gets shelved all the time on the server and can no longer be RP'd, demolishing a decade's worth of lore and culture (Looking at you STs, I will never forgive you over elementalism). That said, I think any RP or OOC discussion of sexual activity or a character's genitals should not be acceptable conduct on the server. It does nothing but encourage unsafe behavior around individuals who may be minors. We're a server that permits 13 year olds to play - they should not be exposed to sexual activity of any kind, period, nor should they run the risk of being exposed to it due to a server culture that seems to think it's OK to openly have discussions surrounding this stuff.
  8. Creature - Giant Ground Sloth Origin The Giant Ground Sloth is a variation on the normal sized sloths which inhabit the jungles of Aevos. Giant Ground Sloths have opted for massive body size as a defense mechanism against predators in order to exploit the ground-cover grazing resources of the jungle. While more rare and elusive than the sloth, the Giant Ground Sloth is a possible source for myths surrounding large, furred bipeds that live in dense forests. Creature Summary Giant ground sloths are obligate herbivores and possess body sizes comparable to an elephant. When on all four limbs, they stand at roughly 7 feet tall at the shoulder, and extend up to 15 feet tall when on their hind legs. These lumbering giants tend to walk on all fours, similar to an anteater, except when grazing or defending themselves. The Giant Ground Sloth fulfills the ground level grazing and browsing niche within the jungle environment, similar to an elephant in a savannah or a cow in a grassland. Their sheer size requires them to constantly be eating plant matter, and they can eat several hundred pounds of vegetation in a day. They are too massive to effectively climb, and instead use their long clawed limbs to rip branches and rake leaves off of trees and ferns. Behaviorally, they are extremely solitary creatures. The sole exception to this is a female giant ground sloth with her infants. The infants cling to the underbelly of the giant sloth until they become large enough to walk on their own. Once able to walk, they grow rapidly and leave their mother once reaching around 5’ in height at the shoulder. The extremely solitary and elusive nature of sloths makes them too anti-social to be tamed. Redlines/Restrictions Cannot be tamed under any circumstances. May only be used outside of ST run events as the target for hunts or similar player run events. May not be used in CRP conflict between players. Purpose (OOC) This lore serves as the first of several lore pieces I intend to write to introduce more megafauna to the server. I think that giving players interesting non-magical creatures to interact with in environments and as the target of hunts can help the world to feel more grounded. We have had a lot of really cool and wacky animals in our own world that have gone extinct prior to our lifetimes and I think it would be fun to interact with them.
  9. turns out i've had status updates disabled this entire time

  10. When Kha were no longer behind a CA wall I played as one. It was really enjoyable RP, and I doubt that I would've made one had I been forced to apply for it. Ologs or CA races that provide some mechanical or CRP advantage, sure, but I think anything that is just a human / halfling with a different look should not require a CA. Wonks, Musin, Hou-Zi, and Kharajyr all provide cool culture and diversity to the server. I don't envy any of their leadership in trying to maintain activity on top of the CA barrier.
  11. To put it simply, I'm looking for people who want to RP as my character's kubs. I have already extended this offer to people playing clanless orcs within the existing orc playerbase, but I have interest in helping to guide people curious about orc RP through the avenue of being one of Prauta'Lur's kids. My requirements are as follows: - Your character must be 16 or older - I don't really like roleplaying with actual child characters, and this is the youngest age that would make sense given Prauta leaves her young in the woods to survive on their own. If you made it that far, you're competent enough as a hunter and an orc to make it back to Krugmar. - Be mature OOC. I have a real life and a real job that take most of my time. I mainly have weekend availability. Family RP cannot be the cornerstone of what you want to do with this character. Prauta is an orc nearing 270 years of age. She is an accomplished shaman as well as an elder of the Lur clan. Additionally, she is a well known painter of the Horde. My ideal descendants would be interested in playing as Lurs, interested in learning about orc culture & history, and interested in having far reaching stories. I am starting to reach a point where I know I won't be able to be as active on LotC as I'd like to be in the future, and I would like to leave a more enduring legacy behind in the form of a lineage. Please contact me via responses to this forum thread or direct messages.
  12. I, Prauta'Lur, hereby declare that my ink-stained hands and painted canvases mark me as the pre-eminent painter of the Horde. Should any contest my claim to this title, I will pit my brush against yours in honorable paintklomp. I cement my position with this portrait of Grommash, Rex of the Horde and uniter of the Desert. May the spirits guide my brush, and the may the ancestors' faces never fade from my portraits. Lok'tar Ogar!
  13. MC Name: Caravagio Discord: tappioka Image: Description of Image: Portrait of the orc Rex, Grommash Dimensions: 1 map
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