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  1. Username: Serge4nt_Forge99 Forum Name: Serge4nt_Forge99 Discord Name and Tag: Serge4nt_Forge99#2682 How do you wish to work for the wiki? I wish to assist the wiki by keeping the many wiki pages up to date on relevant information, correcting any grammar errors that may be present on specific pages and offering any help I can on pages yet to be written. As with so many wiki pages to monitor it is all to easy for some to fall behind on being updated or improved. Have you worked on the Lord of the Craft Wiki, or any wiki before? No I have not. Though I have an account. Which lore are you most familiar with? Wood Elves. Please provide an example of a wiki page you are not satisfied with and list aspects that could be improved A page I am currently unsatisfied with on the wiki is that of Sutica. Sutica was the home of my first persona on this server and on reading up on the city no more than a day ago, I found that parts of the page could be added too. For instance, under the section of "Notable Figures" the last husband of the Trade Princess Lilyana (who was Karyssmov Faroe) is not present. Karyssmov not only being the Trade Princess's husband also took leadership of the guards for a number of years. In support of this point the current leader of Sutica (Cyrene) is not mentioned either. My second point I would like to mention is that of Clericalism. Sutica was nicknamed 'The Holy City' by its inhabitants because of how strongly linked it was to Clericalism and the belief of Tahariae. The city itself even broke away from the mainstream Order of Clerics and formed its own. As mentioned above when Karyssmov married Lilyana this made both the leaders of Sutica clerics. Yet despite the strong presence of Clericalism in the city for a large number of years irp (the vast majority of Axios and the start of Atlas) there is not even a section, or paragraph on it. I do understand that Sutica was very welcoming to all beliefs but seeing how strong the presence of Clericalism was in the city I would deem it notable to mention. To briefly summarise the aspects of the page on Sutica I would like to see improved are the sections on "Notable Figures" and, if possible, a new section on the presence of Clericalism in the city. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Sutica Please provide an example of a wiki page you see as a model example and list your reasoning One wiki page I see as a model example is that on "Highlanders". Yes, this is a large topic as it is one of the more popular human sub-races though when reading this I found it to be precise and coherent. The information is condensed appropriately, there are no one liners. Every heading on the different types of highlanders has its own unique paragraph with a picture to complement it. At the end of this page you have a list of the past and present cities that the Highlanders lived in from St. Karlsberg - Markev, for further reading. The list of cities allows the reader to easily access the history of the Highlanders allowing easy accessible learning and an understanding on their current status. This is why I consider the page on "Highlanders" a model example. It is organised, precise and links to different pages for information not covered. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Highlanders Please showcase your abilities with either A short writing on a subject of your choosing, or An example of an 'other' (Already completed wiki pages are a plus!) Clericalsim in Sutica: Despite Sutica's acceptance of all races, cultures and faiths it is a known fact that Clericalism was a mainstream belief within the walls of this isolated city on Ceru, and later Atlas. The Trade Princess Lilyana who had been trained by a cleric called Andriel, would in time over disputes on interpreting the tenets of Tahariae and certain matters in Clericalism breakaway from the Main Order of Clerics to form her own Order. Though the integration of clericalism was slow on the Isle of Ceru in due course she would marry Karyssmov Faroe, who frustrated with the, in his opinion, 'non-confrontational' druids would too convert to the belief in Tahariae, 'the Aengul of Purity'. In the years following their marriage the integration of Clericalism became more prevalent, significantly after their landing on Atlas. Guard uniforms were changed to show more clerical colours like that of 'white' for purity. Guards were encouraged to train and become clerics so they could fend of undead and protect citizens more easily, guards that converted include Gray kellian. Though the two Orders agreed on the main factor of purity by slaughtering all undead, the Sutican Order of Clerics were less traditional. This new breed of clerics saw the current traditions and tenets of the Clerical Order as 'limiting' and 'preventing development'. This meant that their perception of the tenets were different and often led to what the Main Order saw as 'reckless actions', since this new Order would act on what they believed to be right. Sutica's new clerical ideals were also more open to any newcomers who would convert. The manner in which they trained their adherents was a mix of the old and their new traditions. As long as the adherent (trainee) followed Tahariae's tenets there was space for allowing them to introduce new developments. The city would later be warded at its main gate, injuring any undead who would pass through the clerical ward; which was only one of the many signs that showed Sutica's loyalty to Clericalism. Clericalsim would continue to play a huge part in Sutican society until Karyssmov Faroe would eventually be disconnected by the Main Order of Clerics. They convicted him of crimes such as working with dark beings, and refusing to heal people over personal grudges. His wife, Lilyana, would simultaneously disappear. The reasons for her disappearance are unknown. Some believe that her disappearance was a direct cause of her husband's disconnection and that she had died shortly after leaving. With the two clerical leaders now gone the 'Golden Age' of Clericalism in Sutica would decline, with the Shrine to Tahariae becoming redundant. https://wikia.lordofthecraft.net/index.php?title=Sutica
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    The Marshal's Report, 1681

    Laurence in his blood smeared armour after the battle looks to his brothers on his left and right as he reflects back on the just won battle, grinning confidently he says "With brothers like these by our side I can see this war coming to a quick and decisive end!" sheathing his saber he calls out "Ave Haense!"
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    The Order of Noctis

    OOC: Minecraft Name: Serge4nt_Forge99 Age: 17 Why you want to join: New persona and I want to to give a guild a shot for the first time Skype (optional): I'll pm In Game: Name: Alastine Morrigan Age: 19 Race: Human Gender: Male Job(s) you are applying for: Assassin Why you (the character) wants to join: He's a young man with plenty of potential and strength to him but he needs a cause to serve, to have a sense of belonging in the Isles of Axios. He's also loyal to the death and needs a mentor as he's young and can learn much more.