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  1. Laurence in his blood smeared armour after the battle looks to his brothers on his left and right as he reflects back on the just won battle, grinning confidently he says "With brothers like these by our side I can see this war coming to a quick and decisive end!" sheathing his saber he calls out "Ave Haense!"
  2. OOC: Minecraft Name: Serge4nt_Forge99 Age: 17 Why you want to join: New persona and I want to to give a guild a shot for the first time Skype (optional): I'll pm In Game: Name: Alastine Morrigan Age: 19 Race: Human Gender: Male Job(s) you are applying for: Assassin Why you (the character) wants to join: He's a young man with plenty of potential and strength to him but he needs a cause to serve, to have a sense of belonging in the Isles of Axios. He's also loyal to the death and needs a mentor as he's young and can learn much more.
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