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    Mary pursed her lips as she sat in front of the table, quill in hand, staring at the ominous piece of paper entailing the terms of the pact. Slowly she signed her name, sighing as the final letter flicked with ink: [!] Signed by Mary van Platen
  2. Crushems

    Tournament of The Golden Apple

    - DATE CHANGED TO CURRENT DATE - The Tournament of The Golden Apple 14th of Grand Harvest's, 1677, [!] Pictured above would be the Leeuwenhof Fighting Pits in Action. Mary pondered about the halls of Leeuwenhof, sighing as her fingers traced the last unexplored part of the large keep. Bored, she was. Tired, she was not. Her insatiable attitude demanded something more than feasts or dinners with the other nobles, she wanted something more thrilling. That’s when it hit her, hard across the head: a tournament! She quickly steadied her horse and rode to Markev, finding the nearest carpenter and ordering almost two hundred wooden swords. Once she arrived back she was delighted by the view of the newly constructed high-stands and fighting pit. “Perfect” She’d comment to herself, “The Leeuwenhof Fighting Pits.” Soon after she stormed back into the keep: the swords ordered and the location for the event organised. As she realised there was only one thing left to do, Lady Mary took out some parchment, withered slightly from dust or time, and a bottle of ink and a quill. Quickly she wrote whatever she could think regarding the invitations to the tournament: “Anyone willing, I, the Mary van Platen, invite you to Leeuwenhof for the very first tournament held at such a location. There will be alcohol served for free, betting, and most importantly: fighting! A pit, newly installed in the grounds, for the sport of sparring and battles! The games will be in rounds of one versus one, the prizes for the winners as following;” 1st place - 2500 minas, and a golden medal 2nd place - 1000 minas, and a silver medal. 3rd place - 500 minas and a bronze medal. “Furthermore, before the games begin, two special guests will be put into the ring. Brothers, Argus ‘the Brute’ and Erik ‘the Hound.’ Both men skilled bladesmen, and both holding such a passionate hatred for the other. Get there early for your chance to place bets on these two monstrous fighters!” Signed, Her Grace, Astrid ‘Mary’ Elizabeth van Platen, The Duchess of Rivia, Baroness of Adylith and Mehran, Lady of the Blackden. “P.S, If you wish for your own stall to sell goods during the event, do not fret to send a bird directly to me, you will be given one for free! Your stall will even be decorated to the best of our ability in whatever category your products are.” [Tournament Dates: Sunday, 19th August, 5pm EST First Round Commences after the September Prince Award] [Coordinates to Leeuwenhof: x:610 z:2233] [!] A map to Leeuwenhof was also included: https://imgur.com/a/SLDChVA If you wish to enter, please fill out the form below and leave it on the sign-up board:
  3. Pact of Two Doves [!] Signed by Her Ladyship, Georgiana Alexandra, Countess of Mehran
  4. Crushems


    THE PACT OF RUINS [!] Signed by Her Ladyship, Georgiana Alexandra, Countess of Mehran ((If any of these terms of the pact are not followed - Both sides agree that the punishment for such will be gaining a Betrayal CB on the side that does not uphold their end of the pact))
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    [✗]The Sleetfells See War Again

    The leader of the Opposing Side Discord for the Warchat: Crushems#4883
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    An 'Enemy's' Defence

    Dear All whom now regard to me as an enemy of Haense, to all though spiting my name, I, Georgiana Alexandra, have recently beckoned myself under false scrutiny against the Crown of Haense. I have been deemed a traitor for simply using my wealth in such ways that granted me a large manor - or as some would see it, a castle. Perhaps it seems threatening, but I write only to say I am not a violent woman and would never do such to a Kingdom delightful as Haense has been to me. The manor I own, I simply wish to use for things for balls or parties so that all can enjoy them - many of my friends know this, for I had told them in advance. I only wish to use it so that Haesemen and all those in the lands of Atlas can use it for fun and to take a break from the chaos of war. As it has been mentioned, the 'County' that the manor resides in, will no longer be mentioned - by me - as such. I renounce all claims of it as a noble holding and will simply be known as the Lady of the Manor. Yet again, anything rude or contemptuous stated by me in the events leading up to the branding of me as an 'enemy of the state' was me being purely blinded by my own pride. I wish for forgiveness, in the hopes of my manor being accepted by the Crown. And, in exchange for its tolerance will allow the King to use it during times of war if he permits such. Again, I do not wish to show myself as a vile woman, my Manor was purely made for the enjoyment of others, my family and in the pleasure of others myself. I ask for His Majesty's Forgiveness and the forgiveness of all those angered by such. - Georgiana Alexandra, Lady of the Glanzend Manor.
  7. Crushems

    Resources Required!

    Meredith looked at the empty land before her then, after grimacing at her lack of materials, turned to her blueprints and snapped her fingers in annoyance. She needed to find materials, and find them fast. Quickly, wasting no time, she took out some parchment and scribbled down many lists of her required resources. After, she sent them away to the four corners of Atlas, hoping that some, or many people would reply, offering her resources in exchange for mina, or simply because they wanted to. On the list, it read that she needed: - As much cobble and stone as possible. - Dyes, ranging from the colours: red, yellow, black, light and dark grey, white. - As much terracotta as possible - Plenty of Dark, Spruce and Oakwood, in all forms. - Some iron. "Deals will take take place at Cloud Temple, please send your responses back indicating what you wish to sell." Form: IGN: ITEMS SELLING and AMOUNT:
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    [Accepted] [Trial]TarreBear's GM App!

    +1 Generally a really nice person oocly and a good person to rp with.
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    The Lion Roars Once More

  10. Vanderlise, the new regent of Estrela, looked at the note one more time and truly took into its content, beginning to chirp laughter, then ultimately crying hysterically. "My Cousin new how stupid he was... but not... but not this stupid!" She fell to the ground, not caring if her dress got dirty.
  11. "Your attempts of independence fruitless in our eyes, simply enraging the crown and other nobles further. Sleep with one eye open Keint Scum." - A bird with no name attached flies overhead and drops at the Tarsington Manor for all to read.
  12. Crushems

    The Di'Tonteel [Native American Themed Tribe]

    @Echeche There are dozens of traditional human groups.
  13. Di'tonteel Tribe The Di'tonteel, translated from Navajo: The Fighters. They are a currently very small group of indigenous humans and wood elves, that look like Native Americans, but call themselves the Tonteel, or Tellian. They are usually taller than most humans and elves, as well as 99% have a stronger build. But they are not the most intellectual group of people. They can only speak Navajo (the Native American language) or as they call it Taza. This page will be a basic rundown of their culture, language, and basic words. At the very bottom will be an application form for becoming one of the tribe. History: Not much is known of the Di'Tonteel people, their history is small to the naked eye but if you take it back centuries you will see it is vast and wonderful. Thousands of years back, there was a large tribe of men and women, ranging up to 40,000. But there was a civil war between this community. Desolating the original tribe into four different groups. The Di'Tonteel, The L'sha, The Fmaow and Finally the Dsarsa. As the years went by only one tribe of the four survived - the Di'Tonteel. However the numbers very little, they at least had some. As people began to modernize, these people did not, they had not evolved with the cities, instead, they retreated into the forests and wildlife as they could - living happily. Centuries went by and to this day they travel the forests - and sometimes set up a base camp outside of cities or towns - living life vastly and with great joy. Many scholars predict that the reason they were able to survive was from, 'cheating' in a way. The Di'Tonteel were the lucky ones of the four as they taken the land from the original tribe where there were mines of jewels and gems. This allowed them to maintain a large supply of food and purchase tents and hunting equipment from the 'westerners' TRADITIONS: NAMES: CURRENT LEADER: ... To join you must find a Tonteel. You must ask to speak to their Chief and they will decide if you're worthy. Or: *An information leaflet flies to you through a light breeze, on it is small yet still significant information on the Di'Tonteel people, telling you who their leader is and where you can find them* ((Where you should send the birds)) [!] You can send a letter to their Chief: - More to Be added -
  14. *Posters hang on the walls of cities and towns* - The Natural Philosopher Union - We are a union of diverse creation, intelligence, and power. Based in the capital of Santegia, San Adrian, we help produce books and knowledge from life itself. Our Head Quarters in Santegia have many different departments: Alchemic, Anatomy, Animals, Nature and Culture. The Head of Union currently is Ceona Vertilla; She plans on growing this new but vast organization. Housing for those who join and need it will be provided for free! Yes, we are working with a hierarchy, however, this is to create a sense of balance yet also at the same time respect for the people who may be more knowledgeable than others. The ranks (From Lowest to Highest): Junior Clerk (For Said Department): A Junior Clerk is someone who will help the Head of Department and those studying it by managing books, items, and all sorts. Keeping Accounts of things but at the same time grasping the feel of a study and learning from experience. Clerk-Apprentice (For Said Department): Someone who still performs the duties of a Junior Clerk, but also takes on and learns from the department they work in. Apprentice (For Said Department): Someone who solely learns and occasionally researchers for their department. Assistant (For Said Department): Someone researches alongside their teacher/Head of Department. Researcher: Someone who Researches on their own and provides books to the Archives or Library. (Looking for Researches) Head of Department: Someone who manages and organises anyone with a lower rank in their department, they provide books from their own source of research. It is also their job to find new Junior Clerks for their department. They can only promote their subjects rank after consultation with the Head of Union. (Looking for HoD) Department Heads We're Looking for: Alchemic, Anatomy, Animals, Nature, and Culture. JOB APPLICATION FORM: IGN: IRP NAME: JOB: [Job you want] Do you have skype?: QUALIFICATIONS: [What have you done previously that makes you think you are knowledgeable enough for the position?]