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  1. Mary pursed her lips as she sat in front of the table, quill in hand, staring at the ominous piece of paper entailing the terms of the pact. Slowly she signed her name, sighing as the final letter flicked with ink: [!] Signed by Mary van Platen
  2. Pact of Two Doves [!] Signed by Her Ladyship, Georgiana Alexandra, Countess of Mehran
  3. THE PACT OF RUINS [!] Signed by Her Ladyship, Georgiana Alexandra, Countess of Mehran ((If any of these terms of the pact are not followed - Both sides agree that the punishment for such will be gaining a Betrayal CB on the side that does not uphold their end of the pact))
  4. The leader of the Opposing Side Discord for the Warchat: Crushems#4883
  5. Meredith looked at the empty land before her then, after grimacing at her lack of materials, turned to her blueprints and snapped her fingers in annoyance. She needed to find materials, and find them fast. Quickly, wasting no time, she took out some parchment and scribbled down many lists of her required resources. After, she sent them away to the four corners of Atlas, hoping that some, or many people would reply, offering her resources in exchange for mina, or simply because they wanted to. On the list, it read that she needed: - As much cobble and stone as possible. - Dyes, ranging from the colours: red, yellow, black, light and dark grey, white. - As much terracotta as possible - Plenty of Dark, Spruce and Oakwood, in all forms. - Some iron. "Deals will take take place at Cloud Temple, please send your responses back indicating what you wish to sell." Form: IGN: ITEMS SELLING and AMOUNT:
  6. @Echeche There are dozens of traditional human groups.
  7. Di'tonteel Tribe The Di'tonteel, translated from Navajo: The Fighters. They are a currently very small group of indigenous humans and wood elves, that look like Native Americans, but call themselves the Tonteel, or Tellian. They are usually taller than most humans and elves, as well as 99% have a stronger build. But they are not the most intellectual group of people. They can only speak Navajo (the Native American language) or as they call it Taza. This page will be a basic rundown of their culture, language, and basic words. At the very bottom will be an application form for becoming one of the tribe. History: Not much is known of the Di'Tonteel people, their history is small to the naked eye but if you take it back centuries you will see it is vast and wonderful. Thousands of years back, there was a large tribe of men and women, ranging up to 40,000. But there was a civil war between this community. Desolating the original tribe into four different groups. The Di'Tonteel, The L'sha, The Fmaow and Finally the Dsarsa. As the years went by only one tribe of the four survived - the Di'Tonteel. However the numbers very little, they at least had some. As people began to modernize, these people did not, they had not evolved with the cities, instead, they retreated into the forests and wildlife as they could - living happily. Centuries went by and to this day they travel the forests - and sometimes set up a base camp outside of cities or towns - living life vastly and with great joy. Many scholars predict that the reason they were able to survive was from, 'cheating' in a way. The Di'Tonteel were the lucky ones of the four as they taken the land from the original tribe where there were mines of jewels and gems. This allowed them to maintain a large supply of food and purchase tents and hunting equipment from the 'westerners' TRADITIONS: NAMES: CURRENT LEADER: ... To join you must find a Tonteel. You must ask to speak to their Chief and they will decide if you're worthy. Or: *An information leaflet flies to you through a light breeze, on it is small yet still significant information on the Di'Tonteel people, telling you who their leader is and where you can find them* ((Where you should send the birds)) [!] You can send a letter to their Chief: - More to Be added -
  8. *Posters hang on the walls of cities and towns* - The Natural Philosopher Union - We are a union of diverse creation, intelligence, and power. Based in the capital of Santegia, San Adrian, we help produce books and knowledge from life itself. Our Head Quarters in Santegia have many different departments: Alchemic, Anatomy, Animals, Nature and Culture. The Head of Union currently is Ceona Vertilla; She plans on growing this new but vast organization. Housing for those who join and need it will be provided for free! Yes, we are working with a hierarchy, however, this is to create a sense of balance yet also at the same time respect for the people who may be more knowledgeable than others. The ranks (From Lowest to Highest): Junior Clerk (For Said Department): A Junior Clerk is someone who will help the Head of Department and those studying it by managing books, items, and all sorts. Keeping Accounts of things but at the same time grasping the feel of a study and learning from experience. Clerk-Apprentice (For Said Department): Someone who still performs the duties of a Junior Clerk, but also takes on and learns from the department they work in. Apprentice (For Said Department): Someone who solely learns and occasionally researchers for their department. Assistant (For Said Department): Someone researches alongside their teacher/Head of Department. Researcher: Someone who Researches on their own and provides books to the Archives or Library. (Looking for Researches) Head of Department: Someone who manages and organises anyone with a lower rank in their department, they provide books from their own source of research. It is also their job to find new Junior Clerks for their department. They can only promote their subjects rank after consultation with the Head of Union. (Looking for HoD) Department Heads We're Looking for: Alchemic, Anatomy, Animals, Nature, and Culture. JOB APPLICATION FORM: IGN: IRP NAME: JOB: [Job you want] Do you have skype?: QUALIFICATIONS: [What have you done previously that makes you think you are knowledgeable enough for the position?]
  9. *Posters hung in back alleys and slums* The Stormskull Thieves Guild The Stormskull thieves are a small group of pickpocket heisters that want to work in unison to make the most of their professional ability. Join me and we'll steal from the dirty rich that prod and fester the cities with their high-value coats and glistening earrings. We will soon have an operation base - hidden to the normal eye, here we will meet and discuss our next moves. Join us now for a chance to prove yourself more than a dirty pick-pocket, join us and prove yourself to be a smart pick-pocket. If you decide to join - we will meet and I will decide if you are fit to join the Stormskulls. (Reply with) Recruitment Form: IGN: IRP NAME: ROLE: [Pickpocket/Organiser/Heister/Alloftheabove/]
  11. The Ever Up and Ever Down Cakes: The Ever up and Ever down cakes are like the very iconic cakes in Alice in Wonderland. The Ever Up cake makes you bigger, whereas the Ever down cake either returns you to your original height or the other way around. The reason I think this would be an amazing is that it leads to amazing roleplay. Perhaps you're buying something from a bakery and they trick you into eating this, or maybe it was an accident. Either way, it would be funny, intriguing and great roleplay. On the other hand, for those with the More Player Modules, this piece of lore would be so fun and great as you'd even have the ability to visually morph the size of your character if they have eaten it. Discovery: On a dreary winter night in Veris, 1517, Mrs Cavellia and Her husband accompanied by their two children were messing around in their kitchen; the snow outside the windows falling ever so slowly and the fire inside their house flailing like a castle banner. Come closer to the later evening they decided it would've been a good idea to start combining ingredients and to see if they could make something delicious. Their youngest son of 7 Years was opening cabinets randomly whilst pulling out random ingredients: A small bag of tippen's root, a pouch of Serpent's Stalk and a litter of Athin. Whilst the rest of them were bothering on about their own food Charlie (The seven-year-old) started to combine his new ingredients with the recipe of a small cake biscuit. His parents also naive would go to plop his creation into the oven without contemplating the odd usage of empty bags and plates. One hour later when the cake was finished, Charlie pleaded to take the first bite: so they let him. Chomp! His small teeth plastered into the cake and within seconds he had grown almost double the height of his father! They screamed and they howled, however, they could do nothing to bring him back. Forever he lived the rest of his life the size of an orc. <------ Ever Up Biscuit Twenty Years Later, 1537, on quite a simple morning of Spring Harvest there was a Natural Philosophiser who was expecting his niece around any hour. He quickly went to the kitchen and started to cook up one of his grandma's famous cakes: the flour, the eggs and all you need for a cake. However, upon implementing the last ingredient a small cabinet swung down, dropping two new portions of Elf's Hair and Goblin's Ivy into the mixture. "I have no time!" he thought, so he just coughed them all together hoping nothing better or nothing worse. When his niece came around, however, he was not expecting her to shrink to the size of a halfling when she took a nice bite from the cake. Luckily, the recipe for Ever Up had already been passed around, so he quickly made this and allowed her to grow back to normal size. His recipe would also lead to be spread around in libraries, however, both the Ever Up and Ever Down still not very well known. <----- Ever Down Biscuit Effects: Ever Up: The ever up biscuit gives the eater a large and extremely rapid height boost, taking into action within seconds of entering the stomache. However, upon eating you will gain a slight nasueatic and very light headed. Ever Down: This biscuit will make the user lose their height and make them shrink at also an extremely rapid pace, yet they will often feel sick and bloated if it's their first time usage of the substance. Combat RP: For example if you were to give the Ever Up Cake to someone of already huge size, they would not grow as much as someone small but still significantly, giving them an upper hand against their opponent, depending on their size. However, they would still have the same amount of strength, no matter how high or small they are, being bigger does NOT grant them more strength, and being small does not grant them any less. So only small bits, like them blocking hallways, grabbing more etc. etc. would be effected. Recipe Preposition: 1x - Tippen's Root 3x - Serpent's Stalk 2x Athin
  12. Minecraft Name (s): Crushems Ban Reason: I was sexually RP with someone. Individuals Involved: I don't remember (sorry) Event Details: Well, one day I had found that there was nothing much to do. I found this random player who rped a girl and I found it kind of funny to start flirting and sexually rp with her. I knew I wasn't to do it in normal chat so I did it in Private messages, I swear I didn't know I wasn't to do it in there. Why should you be unbanned?: I was new and keen, however, this did not last very long as I was stupid and naive, I fooled about and broke some rules then messed around again and got banned. I can't remember if it was once or twice now but I am truly sorry. Since my time away I have tried rping on other such servers but found none to be as good as this. I have also had experience with LARP (Live-Action-Role-Play) and believe to be much more mature and fit to play on this server. I only ask for one more chance on the server and I promise I will not let you down!
  13. THE DESTRUCTION OF THE LEGION HELLO ALL! Years we have endured the awfulness of the Oren Empire! Called the Legion, however if you join us! The Kathrin' Leh! We will forge an empire and destroy them! It will definitely not happen over night. But it will happen, whether it be long or a short time we have to wait. Join us. Help us. The sooner you join and prove your allegiance the higher rank you will get. THEY WILL NOT RULE FOREVER! They are disguising swines, who will perish in our wrath. A meeting place will be sent by bird once you have been accepted in the group. Apply with this: (IC) Name: (OOC) Name: Why you hate the Legion: What can you provide:
  14. Selling A Luxury house in Johanusburg! It has three floors and a lift. On the first floor there is a fire place a table, carpetting and a dining table. On the second floor there is an office, two rooms, and wonderful view of Johanesburg houses. and some storage. Finally on the third floor there is a bedroom, a massive poster bed and an ecstatic view. It's on Beaufort street so you will get a lot of privacy. And wont deal with the massive mainstreet price horror. THE PRICE FOR THE HOUSE IS 650minas! REPLY IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO BUY IT!
  15. Ban Appeal for Crushems Minecraft Name(s) (at the time of your ban): DFGcrush (It is now Crushems) Rule Broken/Disputed (multikilling, Griefing, Xray, ect. Be specific): Sexual roleplay Character Witnesses (Name(s)): (Forgot) Event Details (reason for actions, apology, ect): I thought it would be funny to have sex with someone, and I didn't know the 'cut to black rule' and before i knew it i was banned. I appealed and they said i must wait till the 24th of October to appeal. And so I did. I've waited and I hope I can be unbanned! I know what I did wrong and have learned I won't do it again! I promise! Thank you! - Crushems Just to make it clear: My new username is Crushems
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