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    Ducal Court

    DUCAL COURT ASRIA NASRID, SOVEREIGN DUCHESS OF CRESONIA Nasrid Coat of Arms COURT & BECOMING A COURTIER It should be noted that any person may apply to become a courtier, you do not have to be a citizen initially but must be willing to become one when given a position in the Cresonian Court. Housing is provided to members of Court, either within the palace or in the city. The Ducal court is located in Korvossa, Cresonia inside the Ducal Palace. All citizens and nobles are required to attend any official court summonings and when possible if the Duchy is to receive foreign guests. Automatically all nobility are registered as official courtiers of the Duchy, however, any willing citizen may join as a courtier given they meet the requirements. A Courtier is higher in rank than a normal citizen, but their position inside court is determined based on a multitude of factors (to be explained). The Court of Cresonia is renowned for its vast culture (which is to be detailed). Summarised in its fine wines, dances, art, poetry, jewellery, music, food and fashion. There is a position for any courtier that wishes to delight themselves in a role of more creative intent as well as those looking to improve their political position. All members of government must become courtiers and should intend to be in frequent attendance of court to please Her Grace, the Duchess. There are three types of courts that the Duchess maintains. A ‘Grand Court’ is held during official and mandatory meetings when an important announcement is to be made that all must hear. Citizens and Courtiers alike are permitted in - this court held in the grand throne room and attendance is mandatory where possible. The second called an ‘Official Court’, attendance is mandatory but not as strict as a Grand Court. This type of court being held during knighthood ceremonies, slightly lesser announcements or if the Duchy is to be receiving guests of important nature (Kings, Queens, other sovereigns etc.). The Final Court, the Court of Cresonia is constantly being held. Courtiers are expected to spend most of their time in the Palace. It is a time where they can interact with other courtiers, work on their positions and their jobs and please the Duchess. BENEFITS OF A COURTIER 1. Access to the palace throne room and galleries at all time 2. You may be given an official position in court, boosting your position in the Duchy’s hierarchy 3. Any citizens may find it easier to attain certain political aspirations being a member of the court as you are frequently around Her Grace, The Duchess and many members of the Privy Council and government. 4. You may enjoy yourself the pleasures of the court and its vast culture: music, food, wine, debates, dances. As nobles are given automatic courtier status, they do not need to worry about meeting the requirements a commoner-citizen must. If a citizen wants to become a courtier they must simply enter court at any given moment and ask the Duchess or a member of the Ducal Family to be given the status. They will be judged on a number of things: Their attire (clothing) How they speak The way in which they present themselves If the Duchess, or Nasrid, believes they qualify (which, in most cases they do), they will be given automatic courtier status and permitted at will into the gallery and higher levels of the throne room. If they are not, then they are told to leave and re-enter the palace when they believe they may befit the role of a courtier. The only other way to gain the rank of courtier would be to inquire about a specific role inside the Court Hierarchy that a person believes they might perform well. They will be given a private audience with the Duchess or family member and if they are deemed well enough for them they will be granted courtier status and given a role automatically. COURT POSITIONS AND HIERARCHY IN ORDER OF HIGHEST TO LOWEST RANK DUCAL FAMILY, Her Grace, Asria Nasrid, Duchess of Cresonia Their Lady/Lordships, Children of the Duchess Grandchildren and siblings of the Duchess Cousins of the Duchess Any other relations of the Ducal Throne THE HIGH PRIESTESS NOBILITY Their Lady/Lordships, Members of the Nobility - Marquess/Marchioness - Counts/Countess - Viscounts/Viscountesses - Barons/Baronesses - Baronets PRIVY COUNCIL Their Excellencies, Members of the Privy Council (From Highest Ranked, to Lowest) - Archchancellor - Grand Knight - Grand Marshal - High Judge - High Steward GENTRY The Honourable, Knights/Dames The Honourable, Life Barons DUCAL HOUSEHOLD Lady in Waiting (Not of noble birth) Squires Advisors LESSER COUNCIL Secretary of the Lesser Council Birds Judges Chamberlain Ambassadors Advisors Court Scribe COUNCIL OF CULTURE Councillor of Culture – Master of Vanity - Master of Cuisine - Master of the Wines - Master of Literature - Master of Art - Master of Animals CULTURAL COURTIERS Bard Poet Jewellers Dressmakers COURTIERS Unpositioned Courtier COURT PROTOCOL RULES FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL POSITION Court Protocol is used to allow all members of court to feel properly respected in regards to their respective roles. They are not used to make others feel lesser but simply to show the honour in having a position they have. While there are specific rules for specific roles, there are a few general protocols that all members of court must abide by, failing to do so will result in punishment or even dismissal. When a member of nobility walks past you or is in your presence you must curtsy (if female) or bow your head (if male) to begin any further interaction if wanted. In court you must address anyone with their respective titles/styles, this is done as a show of respect and punishment will be given if a title isn’t used as a way of showing disrespect. If you are sitting down and someone of higher station requires a seat you should give up your seat to them as a sign of respect. Unless medical conditions makes it so that you need that chair. If you are to leave court you must request permission from Her Grace, the Duchess if she is not busy dealing with something else. You must curtsy/headbow at the end of a conversation or interaction if the conversation you are having with involves someone of nobility. Nobody in the court is to marry without the Duchess and High Priestess being informed beforehand. Only members of the Ducal family are permitted to wear golden crowns or tiaras. Although the High Priestess is under the Duchess, a form of religious respect is given to the faith as whenever the High Priestess enters a room the Duchess must bow before her. A common way of saying farewell to anyone in court is to use the common term, ‘May the Sun bless you and the Moon guide you’. DUCHESS Nobody may walk in front of the Duchess if she is walking. If you are walking in the same direction as her you must walk behind her once she has passed after you curtsy or bow your head. Nobody may interrupt the Duchess or talk when she declares she will make a statement to the entire court, the Duchess will tell her chamberlain or lady to announce that she is to speak and regardless all must become silent. Neglecting to do so could result in harsh punishment. You may not walk away from the Duchess unless she nods or dismisses you verbally, doing so is considering treason. Insulting the Duchess at court validates the removal of a tongue, and if noble, a public whipping would be permitted. When a child of the Duke/Duchess weds, it is common for the sovereign to offer the Nasrid betrothed a titular title of nobility. CHILDREN OF THE DUCHESS They must curtsy (female) or bow their heads (if male) when the Duchess enters a room or walks past them. During court they must either sit beside or behind the sovereign. They are to tell their lady or chamberlain that they are to speak to the court whom will announce that they will begin speaking. Nobody is to interrupt them. NOBILITY Nobility may not stand in the personal space of the Duchess without being granted direct permission. Nobility may not sit next to the Duchess, only behind or at another location unless given permission. Nobility must kneel before the Duchess during official court meetings in order to address her. Nobility may not sit or stand on the Ducal dias unless given specific permission from the Duchess or a regent. Nobility must address all and everyone by their correct style and title. This is done as a sign of respect and if the lack of titles used is done in bad intention punishment will be handed out. Lords of the nobility may not sit behind the Duchess, they must stand behind her. Ladies of nobility, if they are to be near the Duchess, must either sit behind her, or stand behind her so that the Duchess has their ear at all times. PRIVY COUNCIL Members of the Privy Council may not sit down during Official or Grand Court proceedings, as they may do so during Privy Meetings and must be able to move. Members must kneel before the Duchess during official court meetings in order to address her. If a member of the Privy Council does not have any higher styles or titles, they are entitled to be addressed as ‘Your Excellency '. Privy council members must not stand near the Duchess during court, in front of her or to the side of her is permissible. GENTRY Members of the Gentry must stand in positions that guard the court, guard spots marked by stone buttons on the floor. Gentry may not address the Duchess directly during court, unless called upon by Her Grace or if they ask the secretary before hand. DUCAL HOUSEHOLD Lady-in-waitings, - They should always address their ladies by their full titles - During court they must always follow their ladies at a single pace behind-next to them - When their Lady sits down they must either sit behind them or stand behind them. - A lady is not to engage in flirtatious behaviour with any man that hasn’t been chosen as their match by their Lady, doing so will result in punishment. - During a ‘Grand’ or ‘Official Court’ a Lady must sit below the dias in the throne room, speaking only if addressed. - If nobody else is present, a lady must taste any food or drink presented to their lady before their lady has any. Squires - Squires must follow their Lord at any given moment during court. - Squires must do all a Lady-in-waiting does to their lady, to their lord. Advisors - Advisors may act as they wish but must be in the presence of the Nasrid Family so that they may give advice when called upon LESSER COUNCIL The Lesser council may not address the Duchess unless they ask the chamberlain’s permission, the chamberlain must announce asking their request, the chamberlain doing the same if they wish to address them. At court, the lesser council must actively try to complete their roles. COUNCIL OF CULTURE Members of the council must behave at exceptional behaviour They befit no style or title They must offer all court members that are not engaged the opportunity to try/see/use their chosen speciality (wines, art, poetry) They are expected to try and perform when possible. CULTURAL COURTIERS Members of the council must provide their specialities whenever possible at the court. Bards must perform if not already Poets must ask the Duchess (through the chamberlain) if they may perform a poet. Poets must accept any requests the Duchess makes for a poem, and any nobility ascending the rank of Viscount requests, given they are not already working on one for the Duchess. Jewellers must take to the court to sell their jewels, or take requests from courtiers ascending the position of the lesser council. Dressmakers must sell gowns and dresses to the noblewoman whose family ascends the rank of a Barony. POSITIONS IN DESCENDING ORDER Positions held in the Ducal Court and their roles and duties. LESSER COUNCIL Secretary of the Lesser Council Charged at managing the other members of the Lesser Council, recruiting new members when needed or performing their job if the role remains vacant. You may apply for this position. Birds Birds are the messengers of court, used to deliver messages to people, whether it be inside the Palace or on another island. You may apply for this position. Judges Judges are tasked with deciding whether or not someone is guilty during trials, their position at court is minimal and it is often judges take on more than one court position. You may apply for this position. Chamberlain A chamberlain's position at court is managing the positioning of all courtiers, announcing the arrival of nobility to Her Grace, the Duchess. Taking requests from anyone requesting and relaying it to the Duchess. You may apply for this position. Ambassadors Ambassadors are tasked at visiting foreign states and improving relations, inviting other ambassadors or members of foreign courts to visit the Duchy’s. You may apply for this position. Advisors Advisors of the court are to be used at the will of any nobility ascending the rank of Count. Giving helpful advice on any matter. You may apply for this position. Court Scribe Court scribes are tasked at recording important interactions the Duchess or Noble ascending the rank of Count has. You may apply for this position. COUNCIL OF CULTURE Councillor of Culture They must manage and recruit all courtal positions under the Council. Filling in where possible to any absent roles. You may apply for this position. Master of Vanity The Master of Vanity is tasked with recruiting jewellers and dressmakers as well as making sure all clothing protocol is followed during court. You may apply for this position. - Master of Cuisine The Master of Cuisine is tasked with preparing dishes for feasts and meals for the Ducal family. During court they are tasked with offering new sorts of foods to all courtiers. Food may not be Provided in the throne room, only the gallery - strictly. You may apply for this position. Master of the Wines The Master of Wines is in charge of creating new wines and providing existing, traditional ones to any courtier requesting, or simply offering. They must remember that in the throne room no one is to drink or eat. You may apply for this position. Master of Literature Tasked at writing stories the courtiers are to enjoy. You may apply for this position. Master of Art Tasked at painting moments of significance as well as portraits of the courtiers. You may apply For this position CULTURAL COURTIERS Bard They must provide musical entertainment if requested by a courtier of rank ascending the Ducal Household. You may apply for this position. Poet They must provide poetry entertainment if requested by a courtier of rank ascending the Ducal Household. You may apply for this position. Jewellers They must sell jewellery, offering it occasionally but will often be sought out by the courtiers with excelling money. Jewellers are marked as they wear only a single golden ring - no other jewellery is permitted on them. You may apply for this position. Dressmakers They are to sell their gowns and robes, offering it but often being sought out. Dressmakers are marked out as they wear a silk scarf across one shoulder. You may apply for this position. TO APPLY To apply send a bird inquiring about a specific position - you do NOT have to be a current citizen of Cresonia but you must be willing to become one in order to become a Courtier. Send a bird to one of the following, Lady Jasmin Nasrid, High Judge of Cresonia, Councillor of Culture (Crushems) Lord Rahim Nasrid, Grand Marshal of Cresonia (DevoutChorale_) Her Grace, Asria Nasrid, Duchess of Cresonia (MissToni) ((You can send a bird via replies as well)) Roleplay Name: IGN: Wanted Role: RP Age: Discord: ACQUIRING NOBILITY AT COURT Hereditary & Life peerage Hereditary Nobility is something that is often sought out in human courts: Cresonia no different. Nobility offers many privileges in the court and Duchy of Cresonia; the right to titles and styles, larger housing, grants of jewels, privileges at court and the right to your own levy. However, this brings the question, how would one acquire nobility at the court of Cresonia? There are mainly two answers: loyalty, proof of loyalty. You may prove your loyalty through years of dedication to the duchy, through military achievements, political or cultural. However, one of the faster options to prove your undoubted loyalty would be through the rally of men. Rallying soldiers and offering to become subjects of the Duchy in exchange for a title and in some cases land befitting the title. To present your soldiers you must first write directly to the Duchess or Privy Council member and arrange a date of your rally. At this rally, you must kneel before the Duchess and offer the men and soldiers as subjects. The title you receive dependant on the number of soldiers rallied: If you are able to rally five hundred (5) soldiers you will be granted a Barony. If you are able to rally eight hundred (8) soldiers you will be granted a Viscounty. If you are able to rally thirteen hundred (13) soldiers you will be granted a County. If you are able to rally fifteen hundred (15) soldiers you will be granted a March. It should be noted that if a noble family is unable to provide in militant force they will be expected to provide aid to the Duchy in other ways. If this is unable they may forfeit certain titles. Alternatively, a way of achieving gentry/nobility would be to acquire a life-long peerage in the form of a Barony. You will be granted the style ‘Your Lady/Lordship’ however your children will not receive the same privilege, nor will they inherit your title. These peerages are given out, usually, on the basis of heroic acts. For example, saving the life of the Duchess or defending the city against a raid. Signed, Her Grace, Asria Nasrid, The Duchess of Cresonia Her Ladyship, Jasmin Nasrid ((Written and formatted by Crushems)) ((Coat of Arms by FishDotCom))
  2. THE PRIVY COUNCIL OF THE DUCHY OF CRESONIA The Privy Council of the Duchy of Cresonia must act to aid the Duke or Duchess in a way that they see benefits the Ducal Crown and in no way attributes to their own personal gain. Each member of the privy council possesses their own set of duties that they must uphold to a pristine level, or face departure - whatever the cause. They must work together to ensure that the governance of the Duchy is met with ease and smooth growth. Roles on the privy council are not hereditary or even lifelong positions. The sovereign picks who attains which roles and she may discard such positions at any given moment. THE DUCHESS The Duchess has complete control over all governance and her say is not to be questioned, however with the Privy Council is it assumed that each position may act as they believe befits their role in the progression of governance. Albeit, if they are overruled they must not act against their sovereign or face reprimandation or even punishment. The Current Sovereign is the Asria Nasrid I, Duchess of Cresonia THE ARCHCHANCELLOR The Archchancellor’s position on the privy council is to oversee the other members and make sure that they are acting correctly. In some cases, the Archchancellor is appointed the regent of the lands in the absence of the sovereign. Usually, tasked with organising events and writing documents. THE GRAND MARSHAL The Grand Marshal has a very important role in the Duchy; they are tasked with managing, improving and growing the military in all aspects. They are to organise training sessions, recruitment expeditions and provide constant assurance of protection against the sovereignty of the lands. The current Grand Marshal is His Lordship, Rahim Nasrid, Son of the Duchess of Cresonia THE GRAND KNIGHT The Grand Knight must always make sure that the Duchy has a healthy amount of knights: not too little or it becomes dangerous, not too many or the value of the position withers. They must train and organise potential knights (squires) and in many cases hold training sessions for the military, often the Grand Knight and the Grand Marshal working closely together. Currently, there is no Grand Knight, as the plague wiped out all the last remaining Knights the Duchess had to choose from - more currently being trained. THE HIGH JUDGE The High judge is in charge of writing new laws and giving them to the sovereign so that she may discuss them at the Privy council and vote. If the law is passed the High Judge will have the task of writing the Law up and all of its different tiers. If a crime of minimal extent is committed, the High Judge is able to hand out punishments accordingly, however, any crime higher must be taken to court and given a fair trial, of which the High Judge must organise - or one of their Judges. The current High Judge is her Ladyship, Jasmin Nasrid, Daughter of the Duchess of Cresonia THE HIGH STEWARD The High Steward is tasked with making sure the citizens of the Duchy, or anyone searching for residency are housed. They must recruit new stewards and make sure that any money made from the sale of a house is to be given directly back to the Duchess or someone of Higher Authority in the Privy Council. The current position of High Steward is vacant.
  3. ~ A Ball of Night and Day ~ +++ [[13th June, 7pm EST, 12am GMT]] A depiction of the ball and its grandiose. Recovering excellently from the now, what seemed distance, but not forgotten, plague, the Duchy of Cresonia believed it time to resume its culture of grandeur balls and joyous celebrations. The palace preparing foods, wines and the grand hall for the guests to come. Lady Jasmin, daughter of the Duchess, was exuberant in the thought of the gowns, preparing a competition, declaring: the lady with the finest and most elegant gown would win a jewel from her private collection. Fit for a queen, an empress even. In celebration of the anticipated event, the Duchy does cordially invite the following: The House of DEVEREUX, and the Nobility and Citizens of Curonia The House of STAUNTON, and the Nobility and Citizens of Courland The Prince of VES, and the Nobility and Citizens of Ves The House of CASCADIA, and the Nobility and Citizens The House of VISAJ and the Nobility and Citizens of Haelun’or The House of TUNDRAK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Fenn The House of SUFFOLK, and the Nobility and Citizens of Suffonia As well as any further allies of the Duchy. Signed, Her Ladyship, Regent of Cresonia, Jasmin Nasrid
  4. Cresonian Street Bonanza Depicted above are the busy merchant streets of Cresonia Cresonia co-ords: x: -1354, y: 60, z: 529 Lady Jasmin, regent of Cresonia in her mother’s absence, wanting to attract more culture, and boost the land’s wealth, decided to hold a merchant festival. Inviting anyone and everyone to bring their goods to the stalls and streets of her family’s Duchy to sell. Stalls will be first come first serve, so arrive early to get a one FREE of charge. [[OOC: Thursday, 11th June, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT]]
  5. Mactroth! Cresonian Ducal Theatre Mactroth - A man and his wife work together to take over a throne that doesn’t belong to them, but what will be their end all fates in this tragic production? Audition to join the cast now! ((Co-ords to Cresonia: x: -1354, y: 60, z: 529)) Lady Jasmin Nasrid, governess of the Ducal Cresonian Theatre, has currently opened auditions, taking place on [[Saturday, 6th June, 5pm EST, 10pm GMT]] Sign up below Roles to audition for: Mactroth (Human) Lady Mactroth (Human) King Duncard (Human) Banqaul (Human) Fishmongerer (Any) Fleana (Human Child) Three Witches (Any race)
  6. Crushems

    A Drunken Night

    Princess Jasmin clapped her hands jovially at the news.
  7. Mary pursed her lips as she sat in front of the table, quill in hand, staring at the ominous piece of paper entailing the terms of the pact. Slowly she signed her name, sighing as the final letter flicked with ink: [!] Signed by Mary van Platen
  8. Pact of Two Doves [!] Signed by Her Ladyship, Georgiana Alexandra, Countess of Mehran
  9. THE PACT OF RUINS [!] Signed by Her Ladyship, Georgiana Alexandra, Countess of Mehran ((If any of these terms of the pact are not followed - Both sides agree that the punishment for such will be gaining a Betrayal CB on the side that does not uphold their end of the pact))
  10. The leader of the Opposing Side Discord for the Warchat: Crushems#4883
  11. Meredith looked at the empty land before her then, after grimacing at her lack of materials, turned to her blueprints and snapped her fingers in annoyance. She needed to find materials, and find them fast. Quickly, wasting no time, she took out some parchment and scribbled down many lists of her required resources. After, she sent them away to the four corners of Atlas, hoping that some, or many people would reply, offering her resources in exchange for mina, or simply because they wanted to. On the list, it read that she needed: - As much cobble and stone as possible. - Dyes, ranging from the colours: red, yellow, black, light and dark grey, white. - As much terracotta as possible - Plenty of Dark, Spruce and Oakwood, in all forms. - Some iron. "Deals will take take place at Cloud Temple, please send your responses back indicating what you wish to sell." Form: IGN: ITEMS SELLING and AMOUNT:
  12. @Echeche There are dozens of traditional human groups.
  13. Di'tonteel Tribe The Di'tonteel, translated from Navajo: The Fighters. They are a currently very small group of indigenous humans and wood elves, that look like Native Americans, but call themselves the Tonteel, or Tellian. They are usually taller than most humans and elves, as well as 99% have a stronger build. But they are not the most intellectual group of people. They can only speak Navajo (the Native American language) or as they call it Taza. This page will be a basic rundown of their culture, language, and basic words. At the very bottom will be an application form for becoming one of the tribe. History: Not much is known of the Di'Tonteel people, their history is small to the naked eye but if you take it back centuries you will see it is vast and wonderful. Thousands of years back, there was a large tribe of men and women, ranging up to 40,000. But there was a civil war between this community. Desolating the original tribe into four different groups. The Di'Tonteel, The L'sha, The Fmaow and Finally the Dsarsa. As the years went by only one tribe of the four survived - the Di'Tonteel. However the numbers very little, they at least had some. As people began to modernize, these people did not, they had not evolved with the cities, instead, they retreated into the forests and wildlife as they could - living happily. Centuries went by and to this day they travel the forests - and sometimes set up a base camp outside of cities or towns - living life vastly and with great joy. Many scholars predict that the reason they were able to survive was from, 'cheating' in a way. The Di'Tonteel were the lucky ones of the four as they taken the land from the original tribe where there were mines of jewels and gems. This allowed them to maintain a large supply of food and purchase tents and hunting equipment from the 'westerners' TRADITIONS: NAMES: CURRENT LEADER: ... To join you must find a Tonteel. You must ask to speak to their Chief and they will decide if you're worthy. Or: *An information leaflet flies to you through a light breeze, on it is small yet still significant information on the Di'Tonteel people, telling you who their leader is and where you can find them* ((Where you should send the birds)) [!] You can send a letter to their Chief: - More to Be added -
  14. *Posters hang on the walls of cities and towns* - The Natural Philosopher Union - We are a union of diverse creation, intelligence, and power. Based in the capital of Santegia, San Adrian, we help produce books and knowledge from life itself. Our Head Quarters in Santegia have many different departments: Alchemic, Anatomy, Animals, Nature and Culture. The Head of Union currently is Ceona Vertilla; She plans on growing this new but vast organization. Housing for those who join and need it will be provided for free! Yes, we are working with a hierarchy, however, this is to create a sense of balance yet also at the same time respect for the people who may be more knowledgeable than others. The ranks (From Lowest to Highest): Junior Clerk (For Said Department): A Junior Clerk is someone who will help the Head of Department and those studying it by managing books, items, and all sorts. Keeping Accounts of things but at the same time grasping the feel of a study and learning from experience. Clerk-Apprentice (For Said Department): Someone who still performs the duties of a Junior Clerk, but also takes on and learns from the department they work in. Apprentice (For Said Department): Someone who solely learns and occasionally researchers for their department. Assistant (For Said Department): Someone researches alongside their teacher/Head of Department. Researcher: Someone who Researches on their own and provides books to the Archives or Library. (Looking for Researches) Head of Department: Someone who manages and organises anyone with a lower rank in their department, they provide books from their own source of research. It is also their job to find new Junior Clerks for their department. They can only promote their subjects rank after consultation with the Head of Union. (Looking for HoD) Department Heads We're Looking for: Alchemic, Anatomy, Animals, Nature, and Culture. JOB APPLICATION FORM: IGN: IRP NAME: JOB: [Job you want] Do you have skype?: QUALIFICATIONS: [What have you done previously that makes you think you are knowledgeable enough for the position?]
  15. *Posters hung in back alleys and slums* The Stormskull Thieves Guild The Stormskull thieves are a small group of pickpocket heisters that want to work in unison to make the most of their professional ability. Join me and we'll steal from the dirty rich that prod and fester the cities with their high-value coats and glistening earrings. We will soon have an operation base - hidden to the normal eye, here we will meet and discuss our next moves. Join us now for a chance to prove yourself more than a dirty pick-pocket, join us and prove yourself to be a smart pick-pocket. If you decide to join - we will meet and I will decide if you are fit to join the Stormskulls. (Reply with) Recruitment Form: IGN: IRP NAME: ROLE: [Pickpocket/Organiser/Heister/Alloftheabove/]
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