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  1. Elissa Merentel (neé Keint) would smile upon reading this, penning a quick, as she knows she’ll be seeing him shortly anyways, congratulatory statement to her brother and sending it off on her raven.
  2. Ophelia Merentel signs (Resonance__)
  3. Thank you @Hedgehug & @Pandasan Thank you, and I'm sure with practice you can get better at skin making @Balthasar.
  4. Hello there! I am Res and I make skins on PMC. I have realized that there is a market for skin making on this server and have decided to begin to sell skins for minas. I will take requests through my pms or comments on here or on my My Planet Minecraft Account. I set my prices at 200 Minas for an original skin and less for an edit of a pre-existing skin. For example, an edit of just the face and hair of a skin would cost 50, and a recolour or clothing change 100 Minas. Please be very specific with your requests. The more specific you are the faster I may be able to make it. Please understand if it takes a while for me to make your skin as I do have other commitments and will suffer from creative block sometimes. Thank you, Res
  5. Res


    I can't connect to the server. I have tried on two different computers and I am unable to connect. Every time I try I get a message saying "Failed to connect to the server java.net.SocketException: Network is unreachable" I am on 1.11.2 and my other servers are working and I have tried reloading multiple times. Any ideas or help?
  6. Name: Anya Tooke Age: 35 Gender: female Allegiance: none Where do you live: Willow Hollow Do you vow your life and entire essence to Knox?:Aye Do you vow to care for your brothers and sisters who also believe in Knox:Aye
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