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  1. Philip shakes his head at the Kaedrini failure and wonders if he should head there to show them how to properly handle an election, before pushing the thought out of his head and going back to his work within the mighty city of Helena.
  2. Philip Louis, son of Alexander Joseph, sighs that a man his father both despised and respected finally rests, and returns to reality realizing he didn’t deserve such a pitiful end.
  3. Philip Louis sighs deeply before signing the Lorraine, he and Viktoriya preparing their best attire for the funeral.
  4. Philip Louis smiles from his office in Helena, before looking up to his wife-to-be and giving her an approving nod.
  5. MUNICIPAL DECREE OF THE LORD MAYOR OF HELENA, 1769 SECTION I: ON THE COMPOSITION OF THE MUNICIPAL GOVERNMENT OF HELENA Lord Mayor of Helena, Mr. Philip Louis Pruvia-Albarosa City Clerk of Helena, Sir Rylan Swint Undersecretariat to the Office of the Mayor, Miss Viktoria Bennett Undersecretariat to the Office of the City Clerk, Sir Henry Marshal The Office of Housing and Municipal Affairs: Clerk, Aplex Cenobia Clerk, Viktoriya Pruvia-Albarosa Clerk, Alexandria Carrington Clerk, Mary Lucille Carrington Clerk, Grouch Carrington The Livery Council of the City of Helena Master Grouch Carrington, of the Honorable Company of Mercers Master Alexandria Carrington, of the Honorable Company of Vintners, Brewers and Innkeepers Master Porphyre Nicephore, of the Honorable Company of Ironmongers, Blacksmiths and Founders Master Porphrio Roger, of the Honorable Company of Grocers and Cooks Master Fredgar Burrows, of the Honorable Company of Tylers, Bricklayers and Paviors Master Mayan Avern, of the Honorable Company of Barbers and Surgeons Master Eleanora Galbraith, of the Honorable Company of Drapers and Haberdashers Master Viktoriya Pruvia-Albarosa, of the Honorable Company of Thespians and Revelers Master Cardinal Arthur, of the Honorable Company of Scriveners Master Theodore Mane, of the Honorable Company of Publicans SECTION II: ON MUNICIPAL ZONING CLASSIFICATIONS AND TAX AMENDMENTS It is the opinion of my Administration that the lack of proper Zoning Classifications results in cluttered and unauthorized construction, renovations and demolitions. For this reason, the Various Streets, Squares, Districts and Public Accessways will be classified under the following 4 Criteria: MERCANTILE RESIDENTIAL HISTORICAL ESSENTIAL MERCANTILE: Areas deemed to fall under criteria of ‘Mercantile’ will be afforded the following Rights, Protections, and Restrictions: Properties and Areas deemed to be of ‘Mercantile Usage’ will be Granted a Tax Bracket of no more than D, in an effort to allow for all to have the opportunity to display, vend and trade their fine wares. Properties will have no more than 2 Displays of Goods ((Chest/Item Shops)) Stalls and Carts are NOT classed as Mercantile, allowing for more item displays to be used. This in an effort to push for active shops within our great city, not buildings stocked with vendor-free displays. Areas Directly Affected: ALL SHOPS WITHIN HELENA, Regardless of Location. Failure to meet these requirements will result in a Single Warning, Issued with a Fine for Negligence. If the issue persists, the building in question will be evicted. *Mercantile areas must be sufficiently manned and occupied, failure to to man, neglect of the property or overall failure of the business to garner use can result in eviction at the discretion of the city government.* RESIDENTIAL: Areas Zoned as Residential will not be renovated EXCEPT within the walls of a building, not the exterior, unless given proper permission. Cannot be resold without permission or clerk oversight. Cannot be rented. ESSENTIAL: Properties owned, managed or protected by the Crown of the Holy Orenian Empire, or the Church of the Canon Any Governmental Buildings, Garrisons and Barracks of Imperial Soldiery, Public Spaces and the Basilica. All will be granted unlimited and permanent tax exemptions. HISTORICAL: Properties deemed to be of Historical Importance to the City will be granted a permanent tax exemption, pending confirmation by the Offices of the Lord Mayor AND the City Clerk. May be Granted and Removed as needed through Edict of the Secretary of the Interior SECTION III: REMEMBERING OUR PAST: ‘THE FALLEN’ In recognition that many of our Brothers and Sisters have fallen on the field of battle for the protection of their homeland and values, and that their sacrifice allows for us today to enjoy the liberties and protections that they fought bravely to secure: I, Philip Louis, Mayor of Helena, Do hereby ORDER the construction of a Monument to the Fallen, to be erected within the next 2 Years, and be presented to the People of our Grandiose Empire in a solemn Day of Remembrance of those who died so that we might live. IN NOMINE DEI:
  6. Philip Louis is handed the pamphlet by a City Courier, opening it immediately. Upon further inspection, he smiles that his fiancée’s hard work will at long last bring back the boxing tournaments. He puts the paper in this coat pocket, leaving the documents he had been working on open on his desk, as he heads home to congratulate Viktoriya.
  7. “Information I didn't know I needed but beneficial none the less” says Philip
  8. Philip Louis mourns the death of his Cousin silently from his office within Helena. He sends word to his brothers, uncle, nephews and nieces informing them of his disposition to assist in the funeral preparations. He signs the Lorraine, saying a silent prayer as he looks upward, confident she looks down on her family from the Seven.
  9. Delivered at Varoche Hall, in the presence of Concerned Citizens, Soldiers, Clergy, Livery Members and Public Servants. Throughout one’s tenure in any public office, one is granted the opportunity to reflect on the simplicities of life and enjoy one’s time on GOD’s earth. We, as mortals, will never cease to err and can not be expected to act favorably toward a single idealistic point of view. To act for the benefit of all, one must view, as they say, the larger picture: while we debate and act one way, there will always be those that are cast aside and forgotten. My sympathies and respect are extended to you, the forgotten members of our society. You are the backbone of our great empire, without you, the buildings we congregate in and the wigs we wear have no meaning! Throughout the past weeks, I’ve sought not endorsements nor donations by one single party, but rather choose to, for the first time in Helena’s great history, run as a nonpartisan, to not favor one ideology over another. I don’t intend on making promises that will be overlooked, but I do intend on doing my absolute best to ensure all of us, rich and poor, noble and peasant, senator and serf, have the opportunity to be represented in your government, not as foes, but as allies - allies in a fight we wage amongst ourselves over and over again. To the Josephite and Everardine Parties, I offer you this, so that you too might have a voice in the day-to-day dealings of the Office of the Mayor of Helena. One representative, both of which will serve as advisors to myself, to bring to me the opinions of your parties regarding the great Ruby of Humanity we call our home. To the Masters of the Livery Companies, I hereby order you to fulfill your duties and meet annually to present, debate, and enact legislation pertinent to our citizenry and our city. Failure to fulfill the duties you have been entrusted to will result in your company having the authority to vote on a new Master, to take the place of the inept seat holder. To the citizens of Helena, I ask that you voice your concerns loud and frequently, so that they no longer fall on deaf ears of those who promise you change and never bring it. As your Mayor, I swear to you that I will listen and act on your wishes alone, not mine. My service is, always has been, and always will be for the people I serve. For the Good of Helena, Our Empire, and Our Future. Your City. Your Voice. Your Mayor. Signed, Philip Louis of Helena
  10. I personally handled the situation and asked the Ministry of Justice to oversee, months after my initial investigation and action on the issue of Edwin Jarvis. I wouldve charged him myself, but I respect the law and acted properly, so please don't attempt to take credit for what myself and the city worked tirelessly to fix. Jarvis was not the only one.
  11. Philip nods as he reads the paper, acknowledging that all should present their ideas so that those in power might act on them, together. He does, however, pen a response to the the writer, correcting the inaccurate information. “Manning gates is the duty of the ISA, and ultimately the General. The hospital is under the jurisdiction of the Surgeon General, might want to reach out and address concerns rather than bash them on a public poster board. Subletting is banned to protect our citizens while we find a solution to deal with predatory landlords. First year in a home is tax free. After 2 years of unpaid tax, THEN an eviction is ordered, only after the homeowner has been made aware of the owed tax debt. An expansion is already planned for middle and low income housing, any already serving in the City Government would have known we are always concerned that we have places to house new citizens. A Livery Market and festival is being planned, so that they may present and display their works and goods. The State Store being run by the Treasury has begun giving jobs to those in need of them, and buying goods at fair rates to help their businesses grow. The school is in the works, being implemented by the House of Commons”
  12. Philip Pruvia submits his votes: On the Confirmation of Lauritz: NAY On the Infractions Act: AYE On the Ministry of Education Act: NAY
  13. Philip Louis Pruvia submits his absentee ballot for the 15th Diet. Nonpartisan Courts Act: AYE de Falstaff Confirmation: NAY
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