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  1. Doggedwasupxxx

    Passing on.

    Audemar cries, “Gone too soon!”
  2. Doggedwasupxxx


    Application Name/(OOC Name): Audemar the Ginger Age: 5 Race: Highlander Residence: The streets of Reza
  3. Doggedwasupxxx

    Nikolaus Kortrevich

    Odo wonders why he isn’t mentioned.
  4. Doggedwasupxxx

    Rezian Citizens Act

    Mcname: Doggedwasupxxx IC Name: Jakob Marius Ludovar Residancy/ Street name, number: Ludovar Manor Class/ Title: Noble, Prince/Duke
  5. Doggedwasupxxx

    The Union of a Crow and an Eagle

    The Union of a Crow and an Eagle The newlywed couple sits amongst their guests at a post-wedding feast with the lavish Ludovar Manor. A Ludovar Wedding, Circa. 1703 * Fliers are posted around the Royal City of Markev and The Duchy of Kvasz, and doves leave notes around to any citizens they see. * Herzen Jakob Marius Ludovar will be united with Lady Elisabeth Preussens of Österland. All are invited to the wedding at the Cathedral of Saint Otto. A reception will be held after in the Ludovar manor. All are welcome to enjoy themselves. After the feast is over the newly wed couple will hold a court for those who need financial need or have inquires about betrothment to a Ludovar man or woman.
  6. Doggedwasupxxx

    The Theodosian Imperial Academy

    Student application IGN: Doggedwasupxxx RP Name: Jakob Marius Ludovar Discord: You have it 🙂 First Option: Imperial Governance Second Option: Realm History Third Option: Racial and Natural Biology Fourth Option: Physical Education 
  7. Doggedwasupxxx

    Liturgy of the Final Revelation

    Jakob Ludovar shuffles about to get the free food at the feast!
  8. Doggedwasupxxx

    Bjolfr Nord For Maer, 1694

    Jakob Marius Ludovar nods from the crowd, “I support this man.”
  9. Doggedwasupxxx


    ROLEPLAY Name: Jakob Marius Ludovar Age: 16 Race: Human Status of Blood (Nobility, Gentry, Commoner): Nobility Past Labor Experience: Worked in the Tavern Past Military Experience: N/A Place of Residence: Ludovar Manor OOC Username: Doggedwasupxxx Discord: Dogged #8148
  10. Doggedwasupxxx

    The Grand Reopening of Arbor

    Jacques de Castille smiles as his family was invited “Very good.”
  11. Doggedwasupxxx

    [Denied][W] EternalSaturn's Game Moderator Application

    YES +1000
  12. Doggedwasupxxx

    Fimlin's Dwarf Videos 2013-2017

    im in one of those!