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  1. Jacques de Savin marks the date on his calendar showing his father with a smile.
  2. Jakob Ludovar frowns as he reads the parchment, “Other friend dead.”
  3. The Tub and Tuck want you to work for them! The Tub and Tuck is located at Reza Avenue. The wage is the best in Arcas as well and to top it all off we even have the best drinks. To apply for a job contact Ser Rodrik Kortrevich (Milenkhov) or Audemar Macdonough (Doggedwasupxxx). Workers! Isaak Macdonough (Blake0205) Ser Rodrik (Milenkhov) Sarah Kortrevich (Sawona) Grindo Wicks (OWOBigDaddy) Butch (Zanthuz)
  4. Audemar cries, “Gone too soon!”
  5. Application Name/(OOC Name): Audemar the Ginger Age: 5 Race: Highlander Residence: The streets of Reza
  6. Odo wonders why he isn’t mentioned.
  7. Mcname: Doggedwasupxxx IC Name: Jakob Marius Ludovar Residancy/ Street name, number: Ludovar Manor Class/ Title: Noble, Prince/Duke
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