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  1. Doggedwasupxxx

    Red gets elfen malaria and retires

    Chump=Merchant God
  2. Doggedwasupxxx

    The Golden Crown Tavern Hiring!

    Accepted send a bird to Jacobus Altee to be hired!
  3. Doggedwasupxxx

    Nominations for the Municipal Election, 1678

    Jacobus Altee nominates himself with a smile "I shall run for a better Markev." Jacob would say to himself. The boy soon runs back to the Barony of Ihirion to inform his father of his decision. On the way to his fathers keep, he recites his speech, "I, Jacobus Altee of House Enthelor hereby run for Maer of Markev! I will fight for your taxes, for your rights, and a better tavern for all! I will make sure everyone has work in the city and can support their families with mina and food. I am the best candidate because I will fight for you unlike the others. " Jacobus would stand tall pretending he is talking to a large crowd in the city square of Markev.
  4. Doggedwasupxxx

    The Golden Crown Tavern Hiring!

  5. Doggedwasupxxx

    Fimlin's Dwarf Videos 2013-2017

    im in one of those!
  6. Doggedwasupxxx

    Bring back Temp Creative

  7. Doggedwasupxxx

    The Golden Crown Tavern Hiring!

    The Golden Crown Tavern Help Wanted! The Golden Crown wants you to work for them! It is located in Markev and it is owned and operated by House Enthelor & Atlasian Merchants Collective. If you wish to talk with the owners directly send a bird to Jacobus Altee or Red (Doggedwasupxxx or Chumpchump). The wage is the best in all of Atlas and we have the best drinks in all of Haense! To receive a job contact the owners or fill this convenient application down below. Seeking Cooks and Bartenders. Application (OOC) MC Name: Discord: Are you active?: (RP) Name: Age ( Must be 13 years or older!): Past Experience?: Why do you wish to work for the Tavern?:
  8. Doggedwasupxxx

    Tournament of Haense, 1674

    Roleplay: Name: Jacobus Altee Age: 11 Title(s): None Combat contest, 1vs1(Yes/No:) Yes Archery contes(Yes/No): Yes Combat contest(Yes/No): No Fellow team members: OOC: MC Name: Doggedwasupxxx Your discord if you have one: You got it
  9. Doggedwasupxxx

    [Denied][I] Americuck's Game Moderator Application

    good mannn +1
  10. love your rep count ❤️