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  1. Lord James Fredrick de Ravensbourg smiles as he recieves the poem. “I knew he was still kickin’.”
  2. James Sigismund cringes, “Damn.”
  3. Lord James de Ravensbourg signs the document with a swift nod, “Ave Curonia, Ave Ravensburg!”
  4. James de Ravensbourg approves this message.
  5. Edict of Titular Formation By the grace of GOD, the young Lord, James de Ravensburg, declares his state, the County of Ravensburg, and its promulgation. This state shall be independent and owing homage to none but GOD himself. A free place, practicing in tolerance of religion and belief, persecuting none and seeking only to progress the welfare of its own people and that of humanity. The title shall be succeeded by the firstborn son of the Count, through agnatic-primogeniture succession. The County of Ravensburg maintains neutrality in all ongoing conflicts. In an effort to foster positive relations with all the world’s nations, the County invites emissaries to attend the court. In nomine de, James de Ravensburg, Count of Ravensburg
  6. Jacques de Savin looks to Arno Bolivar with a frown.
  7. “What?” Jakob Marius Ludovar comments under his breathe flipping through his stack of parments.
  8. “Who’s this again?” Comments a lone mercanary after hearing the news.
  9. Jacques de Savin marks the date on his calendar showing his father with a smile.
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