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  1. Aleksandr Ludovar approves this message.
  2. epic content bro, post more !
  3. Alexander Ludovar marks the date down in his calendar.
  4. The young boy reads the note his mouth dropping. “Lies.”
  5. u joined in 2019, what?
  6. The Court of Sedan The Small Council Baron-in-Council Robert Louis de Joannes (Doggedwasupxxx) Regent The office of sovereign besides when opposing the will of the Baron, until such a time the Baron is of age to retain the full responsibilities of his office. Chamberlain (Empty) The office that operates as the hand of the Baron’s will, speaking for him and acting as his second in all matters of state. Marshal (aiden0023) The Marshal is the general of the Sedan Watch and handles all matters of defense. In times of war, he leads the armies of the Barony alongside the Baron in battle. Magistrate (Empty) The office of law, and supreme justice. Scribes law for the Baron’s approval, and enacts and organizes trials and suits in the name of the Barony. Steward The office by which the demesne of the Baron are upkept. Taxation and construction fall under the steward’s perview. There can be multiple stewards, reporting directly to the Chamberlain. Courtly Titles Seneschal Responsible for the administration of the Castle of Beauclair and its courtly affairs and lodgings. Master of Horse The office of the keeper, breeder and trainer of Sedan’s horses. Master of the Hunt Responsible for the maintenance of the wildlife encroachment, such as wolves, in the surrounding area. Court Chaplain A priest assigned to the confessor to the court, as well as the court’s caretaker of spiritual wellbeing.
  7. Robert approves this message.
  8. Robert smiles as he marks the date on his calendar. “Atleast there is some light in this time of darkness.”
  9. James Sigismund cringes, “Damn.”
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