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  1. Zander Kazlov looked over Guise from atop Mount Saint Catherine, watching the men of Kaedrin retake the land with a tear in his eye. His grandfather Boris and uncle Sviato once called Guise home until the War of the Two Emperors destroyed the Kazlov family. Now, home was beckoning them back...Zander kisses his son Boris II on the forehead and weeps with joy. The homeland reclaimed. Crow sing cvckolde from de trap.
  2. “O’Godani, da bolls on Cesarina!” boris II stood there with his mouth agape, shocked!
  3. “Deny da elfski, da...” Boris II cracks an empty bottle once full of Carrion Black against the Jolly Boar Tavern’s table, ready to shank whoever next calls him llir...
  4. Boris Kazlov attempts to drop an escape rope from the Seven Skies into the mortal plane of Arcas to join his Vesnian Brethren in freeing his homeland. “Da da! make remove of preggo bandit free Kazlov estate make returun of Savoyard Dog Guise at least he better than pinko bandit daa.”
  5. [!] The curse of single Sviato passes on to Antony.
  6. niet make remove of my forum posts wtf!?

  7. inter blood set gang war 


  8. “Ves NIET go back to Renatus yam burn wife again!” boris shouts at the response
  9. boris’ adopted farfolk gupta loses his fat reserves and dies from starvation at the hands of cruel renatian tax burden. boris buries gupta in the snow and prays for liberation
  10. Boris locks himself up in his meat cellar and wraps tinfoil over his receding hairline and around his head.
  11. “whole generation of humanity will now know snelfski as ‘mali’friend’,” says boris to himself “wow”
  12. “Am put fist in your face Curonia!” boris shouts at the top of his lungs
  13. “Keep yam bloody hands off stash! Bozo Marius!” boris shouts at marius loudly
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