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bad and brayboujee

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    "******* facts," says charles augustus horen, somewhere at some time.
  2. real nibba hour music



  3. [Denied] [Trial]DrPhil Trial Application

    while PapiPollo exhibits 'memey' behavior which could be construed either two ways depending on the lens of focus, behind this is maturity she may tap into at a moment's notice. With that said, she's a prime individual who I believe could invest her all if she's driven towards it and isn't afraid to speak up for change. work a bit on attractive formatting sweetie pie, u have it in u. +1
  4. [Denied]6xdestroyers GM-- Post-Post-Post Forum Cleaning-- App

    he's a good, selfless individual who I believe has the server's best interests at heart. it's a yes from me.