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  1. It's ALIVE!

    I'm home again.
  2. "Did they think anybody would want to visit their forsaken city in the first place?" commented a Druid after having read the flier. "Damned Fenn, always thinking they're relevant."
  3. An Open Letter to Heial Vientos

    "Why not just send a normal letter? Honestly, all of these people are damned idiots." commented a druid, crumpling up the letter and tossing it to the side. "I'm going to have to talk to the Archdruids about Azoth being a Dedicant, if he's getting involved in **** like this."
  4. 6.1d: No brakes on the Hain Train

    My soulbinds are finally back. Thank you devs you're the best.
  5. [Accepted] [UPDATED] Lumiin's AT Application

    I'm of the opinion that the AT would be doing themselves a service, by taking on Lumii. You folk need people that go out of their way to help people, especially the new players. Judging by my interactions with him, he's a very genuine person who cares about everyone else enjoying themselves. Just go ahead and do it. +1
  6. [Accepted] [MT] outback man tries magic

    Yes please.
  7. Simple Request for GM Transparency

    What dogbew said.
  8. LoTC Tiny Towns Project

    This is amazing! The renders are beautiful, I was so happy to see the Druids and the Dominion on here. I'm excited to see what comes next!
  9. While I'm worried about something like this making you leave the server, you'd do well. And ******* hell we need GMs who have some goddamn backbone, you'll certainly fit that. In short, yeah he has my support.
  10. Guardian Spirits of the Realm of the Fae

    Certainly has my full support. For anyone who thinks soul trees are an endgame, you're wrong. This is an endgame, and probably one of the most interesting ones I've ever had the pleasure of reading.
  11. What is wrong with magic?

    This. This is exactly my thoughts on all of this. All this talk of endgames being powercreeps and all this bullshit? I'm not just against getting rid of these things because I play character with one, perhaps that does factor into it, but there's more there. It's detrimental taking things like that away, it really is. That and most of us undergame it all to hell, and should for that matter, at least in terms of combat roleplay. In the end, the problem is the magic community playerbase. I don't know what to suggest, but something needs to be done about how shitty the magic community can be to RP with. Be willing to ******* lose a fight, jesus ******* christ people. Remember that we're supposed to be promoting fun for all parties involved. It's simple, really.
  12. Soulbinding?!

    Yeah I'm pretty ******* sick of waiting
  13. soulbinds when

  14. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    hahahaha good luck