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  1. Corvoo

    [Denied][I] Cornivore's Game Moderator Application

    You'll be contacted for an interview shortly.
  2. Corvoo

    Project Danehammer.

  3. I forgot to post here. Oops. Applicant interviewed.
  4. Corvoo

    Greentag Turned Red

  5. you'd be crazy to deny divine tbh
  6. Corvoo

    [✗] [Server] Privet Ban Appeal

    Apologies for my previous response, for those who seen it. I misread the ban message. Your ban is for three months, you may appeal 7/25/18. With that, appeal denied. - Corvoo
  7. Expect a discord friend request shortly. I'll be tending to your interview.
  8. Corvoo

    [Denied][W] dogbew's Game Moderator Application

    You'll receive a discord friend invite shortly. Accept when you're available, and I'll see to your interview.
  9. Corvoo

    [✓] [Server] MinionManXD Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. I extend this kindness with faith that you'll refrain from breaking any rules in the future, as well as follow the community guidelines closely. I'll be watching. I hope you've had time to think about everything, and that you enjoy your time on the server. - Corvoo
  10. Interviewed.
  11. Better dead than red. Apply for GM today!

  12. You'll be contacted shortly for an interview. Please accept my friend request on Discord.
  13. Corvoo

    The Settlement Of Mya'Magara

    (( Loving the builds here! Expect a post later on for one of my characters. ?