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  1. Corvoo

    Art raffle >:D

    I’ll take three.
  2. Muildir signs the charter, though what was left on the parchment was more akin to chicken scratches. “May the Aspects guide us.” he murmured softly
  3. Corvoo

    almost 4 year AMA

    Favorite Aspect? What’s the best ice cream flavor? Pineapple or no pineapple on pizza? Is Dr. Pepper good? Is it milk or melk? Can I get an uwu?
  4. Corvoo

    Returning to Roots

    Can’t say I ever had the chance to meet you, but I hope that your life is filled with amazing experiences, wherever it takes you. Stay safe out there, friend.
  5. Corvoo

    Change LOOC time

    it’s annoying as **** and was an absolutely terrible decision, revert it.
  6. Alexandre signs the charter. On a side note, posting this signature because this player can’t get into his forum account, and instead figured a screenshot with his consent was sufficient. https://gyazo.com/de670fef8a611d4a9d2c517a068d8d7c
  7. amazing. not even specific rules and info out for crucial parts of the server, 1 mod on with 200+ players online. don’t get me started on the tile system, either. wtf happened to staff

    1. sophiaa


      **** em up sis

    2. w_ill


      sTaFF MErgES

    3. Fireheart


      Hey Corvoo, is there a certain piece of assistance you weren’t able to receive? I checked your modreq submissions and the last one was March 5th at 15:02 UTC. If you need help with something pm me!

  8. Corvoo

    Update Regarding Map Transition

    It happens, I hope your exams went well and everything!
  9. Corvoo

    For some it was long awaited

    See ya, dude. Be safe!
  10. mistakes were made, eh?

  11. Corvoo

    Persona Database Cleanse

    Yeah you guys have the proper lore, that much is clear. Seems weird, taking away a subrace, when the LT are the ones who approved the subrace in the first place. On another note, my character isn’t a wood elf. Now my subrace is wood elf. Mods apparently don’t have the command to fix this. You guys made a mess. Clean it up.
  12. Corvoo

    Persona Database Cleanse

    I don’t really have an opinion on the whole subrace vs culture thing. But if getting land means you’re considered a subrace, then ‘mother grove druid’ would be a race. Obviously that’s wrong. That argument seems pretty invalid. Regardless, hopefully this all gets sorted out sooner, rather than later. Never good to see part of the playerbase unhappy.
  13. Corvoo

    Druidic Moot Guidelines

    “More questionable decisions...” An old Hierophant remarked after reading the notice. “Perhaps it’s finally time...”
  14. Corvoo

    [Denied][I] Cornivore's Game Moderator Application

    You'll be contacted for an interview shortly.
  15. Corvoo

    Project Danehammer.