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  1. Corvoo

    Art raffle >:D

    I’ll take three.
  2. Favorite Aspect? What’s the best ice cream flavor? Pineapple or no pineapple on pizza? Is Dr. Pepper good? Is it milk or melk? Can I get an uwu?
  3. Can’t say I ever had the chance to meet you, but I hope that your life is filled with amazing experiences, wherever it takes you. Stay safe out there, friend.
  4. I like this, surprised it wasn’t already a thing actually. Can’t really think of any reasons it should be denied.
  5. mistakes were made, eh?

  6. “More questionable decisions...” An old Hierophant remarked after reading the notice. “Perhaps it’s finally time...”
  7. do you follow the community guidelines, Darian?

    1. Corvoo


      i am good boy

  8. Flambo and Loriens both express my views, as they stand now.
  9. Super glad something like this was finally posted by someone. It has my full support, as a soul tree player. Thanks, Sky.
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