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  1. Corvoo

    [Denied][I] Cornivore's Game Moderator Application

    You'll be contacted for an interview shortly.
  2. Corvoo

    Project Danehammer.

  3. I forgot to post here. Oops. Applicant interviewed.
  4. Corvoo

    Greentag Turned Red

  5. you'd be crazy to deny divine tbh
  6. Corvoo

    [✗] [Server] Privet Ban Appeal

    Apologies for my previous response, for those who seen it. I misread the ban message. Your ban is for three months, you may appeal 7/25/18. With that, appeal denied. - Corvoo
  7. Expect a discord friend request shortly. I'll be tending to your interview.
  8. Corvoo

    [Denied][W] dogbew's Game Moderator Application

    You'll receive a discord friend invite shortly. Accept when you're available, and I'll see to your interview.
  9. Corvoo

    [✓] [Server] MinionManXD Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. I extend this kindness with faith that you'll refrain from breaking any rules in the future, as well as follow the community guidelines closely. I'll be watching. I hope you've had time to think about everything, and that you enjoy your time on the server. - Corvoo
  10. You'll be contacted shortly for an interview. Please accept my friend request on Discord.
  11. Corvoo

    [Accepted] Bee's Application Team Application

    Obvious choice and we all know it. I believe the AT will benefit from Jollybee a ton! +1
  12. Corvoo

    The New Forums & The Future Forums - an Inquiry

    Edit: I've changed my mind. I hate change, but things are better now. I approve.
  13. Corvoo

    [✗]Treachery Most Foul