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  1. KINGDOM OF HANSETI-RUSKA Mandate of Chivalric Reform, 1672 _______________________________________________________________________ PREAMBLE Heed thou, men of Haense In enactment of his Royal Majesty, Sigmar Lothar I - all venerated in name as a Knight of Hanseti-Ruska are hereby called upon in resignation of their most honorable livelihood; to adjure only the highest of order, affirmations shall be expected and predisposed when declared. Therein, does the Knight Paramount implore Hansetic nobility to dedicate their second and third-born sons to attain squireship and bring honor to their household name. Blessed be those in protection and providence of our great, pious lands. ________________________________________________________________________ DEGREES First Degree - Knight Paramount The appointed authority upon those befelling lower status; overseeing ceremony, administration and ensuring exemplary service amongst lesser Knights of the southern Sleetfells.The Knight Paramount serves in the following: recording accolades, dates and granted epithets which are catalogued within the Chivalric Codex for the realm’s servicing and retired Knighthood. Second Degree - Crown Knight Crown Knights are landed, prestigious knights ceremoniously induced to the Kingdom with a fief to their name. Affording the right to bear an epithet, Crown Knights style themselves to which defines their Knighthood be it adjective, monicker, or origin at the discretion of the Knight Paramount and Crown. Third Degree - Knight-Errant Knight-Errants are landless knights, forgoing their nature of a lifestyle bound to a fiefdom in-lieu directly to their Crown monarch, roaming the Sleetfells in search of what shall define their Knighthood. Common, Gentry-born, or those recently Knighted typically hold this degree due to the fact that not all may acquire the favor of noblemen or the status to their names. Knight-Errants warrant the ability to groom a young lad through squireship at the Knight Paramount’s discretion. ________________________________________________________ NOVITIATE [14-21] - Squire Squires are young men chosen for their promising aptitude or blood to fill the boots of a Knight’s assistant. They are during this time no more than a shadow, plucked at the age of fourteen until twenty-one, where they may attain the status they have long since strived for. During this duration, they hold no tangible authority or rights. In contrast to years before as a Page, they will be taught more practical and theoretical learnings, such as battlefield tactic, chivalry, piety, horsemanship and swordsmanship. [8-14] - Page Starting on the path to Knighthood begins with the lowly page as an adolescent, beginning from the ages of eight up unto fourteen. Pages are tasked with menial household tasks such as messaging, cleaning and to a lesser extent, swordplay. In return, receiving education which shall enlighten them on the canon, court etiquette, and mannerisms. Exemplary service in light of the seven and GOD above, exonerated forever. ________________________________________________________________________ CHIVALRIC DICTATUM ________________________________________________________________________ AMBROSIAN INSCRIBES 1672 Affairs of Knightly Ethic On the affairs of Knightly Conduct, is for one to be an educated, faithful servant of the Kingdom, engrossed with cultural recognition. Crown Knights are to be intelligible with realm affairs, standings, and proper styles accredited to nobility. For any Knight, is to adhere to the Chivalric Dictatum, safeguarding honor against those who may slight it, no matter for if it is their own or not. This is paramount in presence of women, no matter their blood. Knights of Hanseti-Ruska are to embody virtue, deterring the compulsions of gluttony and excessive indulgence. Measures to temper intoxication are to be made, avoiding the hindrance it sets upon mind. Precedent and example is what it means to be a Knight, knowing to adorn oneself in what inspires pride or meaning, trendsetting for fashionable attire. Upon the rebuff of honor by another Knight, they are to first settle their issues by word before sword. If at this point there is a lack of amends, they will initiate a duel for honor. Duels endure until a Knight forfeits or succumb to their wounds. This is to be conducted in appropriate lodgings or outside Markev altogether, any less results in reprimand. Affairs of Interrelation and Foundation With the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska fostering a myriad of levies, it raises the question for what a Knight is to do. There will be limitations and conditions for a Knight and their liege. A.) Knights will remain distinct in nature yet afford a sense of independence, granting them the privilege to align with a specific house, or banner, yet their loyalty remains to the highest stratum: to Crown and Country opposed to head of house, as per oath. B.) Interrelational associations of Knight’s varying in Degree shall first be approved by the Knight Paramount or reigning monarch. Knights may be afforded a spouse through the direct means of courting one equal to Gentry-born or lesser, bearing their own children into paternal name. Knighthood is not hereditary, however owned fiefs will be inherited by the eldest male of the progeny. On the bleak event of the Knight Paramount’s resignation by age, illness or death; Paramount-apparents are selected from a pool of servicing Crown Knights at the behest of the ruling monarch. Women which exceed and surpass their male counterpart in every aspect may attain the honorific of ‘Dame’ equating to Crown Knight. Affairs of Squirehood Eligible squires shall be pulled solely from a pool of Hanseti-Ruskan gentry and noblemen. Once a Ser has chosen an eligible squire, chiefly those second and third-born, they are brought to the Knight Paramount for inspection if they have not already for Pagehood. Squires shall not be tutored by those of direct paternal lineage, and in the scenario a Knight is unable to find a Squire having after expressed it, they may be assigned one. From the moment one induces themselves into Squirehood, they are closely observed for seven years until it is decided they have mastered their art and is prepared for final examination. At this point, they are to exhibit their learnings and debut prefaced proficiency to earn their induction ceremony. Affairs of Grievance In the event that a Knight has committed an irrevocable slight, tainting his status as a Knight is a bleak day. Stripped of their regalia and condemned, a Knight has little option but to conform and repent. At this point, they will be tasked with a quest to repair their sullied reputation and return to the grace’s they once held. If another ill grievance occurs in this Knight’s lifetime, they will swiftly be removed of any titles, fiefdoms, and condemned, shunned publically for their doings. Should their infraction be substantial, the option of banishment is not out of question nor execution on circumstance. ________________________________________________________________________ OATH On the most eventful occasion a Squire or commoner performs heroic exploit or serves through their Squireship, ceremoniously they shall initiate the rite into Knighthood, sworn by oath. ________________________________________________________________________ DIRECTORY OF THE KNIGHTED Knight Paramount 1. Ser Ambroise Grimaldi, Baron of Ambrosia, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska. Crown Knights Knight-Errants 1. Ser Christholf de Ruyter, Lord of Loire. ________________________________________________________ REAFFIRMATIONS Reaffirm thy Knighthood to His Royal Majesty, Sigmar Lothar I posthaste, thou venerated Knights of yore, heed your summons to Krepost immediately. Name: (inc. House): Age: Knighted by: Date of Knighting: Accolade of Knighting: Are you willing to reaffirm your oath and fealty to King and Country?: ________________________________________________________________________ IV JOVEO MAAN, Signed, His Lordship, Ambroise Augustine of the House of Grimaldi, Baron of Ambrosia, Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska His Majesty the King Sigmar Lothar I of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Hetman of the Army, Prince of Dules, Lahy, Sorbesborg and Slesvik, Grand Duke of Vanderfell, Duke of Akovia, Krajia and Aldersburg, Margrave of Rothswald and Adria, Count of Karikhov, Baranya, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, and Kaunas, Viscount of Alamar, Baron of Vsenk, Valwyk, Rostig, Esenstadt, Krepost and Kralta, Lord of the Westfolk, Lord of Markev, Protector of the Highlanders, etcetera ((thanks to Icarnus for writing & editing JuliusAakerlund for proofing Niccum for formatting))
  2. B

    Old World Blues RP Thread

    For nearly a century had those dwelling in the canyons of Oregon been blessed with the G.E.C.K, transforming irradiated wastes into a flourishing, verdant land of flora. Arroyo, situated cozily with a singular entry way beyond the pass of a gorge, quickly became a regional powerhouse at the behest of the Chosen One, an enigmatic figure which not one truly knows. All that is known is that the sprawling industry of Arroyo is growing, on par with that of a modern-day city should the nukes not of wiped civilization. Made clear their intentions, Arroyo has voiced their appeal towards the like minded cause of the NCR Alliance, however subjects none of their standing military to traversing beyond their home borders. Instead, they patrol their borders and garrison New Arroyo itself, acting as a pseudo-policeforce to wade off crime. With having become part of the larger NCR sphere of influence, Arroyo has implemented the NCR notes and coins, viewing bottlecaps a thing of tribalism and a long ago past. With that having been done, bottlecaps are promptly converted to notes for paying leisure. New Arroyo, depicted 2277 ACTIONS - In conjunction with the NCR's infrastructure plans, Arroyo dedicates a handful of state-paid men to repairing the highways, alleviating any outstanding holes which would hinder the transportation of product, armour, supply and men itself into both Vault City and the NCR. [Mod] Arroyo opens communication channels with Vault City, conducting diplomacy via letters. [@Hanrahan] With the ideological similarities to their northern counterparts, Klamath and Issquah, Arroyo Ambassadors seek to conduct and open communication channels to discuss the state of their sovereign nations. The Chosen One had always been a light of life to Klamath, Issquah a more distant however still, regional trade partner. Klamath only a few kilometers away, Arroyo Ambassadors bring up the subject of integrating Klamath as a, autonomous town beneath their protection, which would allow them to remain as they always have been- only under Arroyo. [Mod] With agriculture never having been a problem due to their history with the G.E.C.K, Arroyo grants itself the privilege to focus purely on industry, repairing what remains hindered and damaged. Efforts have been made to repair an inactive APC, hoping to restore it to a functional order. [Mod] Sights are set on the Pacific, Arroyon seafarers peering out into the endless body of radiation green. Primitive shipyards produce just as primitive boats, boarded by men who would venture into the ocean and return with their findings; headed northbound towards the vicinity of Washington State. [Mod]
  3. application faction: arroyo discord: brayden#8637
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    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    feedback noted
  6. when is staff going to clean up all these freebuilds I've seen inactive for the past 2 months .. 

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      you can modreq to have an activity check placed down; and if the activity check is failed they will be dealt with.

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      there's plenty of signs placed, some dating back into mid may, and nothing has been done about it. just a lot of builds with inactive owners still. 

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      if you find any freebuilds past their activity check, modreq, and we will either clean them up ourselves or pass them on to the world devs

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    Stop adding money sinks

    only good moneysink is lc moneysink 😕
  9. waiting for someone  to post a sick pvp montage where they actually lose instead. never happens. 

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      i respect that lol bt as of rn it's all a matter of pride between those doing it

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      I want DPM back.

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    The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    Minecraft Name: brayylmaoski Discord: brayylmaoski#8637 Name: valen Race: tree elf Age: 94 Previous Martial Experience: yes
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    ur soc  cute ! ws

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  12. New Players aren't the problem, your elitist attitude and refusal to help anyone that you deem bellow you, is the problem. 👏 

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      Come to Santegia, we're always taking in new players yyyyyyyyyyyyyEAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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    The Final Call

    "good guys" says a one ambroise as he fattens on his farm
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    The Wilven Order

    MC Name: brayylmaoski Character Name: Leo / Human. Age: 23 Why are you pursuing the route of Monkhood?: For many, with myself not serving exception in past days, Atlas can be an especially confusing place to those previously unacquainted with the lands. Understanding where one is to go is especially paramount for any wandering soul, to fulfill unfounded confusion and acquire relations. This alone can be achieved solely on one's own initiative, but pursuing further with the Wilven Order will bring similar virtuous minds alike, to achieve a common goal together. Which sect do you wish to join?: I wish to become a servant of Tariel, following the path of Stars, guiding those lost and unsure. Do you agree to abide by the three laws of the Triumvirate?: Without any doubt in mind.