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  1. https://imgur.com/a/sFsFwVr
  2. Who's that bald headed man in the top right of ur picture?
  3. "That is vyr first cousin." Andrezj commented.
  4. _________________________________________ A MATTER of SAINT ARPAD CONCERNING HIS RECOGNITION THROUGH THE CANONIST FAITH. A painting depicting Saint Arpad Vsevolod Ivanovich 9th of Sun’s Smile, 1719 ____________________________________________________________________________ [!] This letter would be sent directly to the seat of the Pontiff, intended for the eyes of His Holiness Tylos II. Yet after a number of days the missive would be one of public nature, being received by many church goers and men of cloth alike - offered by hand of courier. ___________________________________________________ Arpad Ivanovich was a man of a pious life. He did no wrong, living a life in the image of GOD as intended by our right faith and scripture. This being so reflected in the blessing bestowed upon him by the indefinite Pontiff, His Holiness Siegmund; elevating the man of faith and GOD, Arpad to the status of Saint within the views of the church. This has gone without issue for many a year, yet it has recently come to my attention that the very Saint Arpad I write in honor of, is no longer defended as a Saint. So this I must offer to you in question. It has long been tradition to defend the honors and status of Sainted peoples, blessed by the Pontiff and touched by GOD. Yet as of recently I realize that such has failed to take place with one Saint that comes to my mind. Why is it that the church no longer defends the title of Saint before the image and name of Arpad Ivanovich? I ask you with utmost respect, His Holiness Tylos II, write back to the keeping of Barrow’s Crossing with due explanation of what I claim - perhaps I am mistaken, and this I hope. The word and proclamation of the most Blessed Siegmund being one many would hope to be respected and upheld, so with this would the Sainting of Arpad be the same? As a descendant of Arpad this worries me greatly, requesting with much respect and adoration of the Church and the seat of His Holiness, Tylos II - would it be so much to remain strong in tradition, the protection of Saints, and the restoration of my forefathers honor within the church, Saint Arpad Ivanovich. For this is a blessing with much reason to be bestowed upon him, I am sure with this not only Arpad, but His Holiness Siegmund, would smile upon you from the Seven Skies. GOD send you, and be blessed in the path you walk. ________________________________________ SIGNED, Andrezj Petyr Barrow, Lord of Barrow’s Crossing Franz Branimar Vladov, Scribe of Barrow’s Crossing
  5. John Ferrymen readies himself
  6. Venoq’s Public Apology I’d like to begin my public forum apology by giving thanks to the Admin team for giving me so many chances to return to the server even if I feel as if these bans shouldn’t have happened. I’ve taken the month to reflect on my time upon the server and realized that I needed to take this copious amount of time away from the server to contemplate and think about the actions that I’ve taken ever since my first permanent ban on Lord of the Craft. But to do that we’d have to take a slight step back into the past into my very first experiences on Lord of the Craft. My experience as a whole, on Lord of the Craft, has been ripe and cluttered with conflict, bans, and an enjoyable time. I embarked on this journey at the young age of 10 going on 11 on the map of Valior and was recruited by Bungo and Alty into the Felsen Watch. Afterward, there was a war (Think it was Eighteen years or some war against Dunamis/Dwarves.) and this is where I saw the true toxicity that occurs on Lord of the Craft. At this adolescent age, I looked up to various people on the server for a role model. Most of these players were proprietors of conflict and toxicity such as DPM (Early Valior), a young Lionbileti, and Icarnus. This is what led me down the path of over 15+ bans and constant infractions. The time away from the server during my permanent ban allowed for me to change as a person to grow and mature, to become a better person and a contributing member to the community as a whole. I’ve been much more chilled and laid back and don’t cause close to as many issues as I did in the past. Many of my most recent bans could have been avoided if I took the proper steps to ensure my safety from another ban. My time on the server has been relentlessly troublesome for moderators that have had to handle situations that include me. I’ve come to realize in recent years that the world isn't against me and instead I need to change my routine and the way I act in different situations. Many players and admins have helped in my reform as a player of the community and I’ve been really trying as a player within our community to better myself and learn to not be so irrational and impulsive. It has been noticeable for many players that I’ve been taking the initiative and been trying to change for the better. I’ve taken a step back from PVPing constantly and now I am trying to provide original and unique roleplay for all players that I come across. I’d like to change the way I act in certain situations and I’ve learned the best way is by assessing the situation and thinking about what I should say and do - step by step. Afterward, if the issue still isn't resolved, I’ve learned to not take matters into my own hands and instead leave it to moderation to solve my problems for me. I full-heartedly apologize for anything I’ve done or have said in the past. In more recent times, it’s been in my best interests to give good and interesting roleplay to any player that I interact with. I’ve provided unique and interesting experiences for players even if it’s through villainy upon the road during the War of Wigs and tried my hardest at giving a pleasant experience to all players that I interacted with. I’ve also been trying to work with some of my friends to provide a community that harbors more of the players known for infamy as they are usually not accepted into many crowds and groups. I’ve been really trying to change for the better and be a positive and contributing member of the community and I sincerely apologize for the way I’ve acted in the past. I was rash, impulsive, and irrational and didn’t think before I did things. Now I’ve taken the time to assess situations and form conclusions on what I should do and many of my issues have been solved by just sending a text to moderation or just entering a modreq for a mod’s assistance on any situation that I may have issues with. I’ve proven that I’ve been trying to assess situations and live by the words I currently type with my most recent ban. During the situation, I took precautions and asked moderation for any questions that remained unanswered, and even if I still received a ban I feel as if I handled the situation with care which is something my younger self probably wouldn’t have done. I’d like to end this little rant with an apology to any player or mod that had to deal with me when I was younger and stupid. I’d like to say I wish to return to the server on a clean slate and prove to all that I truly have changed. Roleplay Standards: Now that I have detailed everything that occurred with my most recent ban - I think we could proceed with talking about my past actions and that way I’ve been carrying myself on the server. It has been in my best interests to create a good roleplay experience with all the players I come across. I have become far less toxic and have been trying my hardest to contribute to the server by providing good roleplay and PVP. If everyone focused on creating good roleplay for other players, the server would have much more players and much more cool and interesting narratives to provide. The Roleplay Quality Standards of the server are very important and highlight these key details that help the server progress with roleplay. If you are a new player and need guidance on how to roleplay better - I’d take a look at the Roleplay Standards posts. It helps you to tell the difference between power gaming and a regular emote. Also, it shows the difference between mediocre and good/descriptive emotes. There are many things you must do to maintain a high-quality roleplay standard and I’ll be highlighting what I think are very important to maintain high-quality roleplay standards within our community. Troll Roleplay and Showing Effort during Roleplay Firstly, this could be one of the most important to keep the server thriving and active. I myself used to have an issue with Troll roleplay as I used it when I had issues with players or tried to make people laugh with low-effort tier emotes. However, it is very important to understand that to have fun and unique roleplay experiences for people you must show effort with your emotes, and as funny as it may be to portray Kermit the frog in Providence it destroys roleplay for everyone involved because it isn’t realistic and destroys the lore n dynamic Lord of the craft is going/known for. Grammar and Word Choice Another important aspect for Lord of the Craft is Grammar and Word Choice. The server is medieval and shows a deep connection to Lord of the Rings and the Real Medieval World. However, it isn’t Lord of the Rings or the real medieval world, and the server has its own interesting and cool deep lore. The word choice that you use is highly important on the server because it keeps the roleplay going and keeps the roleplay realistic and medieval. Having good Grammar is also very important for the server and the players involved in roleplay. Grammar and Word Choice go hand and hand with each other and help to keep roleplay flowing and interesting. Grammar can also make or break a conversation in Roleplay and I have had past experiences when I was a younger kid on the server where it was hard to find roleplay due to me being horrible at spelling and not being able to portray an interesting character. Lastly, I’d like to say Grammar and word choice on Lord of the Craft is very important if you wish to continue to have interesting and unique roleplay. The Difference between a PVP and Roleplay Server It is very important to distinguish the difference between a Roleplay server and a PVP server. Lord of the Craft has always been known to maintain a high roleplay quality standard but much of its conflict would be done through PVP. As it is important to adhere to both the PVP community and Roleplay Community it is crucial that Roleplay is done before PVP can begin and is done right. Roleplay should always be the number one priority for Lord of the Craft and players that are going to embark on their journey should be aware of this. I’ve noticed many of the PVP groups on Lord of the Craft have been recruiting players for various wars from PVP faction servers. I’d like for many players to keep a watchful eye as the server is progressing and becoming far less PVP-oriented than it once was years prior. Recently, I’ve noticed that the server is evolving into something entirely different than it was in 2016-2017, the server can no longer maintain constant banditry upon the roads or PVP every day. Lastly, I’d like to say the server's main focus is Roleplay however you can still get good and fun PVP if you have fun and beneficial roleplay to back it up. Don't take action just call a mod I myself as a player have had this problem for such a long time in my years on Lord of the Craft. It took me quite a while to understand that I shouldn’t take matters into my own hands, instead I should’ve called a mod to handle the situation. Calling a mod to oversee situations or solve issues and provide solutions is far easier than having to write an appeal because you decided to try and take control of the situation instead of looking to staff for help. If you are having any issues with players that are either Powergaming, Metagaming, or breaking any rules just call a moderator to help and solve the problem that arose. Calling mods to solve your issues especially ones that regard roleplay like Powergaming it can help to avoid any larger problems and outstanding issues. I had to learn the hard way just trust in a mod to help you so you don’t end up in situations I was in. Importance of Lore The lore of the server could be considered the most important out of everything I have said so far. Lord of the Craft’s lore has been the reason the server has remained for so long because of its captivating and compelling lore. Its lore plays hand in hand with its success and is the reason Lord of the Craft is the largest roleplaying server running. The reason why lore is so interesting is that it’s created by us, the players. We roleplay every little thing within our wiki the characters, battles, and trials have all been enacted through personas created by players within our community. It is important to keep lore in mind when roleplaying and for newer players making their applications for the server. Our lore differentiates us from every other server and it is unique and special to our server as a whole. All new players should take a read of our lore and understand that we don’t take anything from the medieval world or outside sources except for inspiration for anything. This is key for roleplay to work so you aren’t destroying roleplay by claiming to be King Arthur from Wales. I’d like to say that I’ve handled myself horribly for so many years on the server but in recent months I’ve been really trying to take the initiative to change the perspective that people have of me within our community. I’ll be taking notes from this post so I may continue to contribute to the server and give original and unique roleplay to all players I come across. I’ll be taking notes especially from Don't take action just call a mod so I may remain on the server for more than a month.
  7. Just stop being weird lol. Not you but players
  8. Leufroy Renault, folded his bandana and handed it in.
  9. Leufroy ordered a nurse to tend to his torn ACL "That's outta pocket what they did to you." He said to Edmond "Should never have happened."
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