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  1. Duncan of Kaminus blinks as The Duchess Wilhelmina slammed one of the petitions down on the table in front of him bidding the man for a signature. The hexer then turned his gaze to stare down at the parchment. Upon giving the paper a once-over, he let out a short sigh, grumbling something along the lines of "Dammit, fine." The man pulled out a piece of charcoal and went to scrawl his name.
  2. Duncan of Kaminus would let out a low grumble as he eyed the poster. ”What the hell is this bullshit? Never trained anybody... Age old rivalry?” His face would fall upon reading the line “Best monster hunter known to man.” With that, the man would shake his head turning his back on the flyer. ”Anything for spectators, I guess. Couldn’t even get my damn name right.” After a brief moment, he’d mutter, ”What have I gotten myself into?”
  3. Spoliers are broken at the moment. Working on a fix if possible. Fixed as best it can
  4. "Thank God he buttoned up that vest," Duncan laughs lightheartedly.
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