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  1. send a letter to elren ingame, my ign is Bobbox! elren is a bi half goat half elf who can be a little mean sometimes :P but hes sweet when u get to know him and he has a rly big appetite haha
  2. i undersgtand y this hut what willl u propose for those who already have more bad stuff like new limbs?? go back to normal or destory
  3. Hey, it’s time for another Story Team Update from your favorite staff team. With the end of the map approaching comes antag which means we’re looking for people interested in events to join the ST for its duration and potentially longer. We’re looking for Actors - people who will collaborate with the team and help manage the hefty project that is the transition event line. This role is focused on acting in events and helping provide a fun experience for players with the full manpower of the team being utilized. People interested in helping plan and execute large-scale events with all types of players from all types of time zones are encouraged to apply and at the end of the transition, after a brief evaluation of your skill, you may be asked to remain on the team. Upon acceptance, you will be trained to help get you familiar with the team’s workflow and commands, though this is largely a simpler and more accessible role than the standard ET as the focus is on working alongside the rest of the ST to push out an awesome antag. Other Story duties and things can be pursued later but we’re primarily calling on skilled roleplayers and innovators of the server who want to extend their talents beyond their player bases. This will be very open and not too critical in recruitment (which differs from the usual process). We want to get people with potential and ask you all to apply if this catches your eye or if you’d like to try something new. Please feel free to reach out to BobBox [BobBox (Austin)#4660] or myself should you have questions. Apply here: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/forum/1194-story/ https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/54-story-staff-application/
  4. this alone is very good advice. such a small thing that ive noticed so many people do (including myself at times) and making that little change goes a long way. good post. what do u think about players who are the exception to the character/person separation? ive had my fair share of rp interactions with characters that turned out to be pretty similar/idealized versions of the irl player and their goals. im definitely not the only one whose experienced this. do u have anything for dealing w that?
  5. TO THE SAILORS OF ALMARIS [!] Missives are found across the realm and beyond, tattered and wrinkled. The parchment carries a strong whiff of salt. CALL TO THE SHARPEST MINDS AND DAGGERS, MIGHTY BICEPS AND SPIRITS, RUGGED OF HULLS AND COMPLEXIONS: THE GREATEST AND GRANDEST OF SAILORS, CAPTAINS, AND SALT-BLOODED BASTARDS. As a vigil charged with keeping firm eye upon Almaris’ seas, it must be said the descendants’ capacity for utter destruction remains an impressive and amusing distraction. Amidst your worms and cloudeaters, however, there is important news from the blue beyond. I invoke the ancient mariner’s call for a Council of Tides, and summon all lords of the waters or their reliable representatives to meet myself and crew in Redwater, where an urgent situation is to be raised and discussed. Perhaps the talent for breaking things will come useful. Galve, Captain of the Maiden’s Brine, By the Grace of Mothers and Widows, Shipmaster-Governor of the Battered Coast, Conqueror of the Easthills, Saltlord of Judi, Champion of the Skjoldier Claymores, Fidei Defensor, the Knife of Scalebacks, Sea Serpent of Yamatai, Co-Chair of the Sailors & Associates Workers Union Almaris Branch, 52 SA Champion of the Makara Bay Drinking Competition, Jailor of the White Coast Trădători, Duke of Adria, Hand of the Yuvngard, Discoverer of the Niben Shoals, Navigator of the Abyss and the End and All Between, Lord of the Mare Moartă Armada, etcetera. OOC:
  6. On distant shores, a crew of men unhitch the black and gold sails of the Royal Flagship commandeered from under Haeseni noses. Word of the King's efforts reaches their Captain, who cannot help but laugh. He expects to see the Haensemen again, and so sets about having those sails returned to the northerners, crowning the vessel with colors of his own.
  7. A stout sailor finds the missive in a bottle, having washed up on an island not far from Almaris. He hands it to his one-eyed vagrant of a captain. After some thought, the captain nods, making to board their vessel. An old relic, much like her namesake, bobbing in the waters. She had seen places beyond the horizon, untouched by descendants, but this trip would be different. "Chart a course for the north," the captain said, and the men around him spring into action.
  8. Charlie reads the paper outside his Florentine home. "What a day," he remarks, patting the bust of Godfrey I he had acquired during the mayhem.
  9. As Horen’s sons and daughters bicker amongst each other, there is a place where matters of territory and title are left at the gate. South of Vienne now sits the people’s town of FLORENTINE, land of leisure and merriment. If you seek a place to set aside your arms and empty your wallets, look no further. [!] Depiction of a damsel who has collapsed from shock, mere moments after seeing impeccable Florentine goods at unbelievable prices. FLORENTINE prides itself on the best wine and tobacco in Almaris. The fertile soil kisses our leaves and grapes like a mother her fat, wrinkly baby, and it does not end there. Trade is one of the building blocks of our fair home, the exotic goods and lucrative auctions attracting merchants from all corners of the world. A trip to FLORENTINE is incomplete without partaking in festivities. The Illatian drive for improvement fuels healthy competition all round the town in the shape of wagers and bets, and nowhere is it more prevalent than the Summer Games: a traditional gathering call to the eager eye and ambitious heart. A series of horse races are held in the Forum, where other traditional forms of entertainment also occur. THE FORUM OF FLORENZA, CIRCA. 1881 After the previous landowners all died in a fire and their homes reduced to rubble, the Falcone family made a humble name for themselves in what remained, and a gathering of Illatian-Almarican immigrants would soon join them. What the settlers had not anticipated to find was a bottomless abyss where souls are damned to eternal suffering, and so FLORENTINE was built atop, as it looked much nicer.
  10. where are the credits for whoever made the skins
  11. fleshing out my comment cause it was made in 3 seconds Liquid preservation reads like a way to circumvent the age curse, much like tawkin klones, but a lot easier to produce. I'll say this is my favorite out of all of them, vat tanks are cool. some more downsides might help, like making it so players cant choose to wake up whenever they like, leaving the potential danger of being trapped in eternal sleep. Vivification concoction feels useless, as a player can burn the corpse or hide it, but im also biased ab alchemy bloat. spectral solution is just temp vivification and i can see it easily being abused with the mass production capabilities that alchemy has. should probably remove this one. death dispersion acts as an inverse to blight potions. its a decent idea, sorta like a gaseous null arcana, but theres a big chunk of spooks on the lt and i can see them not liking a potion that handicaps something as general as 'false life'. clarifying exactly who this affects could help. im not an lt, only giving my personal thoughts, but i hope this helps
  12. it looks like more alchemy potions trying to copy stuff that already exists, and i'd sorta understand if this was an attempt to make those avenues more accessible to players, but all the recipes are locked.
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