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  1. the legendary alicjo verana, killer of orphans and fugitive of the sultan, told me you have permission to use his character, the only important paladin since arcas
  2. if any kings or queens want to curse their unborn heirs hmu

  3. Speaking honestly as an ST, I don't think we are impartial enough to decide who gets disconnected. There are many communities I'm unfamiliar with, and its unfair for randoms like myself who have zero context to be the ones deciding what happens to those communities. And don't forget that st are players too. We have people on our team whose characters might benefit from someone else being disconnected. Maybe they just don't like em. Its a can of worms in the end, and the lesser of the evils imo is letting communities police themselves As for rp losses, I don't think you can always ascribe victims. To give an example, if mystic A screws over mystic B, and mystic B disconnects mystic A, didn't the "victim" start the chain of events that would get them disconnected in the first place? That's kinda the nature of consequences: by choosing an action, you accept its consequence.
  4. this amendments a bit pointless with ooc consent, players just ask to get their app denied when they really wanna drop a magic. letting necromancers retire from a life of murder and evil is weird. if anything, it should be more punishing if it requires ooc consent, not less. the "but my slots :(" arguments make no sense, if you want something else just make a new character and move on. nobody can force anyone to play a magic.
  5. It's important to give context to these places you visited. Adria was a different place in Almaris. It was on a highly active road and there was an effort to bring noobs and strangers into their community. Many nations this map don't even open their gates. Why talk to the random who might disrupt the perfectly safe and curated roleplay experience? I'd say most of this is an observation on the state of roleplay more than gender bias (but its there). A lot of players simply wait to be emoted at, or log on just to legitimize decisions made on discord. To give my own observations, several times this map I've walked up to strangers and emoted at them only for them to parkour away or give some excuse in ooc as to why they weren't going to respond (roleplaying on a roleplay server????). Also want to mention that it is medieval fantasy. What does a wizard have in common with a child? People will generally engage with the unique qualities of a character. The brave knight is going to want to save the little princess, not discuss strategy or recruit them for the military, and I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with that. It gives people the chance to change or challenge beliefs, generating interactions, good and bad! The issue is when biases spill outside the game. Your observation on ooc treatment are the most interesting to me. The first women characters I ever played came around because I wanted to get attacked less (it worked) but I also ended up getting invited to a lot more roleplay, friend groups, and the first magics I would ever learn. A few years later, and you've had a very different experience. I don't really have an answer for why we were treated so differently, but my theory is the growing tribalism on here.
  6. remove its use in what way? Making a rule punishing players now seems like a waste of time when the mod admin has shown that they can outright prevent words like "pvp" from being sent at all. Would rather admins blacklist slurs that way and maybe have a message that notifies the person why their emote wasnt sent, so the tired excuse of "erm i didnt know oopsie!" stops being a thing completely. but an admin claiming we lose nothing from banning slurs and then not banning them says a lot lmao. forcing the community to do yet another post to gauge if enough people care or if the mod admin can keep enabling racists for no reason doesnt make me hopeful
  7. this is dope!! great work
  8. i am kenough

    1. creamynoteblock


      u live in a mojo dojo casa house

  9. does this mean horse whistles and /breakdown are gonna work again
  10. Hail Reader, I find myself on the cusp of a great discovery in the realms of life and death. To achieve such marvel in my lifetime is a blessing surely, but let me tell you why you should care: My magnificent work has come to a crashing halt, but I have calculated a solution. This plan of mine requires three laboratory assistants who are more curious than judgemental, eager to work, and are not discomforted at the sight of blood. This is where you come in, reader. A chance for glory the likes of which you have only dreamt, and of course, a reasonable 15 mina payment for your labors. I am only searching for three, and one of those could be you! If you feel yourself a diamond in the rough, please mail a reply to the Latham Residence answering the following questions: What is your name? What is your age? How many friends do you have? Be specific. What is your experience assisting brilliant scholars? What is your level of education? What is the most impressive thing you have ever seen? Be specific. The three winners will receive a letter in response! Best of luck, Benedict Latham
  11. despite the turbulence, the rp you generated was some of the most fun i’ve had on the server, and your dedication to minecraft terror that didnt center around pvp or being a sociopath on discord is rare and appreciated i don’t think anyone’s avoided falling into the trap of the highschoolification of lotc to some degree, so it’s great to step away and smell the non pixelated roses. have fun, learn stuff, and find something that fills the hole this place can leave
  12. Discord: kujowastaken Skin Name: Green Aristocrat Bid: $25
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