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  1. posting this after your darkspawn character already had kids is kinda funny
  2. A letter falls at the feet of an old hag. One final request. How long had it been? She'd forgotten so many faces, so many names, but not this one. The hag is unsure what to make of this news, but sets out from her stretch of the woods, baubles jingling on her walking stick.
  3. it would be cool if the undead cas could utilize this too (ghouls, draugars, phantoms, etc). bit of a waste that the undead metal cant be fully used by the vast amount of undead imo.
  4. azdrazi fire burns thru admins??

    1. Milenkhov


      what do you think i used bro ‼️

  5. upvote me if you think racism is good ❤️
  6. upvote me if you think racism is bad ❤️
  7. paladinism smells like an overwhelming amount of axe body spray
  8. Sand felt a clawed hand on his shoulder, and a familiar voice that always made his heart flutter. “It’ll be okay,” said Azdromoth. He kissed Sand’s forehead; “We will be okay. Nothing can ever extinguish our love.”
  9. A flood of memories comes rushing back. An old hunter sat in a rocking chair on his porch, watching the sun rise.
  10. “This report could use a better name,” Willem said to his sister as he read. “The magic lore subforum! Yes! That will do.” He begins to mark the various limitations of these conveniently organized magics with red lines, so as not to forget.
  11. the middle poll option should be keep with change instead of just the 1 alternative choice of extending the timer. what the change is can be discussed by community
  12. i dont care about aurum tests but magicless descendants can do this with alchemy anyway. ive seen human plotters change their appearances many times. but in your scenario, the knight doesnt have to deal with the weaknesses that come with a magic. when executed, the knight instantly respawns at ct, unlike the death cooldowns some magics have. theres no way to spooktest the knight, zero way to go after them. the annoying infinite disguise meta isnt just a darkspawn problem. theres also not much difference between that and players who chase leadership on every character they play until they get it.
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