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  1. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa sat on her canopied bed. A servant would bring in a silver tray of food consisting of some lemon pastries. This servant, tall and lanky, strode to the armoire. ”Which dress shall you be wearing, Victoria?” Victoria’s eyes rolled up, setting on the open arms of the cabinet. She pointed towards a tall, unopened, cardboard box. The servant opened up the package, revealing a white and green sprig off-shoulder muslin gown. ”No miss- you can’t wear that.” A scowl formed on Victoria’s face. She snatched the hooped gown with a swing of a hand, trying it on, glancing towards a floor mirror. ”It’s perfect.”
  2. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa walked pigeon-toed toward the art works, her hoops swaying. She stood at each piece of work, smiling.
  3. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa glances over to her cousin’s invitation, frowning upon such, grumbling some unknown words under her breath.
  4. Victoria Pruvia-Albarosa flips the ‘Open/Closed’ sign to ‘Open’ in the storefront window, smiling as such.
  5. The Skin Auction is now closed to further bids! Congrats bidders!
  6. - Steepled’s Skin Auction - Hi everyone! This is my first skin auction I’ll be doing, please feel free to look around! Rules: - You may not edit a bid comment, every time you bid you must add a new comment with the new bidding amount. I will not count edited bid comments. - Bids start at 1000 minas, and bid increments are of 500 minas. - The auction will end in two days time, September 25th, 10:00 pm EST. - You can bid on any amount of skins you like. But you must pay if you win. - Payment comes before skin(s). Auction Format: Discord name and tag number Skin (s) and bid (s). Good luck bidders!
  7. IGN: _Pompadour RP Name: Jeanne O’Rourke (de Motte) Age: 19 Position: Mistress of the wardrobe.
  8. [!] The invitation would be delivered by a courier to all friends and relatives of the O'Rourke's and De Motte's. OOC: Saturday, September 19th 5pm EST. The Church of St. Thomas, Kaedrin.
  9. Johanna Pruvia-Albarosa would greet her cousin-in law when he arrived. “Bonjour monsieur, we meet again!” She smiled at his entry.
  10. Johanna Pruvia-Albarosa marvels at the fact of updoing her current wig. She marches straight to the store to buy yet another powdered wig.
  11. Johanna Antoinette Pruvia-Albarosa would read over the letter as well. ”What a lovely event this sounds like, I cannot wait to receive these guests at the Galbraith Esta-“ She paused, realizing that it exists no more. “Ah, the tavern it is then...” She’d sigh before putting the letter aside, with a slight frown on her face.
  12. *comment posted down further*
  13. Johanna Pruvia Albarosa would read over the letter with a grin on her face. She put the letter aside gracefully and went to stroll Sabari Street in Helena, passing by the old Galbraith Estate, giving a long sigh of relief.
  14. Deep Pink Dress – 500 Mina. Discord: SteepledShip#4617
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