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  1. A young woman, Albertine von Alstreim, strips one of the posters down from the wall, as her ailing eyes become frail. “Chad?” She’d ask herself. “What is a chad?”
  2. A familiar face of the late eighteenth-century, Johanna Pruvia-Albarosa, née Galbraith, was searching for her plans of the Galbraith Estate in the Seven Skies. Such a monstrosity of a building's plans were lost on her ascension to the skies. "Well, at least it's gone. Figurately and literally." She'd recall the destruction of such an estate. "I am glad that never saw the face of seventeen-eighty..." Johanna remarked on her atrocious design of such an era.
  3. Margaret Annabelle Helvets-Rochefort looked down upon Vienne. “Traitors no more… thank GOD.”
  4. IGN: _Pompadour Skin #: 18 Bid: $15 Previous Bidder: N/A
  5. How is everyone's day today?

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  6. Catherine Beauregarde exits her coach, replaying the words said to her by some Redenford mountain man.
  7. Louise Antoinette, who rests in the seven skies, whisks over the family tree with her handheld spectacles. “Otis, look at this- our granddaughter is trying to steal the barony. But it is Hera who was the firstborn. She rightfully deserves inheritance!”
  8. “Family drama at its finest…” voiced a long dead Pruvian ancestor, Johanna Roquetelet Pruvia.
  9. The now widowed Baroness de Rosius heard her granddaughter’s screams from the chateau parlor. Louise threw down the book she was reading, mumbled some mere curse words under her breath, and scattered outside to Chloe. The woman’s face crunched when she saw her husband’s corpse. Tears and anger flooded her, her one true love was taken by his own namesake. The widow rushed from the gardens into the house, and dressed into a bright, pastel, splendid gown. In grief, Louise took a pair of clamps and took hold of a burning log from the parlor fireplace, dragging it onto the carpets and lush furnishings. The house began to burn to the ground. Before Louise could escape, one of the once grand, immense pillars of the chateau crashed down before her, sealing her fate within the history of humanity. There were only some fragments of walls left of what was once a grand edifice. Charred floorboards and the structure of the foundation remained. In the ashes would be a golden sheen for someone to collect.
  10. Margaret Annabelle Helvets-Rochefort scowled from the Seven Skies. “How dare this girl be considered a princess! My brother made us traitors to his Imperial Majesty. What a disgrace for us to be considered anything at this point.”
  11. “Anne… holy sh*t.” Voiced the Baroness Louise as she was being evicted from her palatial apartment. “Did you still want the swatting stick?”
  12. Louise Antoinette stepped out soaked from Chateau de Rosius. She knew it was Philip telling a sign. “Now that is a personality I will miss…” She shed a tear.
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