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  1. Margaret Annabelle Helvets-Rochefort scowled from the Seven Skies. “How dare this girl be considered a princess! My brother made us traitors to his Imperial Majesty. What a disgrace for us to be considered anything at this point.”
  2. “Anne… holy sh*t.” Voiced the Baroness Louise as she was being evicted from her palatial apartment. “Did you still want the swatting stick?”
  3. “Yikes.” Voiced Louise Antoinette.
  4. Louise Antoinette stepped out soaked from Chateau de Rosius. She knew it was Philip telling a sign. “Now that is a personality I will miss…” She shed a tear.
  5. Louise Antoinette seemed moved by Philip’s death, but not completely. “Good riddance… a stain on this family name… Creating that ‘de Rosa’ more like de Gaudy line. Good heavens.”
  6. Louise Antoinette glared at her husband. “Glad I actually have a brain in this house.” The woman said, snarkishly.
  7. Louise Antoinette shook in her palatial chambers, fearing her death as she heard the mob storm the palace.
  8. After what seems to be a coded letter sent out by riders from Louise in her coach, the woman would faint upon seeing a missive of Josephine when leaving Providence.
  9. “Sooooo… can I still have my feast?” The Baroness de Rosius asked her husband in a somewhat stoic tone.
  10. Louise Antoinette completed her designs for the Courtier Palace quickly before it’s unveiling to the public. As the plans were complete, pieced together, and prepared for construction, she’d comment “brilliant I tell you, brilliant!”
  11. Louise gently took the handkerchief, thanking her granddaughter. The woman promptly went inside, up the marble stairs, and into her room, collecting a goose-headed cane. Now armed, she’d run downstairs to Holy Sir Edwin, cane in hand. “I’d run.”
  12. [!] The tomato splattered on the ground, soiling Louise’s bustle gown. “Are you for bloody real right now?” The angered woman’s head flipped around mechanically, a disgusted look on her face.
  13. “I couldn’t give two f*cks if you are noble or not. You rushed a wedding within a month, probably to hide the fact that these children were already growing in this woman for four months already. Seems fishy, Holy Sir Fishlip.” Louise trotted into the Chateau behind him.
  14. Louise Antoinette winces slightly. “How is it that they already have children? Were they not married more than four months ago? Those children were on the verge of bastardization… thank heavens for the couple for rushing that wedding…”
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