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  1. Jeanne Poisson de Motte sits in the Seven Skies, waiting.
  2. Louise Antoinette Halcourt frowns upon not receiving an invitation. “Wretched wench! I bet her waist looks as big as a cow’s in that dress.” The young girl jeered alone in her bedchamber not knowing what ‘wench’ was. After which, the Halcourtian skipped in the gardens of the Augustine to pick wildflowers along the grand basin.
  3. “Ouf! Another generic party in which I can showcase my outfits...” Celeste Montespan rasped within the halls of the Augustine before applying yet another coat of face paint.
  4. Duty to family - 80 discord: ^^^^^
  5. Party - 80 discord: Pompadour#3549
  6. The corpse of Johanna Pruvia-Albarosa remembers when she was called ‘*****’ in the royal court for having shoulders out in 1768 when the Scyflings attacked. ((OOC: Nicely written post, +1!
  7. Margaret Annabelle Helvets rolls around in the grave.
  8. Charlotte de Motte smiles upon reading the poster. “Oh my!” Called the Auvergnian. “Perhaps I can bear some gifts for mistress and her family.” She’d smile.
  9. Jeanne de Motte rolls around in her grave.
  10. Margaret Annabelle Helvets's yellow landau clopped up to Blanche's townhouse hours after her departure. The house seemed unusually quiet and devoid of activity at first glance. Margaret's footman flew down from his perch to unfold the small steps for the Rochefortine. Placing her white gloved hand into his, and her other to carry her skirt, Margaret slowly ascended the stone steps and into the townhouse. The residence was very still. "Aunt Blanche?" The Helvetii called out. There was no response except the echo of her calling. With a bewildered mind, Margaret trudged out of the foyer and back
  11. Margaret Helvets sulks over the loss of her great-uncle in her family’s home on Baker Street. “First my cousin, my brother, and now my great-uncle... this is catastrophic...” She’d sob, dabbing a lace handkerchief upon her sinking eyes.
  12. Yeet. Yuhhhhhhh

    1. Oh_Ontario



  13. Margaret Helvets laughed when notified of the death. “Lazy man deserved it anyways...” She’d mutter. “Abandons the House of Commons on me.”
  14. “Ruined... we’re absolutely ruined.” Margaret Annabelle Helvets frowned upon reading the sentence handed to her by a courier at the door. Now at a loss of her brother, as well as her cousin, the Rochefortine woman trudged along in her black bustle gown and collapsed on the stairs. Sobbing in tears, she’d fall asleep in her place.
  15. Margaret Annabelle Helvets-Kovachev screams in bloody horror and faints in her bedchamber after the news was delivered to her.
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