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  1. We’re the playground for the real mc’s(azdrazi)
  2. ((MC Name: Cobbbler)) Name: Sorcaril Sythaerin Vote 1: Theveus Sythaerin Vote 2: Theveus Sythaerin
  3. ay mal’maroon, parlin, haelun oment nae, aher nae ito ahern ito narne lin par’karinah
  4. "Dah pinkieh pawntiffz zupportin whuz eva fillz hiz poketz wit shiniez.... Lie'z tu hurtz veletez pinkieh'z rex.... mi'z grukkin why a liarz uz livin an ah 'hozh ole' white goi whilez hiz pinkiez klomp tu defendz himz." "Nubz honorz fo liar'z, Nub honorz fo coward'z, Nub honorz fo latz" Uddec would repeat to himself as he readied the horde to defend against those who have threatened their extermination.
  5. Uddec would try to read the treaty through all of the ink that was spilled over the paper to no avail. He thinks how they should have taken more time to clean off the paper press before distributing the copies.
  6. CREATION OF THE ASUL'DIRAAR Issued by the Okarir’sil 20th of The Sun’s Smile, 153 SA To the Blessed Citizens of Haelun’or, In this era of expanded dominion and ever-reaching frontiers, the imperative for a royal guard has never been more pronounced. With our borders stretching farther than ever, safeguarding our realm's sovereignty demands a vigilant and unyielding defense. The challenges and threats that emerge at the extended frontiers require a specialized force steadfast in their loyalty and unwavering commitment to protecting the Asulir. As our territories expand, so too does the need for a royal guard that can rise to the occasion, ensuring our monarch's safety and our kingdom's stability in these uncharted lands. With unceasing dedication, they stand as the bulwark against the tides of uncertainty, preserving the integrity of our empire amidst the vast and uncharted territories beyond. The members of the Asul'diraar shall be drafted from elSillumir. Soldiers known for their profound combat skills and unwavering loyalty to the Asulir shall be picked by the Okarir'sil. Dedicated and elite, this force will be tasked with safeguarding the Asulir, ensuring the continuity of the Asulir, and upholding the security and dignity of the Silver Empire. To ascend to the position of the leader of the Asul'diraar is an extraordinary and demanding journey, one that demands a unique combination of attributes, skills, and unwavering commitment to the tasks at hand. They are the embodiment of the guard's principles and the exemplar of honor and loyalty to their mission. While performing their duties as a member of the Asul'diraar, they will also be tasked to instruct the Sillumir on enhanced combat, ensuring the military of Haelun'or remains sharp with their combat skills. For this task, I promote Maethor Sythaerin. His abilities during the war that ushered us into a new Silver Age have proven his skills match the mission at hand. maehr'sae hiylun'ehya As signed by, Sorcaril Sythaerin Okarir’sil of the Silver Empire of Haelun’or, Commander of The Sillumir, Champion of Novkursain
  7. A mali'thill had barely begun to regain his strength when an message arrived on his desk. It was a delicate parchment, sealed with wax colored yellow and brown, and it carried news of a grand tournament taking place in the distant northern realms. The promise of a challenge and the allure of distant horizons tugged at his adventurous spirit, and a glimmer of excitement lit up his eyes. As he read the invitation and learned of the prestigious competitors and the legendary prizes, he made a swift decision. Determination burning anew, he began to prepare for the journey north, the echoes of the recent battle fading into the background as his heart quickened with the prospect of a new adventure and the chance to test his mettle in the upcoming tournament.
  8. The battle-worn high mali'thill sank into his ornate wooden desk, his once-shining armor now bearing the scars of fierce combat. The room around him was dimly lit by the soft glow of a single, flickering candle, its flame mirroring the flame that still burned within his determined eyes. With an air of solemn exhaustion, he removed his helm, revealing a face etched with the marks of battle but also a resolute determination. The room bore witness to his exploits, with maps, scrolls, and battle plans strewn across the desk, detailing the battlefield strategies that had seen him through yet another conflict. As he leaned back into his chair, a sense of both relief and melancholy washed over him; the echoes of the battle still rang in his ears, but for now, the tilruir'tir found a fleeting moment of respite before the next call to duty.
  9. Sorcaril would chuckle as he read over the matchmaker's description of his cousin, brought to a halt as he read over the rumors of the Okarir'sil. His eyes would focus as he read about his two colleagues.
  10. god I love jambalaya season

  11. A high elf would grin as he read over the missive
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