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  1. The wight who had infiltrated the Dominion realized that this was only merely a setback.
  2. Looking at the word “Zion,” a certain former Judge of Xion would wonder what the fictional city Jerusalem is in the deep lore.
  3. the literal personification of darkness
  4. The phosphorescent presence of man and apparition alike seemed to drone a discordant hum as the developments of such a feuds took place. Ethereal fingers began in an infinite phantasm of sickening blue and green to trace the grit upon Volkantir’s stone throne to that of a simple circle. “May they raze each other to the ground.”
  5. The First Dark Hollow In the Lands of Yemos many winters and moons beyond the ages of kings and men, beyond the times of soldiers and sons, and fathers and warriors—in the times where the knowledge of the First Fires were traded—in the times where the waters merely met where North crosses into South, in the times where the only corruption to walk the earth deigns from mortal hearts—in the times before the Old Lords were old and yet still young and seldom having felt the earth beneath their feet—did mankind roam free. In what was was deemed the First Age of Man, where strength of body was valued over unimagined prospects of the void and illconcieved Aengudaemons. The men were wild and ferocious, their minds had seldom concieved words yet prospects of brothership and fraternity had transcended literary bonds in the social cues of the wildmen. These free men bent no knee, they wore no crown, they took many wives who bore only the strongest’s children—all strength to spur in more strength. In such an age of Men and Darkness, the feeble and weakest of the wildspawn were drowned in lightless pits of what would become known as the First Abyss, where the Second True Darkness emerged after the First Flames which kept men alive had been lost to the chasm, cursed to watch their brethren rape and plunder their lessers soon after fall to the temptations of the Betrayer. For the folly of man was within mankind itself; they were untouched by heavens or hells. From the beginning, they were impure, unjust, unrighteous and barborous. It was the doings of savages and lawless fiends capable of nothing but the most perverse lusts and mechanations known to man itself: mortality. In the lands of Yemos, there was no place for the enrichment of doubts or skepticism—and so those who did were cast to the shores of exile or drowned themselves within the True Darkness of the First Abyss. It was the most skorned among them who became cast aside in the bottoms of the First Abyss, in the darkest hollows of mankind, where he would take the mantle, the title: Y’ngore dak’Holwrah—in the primitive tongue “of the Dark Hollow.” For in the First Abyss, in a land without fire or sun, did Y’ngore come to see the truth in the wrongness of all men through stone and earth and time. It was in the First Abyss that Y’ngore watched mankind plead the very Gods who spurned them curses for more and more, yielding afflictions and shackles in the disguise of blessings. Tyrants, he called them—but not the Gods. Tyrants—Tyrants he called the Men, the men who would stand upon pedestals and wear crowns placed upon them by weakness and demanded their fellow’s proud knees to bend. For while Y’ngore recognized the truth of the Gods—the truth that the first Xionists would come to reach in the dealings of Malkaathe and Dhurzumkal and Brandh and the Nameless One and the Fifth One Who Was To Be—he recognized something that they did not see. Rotted cankorous dungeons of bones and flesh and the fettered corpses of newborn, in the pits of the First Abyss in Yemos, did Y’ngore come to a realization: that the crown and shackles of men were more imposing from the men than they were Gods. That mankind itself preferred itself in chains and in heirarchy, that men would prefer to be ruled over than to be free and they did so much freely to mankind itself—and so the Gods heeded them and gave them their own downfall by fashioning the First Crown, and the First Slave. These were beings who were weaker than all the strength of all the men, of all the strength of the Abyss, of all the strength of those who came before, and of all the strength to come after—and so they divided mankind, cursed them, blighted them, spurned them forth at one and then at the other. Man’s doing came by man’s hands. It was in this age that Y’ngore came to name not after the gods, but after the who began to bend the knee: The Second Age of Man. The stains of darkness and ire within the abyss—much like the Old Lord of Umbrage did in the many aeons to follow—would begin to gnaw at the mind of Y’ngore and those who followed him from the darkest recesses of the deepest chasms. Sanity, morality, the orderliness of the mind became but obstacles in the way of progress for who would become known as the First Necromancer of Men. Y’ngore’s disappointment and hatred for the Manslaves—what he branded his ilk and as a mockery of how Xionists began their faith for their hatred of Godslaves—would bore so deep within his mind, within his flesh, within his soul, that the darkness itself would spurn forth the First Darkhollow. No amount of bone or flesh or skin could fill the void that began to consume Y’ngore, and he began to become a slave himself to his emotions and depravity—fueling the sickness that dwelled within him in an endles cycle. The countless aeons that Y’ngore fed from the corpses and the half-dead living cast within the pits, did the men who wore their gold and crowns forget about the darkness of the First Abyss. Mankind would begin to draw hearth around fires and luxuries, jails for the damned, or a swift death for the unworthy. For long after the agency of life was picked clean by Y’ngore, there was nothing. He became the last of the Second Men to dwell in that chasm, consuming the rest from skin to hair to bone to fill the void within the Darkhollow he cursed himself with. And so, for a countless number of Aeons in the forgetted recession of the First Abyss, Y’ngore starved and withered—unable to the release of death or the damnation of Ebrietaes. It was in his stagnation that the curious nature of Yemos would emerge: stagnant lifeforce. It was not from the remnants of bone, or soul, or man—it came from within himself, and from without. The pit itself radiated with the hatred Y’ngore bore, and land itself began to hate with Y’ngore. Cyclic in nature, it fed him and he fed it. He loathed it as it loathed him and the man began to consume himself physically and spiritually until his arms could no longer reach his gut, until his legs could not carry his weight. In the darkness, he spoke to it, and returned its call in lowly whispers of gutteral half-hushed murmurs: Self-consuming… ...The oroborous. Self-consuming... ...The oroborous. Self-consuming… —The oroborous... The darkness granted Y’ngore enlightenment. It granted him power. He was one with the evilness of all men, the man that he was, the man that is is—for he is no different. From the evil of bones and madness, he climbed each rung of root. Each clasping darkness that consumed his body as it consumed his mind reached in turn to help him and yet devour him in the process. It was at the top did the Second Man, Y’ngore, cease to be a man, but the very thing that consumed him: dak’Holwrah—Dark Hollow. The first dakgul. The nameless wraith took no name so that he might not bind himself to the meaningless covenants of mankind, so that he may free himself from the shackles of the First Men who came before and have since fallen after. He wore a crown of bones, a robe of flesh, and a title stolen from the kings of men. Lordship. Shackles. Chains. Collars. These became the tools he needed to subjugate those to his will, the Oroborous, so that he too may become one with the self-consuming nature of Mankind, the curse that he or any other shall never escape, and so upon learning necromancy he gave himself another darkhollow to continually help the other consume itself. Strength of the Abyss II This magic is intended to overwrite necromancy, paladinism, Strength of the Abyss, Xionism, Mordu’s past and future lore posts, and force a rewrite for any future Aengudaemonic magic so that it can accomadate the spells laid out in this guide and magic lore post. This lore does not require a vote because it is already written into lore. Much like the oroborous, it exists to self -re-accept itself in any event it is shelved. Denying this lore piece will result in Swgrclan returning to the server, joining the LT, and returning LotC to its natural roots in the Dark Souls franchise. General: This magic does not function off of mana or lifeforce, but through mortal essence. When one begins to learn this magic—which they can only do under the caveat that they were once a Tier 5 necromancer—they are turned into a wraith over the course of several paragraph long emotes. This is left generally to player imagination, though it should fall into the standards of the Loreholder. If the user of the magic was once a wielder of holy magic, they must properly PK and make a new character. This new character then should eat the corpse of the old PK’d player, to which then they are granted wraithdom and all of the spells that go with this magic. This magic only has one spell, darkening, which may be interpreted how one pleases provided its used within the spirit of this lore. Darkening may be also used besides how it is written below in the following scenarios: raising undead, putting a second dark hollow in a necromancer, creating lore for the Black Nexus, and (with ET supervision) may be used to kill Iblees. Wraiths have come back, again, to offer necromancers and powerful circles of dark mages a chance at powercreep. While wraiths can be destroyed, they cannot technically be PK’d, hurt, stabbed, shot (in the event of any future gun lore), and more detailed below. Also, I have asked the LT to hide the related clotting/disconnection lore to this post to prevent metagaming. Even I do not know it—I had someone else write it for me—and I cannot risk other people finding it themselves and knowing it so it was hidden, renamed something else, and placed deep within the archives where no sane LT dare tread. Darkening: Spurning from both the Old Lords and the New Lord, Y’ngore, this spell utilizes the hatred of all mankind that is manifested within the darkhollow. Any being who is granted this additional darkhollow, deemed the Second Darkhollow, is granted the inherent knowledge of Xionism as well as the revelation of Y’ngore (above). The corruptive nature of darkening yields all men to the power of this truth, whether they are a sentient or inanimate object. By taking hold of another magical item, artifact, or Aengudaemon, one may begin the ancient process of darkening. Over the course of 3 emotes that span the size of several paragraphs a piece, one must being to convince the magic that it is a pawn of the Gods. This is done through channelling the powers of the Old Lords themselves, though no actual connection is made. Using this spell prevents the use of nearby birds and negates any emotes under a wordcount of 200 words. Any magic that falls under the arbitrary holy category may not be cast within the general vicinity of this magic, as darkening utilizes the powers of the dark hollow to suck in God magic and stagnant lifeforce that Strength of the Abyss used to explain anti-holy capabilities (please refer to the older, denied lore post that will not be linked because finding things builds character). Though not directly capable of being used in combat, one may channel their dark hollow so that darkening expands the use of this lore to justify things that don’t make sense. Additionally, more spell guidlines are listed above in the short lore segment on how darkhollows came to be. While chanelling this spell, one is required to think back on the life decisions that led them to this moment as their tell. This tell emote must be emoted in addition to the normal emote count in the form of three additional emotes. Because it is not a combat scenario to use a tell, one may simply fire their emotes in rapid succession. Emote guide: Because the Story Team requires this section in all lore posts, this section is here. However, as lorewriter, I abstain from giving an emote guide because creativity cannot be shackled by OOC forces. Redlines: This spell may be utilized in combat. Instead of emote counts, the spell is measured in word counts that cannot be less than a 400 word minimum, spell checked and perfectly punctuated. The effects of the spell do not begin until the minimum word count is reached. There is no required words per minute, so players are recommended to use this time to google a thesaurus and swap words out for words they don’t fully know. If this spell is used on an Aengudaemon, the player may absorb its power and turn any magics connected to that Aengudaemon into Strength of the Abyss II. Druids cannot dodge this attack because stagnant lifeforce specifically singles out Druidism. Darkening can also be used to explain any future magic or creature rewrite so that it fits the backstory the lorewriter wants to take it down. Denying lore that uses darkening is powergaming, a bannable offense. While this spell is being used, the wielder cannot be killed, PvP’d, or banned. At no time is the use of OOC permitted except to link a Beserk Movie soundtrack for people to listen while waiting. Darkeninging may be used on anyone, even another person with Darkening. One a person is darkened, they exist as a slave to the Darkener for one IRL year, in which time they must enact every command (non sexual in nature) that the Darkener commands them to do. If the Darkener is Darkened by another Darkener, the darkened person and all their darkened people are forced to follow the commands of the independent Darkener. Should a darkened person disobey, they are forced to abide by a PK clause hidden deep within the redlines. Though unrelated, any use of the word “Astral” may not be used in any lore. ScreamingDingo is granetd a lore approved copyright claim on this term, and may deny any lore that utilizes it—past, present, or future. Tier Progression: Tier 1: One may perform Darkening in 1000 words or more. Tier 2: One may perform Darkening in 800 words or more. Tier 3: One may perform Darkening in 600 words or more. Tier 4: One may perform Darkening in 400 words or more. Tier 5: The only way to become Tier 5 is to be loreholder and you still have to write Darkening emotes over 400 words. Tier Five is also the tier you become Wraithlord II in, allowing you to give Angmarzku a leadership role to create new wraith CAs and have him take it only to refuse to make more wraiths and go inactive while Geoboy and Parkins work on the next necromancy rewrite. If loreholder is passed on to a new person, they ascend to Tier Five after posting a five page research paper emoting the use of darkening on someone else’s lore to darken it for themselves. To verify authenticity, this must be handwritten and signed, mailed to Tythus LTD which will require a two week waiting period before the LT vote on it several times in two separate lore mags. The Dargul, Wraiths II Wraiths exist as the Darkwraith and Nazgul abomination of Tolkien and Dark Souls lore. Not only do players not know that fire can easily harm a wraith, a wraith can probably just jump in water anyways. Wraiths are darkhollows in human form, living, walking, and talking—perpetuating a cloud of stagnant lifeforce because they are also the Abyss itself. General: Wraiths II, which are variants of the four or five other wraith rewrites, are now the cannonical term for all future wraiths. Wraiths II derive their name from the second darkhollow they have within them, allowing them to perform spells from Strength of the Abyss II (notably Darkening). Wraiths came to being several times before, but this time Wraiths II are better and stronger than all the other variants. For future characters, it should just be common knowledge that wraiths disappeared because once before because without a second darkhollow, they are not able to stay manifested. Guidlines: Wraiths II must be specifically called their new names. Older variants of wraiths should not be mentioned, nor or are they much referred to in this lore due to the fact that the LT just shelves things without a canonic explanation so players are left in roleplay as former Tier 5 Gravelord Liches now as 16 year old children wondering how in the hell we got here from where we were. Wraiths can never be rewritten again after this, and Dardonas is the loreholder forever, even when he quits for months on end after one of his events goes bad and he has an episode causing him to be, or nearly be, staff blacklisted. Physical Description: Wraiths II are no different looking than previous wraiths, except they have two darkhollows which are only visible metaphysically. Wraiths are gaseous forms of darkhollows made to exude stagnant lifeforce outwards with twice as powerful emissions as before. They must always wear black robes and combinations of that with armor because this is the aesthetic that wraiths have always done. Wraiths are constantly draining things around them with carbon emissions. Eventually, when wraiths reach a playerbase beyond 5 CAs, the current map will undergo global warming and the future cataclysm event for all LotC maps will be a generic flood to prevent any future callbacks to the Beast of Mordskov and September Prince. Mental Description: Wraiths II are free from the mental insanity that bogged down their old coutnerparts. This is due largely to the fact that darkhollows used to cause mental instability, but with two of them they sort of cancel out. Wraiths are also immune to insanity by any other future magics because the second darkhollow slurps that up. Redlines: Although technically wraiths are perfectly sane, they may pretend to have mental illnesses to help undergame this lore so that it is not shelved when the LT actually come to read what is written despite them having passed it. Abilities Wraiths get two abilities: they can learn dark magic that is written by an OOCly person vouched for by a collective council of current Gravelords. Holy magic is not allowed to be learned unless it has been rewritten and darkened. Wraiths can also use husking, which allows them to walk around in a corpse. They still smell like a rotting corpse, and they can be forced out by destroying the body. The darkhollows, however, will prevent the body from rotting further so you can keep using the same skin. Redlines: Wraiths but inside of bodies. They can do everything else they did before, except now their carbon emissions have dropped by over half. Slice of life RP is permitted but frowned upon by the loreholder because spooks are meant to be villains. Credits: His Cameron Cloneship, Dardonas Swgrclan for writing original dark souls inspired SotA lore and darkhollow lore and necromancy lore and old lords lore and abyss lore and mordring lore and malghourne events and being a being a living LotC dark souls legend Phil for doubting my capacity to shitpost Necromancy Rewrite drama Lore Team being a bit of a meme at times and FlamboyantRage for being the consumer of lore
  6. Viruses and DNA research are microbiology discoveries that well date after the techlock. In a fantasy setting, despite whether or not such a virus makes sense on paper (you seem to focus on the science behind it?), it’s much more farfetched and out of place. You’re better off coining it off as an alchemical serum or generic plague and writing up a history about it.
  7. The Barrowlord of the Abyss, Volkantir, signs in neon green rakir.
  8. literally everyone has said this to him and its blatant powergaming. can we get a wiki team member here to PK this kid with some quote bombs like really just kidding love you lock, do good in school. no sodie pops til your homework is done
  9. aw **** I done goofed and thought you were keefy
  10. why are you accepting all these MAs so fast, I cant even meme and shitpost
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