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  1. Dardonas

    Remove Raid Ladders

    There is an epidemic of poorly constructed freebuilds on LotC. We do not need to force them to be any more bad by having people forced into """""raid proofing"""" their build.
  2. Dardonas

    Remove Raid Ladders

    So, I'm tired of seeing giant ugly walls which are made for the purposes of being anti-raid oriented. For instance, the Dominion actually had some nice, good looking walls at one point. Now they have ugly, wooden behemoths for the sole reason to avoid being raided. I mentioned in another thread that there should simply be battering rams that are either RP'd by the raiders or the GM overseeing the raid—after all, roleplay server and all. This would make it so that the concept of making your base unraidable isn't a thing. Raids create roleplay, and thats something I'm a proponent for. In this scenario, I'd say that you'd need 3 people or more to operate the battering ram and, at that point, you'd simply ram the iron gates. A roll above 15 will break iron gates, 10 for wooden (this can be determined at another point). At that time, the defending party, based on the style of their gates and gatehouse, may opt to do some limited roleplay. Anklebiters, for instance, could be a thing where the defenders are emoting trying to stop the battering rams, or archers/mages can rain their attacks from above to try and kill the defenders. If the attackers are able to successfully break through, the defenders can then choose RP/PvP default (based on normal rules for conflict RP where 10+ is PvP default and all that yada yada). The specifics of this are welcome to be debated, all I'm advocating for is that no settlement should be """"""raid proof""""" and that we should try and move away from looking like a factions server that builds for practicality/MC mechanics, and to more of an RP server.
  3. Dardonas

    The Grand Finale

    Xaleskar placed his eldritch, metal talons upon the surface where Varen'thal's corpse lays. His open, ceaseless cowl stared emptily at the face of the man who once swore himself to his service. He pondered how he got to where he was, how Varen'thal got to where he did. The two of them started down a similar path. Each was a dedicated child of Xion, yet here one stood in the glory undeath and the other trapped within the maws of the soul stream. Would it had been different if Varen'thal took up tutelage under Nasir in his Knighthood? Could it have saved him? Perhaps if the coven had made wise and given him the gift—the curse—that plagued Nasir to the threshold of death... The thoughts were fleeting, the Wraith did not tremble or shake. He did not cry out or smile in a nostalgic reverence. Not because he could not recall what such emotions were, but because he was incapable of doing so. "I feel nothing." The wraithlord's visage remained fixated on the eyeless cadaver before it turned to Adremeich and went along his path. There was one last fleeting thought, the figure pausing as he parted from the dead. It was something, however, not for the eyes or ears of mortal Man.
  4. Dardonas

    Fourth Generation Necromancy

    From what I can see, the reason why there was two rewrites was because there were just different views for the direction in which the magic should change, not because there is a fracture between users in the community. As someone who helped work a little on Geo's rewrite, I will say that I thoroughly respect Zarsies (and the others who worked with him) and the effort he put into the rewrite. I think he is a talented writer and he definitely has some creative concepts I never would have thought of with the magic, some I think better than Geo's and vice versa. Whichever rewrite goes though, I one-hundred percent believe it will change the magic for the better and tackle the problems that the current iteration of Necromancy has both in their own unique way. In terms of what I think Zarsies' Rewrite could use is a magic moderation tool; specifically, I'm talking about the removal of clotting/sapping. I believe that, while you should exercise caution in who you teach, you will not be able to catch them all. Perhaps I am being pessimist for thinking like this, but I've had many experiences where people put on a front but revert to a state of tastelessness when they are not watched. I would like to point out the issues with the Rebel Necromancer charade—where at one point Ghouls had CA hold because of which—where the magic was handed out to people who should not have gotten it and creatures were made out of players who should not have made them. The reason why this group was allowed to get so out of hand was because of the absence of the Black Nexus (which is another ordeal) and clotting .
  5. Dardonas

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    There is only one type of wraith, its just that necromancers can take a similar path to become one. With current lore it makes sense for Abyss Wraiths to gravitate towards necromancy, and for some necromancers to gravitate towards Abyss Wraiths. In that instance, it seems a little odd for a necromancer to drop their magic for three months to become a Resonant Knight to then become a wraith.
  6. Dardonas

    [Strength of the Abyss][MA] i've been waiting.

    I renamed him Ramsey because Lacket is a dumbo name.
  7. Dardonas


    Oh yes, I'm sure Norland, Renatus, Haelun'or, Warhawkes, and the others deserve to be artificially hoisted up much more by their grandfathered status so that they may continue in their bountiful activity. No, there isn't a need to put a limit on it. Make it a mina sink, if you can afford it, have at it for a select amount of time. It'd make the atrocious builds look better and detract from time spent building. There is no reason why paid LC should not be a thing for freebuild.
  8. Dardonas


  9. Dardonas


    Agreed. Was this not one of the main reasons Nexus was removed—forcing players to grind up their levels—which took away time from RP?
  10. Dardonas

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Have to disagree. Ascended and Clerics are struggling with the aftereffects of being shoehorned into one style of RP because they have been forced to with that lore by an almighty being. Necromancers have had some interesting RP. The issue comes when spastics get ahold of the magic and walk down the road asking Joe Blows if they wanna learn Necromancy. Necromancy was originally from Iblees then it was stolen from him. The lore is a bit complex, but if you're getting at why this lacks the backstory portion I believe its because there was no real need to change what was there, just many of the mechanics. So instead of a lore post, Geo posted this as a sort of Magic Guide to lay out the magic more clearly.
  11. Dardonas

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    Deathknights and Gravecallers have been removed. Wraiths are not being added, they are being shared. Thats -2, +0. Wraiths are also not an "end game" because they are limited. They are an alternative and have their drawbacks to Liches. Even in SotA they are not an endgame, they are a choice. For all intents and purposes, they are still a Strength of the Abyss creature. It does not make sense for someone who wishes to become a wraith to drop their necromancy for three months to become one, however.
  12. Dardonas

    Necromancy: Rewrite and Magic Guide

    The Black Nexus was never meant to be some dark magic holy grail for holy mages to target. It has always been means to moderate the magic, lest we get another iteration of the Nexus essentially removed from roleplay and a group of players who sole job it was to destroy necromancy by spreading it and its creatures to new players for the purpose of lackluster bandit roleplay. The wound will heal physically but it'll have a scar that will hurt as if it's still wounded until it is healed, iirc. The scar can be healed by holy magic. I would have preferred the term "living scar" since it better characterizes it. Phylacteries were being stored in Echests and at bedrock level locked chests that were impossible to get to. The other problem was that Liches promoted a creature that was supposed to be a high risk high reward type playstyle being shifted into a no risk all the reward; new Liches were the only ones shoehorned into being slaves. The number of players who will have access to sacraments will be very low, and only Necromancers who know the sacrament can use the specialized life-drain. This was more so done to moderate the issue of spastic darkstalkers and liches who'd suicide at city gates, rather than hunt down rogue Lichtypes. Also Wraithdom already exists, this is simply allowing for the creature to be shared between Necromancers and SotA under the exact same predicament. There is still only allowed to be four wraiths under a single wraithlord, and four wraithlords in total. Only Liches who have mastered all the Necromancy spells (not including sacraments).
  13. Dardonas

    [Raid Feedback] Ladders

    Agreed on battering rams. I dislike having to make walls look ugly and disgusting to prevent a place from being raided. Point in case, look at the Dominion who I thought had really nice looking walls to begin with—now they decided to have giant ugly wooden behemoths. Allow the roleplay of a battering ram which can bash down gates. The GM would simply toggle the gates open for the attackers, nobody's build has to look atrocious and raids can happen to large settlements
  14. Dardonas

    [✗] [Rewrite] Ferals: The Hounds of Morea

    I'm having a hard time trying to grasp the differences in this one and the one that was submitted earlier. The only real difference I'm gathering is that there are no triggers to force a transformation (blood, trauma, pain, ect.) and limits on which magic users can become it, which seems to only really be druids or blood mages. That's a lot of meat in one day. 150 steaks just about. Even spooks don't need to kill a person every day, I feel like this could be reduced to make it practical. Also, what are the consequences for failing to feed?