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  1. Upon a tree in the forests skirting Haelun’or, a strange note is tacked by nail to a tree: Within the deepwoods of forest some begotten — in a stone where place and root and time tremble with anticipation… [The document has several scores crossing out the next three phrases, each one showing words mismatched and phrases misordered backwards] Where the ancient ones come to play, the children shall not stay. Where the ancient ones learn to live, the children die. Cast the cliffs over the children, now cast them! Leave woods in [illegible] children, we need more more no. [The ramblings continue downward until it devolves into complete, childish scribblings and pictures] Oh my Lady, we love you and Malin the Father, dad, dad, both at once. -- OOC -- Rules/Guidelines: Everything is conducted in roleplay with the purpose of creating a story. Restricting LOOC to a bare minimum would be appreciated so that I and potentially other ET who may assist me can properly catch emotes. Minor banter is fine and will happen naturally in these situations, just be aware of how much OOC is going on so that it doesn’t drown out emotes. It shouldn’t have to be said, but please conduct serious roleplay. Repeatedly using trolly emotes will be warned to stop, and if becomes an issue there will be forced removal. If you reference items like swords or torches you must be MCly prepared with item representations. Come prepared. All acts of third party villainy are defaulted to roleplay in the event area and internal conflict can be quite noisy…
  2. Dardonas

    Poor Pale Pot [PK]

    The False Wraith does not recall laughing, rather feeling a solemn hint of remorse of Ascanius’s callousness and scheming. Volkantir remains staring at a menhir in solace, offering a curt prayer to the recently departed who rests in Ebrietaes, despite their conflict in life.
  3. I like the spell but I think it might be best to wait until the Lore Games and just integrate it into a full rewrite.
  4. The Barrowlord was worried for a moment.
  5. as an ET who gets many modreqs answered promptly by Xalid good luck out there
  6. just scrap the whole magic and start over
  7. i had this doc saved for a rainy day, if I fail this war is yours
  8. The Remnants of the Abyss [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3yxnD9Lflw] The abyss is all around us; it is our darkest thoughts, our greatest ambitions, our deadliest sins. It has made us, molded us. We are it, and it is us, inseparable. Upon the sundering of the mortal arts in the mid-1600s, the manifestations of the abyss — scars upon light itself — became beacons for the nameless and unnamable. Taking root upon the land Arcas, both artifacts and entities depraved became commonplace as outlets of the Abyss’s influence and the countless wounds it shares with mankind. These conduits, manifestations, and memories tortured the landscape and its inhabitants. They are spawns of Abyssal influence remain with a likeness of the damned Resonant Knights and the Abyss Wraiths that came before — though as the devilish things that mankind is told would come after. Once proclaimed the “roamers” by the Judges of Xion, long forgotten in their days of self-proclaimed righteousness as actors of deliberation, these nameless beings of craven nature are drawn like locusts to areas where the lifebanks had grown stagnant. They are manifestations of negative mortal emotion, and surely where there is torment and suffering they would come. Invisible and intangible, they exist creeping in the slightest movement of shadows, as noises in the sleepless nights—just out of sight or invariably enough to cause the sanest of men to question the very threads of nature. Honing to the that which is marked with darkness, these nameless beings come seeking to torment, to consume, and to instigate fear in the meek. Mindless and incomprehensible, there are none who quite understand the nature of the nameless fiends and their beacons, some spouting them as the curse of Malkaathe, a last spiteful act against deeds both terrible and degenerate. Lesser Roamers You’ve felt them too haven’t you? We musn’t stir the light— Greater Roamers Do not trust the whispers of the dead; Do not trust the children screaming; Do not trust the shadows in your eyes; Do not trust the tidings of your mind. Seeds of the Abyss My little seed, my little seed… Even now, my darkest deeds germinate within me. Purpose: Citations: Writing – Dardonas Abyss Lore - Swgrclan Inferis Lore – Helfiaz and Swgrclan Resonant Knight Lore – Swgrclan Resonant Knight Lore Amendment - Swgrclan and Dardonas
  9. yeah but how many gallons of astra do your spells require?
  10. Looking at the word “Zion,” a certain former Judge of Xion would wonder what the fictional city Jerusalem is in the deep lore.
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