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  1. Dardonas

    Community Meeting

    Can the Lore Team plainly lay out their governing philosophy regarding existing magic and creatures, and criteria for new magic and creatures?
  2. Username Dardonas Discord Dardonas#6440 Timezone CST What group/playerbase are you most involved with? Spooks and Animati Staff History ET Actor 2018 - Had to put it down because of work and school coming up and overall getting a bit too overwhelmed in the server. ET Builder 2018 - Honestly, I took too long to build stuff and I don't think I was a good asset in helping the other ET in what they wanted to bring about. Not a terrible builder by any means, though. Ban History N/A Blacklist History: N/A Why do you want to join the Event Team? I have free time again and I might as well waste it on the server. Why should we accept you onto the Team? I'm a good writer. It's my field of study in college, and it's my passion. I enjoy creating stories for other people. I enjoy making people question their characters, and question their motives as players in such a way that might make them question themselves in real life. The imagination is a powerful thing, and I see worldbuilding and storytelling as a crucial element in LotC. I see people nowadays so engrossed in slice-of-life roleplay that it has become backdrop NPCs to what could be a more exciting story, and I feel it's my job to give people a narrative. People are bored. I know I'm bored when I'm on. The map is too large, and roleplay isn't centralized. That is not to say I plan on giving server-wide events; on the contrary, I'd like to keep it to just the point where I'm invested in a group of players and not treated like a quest dispenser. Yada, yada, yada, I've made the speech before in my last application. We've been through this rodeo with me on the team last summer. I'd like to think I left on good terms, though there weren't as many events I made as I would have liked to have made. I think the past summer just was not a good time for LotC, or for me, for whatever various reasons, it felt somewhat lackluster. I'm not going to make some arbitrary promise that I'd "make more events" than I did before because that was not what I had in mind, and I don't think that's the philosophy of the team, at least when I was on it. In terms of how long I'd plan to stay on the team this go around, I think for a good unforeseeable future I'd stick with it. I'm out of class for about a month in the next two weeks, then I start back up. I don't think I'll be nearly as swamped with work as I was last semester, though I feel I can strike a good balance in between now that I'm back in the swing of university. Besides, I have a couple of good eventlines in mind that I plan to incorporate, should I be reaccepted. I've also found I'm pretty self-sufficient in terms of being able to create narratives on my own without other players, as well capable of doing my own builds without too much assistance from the ET build team. What kind of events do you aspire to create?: Low Fantasy, Grim Dark Fantasy, Moral Dilemma and consequential choices What makes a good event? I've mentioned it in my last application, but it's consequences. I could elaborate on that again, but I'd rather describe a small-scale event I did to illustrate what I mean. It was really one of the more memorable events I did, and (yeah cliché as it might be) it was a request for a direwolf event. I don't know what it is that enticed me to do that ticket, but I'd like to think it was the fact I was getting sick of people requesting loot pinata style events. So, god damn it, if these people want a direwolf event, I was going to give them the best goddamn direwolf event they'd find. It was in the frozen wastes in Yatl. In what would have normally been an ordinary night in the forsake bowels of its wintery forests, howls of pain instead filled the calm night air with dread. There were three hunters, each of them surrounding this beast with full intention of taking it down; it had well been wounded but its fight was not over. This was their hunt, their prey. It was their unlucky fortune that their hunt was spoiled by three travelers (the players). What these travelers did not know, however, was that these men were desperate. They were hungry. They were tired, poor, broke. One direwolf was not meant to have its spoils of war divided among six. The hunters turned their bows on the travelers, to rob them and take their prize without any bloodshed. Criminals? Yes, and any man would be justified in law by killing such men. And so that's what they did; one by one, the hunters were slaughtered like rats in a barrel. The last one alive begged for his life and to bury his brothers, and he succeeded. He spoke of how he had became unemployed recently, unable to provide for his family. Now, he had to tell his brother's wife of his misfortunate downfall, all because of a hunt interrupted. I'd like to think I made the players in that event question their actions. They not only interrupted a hunt, but they killed men who were not aiming to kill them. Then they had to realize that there was a story, a reason, a sadness behind the hunters and that they have made these people's lives worse than before they approached them. That's the key, I think, to make people question if they are truly the good guy. Create three in-depth event scenarios. I’m not looking for some prelude or whimsical idea here -- we want an indicator as to your talent and potential to be on the ET. You don’t need to write a word-for-word script, but we want a solid structure and plan as to how you’d organize and carry out an event: Instead of creating three new events separate from what I did in my last application, I think it would be more applicable to look at the events I had written out in my old application and comment on how I would change them given my experience as ET, having wrote them without the experiences prior. I still really like the concept of this event, and have some ideas to adapt it into an eventline I’ m thinking of (no spoilers here). If anything I’d add more moral dilemma, potentially having the Old Man being cited as a silver-tongued sophist who will say anything to get out of trouble. Perhaps he is said to be wanted for killing an infant, or has to make the choice to actually kill someone to keep his mission intact. The old man might not be a particularly likeable person, but their end goal is something that has to be done lest the evil goes unchecked. I think I would introduce more moral dilemma. Perhaps this necromancer finds themselves raising the dead to achieve something that is overall good, however, they are still committing the act of raising the dead (in a tortuous form). I would want the players to realize that this is not just some “good necromancer” but a person using a truly dark art for what they believe is a good cause. I would likely remove the aspects with the cult of following, and just have it be an old woman who is siphoning years off of people to extend her life so that she may thwart a greater evil. This one is one of the two I would change little of. I would possibly introduce the fact that the Mali’ker captain’s plan was to kill the players on the island, only for his first mate to have overthrown the captain and taken the plan for himself. I think that would add an interesting dynamic if dangers of the island were known by the captain who is trying to survive with the players. They may resent him, but he would be their best shot at survival as he knows what was going to come next.
  3. Dardonas

    Lockezi's Game Moderator Application

    i'm pretty sure that's a racial slur, i'm flagging this for the FM. next time watch your mouth, kid
  4. Dardonas

    Lockezi's Game Moderator Application

    why do you invest your time into being an unpaid security guard for make-believe lego boy
  5. Dardonas

    [Community Review] Heists

    shulker boxes aren't a thing in LotC, so its not as if every item will be taken. the only reason why I can see someone clinging to not wanting to lose their amateur worded flavor items is that they feel an entitlement to them just like many feel an entitlement to their characters. it's already bad enough that goons can wack you with left mouse button to take your pixels to put into chests and will never see RP again, but don't deny the fact that people are stagnating potential dynamic RP
  6. Dardonas

    [Community Review] Heists

    having stuff sit in a chest for months on years untouched seems more prone to being called hoarding than taking something with the potential of using it for yourself, selling/fencing, or creating more dynamic RP. at least if items moved around there is the potential for them to be used or involved in roleplay, whereas if they are stuck in a box they'll never amount to much of anything
  7. Dardonas

    [Community Review] Heists

    remove having chests somehow become unlockpickable after an arbitrary amount of rolls and allow people to steal as much **** as they can. it creates dynamic RP, and having some skygod powers preventing people from being able to take make believe items from chests is an useless rule that encourages this pixel hoarding crap going on. all that it does is create an entitled mentality and inhibit roleplay, such as playing as a thief-type character. if you lose your pixels, have your imaginary character hire some kid playing a pretend bounty-hunter and conduct an investigation on the virgin scum who wasted their time and stole some wacky artifacts.
  8. Dardonas

    Lockezi's Lore Master Application

    in LT in its current state, would it be a detriment to let someone like this in? just kidding lock is a a good asset
  9. Dardonas

    [✓] Adfectio Stones

    neat but how do i use this to make my character win the pretend fights?
  10. Was a deciding factor for the name Lark because its phonetically "Carl" spelled backwards?
  11. Dardonas


    I respect a lot of what Phil writes because he's not afraid to push the boundaries yet he works within the current system of lore. I will say this: I hated the idea of guns—originally—and this has undoubtedly changed my mind. The idea of Joe Blows using a powerful weapon, preloaded pistols and what not, when it typically takes mages up to half a year to master a magic seemed a bit unbalanced (in my original line of thought). I think with capable players, guns will function superb as they are laid out in this iteration. Anything beyond a crude flintlock-style of weaponry, however, would be too much for me. That being said, reading over this and Phil's lore and the issues I thought would exist, a lot of my doubts have been removed bar a few. One concern being is where do we draw the line at for the techlock? Ideally right after this? I suppose this isn't really aimed at Phil, but at LT and the community as a whole. As many people mention, I enjoy the medieval fantasy aspect of LotC; that's why I joined. My worry is that if we start allowing firearms we sign off on the possibility of things like zeppelins or industrial style steampunk roleplay, which I'm not a big fan of. There are plenty people saying that "its the 1700s" in LotC as an argument to remove the techlock, but that's an invalid argument. Technology progresses because of innovation, and when magic exists and can fill the role of technology it will largely dwindle the need for technological advancement. Why do you need to purify water or make more efficient irrigation when you can become a druid? Why do you need to expand life expectancy and cure disease when there is Holy Magic and the possibility of life after death? There is little need for a technological revolution. Secondly, I imagine that that after the trial—as others have stated—this technology will get in the hands of undesirables. Can you explain more vividly how the application process would work? It seems that—forgive me if I misread it—that you would just leave the pseudo-magic applications up to the actual practice of Gunsmithing? I feel a safe way to progress with this magic would be through Feat of Strength applications for anyone who would use these. Maybe just have that to properly use a firearm you'd need a feat, just a minor lesson given by a gunsmith on how to maintain and handle a firearm—and only a Gunsmith could properly teach this feat.
  12. Dardonas

    Seeking Martial Artists

    Gruko reads over the notice, scratching the back of his stubble laced dome. "Maukta am remember thiz pinkeh bruke Maukta tue. Latz keep latz peeperz un hum." His mask looks down to the gnarly toe that never quite healed the same way, shaking his head.
  13. Dardonas

    Skylez1's Lore Master Application

    i want him on the lore team, and i want him there now