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  1. [MA][Iconoclasm]countessem

    Leia doesn't have force powers, prove me wrong
  2. Character Art Raffle

    A painting would make a fine addition to my collection.
  3. [ST][Fire Evo] Florence Discovers Arson

    where eru gorg
  4. [ST][Fire Evo] Florence Discovers Arson

    where are my pvpmancy lessons
  5. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    You know what is OOC in my RP? Random living dudes building in desecrated abyss-touched land when there is an entire uninhabited region to the East, West, and South of our temple. There is no reason for PvP forts whatsoever but to inorganically create Cassus Belli, or to just grief people's RP/Settlements/build styles. PvP forts frankly remind of some faction server tier ****.
  6. [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    I mean, I guess Sauron would let a bunch of halflings build a hovel in front of Barad'dur. RPly, the land is akin the abyss, yet random dwarves are allowed to build where ever because of the idiotic 50 block rule. Edit: Let me add that there is the ENTIRE south of the map open and unused, why the hell is there a need for people to build on top of other settlements? Remove the concept of PvP forts, remove being able to build within 200-300 blocks of other settlements without permission.
  7. zarsies can appreciate good builds and it looks like he's a beast builder, as well as an overall good dude. +1
  8. [Raid Feedback] PRO & RP Shenanigans

    Just like you can't place lava buckets in PvP, you should not be able to create a wall to hide from roleplay. The mineman mechanics should be absent from roleplay, as you said. That goes for placing blocks as well as destroying blocks. Are we really going to set a precedent where we can create a cobble box to essentially run from roleplay as long as we have build perms?
  9. [Pending] [WD] Elrith's World Dev APP

    you only say location 3 times you NORMIE +1
  10. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    thanks, +1 dont need to read further to know you did good kid I will anyways though
  11. [CA][Frost Witch]Vulnikru

    round two
  12. [3rd Gen] Voidal Horrors

    I welcome our Cthulhian overlords. +1
  13. Your View: Necromancy

    Its a jab at myself, considering before Dardy boy learned SotA he had a darkhollow poked in him then tentoa bailed. But yes, also you and the other students that this similar thing happened too.
  14. Your View: Necromancy

    Okay, so as someone who wasn't always in the "Dark magic community" here is my two cents: 1) Is it hard to read? When I read the lore I found it well laid out. I didn't see anything that was particularly confusing, bar Tentoa's Gravecaller Lich vs. Soul shadow lich idea. Edit: As per spontaneous epiphany, I did not realize I had interpreted a lot of things wrong. It is in fact direly confusing, especially the draining. 2)Is it no longer powerful? I don't see it too often, but as a method to "reverse" a PK and offer "immortality," it is pretty strong to me. Necromancy, thematically, should be about raising dead. That's how it is in every fantasy work I've ever seen. Drains are fine, I like the aesthetic of taking and giving lifeforce, as it is in LotC, that theme is nice. Curses? I don't see the point of these, I do not see them used often, and it doesn't quite fit the thematic to me. I think the "power" dynamic should be based on reanimations, not the scale that other magics are judged on (i.e. arcanism). Drain should be sufficiently powerful, but nothing over the top. If allowed to emote it fully, yeah you should kill someone with it, but no T5 oneshots like Electric Evo Calldownds. Edit: Buff drains so they are on par with other magics as a viable offensive spell, but not overly powerful like calldown or a full on offensive voidal magic. 3)Are there too many necros? I'll go about a different way of answering this: when I was a player trying to find a necromancy teacher (with no connections to the dark magic community) there were none I could find. When I became a Xionist preacher boy, I found a slew of Necromancers. Even still, many of those were very selective. What am I saying exactly? Well, it depends if you can get involved in a clique, which is sad, but true, for many dark magics (or other magics in general). If you are in that clique, you're likely to see Necromancy abundantly. If you aren't, it'd be scarce. There are also issues with teachers not wanting to teach, or having students start MAs and then never giving them a lesson bar from punching a darkhollow in them. *COUGH COUGH* (Not just me, by the way.) 4)Rituals seem fine to me as an outsider, but I'll abstain on this because I don't actually have a necromancer as of right now to tell you if they're good or not. 5)Necromancers should use their constructs as means to defend from holy magic. Holy magic should melt undead, and I don't believe its technically even supposed to as some MT/LT have pointed out. The thematic that should be followed as a necromancer is raising dead, that's where the power and defenses should lie. 6)Is Necromancy is too diverse, unfocused? I would say that with curses it started getting in that realm, but ultimately I do not see the issue with how its "focus" is right now. Draining and reanimation seems to be the focal points of Tentoa's rendition. Does that mean it can't be improved or made better? Nah, I think it could. Admins/LT probably will hate me for suggesting it, but more undead. Edit: I was wrong about draining. Buff it, it's weak as ****. 7)Should Necromancy on its own should take two slots? This one I'm pretty iffy on. I acknowledge my bias in wanting to have it should my character eventually become a wraith or have the capacity to learn it again. That being said, I do not think that will solve the dark magic stacking issue. Something needs to be in place to simply make it undesirable to stack with other dark magics, or to make it incompatible. Maybe make it possible to learn one "lifeforce control" art at a time (no blood mage mystic necros). 8)Should necromancy have centralized leadership? Man this is a tough one. I honestly don't know the answer. If dynamic roleplay could maintain quality standards (looking at the rebel necromancer escapade), then I would say let players choose their own path. I am not one for limiting roleplay, though. If a balance could be struck, or even if the community could be burned down to the ground and rebuilt from scratch without causing too many issues I would just advocate tighter policing of the magic. 9a) Draining shouldn't require touch. One aspect of Tentoa's rewrite I liked was that touch was more efficient, but tethered still could be done. It is the sole offensive spell Necros have, and I think that it should have a moderate amount of lethal force but not an over-the-top damaging ability like a calldown. Edit: Third time now, buff draining. I misinterpreted the tether to think it was a ranged thing. Nope. It needs to be, but its not. Why would a frail necromancer waltz up to a chad warrior all swole and all and expect to let him hug the dude into a coma for 5 emotes? 9b)One-hundred percent, constructs should be obedient to the necromancer that rose them. Special cases where morghuuls swap to a new necromancer because theirs is inactive should be allowed, but generally independent constructs just seems idiotic to me for necromancy's themes of raising the dead. Getting into the darkstalker/lich area, I'd say keep it as it is with phylacteries (subservient to phylactery holder, independent if that is yourself). 10a) Taint and its weaponry are niche, and that's where they should be. The issue isn't in the fact that its weak, the issue is that it feels the number of ways to cure the taint is ridiculous. Make being infected by taint a serious thing. 10b)Rituals aren't diverse? See my answers on 4 & 6. More rituals, provided they fit the thematic aspect, would be neat. Something specific for larger constructs maybe, as an example.