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  1. Dardonas

    Dragonslayerelf's Resignation

    I guess we know who wrote the google doc equating the struggles of mineman to 1950s civil rights, my fellow american with unalienable human rights. I am sure Locke and Voltaire weep in their graves over this travesty of staff injustice on pretend blockboy.
  2. Dardonas

    The Real Problem with the Community

    orcish gamers, rise up!
  3. Dardonas

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Dardonas Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/f0d52bde7e3d3ab442df046da5c80385 How you got it: With the aid of necromancers and the Judges of Xion, Sataric and his party went to the dominion and transported a large skeletal frame of a droquar to the Temple of Xion for the intent to raise it as a weapon. It never happened and the dormant bones lay in waiting. Username: Dardonas Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/9be97bae3ea3772bcc56865f4c38023d How you got it: This item was a gift to Sataric back in Axios in the days of Devirad; there were only a few ever made in existence, and this one was given to him. Username: Dardonas Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/108c9b219d3f14757d3756a06c990aab How you got it: This sword was used in a ritual to transform Sataric into a wraith when he killed his daughter with it. It no longer holds any of its former powers, but is widely sentimental to the former-Wraithlord. Username: Dardonas Screenshot of the item: https://gyazo.com/54c195733526185fbae74732cea7e053 How you got it: This item was a reward for second place in a creative writing contest.
  4. Dardonas

    Should Izkuthii be shelved?

    huh, wraiths have been shelved for a very long time, at least six months now, and they were done so with no warning. There are plenty of complaints I have to them being shelved, but nothing to do with the recent LT announcement. they have nothing to do with recent complaints really, so I don’t know why you brought that up. also, if you read SotA lore it was pretty evident that it wasn’t geared towards anti-holy, it only had a few anti-holy spells and the amendment was moving it away from that motif altogether. Even then the anti-deific stuff post-amendment really was just set towards event stuff at that point, no longer to counter holies.
  5. Dardonas

    Enough is enough.

    wrong. stick to rats
  6. Dardonas

    Should Izkuthii be shelved?

    Hmm, some creatures are supposed to be rare you say? Hmm... you shouldn’t shelve rare creatures because they’re rare, you say? Hmm, certain rare creatures should stay rare due to niche roles, you say? It’s almost as if activity and the number of that creature in general has very little to do with what type of roleplay creatures bring, yet that has been the reason certain creatures and magics have been shelved. I’d strongly recommend that anyone take a step back beyond accusing people in this thread of “salt” and look at precedents set by shelving other creatures and precedents set by NOT shelving this creature. I imagine there are plenty of people who were trying to work on rewrites or whatever have you before their creatures/magic were shelved. None of them had the advantage of being able to communicate with a finicky lore team and an Admin who seldom replies to anyone’s DMs on discord, even those of his own team members. Though, I imagine he could tell people “Hold up on the shelving, I’m working on a rewrite.” It would have been nice to have that advantage. I would also beg people to look at the fact that there is a clear bias in the voting process when your boss is the leader of the creature that you vote for/against. I’m not saying that there was biased voting or anything of the sort, I’m saying that we, as the players, will never know if there was and that LT voted on something was related to their authority figure.
  7. Dardonas

    [Lore] Sorrows and Sacrilege

    then that means I’ll have to change this or he’ll have to change his stuff, but based off my work on trying to revive necro and other’s work, LT will probably tell him to gas the whole darkhollow thing (if they take the time to even talk with him in the first place and don’t outright deny it after months of zero communication)
  8. Dardonas

    [Lore] Sorrows and Sacrilege

    it doesnt remove necromancy from everyone, it removes darkhollows which the LT had already stated they did not want a single thing to do with any future version of necromancy. saying each and every darkhollow was clotted fits with that. also, LT criticize people for being vague; I think it stupid as **** for them to be hypocritical and just make creatures and magic go away with the fleeting bidding of admins/directors, so instead of vagueness, this is a lore reason why things just vanished
  9. Preface: This document was written to give a lore reason as to why both Necromancy and SotA just upped and left and their creatures along with it, as well as to promote a less Xionist dependent approach to any future iterations of necromancy. Sorrows and Sacrilege [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oN2Xs-MvxLw] I felt the tides of the abyss washing over me like waves, currents from all different directions—not of the ocean—but of sins stained in a gulf of madness; a gulf of mortality. The abyss resonates in all men, and thus we are all unclean. It was the Old Lords who once placed their fate unabated in the tidings of mankind. The Lord Malkaathe among them, who took with his brothers the art of Necromancy from the Betrayer, would become the living embodiment of all vengeance, all hatred, scorn, and blackness that was felt towards the corruption of aengudaemonic scourge. It was Malkaathe who churned the soul of a forsaken dragaar, Mordring, into an aberrant abomination. It was Malkaathe who spurned the first Khorgul, the Abyss Wraiths, and with them the capability to forge an army, headed by Wraithlords and elder Resonant Knights. And it was Malkaathe who became the first among the Old Lords to forsake all of mortalkind. What Malkaathe did not expect was the fallibility of mankind. Fleeting beings, corrupted, broken, rising and falling in cycles of hatred not imposed upon the Gods but upon one another. Centuries passed before Malkaathe came to understand this, and when he realized the abominable acts of twisting the greatest forces of the earth and mankind—lifeforce—into the darkest corruption among men: inferis. Among the patrons of a defiling art, the first prominent Naztherak were not simply evil men—but the least expected and most devoted among the Old Lord—wraiths and their cultish followings. For it was Xionist and defilers alike who partook, Malkaathe committed two sacrilegious acts to right his wrongs: the severing of abyssal resonance and the sundering of Necromancy. The First Sacrilege And now, you think you’re safe because you’re up here and we’re all under the earth, don’t you? Well listen here, child, the dead don’t forget, do you hear? The dead don’t forget. Of the defilers, many were once loyal Khorgul who had chosen power over what was deemed right by the Lord of the Abyss. To first make an example of them, Malkaathe took those who were foolhardy enough to venture towards the abyss and submit them through excruciating torment. Violently ripped from their incorporeal, gaseous forms, the abyss wraiths were split from their very souls and forced into a mortal vessel likened to what they were before. Those far from Malkaathe’s grasp only experienced a fragment of his ire, though were nonetheless torn asunder as their other kin and returned to imperfect mortality. Tainted like their teachers, those of mortal forms were evicted by the abyss they resonated with, incapable of summoning its forms. And so it came to pass that—mentor and student, wraith and wraithlord, forlorn and forgone—all attuned to the abyss were scorned and rejected from the raw essence of mortality itself, incapable of ever using its boons in such a form again. The Second Sacrilege We are damned; there is no escape from our fate. At the end of our days, we shall fade into that hellscape and suffer an eternity of torment. It was not the sins of the wraiths alone that Malkaathe feared, but the degeneracy that seeped into the very art he had stole so long ago for all of the descendants. Necromancy, as it had been known as the first mortal art, had fallen into the hands of sinners, thieves, demons and devils that had perverted its cause. Once promising, Necromancy now was a beacon for everything the Old Lords fought against Iblees and the aengudaemons. Malkaathe, with his strength and ire from dwelling in ancient Aegis, had his agents steal from the Gravelord Coven the Black Nexus. Intending to ensure a massive clotting ritual, he sundered the object and allowed its dark energies to flow outwardly in a massive aurora of stagnant lifeforce, sealing each and every darkhollow of all necromancers for now and always, and rendering the art as it was known inert.
  10. Dardonas

    7.0 - Item Conversion Thread

    Username: Dardonas Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/4794b927e8eeee53a3da0f659fdb5310 Obtainment: Magic (Naztherak grimoire); A magical grimoire made through Naztherak magic and signed by an LT to represent the magical book that all Naztherak players use to conjure demons and rain hellfire on their enemies.
  11. Dardonas

    [Reformatting]The Secrets of Carbarum

    I was told plenty of times as a new player to have lore reasons for creating new lore, yet this seems to have just appeared suddenly out of an ass without any real lore reason as to why people have suddenly forgotten how to make it and why it has different properties than it did before. also, are we ignoring the fact that the LT has a monopoly on a subsection of lore (being materials) having “removed” it from existence for an entire map, having explicitly told players not to touch any material lore for a year, and meanwhile none of the LT actually did their job until just now in submitting material lore? How about thanhium? If the LT actually did what they were supposed to, the September Prince of Nagasaki would never have happened how it was supposed to because there would have been lore explaining that thanhium isn’t uranium-237.
  12. Dardonas

    Charter System [Your View]

    Those mina prices are much too high, unless there is a proposal to ramp up the amount of mina from voting or other sources (which is idiotic because nobody sane in the head will grind out mina like this is some sort of MMORPG). Also, the region doesn’t need to be deleted, it can stay as an old build which a World Developer or ET Builder can come and make look more derelict. If you’ve ever seen Outerhaven, that build was the result of someone else’s build going derelict (via World Developer action), then some group taking control of that place, then stagnating and dying out, and once more undergoing the same process under a new group. Unless a build is a giant 40 foot penis statue, don’t touch people’s builds. That’s history, culture, and roleplay. Thirdly, what are the requirements for activity? Is this going to be some sort of tenure type system, where grandfathered builds no longer have to worry about activity checks after their prerequisite amount of time? Every human nation out of the 50 that popped up managed to last about 2 months or so, so why even do a 2 month activity check when its going to have the same result as the build rules now? Also, what are warclaim rules going to be regarding this? If someone is spending 40k mina for a plot of land to develop a group, what stops some nation from warclaiming them, taking the charter, and effectively screwing over a group’s hard work and effort to get the mina by getting rid of their land?
  13. I’m not too much of a fan of the RPG mana bar type system where you have to watch your energy and lifeforce, all with arbitrary numbers. People with voidal magic do not roleplay mana properly, and having a system that is too mechanical seems a bit of a turn off, especially given that there will be no teaching restrictions. Also no dark stalkers
  14. Literally, why are we trying to prop up races with a welfare system for tiles? This entire map has been dominated by free build, nations have formed and fallen, grown and stagnated organically and without needing any oversight or welfare from the staff team. Complain what you will about freebuild, that is a pro in my book. I’m not going to argue that those races weren’t fucked over, but the point remains that artificially giving out free tiles because you are x snowflake race is boneheaded. Groups should just die out, there is no reason why places like Fenn or wherever else have you with -2 activity at the end of the day should have a free plot of land. If you couldn’t make Halfling roleplay work with freebuild, how can you make it work with a tile? For Orc roleplay, if you couldn’t recover your playerbase (which had already fractured and been in disarray since PvP goons split their roleplay community up and alienated old and new players), then why would you be entitled to a freebie slot of land? I see one thing happening from giving out “reparation” style land plots: 2 more Fenn’s.
  15. Dardonas

    Redemption for Incompetence

    You are so out of touch with roleplay aspect of the server that you don’t even know that the creature has been shelved for about half a year now. This is exactly what I mean, people want OOC to govern how the story unfolds (such as getting Admins to shelf rare creatures for no particular reason), or to give main races a welfare type system where they can never fail. Propping Orcs up with a free tile does not legitimize their roleplay. If they are active, give them a tile, if not then allow them to suffer the consequences. Everything, however, should follow roleplay. Roleplay shouldn’t follow factions-tier PvP goonery and OOC politics.